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Assembly Sessions

Speaker: Assemblyman Vincent Prieto

Monday, January 08, 201811:00 AMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, December 07, 20171:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Monday, July 31, 201710:30 AMAssembly ChambersView
Saturday, July 01, 201712:00 AMAssembly ChambersView
Friday, June 30, 20172:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, June 29, 201712:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, June 22, 20171:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, June 08, 20171:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Monday, May 22, 20171:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, March 23, 20171:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, March 16, 20171:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Wednesday, February 15, 20171:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Monday, January 23, 20171:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Monday, December 19, 20161:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Monday, November 21, 20161:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, October 20, 20161:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Friday, October 07, 20161:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, September 29, 20161:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, September 15, 20161:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, June 30, 20163:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Monday, June 27, 201612:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, June 16, 20161:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, May 26, 20161:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, April 07, 20161:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Monday, March 14, 20161:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Thursday, February 18, 20161:00 PMAssembly ChambersView
Tuesday, January 12, 201612:00 PMThe War MemorialView

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