A Joint Resolution designating the Monday before Thanksgiving Day of each year as "A Day in the Life - Type 1 Diabetes Day."


Whereas, Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease in which the pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that enables the conversion of food into energy; and

Whereas, Specifically, T1D causes ones immune system to attack and destroy cells in the pancreas, which, in turn, stops the production of insulin; and

Whereas, There is no known cure for T1D; and

Whereas, While T1D is not caused by diet or lifestyle choices, scientists believe both genetic and environmental factors may contribute to the onset of T1D; and

Whereas, As many as three million Americans have T1D, and each year more than 30,000 children and adults, or approximately 80 people every day, are diagnosed with T1D, resulting in approximately $14.9 billion in healthcare costs each year; and

Whereas, T1D strikes at any age, develops suddenly, requires insulin injections for life, and presents a constant threat of devastating health complications as a result of abnormally low or high blood sugar levels; and

Whereas, Living with T1D is a constant challenge as blood sugar levels must be frequently monitored and carefully managed with insulin either by injection or continuous infusion through the use of an insulin pump; and

Whereas, While insulin is required to manage T1D, it is not a cure and may not prevent complications such as blindness, stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure; and

Whereas, There is a need to raise awareness regarding T1D and advocate for more research so that this disease may ultimately be cured; and

Whereas, It is important for the State of New Jersey to recognize the challenges of individuals with Type 1 Diabetes by witnessing a day in their life; and

Whereas, Children suffering from Type 1 Diabetes will be affected for their entire lives; and

Whereas, It is fitting and proper that the Legislature designate the Monday before Thanksgiving Day of each year as "A Day in the Life - Type 1 Diabetes Day" in order to provide an opportunity to raise awareness about T1D and encourage the residents of the State of New Jersey to join together in raising awareness and public knowledge of T1D; now, therefore,


Be It Resolved by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


C.36:2-342 A Day in the Life Type 1 Diabetes Day, Monday before Thanksgiving; designated.

1. The Monday before Thanksgiving Day of each year is designated as A Day in the Life - Type 1 Diabetes Day in the State of New Jersey to help increase awareness of the problems affecting persons with type 1 diabetes.


C.36:2-343 Annual observance.

2. The Governor is requested to annually issue a proclamation calling upon public officials and the citizens of New Jersey to observe the month with appropriate activities and programs.


3. This joint resolution shall take effect immediately.


Approved November 19, 2018.