Commission Meeting




Committee Room 14

State House Annex

Trenton, New Jersey


December 5, 2002

9:00 a.m.



Paul P. Josephson, Chair

(Representing Governor James E. McGreevey)

Charlene M. Holzbaur

Robert L. Smartt

(Representing John E. McCormac)



Edward R. McGlynn, Secretary

Robert J. Shaughnessy Jr., Counsel



 Meeting Recorded and Transcribed by
The Office of Legislative Services, Public Information Office,
Hearing Unit, State House Annex, PO 068, Trenton, New Jersey




Gregory D. Meese, Esq.


Franklin Lakes Open Space Preservation                                                                              3





submitted by

Gregory D. Meese, Esq.                                                                                                       1x


rs: 1-4


                  PAUL P. JOSEPHSON (Chair): Good morning, everyone. I’d like to call this meeting of the State House Commission to order.

                  I want to thank all of you for coming down under such trying circumstances, with the traffic and all.

                  As you can tell this morning, we’re a little bit short on members with the cancellation of the Senate and Assembly sessions. And we’re also concerned that there are probably some staff members from Departments, potentially members of the public, who’ve heard on the radio that the Senate and Assembly are canceled today, and have probably turned around and headed back home where it’s safe and warm.

                  Accordingly, after conferring with Counsel and the Secretary, we’ve determined, not having a quorum today, that there will not be a public meeting of the Commission -- or a formal meeting -- in that sense, and that all matters will be adjourned until the next meeting.

                  After conferring with the Secretary, we’ve determined to reschedule the formal meeting to next Thursday at the same time. I assume this conference room will probably be available, and we’ll probably be here. Formal notice-- I’d ask the Secretary to provide formal notice, as is appropriate under our rules.

                  Understanding, however, that with this weather -- that there are a number of people who’ve come down and made it through the snow to get here, and have concerns on agenda items. My sense is that the best thing to do here, under the circumstances, is -- although the Commission will not convene, will not take any action today -- we will allow for an informal session that will be recorded so that, if there are any members of the public who’ve taken the day off from work to come down and talk about items, that they’re able to share their thoughts and comments with us today. We’ll record that, make the recording available to all of the Commission members in advance of next Thursday’s meeting. And that way, folks will not have to make the trip down again next Thursday if that’s a burden to them.

                  I would note, for the record, that the weather is -- having gotten off the phone with some of the folks over at DOT -- getting worse. And I don’t want people to feel they have to stay here in order to get their comments on the record or before the Commission. You may certainly -- are welcome to -- head home where it’s safe and warm, and come back next Thursday, as well. Nevertheless, for those of you for whom that would be a burden or inconvenience, the members of the Commission that are here are interested in hearing what you have to say. And we will, according to our usual rules, take informal -- excuse me -- take comments on pending matters.

                  So, with that said, I guess I would ask, do we have a list of folks who’ve signed up for public comment, Mr. Secretary?

                  MR. McGLYNN (Secretary): Let me grab it, Mr. Chairman.

                  There are no names on the sign-up sheet. It clearly doesn’t mean that people don’t want to speak, though.

                  MR. JOSEPHSON: Okay. What I would suggest then, what may be best is, at this point it would be appropriate for anybody who’s here for official or formal action -- you’re certainly excused and can head back to your regular activity in absence of the meeting.

                  I’d like to find out-- Do we have members of the public who are interested in offering comments on any matters on the agenda? (affirmative response) One, two-- Any other commenters? (affirmative response)

                  Could I ask what matter, sir, you’re commenting on?

G R E G O R Y D. M E E S E, ESQ.: Franklin Lakes.

                  MR. JOSEPHSON: And, ma’am?

                  UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER FROM AUDIENCE: I’m going to defer.

                  MR. JOSEPHSON: Okay. That being the case, if you could come on up, sir, we’ll take public comment on the Franklin Lakes matter.

                  Before you start going, do we have any other folks who care to address the Commission informally this morning? (no response)

                  Okay. There being none, we’ll proceed with this gentleman.

                  Sir, if you could please identify yourself for the record -- name and address, please.

                  MR. MEESE: Thank you.

                  My name is Greg Meese. I’m an attorney with Price, Meese, Shulman, and D’Arminio. I’m the attorney for Franklin Lakes Open Space Preservation, a citizens’ group in Franklin Lakes, which is opposed to the diversion request for the Green Acres property before the Commission.

                  I will be back next Thursday to provide more substantive comments.

                  But I did want the Commission to be aware of an editorial, which appeared in this morning’s Record, which I think summarizes some of the residents’ concerns with respect to this project. And I would like to submit a copy for the record, so the Commission members have a chance to take a look at that.

                  MR. McGLYNN: We have received a copy of the editorial. I’m going to include it in the package that is being sent to each one of the members for the meeting next Thursday, and it will be made part of the record.

                  MR. MEESE: Okay. Thank you.

                  And with that, we will be back next Thursday to present more substantive remarks.

                  MR. JOSEPHSON: Thank you very much.

                  MR. MEESE: Thank you.

                  MR. JOSEPHSON: Are there any other comments for the informal record? (no response)

                  There being none, this meeting is -- well, it never opened, so I guess we’re not adjourning. I guess we will see folks next Thursday.

                  Thank you very much for coming down.