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Vol. XXII No. 2                                                                                      214th Legislature $ First Annual Session


Donald  Norcross was sworn in as a member of the Senate for the 5th Legislative District.


Bills Introduced:

S1    Lesniak,R    Affordable housing-reforms procedures   REF SEG

S829    Codey,R    Horse races, cert.-concerns wagering   REF SSG

S830    Codey,R    Retired horses-concerns care   REF SSG

S831    Codey,R    Simulcast horse races-concerns wagering   REF SSG

S832    Codey,R    Leg. Counsel-concerns duties   REF SSG

S833    Codey,R    Sept 11, period of silence-req pub sch   REF SED

S834    Codey,R    Steroid use among students-deters   REF SED

S835    Codey,R    Co. prosecutors-concerns   REF SJU

S836    Codey,R    Co. prosecutor-ten yrs. legal experience   REF SJU

S838    Whelan,J    St. Records Committee-expand memb.   REF SSG

S919    Smith,B/Ciesla,A    Tidal waterfront areas-req. pub. access   REF SEN

S920    Lesniak,R/Sweeney,S+1    Econ. Stimulus Act-revise provisions   REF SEG

S921    Smith,B/Beck,J    Solar panels-concerns   REF SEN

S922    Whelan,J/Kean,T    Dam restoration proj.-approp.   REF SEN

S923    Whelan,J    Mail-in ballots-changes distrib. date   REF SSG

SCR49    Lesniak,R    Wagering, in-person-allow at AC casinos   REF SSG

SR23    Cunningham,S/Lesniak,R    Haitian Prot. Act. of 2009-enact   REF SSG

Bills Transferred:

S112    Connors,C/Kyrillos,J+9    Energy tax rev.-concerns   FROM SEN TO SEG

S414    Haines,P    Pub. util. rate incr.-concerns   FROM SEN TO SEG

S583    Beach,J    BPU-concerns cert. billing practices   FROM SEN TO SEG

S584    Beach,J    Pub util svcs-concerns billing practices   FROM SEN TO SEG

S602    Baroni,B    Amer. Revolution Museum-constr.;$50K   FROM SEN TO SSG

S819    Vitale,J    Sub-metering, water/sewer svc-concerns   FROM SEN TO SEG

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S492    Lesniak,R    Acct. wagering sys.-concerns   FROM SSG

S827    Lesniak,R/Whelan,J    St/co. coll.-concern constr. proj. finan   FROM 2RS


The Senate President has made the following reappointment:


*Effective January 19, 2010


Joint State Leasing & Space Utilization Committee:


Senator Nicholas P. Scutari (22).

The following are the 2010/2011 Senate Standing Reference Committees:


Military and Veterans’ Affairs (SMV)

Budget and Appropriations (SBA)

Commerce (SCM)

Community and Urban Affairs (SCU)

Economic Growth (SEG)

Education (SED)

Environment and Energy (SEN)

Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens (SHH)

Judiciary (SJU)

Labor (SLA)

Law and Public Safety (SLP)

Legislative Oversight (SLO)

State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation (SSG)

Transportation (STR)


The Senate President has made the following committee assignments:

(Further appointments will be announced as they are made.)




Labor (SLA)


Fred H. Madden, Jr. (4) (Chair)

Sandra B. Cunningham (31) (Vice-Chair)

James Beach (6)

Richard J. Codey (27)


Transportation (STR)


Nicholas J. Sacco (32) (Chair)

Donald Norcross (5) (Vice-Chair)

John A. Girgenti (35)


Community and Urban Affairs (SCU)


Jeff Van Drew (1) (Chair)

Ronald L. Rice (28) (Vice-Chair)

Teresa M. Ruiz (29)




Budget and Appropriations (SBA)


Paul A. Sarlo (36) (Chair)

Brian P. Stack (33) (Vice-Chair)

James Beach (6)

Barbara Buono (18)

Sandra B. Cunningham (31)

Teresa M. Ruiz (29)

Shirley K. Turner (15)

Jeff Van Drew (1)


The Senate President has made the following committee assignments: (cont’d)


Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens (SHH)


Loretta Weinberg (37) (Chair)

Joseph F. Vitale (19) (Vice-Chair)

Robert M. Gordon (38)

Fred H. Madden, Jr. (4)

Ronald L. Rice (28)

Jim Whelan (2)


Commerce (SCM)


Nia H. Gill (34) (Chair)

Raymond J. Lesniak (20 (Vice-Chair)

Nicholas P. Scutari (22)


Law and Public Safety (SLP)


John A. Girgenti (35) (Chair)

Donald Norcross (5) (Vice-Chair)

Nicholas J. Sacco (32)




Economic Growth (SEG)


Raymond J. Lesniak (20) (Chair)

Sandra B. Cunningham (31) (Vice-Chair)

Richard J. Codey (27)

Joseph F. Vitale (19)


Environment and Energy (SEN)


Bob Smith (17) (Chair)

Robert M. Gordon (38) (Vice-Chair)

James Beach (6)


Education (SED)


Teresa M. Ruiz (29) (Chair)

Jim Whelan (2) (Vice-Chair)

Shirley K. Turner (15)




Military and Veterans’ Affairs (SMV)


James Beach (6) (Chair)

Jeff Van Drew (1) (Vice-Chair)

Ronald L. Rice (28)



The Senate President has made the following committee assignments: (cont’d)


State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation (SSG)


Jim Whelan (2) (Chair)

Robert M. Gordon (38) (Vice-Chair)

Shirley K. Turner (15)


Judiciary (SJU)


Nicholas P. Scutari (22) (Chair)

John A. Girgenti (35) (Vice-Chair)

Nia H. Gill (34)

Raymond J. Lesniak (20)

Paul A. Sarlo (36)

Bob Smith (17)

Brian P. Stack (33)

Loretta Weinberg (37)

The Senate adjourned at 4:10 P.M. to meet again on Monday, February 1, 2010 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “3” and “4” scheduled to meet).


The Assembly did not meet. The Assembly will meet on Monday, January 25, 2010 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “A” and “B” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Pocket Vetoed from the 2008/2009 Legislative Session:


A371 AcaAa (2R)    Diegnan,P/Wolfe,D+18    1/19/2010    Sch. bus, svc. life-concerns   A

A832 Sca (1R)    Chivukula,U/Schaer,G+21    1/19/2010    Regulatory Flex Act-expands scope

A3852 Aca (1R)    Scalera,F+1    1/19/2010    Site remediation-pub. notification  

A4345 AcaAa (2R)    Green,J/Scalera,F+3    1/19/2010    Wastewater mgmt. plans-concerns  


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (1/12/2010):


P.L.2009, c.194.   S2773 ScsSaSa (SCS/2R)    Sweeney,S/Madden,F+3    1/14/2010    Wage, benf., tax law viol-lic suspension  

P.L.2009, c.195   S3065 Sca (1R)    Sweeney,S/Madden,F+2    1/14/2010    Family temp. disab. leave-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.196.   A351 AcaSca (2R)    Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+9    1/14/2010    Elections, nonpartisan mun.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.197.   A2911    Cryan,J/Diegnan,P+8    1/14/2010    Coll. Student, Parent Consumer Info. Act  

P.L.2009, c.198.   A4043 Sca (1R)    Conaway,H/Conners,J+2    1/14/2010    Beverly city charter-cert. provisions  

P.L.2009, c.199.   A4325 Aca (1R)    Lampitt,P/Coutinho,A+3    1/14/2010    Basic Skills Training Prog. Econ. Growth  

P.L.2009, c.200.   A4327 Aca (1R)    Lampitt,P/Coutinho,A+8    1/14/2010    NJ PLACE prog.-estab.  

P.L.2009, c.201.   A3073 AcaAcaAa (3R)    Munoz,E/Munoz,N+20    1/14/2010    Ricci's Law-ignition interlock devices  

P.L.2009, c.202.   A1263 Aca (1R)    Moriarty,P/Burzichelli,J+11    1/14/2010    Vol. emerg. responders-emp. prot.  

P.L.2009, c.203.   A4293    DeAngelo,W/Egan,J+3    1/14/2010    Prevailing wage-concerns pymt.  

P.L.2009, c.204.   A4225    Roberts,J/Spencer,L+10    1/15/2010    Autism spectrum disorder, adults-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.205.   A4226   Roberts,J/Spencer,L+14    1/15/2010    Autism spectrum disorder-concern rights 

P.L.2009, c.206.   A4338 Acs (ACS)    Scalera,F/Prieto,V+4    1/15/2010    Vol. emerg. svc. prov.-concerns mun. off  

P.L.2009, c.207.   S3064 Scs (SCS)    Cunningham,S/Chivukula,U+16    1/15/2010    Societal benf. charge rev.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.208.   A4253 AcaSa (2R)    Conners,J/Tucker,C+9    1/16/2010    Natl. Guard memb.-tuition asst.  

P.L.2009, c.209.   S114 Aca (1R)    Weinberg,L/Vainieri Huttle,V+3    1/16/2010    Managed care plans-assignment cert. benf  

P.L.2009, c.210.   S814    Sweeney,S/Burzichelli,J+2    1/16/2010    DRPA emp.-concerns rights  

P.L.2009, c.211.   S825 Sca (1R)    Ciesla,A/Scalera,F    1/16/2010    Legal transcribers-unemp. comp. elig.  

P.L.2009, c.212.   S1305    Lesniak,R/Prieto,V+2    1/16/2010    Practice of medicine/surgery-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.213.   S1538 ScaSaSSSa (SS/1R)    Smith,B/Bateman,C+5    1/16/2010    Farms-concern biomas, solar, wind energy  

P.L.2009, c.214.   S1819 ScaSaSs (SS)    Kean,S/Rible,D+3    1/16/2010    Jewelry, used-concerns sale  

P.L.2009, c.215.   S1850 Sca (1R)    Girgenti,J/Sarlo,P+1    1/16/2010    Chaplain Charles J Watters Mem Bride-Rt3  

Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (1/12/2010): (cont’d)


P.L.2009, c.216.   S2098 Scs (SCS)    Sarlo,P/Kean,S+1    1/16/2010    Alco. bev. tastings-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.217.   S2276 Scs (SCS)    Vitale,J/Redd,D+9    1/16/2010    Court appointed special advocate prog.  

P.L.2009, c.218.   S2397    Scutari,N/Wisniewski,J+5    1/16/2010    Funeral insur. policies-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.219.   S2491 Sca (1R)    Turner,S/Codey,R+2    1/16/2010    Underage Drinking, Higher Ed. Task Force  

P.L.2009, c.220.   S2493 ScaSca (2R)    Codey,R/Allen,D+4    1/16/2010    St. emp., cert.-concerns drug testing  

P.L.2009, c.221.   S2545 Scs (SCS)    Lesniak,R/Baroni,B+4    1/16/2010    Dentists-concerns continuing ed.  

P.L.2009, c.222.   S2824    Girgenti,J/Johnson,G+1    1/16/2010    Police training-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.223.   S2898 ScaSca (2R)    Codey,R/Turner,S    1/16/2010    Community Svc. Phase Two Pilot Prog.  

P.L.2009, c.224.   S2903 Aca (1R)    Turner,S/Sweeney,S+1    1/16/2010    MV surcharges-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.225.   S3092 Aca (1R)    Sweeney,S/Baroni,B+2    1/16/2010    Sch. fac. proj.-concern construction  

P.L.2009, c.226.   S3123    Rice,R/Baroni,B    1/16/2010    Wage withholdings, cert.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.227.   A420 Aca (1R)    Handlin,A/Voss,J+5    1/16/2010    Teaching paraprof., cert.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.228.   A880 Sca (1R)    Albano,N/Milam,M+8    1/16/2010    Reading Disab. Task Force-estab.  

P.L.2009, c.229.   A1359 AcaSca (2R)    Prieto,V/Biondi,P+1    1/16/2010    Landscape Irrigation Contr. Cert.-revise  

P.L.2009, c.230.   A1767 AaSa (2R)    Watson Coleman,B/Evans,E+2    1/16/2010    Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force-estab.  

P.L.2009, c.231.   A1882 Aa (1R)    Greenwald,L/Vandervalk,C+5    1/16/2010    Co., mun. budgets-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.232.   A2143 AaSca (2R)    Cryan,J/Greenstein,L+5    1/16/2010    Stalkers-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.233.   A2178 AcaSaSa (3R)    Pou,N/Cohen,N+2    1/16/2010    Debts owed to courts, co., mun.-concern  

P.L.2009, c.234.   A2215 Sa (1R)    Voss,J/Munoz,E+3    1/16/2010    St. Bd. of Med. Examiners-concerns memb.  

P.L.2009, c.235.   A2491 Aa (1R)    Cryan,J+1    1/16/2010    Franchise Practices Act-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.236.   A2549 Acs (ACS)    Lampitt,P/Giblin,T+9    1/16/2010    Nursing Faculty Loan Redemption Prog Act  

P.L.2009, c.237.   A2872 AcaAa (2R)    Prieto,V/Dancer,R+11    1/16/2010    Tree Experts, Tree Care Operator Lic Act  

P.L.2009, c.238.   A3099 Acs (ACS)    Watson Coleman,B/Biondi,P+4    1/16/2010    Real estate brokers-prov. continued ed.  

P.L.2009, c.239.   A3218 Aca (1R)    McKeon,J/Rudder,S+9    1/16/2010    Solar and Wind Energy Comm.-creates  

P.L.2009, c.240.   A3339/3439 AcsAcsSca (ACS/1R)    Chivukula,U/Coutinho,A+6    1/16/2010    On-site generation fac.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.241.   A3582 AcaSca (2R)    Cryan,J/Vas,J+8    1/16/2010    Mental health svcs.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.242.   A3583 AcaSca (2R)    Cryan,J/Vas,J+8    1/16/2010    Psych. fac.-concerns admission  

P.L.2009, c.243.   A3584 Sca (1R)    Cryan,J/Vas,J+5    1/16/2010    Mental illness-concerns svcs.  

P.L.2009, c.244.   A3740 Aca (1R)    DeAngelo,W/Lampitt,P+3    1/16/2010    Small wind energy sys. by mun.-prov. reg  

P.L.2009, c.245.   A3930 Aca (1R)    Gusciora,R/Barnes,P+7    1/16/2010    Scenic and Hist. Hwys. Prog.-estab.  

P.L.2009, c.246.   A4023    Lampitt,P/Diegnan,P+4    1/16/2010    Presid. Council-concerns memb.  

P.L.2009, c.247.   A4232    Vainieri Huttle,V/Evans,E+1    1/16/2010    Apparel Procurement Bd.-estab.  

P.L.2009, c.248.   A4245    Spencer,L/Schaer,G+3    1/16/2010    Med. malpractice liab. insur.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.249.   A4268    Cryan,J/Quijano,A+5    1/16/2010    Maintenance-related proj.-wage req.  

P.L.2009, c.250.   A4270 AcaAa (2R)    Jasey,M/Scalera,F+11    1/16/2010    Special Ed, Tramautic Brain Injury  

P.L.2009, c.251.   A4313 Aca (1R)    Scalera,F/Vandervalk,C+3    1/16/2010    Real prop. assessment-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.252.   A4322 Acs (ACS)    Watson Coleman,B+2    1/16/2010    Capital City Redevel. Corp.-revises org.  

P.L.2009, c.253.   A4340 Aa (1R)    Prieto,V+2    1/16/2010    Solid and haz. waste operations-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.254.   S52 SaSaAca (3R)    Rice,R/Oroho,S+8    1/17/2010    Child mental fac. emp.-crim. hist. check  

P.L.2009, c.255.   S184 Scs (SCS)    Bucco,A/Sweeney,S+2    1/17/2010    Safe Haven Infant Prot. Act-pub. info.  

P.L.2009, c.256.   S713 ScsAca (SCS/1R)    Smith,B/Van Drew,J+8    1/17/2010    Forest stewardship-estab.  

P.L.2009, c.257.   S1082    Ciesla,A/Van Drew,J+8    1/17/2010    Parking-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.258.   S1234 ScaAcaAa (3R)    Singer,R/Van Drew,J+7    1/17/2010    Speed limits-criteria for mun., co.  

P.L.2009, c.259.   S1362 ScaAa (2R)    Sacco,N/Cunningham,S+6    1/17/2010    Bus and train svc. discont.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.260.   S1771 Sca (1R)    Madden,F/Vitale,J+5    1/17/2010    Student Athlete Cardiac Screening-estab.  

P.L.2009, c.261.   S1830    Sacco,N/Van Drew,J+48    1/17/2010    Sr. Cit., Disabled Transp. Prog-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.262.   S2019    Codey,R/Coutinho,A    1/17/2010    Marine Science Consortium statute-repeal  

P.L.2009, c.263.   S2312 ScaSaAca (3R)    Gordon,R/Kean,T+4    1/17/2010    Ambulatory surgical ctrs.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.264.   S2392    Baroni,B/Whelan,J+6    1/17/2010    Hist. sites-estab. roadside markers  

P.L.2009, c.265.   S2534 ScaAa (2R)    Buono,B/Beck,J+3    1/17/2010    False Claims Act-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.266.   S2763    Cardinale,G/Sarlo,P+1    1/17/2010    Civil actions, cert.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.267.   S2944    Codey,R/Prieto,V+3    1/17/2010    Prof., cert.-concerns unauth. practice  

P.L.2009, c.268.   S3055    Vitale,J/Whelan,J+2    1/17/2010    Family planning svcs.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.269.   S3060    Codey,R/Sarlo,P    1/17/2010    Gov. budget message-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.270.   S3080 Sa (1R)    Sweeney,S/Codey,R+1    1/17/2010    Community care resid. providers-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.271.   S3091    Sacco,N/Wisniewski,J    1/17/2010    Commercial driv. lic.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.272.   A137    Ramos,R/Riley,C+18    1/17/2010    PAAD/Sr. Gold prog.-automatic enrollment  

P.L.2009, c.273.   A373 Aca (1R)    Diegnan,P/Moriarty,P+4    1/17/2010    Real estate promotions-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.274.   A379 Aa (1R)    Diegnan,P/Lampitt,P+15    1/17/2010    Patriots Corner tribute in St House-prov  

P.L.2009, c.275.   A823 AcsAaAaAa (ACS/3R)    Gusciora,R/Moriarty,P+6    1/17/2010    Snowmobiles, all-terrain veh.-reg.  

P.L.2009, c.276.   A853    Albano,N/Wagner,C+9    1/17/2010    Vulnerable adults, abuse-req. reporting  

P.L.2009, c.277.   A1577 AcaSca (2R)    Cohen,N/Stender,L+11    1/17/2010    Antifreeze and engine coolant-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.278.   A1878 Aca (1R)    Conners,J/Chiusano,G+1    1/17/2010    Insur. producers-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.279.   A2640    Smith,L/Conners,J+16    1/17/2010    Interst Compact Ed Opportunity Mil Child  

P.L. 2009, c.280.   A2702 Aca (1R)    Diegnan,P/Lampitt,P+13    1/17/2010    NJ STARS Prog.-concerns notification  

P.L.2009, c.281.   A2752 Aca (1R)    Caputo,R/Vainieri Huttle,V+7    1/17/2010    Voter regis. material-prov elig students  

P.L.2009, c.282.   A3271 Aca (1R)    Milam,M/Albano,N+11    1/17/2010    Med. waste viol.-incr. civil penal.  

P.L.2009, c.283.   A3302 Aca (1R)    Scalera,F/Caputo,R+2    1/17/2010    Util. co. prop.-criminalize cert. action  

P.L.2009, c.284.   A3317 AcaAa w/GR (3R)    Prieto,V/Biondi,P+3    1/17/2010    Electrical contracting permit-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.285.   A3336 AcaAaSaAa (4R)    Johnson,G/Evans,E+3    1/17/2010    Asst. prosecutors-concern part-time emp.  

Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (1/12/2010): (cont’d)


P.L.2009, c.286.   A3433    Scalera,F/Albano,N+1    1/17/2010    Fire Comm Bd-change petition filing date  

P.L.2009, c.287.   A3448 Acs (ACS)    Gusciora,R/DeAngelo,W+4    1/17/2010    Voter regis. applications-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.288.   A3480    Fisher,D/Karrow,M+6    1/17/2010    Historic Trust-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.289.   A3520 AaAaAa (3R)    Chivukula,U/DeAngelo,W+3    1/17/2010    Solar Energy Advancement Act  

P.L.2009, c.290.   A3620    Love,S/Pou,N+5    1/17/2010    Disposition of human remains-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.291.   A3669    Quijano,A/Barnes,P+6    1/17/2010    Workers comp.-concerns non-pymt.  

P.L.2009, c.292.   A3698 AcaScaSa (3R)    Wisniewski,J/Vas,J+1    1/17/2010    Loc. pub. contracts-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.293.   A3831    Schaer,G/Conners,J+2    1/17/2010    Health insur. coverage-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.294.   A3835 Aca (1R)    Watson Coleman,B+1    1/17/2010    Prof. engineers-concerns competency req.  

P.L.2009, c.295.   A3870    Oliver,S+3    1/17/2010    Mover's svcs.-concerns owner-operators  

P.L.2009, c.296.   A4063 AcaAaAa (3R)    Watson Coleman,B/Jasey,M+4    1/17/2010    Foreclosure Fairness Act  

P.L.2009, c.297.   A4229 Aa (1R)    Conaway,H/Quigley,J+4    1/17/2010    Prescription Blanks-concerns use  

P.L.2009, c.298.   A4243 AcaSca (2R)    Wagner,C/Evans,E+2    1/17/2010    MVC-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.299.   A4262 AcaAa (2R)    Quijano,A/Egan,J+3    1/17/2010    Family child care providers-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.300.   A4265 Aca (1R)    McKeon,J/Chivukula,U+2    1/17/2010    Site remediations-covenant not to sue  

P.L.2009, c.301.   A4269    Quijano,A/Cruz-Perez,N+1    1/17/2010    Hispanic communities-representation  

P.L.2009, c.302.   A4341    McKeon,J/Coutinho,A+2    1/17/2010    Site remediation grants-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.303.   A4342    McKeon,J+3    1/17/2010    Haz. Site Remediation Fd.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.304.   A4360    Cryan,J/Greenwald,L+4    1/17/2010    State's long-term liab.-annual reporting  

P.L.2009, c.305.   A4377    Cryan,J/Coutinho,A+6    1/17/2010    Math, science teachers-extend pilot prog  

P.L.2009, c.306.   S2905 ScsScaAa (SCS/2R)    Vitale,J/Turner,S+2    1/17/2010    Chain restaurants-prov. calorie info.  

P.L.2009, c.307.   S119 ScaAcaAa (3R)    Scutari,N/Whelan,J+15    1/18/2010    Compassionate Use Med. Marijuana Act  

P.L.2009, c.308.   S1609 ScaSca (2R)    Lesniak,R/Whelan,J+12    1/18/2010    Higher ed.-concern structure, fiscal mgt  

P.L.2009, c.309.   S1711 AcaAaSa (3R)    Allen,D/Redd,D+12    1/18/2010    Prescriptions-concern forged, fraudulent  

P.L.2009, c.310.   S1833 Sca (1R)    Smith,B/McKeon,J+3    1/18/2010    Greenwood Lake Comm.-concerns fees  

P.L.2009, c.311.   S2091 Sca (1R)    Scutari,N/Cardinale,G+1    1/18/2010    Palimony-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.312.   S2479 Sca (1R)    Kean,T/Sarlo,P+2    1/18/2010    Pedestrian safety-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.313.   S2730 ScaScaAca (3R)    Rice,R/Cunningham,S+10    1/18/2010    Constr. contracts-concerns training prog  

P.L.2009, c.314.   S3071 Sa (1R)    Sarlo,P/Baroni,B+2    1/18/2010    Collective labor negotiations-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.315.   A557 AcaAa (2R)    Dancer,R/Chivukula,U+5    1/18/2010    Loc. pub. contracts-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.316.   A795 Aca (1R)    Gusciora,R/Fisher,D+4    1/18/2010    Env. responsible co.-DEP estab. list  

P.L.2009, c.317.   A807 Aca (1R)    Gusciora,R/Fisher,D+11    1/18/2010    Mun. court fines-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.318.   A870 Sca (1R)    Albano,N/Milam,M+2    1/18/2010    Safety seat belt usage-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.319.   A1329 AcaSca (2R)    Stender,L/Wisniewski,J+9    1/18/2010    Pedestrians in crosswalks-revises laws  

P.L.2009, c.320.   A1619    McKeon,J+2    1/18/2010    Prop.-concerns sale to enforce liens  

P.L.2009, c.321.   A1853 AcsScaSa (ACS/2R)    Conaway,H/Greenstein,L+2    1/18/2010    Long-Term care insur partnership-concern  

P.L.2009, c.322.   A2029 AcsAaAa (ACS/2R)    Watson Coleman,B+10    1/18/2010    Chiropractic practice-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.323.   A3120 AcaAa (2R)    Smith,L/Wisniewski,J+4    1/18/2010    Railroad rights of way-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.324.   A3396 Sca (1R)    Chiusano,G/McHose,A+3    1/18/2010    Emerg. veh.-concerns warranties  

P.L.2009, c.325.   A3634 AcaAa (2R)    Wisniewski,J/Ramos,R+4    1/18/2010    Limousine laws-makes sundry changes  

P.L.2009, c.326.   A3998 AcaAa (2R)    McKeon,J+3    1/18/2010    Pub. depositories-govt. unit pub. fds.  

P.L.2009, c.327.   A4168    Schaer,G/Pou,N+3    1/18/2010    Worker's comp. security fd.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.328.   A4197 AcaAaSa (3R)    Watson Coleman,B/Spencer,L+9    1/18/2010    Women's and Families Strengthening Act  

P.L.2009, c.329.   A4201 AcaAa (2R)    Coutinho,A/Watson Coleman,B+9    1/18/2010    Inmates-prov. prog.. and svcs.  

P.L.2009, c.330.   A4202 AcaAa (2R)    Watson Coleman,B/Jasey,M+7    1/18/2010    Inmates, cert.-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.331.   A4244 AcaSca (2R)    Prieto,V+2    1/18/2010    MV equip., inspections-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.332.   A4302 Acs (ACS)    McKeon,J/Wisniewski,J+3    1/18/2010    MV, loan suspended driv.-addl. penal.  

P.L.2009, c.333.   A4303 Acs (ACS)    McKeon,J/Spencer,L+3    1/18/2010    Drunk driv. with suspended lic.-crime  

P.L.2009, c.334.   A4316 AcaAa (2R)    Jasey,M/Evans,E+4    1/18/2010    Neighborhood stabilization-concerns  

P.L.2009, c.335.   A4323 Aa (1R)    Watson Coleman,B/Evans,E+6    1/18/2010    Amer. Recovery, Reinvestment Act-concern  

P.L.2009, c.336.   A4347    Greenwald,L/Malone,J+1    1/18/2010    Permit Ext. Act-extends expiration date  

P.L.2009, c.337.   A4375 Aa (1R)    Roberts,J/Greenwald,L+2    1/18/2010    Mun Rehab., Economic Recovery Act-revise  

P.L.2009, c.338.   A4376 Aa (1R)    Greenwald,L+1    1/18/2010    PERS emp., cert.-contractual salary  

P.L.2009, c.339.   S3157    Scutari,N/Quijano,A    1/18/2010    I & R in cert. mun.-concerns  


P.L.2009, JR-14.   AJR62    Conners,J/Cruz-Perez,N+13    1/16/2010    Gold Star Mother's Day-last Sunday, Sept  

P.L.2009, JR-15.   AJR101    Vainieri Huttle,V/Vandervalk,C+11    1/16/2010    Denim Day for rape awareness-April 28  

P.L.2009, JR-16.   AJR71    Conaway,H/Lampitt,P+4    1/16/2010    Child Obesity Prev. Mo.-desig. March