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Vol. XXIV No. 3                                                                                    215th Legislature $ First Annual Session



Nominations Notice of Intention:


      Phillip H. Kwon, of Closter.

      Bruce A. Harris, of Chatham Borough.

Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


      Ana C. Viscomi, of Red Bank.



      Bette Daniele, of Edison.



      Lawrence A. Raia, P.E., of Saddle River, to replace Derish M. Wolff, resigned.



      Thomas  Tucci, Jr., of Nutley.

      William J. Roca, Esq., of Wayne.



      Honorable Michael I. Halfacre, Esq., of Fair Haven, to replace Jerry Fischer.

Nominations Withdrawn:


      Douglas K. Wolfson, of North Brunswick.


Nominations Corrected Copies:



      Robert G. Malestein, of Hopewell Township *NOT* Bridgeton.



      Elaine  Buchsbaum, of West Amwell *NOT* Stockton.



      Richard  Elbert, AIA, Esq., of Westfield, to replace Lester Lewis-Powder *NOT* Joseph A. McNamara.

Bills Introduced:

S3    Sweeney,S/Codey,R    Min. wage-incr. to $8.50   REF SLA

S1024    Greenstein,L    Newborn infants-concerns safe placement   REF SHH

S1028    Gordon,R    Health Care Qual. Act-addl. provisions   REF SCM

S1029    Greenstein,L    Domestic Viol. Victim Prot. Pilot Prog.   REF SJU

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1030    Greenstein,L    Sexual Assault Victim's Bill of Rights   REF SJU

S1031    Greenstein,L    Impairing communications-create offense   REF SJU

S1032    Greenstein,L    Harassment offense-upgrades   REF SJU

S1033    Greenstein,L    Nursing staff, health care fac.-concerns   REF SHH

S1034    Allen,D    Devel disab-study need, placement trusts   REF SHH

S1035    Connors,C    St. mv fleet-calculate miles per gallon   REF STR

S1036    Connors,C    Dredging, cert. waterways-mun assessment   REF SEN

S1037    Connors,C    Island Beach St. Park prog-dedicate fees   REF SEN

S1038    Connors,C    Wharves, piers repair-auth. maintenance   REF SCU

S1039    Connors,C    Vet. affordable housing-concerns   REF SCU

S1040    Connors,C    Sexually oriented bus.-revise law   REF SCU

S1041    Connors,C    Disab vet. prop. tax exemp-St reimb. mun   REF SCU

S1042    Connors,C    Svc. charge, returned checks-incr. fee   REF SCU

S1043    Connors,C    Home health care svcs.-elim cert of need   REF SHH

S1044    Connors,C    100% Disab. Vet.-auth. lic. plate   REF STR

S1045    Connors,C    Juv. offense w/gun-impose mand. term   REF SLP

S1046    Connors,C    Org. supporting terrorism-civil action   REF SJU

S1047    Connors,C    Finan. exploitation of elderly-offense   REF SJU

S1048    Connors,C    Vulnerable person, exploit finan-offense   REF SJU

S1049    Connors,C    Juv. arsonist-creates new penalty   REF SJU

S1051    Connors,C    Mil. parents-concerns custody   REF SJU

S1052    Connors,C    Long Beach Island connector bridge;$150M   REF STR

S1053    Cunningham,S    Crim records, cert-automatic expungement   REF SJU

S1054    Cunningham,S    Prior crim. convictions-proh. disclosure   REF SLA

S1055    Cunningham,S    Redist-incarcerated person resid address   REF SSG

S1056    Connors,C    Disab vets-free/reduced fee beach badges   REF SMV

S1057    Connors,C    Trapping lic. fee, sr cit resid-discount   REF SEN

S1058    Connors,C    Bay scallop harvesting-concerns   REF SEN

S1059    Connors,C    Energy tax rev.-concerns   REF SCU

S1060    Connors,C    Estate tax refund claims-concerns   REF SBA

S1061    Connors,C    Heating Oil, Propane Reserves Task Force   REF SEN

S1062    Connors,C    Hotel occupancy taxes-repeal   REF SSG

S1063    Connors,C    MV manuf. rebates-concerns sales tax   REF STR

S1064    Connors,C    Drunk driv. offense, cert.-criminalize   REF SLP

S1065    Connors,C    Internet Predator Investigation Fd-estab   REF SLP

S1066    Connors,C    Amber Alert sys.-concerns funding   REF SLP

S1067    Connors,C    Megan's law-notify community   REF SLP

S1068    Connors,C    National Crime Info Ctr. terminals;$250K   REF SLP

S1069    Connors,C    DUI suspended lic.-incr. prison time   REF SLP

S1070    Connors,C    Pub. contracts-concerns   REF SSG

S1071    Connors,C    Mun. ordinance viol.-convert to tax lien   REF SCU

S1072    Connors,C    Vet. prop. tax exemp.-extends   REF SCU

S1073    Connors,C    Greenhead flies-reduce population;$50K   REF SCU

S1074    Van Drew,J    Aviation-auth co. coll job certification   REF SED

S1075    Van Drew,J    Indigent vets burial-prov. funding   REF SMV

S1076    Van Drew,J    Nonpublic sch. busing-extends limit   REF SED

S1077    Van Drew,J    Defibrillator-req, youth athletic events   REF SED

S1078    Van Drew,J    Disab. vet.-St. contract set-aside prog.   REF SSG

S1079    Van Drew,J    Pub. meetings-display flag/recite pledge   REF SSG

S1080    Van Drew,J    St. Law Enforcement Off. Bill of Rights   REF SLP

S1081    Van Drew,J    Child sex crime-req. lifetime monitoring   REF SLP

S1082    Van Drew,J    Inmates, cert.-pay incarceration costs   REF SLP

S1086    Greenstein,L    Life science research-prov. corp bus tax   REF SEG

S1087    Van Drew,J    Parole inelig.-concerns repeat offenders   REF SLP

S1088    Van Drew,J    Megan's law-registration   REF SLP

S1089    Van Drew,J    Pharmacy Qual. Assurance, Error Prev Act   REF SHH

S1090    Van Drew,J    Mun auth-mayor auth veto proposed action   REF SCU

S1091    Van Drew,J    Hunting, fishing lic., free-cert mil svc   REF SEN

S1092    Van Drew,J    Realty transfer fee-elim cert components   REF SCU

S1093    Van Drew,J    Env. responsible bus. equip.-tax cred.   REF SEN

S1094    Van Drew,J    Out-of-St corp transp-proh corp. bus tax   REF STR

S1095    Van Drew,J    Nat'l Guard, cert. comp-excl. income tax   REF SMV

S1096    Van Drew,J    Mil., cert. memb.-vol income tax contrib   REF SMV

S1097    Van Drew,J    St. memor. maintenance-voluntary contrib   REF SMV

S1098    Van Drew,J    Honorably discharged memb.-tax deduction   REF SMV

S1099    Gill,N    Journeyman electricians, qual.-reg. req.   REF SCM

S1100    Gill,N    Insur. premium-limits finance charge   REF SCM

S1101    Gill,N    MRI lic. prof.-criminal hist. check req.   REF SHH

S1102    Gill,N    Credit check-proh., condition of emp.   REF SLA

S1103    Gill,N    Admin. supervision proceedings-open   REF SCM

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1104    Gill,N    Insur policies, cert.-concerns pymt caps   REF SCM

S1105    Gill,N    Homeowners Equity Prot. Act   REF SCM

S1106    Gill,N    Pub. Movers, Warehousemen Bd-reinst.   REF SCM

S1107    Gill,N    Insur. scoring-concerns use, cert. insur   REF SCM

S1108    Gill,N    Cred. card acct.-under 21 yrs. of age   REF SCM

S1109    Gill,N    Overdraft fees-finan. instit to disclose   REF SCM

S1110    Connors,C    Homeowners insur.-concerns cert. claims   REF SCM

S1111    Gordon,R    St, loc govt emp-req. pay direct deposit   REF SSG

S1112    Gordon,R    Non-resid. prop. owners, cert-tax relief   REF SCU

S1113    Gordon,R    Life/Health Insur. Guaranty Assn-liab.   REF SCM

S1114    Gordon,R    Mun. consolidation-special emerg. approp   REF SCU

S1115    Gordon,R    Port Auth. NY, NJ Transparency Acct. Act   REF STR

S1116    Greenstein,L    Sch dist transp contract-prequal process   REF SED

S1117    Greenstein,L    Scooter riders, under 17-wear helmets   REF SLP

S1118    Greenstein,L    Pub. contract bid-concerns elig.   REF SED

S1119    Connors,C    Lyme disease-req. health insur. coverage   REF SCM

S1120    Connors,C    Cost-Effective, Nonprofit Org Contracts   REF SCM

S1121    Madden,F    Emp. UI tax rates-changes   REF SLA

S1122    Beck,J    SPRS memb.-purch. cred. prior mil. svc.   REF SSG

S1123    Beck,J/Kyrillos,J    Racetrack grandstand constr.-tax rebate   REF SSG

S1124    Weinberg,L    Infertility prev., cert.-prov. coverage   REF SHH

S1125    Greenstein,L    Higher ed.-prov. mental health care prog   REF SHI

S1126    Greenstein,L    Bedbugs-post fact sheet on DOE website   REF SED

S1127    Greenstein,L    Sch. bds.-adopt salary policy   REF SED

S1128    Turner,S    First-time off.-estab intervention prog.   REF SJU

S1129    Turner,S    Mun. clerk-publish emerg. info.   REF SCU

S1130    Turner,S    Housing code viol.-enhance penal.   REF SCU

S1131    Turner,S    Police/Firefighter Home-buyer Asst. Act   REF SCU

S1132    Turner,S    Owners Rights Shared Ownership community   REF SCU

S1133    Turner,S    Bail-weapons offenses req. cash   REF SJU

S1134    Sarlo,P    Loss of hand or foot-incr. worker's comp   REF SLA

S1135    Gill,N    Anti-Phishing Act-estab.   REF SCM

S1136    Gill,N    Off of Women's Research & Policy-creates   REF SHH

S1137    Gill,N    Physical therapy svcs.-insur. claim pymt   REF SCM

S1138    Allen,D    Child pornography law-revises   REF SJU

S1139    Allen,D    Children of fallen ff-creates lic. plate   REF STR

S1140    Turner,S    Pension/annuity fds-proh cert investment   REF SSG

S1141    Turner,S    St. earned income cred prog-restore benf   REF SBA

S1142    Turner,S    Full-time tuition costs-estab tax credit   REF SHI

S1143    Turner,S/Gordon,R    Safe Playing Fields Act   REF SEN

S1144    Turner,S    Dometic viol. offenses-clarify   REF SJU

S1145    Turner,S    Grand jury disclosure-bars personal info   REF SJU

S1146    Turner,S    Restraining orders-condition of release   REF SJU

S1147    Turner,S    Income tax rate exceeding $1M-incr. tax   REF SBA

S1148    Weinberg,L    Oral health curricula-req. pub. sch.   REF SHH

S1149    Weinberg,L    HMO, cert.-receive svc. w/out referral   REF SCM

S1150    Weinberg,L    Gender-motivated viol-estab civil action   REF SJU

S1151    Weinberg,L    Monica's Law-domestic viol. risk prog.   REF SJU

S1152    Weinberg,L    Domestic viol.-community response   REF SCU

S1153    Weinberg,L    Domestic Viol. Health Care Response Act   REF SJU

S1154    Weinberg,L    Domestic viol. victim-rental/lease prot.   REF SJU

S1155    Weinberg,L    Nurses-concerns furloughs   REF SHH

S1156    Weinberg,L    Retired police-join NJ Detective Assoc.   REF SLP

S1157    Weinberg,L    Solemnize marriages-auth. cert celebrant   REF SJU

S1158    Weinberg,L    Palisades Interst. Park Comm patrolmen   REF SLP

S1159    Weinberg,L    St. Bd. of Ed.-concerns responsibilities   REF SED

S1160    Weinberg,L    St., co. coll. faculty-tenure   REF SHI

S1161    Weinberg,L    Sch. cafeteria-prov. nutritional info.   REF SED

S1162    Weinberg,L    Pub. Health Council-revise memb.   REF SHH

S1163    Weinberg,L    Cervical cancer screening-prov. coverage   REF SHH

S1164    Weinberg,L    Health care prof off-disab accessibility   REF SHH

S1165    Weinberg,L    Vol. physicians, cert.-civil immunity   REF SHH

S1166    Weinberg,L    Diagnostic screening-coverage req.   REF SHH

S1167    Weinberg,L    Contraception, emerg.-pharmacies stock   REF SHH

S1168    Weinberg,L    Adoptees-allows access, cert med history   REF SHH

S1169    Weinberg,L    DYFS investigations-prov. police assist.   REF SHH

S1170    Weinberg,L    Obstetric svcs.-health care fac. support   REF SHH

S1171    Weinberg,L    Genital mutilation, under 18-proh.   REF SHH

S1172    Weinberg,L    Tanning beds-minors proh.   REF SHH

S1173    Weinberg,L    Victims of Crime Comp Off-transfer pymts   REF SLP

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1174    Weinberg,L    Drunk driv.-concerns blood alco. level   REF SLP

S1175    Weinberg,L    Leukemia, Lymphoma Society-vol. contrib.   REF SHH

S1176    Weinberg,L    Colon Cancer Research Fd.-vol. contrib.   REF SHH

S1177    Smith,B    Fishing gear on artificial reefs-proh.   REF SEN

S1178    Weinberg,L    Film production expenses-temp suspension   REF SBA

S1179    Weinberg,L    Boat operation-proh. cell phone use   REF SLP

S1180    Weinberg,L    Victim self-defense justification-create   REF SJU

S1181    Allen,D    Sch. dist.-distrib. Megan's Law info.   REF SLP

S1182    Allen,D    Teaching materials, cert.-tax exemp.   REF SED

S1183    Allen,D    Women's health svcs.;$6.3M   REF SHH

S1185    Allen,D    Mil. personnel storage fac.-tax exemp.   REF SMV

S1186    Allen,D    Hybrid electric mv conversion-tax exemp.   REF SEN

S1187    Allen,D    Taxpayer Advocate Off.-estab.   REF SSG

S1188    Allen,D    Tattooing, med appropriate svc-tax exemp   REF SHH

S1189    Allen,D    Fed. retir. contrib.-excl. income tax   REF SBA

S1190    Allen,D    Energy conserv. patent income-tax excl.   REF SEN

S1191    Allen,D    Ed. subcontracting agreements-concerns   REF SED

S1192    Allen,D    Regional transp. coordinator unit-estab.   REF SED

S1193    Allen,D    Pupil transp.-reorg. provisions   REF SED

S1194    Allen,D    Media literacy-offer instruction   REF SED

S1195    Allen,D    Sch. fac. proj.-concerns renovation   REF SED

S1196    Allen,D    Amer Sign Language-HS graduation req.   REF SED

S1197    Allen,D    Students in foster homes-prov St funding   REF SED

S1198    Allen,D    Special ed. calculation cost-incl transp   REF SED

S1199    Allen,D    Child care svc.-income tax deduct.   REF SHH

S1200    Allen,D    Hearing aid expenses-tax cred.   REF SHH

S1201    Gill,N    Sickle cell treatments-insur offer benf.   REF SCM

S1202    Greenstein,L    Investment discretion-proh. delegation   REF SSG

S1203    Gill,N    Med. devices, reprocessed-consent   REF SHH

S1204    Gill,N    Driv. lic. renewal-persons 70 and older   REF STR

S1205    Gill,N    Dept. of St. Police-estab.   REF SLP

S1206    Gill,N    Co prosecutors' off costs-St. assumption   REF SJU

S1207    Gill,N    Police interrogations, cert.-concerns   REF SJU

S1208    Gill,N    Equity in Ed. Prog. Act   REF SED

S1209    Whelan,J    Boat manufacturers-qual. for EDA loans   REF SEG

S1210    Vitale,J    Surgical practices- req. lic by DHSS   REF SHH

S1211    Sacco,N    NJTA proj.-design-build delivery sys.   REF STR

S1212    Sacco,N    Move over law-erect signs   REF STR

S1213    Van Drew,J    Real prop. assess. demo. prog.-estab.   REF SCU

S1270    Smith,B    Renewable energy sys.-estab. prop. tax   REF SEN

SCR48    Allen,D    Disab. vet.-receive civil svc preference   REF SMV

SCR49    Allen,D    Vet. prop. tax deduction-extend elig.   REF SCU

SCR50    Allen,D    Statutes-Loc. Mandate Council examine   REF SCU

SCR51    Allen,D    Eminent domain-limit exercise   REF SCU

SCR52    Allen,D    Streamlining Shared Svcs. Task Force   REF SCU

SCR53    Connors,C    Prop. assessment reduction-amend constit   REF SCU

SCR54    Connors,C    America Cares prog-President/Cong. estab   REF SHH

SCR55    Allen,D    Prop. tax relief-concerns   REF SBA

SCR56    Allen,D    Prop. tax reform-dedicate annual rev.   REF SBA

SCR57    Allen,D    St. govt. spending-proh. St courts auth.   REF SJU

SCR58    Van Drew,J    Vets., surviving spouse-homestead rebate   REF SCU

SCR59    Buono,B/Gordon,R    DEP rules estab. waiver-not leg. intent   REF SEN

SCR60    Van Drew,J    St. tax, fee-concerns new or increased   REF SBA

SCR61    Greenstein,L    Addl. Aid-Above Adequacy-override LIV   REF SED

SCR62    Greenstein,L    Family Planning Svcs. grant-override LIV   REF SHH

SCR63    Turner,S    Sr. & disab. prop. tax deduct.-incr elig   REF SCU

SCR64    Turner,S    Occupy movement's protest-supports   REF SLA

SCR65    Allen,D    Dedicated St. rev.-proh. diversion   REF SBA

SCR66    Connors,C    St. govt. operating expenses-concerns   REF SBA

SCR67    Connors,C    Beach easements-concerns acquisition   REF SEN

SCR68    Van Drew,J    Vet. prop. tax deduct. elig.-extend   REF SCU

SCR69    Weinberg,L    Access for All-address needs of disab.   REF SCU

SJR25    Connors,C    Chiari Malformation-Syringomyelia Mo.   REF SHH

SJR26    Allen,D    Hearsay rule-amend Rules of Evidence   REF SJU

SJR27    Gordon,R    Pompe Disease Awareness Day-desig Feb 28   REF SHH

SJR28    Greenstein,L    World Autism Awareness Day-desig April 2   REF SED

SJR29    Turner,S    Joseph P. Merlino Trail-desig.   REF SEN

SJR30    Beck,J    Dystonia Awareness Mo-desig June each yr   REF SHH

SJR31    Weinberg,L    Disab. Hist., Awareness Mo-desig October   REF SED

SR26    Turner,S    Section 8 housing vouchers-incr fds.   REF SCU

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


SR27    Van Drew,J    Take a Veteran to Sch. Day-support   REF SMV

SR28    Allen,D    Youth sport event-urge codes of conduct   REF SLP

SR29    Turner,S    Fed trade policy-memor Presid. to reform   REF SSG

SR30    Weinberg,L    Denying firearms to terrorists-Cong pass   REF SLP

SR31    Weinberg,L    Terrorism in Amer. courts-civil lawsuits   REF SLP

SR32    Weinberg,L    Older Americans Act-Cong. reauth.   REF SHH

SR33    Weinberg,L    NJN emp.-Gov assist, attaining positions   REF SSG

SR34    Weinberg,L    Rutgers alma mater-make gender neutral   REF SHI

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

S87        Bateman,C/Addiego,D+3    Games of chance proceeds-support vet org   REP

S157 Scs (SCS)    Singer,R/Vitale,J+2    Janet's Law-concerns defibrillators   REP/SCS

S252    Gordon,R    Loc env responsible bus-purch preference   REP

S325    Whelan,J/Addiego,D    E-mail notification sys. alert-create   REP

S433    Sacco,N+2    Sch buses-2 way communication req.   REP

S445       Sacco,N+2    Youth mentoring prog.-estab. grant prog.   REP

S454    Turner,S/Vitale,J+1    Sch survey student participation-consent   REP

S503    Bucco,A    Med oxygen prov-notify ff, stop delivery   REP

S512       Norcross,D/Madden,F+2    Pub. emp killed on duty-funeral expenses   REP

S543 Sca (1R)    Gill,N/Ruiz,M    Teachers loan redemption prog.-estab   REP/SCA

S618    Sweeney,S/Allen,D+2    Disab. student sch trans-flashing lights   REP

S874       Cunningham,S/Kean,T    NJ STARS, NJ STARS II-revise   REP

S879    Lesniak,R    Sample ballots-elim. mail req.   REP

S945 Sca (1R)    Lesniak,R    Tigers-impose req, prevent illegal trade   REP/SCA

S1025    Whelan,J    Casinos-pay out-of-St. simulcast races   REP

S1026    Whelan,J/Connors,C+3    VETeach Pilot Prog.-estab.   REP

S1027    Lesniak,R/Sweeney,S+2    Higher Ed. constr. application-deadline   REP

SCR11 Sca (1R)    Bateman,C/Addiego,D+1    Games of chance proceeds-support vet org   REP/SCA

SJR24    Codey,R    Teen Dating Viol Awareness Prev Mo-Feb.   REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S157 Scs (SCS)    Singer,R/Vitale,J+2    Janet's Law-concerns defibrillators  

S433    Sacco,N+2    Sch buses-2 way communication req.  

S445       Sacco,N+2    Youth mentoring prog.-estab. grant prog.  

S512       Norcross,D/Madden,F+2    Pub. emp killed on duty-funeral expenses  

S543 Sca (1R)    Gill,N/Ruiz,M    Teachers loan redemption prog.-estab  

S874       Cunningham,S/Kean,T    NJ STARS, NJ STARS II-revise  

S879    Lesniak,R    Sample ballots-elim. mail req.  

S945 Sca (1R)    Lesniak,R    Tigers-impose req, prevent illegal trade  

S1025    Whelan,J    Casinos-pay out-of-St. simulcast races  

Bills Transferred:

S429    Van Drew,J/Stack,B+2    UEZ prog.-req. mun. submit plans to DCA   FROM SEG TO SCU

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:


S522    Norcross,D/Ruiz,M    EMTs, cert.-permits appt.     FROM SLP 

Co-Sponsors Added:

S1   (Codey,R; Gill,N)    Mariage Equality, Religious Exemp Act

S87       (Buono,B; Thompson,S; Turner,S)    Games of chance proceeds-support vet org

S1026   (Allen,D; Beach,J; Ruiz,M)    VETeach Pilot Prog.-estab.

S1027   (Kyrillos,J; Oroho,S)    Higher Ed. constr. application-deadline

SCR11 Sca (1R)   (Thompson,S)    Games of chance proceeds-support vet org

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S87       (Addiego,D)    Games of chance proceeds-support vet org

S325   (Addiego,D)    E-mail notification sys. alert-create

S874      (Kean,T)    NJ STARS, NJ STARS II-revise

SCR11 Sca (1R)   (Addiego,D)    Games of chance proceeds-support vet org

The Senate adjourned at 5:53 P.M. to meet again on Monday, January 30, 2012 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “1” and “2” scheduled to meet).


The Assembly did not meet.  The Assembly will meet on Monday, January 30, 2012 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “A” and “B” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (1/17/2012):


P.L.2011, c.208.   A387 AcaAca w/GR (3R)    Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+28    1/17/2012    Huntington's disease-nursing fac. lic.  

P.L.2011, c.209.   A1050 AaAa (2R)    Quijano,A/Wisniewski,J+5    1/17/2012    Law, unauth. practice-upgrades offense  

P.L.2011, c.210.   A1120 AcaAa (2R)    Evans,E/Jasey,M+10    1/17/2012    Sickle cell anemia-insur. cover  

P.L.2011, c.211.   A1400 SaAa (2R)    Carroll,M/Biondi,P+23    1/17/2012    Amer. Red Cross-NJ Fd.-tax contrib.  

P.L.2011, c.212.   A1448 Aca w/GR (2R)    Wisniewski,J/McKeon,J+9    1/17/2012    Reflective glass beads-proh. cert. use  

P.L.2011, c.213.   A1633/2509 AcsAa (ACS/1R)    Wagner,C/Vandervalk,C+15    1/17/2012    Domestic restraining orders-incl animals  

P.L.2011, c.214.   A2405 AcaAa (2R)    Lampitt,P/Diegnan,P+5    1/17/2012    Higher ed.-devel. comp. disaster plan  

P.L.2011, c.215.   A2464 AcaAa w/GR (3R)    Burzichelli,J/Quijano,A+3    1/17/2012    St. agency rules-publish, NJ Register  

P.L.2011, c.216.   A2528 AaSca (2R)    Chivukula,U/Quijano,A+2    1/17/2012    Societal benf. charge-estab. cred.  

P.L.2011, c.217.   A2565 Sa (1R)    Diegnan,P/Quijano,A+7    1/17/2012    Title recordation-revises law  

P.L.2011, c.218.   A2665 Sca (1R)    Riley,C+5    1/17/2012    Farm product labeling-clarify law  

P.L.2011, c.219.   A2872 AaSca  (2R)    Chivukula,U+1    1/17/2012    Distrib generation customers-reg charges  

P.L.2011, c.220.   A3138 AcaAcaSca (3R)    Wisniewski,J/Coughlin,C+2    1/17/2012    Sayreville flood control proj.-approp.  

P.L.2011, c.221.   A3366 AaSca (2R)    Barnes,P/Riley,C+5    1/17/2012    BPU reg entities-online document process  

P.L.2011, c.222.   A3537 Sca (1R)    Coughlin,C/Diegnan,P+6    1/17/2012    Foreclosed prop.-file contact info w/mun  

P.L.2011, c.223.   A3688 AcaSca w/GR (3R)    Wilson,G/Riley,C+8    1/17/2012    NJ Fresh Mobiles Act  

P.L.2011, c.224.   A3971 Sa (1R)    Coughlin,C/Benson,D+5    1/17/2012    Library donated fds-proh transfer to mun  

P.L.2011, c.225.   A3980 Aa (1R)    Stender,L/DeAngelo,W+2    1/17/2012    St. computer disposal-update procedures  

P.L.2011, c.226.   A3991 Aca w/GR (2R)    Chivukula,U/Johnson,G+1    1/17/2012    Solar, photovoltaic elec. equip.-safety  

P.L.2011, c.227.   A4182    Quijano,A/Chivukula,U+6    1/17/2012    Girl Scouts-prov. vol income tax contrib  

P.L.2011, c.228.   A4285 Acs (ACS)    Burzichelli,J/Caputo,R+7    1/17/2012    Horse racing wagers-concerns placement  

P.L.2011, c.229.   A4340    Caputo,R/Tucker,C+2    1/17/2012    Urban, Renewal Ctr. Demolition Bond Act  

P.L.2011, c.230.   A4374    Prieto,V/Giblin,T+2    1/17/2012    Crematories-revise statutes  

P.L.2011, c.231.   A4385 AcsSa (ACS/1R)    Burzichelli,J/Caputo,R+5    1/17/2012    Athletic events-permits casino wagering  

P.L.2011, c.232.   A4403 Aca (1R)    Ryan,K/Johnson,G+4    1/17/2012    Mentally defective-elim. term