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Vol. XXXIII No. 6                                                                           219th Legislature Second Annual Session


Sterley S. Stanley was sworn in as a member of the General Assembly for the 18th Legislative District.




The Senate did not meet. The Senate will meet on Thursday, January 28, 2021 (SESSION).




Bills Introduced:


A5278  Wirths,H+1  Emergency Medical Technician Training Fund-revises eligibility criteria  REF AHE

A5279  Dancer,R  School dist funds-permit transfer of reserve to general fd for current expenses  REF AED

A5280  Wirths,H+2  Pension & retirement income exclusion-raises eligibility threshold to $250K  REF AAP

A5281  Catalano,J  Automobile insurance liability-raises minimum amounts for certain policies  REF AFI

A5282  Dancer,R  Alcoholic bev lic, cert-hold plenary retail consumption lic & operate restaurant  REF AOF

A5283  Auth,R  Emerg Svcs Length of Svc Award Prog-allow local unit prov for each emerg svc org  REF ASL

A5284  Dancer,R  Value-added Ag Loan Prog-estab, assist farmers in developing value-added product  REF AAN

A5285  Dancer,R  Investment metal bullion & cert investment coins-exempts from sales and use tax  REF AAP

A5286  Dunn,A  Mail-in ballot-req do not forward label; allow voter to cure due to missing cert  REF ASL

A5287  Dancer,R  Public bodies-req. cert provide minimum time for public comment at cert meetings  REF ASL

A5288  Dancer,R  Extraordinary special education State aid-provide 3 yr phase-in of full funding  REF AED

A5289  Dancer,R  Military personnel-extend drivers lic, ID card & motor veh regis expiration date  REF AMV

A5290  McKnight,A  Utility service, local & public-conduct study of coronavirus effect on service  REF ATU

A5291  Quijano,A  Educator preparation program-report passing rates of students, certain tests  REF AED

A5292  Quijano,A  Teacher workforce-require compilation of data & issuance of annual reports  REF AED

A5293  Quijano,A  Loan redemption program-establishes for certain bilingual education teachers  REF AED

A5294  Speight,S/Vainieri Huttle,V  Persons w/significant disab-prov fast track hiring & emp opportunities by State  REF ALA

A5295  Quijano,A  Teachers, substitute-allow student in higher ed instit., 30 semester hr to serve  REF AED

A5296  Speight,S/Vainieri Huttle,V  Persons w/disabilities-provides for employment by State  REF ALA

A5297  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Verrelli,A  Law enforcement training costs-req. new employer reimburse cert former employers  REF ALP

A5298  Speight,S/Vainieri Huttle,V  Disability status in pub. works contracting-estab recruitment & referral program  REF ALA

A5299  Speight,S/Vainieri Huttle,V  Disability-owned business-concerns designation for certain State programs  REF ACE

A5300  Speight,S/Vainieri Huttle,V  Disab. persons owned/operated businesses-create State contract set-aside program  REF ACE

A5301  Reynolds-Jackson,V  Law enforcement disciplinary records-requires access as government records  REF ALP

A5302  Houghtaling,E  Emergency response liaison for special needs people-designate  REF AHS

A5303  Houghtaling,E  Plug-in electric veh. charging svc-proh timed-use, per-charge, excess price incr  REF AEN

A5304  Schaer,G/Benson,D  NJCLASS Loan Program-permit cosigners to student loans to make payment on loans  REF AHI

A5305  Downey,J  Devel. Disab, Division-suppl approp for incr to Day Habilitation Prog rates;$10M  REF AHU

A5306  Downey,J  Voters residing overseas-allows voters to vote in any election in this State  REF ASL

A5307  Vainieri Huttle,V  AIDS or HIV-health insurers, SHBP and SEHBP provide coverage drug regimens  REF AFI

A5308  Vainieri Huttle,V  Sterile syringe access programs-inherently beneficial uses  REF AHE

A5309  Vainieri Huttle,V/Benson,D  Continuing education requirements for cert. health care workers-extends deadline  REF AHE

A5334  Lopez,Y/Mazzeo,V  Trans. mobility improvements for autism & devel disab persons-study & implement  REF ATR

A5335  Tully,P/Swain,L  Trans. services-NJT expand/modify routes & hours; input from individual w/autism  REF ATR

A5336  Benson,D/Freiman,R  Transportation svc. for devel. disab persons-estab payment programs for purchase  REF ATR

A5337  Chaparro,A  Streets policy, complete-DOT implement, consider individuals diagnosed w/autism  REF ATR

A5338  Benson,D/Lopez,Y  Transportation research-require to consider needs of individuals w/disabilities  REF ATR

A5339  Chaparro,A/Downey,J  Driver education programs-require to be inclusive of all students  REF ATR


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A5340  Benson,D/Lopez,Y  Statewide Mobility Manager, Office-establish to assist individuals with autism  REF ATR

A5341  Lopez,Y/Houghtaling,E  2-1-1 telephone system info-update to include all modes of public transit  REF ATR

ACR208  Space,P+1  Hong Kong national security law, 6/30/2020-condemns People's Republic of China  REF ASL

AJR206  Space,P+1  Sergeant William Harvey Carney Day-designates July 18  REF AMV

AJR207  McKnight,A/Speight,S  Muslim Awareness and Appreciation Month-designates month of Ramadan each year  REF ASL

AR219  Kean,S  Pat Finucane 1989 murder-urges United Kingdom conduct full public inquiry  REF ASL


Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:


A1564  Houghtaling,E  Equine animal activities law-clarifies responsibility and liability issues  REP

A2264  Verrelli,A/Chaparro,A  Children endangerment-communication service preserve information  REP

A3142 Aca (1R)  DeAngelo,W/Wimberly,B+1  Water supply and wastewater treatment systems-revises licensure req. to operate  REP/ACA

A3231  Dancer,R/Houghtaling,E+3  Trunk fighting-establish as animal cruelty offense and third degree crime  REP

A3687  Vainieri Huttle,V/Verrelli,A  Firearm, seized-notify domestic violence victim when weapon is returned  REP

A3874 Aca (1R)  Lopez,Y/Vainieri Huttle,V  Methylene chloride paint removal-proh sale unless cert safety standards are met  REP/ACA

A3897  Armato,J/Mazzeo,V+1  Waterfowl Stamps-increases fee  REP

A5017  Carter,L/Moen,W  Water purveyors-require DEP make certain information available on its website  REP

A5018 Aca (1R)  Chaparro,A/Reynolds-Jackson,V+2  Environmental infra. proj-req Infra Bank prov incentives, employ local residents  REP/ACA

A5042 Aca (1R)  Spearman,W/Tully,P  Native plants-directs DEP study water absorbency  REP/ACA

A5194  Karabinchak,R/Swain,L  Nonpoint source pollution control grants-establishes ranking criteria  REP

AJR203  Vainieri Huttle,V/Benson,D  Renewable Energy Day-designates May 23 of each year  REP

S894 Sca (1R)  Pou,N/Greenstein,L  Methylene chloride paint removal-proh sale unless cert safety standards are met  REP


Bills Reported Referred/AAP:


A2208 Aca (1R)  McKeon,J  Electric or renewable power source veh-counties and municipalities purch w/bonds  REP/ACA REF AAP

A5121  Pinkin,N/Coughlin,C+1  Manuf fac-concerns provision of energy by prov exemptions to cert energy taxes  REP REF AAP

AJR195  Speight,S/Lopez,Y+3  Reentry week-designates last week of April  REP REF AAP


Bills Transferred:


A5194  Karabinchak,R/Swain,L  Nonpoint source pollution control grants-establishes ranking criteria  FROM AEN TO ANR


Co-Sponsors Added:


A576  (Scharfenberger,G)  Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act-coerce patient, request med.

A1077 Aca (1R)  (Dunn,A)  Postpartum depression screening-DOH develop and implement plan, improve access

A3231  (Space,P)  Trunk fighting-establish as animal cruelty offense and third degree crime

A3897  (Mukherji,R)  Waterfowl Stamps-increases fee

A4185  (Chaparro,A)  Clean Energy Equity Office-estab; direct programs for overburdened communities

A4264 Aca (1R)  (Jasey,M)  Clayton Model Pilot Prog.-estab.; provide school-based social emotional learning

A4815  (Schepisi,H)  Health insurance step therapy protocols-establish certain guidelines concerning

A4833 Aca (1R)  (Vainieri Huttle,V)  Bias & harassment-expands crime; establish additional penalties

A4983  (McGuckin,G; Catalano,J)  St sch aid-incl value of prop exemp from taxation in valuation used to calculate

A5043  (Murphy,C)  Municipal water authority dissolution-Local Finance Bd. make cert findings prior

A5064  (Armato,J; Mazzeo,V)  Buy American Act-highway & bridge construction contract made w/US steel products

A5149  (Murphy,C)  Paycheck protection prog. loan-allow deduction of certain expenses when forgiven

A5160  (Mukherji,R; Swain,L)  Energy & water efficiency-establish minimum standards for certain products

A5168  (McClellan,A)  Substance abuse instruction in public sch-require content on risks of cannabis

A5280   (Dancer,R)  Pension & retirement income exclusion-raises eligibility threshold to $250K

ACR196  (Chiaravalloti,N)  Colorectal cancer screening-urges to lower recommended age from 50 to 45


Prime Sponsors Added:


A1964  (Stanley,S)  Judges/judicial personnel-establish certain req. for domestic violence training

A1965  (Stanley,S)  Community residential facilities-equip with standby emergency power generators

A1967  (Stanley,S)  Brain injury screening and education program-establish in DCF

A1970  (Stanley,S)  Rutgers University board of governors-adds 2 student representatives

A1971  (Stanley,S)  Electric school bus pilot program-directs BPU develop and implement

A1972  (Stanley,S)  Ensuring Transparency in Prior Authorization Act

A1974  (Stanley,S)  Energy storage analysis-BPU and electric public utilities to conduct

A1975  (Stanley,S)  Zero emission vehicle charging station-50% credit against societal benf charge

A1976  (Stanley,S)  Sch dist bldgs-NJ infrastr Bank issue bonds to finan cost-effective improvements

A1977  (Stanley,S)  Lead test results-establish online reporting systems for sch and child care ctrs

A1979  (Stanley,S)  Architectural Paint Stewardship Act; paint producers implement or participate

Prime Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A1981  (Stanley,S)  Plastic Pollution Task Force-establishes study, ways to reduce & address

A1983  (Stanley,S)  Election officials-coordinate w/relevant federal officials regarding security

A1984  (Stanley,S)  Election equipment-store in secured facility

A1985  (Stanley,S)  Vol, fire company/emerg svcs & elig dependents-expands tuition credit program

A1987  (Stanley,S)  Physicians, retired-establishes limited medical license

A1988  (Stanley,S)  Physicians license-provides average time to issue shall not exceed 51 days

A1990  (Stanley,S)  School bus, newly-manufactured-equipped with global positioning systems

A1992 Aca (1R)  (Stanley,S)  One Health Task Force-estab. communications between physicians and veterinarians

A1994  (Stanley,S)  School buses equipped with GPS-establish pilot program

A2376  (Stanley,S)  Veterans, certain-municipality provide free beach access

A2377  (Stanley,S)  Homestead benefits-distribution required before October 31

A2781  (Stanley,S)  Public officials, convicted of corruption offenses-forfeit office, position

A2782  (Stanley,S)  Landscapes, sustainable-State projects be designed and managed to include

A2783  (Stanley,S)  Recycled materials-DEP develop guidelines, St & loc government purchase of goods

A2793  (Stanley,S)  Diversity and Inclusion, Office-codifies establishment in Department of Treasury

A2794  (Stanley,S)  Hybrid electric veh-loc contracting units, bd of ed & county college to purchase

A3338  (Stanley,S)  Solar energy system expenditures-provide CBT and income tax credits

A3341  (Stanley,S)  LED technology-municipalities, public utilities & State to use in street lights

A3345  (Stanley,S)  Renewable energy system, commercial-establish uniform alternative assessment

A3360  (Stanley,S)  First responders-revises requirements and training standards

A3364  (Stanley,S)  Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco Use Control Policy-establish

A3578  (Stanley,S)  Solar energy systems-exempts from building fees

A3579  (Stanley,S)  Tree purchase, planting and removal-concerns expenses to municipalities

A3586  (Stanley,S)  Food date labeling-establish standards, public education program

A3587  (Stanley,S)  Pub work contracts w/minority, women, vet owned bus-post on website St fund use

A3590  (Stanley,S)  Breach of security, containing personal info.-revise requirements for disclosure

A3807  (Stanley,S)  Students w/military obligations-establish higher ed. instit. late registration

A3812  (Stanley,S)  Pawnbrokers and secondhand good dealers-revises law

A3894  (Stanley,S)  Voters-sign backup paper polling record in counties opting to use e-poll books

A4379 Aca (1R)  (Stanley,S)  Police, State-establishes Employment Application Registry database

AJR60  (Stanley,S)  Tree of Life Remembrance Day-designates October 27th of each year

AJR126  (Stanley,S)  Opiod Abuse Prevention Month-designates October of each year

AJR128  (Stanley,S)  Hospice and Palliative Care Awareness Month-designates November of each year

AR67 Aca (1R)  (Stanley,S)  Advisory Council on Solid Waste Management-urges Governor to make appointments

AR135  (Stanley,S)  Rutgers-urges to appoint voting student representative to board of governors


Second Prime Sponsors Added:


A236  (Stanley,S)  State police veh.-offer surplus to cert. vol. fire and emerg. svc. Organizations

A1173  (Stanley,S)  Residents w/special needs-establish central registry for use during emergencies

A1179  (Stanley,S)  State buildings, certain-high performance green building standards

A1289  (Stanley,S)  Charity care services, qual-allows gross income tax deduction prov by physicians

A2427  (Stanley,S)  Reliability, Preparedness & Storm Response Act-pub. util file emerg preparedness

A2428  (Stanley,S)  Office of Sustainability-creates

A3195  (Stanley,S)  Economic incentive recipient-required to pay penalty for nonperformance

A3231  (Houghtaling,E)  Trunk fighting-establish as animal cruelty offense and third degree crime

A3369  (Stanley,S)  Asian Heritage-establish Commission in DOE

A4222  (Stanley,S)  Tax liens-caps interest rate at 9% per year

A4553  (Stanley,S)  Military training, inactive duty-permits paid leave by public officers/employees

A4664  (Stanley,S)  Minority/women-owned bus.-conduct disparity study, utilization in St procurement

A5168  (Caputo,R)    Substance abuse instruction in public sch-require content on risks of cannabis

A5195  (Stanley,S)  Homeowners insurance policies-prohibits use of anti-concurrent causation clauses

A5236  (Benson,D)  Pigs & calves-estab crim. offense & civil penal. concerning inhumane confinement

ACR34  (Bramnick,J)  Senior citizen, primary residence-exempt $60K assessment from property taxation


Second Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:


A5168  (McClellan,A)  Substance abuse instruction in public sch-require content on risks of cannabis


Third Prime Sponsors Added:


A696  (Stanley,S)  Professional licensure or renewal-professional boards provide online processing

A3231  (Swain,L)  Trunk fighting-establish as animal cruelty offense and third degree crime

A3687  (Swain,L)  Firearm, seized-notify domestic violence victim when weapon is returned

A4825 Aca (1R)  (Stanley,S)  Water Quality Accountability Act-revise asset management & related reporting req

A4843  (Space,P)  Forest stewardship plan-req for lands acquired for recreation & conserv purposes


Third Prime Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A5149  (Johnson,G)  Paycheck protection prog. loan-allow deduction of certain expenses when forgiven

A5229  (Auth,R)  Paramedics & vaccines-permit to administer during communicable disease outbreak

A5236  (Murphy,C)  Pigs & calves-estab crim. offense & civil penal. concerning inhumane confinement

AR63  (Stanley,S)  Special Olympics-recognize contributions


The Assembly did not adjourn.  The Assembly will meet on Friday, January 29, 2021 (QUORUM, Committees at the Call of the Speaker).


Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:




Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (1/25/2021):