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Vol. XXVI No. 4                                                                                    216th Legislature $ First Annual Session



Bills Introduced:

S999    Bucco,A.R.    Prop. Tax Reduction Work Act   REF SCU

S1000    Bucco,A.R.    Arson, cert.-third degree crime   REF SJU

S1001    Bucco,A.R.    Child support-estab. life insur. liens   REF SCM

S1002    Bucco,A.R.    Resid devel fees-proh, natural disasters   REF SCU

S1003    Bucco,A.R.    Lineal relative-exemp. inheritance tax   REF SBA

S1004    Bucco,A.R.    Ovarian cancer screening-prov. coverage   REF SCM

S1006    Pennacchio,J    Law enforcement emp. hiring-concerns   REF SLP

S1007    Codey,R/Vitale,J    Surgical procedures-limits settings   REF SHH

S1008    Codey,R    Greystone Park Psych. Hosp. Task Force   REF SSG

S1009    Codey,R/Vitale,J    Mental health screening-notify law auth.   REF SHH

S1010    Codey,R/Vitale,J    Children's hosp-Emerg. Physician on duty   REF SHH

S1011    Lesniak,R    St wide non-resid devel fees-moratorium   REF SCU

S1012    Holzapfel,J    Cred card scanners-estab. new offense   REF SJU

S1013    Holzapfel,J    Certificate of occupancy-concerns   REF SCU

S1014    Holzapfel,J    Age-restricted devel.-tax assessments   REF SCU

S1015    Holzapfel,J    Homestead prop tax prog-incr income elig   REF SCU

S1016    Pennacchio,J    Meadowlands convention ctr proj-study   REF SEG

S1017    Pennacchio,J    Fed. Thrift Savings Fd. contrib.-concern   REF SLP

S1018    Pennacchio,J    Med malpractice judgment-homestead exemp   REF SCM

S1019    Holzapfel,J    Grocery stores, new-generator req.   REF SCU

S1020    Bucco,A.R.    Post-Viability Prot. Act   REF SJU

S1021    Bucco,A.R./Kean,T    Estate tax-repeals   REF SBA

S1022    Bucco,A.R.    Rt. 24-dedesig. portions   REF STR

S1023    Holzapfel,J    Fire dist.-consolidate all in a mun.   REF SCU

S1024    Holzapfel,J    Alco Ed, Rehab. Fd.-revises fd. distrib.   REF SLP

S1025    Holzapfel,J    Sr cit, disab-realty transfer fee exemp.   REF SCU

S1026    Holzapfel,J    Retir. income exclusions, cert.-concerns   REF SBA

S1027    Holzapfel,J    Vet of All Wars Memorial Bridge-rt.35   REF STR

S1028    Holzapfel,J    Fishing lic, priv community lake-not req   REF SEN

S1029    Holzapfel,J    Urea, an ice melt-proh. sale and use   REF SCM

S1030    Holzapfel,J    Untreated sewage discharge-crim. penal.   REF SEN

S1031    Holzapfel,J    Phosphorus, household products-restricts   REF SEN

S1032    Holzapfel,J    Chosin Few Memor Hwy-desig portion Rt.35   REF STR

S1033    Weinberg,L    Prepaid debit card-standard disbursement   REF SBA

S1034    Weinberg,L    Income tax refunds-via pre-pd debit card   REF SBA

S1035    Weinberg,L    St-owned Hist. Sites Comm.-estab.   REF SSG

S1036    Weinberg,L    Firefighters w/cancer-workers' comp.   REF SLA

S1037    Weinberg,L    Jobs, Trade and Democracy Act   REF SLA

S1038    Weinberg,L    The Wage Transparency Act   REF SLA

S1039    Ruiz,M    Special ed. component-teacher prep. prog   REF SED

S1040    Gordon,R    Health claims-concerns   REF SCM

S1041    Gordon,R/Bateman,C    Drilling techniques, cert.-concerns   REF SEN

S1042    Pennacchio,J    Sch. bd. memb.-ethical conduct standards   REF SED

S1043    Pennacchio,J    Sch elections-submit separate proposals   REF SED

S1044    Pennacchio,J    Aneutronic fusion-renewable energy   REF SEG

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)

S1045    Turner,S    Mental Health Court Pilot Prog.-estab.   REF SJU

S1046    Turner,S    Child support orders-concerns   REF SJU

S1047    Turner,S    Prescription drug reuse-w/in health fac.   REF SHH

S1048    Bateman,C    Loc pub & co coll contract-concerns bids   REF SCU

S1049    Sarlo,P    Sch. bus safety inspections-concerns   REF SED

S1050    Smith,B    Highlands farmland preserv prog-ext date   REF SEN

S1051    Bucco,A.R.    High efficiency home heat equip.-concern   REF SEN

S1052    Bucco,A.R.    Fed. emp. contrib., cert-excl income tax   REF SBA

S1053    Bucco,A.R.    Bedbug, home infestation costs-tax cred.   REF SHH

S1054    Bucco,A.R.    Highlands Water Prot Act-allow variances   REF SEN

S1055    Bucco,A.R.    Highlands Water Prot/Planning Act-revise   REF SEN

S1056    Bucco,A.R.    Highlands Water Prot, Planning Act-amend   REF SEN

S1057    Bucco,A.R.    St. aid-mun. comply with St. audit   REF SCU

S1058    Bucco,A.R.    Mil. comp., cert.-exclude, income tax   REF SMV

S1059    Bucco,A.R.    NJ SHARES-prov. vol. income tax contrib.   REF SEN

S1060    Bucco,A.R.    Helmets, recreational safety-exemp tax   REF SLP

S1061    Bucco,A.R.    Security svcs-remove from sales tax   REF SCM

S1062    Connors,C    Vol. tuition cred. prog.-clarify courses   REF SHI

S1063    Connors,C    Energy tax rev.-pd. annually as mun. aid   REF SCU

S1064    Holzapfel,J    Co. tax board-concerns vacancies   REF SCU

S1065    Bucco,A.R.    Bone marrow donation-don't disqual minor   REF SHH

S1066    Bucco,A.R.    Smoke detector prog.-estab. in DCA   REF SCU

S1067    Bucco,A.R.    Managed care plans-req. valid referral   REF SCM

S1068    Bucco,A.R.    Ambulance dispatchers-estab. protocols   REF SLP

S1069    Bucco,A.R.    Ret police, handgun carry permit-max age   REF SLP

S1070    Bucco,A.R.    Aggressive driving-create penal.   REF SLP

S1071    Bucco,A.R.    Police Training Comm.-expand memb.   REF SLP

S1072    Bucco,A.R.    Forest firefighters-estab. death benf.   REF SLP

S1073    Bucco,A.R.    William's Law-concerns pool safety   REF SCU

S1074    Bucco,A.R.    Community rehab. prog.-bus. tax cred.   REF SEG

S1075    Bucco,A.R.    Photographs/videos-proh improper release   REF SLP

S1076    Bucco,A.R.    Loc. Government Ethics Law   REF SCU

S1077    Bucco,A.R.    Mun affordable housing trust fds-concern   REF SCU

S1078    Bucco,A.R.    Co, mun. veh-replace locks prior to sale   REF SCU

S1079    Bucco,A.R.    Prop. tax bills-auth. pymt. via e-mail   REF SCU

S1080    Bucco,A.R.    Computer software, cert.-tax exemp.   REF SBA

S1081    Bucco,A.R.    Lake Hopatcong Comm.-changes memb.   REF SEN

S1082    Bucco,A.R.    Retir. income-elim. income cap excl.   REF SBA

S1083    Bucco,A.R.    Fuel dealers, cert.-allow product refund   REF STR

S1084    Bucco,A.R.    Compressed natural gas sch. buses-devel.   REF SEN

S1085    Bucco,A.R.    Emer. svc. fees-proh.   REF SCU

S1086    Bucco,A.R.    St.-funded health benf. plans-concerns   REF SHH

S1087    Bucco,A.R.    Lyme disease-codifies reporting req.   REF SHH

S1088    Bucco,A.R./Oroho,S+1    Crime victim-clarify impact statement   REF SJU

S1089    Bucco,A.R.    Co govt, fire & sch dist-prop tax refund   REF SCU

S1090    Bucco,A.R.    Unpaid prop tax-concerns cert. interest   REF SCU

S1091    Bucco,A.R.    Affordable housing devel. fees-concerns   REF SCU

S1092    Bucco,A.R.    Exempt fireman cert.-reduce duty req.   REF SLP

S1093    Bucco,A.R.    Name change-MVC accept death cert.   REF STR

S1094    Bucco,A.R.    Home health care emp-auto insur coverage   REF SCM

S1095    Bucco,A.R.    Record mgmt function-trans Treasury Dept   REF SSG

S1096    Bucco,A.R.    St. veh.-display abuse hotline stickers   REF SSG

S1097    Bucco,A.R.    ATMs-req. emerg. phone svc.   REF SCM

S1098    Bucco,A.R.    MV repair dealers, cert.-concerns fraud   REF STR

S1099    Bucco,A.R.    NJ STARS prog.-incl. home-sch. students   REF SHI

S1100    Bucco,A.R.    Pub. sch. students-substance abuse prog.   REF SED

S1101    Bucco,A.R.    G.I. Bill-prov. higher ed. benf. to vets   REF SHI

S1102    Bucco,A.R.    Domestic Security Planning Group-memb.   REF SLP

S1103    Bucco,A.R.    Fiduciary-concerns   REF SJU

S1104    Bucco,A.R.    Imposing a new fee-obtain Leg. approval   REF SEN

S1105    Bucco,A.R.    Workers' comp.-req. for cert. corp.   REF SLA

S1106    Bucco,A.R.    Parental Rights & Prop Tax Reduction Act   REF SED

S1107    Bucco,A.R.    Graduates-higher ed. report emp. data   REF SHI

S1108    Doherty,M    MV, inpection not req.-issue certificate   REF STR

S1109    Doherty,M    Firearm id cards-concerns purchase   REF SHH

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)

S1110    Doherty,M    Gov. "Tool Kit"-implement proposals   REF SSG

S1111    Doherty,M    Agric. driv. lic.-exemp. cert. restrict.   REF STR

S1112    Doherty,M    Body scans-violate St. statutes   REF SJU

S1113    Doherty,M    Spaying reduced-cost prog-disab. elig.   REF SEG

S1114    Doherty,M    Hist. bldgs.-estab. prog. auth. lease   REF SSG

S1115    Doherty,M    Prop taxes, delinquent-credit tax refund   REF SCU

S1116    Doherty,M    Wind, solar energy fac-modify definition   REF SEN

S1117    Doherty,M    Transfer inheritance tax-phases out   REF SBA

S1118    Doherty,M    Corp. bus tax-concerns assessment   REF SBA

S1119    Turner,S    Farmland assessment-income threshold   REF SEG

S1120    Turner,S    Farmland, preserved-concerns sale   REF SEG

S1121    Turner,S    Boil water notice-req via phone or email   REF SCU

S1122    Turner,S    Boil water notice-req. w/in one hour   REF SCU

S1123    Turner,S    Undergrad. resid tuition-proh. cert incr   REF SHI

S1124    Turner,S    Superintendent-req cert responsibilities   REF SED

S1125    Turner,S    Trenton Police off addl 75-allocate $10M   REF SCU

S1126    Turner,S    Auto insur. practices-concerns   REF SCM

S1127    Turner,S    Consumer fraud, tech viol-elim. atty fee   REF SCM

S1128    Turner,S    Jewelry-estab. electronic reporting sys.   REF SCM

S1129    Sweeney,S/Norcross,D    Delaware Riv Bay Auth emp-concern rights   REF STR

S1130    Turner,S    Emp. discrim., based on credit-proh.   REF SLA

S1131    Turner,S    Consumer cred. reports-concerns   REF SCM

S1132    Whelan,J    Chronic health condition-pilot prog.   REF SSG

S1133    Whelan,J    St. hotel, motel occupancy fee rev.-incr   REF SSG

S1134    Whelan,J    Boat manufacturers-qual. for EDA loans   REF SEG

S1135    Codey,R    Greystone Park Psych Hospital-wages   REF SLA

S1136    Codey,R    Slot machines-revenue-sharing agreements   REF SSG

S1137    Codey,R    Firearms, undetectable-proh. sale   REF SLP

S1138    Codey,R    Solar arrays-install, preserv open space   REF SEN

S1139    Codey,R    Income tax deduction, cert. loss-allows   REF SBA

S1140    Barnes,P    Tax records-furnish for investigation   REF SJU

S1141    Barnes,P    Job vacancy ads-concerns discrimination   REF SLA

S1142    Barnes,P    Student info. storage-backup daily   REF SED

S1143    Barnes,P    Alt. fuel veh.-estab. special parking   REF STR

S1144    Barnes,P    Auto computer alteration-incr. penal.   REF SLP

S1145    Weinberg,L    Dementia care homes-prov. lic.   REF SHH

S1146    Weinberg,L    Cemetary companies-concerns cert. fees   REF SCM

S1147    Weinberg,L    Student immunizations-clarify exemp.   REF SHH

S1148    Weinberg,L    Vol. physicians, cert.-civil immunity   REF SHH

S1149    Weinberg,L    Long-Term Care Oversight Act   REF SHH

S1150    Weinberg,L    Env. permits, cert. areas-concerns   REF SEN

S1151    Weinberg,L    Home-schooled children-med. exam req.   REF SED

S1152    Weinberg,L    Advanced practice nuse-death certificate   REF SHH

S1153    Weinberg,L    For-profit hosp.-report cert. info, DHSS   REF SHH

S1154    Vitale,J    Sub-metering, water/sewerage svc-permits   REF SEG

S1155    Vitale,J    Mail-in ballots-clarify request deadline   REF SSG

S1156    Vitale,J/Singer,R    Domestic viol. shelters-tax deduction   REF SHH

S1157    Vitale,J    Black box warnings-post on website   REF SHH

S1158    Vitale,J    Hosp. asset transformation prog.-concern   REF SHH

S1159    Vitale,J    St. contract-bidder prov. health benf.   REF SSG

S1160    Vitale,J    Revised St. Med. Examiner Act-estab.   REF SHH

S1161    Vitale,J    Drunk driv.-incr. addl. penal assessment   REF SLP

S1162    Vitale,J/Greenstein,L    Auto insur. fraud prev. measures-estab.   REF SCM

S1163    Vitale,J    False Claims Act-clarify effective date   REF SJU

S1164    Vitale,J/Norcross,D    Rutgers, St. Univ. Study Comm.-estab.   REF SHI

S1165    Vitale,J/Ruiz,M    Nursing prog-offer baccalaureate degree   REF SHI

S1166    Vitale,J    Specialty lic plate-changes approval sys   REF STR

S1167    Vitale,J    Neurological criteria-death upon basis   REF SHH

S1168    Vitale,J    Tongue tie-newborn infant screening req.   REF SHH

S1169    Vitale,J    Med. marijuana-equal to prescribed meds   REF SHH

S1170    Vitale,J    Small emp.-prov. premium assist. pymts.   REF SHH

S1171    Vitale,J    Med. records-estab. cert. req.   REF SHH

S1172    Vitale,J    Medicaid, NJ FamilyCare-med therapy mgmt   REF SHH

S1173    Vitale,J    Parkinson's Disease Pub. Awareness Act   REF SHH

S1174    Vitale,J    Psych.-practice w/o lic., crime   REF SHH

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)

S1175    Vitale,J    Insur. broker transparency req-clarifies   REF SHH

S1176    Vitale,J    Health fac.-offer flu vaccine to workers   REF SHH

S1177    Vitale,J    Sterile syringe access prog.-estab.   REF SHH

S1178    Vitale,J    Medication Mgmt Outreach & Support Prog.   REF SHH

S1179    Vitale,J    Nursing fac.-address shortage;$2M   REF SHH

S1180    Vitale,J    Pub. Water Supply Fluoridation Act   REF SHH

S1181    Vitale,J    Epilepsy drugs-proh. substitution   REF SHH

S1182    Vitale,J    Registered prof. nurse-concerns ed. req.   REF SHH

S1183    Vitale,J    Nurse staffing standards-estab.   REF SHH

S1184    Vitale,J    Physician assistants-revise lic. req.   REF SHH

S1185    Vitale,J    Health insur. coverage-concerns   REF SHH

S1186    Vitale,J    Loc. energy proj.-bond ordinances   REF SCU

S1187    Weinberg,L    N. Princeton Devel. Ctr.-follow-up study   REF SHH

S1188    Vitale,J    Physician profiling prog.-reg.   REF SCM

S1189    Vitale,J    Bio-analytical laboratories-concerns   REF SHH

S1190    Vitale,J    Naturopathic Doctors Lic. Act   REF SCM

S1191    Vitale,J    Health Care Billing Data Study Center   REF SCM

S1192    Vitale,J    HMO-incl. charity care assessments   REF SCM

S1193    Vitale,J    Housing co-op conversion-clarifies   REF SCU

S1194    Vitale,J    Med. Malpractice Liab. Insur. Premium Fd   REF SCM

S1195    Vitale,J/Allen,D    Sex change-revise birth cert. procedure   REF SHH

S1196    Vitale,J    Health care prov.-report cert. problems   REF STR

S1197    Vitale,J    Minor-concerns protective order   REF SJU

S1198    Vitale,J    Proprietary House Assoc.;$1.8M   REF SSG

S1199    Vitale,J/Codey,R    Mobile home park-multiple dwelling   REF SCU

S1200    Vitale,J    Urban transit hub cred-concerns elig mun   REF SEG

S1201    Vitale,J    Flavored malt bev.-create tax category   REF SLP

S1202    Vitale,J    Econ. recovery dist.-auth. creation   REF SEG

S1203    Weinberg,L    Medicaid coverage, family planning svc.   REF SHH

S1204    Weinberg,L    Health ctrs., fed. qual.-concerns   REF SHH

S1205    Weinberg,L    Grandparent, sibling-visitation rights   REF SJU

S1206    Weinberg,L    Diagnostic screening-coverage req.   REF SHH

S1207    Weinberg,L    Nonprofit Social Svc. Org. Task Force   REF SHH

S1208    Weinberg,L    Casual milk sharing-estab. pub awareness   REF SHH

S1209    Weinberg,L    Human milk banks-prov. for lic.   REF SHH

S1210    Vitale,J    Rape care advocates-concerns   REF SJU

S1211    Vitale,J    Managed care plan networks-audit   REF SCM

S1212    Vitale,J    Vet org.-exemp nonprofit corp filing fee   REF SMV

S1213    Vitale,J    Tobacco products, wholesale-incr. tax   REF SHH

S1214    Vitale,J/Rice,R    Substance abuse treatment, prev.;$50M   REF SHH

S1215    Vitale,J/Rice,R    Medicaid, NJ FamilyCare prog.;$1M   REF SHH

S1216    Vitale,J/Madden,F    All-Payer Claims Database Act   REF SCM

S1217    Vitale,J/Gordon,R    Devel. center-concerns   REF SHH

S1218    Vitale,J+1    St agencies-allow ads, agencies' website   REF SSG

S1219    Vitale,J/Gordon,R    Telepsychiatry-concern Medicaid coverage   REF SHH

S1220    Vitale,J/Singer,R    Pub. bldg, CDS distrib-expand definition   REF SJU

S1221    Vitale,J/Codey,R    Group Home Fire Safety Act   REF SHH

S1222    Vitale,J/Codey,R    Health Fac. Reuse prog.-estab.   REF SHH

S1223    Weinberg,L    Parenting time-electronic communication   REF SJU

S1224    Weinberg,L    Collaborative Family Law Act   REF SJU

S1225    Weinberg,L    Abandoned child support pymts.-concerns   REF SJU

S1226    Weinberg,L    Political campaign comm. off.-concerns   REF SSG

S1227    Weinberg,L    Civil svc. exams-proof of vet. status   REF SMV

S1228    Weinberg,L    Co elections bd memb-suspend, cert crime   REF SSG

S1229    Rice,R    Vacant prop. in forclosure-maintain   REF SCU

S1230    Weinberg,L    Human growth hormones-monitor prescrip.   REF SHH

S1231    Weinberg,L    Pain med-restrict insur, limiting access   REF SCM

S1232    Weinberg,L    Oral Health Ctr.-UMDNJ Dental Sch estab.   REF SHH

S1233    Weinberg,L    Patients, cert.-desig. surrogate   REF SHH

SCR50    Vitale,J    Incontinence products-cover by Medicare   REF SHH

SCR51    Weinberg,L    Access for All-address needs of disab.   REF SCU

SCR52    Holzapfel,J    Hurricane Sandy victims-claim losses   REF SBA

SCR53    Gordon,R    DEP rules estab. waiver-not leg. intent   REF SEN

SCR54    Connors,C    St. fiscal restraint-Statewide I & R   REF SSG

SCR55    Turner,S    Farmland assess rollback tax period-incr   REF SEG

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)

SCR56    Weinberg,L    Full-time Leg. Study Comm-creates   REF SSG

SJR19    Vitale,J    Deep-Vein Thrombosis Awareness Mo.-March   REF SHH

SJR20    Vitale,J    ALS Awareness Mo.-desig. May   REF SHH

SJR21    Vitale,J/Addiego,D    Emma's Day-desig. July 20   REF SHH

SJR22    Weinberg,L    Hannah G. Solomon Day-desig January 14   REF SSG

SJR23    Bucco,A.R.    Foster Care Mo.-desig. May, each yr.   REF SHH

SJR24    Bucco,A.R.    Rare Disease Awareness Day-Feb, last day   REF SHH

SJR25    Rice,R/Turner,S+7    St. Commission on Urban Violence-estab.   REF SLP

SJR26    Weinberg,L    Crossing Guard Appreciation Day-Oct. 9   REF SLP

SJR27    Weinberg,L    Disab. Hist., Awareness Mo-desig October   REF SED

SJR28    Bucco,A.R.    Hypophosphatasia Awareness Wk-October   REF SHH

SJR29    Pennacchio,J    Pedophile org.-AG investigate   REF SLP

SR25    Codey,R/Vitale,J    Woodbridge Devel. Ctr.-support lawsuit   REF SHH

SR26    Whelan,J/Connors,C+1    Flounder mgmt. prog-adopt Options I & II   REF SEN

SR27    Codey,R    Gun control task force-express support   REF SLP

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

S185 Sca (1R)    Whelan,J    Internet gaming equip.-concerns   REP/SCA

S215 Scs (SCS)    Allen,D/Kean,T+20    Jessica Lunsford Act-enacts   REP/SCS

S225 Sca (1R)    Allen,D/Ruiz,M+1    Innovation Inspiration Sch. Grant Prog.   REP/SCA

S322    Gordon,R/Allen,D    Nursing, nonpub. sch.-incl. presch pupil   REP

S361    Oroho,S/Sarlo,P+1    Vet Memorial Cemetery-income tax contrib   REP

S441    Ruiz,M/Allen,D    Communication between emp/student-policy   REP

S484    Cunningham,S+4    College cost info.-prov. students   REP

S520    Gill,N/Ruiz,M    Teachers loan redemption prog.-estab   REP

S536    Gill,N/Whelan,J    Elections, cert.-available to vote early   REP

S542 Sca (1R)    Turner,S    Post-secondary ed instit-report emp data   REP/SCA

S581 Sca (1R)    Smith,B    Adv. cyberinfrastructure strategic plan   REP/SCA

S582 Sca (1R)    Smith,B    Big Data Alliance-desig.   REP/SCA

S686    Lesniak,R/Sacco,N    Correctional fac-drug treatment prog lic   REP

S822    Beach,J/Gill,N+2    Vet.-waive higher ed. application fees   REP

S839    Norcross,D/Bateman,C+2    William H Fauver Youth Correctional Fac.   REP

S846/504 Scs (SCS)    Norcross,D/Holzapfel,J+2    Boating accident, leaving scene-penal.   REP/SCS

S849    Norcross,D/Beach,J+3    Tuition Equality for America's Military   REP

S865    Vitale,J/Beach,J+1    Workforce Shortage Loan Redemption Prog.   REP

S907 Sca (1R)    Connors,C    Surviving spouse, cert.-annual paid comp   REP/SCA

S928 Sca (1R)    Lesniak,R/Pou,N+2    Econ. Opportunity Act of 2014, Part 1   REP/SCA

S966 Sca (1R)    Rice,R/Turner,S+2    Pub. sch. closure-estab. procedures   REP/SCA

S979    Sweeney,S    Coll. Affordability Study Comm.   REP

S998 Sca (1R)    Lesniak,R    Sows, pregnant during gestation-concerns   REP/SCA

Bills Referred/SBA:

S215 Scs (SCS)    Allen,D/Kean,T+20    Jessica Lunsford Act-enacts  

S225 Sca (1R)    Allen,D/Ruiz,M+1    Innovation Inspiration Sch. Grant Prog.  

S520    Gill,N/Ruiz,M    Teachers loan redemption prog.-estab  

S536    Gill,N/Whelan,J    Elections, cert.-available to vote early  

S542 Sca (1R)    Turner,S    Post-secondary ed instit-report emp data  

S581 Sca (1R)    Smith,B    Adv. cyberinfrastructure strategic plan  

S686    Lesniak,R/Sacco,N    Correctional fac-drug treatment prog lic  

S822    Beach,J/Gill,N+2    Vet.-waive higher ed. application fees  

S849    Norcross,D/Beach,J+3    Tuition Equality for America's Military  

S865    Vitale,J/Beach,J+1    Workforce Shortage Loan Redemption Prog.  

S907 Sca (1R)    Connors,C    Surviving spouse, cert.-annual paid comp  

S928 Sca (1R)    Lesniak,R/Pou,N+2    Econ. Opportunity Act of 2014, Part 1  

S979    Sweeney,S    Coll. Affordability Study Comm.  

Bills Combined:

S504    Holzapfel,J+1    Boating accident, leaving scene-penal.   COMB/W S846 (SCS)


Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S930    Codey,R    Children's hosp-Emerg. Physician on duty   FROM SHH

S931    Codey,R    Surgical procedures-limits settings   FROM SHH

SR20    Codey,R    Woodbridge Devel. Ctr.-support lawsuit   FROM SHH

Co-Sponsors Added:

S849   (Allen,D; Van Drew,J)    Tuition Equality for America's Military

S966 Sca (1R)   (Ruiz,M)    Pub. sch. closure-estab. procedures

S1088   (Holzapfel,J)    Crime victim-clarify impact statement
S1218   (Whelan,J)    St agencies-allow ads, agencies' website
SJR25   (Codey,R; Cunningham,S; Gill,N; Norcross,D; Pou,N; Ruiz,M; Whelan,J)    St. Commission on Urban Violence-estab.
SR26   (Smith,B)    Flounder mgmt. prog-adopt Options I & II

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S910   (Allen,D)    Vet. prop. tax exemp.-extends

S921   (Allen,D)    Org. supporting terrorism-civil action

S966 Sca (1R)   (Turner,S)    Pub. sch. closure-estab. procedures

The Senate Minority Leader has made the following appointment:


*Effective January 16, 2014


Council on Local Mandates:


Janet L. Whitman, of Summit.

The Senate President has made the following appointments:


*Effective January 29, 2014


New Jersey Legislative Select Committee on Investigation:


Senator Kevin J. O’Toole (40).


Aquaculture Advisory Council:


Edward W. Gaine, of Dorothy, to replace Oliver S. Twist, III.

Note to the 1/16/2014 Digest:


Military and Veterans’ Affairs (SMV)


Jeff Van Drew (1) *NOT* Nicholas J. Sacco (32) (Vice-Chair)

The Senate adjourned at 5:05 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, February 20, 2014 (SESSION).


The Assembly did not meet. The Assembly will meet on Thursday, February 6, 2014 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “A” and “B” scheduled to meet).


Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (01/27/2014):