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Vol. XLIV No. 3                                                                                  219th Legislature First Annual Session





Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:



      Janine G. Bauer, of South Orange.

      Dr. Balpreet Grewal-Virk, of Upper Saddle River.



      Robert G. Doria, of Bayonne.

      Ramiro E. Martinez-Anillo, of Union City, to replace James D'Andrea.



      Carlos A. Lejnieks, of Hoboken.

      Irene Trowell-Harris, of Arlington, Virginia, to replace Cynthia Maner Campbell.

      Luke Visconti, of Palm Beach, Florida, to replace Carlos A. Rendo.



      Joseph McCallum, Jr., of Newark.



      Edmond P. Brady, of Sparta, to replace John K. Sayers.

      Donald M. Tretola, of Columbus.



      Larry S. Rosenthal, of Hamilton, to replace Richard Clark.


Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:


SR28  Sweeney,S  Senate Select Committee on NJ Transit-constitutes special committee 


Bills Introduced:


S975  Kean,T  Trunk fighting-establish as animal cruelty offense and third degree crime  REF SEN

S976  Kean,T  Art in Storefronts-establish initiative within the Main Street NJ program  REF SEG

S977  Kean,T  Craft distilleries-authorizes direct shipping  REF SLP

S978  Kean,T  Breweries-authorizes restricted to annually sell 1K barrels of beer to retailers  REF SLP

S979  Kean,T  Annual approp., failure to enact-impose a daily fine of $250 for each leg.  REF SSG

S980  Kean,T  Dietary Supplements Task Force-establishes; concerning safety and regulation  REF SHH

S981  Singleton,T  Home mortgages-provides refundable income tax credit for early principal payment  REF SBA

S982  Singleton,T  Human trafficking offense-civil actions against person profiting from commission  REF SJU

S983  Singleton,T  Tax abatement agreements-municipalities file copies w/in 10 days of execution  REF SCU

S984  Singleton,T  Municipalities share cert payments received in lieu of property taxes w/sch dist  REF SCU

S985  Singleton,T  Financial aid-reduce only upon receipt of private scholarship  REF SHI

S986  Singleton,T  Surplus Gross Income Tax Rev Acct-estab, level of unanticipated rev is collected  REF SBA

S987  Doherty,M  Paraffin-excl use in manuf of candles from petroleum products gross receipts tax  REF SCM

S988  Doherty,M  Transfer inheritance tax-phases out over 2 years  REF SBA

S989  Weinberg,L/Greenstein,L  Healthy Terminals Act-req. airport/train station workers be paid cert wages/benf  REF SLA

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S990  Weinberg,L  Science courses, various aspects of computer-school districts report to DOE  REF SED

S991  Weinberg,L  Hazardous materials-owner/operator req. to have discharge response cleanup plan  REF STR

S992  Greenstein,L  Disaster Victims Protection Act-Governor allocate federal/State disaster aid  REF SCU

S993  Greenstein,L/Singleton,T  Non-teaching staff-submit to binding arbitration for a disciplinary action  REF SLA

S994  Sweeney,S  Goods & services-State agencies required to make good faith effort to purchase  REF SSG

S995  Sweeney,S  Community rehab programs-DOLWD and DHS required to conduct assessment  REF SHH

S996  Singer,R  Children's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System-establishes  REF SHH

S997  Vitale,J  Public Water Supply Fluoridation Act-concerns public community water systems  REF SHH

S999  Vitale,J  Road salt-establishes strategic road salt reserve and fund within DOT  REF STR

S1000  Vitale,J/Greenstein,L  CATV credit or rebate-exempt subscriber from notifying a service outage  REF SEG

S1001  Vitale,J  Family leave and gestational carriers-concerns  REF SLA

S1002  Vitale,J  Postage for sending goods to Armed Forces-income tax credit for cost  REF SMV

S1003  Vitale,J  Healthcare education support-provides for voluntary contrib. through income tax  REF SHH

S1004  Vitale,J  Home elevation expenses-provides gross income tax deduction  REF SCU

S1005  Vitale,J  Flavored malt beverages-creates new taxable category of alcoholic beverages  REF SLP

S1006  Vitale,J  Cigarette manufacturer production-concerns roll-your-own tobacco machines  REF SHH

S1007  Vitale,J  Homestead rebate or credit-provide fair notice to contest or obtain waiver  REF SCU

S1008  Vitale,J  Tobacco products, wholesale-increases sales tax rates par w/cigarette rate  REF SHH

S1009  Vitale,J  Housing co-op-clarify conversion, subject to Planned Real Estate Disclosure  REF SCU

S1010  Lagana,J  Alternative fuel vehicles-permits counties and municipalities to bond for  REF SCU

S1011  Lagana,J  Child care expenses-allows gross income tax credit for portion  REF SHH

S1012  Weinberg,L  Marriage license application-revises form, permit changes in middle and surname  REF SHH

S1013  Weinberg,L  Vaccinations-directs Commissioner of Health to estab pub awareness campaign  REF SHH

S1014  Weinberg,L  Contraception, emergency-pharmacies stock and dispense  REF SHH

S1015  Weinberg,L  Swift Access For Emergency Response Actions Preserv. Program; reroute traffic  REF SLP

S1016  Smith,B  Neonicotinoid pesticides-directs DEP to classify as restricted use pesticide  REF SEN

S1017  Gopal,V/Lagana,J  PFRS members-prov retirement allowance after 20 yrs of service regardless of age  REF SSG

S1018  Ruiz,M  Sch discipline practice incl racial disparities/effectiveness task force-examine  REF SED

S1019  Ruiz,M  Early Innovation Inspiration School Grant Pilot Program-establish 4 year  REF SED

S1020  Ruiz,M  School discipline data-report on their websites and to Commissioner of Education  REF SED

S1021  Ruiz,M  Graduation proficiency test-revises provisions of law; elim. test in 11th grade  REF SED

S1022  Ruiz,M  Suspensions, multiple-meeting req between student & appropriate school personnel  REF SED

S1023  Ruiz,M  Students w/learning disability-concerns State criteria for determination  REF SED

S1024  Ruiz,M  Interscholastic athletic opportunity report-school district to annually submit  REF SED

S1025  Ruiz,M  Suicide prevention-require additional sch dist personnel, complete training prog  REF SED

S1026  Ruiz,M  Youth Suicide Prevention Advisory Council-prepare prevention instruction report  REF SED

S1027  Ruiz,M  National School Lunch and breakfast programs-establish online applications  REF SED

S1028  Ruiz,M  Amistad Comm-allocates but not in DOE; comm elect chairperson appt exec director  REF SED

S1029  Ruiz,M  Dietitian or registered dietitian nutritionist-school district employ  REF SED

S1030  Ruiz,M  Student mental health assistance program-establish program to create  REF SED

S1031  Ruiz,M  School meal info.-prov to pub sch students' parents; dist request families apply  REF SED

S1032  Ruiz,M  Eye exam completed-young children required, entering pub. sch or Head Start Prog  REF SED

S1033  Ruiz,M/Vitale,J+1  School breakfast and lunch nutrition standards-public schools comply  REF SED

S1034  Stack,B  Compassion for Community Cats Law-spaying/neutering stray/feral cats; estab fund  REF SEN

S1035  Gopal,V  Professional services, direct support-persons between 18-20 w/disab are eligible  REF SHH

S1036  Gopal,V  Personal Care Assistance Task Force-establish in Department of Human Services  REF SHH

S1037  Gopal,V  Electronic lien and title system-requires MVC enter into contract to implement  REF STR

S1038  Gopal,V  WorkAbility Program-increase hourly limit of reimb. personal care assistant svcs  REF SHH

S1039  Gopal,V  HIV prophylaxis-authorizes pharmacists to dispense w/out individual prescription  REF SHH

S1040  Gopal,V  Medicaid benefits-concerns recipients remote participation in meetings  REF SHH

S1041  Gopal,V  Home health aide-increase service hours to certain individuals w/disabilities  REF SHH

S1042  Gopal,V  Medicaid-req. managed care organizations to notify beneficiaries of max coverage  REF SHH

S1043  Cryan,J  VCCO pilot program-make grants available to non-profit org. to perform outreach  REF SLP

S1044  Cryan,J  Furniture, tip over risk-furniture retailers prov. notice; tip restraint devices  REF SCM

S1045  Cryan,J  Private Vehicle Rental Modernization Act; concerning rental transactions  REF SCM

S1046  Cryan,J  Pharmacy benefits managers-regulate certain practices related to specialty drugs  REF SCM

S1047  Cryan,J  Real estate sale-concerns disclosure of certain information prior to sale  REF SCM

S1048  Cryan,J  Electronic health info exchange-reentry to civilian life, incarcerated persons  REF SHH

S1049  Cryan,J  SNAP-establishes standard medical expense deduction for senior citizens  REF SHH

S1050  Cryan,J  Business assistance program-develop single application form to determine elig.  REF SEG

S1051  Cryan,J  Bus operators, private-participate in NJT bus lease program receive State funds  REF STR

S1052  Cryan,J  NJT-prov pub. hearing for alt. provision, related to substantial curtailment svc  REF STR

S1053  Singleton,T  Waterfront wage standards-establishes  REF SLA

S1054  Stack,B  Rabies-owner notification of testing protocol & options prior to testing animals  REF SEN

S1055  Stack,B  Affordable residential rental units-qualified municipalities prohibit conversion  REF SCU

S1056  Holzapfel,J  Pet adoptions-waives certain fees for veterans  REF SEN

S1057  Turner,S  Child care centers-requires test and remediation for lead and disclose results  REF SEN

S1058  Turner,S  School drinking water-test and remediate lead and disclose results  REF SEN

S1059  Turner,S  Domestic violence Internet registry-establish publicly accessible  REF SJU

S1060  Turner,S  Child support judgment-Probation Div file a lien when amount equals 1 mth period  REF SJU

S1061  Turner,S  Grand jury witness-bars disclosure of personal identifying information  REF SJU

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1062  Turner,S  Executor or administrator-take control of online accounts of deceased person  REF SJU

S1063  Turner,S  Elderly or disabled victims-upgrades assault  REF SJU

S1064  Bateman,C/Scutari,N  Judges, length of service-cont. svc. if approved by Senate; elim. mand retir age  REF SJU

S1065  Stack,B  Therapy dogs in rental housing units-allows; expands protection  REF SCU

S1066  Singleton,T/Weinberg,L  Prescription Drug Affordability Board-establishes  REF SHH

S1067  Singleton,T/Weinberg,L  Pharmaceuticals-requirements, State entities enter bulk purchasing arrangements  REF SHH

S1068  Corrado,K  OPRA-prohibits use for mailers and advertisements  REF SSG

S1069  Holzapfel,J/Singer,R  Accidental disability retirement allowance-PERS member receive; result from 9/11  REF SSG

S1070  Corrado,K  College Mental Health Services Act-grant prog., concerns mental health on campus  REF SHI

S1071  Kean,T  Shore Protection Fund-increases amount annually credited to $50M  REF SEN

S1072  Cryan,J  Sch, proprietary-limits elig for direct State aid and State student asst program  REF SHI

S1073  Cryan,J  Opioid antidote-public libraries maintain supply & permit emerg. administration  REF SHH

S1074  Cryan,J  Nonpublic school nursing service-includes administration of medication  REF SED

S1075  Cryan,J  Nursing services aid, nonpublic-support;$3M  REF SED

S1076  Turner,S  Child Support Reform Task Force-establish  REF SJU

S1077  Greenstein,L  Bisphenol A-prohibits use of receipt paper containing  REF SEN

S1078  Greenstein,L  SNAP application process for senior citizens-streamline  REF SHH

S1079  Vitale,J  Psych. practice w/out lic.-third degree crime; proh. unlic emp using psych title  REF SHH

S1080  Vitale,J  Epilepsy drugs-prohibits substitution by pharmacists w/out prior notification  REF SHH

S1081  Vitale,J  Leapfrog Hospital Survey-requires certain hospitals to complete  REF SHH

S1082  Vitale,J  Nurses, newly lic. registered prof.-attain baccalaureate degree w/in 10 years  REF SHH

S1083  Vitale,J  Nurse, registered professional staffing standards-establish in hospitals  REF SHH

S1084  Vitale,J  Contraceptives, self-administered hormonal-make available over the counter  REF SHH

S1085  Vitale,J  HIV, areas w/high prevalence-hosp. & clinical labs prov. info & offer screenings  REF SHH

S1086  Vitale,J  Medication drop-off secured receptacles-pharmacies required to install/maintain  REF SHH

S1087  Vitale,J  Ambulatory care facilities-requires surgical practices to apply for licensure  REF SHH

S1088  Vitale,J  Hypodermic syringes and needles-sell to any customer age 18 and over  REF SHH

S1089  Vitale,J  Medicaid-pharmacies dispense for all covered medications  REF SHH

S1090  Vitale,J  Medical consultation assistance grant program-establish remote in DOH  REF SHH

S1091  Vitale,J  Restaurant Meals Program-estab in DHS; use SNAP benefits at approved restaurants  REF SHH

S1092  Vitale,J  Medicare suppl insurance policies-provides guaranteed issue rights to applicants  REF SHH

S1093  Vitale,J  Reproductive Donation Safety Act-concerns the regulation of semen banks  REF SHH

S1094  Vitale,J  Work First NJ General Pub. Asst.-young adult claimed as dependent receive benf.  REF SHH

S1095  Vitale,J  Managed care plan networks-audits required  REF SHH

S1096  Vitale,J  Medicaid transportation services-establishes performance and training standards  REF SHH

S1097  Vitale,J  NJ FamilyCare & individual health coverage/small emp health benf prog-correction  REF SHH

S1098  Vitale,J  Hospital asset transformation program-concerns  REF SHH

S1099  Vitale,J  Medicaid Enrollment Encounter Database-establish as part of iPHD project  REF SHH

S1100  Vitale,J  Medication Management, Outreach and Support Program-establish in DHS;$8M  REF SHH

S1101  Vitale,J  Behavioral Health Services Task Force-establishes  REF SHH

S1102  Vitale,J  Nonprofit acute hospitals, certain-preserves property tax exempt status  REF SCU

S1103  Vitale,J  Senior tenants, certain-clarifies intent of Legislature to protect  REF SCU

S1104  Vitale,J  Manufacturing equipment and facility renovation-CBT for certain investment  REF SBA

S1105  Vitale,J  Rape care advocates-concerns victim's right under certain circumstances  REF SJU

S1106  Vitale,J  Pawnbrokers-required to record and report certain information  REF SCM

S1107  Vitale,J  Small employers who purchase health benefit plans-premium assistance;$10M  REF SCM

S1108  Vitale,J  Health benefits plans-managed care-prohibits anti-tiering clauses  REF SCM

S1109  Vitale,J  Health Insurance Network Adequacy-establishes NJ Commission  REF SCM

S1110  Vitale,J  Charitable immunity-exempts civil actions, who are nonprofit corp. beneficiaries  REF SJU

S1111  Vitale,J  Medicaid eligible incarcerated individuals-requires establishment of processes  REF SHH

S1112  Vitale,J  Drug-dependent person, admitted into court-ordered treatment prog-reduce fines  REF SJU

S1113  Vitale,J  Motor vehicle safety inspections-prov. CBT/income tax credit for equipment costs  REF STR

S1114  Vitale,J  Local energy projects-revises Local Bond Law provisions  REF SCU

S1115  Vitale,J  Residence, single-family-requires just compensation for condemnation  REF SCU

S1116  Vitale,J  Senior homeowners-exempts from municipal building permit fees  REF SCU

S1117  Vitale,J  Sober living residences-provides inherently beneficial uses  REF SHH

S1118  Vitale,J  Medical Malpractice Liab Insur Premium Asst Fund-extends annual surcharges 5 yrs  REF SHH

S1119  Vitale,J  Pharm. manuf.-limitations on & conditions assoc. w/prescribers' comp. acceptance  REF SHH

S1120  Vitale,J  Drug Enforcement & Demand Reduction Fund-amend FY 2020 approp. act to increase  REF SHH

S1121  Vitale,J  Mental Health Access Act-incr. Medicaid reimb. rates for behavioral health svcs.  REF SHH

S1122  Vitale,J  Preimplantation genetic screening-mandates health benefits coverage  REF SCM

S1123  Vitale,J  Health insurers to disclose broker commissions to purchasers-requires  REF SCM

S1124  Vitale,J  Personal audio players-contain warning about volume and hearing loss  REF SCM

S1125  Vitale,J  Life insurance policies-prohibits unfair discrimination in issuing or rating  REF SCM

S1126  Vitale,J  Bio-analytical labs-prohibits charging patients more than 115% of Medicare rates  REF SHH

S1127  Vitale,J  Nursing services, private duty-requires health benefits coverage  REF SCM

S1128  Vitale,J  Prescription drugs for certain medical conditions-continued coverage required  REF SCM

S1129  Vitale,J  Medicaid inelig carrier-withdraw from offering NJ individual health benefit prog  REF SCM

S1130  Vitale,J  Health benefits-revises individual and small employer plans  REF SCM

S1131  Vitale,J  SNAP Employment & Training Prog-St ensure job training, prevent loss of benefits  REF SHH

S1132  Vitale,J  Disab., physical-SHBP/SEHBP prov reasonable accommodation in accessing providers  REF SHH

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1133  Vitale,J  Developmental disabled person-concerns special needs trusts  REF SHH

S1134  Vitale,J  SNAP-DHS exempt veterans from special work requirements and benefits limitations  REF SHH

S1135  Vitale,J  SNAP-DHS develop outreach plan to inform students  REF SHH

S1136  Vitale,J  Law Against Discrimination-expand to health programs and activities  REF SHH

S1137  Vitale,J  Early Intervention Support Services program-expansion of program to all counties  REF SHH

S1138  Vitale,J  Black box warnings-DOH required to make list of drugs accessible thru website  REF SHH

S1139  Vitale,J  Contraceptive, self-administered hormonal-allow pharmacist to prescribe/dispense  REF SHH

S1140  Vitale,J  Adolescent depression screenings-requires health benefits coverage  REF SCM

S1141  Vitale,J  Patient data, de-identified-transmit to DOH, health and disease trends analysis  REF SHH

S1142  Vitale,J  Prescrip. Drug Review Commission-establish-requires production costs be reported  REF SHH

S1143  Vitale,J  Right to Try Act-permits terminally ill patients to access investigational drugs  REF SHH

S1144  Vitale,J  Tobacco products and electronic smoking devices-prohibits sale at pharmacies  REF SHH

SCR44  Ruiz,M  Educational Opportunity Fund Board-modernize regulations, student funding levels  REF SHI

SCR45  Lagana,J  law enforcement officer, killed in line of duty-provide property tax exemption  REF SCU

SCR46  Ruiz,M  Palliative Care & Hospice Education & Training Act-pass; fund initiatives  REF SHH

SCR47  Bateman,C/Scutari,N  Supreme Court justice-consent of Senate continue in office otherwise mand retire  REF SJU

SCR48  Testa,M  9-1-1 system-urges Governor and Legislature to fully fund  REF SLP

SCR49  Testa,M/Oroho,S  9-1-1 System & Emergency Response Trust Fund Account-dedicate money to 9-1-1 sys  REF SLP

SCR50  Vitale,J  Medicare Parts B and D-limit duration and amount of late enrollment penalties  REF SHH

SCR51  Vitale,J  Incontinence products-enact legislation to provide Medicare coverage  REF SHH

SJR27  Ruiz,M  School nutrition program-Congress pass legislation, regional income eligibility  REF SHH

SJR28  Weinberg,L  Scleroderma Awareness Month-designates June of each year  REF SHH

SJR29  Cryan,J  Rules of Evidence-clarifies exception to hearsay rule for mental health services  REF SJU

SJR30  Pou,N  Kids Entrepreneurship Awareness Week-designates second week of June of each year  REF SCM

SJR31  Vitale,J  Sudden, Unexpected Death in Epilepsy Awareness Day-designates October 23  REF SHH

SR24  Ruiz,M  School discipline guidance package, 2014-urges federal government to preserve  REF SED

SR25  Vitale,J  Naloxone-urges FDA to make available over the counter  REF SHH

SR26  Vitale,J  Transgender veterans-memorialize to authorize changes on certain military forms  REF SHH


Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:


S205 Scs (SCS)  Connors,C/Beach,J  Megan's law-requires use of electronic mail for community notification  REP/SCS

S238 Scs (SCS)  Singleton,T/Sarlo,P+2  Jr Firefighter Auxiliary members-promulgate reg pertaining to training/duties  REP/SCS

S275  Kean,T+1  Military personnel non-resident dependent children-provide resident tuition rate  REP

S278 Sca (1R)  Kean,T/Cunningham,S+2  Veterans, late registration-higher education instit refund course tuition/fees  REP/SCA

S296  Pennacchio,J/Cunningham,S  Fusion science field- establish scholarship program  REP

S364  Cryan,J  Motor vehicle accident-leaving scene, first degree crime if it results in death  REP

S561  Madden,F/Greenstein,L+1  Drivers Distractions Task Force-creates; impact road and highway safety  REP

S601  O'Scanlon,D/Greenstein,L  Senior citizens or disabled persons-creates crime of fiscal victimization  REP

S701  Ruiz,M/Cryan,J  Strangling victim, domestic violence-concerns pretrial detention  REP

S791 Sca (1R)  Cunningham,S/Pou,N+1  Students, undergrad-file degree plan; higher ed instit devel pathway sys to grad  REP/SCA

S804 Sca (1R)  Cunningham,S  Academic degree-granting inst.-proh. entering into revenue sharing arrangements  REP/SCA

S806  Cunningham,S+2  Higher ed. instit.-NJBEST, award in any semester of attendance or enrollment  REP

S864 Sca (1R)  Smith,B/Greenstein,L  Plastic carryout bags, polystyrene & single-use straws-prohibits use  REP/SCA

S914 Scs (SCS)  Rice,R/Cunningham,S+4  Motor vehicle Surcharge Community Svc. Prog.-community svc. in lieu of surcharge  REP/SCS

S917 Sca (1R)  Singleton,T  Educational assistance programs, employees-allow income tax deduction  REP/SCA

S960 Sca (1R)  Rice,R  Student financial aid-parent prov. information to Higher Ed. Student Asst. Auth.  REP/SCA

S961  Singleton,T/Cruz-Perez,N  Troops to College Grant Programs-establishes  REP

S969  Ruiz,M/Turner,S+1  Teacher loan redemption prog., cert. field-redeem amounts to asst in failing sch  REP

S970  Ruiz,M/Cunningham,S  Higher ed instit, governing bd memb-complete a training prog devel by Secretary  REP

S971  Lagana,J/Cunningham,S  Fair Play Act-allows collegiate student-athletes earn comp, use of name or image  REP


Bills Referred/SBA:


S205 Scs (SCS)  Connors,C/Beach,J  Megan's law-requires use of electronic mail for community notification 

S278 Sca (1R)  Kean,T/Cunningham,S+2  Veterans, late registration-higher education instit refund course tuition/fees 

S364  Cryan,J  Motor vehicle accident-leaving scene, first degree crime if it results in death 

S601  O'Scanlon,D/Greenstein,L  Senior citizens or disabled persons-creates crime of fiscal victimization 

S701  Ruiz,M/Cryan,J  Strangling victim, domestic violence-concerns pretrial detention 

S806  Cunningham,S+2  Higher ed. instit.-NJBEST, award in any semester of attendance or enrollment 

S914 Scs (SCS)  Rice,R/Cunningham,S+4  Motor vehicle Surcharge Community Svc. Prog.-community svc. in lieu of surcharge 

S917 Sca (1R)  Singleton,T  Educational assistance programs, employees-allow income tax deduction 

S969  Ruiz,M/Turner,S+1  Teacher loan redemption prog., cert. field-redeem amounts to asst in failing sch 


Bills Withdrawn From The Files:


S236  Singleton,T/Vitale,J+1  Internet websites cert & online svcs-disclose personal ID info, customer opt-out   FROM SCM 

Co-Sponsors Added:


S275  (Brown,C)  Military personnel non-resident dependent children-provide resident tuition rate

S278 Sca (1R)  (Brown,C)  Veterans, late registration-higher education instit refund course tuition/fees

S290  (Bucco,A)  Pension & retirement income exclusion-removes income elig. cap applicable to tax

S526 Sca (1R)  (Lagana,J)  Insulin purchase-not subject to deductible; health insurers limit copayment

S969  (Brown,C)  Teacher loan redemption prog., cert. field-redeem amounts to asst in failing sch
S1033  (Turner,S)  School breakfast and lunch nutrition standards-public schools comply


Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:


S315  (Pou,N)  Youth Justice Transformation Act-appropriate annually;$100M


Co-Prime Sponsors Added:


S200  (Greenstein,L)  Sex offenders-loc government registration notification req, proh living near sch

S601  (Greenstein,L)  Senior citizens or disabled persons-creates crime of fiscal victimization

S701  (Cryan,J)  Strangling victim, domestic violence-concerns pretrial detention

S921  (Gill,N)  Fair Workweek Act-concerns fair workweek employment standards


Third Prime Sponsors Added:


S315  (Pou,N)  Youth Justice Transformation Act-appropriate annually;$100M

S701  (Cunningham,S)  Strangling victim, domestic violence-concerns pretrial detention

Notes to the 1/14/20 Digest:

Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:


S698    Ruiz,M/Scutari,N+2    Campaign contrib-allow use for child care expense related to campaign activities   SWR


SJR19    Ruiz,M/Pou,N    Latino Clergy Day-designates first Saturday of October   SWR 2RS *NOT* REF SSG

Notes to the 1/27/20 Digest:

Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

S974  Weinberg,L/Ruiz,M  Alice Paul-State Capitol Joint Mgmt Commission display in State Capitol building SWR 2RS
     *NOT* REF SBA

SCR39  Greenstein,L/Turner,S  19th Amendment-commemorate 100th anniversary of passage of women's right to vote


The Senate adjourned at 5:45 P.M. to meet again on Monday, February 3, 2020 (QUORUM, Committees at the Call of the Senate President).




The Assembly did not meet.  The Assembly will meet on Monday, February 3, 2020 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “C” and “D” scheduled to meet).


Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:




Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (1/27/2020):