for February 6, 2012


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Vol. XXIV No. 6                                                                                    215th Legislature $ First Annual Session



Bills Introduced:

S1325    Codey,R/Cunningham,S    Prepaid debit cards-disclose fees   REF SCM

S1326    Codey,R    Sept 11, period of silence-req pub sch   REF SED

S1327    Codey,R    Student-athlete-collegiate athletic info   REF SED

S1328    Codey,R    Type II dist.-move election to Nov.   REF SED

S1329    Beck,J    Racetrack grandstand constr.-tax rebate   REF SSG

S1330    Beck,J    Constr permits-concerns fraud   REF SCU

S1331    Beck,J    Devel. approval-finan. disclosure stmts.   REF SCU

S1332    Beck,J    Casinos at Meadowlands Complex-estab.   REF SSG

S1333    Beck,J    Conviction cert offenses-forfeit pub off   REF SJU

S1334    Beck,J    Age-restricted communities-conversion   REF SCU

S1335    Beck,J    Health care decisions-religious beliefs   REF SHH

S1336    Beck,J    Physician workforce data-DHSS coordinate   REF SHH

S1337    Beck,J    Community care resid.-lic. drug testing   REF SHH

S1338    Beck,J    St. auth contract awards-regulation req.   REF SSG

S1339    Beck,J    NJT-estab. customer feedback prog.   REF STR

S1340    Beck,J    Regional auth.-improve acct. measures   REF SSG

S1341    Bucco,A    Bleacher Safety Act   REF SCU

S1342    Rice,R    Sr. Cit. Home Repair, Modification Prog.   REF SCU

S1343    Rice,R    Homeowner asst. prog.-concerns   REF SCU

S1344    Rice,R    Affordable housing cert-deed restriction   REF SCU

S1345    Rice,R    St. Comptroller-mun. compliance audit   REF SCU

S1346    Rice,R    Realty transfer transfer fees-exemp.   REF SBA

S1347    Rice,R    Name changes applications-concerns   REF SJU

S1348    Rice,R    Pub. housing proj.-cert. of occupancy   REF SCU

S1349    Rice,R    Tax assessments, cert.-limits incr.   REF SCU

S1350    Rice,R    Prop. tax appeals-concerns   REF SCU

S1352    Scutari,N    Med. marijuana-extend cultivation prot.   REF SEG

S1353    Cunningham,S    Boiler operators-concerns lic. exemp.   REF SLA

S1354    Cunningham,S/Codey,R    Pedestrian death-incr. penal.   REF STR

S1355    Bateman,C/Gordon,R    Soil contamination-incl loc pub contract   REF SEN

S1356    Pennacchio,J    Highlands Region-concerns   REF SEN

S1357    Pennacchio,J    Notaries pub.-US citizenship req.   REF SCM

S1358    Pennacchio,J    Libraries, free pub-concerns dissolution   REF SCU

S1359    Pennacchio,J    Mun or county util auth fees-income elig   REF SCU

S1360    Oroho,S    Black bears-permits deadly force   REF SEN

S1361    Oroho,S    Redevel. Auth. prog.-nominate qual. mun.   REF SCU

S1362    Oroho,S    I-78 & I-80-proh. tolls   REF STR

S1363    Oroho,S/Bucco,A    Highlands preserv. area-allows prop excl   REF SEN

S1364    Whelan,J    Raffles-revise exemp. from lic. req.   REF SSG

S1365    Rice,R    Pub. util.-study street light outages   REF SEG

S1366    Doherty,M    Tri-Co. Purple Heart Mem Hwy-desig Rt.31   REF STR

S1367    Singer,R/Vitale,J    Food label-req., cert. modified material   REF SHH

S1368    Turner,S    Expungement of crim. records-amend elig.   REF SJU

S1369    Turner,S    Textbook rental prog.-instit. estab.   REF SHI

S1370    Turner,S    Defibrillators-req. in pub. sch. bldgs.   REF SED

S1371    Turner,S    Sch. dist vol-crim hist record check req   REF SED

S1372    Turner,S    Sch. dist.-concerns emp. contracts   REF SED

S1373    Turner,S    Restricted mun. parking spaces-estab.   REF SLP

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1374    Turner,S    Parole viol., cert.-decrease penal.   REF SLP

S1375    Turner,S    Law enforcement off-sexual training req.   REF SLP

S1376    Turner,S    ADTC-clarifies "good behavior" credits   REF SLP

S1377    Turner,S    Gun court pilot prog.-expands   REF SJU

S1378    Turner,S    Voter regis.-changes deadline   REF SSG

S1379    Turner,S    Charter sch. estab.-application fee req.   REF SED

S1380    Turner,S    Tuition Aid Grant prog.-cert. undergrad.   REF SHI

S1381    Turner,S    Sr., disab. prop. tax deduct.-incr.   REF SCU

S1382    Turner,S    Juv. Transfer Task Force-creates   REF SLP

S1383    Turner,S    Toxic-free Bev. Containers Act   REF SCM

S1384    Turner,S    Child-proh. DCF placing out-of-St. fac.   REF SHH

S1385    Turner,S    Child Support Reform Task Force-estab.   REF SJU

S1386    Turner,S    Innovation zone prog.-estab.   REF SEG

S1387    Scutari,N    Prepaid debit accts., cert.-limits fees   REF SCM

S1388    Scutari,N    Child support and alimony-concerns   REF SJU

S1389    Beach,J    Mun. shared svcs. energy auth.-estab.   REF SEN

S1390    Beach,J    Pub. util. rate incr.-concerns   REF SEG

S1391    Beach,J    Cellular contract-incl sexting brochures   REF SCM

S1392    Beach,J    Pub entities-auth energy saving contract   REF SSG

S1393    Rice,R    Sickle cell anemia-prov. coverage   REF SCM

S1394    Rice,R    Special Mun. Aid Act-amend   REF SCU

S1395    Rice,R    Manuf. fac-exemp sales of energy   REF SEG

S1396    Rice,R    Sch. dist.-notify DOE, cert. sicknesses   REF SED

S1397    Bucco,A/Oroho,S    Mun. emerg. mgmt. plans-concerns   REF SLP

S1398    Rice,R    Managed care plans-proh. cert. fees   REF SCM

S1399    Rice,R    Resid. leases-clarifies permissible pymt   REF SCU

S1400    Rice,R    Loc unit or auth budgets-report law suit   REF SCU

S1401    Rice,R    Homeless persons-concerns svcs.   REF SHH

S1402    Rice,R    Prev. & Reducing Homelessness Council   REF SHH

S1403    Rice,R    Child in proh. sex act-comp. svc. remove   REF SJU

S1404    Rice,R+7    Physicians, new-income tax deduct.   REF SHH

S1405    Bucco,A/Pennacchio,J    Alex DeCroce Crime Victim's Bill, Rights   REF SLP

S1406    Bucco,A    Reservoir owners-implement flood control   REF SEN

S1407    Bucco,A    Ret police, handgun carry permit-max age   REF SLP

S1408    Bucco,A    NJ SHARES-prov. vol. income tax contrib.   REF SEN

S1409    Pennacchio,J    Homeless children-concerns ed.   REF SED

S1410    Pennacchio,J    Sch. bd. memb.-ethical conduct standards   REF SED

S1411    Pennacchio,J    Law enforcement emp. hiring-concerns   REF SLP

S1412    Pennacchio,J    Corrections off., cert.-concerns   REF SLP

S1413    Madden,F    Sex offenders-concerns   REF SLP

S1414    Smith,B    Barnegat Bay-adopt total max daily loads   REF SEN

S1415    Whelan,J    Helmets to Hardhats pilot prog.-estab.   REF STR

S1416    Whelan,J    First responders-immunizes, civil liab.   REF SJU

S1417    Gill,N    Trademark Anti-Counterfeiting Act-revise   REF SJU

S1418    Gill,N    Charter sch.-loc. bd. approval auth.   REF SED

S1419    Gill,N    Loc Redevel & Housing Law-clarify   REF SCU

S1420    Gill,N    Disab. vet.-concerns prop. tax exemp.   REF SCU

S1421    Allen,D    Identity theft-concerns   REF SJU

S1422    Beach,J    Energy efficient outdoor lighting-St use   REF SEN

S1423    Beach,J    Fire dist. election-changes date   REF SSG

S1424    Beach,J    Vet. wages, qual.-corp. bus. tax credit   REF SMV

S1425    Beach,J    Auto insur underwriting-gov veh accident   REF SCM

S1426    Beach,J    Mil. monuments-concerns desecration   REF SJU

S1427    Beach,J    Inmates, cert.-pay incarceration costs   REF SLP

S1428    Beach,J    Alco. bev. lic-permits cert. mun. purch.   REF SLP

S1429    Beach,J    Restaurants, cert-permits beer, wine svc   REF SLP

S1430    Beach,J    Alco. bev. lic.-mun. issue cert. surplus   REF SLP

S1431    Beach,J    ABC emp.-impose post-emp. restrictions   REF SLP

S1432    Beach,J    Incarceration costs-charge inmates   REF SLP

S1433    Weinberg,L    Biological evidence-estab. preserv. req.   REF SLP

S1434    Weinberg,L    Truth In Tolling Act   REF STR

S1435    Weinberg,L    Govt. affairs agents-req. disclosures   REF SSG

S1436    Weinberg,L    Political campaign comm. off.-concerns   REF SSG

S1437    Weinberg,L    Jewelry, cert-proh. manufacture and sale   REF SCM

S1438    Ruiz,M    Attendance in sch. dist.-concerns   REF SED

S1439    Buono,B    Portable electronics insur sale-concerns   REF SCM

S1440    Weinberg,L    Mil. svc memb, higher ed instit-concerns   REF SHI

S1441    Weinberg,L    Cemetery companies-file finan. report   REF SCM

S1442    Weinberg,L    Health benf. plans-continue coverage   REF SCM

S1443    Weinberg,L    Lead poisoning-retailers post warnings   REF SCM

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1444    Weinberg,L    Electronic Health Info. Tech. Fd.-estab.   REF SHH

S1445    Weinberg,L    Emp.-owned group life insur.-codify   REF SCM

S1446    Weinberg,L    Health svc. corp.-conversion moratorium   REF SCM

S1447    Weinberg,L    Charitable online donations-fds to prov.   REF SBA

S1448    Weinberg,L    Small emp health plan changes-req approv   REF SCM

S1449    Weinberg,L    Charitable org info-publish on internet   REF SCM

S1450    Weinberg,L    Truck Operator Independent Contr. Act   REF SLA

S1451    Weinberg,L    Pub meetings-prov. greater access, info.   REF SSG

S1452    Weinberg,L    Martin O'Shea Open Pub. Records Act   REF SSG

S1453    Greenstein,L    St computers-enhance disposal procedures   REF SSG

S1454    Greenstein,L    Recall petitions-changes signature req.   REF SSG

S1455    Ruiz,M    Teacher Effectiveness & Acct. Act   REF SED

S1456    Sweeney,S/Vitale,J    Organ transplant recipient-proh. discrim   REF SHH

S1457    Turner,S    Extended Sch. Day, Sch. Year Study Comm.   REF SED

S1458    Ruiz,M    Communication between emp/student-policy   REF SED

S1459    Sarlo,P    County-wide purch. sys.-estab.   REF SED

S1460    Sweeney,S    Env. remediation compliance-concerns   REF SEN

S1461    Vitale,J/Madden,F    Auto insur. fraud prev. measures-estab.   REF SCM

S1462    Vitale,J    Med. examiner sys.-creates   REF SLP

S1463    Vitale,J    Personal needs allowance-incr.   REF SHH

S1464    Vitale,J    Health fac.-offer flu vaccine to workers   REF SHH

S1465    Vitale,J    Charitable immunity-concerns   REF SJU

S1466    Vitale,J    Health insur. plans-disclosure req.   REF SCM

S1467    Vitale,J    Health Care Patient Ombudsperson-estab.   REF SCM

S1468    Greenstein,L    Jessica Rogers' Law-assault by auto   REF SJU

S1469    Madden,F/Sweeney,S    Surviving spouses-prov. workers' comp   REF SLA

S1470    Kean,T    Domestic viol. prot.-concerns   REF SJU

S1471    Kean,T    Leg. absence-reduce period of time   REF SSG

S1472    Kean,T    Guide dog training-allow pub fac. access   REF SJU

S1473    Kean,T    Govt. Functions and Svcs. Study Comm.   REF SCU

S1474    Kean,T    Loc elected off, indicted-suspension req   REF SCU

S1475    Kean,T    Cranford Twp., flood control proj.;$5M   REF SEN

S1476    Kean,T    St. Auditor-expands duties   REF SSG

SCR78    Turner,S    Pub. emp. retir. sys.-actuarial standard   REF SSG

SCR79    Cardinale,G/Oroho,S+2    Marriage-union of one man & one woman   REF SJU

SCR80    Turner,S    Tax treatment, oil companies-estab.   REF SEN

SCR81    Beach,J    Vet. prop. tax deduct.-incr.   REF SCU

SCR82    Greenstein,L    Recall petitions-change signature req.   REF SSG

SJR37    Bucco,A    Officer Thomas E. DeShazo Memor Bridge   REF STR

SJR38    Beck,J    Clarence Clemons Day-desig. January 11   REF SSG

SJR39    Allen,D    Displaced Homemakers Awareness Mo-desig.   REF SHH

SJR40    Weinberg,L/Greenstein,L    Children's Product Safety Mo-desig. Nov.   REF SCM

SR38    Codey,R    Natl Football League Rooney Rule-concern   REF SHI

SR39    Beck,J    US Postal Svs, Eatontown-keep open   REF SSG

SR40    Oroho,S    Nuclear power-urge Congress support   REF SEN

SR41    Beach,J    Folic acid consumption-pub info campaign   REF SHH

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

S101    Cardinale,G/Sarlo,P+2    Family, sch viol victim-pymts, excl. tax   REP

S134 Sca (1R)    Rice,R/Turner,S+1    Office of Dropout Prev.-estab.   REP/SCA

S143 Sca (1R)    Buono,B    St. expenditure website-concerns   REP/SCA

S234    Oroho,S/Bucco,A+12    Natl Guard emp-allow bus/income tax cred   REP

S323 Sca (1R)    Whelan,J/Oroho,S+5    Co. clerk-create id cards for cert. vets   REP/SCA

S420    Van Drew,J/Allen,D+2    US flags, fly half-staff-Gov. notify   REP

S447    Turner,S+1    Pension payout options-spousal consent   REP

S449    Turner,S    Security off.-concerns reg.   REP

S581 Sca (1R)    Madden,F/Weinberg,L+9    Angel Investor Tax Cred. Act   REP/SCA

S610       Sweeney,S+1    Ed. svc. agencies-concerns estab.   REP

S647    Pou,N/Ruiz,M    Compulsory sch. attendance-concerns   REP

S658 Sca (1R)    Stack,B    Sewerage connection fees-concerns   REP/SCA

S876       Lesniak,R/Cunningham,S    Ex-offenders-permits cert. employment   REP

S965 Sca (1R)    Weinberg,L    Civilian fed FF-extend hiring preference   REP/SCA

S1187    Allen,D    Taxpayer Advocate Off.-estab.   REP

S1209 Sca (1R)    Whelan,J    Boat manufacturers-qual. for EDA loans   REP/SCA

S1323 Sca (1R)    Whelan,J    Casino gaming regulation-makes changes   REP/SCA

S1324 Sca (1R)    Whelan,J    Casino licensee fees-revise calculation   REP/SCA

S1328    Codey,R    Type II dist.-move election to Nov.   REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S101    Cardinale,G/Sarlo,P+2    Family, sch viol victim-pymts, excl. tax  

S134 Sca (1R)    Rice,R/Turner,S+1    Office of Dropout Prev.-estab.  

S143 Sca (1R)    Buono,B    St. expenditure website-concerns  

S234    Oroho,S/Bucco,A+12    Natl Guard emp-allow bus/income tax cred  

S447    Turner,S+1    Pension payout options-spousal consent  

S449    Turner,S    Security off.-concerns reg.  

S581 Sca (1R)    Madden,F/Weinberg,L+9    Angel Investor Tax Cred. Act  

S647    Pou,N/Ruiz,M    Compulsory sch. attendance-concerns  

S1187    Allen,D    Taxpayer Advocate Off.-estab.  

S1324 Sca (1R)    Whelan,J    Casino licensee fees-revise calculation  

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S451       Turner,S    Higher ed. instit.-advertise for bids   FROM SHI 

S553    Gill,N/Allen,D    Sexually exploited juv.-prov. cert svcs.    FROM SJU 

S556    Gill,N/Kean,T    Crematories-revise statutes    FROM SCM

S594    Beck,J    First-time home buyers-prov. tax credit     FROM SBA 

S1022    Lesniak,R    Foreclosure, Housing Transformation Act     FROM SEG

S1123    Beck,J/Kyrillos,J    Racetrack grandstand constr.-tax rebate      FROM SSG

Co-Sponsors Added:

S266   (Bucco,A)    Vol fire companies-exemp charitable fees

S351   (Bateman,C; Weinberg,L)    Pine Barrens treefrog-desig St Amphibian

S458   (Beach,J)    Charter sch. estab.-voter approval req.

S466   (Beach,J)    Charter sch. prog.-makes various changes

S599   (Bucco,A)    Tara's Law-community care resid. abuse

S633   (Bucco,A)    Econ. Devel. Promotion Act

S874      (Beach,J)    NJ STARS, NJ STARS II-revise

S911   (Bucco,A)    Raffles-revise exemp. from lic. req.

S1143   (Beach,J; Cunningham,S)    Safe Playing Fields Act

S1404   (Buono,B; Gordon,R; Madden,F; Singer,R; Thompson,S; Vitale,J; Whelan,J)   Physicians, new-income tax deduct.

SCR76   (Bateman,C; Holzapfel,J; Weinberg,L)    Natl Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Act

SCR79   (Bucco,A; Pennacchio,J)   Marriage-union of one man & one woman

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:


S171   (Bucco,A)    Bedbug eradication svc-health care fac.

S642   (Allen,D)    Jessica Lunsford Act-assault on child

S1044   (Bucco,A)    100% Disab. Vet.-auth. lic. plate

S1047   (Bucco,A)    Finan. exploitation of elderly-offense

S1057   (Bucco,A)    Trapping lic. fee, sr cit resid-discount

S1061   (Bucco,A)    Heating Oil, Propane Reserves Task Force

S1078   (Bucco,A)    Disab. vet.-St. contract set-aside prog.

S1091   (Bucco,A)    Hunting, fishing lic., free-cert mil svc

S1304   (Sweeney,S)    St & pub contracts-proh cert. investment

S1306   (Oroho,S)    Solar Thermal Expansion Loan, Grant prog

Notes to the 1/17/2012 Digest:

Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


      Honorable Donald C. Kuser, of Wayne, to replace Michael T. Cricco, resigned.

      Robert C. Garofalo, of Brielle, to replace Brenda Carol Sherman.


The Senate adjourned at 11:52 A.M. on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 to meet again on Thursday, February 9, 2012 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “1” and “2” scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A2313    Chivukula,U    Pub entities-auth energy saving contract   REF ASG

A2314    Chivukula,U/Benson,D    Energy efficient outdoor lighting-St use   REF ATU

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2315    Chivukula,U/McHose,A    Regulatory Flex Act-expands scope   REF ARG

A2316    Chivukula,U    Mun. shared svcs. energy auth.-estab.   REF ATU

A2317    Chivukula,U    Commercial renewable energy sys-prop tax   REF ATU

A2318    Milam,M    John 'Marty' Coggins Mem. Path-desig.   REF ATR

A2319    Milam,M    Real Prop Revaluation Review Comm-create   REF AHO

A2320    Milam,M    St. corrections off.-in-svc. training   REF ALP

A2321    Milam,M    Flat digital striped bass-lic. plate   REF ATR

A2322    Milam,M    Parole inelig.-concerns repeat offenders   REF ALP

A2323    Milam,M    DOC civilian emp-gang awareness training   REF ALP

A2324    Milam,M    Higher ed. instit.-concern tuition rates   REF AHI

A2325    Milam,M    Nonpublic sch. busing-extends limit   REF AED

A2326    Milam,M    Pharmacy Qual. Assurance, Error Prev Act   REF AHE

A2327    Milam,M    Correction off-reinstate sick leave prog   REF ASG

A2328    Milam,M    Constr. permit surcharge fees-concerns   REF AHO

A2329    Cryan,J/Spencer,L    St.-owned lands-calculation of value   REF AEN

A2330    Cryan,J    Higher ed performance-based funding plan   REF AHI

A2331    Johnson,G    Criminal, interfer w/apprehension-penal.   REF ALP

A2332    Johnson,G    Builders reg.-prov. emp. id number   REF AHO

A2333    Johnson,G    Retired police-join NJ Detective Assoc.   REF ALP

A2334    Johnson,G    Fire chiefs, paid-permits mun to appoint   REF ALP

A2335    Johnson,G    Corrections off-concerns training course   REF ALP

A2336    Johnson,G    PERS-adds options   REF ASG

A2337    Johnson,G    Co elections bd memb-suspend, cert crime   REF ASG

A2338    Johnson,G    Site remediation-pub. notification   REF AEN

A2339    Johnson,G    Black bears-proh. unintentional feeding   REF AAN

A2340    Johnson,G    Bus. entity-regulate campaign contrib.   REF ASG

A2341    Johnson,G    St. corrections off.-concerns training   REF ALP

A2342    Johnson,G    Corrections off.-gang awareness training   REF ALP

A2343    Johnson,G    Police training-req. cert instruction   REF ALP

A2344    Johnson,G    Police, ff promotional exams-concerns   REF ALP

A2345    Johnson,G    Vet, total disab.-elig, prop tax exemp.   REF AHO

A2346    Johnson,G    Fed. law enforcement off.-concerns   REF ALP

A2348    Johnson,G    Fire commissioner bd-prov. emerg med svc   REF ALP

A2349    Johnson,G    Forest firefighters-estab. death benf.   REF ALP

A2350    Johnson,G    Correctional fac., St-shift overlap prog   REF ALP

A2351    Johnson,G    Charitable online donations-fds to prov.   REF AAP

A2352    Johnson,G    Cemetery, burial-accept SSI allowance   REF ARP

A2353    Johnson,G    Criminal causation-clarify language   REF AJU

A2354    Johnson,G    Priv. investigator id cards-revise req.   REF ALP

A2355    Johnson,G    Boat operation-proh. cell phone use   REF ALP

A2356    Johnson,G    MV fees, cert-waives, charitable org.   REF ATR

A2357    Johnson,G    St. Police-annual performance eval.   REF ALP

A2358    Johnson,G    Fed. law enforcement off.-concerns power   REF ALP

A2359    Johnson,G    Natl. Guard memb spouses-prov unemp benf   REF AMV

A2360    Johnson,G    Job discrim., based on credit-proh.   REF ALA

A2361    Johnson,G    Cred. card acct.-age req.   REF AFI

A2362    Johnson,G    Cemetery companies-file finan. report   REF ARP

A2363    Johnson,G    Cemetery Bd.-concerns memb.   REF ARP

A2364    Johnson,G    Blindness, sudden-SHBP, SEHBP cover   REF AFI

A2365    Johnson,G    Health benf. plans-revisions to laws reg   REF AFI

A2366    Johnson,G    Palisades Park Patrolmen-transfer auth.   REF ALP

A2367    Johnson,G    Biological evidence-req. preservation   REF ALP

A2368    Johnson,G    Constables, mun.-incr. number   REF ALP

A2369    Johnson,G    Student nutrition-concerns   REF AED

A2370    Johnson,G    Human Rights-req. curriculum guidelines   REF AED

A2371    Johnson,G    Mil.-exemp., realty transfer fees   REF AAP

A2372    Johnson,G    Spam Deterrence Act   REF ACO

A2373    Johnson,G    Visa holders-qual. in-St. tuition rates   REF AHI

A2374    Johnson,G    Child remain in sch dist-parent deployed   REF AED

A2375    Johnson,G    Civilian fed FF-extend hiring preference   REF ALP

A2376    Johnson,G/Caputo,R    PFRS accidental disab. retiree-concerns   REF ASG

A2377    Johnson,G    Priv lic detectives-concerns cert access   REF ALP

A2378    Johnson,G    Kevin Apuzzio's Law-survivor benf.   REF AHO

A2379    Johnson,G/Munoz,N    Dog fighting-estab. crime   REF AJU

A2380    Johnson,G/Schroeder,R    Crime Victim's Bill of Rights-concerns   REF ALP

A2381    Conaway,H    Operation Noble Eagle vet-civil svc pref   REF AMV

A2382    Bramnick,J/Munoz,N    Sch prop, unused-convey to sr. cit. org.   REF AED

A2383    Stender,L    Shade Tree, Forestry Asst. Act-concerns   REF AAN

A2384    Singleton,T    Pub works proj.-proh. cert. contractors   REF ALA

A2385    Singleton,T    Fed. retir. contrib.-excl. income tax   REF ABU

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2386    Watson Coleman,B    Deed procurement svcs.-reg.   REF ARP

A2387    Singleton,T    Vet. wages, qual.-corp. bus. tax credit   REF AMV

A2388    Singleton,T    Child custody-electronic communication   REF AJU

A2389    Coutinho,A/Singleton,T    Teacher Effectiveness & Acct. Act   REF AED

A2390    Vainieri Huttle,V    Organ transplant recipient-proh. discrim   REF AHU

A2391    Vainieri Huttle,V    Health Care Patient Ombudsperson-estab.   REF AHE

A2392    Vainieri Huttle,V    Physician profiling prog.-reg.   REF AHE

A2393    Vainieri Huttle,V    Health insur. cert.-concerns   REF AFI

A2394    Coughlin,C    Juv, cert.-proh transfer, adult fac.   REF ALP

A2395    Coughlin,C    Brownfield remediations-auth. loans   REF AEN

A2396    Coughlin,C    St agencies-allow ads, agencies' website   REF ASG

A2397    Coughlin,C    Warrant info-allow access, computer sys.   REF ALP

A2398    Coughlin,C    Health care prov.-report cert. problems   REF AJU

A2399    Coughlin,C    FF training, St.-accredited   REF ALP

A2400    Munoz,N    Prescription Drug Labeling Task Force   REF AHE

A2401    Casagrande,C    St bus. income tax-study impact req.   REF ACE

A2402    Albano,N/Milam,M    Bus.-hire cert. emp., bonus awards   REF ALA

A2403    Stender,L    Video lottery-estab. at racetracks   REF ARG

A2404    Stender,L    PFRS memb-prov. death, disab. benf.   REF ASG

A2405    Quijano,A/Barnes,P    Sexual abuse-remove limitations statute   REF AJU

A2406    Coutinho,A    Security Off Reg Act-make cert vets elig   REF AMV

A2407    Stender,L    Vaccines containing mercury-elim. use   REF AHE

A2410    Singleton,T/Watson Coleman,B+1    Responsible Fatherhood-estab. council   REF AWC

A2411    Singleton,T    Bus. Action Ctr.-creates   REF ACE

A2412    Wagner,C/Benson,D    Safe Playing Fields Act   REF AEN

A2413    Wagner,C/Vainieri Huttle,V    Truth In Tolling Act   REF ATR

A2414    Wagner,C/Prieto,V    Inequitable Tax Assess, Edgewater Boro.   REF AHO

A2415    Wagner,C    Industrial hemp lic.-estab.   REF AAN

A2416    Eustace,T+1    Electric veh. charging stations-devel.   REF ATR

A2417    Diegnan,P    Veterans' Day-pub. sch. not in session   REF AED

A2418    Diegnan,P    Coin redemption machine-disclose fees   REF ACO

A2419    Diegnan,P    Psychologists, cert.-prescribe meds.   REF ARP

A2420    Wolfe,D    Toxoplasmosis-newborn screening prog.   REF AHE

ACR108    Milam,M    Vet. prop. tax deduct.-prov. addl.   REF AMV

ACR109    Milam,M    Vets, cert. totally disab-prop tax exemp   REF AMV

ACR110    Milam,M    Vet. prop. tax deduct. elig.-extend   REF AMV

ACR111    Milam,M    St. tax, fee-concerns new or increased   REF ABU

ACR112    Johnson,G    Income tax rate, income over $1-set rate   REF ABU

ACR113    Vainieri Huttle,V    Devel. disab. resid.-sports betting rev.   REF AHU

ACR114    Coughlin,C    Games of chance proceeds-support vet org   REF AMV

ACR115    Brown,C.A./Gove,D    NJ 350th anniv.-Hist. Comm. promote   REF ASG

ACR116     Johnson,G    St. Parole Bd.-transfer functions   REF ALP

AJR44    Milam,M    American Heroes Day-desig. September 11   REF AHS

AJR45    Milam,M    Richards Somers Day-estab. September 4th   REF ASG

AJR46    Johnson,G    Korean Amer. Day-desig. January 13th   REF ASG

AJR47    Diegnan,P    Emma's Day-desig. July 20   REF AHE

AR51    Carroll,M/McHose,A    Hist. Amer. firearms-deny importation   REF ALP

AR52    Clifton,R    War of 1812-commemorate 200th anniv.   REF AMV

AR54    Wagner,C/Gusciora,R    Industrial Hemp Farming Act-Cong. enact   REF AAN

AR55    Wolfe,D/Rumana,S    Natl. Guard, Reserves-incr. ed. benf.   REF AMV

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A685    Kean,S    Child support and alimony-concerns   REP

A2105 Aca (1R)    Coughlin,C/Quijano,A    Criminal impersonation-clarifies   REP/ACA

A2171 Aca (1R)    Conaway,H/Singleton,T    Health Benf. Exchange Act   REP/ACA

A2172    Conaway,H/Singleton,T+1    Health fac.-offer flu vaccine to workers   REP

A2271    Lampitt,P/Singleton,T    Higher Ed. constr. application-deadline   REP

AR50    Lampitt,P/Fuentes,A    Paycheck Fairness Act-Cong. pass   REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A321 Aca (1R)    Dancer,R/Singleton,T+1    Lisa's Law-domestic viol off, monitor   REP/ACA REF AAP



Co-Sponsors Added:

A578   (Handlin,A; Benson,D)    Drug overdose prev.-concerns

A832   (Benson,D; Tucker,C)    Auto external defibrillator-immunity

A903   (Johnson,G)    Safe Haven Infant Prot Act-revises

A1104   (Riley,C)    Student loan interest-prov. tax cred.

A1274   (Benson,D)    Inactive liquor lic-transfer to qual mun

A1277   (Benson,D)    Breweries-incr. production limitations

A1368   (Schepisi,H)    Immunizations-prov. conscientious exemp.

A1608 Acs (ACS)   (Burzichelli,J)    Janet's Law-concerns defibrillators

A1877 Aca (1R)   (DeAngelo,W)    Charter sch. estab.-voter approval req.

A2014   (Lampitt,P)    Helmets to Hardhats pilot prog.-estab.

A2027   (Clifton,R; Peterson,E; Casagrande,C; Johnson,G; Simon,D; Giblin,T)    Jessica Lunsford Act-assault on child

A2121   (Burzichelli,J; Eustace,T; Wagner,C; Gove,D; Rumpf,B)    Vet. benf., cert.-broadens elig.

A2162   (Diegnan,P; Coughlin,C)    Min. wage-incr. to $8.50

A2172   (Benson,D)    Health fac.-offer flu vaccine to workers

A2270   (Handlin,A)    Energy efficiency-small bus qual, loans

ACR53   (Diegnan,P)    Casinos, Bergen Co-Leg. allow

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A336   (Riley,C)    Scrap metal bus.-revises law

A601   (Singleton,T)    Debt-Mgmt. Svcs. Act of NJ

A1265   (Benson,D)    Donate Life Month-desig. April

A2105 Aca (1R)   (Quijano,A)    Criminal impersonation-clarifies

A2124   (Fuentes,A)    Patrick's Law-animal cruelty, crime

A2131   (Fuentes,A)    Sex offender regis. info.-auth. release

A2172   (Singleton,T)    Health fac.-offer flu vaccine to workers

A2208   (Chiusano,G)    Ronald Reagan Mem. Hwy.-desig Rt. 15

A2209   (O'Donnell,J)    St. earned income cred prog-restore benf

A2210   (O'Donnell,J)    Income tax rates-lowers over 3 yr period

A2211   (O'Donnell,J)    Income tax rates-lowers over 3 yr period

A2212   (O'Donnell,J)    Income tax rates-lowers over 3 yr period

A2213   (O'Donnell,J)    Income tax rates-lowers, cert. taxpayers

AJR32   (Coughlin,C)    Alimony law study commission-estab.

AR50   (Fuentes,A)    Paycheck Fairness Act-Cong. pass

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A740   (Singleton,T)    Youth mentoring prog.-estab. grant prog.

A765   (Gusciora,R)    Med. marijuana-equal to prescribed meds

A1228   (Benson,D)    Children's products containing lead-proh

A2166   (Mainor,C)    NY & NJ minutes-Leg. approval req.

A2315   (Singleton,T)    Regulatory Flex Act-expands scope 

A2405   (Spencer,L)    Sexual abuse-remove limitations statute 

AR50   (Benson,D)    Paycheck Fairness Act-Cong. pass

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2120   (Benson,D)    Asst. to Firefighters' Families Act

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A226   (Benson,D)    Autism Website-estab.
A2402   (Sumter,S)   Bus.-hire cert. emp., bonus awards    


The Assembly adjourned at 5:35 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, February 16, 2012 (SESSION).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (2/2/2012):