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Vol. XXII No. 7                                                                                      214th Legislature $ First Annual Session


The Members of both Houses of the Legislature met in Joint Session to receive an address from Governor Chris Christie and to vote on the confirmation of Mr. Stephen Eells as the New Jersey State Auditor.



Bills Introduced:

S1363    Gill,N    St. agency mailings-proh. ads.   REF SSG

S1364    Turner,S    Taxpayer prop. tax relief subacct-estab.   REF SBA

S1365    Turner,S    Textbook pub.-prov. price info.   REF SED

S1366    Turner,S    Grand jury disclosure-bars personal info   REF SJU

S1367    Turner,S    Textbook rental prog.-instit. estab.   REF SED

S1368    Turner,S    Crim. records-revise expungement elig.   REF SJU

S1369    Turner,S    Superintendent-req cert responsibilities   REF SED

S1370    Turner,S    Gun court pilot prog.-expands   REF SJU

S1371    Turner,S/Rice,R    Owners Rights Shared Ownership community   REF SCU

S1372    Weinberg,L    Shelters, staff-crim. hist. check   REF SHH

S1373    Weinberg,L    Sch. cafeteria-prov. nutritional info.   REF SED

S1374    Weinberg,L    DCF-elim. as approved adoption agency   REF SHH

S1375    Weinberg,L    Health care prof off-disab accessibility   REF SHH

S1376    Weinberg,L    Cemetery co.-proh. charging cert. fees   REF SCM

S1377    Weinberg,L    Interscholastic sports-waive cert inelig   REF SED

S1378    Weinberg,L    HPV vaccine-req. health care coverage   REF SCM

S1379    Weinberg,L    Cervical cancer screening-prov. coverage   REF SHH

S1380    Weinberg,L    Contraception, emerg.-pharmacies stock   REF SHH

S1381    Weinberg,L    Disab. svcs.-estab. co. off.   REF SHH

S1382    Weinberg,L    Domestic Viol. Health Care Response Act   REF SHH

S1383    Weinberg,L    Leukemia, Lymphoma Society-vol. contrib.   REF SHH

S1384    Weinberg,L    Lead poisoning-retailers post warnings   REF SCM

S1385    Singer,R    PERS-concerns accidental disab. benf.   REF SSG

S1386    Weinberg,L    HPV vaccine-req. coverage   REF SHH

S1387    Weinberg,L    Small emp health benf plan-incr coverage   REF SCM

S1388    Weinberg,L    Domestic viol. pub. awareness campaign   REF SHH

S1389    Weinberg,L    Health benf. plans-revisions to laws reg   REF SCM

S1390    Weinberg,L    Cemetery, burial-accept SSI allowance   REF SCM

S1391    Weinberg,L    Co, mun emp health care coverage-contrib   REF SCU

S1392    Weinberg,L    PERS-training on enrollment req.   REF SSG

S1393    Codey,R    Driv. distraction-noted in accident   REF STR

S1394    Weinberg,L    Electronic Health Info. Tech. Fd.-estab.   REF SHH

S1395    Weinberg,L    Pay equity in workplace-concerns   REF SLA

S1396    Weinberg,L    Charitable org info-publish on internet   REF SCM

S1397    Weinberg,L    Infertility prev., cert.-prov. coverage   REF SHH

S1398    Weinberg,L    Sch. emp.-revise crim. check process   REF SED

S1399    Weinberg,L    Adoptees-allows access, cert med history   REF SHH

S1400    Weinberg,L    DYFS investigations-prov. police assist.   REF SHH

S1401    Weinberg,L    Police, alt. route trained-auth. hire   REF SLP

S1402    Weinberg,L    St. bd memb., cert.-permits removal   REF SSG

S1403    Weinberg,L    Diagnostic screening-coverage req.   REF SHH

S1404    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Biodiesel fuel-concerns purchase   REF SEN

S1405    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Drought interconnection sys.-develop   REF SEN

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1406    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Prop Assess Clean Energy Mun Finan Prog   REF SEN

S1407    Allen,D/Beach,J    Operation Noble Eagle vet-civil svc pref   REF SSG

S1408    Vitale,J    Income tax-concerns special contrib.   REF SCM

S1409    Vitale,J    Mail-in ballots-clarify request deadline   REF SSG

S1410    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Act   REF SEN

S1411    Smith,B/Beck,J    Fertilizer applications-estab. standards   REF SEN

S1412    Smith,B    Traffic reduction prog.-concerns   REF SEN

S1413    Smith,B    Biofuels-purch. in place of fossil fuels   REF SEN

S1414    Smith,B    Heating oil-reduce sulfur content   REF SEN

S1415    Lesniak,R    MV rental companies-recover cert. fees   REF SCM

S1416    Weinberg,L    Campaign signs-proh., pub. prop. or hwy.   REF SSG

S1417    Cunningham,S/Lesniak,R    Juv. Justice Comm-transfer   REF SLP

S1418    Gill,N    Wynona M Lipman Ethnic Studies Ctr;$100K   REF SED

S1419    Gill,N    Teachers loan redemption prog.-estab   REF SED

S1420    O'Toole,K    Minor-proh. posting cert. personal info   REF SLP

S1421    Van Drew,J/Beach,J    Disab. vet.-St. contract set-aside prog.   REF SSG

S1422    Van Drew,J/Beach,J    Child sex crime-req. lifetime monitoring   REF SLP

S1423    Van Drew,J/Beach,J    Indigent vets burial-prov. funding   REF SMV

S1424    Van Drew,J    Crimes in cemetery-prov. addl. penal.   REF SLP

S1425    Van Drew,J    Arrest info.-req. guidelines for release   REF SLP

S1426    Van Drew,J    Vol. emerg. responders-excl benf, income   REF SLP

S1427    Van Drew,J    Parole inelig.-concerns repeat offenders   REF SLP

S1428    Van Drew,J    Tax collectors-issue blanket bonds   REF SCM

S1429    Madden,F    Hand-held device-exemp two-way radios   REF SLP

S1430    Scutari,N    Rutgers Scarlet "R"-estab. lic. plate   REF STR

S1431    Scutari,N    Amber Alerts-receive on wireless phones   REF SLP

S1432    Scutari,N    Television set, cert.-proh. sale   REF SCM

S1433    Scutari,N    Body armor-reg. sale and possession   REF SLP

S1434    Whelan,J/Kean,T    Innovation zone prog.-estab.   REF SEG

S1435    Connors,C    Pub. off., convicted-garnish pension   REF SSG

S1436    Connors,C    Pub. fd, stolen-garnish pension contrib.   REF SSG

S1437    Bucco,A    PERS Prosecutors Part-svc credit purch   REF SSG

S1438    Weinberg,L    Health benf. plans-continue coverage   REF SCM

SCR75    Turner,S    Pub. emp. retir. sys.-actuarial standard   REF SSG

SCR76    Connors,C    Pub. off.-proh. convicted person   REF SSG

SCR77    Connors,C    Immigration policies-Cong. enact   REF SLA

SJR26    Lesniak,R    Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Mo-desig Nov   REF SHH

SJR27    Van Drew,J    Broadcast media-study use   REF SLP

SJR28    Van Drew,J    Agent Orange Awareness Mo.-declares Oct.   REF SMV

SR39    Turner,S    Gun crime-urges expeditious disposition   REF SLP

SR40    Weinberg,L    Vaccinations-study health outcomes   REF SHH

SR41    Weinberg,L    Loc. govt. bds, part-time-concerns comp.   REF SSG

SR42    Van Drew,J    Merchant Marine svc.-honors   REF SMV

SR43    Connors,C    Immigration reform-President enforce   REF SLA

Concurrent Resolution Passed:

Providing for the Legislature to hold a Joint Session to receive an address from the Governor and to vote on the confirmation of Stephen Eells as the New Jersey State Auditor.

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S1301   (Doherty,M)    Shared work prog.-auth unemp. benf.

The Senate adjourned at 2:58 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, February 18, 2010 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “1” and “2” scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A2077    Cryan,J    Auxiliary police-mun. use for non-emerg.   REF ALP

A2078    Cryan,J    Bd. of freeholders dir.-auth. veto power   REF AHO

A2079    Cryan,J    Sheriff's sale of goods-req. notice   REF ALP

A2080    Cryan,J    Corrections off-paid leave of absence   REF ALP

A2081    Cryan,J    Child support pymts-accountability   REF AHU

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2082    Cryan,J    Legal notices-concerns electronic pub.   REF AHO

A2083    Cryan,J    Cosmetic med. procedure tax-repeal   REF AAP

A2084    Cryan,J    Cosmetic dentistry-elim. tax   REF AAP

A2085    Cryan,J    Internet auction-proh. cert. products   REF ACO

A2086    Cryan,J    Priv. sch. admin., cert.-concerns salary   REF AED

A2087    Cryan,J    MV rental companies-recover cert. fees   REF ARP

A2088    Cryan,J    Campaign contrib.-estab. lower limit   REF ASG

A2089    Quigley,J/Conaway,H+1    Safe Drop Off of Drugs Prog.-estab.   REF AEN

A2090    Quigley,J/Prieto,V    Harrison, Hudson Co.-auth. 33rd uez   REF ACE

A2091    Rible,D    Sch. bd. candidates-disclose contrib.   REF ASG

A2092    Conaway,H    St. prop, cert. unused-concerns sale   REF ASG

A2093    Conaway,H    TPAF-incr. cost of living adjustment   REF ASG

A2094    Conaway,H    St. off., emp.-post-emp. restrictions   REF ASG

A2095    Conaway,H    Emerg. med. svcs. delivery-revise req.   REF AHE

A2096    Conaway,H/Conners,J    Health Care Billing Data Study Center   REF AHE

A2097    Conaway,H    Sch. dist.-revises req., cert. training   REF AED

A2098    Conaway,H    Compulsory auto insur-permit opt out   REF AFI

A2099    Conaway,H    Health Claims Auth Pymt Act-expand scope   REF AFI

A2100    Conaway,H    St. Comptroller-concerns duties   REF AHO

A2101    Conaway,H    Health care prof.-utilize mgmt decisions   REF AFI

A2102    Conaway,H    Health care svcs.-deletes prior auth req   REF AFI

A2103    Conaway,H    DOBI-report cert. mgmt. decisions   REF AFI

A2104    Conaway,H/Conners,J    Electric pub. util-return on investments   REF ATU

A2105    Conaway,H    Loc. zoning ordinances-concerns viol.   REF AHO

A2106    Conaway,H    Voter regis drives-proh. mun, req permit   REF AHO

A2107    Conaway,H    Criminal case evidence-retain   REF AJU

A2108    Conaway,H/Conners,J    Voter intimidation-investigate   REF ASG

A2109    Conaway,H/Conners,J    Util shut-offs-estab. notice req.   REF AHO

A2110    Conaway,H/Conners,J    Light rail quiet zone-concern civil liab   REF ATR

A2111    Conaway,H/Conners,J    E-ZPass-discount, cert. frequent users   REF ATR

A2112    Conaway,H/Conners,J    Plastic Bag Recycling Act   REF AEN

A2113    Conaway,H    Resid. Drug Protection Act   REF AJU

A2114    Moriarty,P    Govt. records-changes pub. access   REF ASG

A2115    Moriarty,P/Chiusano,G    St-admin retire. sys-proh. cert emp elig   REF ASG

A2116    Moriarty,P    St-admin retire sys-calculation of benf.   REF ASG

A2117    Conaway,H    Deputy superintendent of elections-estab   REF ASG

A2118    Bucco,A    Burglary of resid.-2nd degree crime   REF AJU

A2119    Giblin,T/Vandervalk,C    Pub record-incl email, confidential item   REF ASG

A2120    Tucker,C    Playground equip, cert-disab. accessible   REF ATA

A2121    Chivukula,U    Reduce Plastic, Paper Bag Usage Act   REF AEN

A2122    Chivukula,U    Paratransit veh.-concerns reg.   REF ATR

A2123    Chivukula,U    Auto. rain sensor devices-concerns   REF AEN

A2124    Chivukula,U    Auto. rain sensor devices-concerns   REF AEN

A2125    Chivukula,U    Loc. pub. emp.-places comp restrictions   REF AHO

A2126    Chivukula,U    Dam restoration proj.-approp.   REF AEN

A2127    Chivukula,U    Home energy ratings-concerns   REF ATU

A2128    Chivukula,U    Solid waste transfer stations-concerns   REF AEN

A2129    Chivukula,U/McHose,A    Regulatory Flex Act-expands scope   REF ARG

A2130    Chiusano,G    Lake Hopatcong Comm.;$600K   REF AEN

A2131    DiMaio,J    Disbursement svc org, cert.-concerns   REF AHO

A2132    DiMaio,J    Prop. tax overpayment-permits refund   REF AHO

A2133    Vandervalk,C    Unclaimed Prop.-exemp. security deposits   REF AHO

A2134    Vandervalk,C    Obscene materials in sch-proh. fac. use   REF AED

A2135    Vandervalk,C    Students w/conflict of conscience-excuse   REF AHI

A2136    Conners,J    Natl. Guard memb spouses-prov unemp benf   REF AMV

A2137    Conners,J/Conaway,H    Child, resource family home-ed stability   REF AED

A2138    Conners,J/Conaway,H    FF, first aid vol, cert-estab death benf   REF AHS

A2139    Conners,J    Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act-creates   REF AMV

A2140    Gusciora,R    Civil Rights Director-concerns duties   REF AJU

A2141    Gusciora,R    Minimum wage-raises   REF ALA

A2142    Jasey,M/Evans,E    Charter sch. applications-concerns   REF AED

A2143    DeAngelo,W    Sch. bd. election-Nov. general election   REF AED

A2144    DeAngelo,W    St bldgs repair contracts-cert labor req   REF ASG

A2145    DeAngelo,W    Pub. sch bldg-req light bulb replacement   REF AEN

A2146    DeAngelo,W    Campaign contrib.-ELEC req. report   REF ASG

A2147    Chivukula,U    Solar Roof Installation Warranty Prog.   REF ACE

A2149    O'Scanlon,D    Govt. affairs agent-proh. svc.   REF ASG

A2150    Casagrande,C    Records Privacy Task Force-estab.   REF ACO

A2151    Casagrande,C    Constr. permits, fraudulent-civil fine   REF AHO

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2152    Casagrande,C    Leg.-controlled prog-proh. memb. loan   REF ASG

A2153    Casagrande,C    Voting machines-certification standards   REF ASG

A2154    Rible,D    Churches, cert.-prov. reincorporation   REF ARP

A2155    Albano,N    Peter Dandrea Section, Harding Hwy-Rt 40   REF ATR

A2156    Albano,N    Police cruisers-concerns useful life   REF AHO

A2157    Handlin,A    Pub. pension-suspend, cert. reemp.   REF ASG

A2158    Vandervalk,C    Synthetic turf-estab. moratorium   REF AHE

A2159    Munoz,N    Compression release engine brake-proh.   REF ATR

A2160    Munoz,N    Homestead prop. tax deduct-incr.   REF AAP

A2161    Munoz,N    St. revenues, cert.-concerns approp.   REF ABU

A2162    Munoz,N    St. realty transfer fee-allocates   REF AHO

A2163    Munoz,N    Matthew's Law Limiting Use of Restraints   REF AHE

A2164    Munoz,N    HPV vaccine-req. insur. to cover   REF AFI

A2165    Evans,E/Wisniewski,J    Handicapped parking-identifier signs req   REF ATR

A2166    Munoz,N    Homestead prop. tax reimb.-concerns   REF AHO

A2167    Munoz,N    Mun. library tax-concerns reductions   REF AHO

A2168    Vainieri Huttle,V    Jaden's Law-bone marrow donation   REF AHE

A2169    Vainieri Huttle,V    Electric mv, charge-util. upgrade equip   REF ATU

A2170    Vainieri Huttle,V    Martin O'Shea Open Pub. Records Act   REF ASG

A2171    Vainieri Huttle,V    Interscholastic sports-waive cert inelig   REF AED

A2172    Vainieri Huttle,V    Smoking, pub. parks and beaches-proh.   REF ATA

A2173    Vainieri Huttle,V    St. Dept.-estab. website, nonprofit info   REF ASG

A2174    Munoz,N    Emerg. svcs.-hosp. reimb.   REF AHE

A2175    Munoz,N    Govt. Functions and Svcs. Study Comm.   REF ASG

A2176    Munoz,N    Vet, housing finan.-create grant prog.   REF AMV

A2177    Munoz,N    Co. govt. effectiveness-create comm;$95K   REF AHO

A2178    Munoz,N    Pesticide applications-use silver flags   REF AEN

A2179    Munoz,N    Mail-in ballots-proh. party affilliation   REF ASG

A2180    Munoz,N    Leg. sessions-audiovisual recording req.   REF ASG

A2181    Munoz,N    Child sex crime-req. lifetime monitoring   REF AJU

A2182    Munoz,N    Diabetes research-estab. lic. plate   REF ATR

A2183    Munoz,N    Crim. street gang recruiting-crime   REF AJU

A2184    Munoz,N    MV, used-seller req. to submit form   REF ARP

A2185    Moriarty,P    Married couples-receive benf., one emp.   REF ASG

A2186    Moriarty,P/Greenwald,L    Sch. dist.-reduce admin. expenditures   REF AED

A2187    Munoz,N    Bill of Rights-estab. lic. plate   REF ATR

A2188    Munoz,N    Prison commissary profits-VCCA   REF ALP

A2189    Moriarty,P    Sick leave injury prog.-terminates   REF ASG

A2190    Munoz,N    Solicitations by attorneys-concerns   REF AJU

A2191    Munoz,N    Bone mass measurement-req. coverage   REF AHE

A2192    Munoz,N    Jessica Lunsford Child Prot. Zone Act   REF AJU

A2193    Johnson,G     Terrorist activity-train inspectors, id   REF AHS

A2195    Johnson,G    Cemetery Bd.-revises memb.   REF ARP

A2196    Johnson,G    Motor fuel dealers-display prices   REF ACO

A2197    Johnson,G    Cred. card acct.-age req.   REF AFI

A2198    Johnson,G    St-admin retire sys-application approval   REF ASG

A2199    Johnson,G    Cemetery, burial-accept SSI allowance   REF ARP

A2200    Johnson,G    Child remain in sch dist-parent deployed   REF AMV

A2201    Johnson,G    Builders reg.-prov. emp. id number   REF AHO

A2202    Amodeo,J/Polistina,V    Casino Reinvest Devel. Auth.-elim. comp.   REF ARG

A2203    Polistina,V/Amodeo,J    Beach concession stands-concerns permits   REF ATA

A2204    Polistina,V/Amodeo,J    Toll roads-suspend toll, cert conditions   REF ATR

A2205    Amodeo,J/Polistina,V    Prop. tax appeals, cert.-co. participate   REF AHO

A2206    Amodeo,J    Landscape prof.-concerns lic.   REF ARP

A2207    Conaway,H    Imaging ctrs.-org. delivery sys. network   REF AFI

A2208    Casagrande,C    Aggravated sexual assault-mand life   REF AJU

A2209    Burzichelli,J    Petroleum Manuf Retention Expansion Zone   REF AHO

A2210    Burzichelli,J    Homestead prop. tax reimb.-revises elig.   REF AHO

A2211    Burzichelli,J/Riley,C    Turfgrass fertilizer-estab. standards   REF ARG

A2212    McKeon,J    Green Acres prog. appraisal-extend date   REF AEN

A2213    McKeon,J    Income tax treatment, cert. loss-concern   REF AAP

A2214    McKeon,J    Photovoltaic equip.-concern incentives   REF ATU

A2215    McKeon,J    Green bldg. loan-qualifications   REF ACE

A2216    McKeon,J    Multi-family dwellings-water conserv.   REF AEN

A2217    McKeon,J    Highlands Region-concerns   REF AEN

A2218    McKeon,J    Energy efficiency prog.-expands   REF ATU

A2219    McKeon,J    Tax collectors-issue blanket bonds   REF AFI

A2220    McKeon,J    Vet. prop. tax deductions-extend elig.   REF AMV

A2221    McKeon,J    Rape care crisis ctr. grants;$250K   REF AHU

A2222    McKeon,J    Pub. bldg. energy efficiency-prov.   REF AEN

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2223    McKeon,J    Newborn Screening prog.-revises   REF AHE

A2224    McKeon,J    Posttraumatic stress disorder-coverage   REF AHE

A2225    McKeon,J    Plastic Container Recycling Enhancement   REF AEN

A2226    McKeon,J    Electronic fd transfer-disclose info   REF AFI

A2227    McKeon,J    Homeowners Equity Prot. Act   REF AFI

A2228    McKeon,J    Olive oil-reg. sale   REF ACO

A2229    McKeon,J    Water Supply Open Space Trust Fd. Act   REF AEN

A2230    McKeon,J    Homelessness Prev. Prog-prov vol contrib   REF AHO

A2231    McKeon,J    Home energy inspections-report analysis   REF AHO

A2232    McKeon,J    Island Beach St. Park prog-dedicate fees   REF AEN

A2233    McKeon,J    Stormwater Mgmt. Abatement Bond Act   REF AEN

A2234    McKeon,J    Water Resource Lands Prot. Act   REF AEN

A2235    McKeon,J    Sch. dist., small-share superintendents   REF AED

A2236    McKeon,J    Auto. rain sensor devices-req.   REF AEN

A2237    McKeon,J    Dental Sch.-expansion, renovation;$30M   REF AHI

A2238    McKeon,J    Plastic grocery bags-decrease use   REF AEN

A2239    McKeon,J    Retrofitted Green Bldg. Tax Cred. Act   REF AEN

A2240    McKeon,J    Green Building Tax Credit Act   REF AEN

A2241    McKeon,J    Pub off.-concerns political activity   REF AJU

A2242    Rible,D    Jewelry, secondhand-concerns   REF ACO

A2243    Vandervalk,C    Theft statute-broadens fiduciary term   REF AJU

A2244    Vandervalk,C    Pub. util shutoffs, resid.-notify police   REF ATU

A2245    Vandervalk,C/Schroeder,R    Parole elig.-limits scope   REF ALP

A2246    Carroll,M    Ammunition possession-permit cert. types   REF ALP

A2247    Carroll,M    Post-Viability Prot. Act   REF AJU

A2248    Caputo,R    Tenant illegal occupancy-adopt ordinance   REF AHO

A2249    Voss,J    Domestic viol restraining order-concerns   REF AJU

A2250    DeAngelo,W    Unfair labor practice claim-jurisdiction   REF ALA

A2251    DeAngelo,W    Workers' Comp. Review Comm.-creates   REF ALA

A2252    DeAngelo,W    Emp. contracts-proh. cert. provisions   REF ALA

A2253    DeAngelo,W    Pub. works contractors-apprenticeship   REF ALA

A2254    Quigley,J/Wisniewski,J    Handicapped parking zones-proh. towing   REF ATR

A2255    Lampitt,P    Higher ed. instit.-mental health records   REF AHI

A2256    Lampitt,P    Higher ed.-cert. parental notification   REF AHI

A2257    Spencer,L    Child support-waive lic. revocation   REF AJU

A2258    Spencer,L    Victim self-defense justification-create   REF AJU

A2259    Moriarty,P    Children's products containing lead-proh   REF ACO

A2260    Diegnan,P    Sch. bus, svc. life-concerns   REF AED

A2261    Coutinho,A    Ed. svc. comm.-concerns purch. of goods   REF AED

A2262    Coutinho,A    Sr. housing-install emerg. generators   REF AHO

A2269    Schroeder,R    English-prov. official St. language   REF ASG

ACR100    Conaway,H/Conners,J    Oral Cancer Awareness Mo.-April 2010   REF AHE

ACR101    Moriarty,P    Sr., disab. loc. prop. tax deduct-prov.   REF AHO

ACR102    Gusciora,R    Real prop. taxes-limits amount   REF AHO

ACR103    Munoz,N    Natl. Guard & Reserves-prov. finan. asst   REF AMV

ACR104    McKeon,J    Sales tax rev.-dedicate $175M annually   REF AAN

ACR105    McKeon,J    Water consumption-concerns fee revenue   REF AAN

AJR30    Conaway,H/Tucker,C    Rosa Park-issue commemorative stamp   REF ASG

AJR31    Rible,D    Ronald Reagan Day-desig. Feb. 6th   REF ASG

AJR32    Vainieri Huttle,V/Diegnan,P    Children's Product Safety Mo-desig Sept.   REF ACO

AJR33    Munoz,N    Eating Disorders Awareness Day-Feb.   REF AHE

AJR34    Casagrande,C    Rules of Evidence-amends   REF AJU

AJR35    McKeon,J    Bipolar Disorder Awareness Mo.-April   REF AHE

AR55    Gusciora,R    Gay, lesbian in mil svc.-repeal law   REF AMV

AR56    Casagrande,C    Freehold Boro post off.-cont. operation   REF ASG

AR57    Munoz,N    Special Mun. Aid Act-investigate mgmt.   REF ABU

AR58    Munoz,N    Yellow ribbons display-honor mil. troops   REF AMV

AR59    McKeon,J    Liquefied natural gas fac.-oppose devel.   REF AEN

Concurrent Resolution Passed:

Providing for the Legislature to hold a Joint Session to receive an address from the Governor and to vote on the confirmation of Stephen Eells as the New Jersey State Auditor.

Co-Sponsors Added:

A207   (Ramos,R)    Sheriff's off, co correction off-concern

A243   (Bucco,A)    Immunizations-concerns req.

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A303   (Chiusano,G)    Illegal aliens-impose hiring sanctions

A308   (Chiusano,G)    Hunting, fishing lic., free-cert mil svc

A883   (Chiusano,G)    Meetings of pub. bodies-concerns

A895   (Gove,D)    Mil. comp., cert.-exclude, income tax

A1376   (Chiusano,G)    Women's Right to Know Act

A1550   (Rumana,S)    Teacher certifications-concerns

A1684   (Gove,D)    Rx Prog.-estab.

A1685   (Prieto,V)    Pub. contracts-concerns

A1693   (Prieto,V)    Historic mv-concerns

A1844   (Chiusano,G)    Bow hunting, mil. lands-auth.

A1851   (Burzichelli,J)    Hist. Property Reinvestment Act

A2096   (Conners,J)    Health Care Billing Data Study Center 

A2115   (Chiusano,G)   St-admin retire. sys-proh. cert emp elig

A2129   (Chiusano,G)   Regulatory Flex Act-expands scope

ACR30   (Gove,D)    St. fiscal restraint-Statewide I & R

ACR98   (Ramos,R)    Wagering, in-person-allow at AC casinos

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A602   (McKeon,J)    Highlands transfer of devel. rights prog

A2075   (Evans,E)    Inmates parole-clarifies early release

AJR29   (Johnson,G)    Firearms Advisory Task Force-creates

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A167   (Bucco,A)    Pub. Advocate Dept.-abolish

A597   (Fuentes,A)    Monmouth Econ. Revitalization Auth. Act

A1090   (McKeon,J)    Energy generation fac.-concern permits

A1374   (Chiusano,G)    Rt. 24-dedesig. portions

A1847   (McKeon,J)    Dam restoration proj.-approp.

A2031   (Caputo,R)    FF, laid off-concerns hire

A2254   (Evans,E)   Handicapped parking zones-proh. towing 

AJR29   (Ramos,R)    Firearms Advisory Task Force-creates

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A1374   (McHose,A)    Rt. 24-dedesig. portions

Note to the 02/08/2010 Digest:

Bills Introduced:


A1919    Burzichelli,J/Riley,C    Telephone co.-proh. cert. charges   REF ATU *NOT* AMV

The Assembly adjourned at 5:07 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, February 18, 2010 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “C” and “D” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (2/8/2010):