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Vol. XXVIII No. 6                                                                               217th Legislature $ First Annual Session


The Members of both Houses of the 217th Legislature met in Joint Session to receive the Annual Budget Message from the Honorable Chris Christie, Governor of the State of New Jersey.



Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


      Richard J. Badolato, of Verona, to replace the Honorable Kenneth Kobylowski, resigned.



      Cathleen D. Bennett, of Haddonfield, to replace the Honorable Mary O'Dowd, resigned.



      Elizabeth  Connolly, of North Brunswick, to replace the Honorable Jennifer Velez, resigned.



      Richard T. Hammer, of Upper Freehold Township, to replace the Honorable Jamie Fox, resigned.



      Steve C. Lee, of Wood-Ridge, to replace Eric T. Kanefsky, Esq., resigned.



      Philip James Degnan, of Chatham Township, to replace Marc D. Larkins, Esq., resigned.

Bills Introduced:

S1432    Bucco,A.R.    Graduates-higher ed. report emp. data   REF SHI

S1433    Bucco,A.R.    Crimes on campus-report to loc. police   REF SHI

S1434    Bucco,A.R.    911, bin Laden's death-req. curriculum   REF SED

S1435    Bucco,A.R.    Univ., use design-build method-contract   REF SHI

S1436    Bucco,A.R.    G.I. Bill-prov. higher ed. benf. to vets   REF SHI

S1437    Bucco,A.R.    Del. Riv. Jt. Toll Bridge Comm.-abolish   REF STR

S1438    Bucco,A.R.    Maritime Industry Fd.;$2.2M   REF STR

S1439    Bucco,A.R.    Trans. proj.-estab. pub/priv partnership   REF STR

S1440    Bucco,A.R.    Modern manuf. bus.-prov. assist.   REF SEG

S1441    Bucco,A.R.    Solar panel installation-estab. reg.   REF SEN

S1442    Bucco,A.R.    Affordable housing devel. fees-concerns   REF SCU

S1443    Bucco,A.R.    Mun affordable housing trust fds-concern   REF SCU

S1444    Bucco,A.R.    Overcrowding-auth. addl. fines   REF SCU

S1445    Bucco,A.R.    Electronic Plan Review Sys.-estab.   REF SCU

S1446    Bucco,A.R.    St. aid-mun. comply with St. audit   REF SCU

S1447    Bucco,A.R.    Death penalty, cert. murders-restores   REF SJU

S1448    Bucco,A.R.    ATMs-req. emerg. phone svc.   REF SCM

S1449    Weinberg,L/Cruz-Perez,N    Casual milk sharing-estab. pub awareness   REF SHH

S1450    Pennacchio,J    Pediatric cancer research-vol. contrib.   REF SHH

S1451    Ruiz,M    Special ed decision-available on website   REF SED

S1452    Ruiz,M/Sarlo,P    Per pupil admin. cost limits-elim budget   REF SED

S1453    Ruiz,M    Dependent care expenses-allow tax credit   REF SBA

S1454    Ruiz,M    Early Childhood Dept.-estab.   REF SED

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)

S1455    Ruiz,M    Kindergarten, full-day-req. all sch dist   REF SED

S1456    Ruiz,M    Child care svc-expand elig cert sch dist   REF SED

S1457    Ruiz,M/Cunningham,S    Higher ed. gov bd memb-training prog req   REF SHI

S1458    Ruiz,M/Cunningham,S    Student finan assist prog-concerns   REF SHI

S1459    Ruiz,M/Cunningham,S    Higher Ed. Citizenship Equality Act   REF SHI

S1460    Ruiz,M/Cunningham,S    Pub. sch. teachers-loan redemption prog.   REF SHI

S1461    Ruiz,M    Ed. St. of emerg.-declare by Comm. of Ed   REF SED

S1462    Ruiz,M    Roberto Clemente Mem. Hwy.-desig. Rt.21   REF STR

S1463    Ruiz,M    Haz substanc discharge-proh removal cost   REF SEN

S1464    Ruiz,M    Full Marriage Recog, Civil Union Couples   REF SJU

S1465    Ruiz,M    Latex gloves-DOH devel plan to phase out   REF SHH

S1466    Ruiz,M    Legionaire's Disease-control outbreaks   REF SHH

S1467    Ruiz,M    Vacant prop.-req. registration   REF SCU

S1468    Ruiz,M    Storage of empty shipping containers-tax   REF SBA

S1469    Ruiz,M    Sr. housing-install emerg. generators   REF SCU

S1470    Ruiz,M    Food labels-req containing cert material   REF SHH

S1471    Ruiz,M    Sch. dist. personnel-concerns   REF SED

S1472    Ruiz,M    Teaching Pilot Prog.-estab.   REF SED

S1473    Ruiz,M    Teacher loan redemption prog.-estab.   REF SHI

S1474    Ruiz,M    Student w/disab-req teacher prepar. prog   REF SED

S1475    Ruiz,M/Vitale,J    Medicaid home visitation demo proj-estab   REF SHH

S1476    Bucco,A.R.    Vet, housing finan.-create grant prog.   REF SCU

S1477    Allen,D    Moose's Law-proh viol. working w/animals   REF SEG

S1478    Beck,J    Horse racetracks-slot machine gambling   REF SSG

S1479    Beck,J    Dog, used in higher ed research-adoption   REF SHI

S1480    Beck,J    Disabled, cert.-auth. free fishing lic.   REF SEN

S1481    Turner,S    HS student-estab community svc cred prog   REF SED

S1482    Beck,J+1    Jail time, pre-sentence-concerns credits   REF SLP

S1483    Beck,J    DUI, drugs-estab. per se standards   REF SLP

S1484    Beck,J    Gang criminality-clarifies definition   REF SLP

S1485    Beck,J    Instant racing wagers-permitted   REF SSG

S1486    Beck,J    Casino-estab. Meadowlands Complex   REF SSG

S1487    Beck,J    Race tracks-cigar smoking ban exception   REF SSG

S1488    Beck,J    Shadow Govt. Reform Law   REF SEG

S1489    Cruz-Perez,N/Cunningham,S    Pregnant graduate-ensures equal rights   REF SHI

S1490    Bucco,A.R.    St. aid to sch. dist.-adjusts   REF SED

S1491    Bucco,A.R.    Pub. sch. students-substance abuse prog.   REF SED

S1492    Bucco,A.R.    Domestic Security Planning Group-memb.   REF SLP

S1493    Bucco,A.R.    Child custody-addresses relocation   REF SJU

S1494    Bucco,A.R.    Arson, cert.-third degree crime   REF SJU

S1495    Bucco,A.R.    Crime victim-clarify impact statement   REF SJU

S1496    Bucco,A.R.    Terrorism-grant immunity reporting crime   REF SJU

S1497    Bucco,A.R./Pennacchio,J    Killed in Action flag-desig. St. flag   REF SMV

S1498    Madden,F    Emerg. veh.-req. removal of markings   REF SLP

S1499    Bucco,A.R.    Civil svc.-makes various changes   REF SSG

S1500    Bucco,A.R.    Fire safety issues-enhance, devel. appl.   REF SCU

S1501    Bucco,A.R.    Small bus.-suspend fines paperwork viol.   REF SCM

S1502    Turner,S    Voter regis.-changes deadline   REF SSG

S1503    Turner,S    Parole viol., cert.-decrease penal.   REF SLP

S1504    Turner,S    Trenton Police off addl 75-allocate $10M   REF SCU

S1505    Turner,S    Implanted med. device-driv. lic notation   REF STR

S1506    Turner,S    Powdered caffeine-proh. sale   REF SLP

S1507    Turner,S    Nannies-crim. background checks   REF SLP

S1508    Turner,S    Priv contract-notice req., cert. St. emp   REF SSG

S1509    Turner,S    Microenterprise training prog-estab.   REF SEG

S1510    Turner,S    Resid. proj.-enhances opportunities   REF SEG

S1511    Turner,S    Health insur. networks-concerns   REF SCM

S1512    Turner,S    Tiered Health Insur. Networks Task Force   REF SCM

S1513    Turner,S    St. contract-proh inverted domestic corp   REF SSG

S1514    Turner,S    Telemarketing sales-maintain recordings   REF SEG

S1515    Turner,S    UEZ sales tax-concerns   REF SEG

S1516    Turner,S    Deferred comp. plans-excl, cert. contrib   REF SBA

S1517    Turner,S    Casinos, smoking ban exception-elim.   REF SHH

S1518    Turner,S    Part-time Tuition Aid Grant Prog.;$7.5M   REF SHI

S1519    Turner,S    Executor-auth control, online accts.   REF SJU

S1520    Turner,S    Central mun. drug. court-co. estab.   REF SJU

S1521    Turner,S    Safe Playing Fields Act   REF SEN

S1522    Turner,S    Electric pub util-emer response plan req   REF SEG

S1523    Turner,S    Energy-conserv. prog., cert.-estab.   REF SEN

S1524    Singer,R    Child care ctrs.-concerns   REF SHH

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)

S1525    Singer,R/Connors,C    Caregiver rebate prog.-estab. $250   REF SHH

S1526    Weinberg,L    Nonprofit Social Svc. Org. Task Force   REF SHH

S1527    Van Drew,J    Buy-American standards-clarify   REF SLA

S1528    Van Drew,J    First responders-prov family leave insur   REF SLA

S1529    Van Drew,J    ID theft victim-cease debt collection   REF SCM

S1530    Van Drew,J    Advanced Manufacturing Council-creates   REF SLA

S1531    Van Drew,J    St. workforce needs-concerns   REF SLA

S1532    Van Drew,J    Withholdings from emp. wages-cert. pymts   REF SLA

S1533    Van Drew,J    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act   REF SCM

S1534    Pennacchio,J    Vet. id card-concerns   REF SMV

S1535    Pennacchio,J    Milk coupons-auth. use   REF SCM

S1536    Pennacchio,J    Aneutronic fusion-renewable energy   REF SEN

S1537    Pennacchio,J    Law enforcement emp. hiring-concerns   REF SLP

S1538    Pennacchio,J/Oroho,S    Cadaveric fetal tissue-concerns research   REF SHH

S1539    Bateman,C    Rd closure-auth, law enforcement agency   REF SLP

S1540    Pennacchio,J    Peace Off Mem Day-wear blue to honor off   REF SLP

S1541    Connors,C    Off-track wagering fac.-pub hearing req.   REF SSG

S1542    Connors,C    Surviving spouse, cert.-annual paid comp   REF SMV

S1543    Connors,C    Sales receipts-concerns acct. numbers   REF SCM

S1544    Van Drew,J/Cunningham,S    Small bus start-ups-income tax cred.   REF SEG

S1545    Connors,C    Drunk driv. offense, cert.-criminalize   REF SLP

S1546    Vitale,J    St agencies-allow ad, agencies' website   REF SSG

S1547    Connors,C    DUI suspended lic.-incr. prison time   REF SLP

S1548    Connors,C    Amber Alert sys.-concerns funding   REF SLP

S1549    Connors,C    Internet Predator Investigation Fd-estab   REF SLP

S1550    Connors,C    Intoxicated emp.-prev. worker's comp.   REF SLA

S1551    Connors,C    MV manuf. rebates-concerns sales tax   REF SCM

S1552    Connors,C    Real prop.-exempts cert. transfer   REF SBA

S1553    Connors,C    Estate tax refund claims-concerns   REF SBA

S1554    Connors,C    Energy tax rev.-pd. annually as mun. aid   REF SCU

S1555    Connors,C    Transfer Inheritance Tax-elimates   REF SBA

S1556    Connors,C    Vol. tuition cred. prog.-clarify courses   REF SHI

S1557    Beck,J    Pension benf. forfeiture-convicted off.   REF SSG

S1558    Beck,J    Camden for support of Cit Rutgers events   REF SHI

S1559    Beck,J    Rutgers, St. Univ. Contracts Law   REF SHI

S1560    Codey,R    Sept 11, period of silence-req pub sch   REF SED

S1561    Kean,T    Bodily injury crime-clarify encouragment   REF SJU

S1562    Barnes,P    Emp. practices, cert.-proh.   REF SLA

S1563    Turner,S    Undergrad. resid tuition-proh. cert incr   REF SHI

S1564    Turner,S    Umemp. benf.-determination w/in 3 wks.   REF SLA

S1565    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Haz. substance spill-fd. emerg. response   REF SEN

S1566    Sarlo,P    Drones-conducting surveillance, crime   REF SLP

S1567    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Dune excavation, cert.-concerns   REF SEN

S1568    Greenstein,L/Bateman,C+1    Pub. bldg. energy efficiency-prov.   REF SEN

S1569    Smith,B/Greenstein,L+1    Natural gas/oil drilling-proh. permits   REF SEN

S1570    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Storm shelter constr.-auth. mun. finance   REF SEN

S1571    Weinberg,L    Legal defense fd.-limits contrib.   REF SSG

S1572    Weinberg,L    Firefighters w/cancer-workers' comp.   REF SLA

S1573    Weinberg,L    Jobs, Trade and Democracy Act   REF SLA

S1574    Weinberg,L    Electronic Health Info. Tech. Fd.-estab.   REF SHH

S1575    Allen,D/Vitale,J    Right to Try Act   REF SHH

S1576    Allen,D    Ads by health care prof.-disclosures req   REF SHH

S1577    Van Drew,J    Animal cruelty offenses-revises   REF SEG

S1578    Van Drew,J    Animal cruelty offense-revises   REF SEN

S1579    Van Drew,J    Correctional fac.-concerns St. aid   REF SCU

S1580    Van Drew,J    Special law enforcement training-Class 2   REF SLP

S1581    Van Drew,J    Gang awareness training-DOC emp.   REF SLP

S1582    Van Drew,J    Bronze Star-prov. special lic. plate   REF STR

S1583    Beck,J    Vet, civil svc preference-concerns   REF SMV

S1584    Gill,N    Mun. Vol. Prop. Tax Reduction Act   REF SCU

S1585    Rice,R    MV Surcharge Community Svc. Prog.   REF SLP

S1586    Rice,R    Homeowners' assoc-concerns memb and mgmt   REF SCU

S1587    Turner,S    Parking placard-estab penal unlawful use   REF STR

S1588    Rice,R/Cruz-Perez,N+3    Lead exposure, low level-address effects   REF SED

S1589    Rice,R    Fare incr.-NJT incr. pub, hearings   REF STR

S1590    Rice,R/Turner,S+3    Vision screenings-sch. bd. conduct   REF SED

S1591    Rice,R    Sch. dist.-concerns St. monitoring   REF SED

S1592    Rice,R    Co.-wide purch. sys. for sch dist-estab.   REF SED

S1593    Rice,R    Resid borrower-forclosure forbearance   REF SCU

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)

S1594    Van Drew,J    St Comptroller-req. cert. recommendation   REF SSG

S1595    Van Drew,J/Oroho,S    Multi-species depredation permit-estab.   REF SEG

S1596    Bateman,C    Cosmetology St. Bd.-modify ed. lic. req.   REF SCM

S1597    Bateman,C    Mun. emp., cert.-concerns max salary   REF SCU

S1598    Van Drew,J    Dogs, homeowners insur coverage-concerns   REF SCM

S1599    Van Drew,J    Lic. exam-prof. bds report passage rates   REF SCM

S1600    Van Drew,J    Svc. dogs, in pub. fac.-train emp.   REF SLP

S1601    Van Drew,J    Music Therapist Lic. Act   REF SCM

S1602    Weinberg,L/Cardinale,G+1    Hist New Bridge Landing Park Comm-powers   REF SEN

S1603    Lesniak,R    PANYNJ-partially fd. rail tunnel   REF STR

S1604    Oroho,S    Right to Farm Act-recover atty. fees   REF SEG

S1605    Oroho,S/Bucco,A.R.    Bow hunting, fed. mil installations-auth   REF SEN

S1606    Oroho,S    Jurisdiction of cert. crimes-concerns   REF SJU

S1607    Van Drew,J    Health care svc. firms-concerns   REF SHH

S1608    Van Drew,J    Devel disab persons-DHS approve provider   REF SHH

S1609    Van Drew,J    Prop. rights-concerns time frames   REF SJU

S1610    Van Drew,J/Cunningham,S    Domestic viol. victim-prov. lease prot.   REF SJU

S1611    Van Drew,J/Cunningham,S    Elderly adults-guardianship monitoring   REF SJU

S1612    Van Drew,J    UEZ funding, qual. mun.-concerns   REF SEG

S1613    Van Drew,J/Cunningham,S    Telemarketers-display name and number   REF SCM

S1614    Van Drew,J    Animal cruelty offenses/penal.-revise   REF SEG

S1615    Codey,R    Eminent domain-restrict priv pipeline co   REF SEG

S1616    Barnes,P/Gill,N    Jury svc.-concerns   REF SJU

S1617    Barnes,P    Emp. discrimination, emp. status-proh.   REF SLA

S1618    Barnes,P    Unemp. comp.-limits cert. emp. contracts   REF SLA

S1619    Cardinale,G    Mun. stream cleaning-change restrictions   REF SEN

S1620    Van Drew,J    Manufacturing reinvestment acct. prog.   REF SEG

S1621    Van Drew,J    Mortgage relief prog., temp.-estab.   REF SCU

S1622    Van Drew,J    Disab. vet. prop tax exemp.-auth.   REF SCU

S1623    Van Drew,J    New Home Buyer's Bill of Rights-publish   REF SCU

S1624    Van Drew,J    Humane societies-concerns mun. contract   REF SCU

S1625    Van Drew,J    Diamondback terrapins-prov. prot.   REF SEN

S1626    Van Drew,J    Manufacturing apprenticeship prog-estab.   REF SLA

S1627    Van Drew,J    Util. rate incr.-Budget Committees veto   REF SEG

S1628    Van Drew,J    Emp. restrooms-allow cert. people   REF SHH

S1629    Van Drew,J    Mortgage Assist. Pilot Prog.-estab.   REF SCU

S1630    Van Drew,J    Foreclosure prop.-maintain interior   REF SCU

S1631    Van Drew,J    Foreclosure prop.-creditors maintain   REF SCU

S1632    Turner,S/Bateman,C    Light frame resid. constr-estab restrict   REF SCU

S1633    Turner,S    Expungement of cert convictions-concerns   REF SJU

S1634    Turner,S    Housing auth.-concerns housing assist.   REF SCU

S1635    Turner,S    Higher ed. instit.-estab. fee policies   REF SHI

S1636    Allen,D    Apprentices, elig-corp. bus. tax for emp   REF SLA

S1637    Allen,D/Rice,R    Apprenticeship promotions-prov. funding   REF SLA

S1638    Rice,R    Planned real estate devel.-enhance prot.   REF SCU

S1639    Beck,J    Police/ff-changes arbitration procedures   REF SLP

S1640    Van Drew,J    Domestic companion animals-exposure   REF SEN

S1641    Van Drew,J    Animal fighting laws-revises   REF SEG

S1642    Van Drew,J    Cruelly restraining a dog-crim. offense   REF SEG

S1643    Van Drew,J/Cunningham,S    Telemarketing fraud investigation unit   REF SCU

S1644    Van Drew,J    Teachers, Natl Bd cert-prov salary suppl   REF SED

S1645    Van Drew,J    Higher Ed. Manufacturing Grant Prog.   REF SHI

S1646    Van Drew,J    Higher ed.-tuition benf. vet. dependents   REF SHI

S1647    Van Drew,J    Student Safety Act of 2015   REF SED

S1648    Van Drew,J    Skinner's & Michelle's Law-death by MV   REF SLP

S1649    Van Drew,J    Laser pointers, cert.-proh. sale   REF SCM

S1650    Van Drew,J    Corrections off. injured-estab comp prog   REF SLP

S1651    Van Drew,J    St. correction off.-retitles   REF SLP

S1652    Van Drew,J    Josh's & Craig's Law-veh. homicide   REF SLP

S1653    Van Drew,J    St. veh.-reduce number   REF SSG

S1654    Van Drew,J    St. Veh. Reduction Task Force-estab.   REF SSG

S1655    Van Drew,J    Large capacity magazines-concerns   REF SLP

S1656    Van Drew,J    St. police veh, used-offer to fire org.   REF SLP

S1657    Van Drew,J    UEZ prog.-mun. submit econ. growth plans   REF SCU

S1658    Van Drew,J    Rt. 55 extension-devel., design   REF STR

S1659    Van Drew,J    Vet. Memorial Hwy. at Delsea Drive-desig   REF SMV

S1660    Van Drew,J    St. memor. maintenance-voluntary contrib   REF SMV

S1661    Van Drew,J    WWII Vet. Memor. Fd.-prov. vol. contrib.   REF SMV

S1662    Van Drew,J    Insourcing bus-corp bus, income tax cred   REF SEG

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)

S1663    Van Drew,J    Voters, mil. overseas-estab. pilot proj.   REF SSG

S1664    Van Drew,J    Realty transfer fee-elim cert components   REF SCU

S1665    Van Drew,J    Honorably discharged memb.-tax deduction   REF SMV

S1666    Van Drew,J    Transfer inheritance tax-concerns   REF SBA

S1667    Van Drew,J    Nat'l Guard, cert. comp-excl. income tax   REF SMV

S1668    Oroho,S    Lake Mohawk German Christmas Market   REF SSG

S1669    Oroho,S/Van Drew,J    Consumer Fraud Act-revises   REF SCM

S1670    Oroho,S    Vol. driv.-charitable immunity statute   REF SCM

S1671    Van Drew,J    Roadside accident mem. prog.-DOT estab.   REF STR

S1672    Van Drew,J/Connors,C    Combat to College Act   REF SHI

S1673    Van Drew,J/Connors,C    Fishing, recreational-estab. lic. plate   REF STR

S1674    Van Drew,J/Connors,C    Tpk. Auth.-representation, cert regions   REF STR

S1675    Van Drew,J/Connors,C    TPK Auth.-regular mtgs, various counties   REF STR

S1676    Van Drew,J/Connors,C    Striped bass-creates lic. plate   REF STR

S1677    Van Drew,J    Consumer Cred. Fairness Act   REF SCM

S1678    Van Drew,J    Apartment registration-elim. duplication   REF SCU

S1707    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Renewable energy portfolio standards   REF SEN

S1710    Vitale,J/Singer,R    Ambulatory care fac.-concerns   REF SHH

SCR62    Codey,R/Rice,R    Charter sch. reg.-not leg. intent   REF SED

SCR63    Van Drew,J    Vets, cert. totally disab-prop tax exemp   REF SCU

SCR64    Turner,S    Domestic corp contracts-enact H.R.5278   REF SEG

SCR65    Van Drew,J    Vet. prop. tax deduct.-prov. addl.   REF SCU

SCR66    Lesniak,R    DEP's proposed rules, regulations-proh.   REF SEN

SCR67    Van Drew,J    Mil. personnel, active-prop tax deduct.   REF SCU

SCR68    Van Drew,J+1    Vet. prop. tax deduct. elig.-extend   REF SCU

SCR69    Connors,C    St. govt. operating expenses-concerns   REF SSG

SCR70    Van Drew,J    St. approp. cap-estab.   REF SBA

SCR71    Van Drew,J    St. budget, balanced-concerns   REF SBA

SCR72    Turner,S      Tax income exceeding $1M-prop tax relief    REF SBA

SCR73    Connors,C    Amer. flag desecration-Cong. proh.   REF SSG

SCR74    Connors,C    St. fiscal restraint-Statewide I & R   REF SSG

SCR75    Connors,C    Pub. off.-proh. convicted person   REF SSG

SCR76    Oroho,S/Van Drew,J+3    Vol fire fighter/first aid-prop tax cred   REF SCU

SCR77    Turner,S    Tax treatment, oil companies-estab.   REF SEN

SCR78    Weinberg,L/Gill,N+2    Reproductive health care-commem.   REF SHH

SCR79      Beck,J    Horse racing-allow electronic terminals   REF SSG

SCR80    Beck,J    Casinos- estab. operation, cert co.   REF SSG

SJR36    Van Drew,J/Connors,C    Aquaculture-important St. econ. driver   REF SEG

SJR37    Bateman,C    Electronic Poll Book Demo. Proj.-conduct   REF SSG

SJR38    Turner,S    St. Commission on Urban Violence-estab.   REF SLP

SJR39    Bucco,A.R.    Osteopetrosis Awareness Week-desig. May   REF SHH

SJR40    Ruiz,M    Paraprof Sch Related Personnel Day-desig   REF SED

SJR41    Allen,D/Beck,J    Adopt a Shelter Pet Mo.-desig. September   REF SEG

SJR42    Pennacchio,J    Pedophile org.-AG investigate   REF SLP

SR25    Turner,S    Gun crime-urges expeditious disposition   REF SLP

SR26    Turner,S    Section 8 housing vouchers-incr fds.   REF SCU

SR27    Turner,S    Commercial & invest. banking-separate   REF SCM

SR28    Van Drew,J/Connors,C    Amer. Kennel Club Canine Good Cit. prog.   REF SEG

SR29    Turner,S    Minimum wage, federal-Pres. incr.   REF SLA

SR30    Van Drew,J    Shorebird/oyster industry-econ viability   REF SEN

SR31    Van Drew,J    S. Jersey Task Force on Heroin-estab.   REF SHH

SR32    Turner,S    College football-proh. cert. contact   REF SHI

SR33    Van Drew,J    Safe and Accurate Food Labeling of 2015   REF SEG


Concurrent Resolution Passed:


An unnumbered Concurrent Resolution providing for the Legislature to hold a Joint Session for the purpose of receiving the Governor's Budget Message was adopted (29-0).

Co-Sponsors Added:

S311   (Whelan,J)    Shore Prot. Fd.-incr. annual amount

S1482   (Kyrillos,J)  Jail time, pre-sentence-concerns credits

S1568  (Smith,B) Pub. bldg. energy efficiency-prov.

S1588  (Cunningham,S; Ruiz,M; Van Drew,J)  Lead exposure, low level-address effects

S1590  (Cruz-Perez,N; Cunningham,S; Ruiz,M)  Vision screenings-sch. bd. conduct

S1602  (Gordon,R)  Hist New Bridge Landing Park Comm-powers

SCR76 (Bateman,C; Bucco,A.R.; Turner,S)  Vol fire fighter/first aid-prop tax cred

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)

SCR78 (Cunningham,S; Ruiz,M)  Reproductive health care-commem.

SCR1500  (Barnes,P; Beach,J; Codey,R; Cruz-Perez,N; Cunningham,S; Greenstein,L; Madden,F; Pou,N; Rice,R; Ruiz,M; Sacco,N; Sarlo,P; Smith,B;                         

    Stack,B; Vitale,J; Weinberg,L; Whelan,J)  Min. wage-constit. amendment to raise

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S979   (Kean,T)    Pub. emp. health care benf coverage-elig

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

S1707   (Gordon,R)    Renewable energy portfolio standards

The Senate adjourned at 6:00 P.M. to meet again on Monday, February 29, 2016 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “1” and “2” scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A2797    Caputo,R    Arenas, cert.-concerns air quality   REF AHE

A2798    Caputo,R    Internet gaming affiliates-req. lic.   REF ATG

A2799    Caputo,R    Colorectal Cancer Research-tax contrib.   REF AHE

A2800    Peterson,E/Moriarty,P    Govt. payments-estab. securtiy standards   REF ASL

A2801    Caputo,R    Art District-estab.   REF ATG

A2802    Caputo,R    Elective off.-proh. cert. representation   REF AJU

A2803    Caputo,R    Casino lic.-apply every five yrs.   REF ATG

A2804    Caputo,R    UEZ bus. loans, cert.-allow tax deduct.   REF ACE

A2805    Caputo,R    War battle location-dev online hist tour   REF ATG

A2806    Caputo,R    Casino, outside AC-impose 66% tax   REF ATG

A2807    Caputo,R    CATV-allows credit against cert. charges   REF ATU

A2808    Moriarty,P/Burzichelli,J    Safe MV Rental Act   REF ACO

A2809    Caputo,R    Meadowlands Complex casino-66% tax   REF ATG

A2810    McKeon,J    Affordable housing-green bldg. standards   REF AHO

A2811    Caputo,R    Casino lic. Internet gaming website-ads   REF ATG

A2812    Caputo,R    Truth in Caller ID Act   REF ACO

A2813    Mosquera,G/Jones,P    Domestic viol.-concerns reporting   REF AWC

A2814    Mosquera,G/Jones,P    Domestic Viol. Tuition Waiver Prog.   REF AWC

A2815    Mosquera,G/Jones,P    Overseas Resid Absentee Voting-revise   REF AJU

A2816    Mosquera,G/Jones,P    Online voter regis.-secure website   REF AJU

A2817    McKeon,J    Eminent domain-restrict priv pipeline co   REF ATU

A2818    Caputo,R    Foreign corp, storing prop-proh. bus tax   REF AAP

A2819    McKeon,J    Electric pub util;new-estab standards   REF ATU

A2820    McKeon,J    Loc. tax collector/assessor off.-revises   REF ASL

A2821    McKeon,J    Photovoltaic equip.-concern incentives   REF ATU

A2822    McKeon,J    Pub. bldg. energy efficiency-prov.   REF ATU

A2823    McKeon,J    Deferred comp, loc govt-concerns invest.   REF ASL

A2824    McKeon,J    Billboard ad space-auth. loc. option tax   REF ASL

A2825    McKeon,J    OPRA record requests-deposit req.   REF ASL

A2826    McKeon,J    Homelessness Prev. Prog-prov vol contrib   REF AHO

A2827    McKeon,J    Eluding police off.-concerns   REF ALP

A2828    McKeon,J    Energy audits-estab prov finan incentive   REF ATU

A2829    McKeon,J    Energy audits-pd by societal benf charge   REF ATU

A2830    McKeon,J    Home energy inspections-report analysis   REF AHO

A2831    McKeon,J    Punitive damages pd-disallow tax deduct.   REF ABU

A2832    McKeon,J    Mun emp early retir incentive prog-estab   REF ASL

A2833    McKeon,J    Site Improv. Advis. Bd.-recommend devel.   REF AHO

A2834    McKeon,J    Fire resistance furnishings-pub bldg req   REF AHO

A2835    McKeon,J    St. permitting fees-exemp. loc. units   REF ASL

A2836    McKeon,J    NJBEST contrib.-income tax deduct.   REF AHI

A2837    McKeon,J    Sch. dist. tax levy cap-auth. adj.   REF AED

A2838    McKeon,J    Carsharing rentals-exemp., rental fee   REF AEN

A2839    McKeon,J    Sch. dist., high performing-monitor   REF AED

A2840    McKeon,J    Assault firearm manuf-St investment proh   REF ASL

A2841    McKeon,J    Income exceeding $1M-incr. tax rate   REF AAP

A2842    McKeon,J    Police off, cert-estab tuition cred prog   REF AHI

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)

A2843    McKeon,J    Retir obligation-concern local borrowing   REF ASL

A2844    McKeon,J    Haz. Discharge Site Cleanup-deposit fds   REF ABU

A2845    McKeon,J    Police, FF-estab. 5 yr. resid. req.   REF ASL

A2846    McKeon,J    Mun. adjusted tax levy-calculation   REF ASL

A2847    McKeon,J    Rape care crisis ctr. grants;$250K   REF AWC

A2848    Lampitt,P    Unused sick leave-proh. cert. pymts.   REF ASL

A2849    McKeon,J    Electric pub. util prov-solar energy sys   REF ATU

A2850    Lampitt,P    Suppl comp, accumulated leave-limits use   REF ASL

A2851    Lampitt,P    Pub emp-limits use, suppl comp for leave   REF ASL

A2852    McKeon,J    Manslaughter-upgrades crime   REF AJU

A2853    Lagana,J    Higher ed performance-based funding plan   REF AHI

A2854    Rible,D    Infrastructure prot. plans-file w/BPU   REF ATU

A2855    McKeon,J    Co. prosecutors' office-St. assume costs   REF AJU

A2856    McKeon,J    Judges-incr. mandatory retire. age   REF AJU

A2857    McKeon,J    Fiduciaries-clarify removal procedures   REF AJU

A2858    McKeon,J    Community Health Law Proj.-surcharge   REF AHO

A2859    McKeon,J    Marriage lic.-incr. fees   REF AWC

A2860    McKeon,J    Newborn Screening prog.-revises   REF AWC

A2861    McKeon,J    Stroke registry-estab. in St.   REF AHE

A2862    Phoebus,G/Rible,D+1    Retired law enforcement off.,-issue id   REF ALP

A2863    Singleton,T/Egan,J    Prevailing wage requirements-concerns   REF ALA

A2864    Phoebus,G+1    Overcrowding-auth. addl. fines   REF AHO

A2865    Singleton,T/Jones,P    Homeless shelter-estab St-wide database   REF ASL

A2866    Singleton,T    Health Care Consumer Cost Transparency   REF AFI

A2867    Singleton,T    Advanced care planning-Medicaid coverage   REF AHU

A2868    Singleton,T    Lieutenant Gov.-estab. salary and budget   REF ASL

A2869    Jones,P    Wills;optional-concerns registry.   REF AJU

A2870    Jones,P    Automatic voter regis-estab. pilot prog.   REF AJU

A2871    Jones,P    Substance abuse treatment-insur coverage   REF AFI

A2872    Jones,P    Sheriff's fees, arrest warrants-incr.   REF AJU

A2873    Jones,P    High sch grad req-computer science class   REF AED

A2874    Mukherji,R/Jasey,M    Student loans-allow income tax deduction   REF AHI

A2875    McGuckin,G+2    Min. wage incr.-proh. local units adopt   REF ALA

A2876    McGuckin,G    Anticancer oral med-limits upfront costs   REF AFI

A2877    McGuckin,G+1    Flood insur.-concerns   REF AFI

A2878    McGuckin,G/DeCroce,B    Fire suppression sys.-req. cert. sch.   REF AED

A2879    McGuckin,G/DeCroce,B    Util. repair-reiburse bus. finan. loss   REF ATU

A2880    Dancer,R    Oath admin.-taken before township mayors   REF ASL

A2881    Dancer,R    Sewerage auth. memb.-impose resid. req.   REF ASL

A2882    Dancer,R    Bail-concerns data about crimes   REF AJU

A2883    Dancer,R    Human trafficking crime-elim limitations   REF AJU

A2884    Dancer,R    Court cost waiver cert instances-concern   REF AJU

A2885    Dancer,R    Local Unit Electronic Tech. Pilot Prog.   REF ASL

A2886    Dancer,R    Fuel credit card svcs.-concerns purch.   REF ASL

A2887    Dancer,R    Electronic tax sales-estab.   REF ASL

A2888    Dancer,R    Parking meters, mun-exemp disabled pymts   REF AHU

A2889    Dancer,R    Child performers-concerns sch. absences   REF AED

A2890    Dancer,R    Sex offender-bars name change   REF AJU

A2891    Dancer,R    Selective Svc. reg-higher ed instit prov   REF AHI

A2892    Dancer,R    Sch. purpose tax collection-pymt. dates   REF ASL

A2893    Dancer,R    Vet psych fac-excl vet benf, calculation   REF AHU

A2894    Dancer,R    Lic. home inspector-background ck. req.   REF ARP

A2895    Dancer,R    Parking fees-anticipation in loc. budget   REF ASL

A2896    Dancer,R    Abstention by pub. body memb.-clarify   REF ASL

A2897    Dancer,R    Emerg. Demolition Fd.-concerns   REF ASL

A2898    Dancer,R    Communications atty.-client-requests   REF AJU

A2899    Dancer,R    Real prop. assessment calendar-revise   REF ASL

A2900    Dancer,R    Disabled-revise signage req.   REF AHU

A2901    Dancer,R    Prop. tax reward prog-mun. auth.   REF ASL

A2902    Dancer,R    Tax sales, accelerated-concerns   REF ASL

A2903    Dancer,R    Prop. assess. appeals-concerns   REF ASL

A2904    Dancer,R    Pub. emp. documents-concerns filing   REF ALA

A2905    Dancer,R    Parking signage-concerns   REF ATR

A2906    Dancer,R    Abused child-expands definition   REF AHU

A2907    Dancer,R    Hosp, non-profit-maintain prop tax exemp   REF ASL

A2908    Dancer,R    Human trafficking, prostitution-wiretap   REF AJU

A2909    Dancer,R    St. psych. patients-concerns maintenance   REF AHU

A2910    Dancer,R    Realty transfer fee-schedule termination   REF AHO

A2911    Dancer,R    Psych. hosp.-concerns pymts for costs   REF AHU

A2912    Dancer,R/Vainieri Huttle,V    Telepsychiatry-concern Medicaid coverage   REF AHE

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2913    Dancer,R    Arrestees' photos-pub. release   REF AJU

A2914    Dancer,R    Prop tax relief-incl income tax material   REF ARO

A2915    Dancer,R    Co. treasurer appt.-clarifies law   REF ASL

A2916    Dancer,R    Parking meter-concerns accuracy   REF ASL

A2917    Dancer,R    Judges-co. sheriff prov. security   REF AJU

A2918    Dancer,R    Internet publishing-proh. Mil. info.   REF AMV

A2919    Dancer,R/Vainieri Huttle,V+2    Transfer inheritance tax-elim.   REF ABU

A2920    Eustace,T    Generation fac., on-site-concerns   REF ATU

A2921    Eustace,T    Mun. consolidation-concerns   REF ASL

A2922    Eustace,T    St House Complex-env sustainability plan   REF AEN

A2923    Space,P    Bow hunting, fed. mil installations-auth   REF AAN

A2924    Phoebus,G    Med. svcs.-reimb. from inmate welfare fd   REF ALP

A2925    Greenwald,L    HS students-concerns finan. literacy   REF AED

A2926    Greenwald,L    Student loans-repeals law, suspend lic.   REF ARP

A2927    Greenwald,L    Student loans-concerns mo. stmts   REF AHI

A2928    Greenwald,L    Higher ed.-concerns student debt   REF AHI

A2929    Greenwald,L    Einstein Scholars Prog.-estab.   REF AED

A2930    Greenwald,L    HonorScholars Prog.-renames NJSTARS   REF AED

A2931    Greenwald,L    Inheritance tax pymt. due date-concerns   REF ABU

A2932    Gusciora,R    St. veh.-reduce number   REF ASL

A2933    Gusciora,R    MV, cert.-proh St fds for lease or purch   REF ASL

A2935    Gusciora,R    Health care svcs-concerns out-of-network   REF AHE

A2936    Gusciora,R    Casinos, smoking ban exception-elim.   REF ATG

A2937    Sumter,S    Redist-incarcerated person resid address   REF AJU

A2938    Jones,P    Mental health prof warning-seize firearm   REF ALP

A2939    Jones,P    Class Two special officer-concern duties   REF ALP

A2940    Carroll,M    St. annual approp. act-concerns   REF ABU

A2941    Eustace,T    Flood Prot. & Home Elevation Fd.   REF AEN

A2942    Carroll,M    Contraceptives-concerns   REF AHE

A2943    Singleton,T    Individual devel acct.-expand use of fds   REF AFI

A2944    Singleton,T/Conaway,H    Vet. Court Pilot Prog.-estab.   REF AJU

A2945    Quijano,A    Free Means Free Act   REF ACO

A2946    Quijano,A    Drones-conducting surveillance, crime   REF AHS

A2947    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Health care svc firms-excludes req.   REF AHE

A2948    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Blgs. occupied by sr. cit.-min 70 degree   REF AHE

A2949    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Diamondback terrapins-prov. prot.   REF AAN

A2950    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Combat to College Act   REF AHI

A2951    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Vet;higher ed-concerns academic credit   REF AHI

A2952    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Foreclosure prop.-creditors maintain   REF AHO

A2953    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Foreclosure prop.-maintain interior   REF AHO

A2954    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Shore Prot. Fd-incr amount annually cred   REF AEN

A2955    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Handgun permit-revises procedures   REF ALP

A2956    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Sandy-damaged structure-permits and fees   REF AEN

A2957    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Telemarketing fraud investigation unit   REF ACO

A2958    Diegnan,P    Prop. assess. appeals-concerns   REF ASL

A2959    Diegnan,P    Hearing aids-cert. audiologists dispense   REF ARP

A2960    Schaer,G    Prop damage liab-incl faulty workmanship   REF AFI

A2961    Schaer,G    Rape care advocates-concerns   REF AJU

A2962    Diegnan,P    Water supply operator-take exam   REF ARP

A2963    Schaer,G    Prot. for Individuals w/devel. disab Act   REF AHU

A2964    Diegnan,P    Timeshares, unpaid assess-limits on lien   REF AHO

A2965    Schaer,G    Autism Website-estab.   REF AHU

A2966    Diegnan,P    Peacetime vets.-civil svc. preference   REF AMV

A2967    Schaer,G    Registered family day care-10 children   REF AWC

A2968    Diegnan,P    Restricted use lic-mv offender may apply   REF ATR

A2969    Schaer,G    Adopted children-maintain religion   REF AWC

A2970    Diegnan,P    Derivative proceedings-applicability law   REF AFI

A2971    Diegnan,P    Corp. directors actions-concerns   REF ACE

A2972    Schaer,G    Pediatric emerg. depts.-impose cert. req   REF AHE

A2973    Diegnan,P    Corp proxy solicitation material-concern   REF ACE

A2974    Schaer,G    Adoption-child's religion, do not change   REF AWC

A2975    Diegnan,P    Corp. books and records-concerns   REF ACE

A2976    Schaer,G    Health care svcs.-concerns referrals   REF AHE

A2977    Diegnan,P    Foreign Country Money-Judgment Recog Act   REF AFI

A2978    Schaer,G    Cemetery company-concerns cert. fees   REF ARP

A2979    Diegnan,P    Non-fiduciary investment advisor-concern   REF AFI

A2980    Schaer,G    Cred. card purch-proh imposing surcharge   REF ACO

A2981    Diegnan,P    Assessment in school;allow exclusions   REF AED

A2982    Schaer,G    St. pymts., cert.-prov. options   REF ASL


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2983    Diegnan,P    Pupil trans. contracts-concerns   REF AED

A2984    Schaer,G    Health care fraud claims-penal.   REF AFI

A2985    Diegnan,P    Engineering Curriculum, Instruct.-estab.   REF AED

A2986    Diegnan,P    Co. career academics-renamed   REF AED

A2987    Schaer,G    Arbitrators-finan. disclosure statements   REF ARP

A2988    Schaer,G    Healthcare Disclosure & Transparency Act   REF AFI

A2989    Diegnan,P    Co. voc. sch. dist.-concerns   REF AED

A2990    Schaer,G    Health claims-concerns   REF AFI

A2991    Conaway,H+1    Identity theft-concerns passports   REF AFI

A2992    Schaer,G    Medicaid care-convert life insur.   REF AFI

A2993    Conaway,H/Pinkin,N+3    Diabetes self-mgmt. ed.-Medicaid cover   REF AHE

A2994    Schaer,G    Adult med. day care-incr prov reimb rate   REF AHE

A2995    Conaway,H/Wimberly,B+6    Sickle cell trait diagnoses-registry   REF AHE

A2996    Schaer,G    Non-viol offender-parole bd review cases   REF ALP

A2997    Conaway,H/Benson,D+3    Tamper-resistant opioid drugs-make list   REF ACO

A2998    Schaer,G    Standard Forms Contracts Act   REF AJU

A2999    Schaer,G    Investment veh.-expand range   REF AFI

A3001    Conaway,H/Benson,D+3    Pain med-restrict insur, limiting access   REF AHE

A3002    Conaway,H    Med Exam Bd-conduct internat crim check   REF AHE

A3003    McKeon,J    Svc/guide dogs-concerns NJT's treatment   REF ATR

A3004    Conaway,H/Mukherji,R    Med consultation assist grant prog-estab   REF AHE

A3005    McKeon,J    Traffic reduction-plan and implement   REF ATR

A3006    Conaway,H    Med. records-modifies cert. req.   REF AHE

A3007    Conaway,H    Health care svcs, cert-delete prior auth   REF AFI

A3008    Dancer,R    Santiago/Ramos/Liu Police Prot. Act   REF ALP

A3009    Conaway,H    Child custody during active duty-concern   REF AMV

A3010    Dancer,R    Sex offenders-report name change   REF AJU

A3011    Conaway,H/Singleton,T    Bd of Island Managers-concerns election   REF AJU

A3012    Dancer,R    Incarceration info-share w/govt agencies   REF ALP

A3013    Dancer,R    MV headlights-clarifies use   REF ATR

A3014    Conaway,H    Physicians, new-income tax deduct.   REF AHE

A3015    Dancer,R    Telecommunications personal info.-access   REF ALP

A3016    Dancer,R    Non-moving mv viol.-estab. time limit   REF ALP

A3017    Dancer,R    Devel. disab resid svce-concerns records   REF AHU

A3018    Dancer,R    MV viol., cert.-time limit for warrant   REF ALP

A3019    Dancer,R    Dyslexia website-req. DOE to estab.   REF AED

A3020    Dancer,R    Inmates transferred to psych hosp-finan   REF AHU

A3021    Dancer,R    Conditional discharge-codifies standards   REF AHE

A3022    Dancer,R    Involuntary commitment-court order req.   REF AHU

A3023    Dancer,R    Invol. commitment-prov. alt. standard   REF AHU

A3024    Dancer,R    Clostridium difficile infections-report   REF AHE

A3025    Dancer,R    Nursing home resid.-misapprop. of fds.   REF AHE

A3026    Dancer,R    Devel. disab. incidents-verify severity   REF AHU

A3027    Dancer,R    Telecommunications carriers-concerns   REF ACO

A3028    Dancer,R    Govt energy aggregation prog-proh notice   REF ATU

A3029    Dancer,R    Intersection, cert-desig alt emerg power   REF AHS

A3030    Dancer,R    Solar panel, cert. wetlands-estab. exemp   REF AAN

A3031    Dancer,R    Forest mgmt. prog.-concerns   REF AAN

A3032    Dancer,R    Farms, preserved-concerns   REF AAN

A3033    Dancer,R    Devel. rights-estab.   REF AAN

A3034    Dancer,R    Dog, potentially dangerous, reloc.-proc.   REF AAN

A3035    Dancer,R    Handicapped spots-exempt fees   REF ATR

A3036    Dancer,R    Customer billing practices, cert-concern   REF ATU

A3037    Dancer,R    Bail-bond agents-incr. lic. fees   REF AJU

A3038    Dancer,R    Electric/gas pub util-proh disqual resid   REF ATU

A3039    Dancer,R    Imposing a new fee-obtain Leg. approval   REF ARO

A3040    Dancer,R    Mil. comp., cert.-exclude, income tax   REF AMV

A3041    Dancer,R    Horse boarding bus.-clarify sales tax   REF ATG

A3042    Dancer,R    Cursive handwriting-incl. instruction   REF AED

A3043    Dancer,R    Olympic Game prizes-exclude income tax   REF AAP

A3044    Dancer,R    Game birds, cert.-sales tax exemption   REF AAN

A3045    Dancer,R    Realty transfer fees-concerns   REF AHO

A3046    Dancer,R    Combat Action Ribbon-auth. lic. plate   REF AMV

A3047    Andrzejczak,B/Taliaferro,A    Viticulture Trail Sign Prog.-creates   REF AAN

A3048    Andrzejczak,B/Taliaferro,A    Wildlife control on farmland-concerns   REF AAN

A3049    Andrzejczak,B/Houghtaling,E    Hunting, fishing lic., free-cert mil svc   REF AAN

A3050    Taliaferro,A    Winery lic.-concerns   REF AAN

A3051    Taliaferro,A    Farmland preserv inheritance tax deduct   REF AAN

A3052    Andrzejczak,B/Space,P    Dept. of Agric.;cooking contest-estab.   REF AAN


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3053    Houghtaling,E/Dancer,R    Travel and tourism div-concerns website   REF AAN

A3054    Dancer,R/Andrzejczak,B    Farm to Restaurant-estab. award prog.   REF AAN

A3055    Space,P/Houghtaling,E    Agric. co. products-auth. labeling   REF AAN

A3056    Taliaferro,A/Dancer,R    Food Bank Good Samaritan Act-extends   REF AAN

A3057    Phoebus,G/Andrzejczak,B    Farming operations-concerns loans   REF AAN

A3058    Space,P/Taliaferro,A    Farm to Sch. Coordinating Council-estab.   REF AAN

A3059    Dancer,R/Houghtaling,E    Farm to Public Institution-estab prog.   REF AAN

A3060    Andrzejczak,B/Dancer,R    Farm Fresh School prog.-concerns   REF AAN

A3061    Andrzejczak,B/Space,P    Farm to Sch prog-concerns recipe posting   REF AAN

A3062    Green,J    Affordable housing proj.-prov. tax cred.   REF AHO

ACR141    Caputo,R    Casinos, Bergen Co-Leg. allow   REF ATG

ACR142    Caputo,R    Suppl. Nutrition Asst. Prog.-demo. proj.   REF AHU

ACR143    McKeon,J    Extra-judicial activities-permits   REF AJU

ACR144    McKeon,J    Judges-incr. mand. retirement age   REF AJU

ACR145    Singleton,T    Lieutenant Gov.-cast deciding vote   REF ASL

ACR146    McGuckin,G+1    Sandy flood insur. claims-investigate   REF AFI

ACR147    McGuckin,G+1    Sandy flood insur. claims-investigate   REF AFI

ACR148    McKeon,J    Greenhouse gas cap prog-invalidates reg.   REF ARO

ACR149    Gusciora,R    Med. marijuana prog. reg.-not leg intent   REF ARO

ACR150    Gusciora,R    Tax income exceeding $1M-prop tax relief   REF ABU

ACR151    Diegnan,P    Microgrids constr.;mun.facility-urge   REF ATU

ACR152    Conaway,H/Singleton,T    Memorializes Congress to pass S.1980   REF ASL

AJR63    Caputo,R    Beer Wine & Spirits Wk-2nd wk. in May   REF ATG

AJR64    Schaer,G    OSHA-adopt cert. recommendations   REF ALA

AR93    Tucker,C    Police equip w/body camera-enact leg.   REF ALP

AR94    McKeon,J    Military atty. spouses-admit to NJ Bar   REF AMV

AR95    Benson,D    Mil exposure to waste- fund research   REF AMV

AR96    Dancer,R    Main St merchant-create sales tax parity   REF ACE

AR97    Tucker,C    Dept. of Defense svc. forms-auth changes   REF AMV

AR98    Gusciora,R    Suppl Nutrition Assist Prog-reduce fds   REF AHU

AR99    Diegnan,P    Interstate oil pipeline-conduct review   REF AEN

AR100    Dancer,R    Internet surveillance prog.-inform pub.   REF AHS

AR101    Dancer,R    Gypsy moth suppression efforts-prov. fds   REF AAN

AR102    Dancer,R    Anti-police rhetoric and viol.-condems   REF ALP

AR103    Taliaferro,A/Space,P    Child Nutrition Act of 1966-reauth.   REF AAN


Concurrent Resolution Passed:


An unnumbered Concurrent Resolution providing for the Legislature to hold a Joint Session for the purpose of receiving the Governor's Budget Message was adopted by voice vote.

Bills Received from Senate/Referred to Committee:

S92    Whelan,J    Overseas Resid Absentee Voting-revise   REF AJU

S96    Whelan,J/Allen,D+1    Gubernatorial election campaigns-finan.   REF AJU

S180 Sca (1R)    Bateman,C/Weinberg,L+1    Crime Victim's Bill of Rights-revises   REF ALP

S218 Sca (1R)    Holzapfel,J+3    Firearm w/in access to minor-incr. penal   REF ALP

S342 Scs (SCS)    Kean,T/Beck,J+4    Loc. officials-trans. to St. Ethics Comm   REF AJU

S708    Gordon,R/Weinberg,L    PANYNJ Transparency Acct. Act   REF ATR

S816    Weinberg,L/Codey,R+1    Handguns, personalized-sell by retailers   REF ALP

S976    Gordon,R/Beck,J    Clinical labs.-reg. rules, qual control   REF AHE

S977    Lesniak,R/Sarlo,P+2    Animals threatened w/extinction-concerns   REF AEN

S978    Lesniak,R/Sarlo,P+2    Animal parts/products-proh. transp.   REF AEN

S984    Smith,B    Solar Roof Installation Warranty Prog.   REF ATU

S987    Smith,B    St Oceanographer-estab. position   REF AEN

S988    Smith,B/Whelan,J+1    Wind energy proj., qual.-BPU approval   REF ATU

S992    Weinberg,L/Sweeney,S+8    Women-concerns equal pay   REF ALA

SCR38    Cruz-Perez,N/Pou,N    Puerto Rico Chapter 9 Uniformity Act   REF ASL

SJR11    Whelan,J/Oroho,S+1    Elections Tech. Study-13 memb task force   REF AJU

Bills Received from Senate/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

S993    Vitale,J/Pou,N+5    Suppl. Nutrition Assist. Prog-time limit  

S995 Sca (1R)    Barnes,P+2    Uniform Interstate Family Support Act  

SCR47    Gordon,R/Vitale,J+2    Suppl. Nutrition Assist Prog-time limits  


Co-Sponsors Added:

A156 Aca (1R)   (Jimenez,A)    Upskirting-expand crime of priv invasion

A222   (Burzichelli,J)    Library Constr. Bond Act

A227 Aca (1R)   (Coughlin,C)    Bus and rail svcs.-concerns curtailment

A231   (Eustace,T)    St Oceanographer-estab. position

A590   (McKnight,A)    Sr. cit.-distrib. notice,  prev of fraud

A846   (Coughlin,C)    Drug allergies-allow driv. lic. notation

A903   (Holley,J)    Domestic viol. statutes-expands

A1014   (Coughlin,C)    Personal id info.-exempts disclosure

A1016 Aca (1R)   (McKnight,A)    Full-day kindergarten-estab. task force

A1197   (Jimenez,A)    Domestic viol, child present-new crime

A1244   (Gusciora,R)    Sch. security-estab class three officers

A1273   (Diegnan,P)    Movers and warehousemen-revise penal.

A1348 Aca (1R)   (McKeon,J)    Motorists overtaking bicycles-concerns

A1418   (Jimenez,A)    Minors-concerns territorial jurisdiction

A1447   (Eustace,T)    Infertility-cover under cert insur plans

A1449   (McKnight,A)    Devel. disab.-gain benf, St. & fed. prog

A1461 Acs (ACS)   (Conaway,H)    Pedestrian, Bike Safety Advisory Council

A1633   (Phoebus,G; Space,P)    90-Day Law-revise time frame

A1869   (Spencer,L)    Min. & Women-owned bus.-St. contracting

A1919   (Coughlin,C)    NJT bd.-add two pub. memb.

A1949   (Dancer,R)    Breweries sell beer-cert. farm markets

A2061 Aca (1R)   (Jimenez,A)    Strangulation-aggravated assault

A2205   (Coughlin,C)    Bicycles-safely secured at bus terminals

A2322   (McKnight,A)    Leah's Law-caseworker safety

A2353   (McKnight,A)    Steroid use among students-deter

A2372   (Phoebus,G)    St. songs; desig. five

A2374   (Coughlin,C)    St wide gun buyback program-estab.

A2375   (Coughlin,C)    Electronic Waste Mgmt. Act-revises

A2376 Aca (1R)   (Coughlin,C)    Name change-criminal background ck. req.

A2568 Aca (1R)   (McKnight,A)    Emerg. assist.-extends cert. elig.

A2732   (Phoebus,G)    Handgun permits, other St.-recognize

A2750   (Eustace,T)    Women-concerns equal pay

A2919   (Space,P; Phoebus,G)    Transfer inheritance tax-elim.  

A2991   (Mazzeo,V)    Identity theft-concerns passports  

A2993   (Benson,D; Mosquera,G; Jimenez,A)    Diabetes self-mgmt. ed.-Medicaid cover  

A2995   (Tucker,C; Jasey,M; Muoio,E; Sumter,S; Pinkin,N; Spener,L)    Sickle cell trait diagnoses-registry  

A2997   (Jimenez,A; Eustace,T; Wimberly,B)    Tamper-resistant opioid drugs-make list

A3001   (Tucker,C; Eustace,T; Pinkin,N)    Pain med-restrict insur, limiting access

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A180   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Caylee's Law-report child missisng 12hrs

A1359   (Downey,J)    Shore Prot. Master Plan-update

A1867   (Spencer,L)    Emp. practices, cert.-proh.

A1880   (Spencer,L)    Lic. plate reader, automated-concerns

A2211   (Spencer,L)    Sr. housing-install emerg. generators

A2213   (Spencer,L)    Victimization, sr cit/disab-create crime

A2220   (Webber,J)    Loc. Unit Electronic Procurement Act

A2240   (Houghtaling,E)    Pub. libraries-CATV offer free internet

A2301   (Benson,D)    Devel disab-moratorium on resid transfer

A2310   (Webber,J)    Domestic viol offenders-elec. monitoring

A2318   (Benson,D)    Disab. person's resid.-concerns parking

A2333   (Webber,J)    Copper-based landline svc.-moratorium

A2343   (Webber,J)    Good Samaritans-not req to pay ambulance

A2354   (Sumter,S)    Tuition, fees pub institutions-concerns

A2360   (Lagana,J)    RR bridge inspection records-concerns

A2362   (Benson,D)    Devel. Disab. Awareness lic plate-estab.

A2370   (Benson,D)    Carbon monoxide detectors-req. in sch.

A2376 Aca (1R)   (Wimberly,B)    Name change-criminal background ck. req.

A2415   (Quijano,A)    Fire hydrants-concerns identification.

A2441   (Gusciora,R)    Unclaimed Property Admin-verify gov debt

A2482   (Gusciora,R)    Medical marijuana use-estab. emp. prot.

A2484   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Teachers-concerns loan redemption prog.

A2491   (Benson,D)    Solar photovoltaic panels-concerns

A2496   (Benson,D)    Vet.-concerns tuition-free, co. of resid

A2523   (Rible,D)    Electrical contractor's lic-concerns

A2640   (DeAngelo,W)    Pub. sch. fac, new-concerns solar panels

A2660   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Women-post prog and svcs internet links

A2665   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Newborn infant-extends health benf.

Second Prime Sponsors Added: (cont’d)

A2669   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Energy efficient bldg.-prov. bus. tax

A2706   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Bd. of ed-concerns subcontracting bids

A2731   (Space,P)    Firearm id cards-concerns purchase

A2732   (Space,P)    Handgun permits, other St.-recognize

A2750   (Muoio,E)    Women-concerns equal pay

A2756   (Benson,D)    Microgrid pilot prog.-estab.A2761   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Student loans, cert.-forgive

A2761   (Vainieri Huttle,V)   Student loans, cert.-forgive

A2772   (DeAngelo,W)    Vet, total disab.-elig, prop tax exemp.

ACR116   (Spencer,L)    Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights

ACR130   (Wimberly,B)    Suppl. Nutrition Assist Prog-time limits

AJR40   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Small Bus. Saturday-after Thanksgiving

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A795   (Mazzeo,V)    Jersey Fresh prog.:$1.6M

A1852   (Spencer,L)    Tuition expenses-income tax deduct.

A1860   (Spencer,L)    MV lic.-clarify restoration procedures

A1864   (Spencer,L)    Post-release emp.-concerns

A1887   (Spencer,L)    Minority recruitment prog.-estab.

A1923   (Houghtaling,E)    Manuf equip investment-corp bus tax cred

A1974   (DiMaio,J)    Home-baked goods-concerns sale

A2037   (Wimberly,B)    TDI benf.-concerns cert. pymts.

A2184   (Lagana,J)    PANYNJ Transparency Acct. Act

A2205   (Wimberly,B)    Bicycles-safely secured at bus terminals

A2223   (Mazzeo,V)    Main Street Economic Growth Act

A2347   (Muoio,E)    Corrections officers injured-comp. prog.

A2353   (Mukherji,R)    Steroid use among students-deter

A2354   (Webber,J)    Tuition, fees pub institutions-concerns

A2360   (Muoio,E)    RR bridge inspection records-concerns

A2361 Aca (1R)   (McKnight,A)    Disab.-proh. snowplow block access

A2370   (Mukherji,R)    Carbon monoxide detectors-req. in sch.

A2374   (Wimberly,B)    St wide gun buyback program-estab.

A2375   (Spencer,L)    Electronic Waste Mgmt. Act-revises

A2512   (Houghtaling,E)    BPU-concerning cert. decisions

A2563   (Wimberly,B)    St. tuition aid grant recipient-concerns

A2566   (Wimberly,B)    Response to Intervention framework

A2567   (McKnight,A)    Student participation, cert. assess-post

A2568 Aca (1R)   (Sumter,S)    Emerg. assist.-extends cert. elig.

A2669   (Benson,D)    Energy efficient bldg.-prov. bus. tax

A2690   (Dancer,R)    Law enforcement off-handgun carry permit

A2731   (Phoebus,G)    Firearm id cards-concerns purchase

A2750   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Women-concerns equal pay

A2777   (Sumter,S)    Suppl. Nutrition Assist. Prog-time limit

A2815   (DeAngelo,W)    Overseas Resid Absentee Voting-revise

A2816   (Eustace,T)    Online voter regis.-secure website

A2950   (Mosquera,G)    Combat to College Act

A2951   (Mosquera,G)    Vet;higher ed-concerns academic credit

A2993   (Sumter,S)     Diabetes self-mgmt. ed.-Medicaid cover

A3004   (Sumter,S)     Med consultation assist grant prog-estab

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A704   (Mazzeo,V)    Right to Farm Act-recover atty. fees

A726   (Peterson,E)    Sales tax holiday, cert. sales-estab.

A752   (Quijano,A)    Credit card interchange fees-concerns

A1131   (Wimberly,B)    TDI-estab. partial return to work prog.

A1256   (Wimberly,B)    Sch. nurse certifications-concerns

A1348 Aca (1R)   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Motorists overtaking bicycles-concerns

A1481   (Houghtaling,E)    Vet. prop. tax deductions-extend elig.

A1855   (Spencer,L)    Minorities, women-constr. training

A1930   (Wimberly,B)    St agencies-allow ad, agencies' website

A2184   (Eustace,T)    PANYNJ Transparency Acct. Act

A2223   (DeCroce,B)    Main Street Economic Growth Act

A2224   (Benson,D)    Secondhand Valuables Transactions

A2360   (Eustace,T)    RR bridge inspection records-concerns

A2361 Aca (1R)   (Wimberly,B)    Disab.-proh. snowplow block access

A2372   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    St. songs; desig. five

A2690   (O'Scanlon,D)    Law enforcement off-handgun carry permit

A2815   (Mazzeo,V)    Overseas Resid Absentee Voting-revise

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added: (cont’d)

A2993   (Wimberly,B)    Diabetes self-mgmt. ed.-Medicaid cover

AR21 Aca (1R)   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Hwy. maintenance-Cong. dedicate addl fds

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A752   (Peterson,E)    Credit card interchange fees-concerns

A846   (Wimberly,B)    Drug allergies-allow driv. lic. notation

A891   (Caride,M)    Cyberbullying-restrict internet access

A1120   (McKnight,A)    Abuse of persons who are elderly/disab.

A1197   (Wimberly,B)    Domestic viol, child present-new crime

A1449   (Wimberly,B)    Devel. disab.-gain benf, St. & fed. prog

A1919   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    NJT bd.-add two pub. memb.

A1934   (Wimberly,B)    Vet org.-exemp nonprofit corp filing fee

A2184   (Handlin,A)    PANYNJ Transparency Acct. Act

A2223   (Mosquera,G)    Main Street Economic Growth Act

A2690   (Space,P)    Law enforcement off-handgun carry permit

Sixth Prime Sponsors Added:

A1120   (Tucker,C)    Abuse of persons who are elderly/disab.

A1695   (Bucco,A.M.)    Interior light on-req, stopped by police

A2462   (Wimberly,B)    Mort. foreclosure-extend post-mil. prot.

A2690   (Phoebus,G)    Law enforcement off-handgun carry permit

Seventh Prime Sponsors Added:

A1016 Aca (1R)   (Wimberly,B)    Full-day kindergarten-estab. task force

A1120   (Wimberly,B)    Abuse of persons who are elderly/disab.

A1413   (Downey,J)    Mental health record-concern expungement

A2322   (Wimberly,B)    Leah's Law-caseworker safety

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:


*Effective February 12, 2016

Casino Revenue Fund Advisory Commission:

Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo (2)

Assemblyman Chris A. Brown (2)


Council on Armed Forces and Veterans’ Affairs:

Assemblyman Wayne P. DeAngelo (14)

Assemblyman Joseph Howarth (8)


Fire Safety Commission:

Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski (19)

Assemblyman Anthony R. Bucco (25)


Parole Advisory Board:

Assemblywoman Shavonda E. Sumter (35)

Assemblyman David P. Rible (30)


Joint Budget Oversight Committee:

Assemblyman Gary S. Schaer (36)

Assemblyman John J. Burzichelli (3)

Assemblyman Declan J. O’Scanlon, Jr. (13)

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments: (cont’d)


*Effective February 12, 2016


Joint Committee on Economic Justice and Equal Employment Opportunity:

Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt  (6)

Assemblywoman Gabriela M. Mosquera (4)

Assemblywoman Sheila Y. Oliver (34)

Assemblyman Benjie E. Wimberly (35)

Assemblywoman Holly T. Schepisi (39)


Joint Committee on the Public Schools:

Assemblyman Ralph R. Caputo (28)

Assemblywoman Mila M. Jasey (27)

Assemblywoman Sheila Y. Oliver (34)

Assemblyman Benjie E. Wimberly (35)

Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce (26)

Assemblyman David P. Rible (30)

Assemblyman David W. Wolfe (10)


New Jersey Alzheimer’s Disease Study Commission:

Assemblywoman Angelica M. Jimenez (32)

Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove (9)


New Jersey Commission on Capital Budgeting and Planning:

Assemblywoman Shavonda E. Sumter (35)

Assemblyman Declan J. O’Scanlon, Jr. (13)


New Jersey Historical Commission:

Assemblyman Craig J. Coughlin (19)

Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (25)


New Jersey Human Relations Council-Executive Committee:

Assemblywoman Gabriela M. Mosquera (4)

Assemblywoman Maria Rodriquez-Gregg (8)


New Jersey Intergovernmental Relations Commission:

Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak (1)

Assemblywoman Marlene Caride (36)

Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer (29)

Assemblyman Anthony R. Bucco  (25)

Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce (26)


New Jersey Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect:

Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (37)

Assemblywoman Nancy F. Munoz (21)



The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments: (cont’d)


*Effective February 12, 2016


State House Commission:

Assemblyman Paul D. Moriarty (4)

Assemblyman David P. Rible (30)


Note to the 2/8/2016 Digest:


Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A2777    Wimberly,B/Vainieri Huttle,V+1    Suppl. Nutrition Assist. Prog-time limit   REP 2RA *NOT* REF AAP


The Assembly adjourned at 6:06 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, February 18, 2016 (SESSION).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (02/11/2016):