for February 20, 2014


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Vol. XXVI No. 7 216th Legislature $ First Annual Session



The Senate did not meet. The Senate will meet on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 (SESSION/Budget Message).


Bills Introduced:

A2582 DeAngelo,W Bldg, tax-exemp-constr. prop. tax. exemp REF ASL

A2583 DeAngelo,W Bedbugs-post fact sheet on DOE website REF AHO

A2584 DeAngelo,W Sex Offender Mgt. Comm.-estab. REF AJU

A2585 DeAngelo,W Amber, Silver Alert-thru social media REF ACO

A2586 DeAngelo,W Energy Infrastructure Study Comm.-estab. REF ATU

A2587 DeAngelo,W NJT fare incr.-Rate Counsel evaluate REF ATR

A2588 DeAngelo,W Telecommunications svc contract-concerns REF ACO

A2589 DeAngelo,W Solar Equipment Purch. Asst. Prog. REF ATU

A2590 Kean,S White Swan Cleaners, Monmouth Co-cleanup REF AEN

A2591 O'Scanlon,D Amber light at traffic signal-lengthens REF ATR

A2592 Auth,R/Vainieri Huttle,V+5 Joan's Law-murder of a minor, no parole REF AJU

A2593 McKeon,J Internet pharmacies-reg. REF ARP

A2594 McKeon,J Traffic reduction-plan and implement REF ATR

A2595 McKeon,J Electric pub. util prov-solar energy sys REF ATU

A2596 McKeon,J Corp bus tax credits-purch fuel cell veh REF AEN

A2597 Singleton,T/Diegnan,P HS graduation req.-concerns courses REF AED

A2598 Singleton,T Individual devel accts-expand use of fds REF AFI

A2599 Singleton,T Vacant prop-register w/mun, req. maint. REF AHO

A2600 Diegnan,P Land surveying-concerns REF ARP

A2601 Diegnan,P Unemp. comp.-estab. disqual. standards REF ALA

A2602 Diegnan,P Mun. court-concerns fees REF AJU

A2603 Diegnan,P+1 Corp. agents-concerns indemnification REF AFI

A2604 Diegnan,P Dogs, homeowners insur coverage-concerns REF AFI

A2605 Diegnan,P/Johnson,G Law enforcement off-sexual training req. REF AHS

A2606 Dancer,R Child performers-concerns sch. absences REF AED

A2607 Dancer,R Prop. assess. appeals-concerns REF ASL

A2608 Dancer,R/Burzichelli,J Racetrack Growth & Devel. Fd.-estab. REF ATG

A2609 Dancer,R Nursing home resid.-misapprop. of fds. REF AHE

A2610 Dancer,R Child support orders-clarify termination REF AJU

A2611 Dancer,R Vet psych fac-excl vet benf, calculation REF AHU

A2612 Dancer,R Involuntary commitment-court order req. REF AHU

A2613 Dancer,R Minors psych treatment-concern discharge REF AHU

A2614 Dancer,R Alco. bev.-prov. three year retail lic. REF ARO

A2615 Dancer,R Inmates transferred to psych hosp-finan REF AHU

A2616 Dancer,R Devel. disab resid svce-concerns records REF AHU

A2617 Dancer,R Conditional discharge-codifies standards REF AHU

A2618 Johnson,G VCCB-concerns restitution REF ALP

A2619 Johnson,G Cemetary companies-concerns cert. fees REF ARP

A2620 Andrzejczak,B/Mazzeo,V Real Prop Revaluation Review Comm-create REF ASL

A2621 Andrzejczak,B Co. tax assessor-co. govt. appoint REF ASL

A2622 Andrzejczak,B/Riley,C+1 Tuition Equality for America's Military REF AMV

Bills Introduced: (contd)

A2623 Andrzejczak,B Animal cruelty-revise provisions REF AAN

A2624 Andrzejczak,B Sexual offenses, prior-admit evidence REF AJU

A2625 Andrzejczak,B St Comptroller-req. cert. recommendation REF ASL

A2626 Andrzejczak,B PAAD elig.-excl. vet. entitlements REF AMV

A2627 Andrzejczak,B St. correctional fac.-shift overlap req. REF ALP

A2628 Andrzejczak,B Natl Guard memb-suspend interest pymt REF AMV

A2629 Andrzejczak,B/Mazzeo,V Natl. Guard memb, former-tuition asst. REF AMV

A2630 Andrzejczak,B Prop. tax bills-contain tax relief info REF ASL

A2631 Andrzejczak,B Assist. dogs-approved by court REF AJU

A2632 Andrzejczak,B Svc. dogs.-estab. new crimes REF ALP

A2633 Dancer,R Pub. emp health care-proh multi coverage REF ASL

A2634 Dancer,R St.-admin. pension sys.-benf. exemp. REF ASL

A2635 Dancer,R Healthcare benf. plan-concerns REF ASL

A2636 Dancer,R St Forestry Svcs-transfer, Dept of Agric REF AAN

A2637 Dancer,R Vet. mobile sportfishing veh.-proh. fee REF AAN

A2638 Dancer,R Loc. officials, judges-communications REF AJU

A2639 Dancer,R Child exploitation-estab. new crime REF AJU

A2640 Vainieri Huttle,V Domestic viol-concerns restraining order REF AWC

A2641 Space,P/Andrzejczak,B Farm to sch, sch garden prog-vol contrib REF AAN

A2642 Andrzejczak,B/Riley,C Farm to Sch prog-allows contrib. REF AAN

A2643 Space,P/Riley,C Best in NJ "Farm to Sch." Awards Prog. REF AAN

A2644 Dancer,R/Andrzejczak,B Sch breakfast prog-website offer produce REF AAN

A2645 Vainieri Huttle,V Health insur. cert.-concerns REF AFI

A2646 Vainieri Huttle,V MV surcharge-rev to Special Need Housing REF AHU

A2647 Vainieri Huttle,V Virtual charter sch.-estab. max. pymt REF AED

A2648 Vainieri Huttle,V Gestational carrier agreement, cert-auth REF AHU

A2649 Vainieri Huttle,V Abandoned child support pymts.-concerns REF AJU

A2650 Vainieri Huttle,V Sch viol victim's family-pymts, excl tax REF AED

A2651 Vainieri Huttle,V Health Care Patient Ombudsperson-estab. REF AHE

A2652 Vainieri Huttle,V Nonprofit Social Svc. Org. Task Force REF AHU

A2653 Vainieri Huttle,V Svc. dog in taining-access pub. fac. REF AHU

A2654 Vainieri Huttle,V Monk parakeet-concerns REF AAN

A2655 Vainieri Huttle,V Become A Nurse-estab. lic. plates REF ATR

A2656 Vainieri Huttle,V Medicaid, demo proj, cover room/bd-estab REF AHE

A2657 Vainieri Huttle,V Domestic viol offenders-elec. monitoring REF AWC

A2658 Vainieri Huttle,V Innovative Svc Persons w/Devel Disab Act REF AHU

A2659 Vainieri Huttle,V/Gusciora,R Sex change-revise birth cert. procedure REF AHU

A2660 Wolfe,D/Rible,D Internet-St. agencies implement use REF ASL

A2661 Wolfe,D/Rible,D Voter regis.-concerns REF AJU

A2662 Wolfe,D/Schepisi,H Domestic viol restraining order-concerns REF AWC

A2663 Wolfe,D TPAF retired memb.-concerns reenrollment REF ASL

A2664 Wolfe,D/Rible,D Untreated sewage discharge-crim. penal. REF AEN

A2665 Wolfe,D Homemaker-home health aides-concerns REF ACO

A2666 Spencer,L Law Against Discrim.-makes changes REF AHU

A2667 Spencer,L Notice of appeal-30-day filing period REF AJU

A2668 McKeon,J Pub-priv program-estab level 3 station REF AEN

A2669 McKeon,J Pub-priv alt. fueling station-DOT study REF AEN

A2670 McKeon,J Plastic grocery bags-decrease use REF ACO

A2671 McKeon,J Loc env responsible bus-purch preference REF ASL

A2672 McKeon,J Homelessness Prev. Prog-prov vol contrib REF AHU

A2673 McKeon,J NJBEST contrib.-income tax deduct. REF AHI

A2674 McKeon,J Carsharing rentals-exemp., rental fee REF AEN

A2675 McKeon,J Affordable housing-green bldg. standards REF AHO

A2676 Conaway,H Pain med-restrict insur, limiting access REF AHE

A2677 Vainieri Huttle,V/Burzichelli,J+3 We Support the Arts-auth lic. plate REF ATG

A2678 Vainieri Huttle,V Contraception, emerg.-pharmacies stock REF AWC

A2679 Vainieri Huttle,V/Benson,D Domestic viol. shelters-tax deduction REF AWC

A2680 Vainieri Huttle,V Devel disab-forms req other than English REF AHU

A2681 Vainieri Huttle,V Children, DYFS care-not be home-schooled REF AWC

A2682 Lampitt,P Newborn infant-extends health benf. REF AWC

A2683 Mainor,C/Sumter,S Review Resid. Community Release Prog. REF ALP

A2684 Andrzejczak,B Menhaden Personal Use, Limited Sale Lic. REF AAN

ACR119 McKeon,J Extra-judicial activities-permits REF AJU

ACR120 Dancer,R Horse racetracks-auth. slot machines REF AHU

ACR121 Prieto,V Prof. Social Work Mo.-desig. March 2014 REF ARP

Bills Introduced: (contd)

ACR122 Andrzejczak,B St. lottery-fd. conserv. prog. REF AAN

AJR55 DeAngelo,W Food Pantry Donation Mo.-desig. November REF AHU

AJR56 Andrzejczak,B/Dancer,R Sch Garden Day in NJ-design Wednesday REF AAN

AR80 DeAngelo,W Cred. card customers, cert-interest pymt REF ACO

AR81 Dancer,R Tax exemp, mun bond interest-continue REF ASL

AR82 Dancer,R Gypsy moth suppression efforts-prov. fds REF AAN

AR83 Vainieri Huttle,V Woodbridge Devel. Ctr.-support lawsuit REF AHU

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A369 Caputo,R/Burzichelli,J Casino instit. investors-concerns REP

A636 Aca (1R) Moriarty,P/Diegnan,P Retail food estab.-uniform standards req REP/ACA

A815 Aca (1R) Coughlin,C/Ciattarelli,J Canvassers-background check REP/ACA

A931 Aca (1R) Brown,C.A./Moriarty,P+3 Appliance sales-water damage disclosure REP/ACA

A1071 Schaer,G+1 Electric pub. util.-priority restoration REP

A1080 Vainieri Huttle,V/Jimenez,A+1 Smoking, pub. parks and beaches-proh. REP

A1242 Prieto,V/Mainor,C+1 Alarm bus. licensees-revise law REP

A1396 Aca (1R) Wimberly,B/Jasey,M+8 Reader Privacy Act-enacts REP/ACA

A1423 Caride,M/Prieto,V+3 Notaries public-concerns REP

A1783 McKeon,J/Rible,D+2 Art Therapist Lic. Act REP

A1974 Riley,C/Mainor,C+4 Graduates-higher ed. report emp. data REP

A2218 Aca (1R) Chivukula,U St. adv. cyberinfrastructure consortium REP/ACA

A2385 Aca (1R) Chivukula,U/McKeon,J+1 Mun. shared svc. energy auth-creates REP/ACA

A2404 Aca (1R) Benson,D/Eustace,T+1 Resid community release prog.-concerns REP/ACA

A2568 Green,J/Prieto,V+1 Superstorm Sandy fed. aid-distribution REP

A2683 Mainor,C/Sumter,S Review Resid. Community Release Prog. REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A470 Aca (1R) Green,J/Singleton,T+8 Resid. Foreclosure Transformation Act REP/ACA REF AAP

A839 Mainor,C/Wilson,G+1 Resid. community release prog.-concerns REP REF AAP

A840 Mainor,C/Watson Coleman,B+2 Halfway houses-concerns release prog. REP REF AAP

A955 Singleton,T/Green,J+8 Mortgage Assist. Pilot Prog.-estab. REP REF AAP

A1025 Benson,D/Mazzeo,V+1 Sex offender in halfway house-notify pub REP REF AAP

A1816 Wilson,G/Mainor,C Halfway houses-concerns contracts REP REF AAP

Bills Transferred:

A1025 Benson,D/Mazzeo,V+1 Sex offender in halfway house-notify pub FROM AJU TO ALP

A2293 Oliver,S/Watson Coleman,B Hurricane Sandy recovery fds.-oversight FROM ARO TO ASL

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A205 Gusciora,R/Caride,M+4 MV lamps-req. to be in working order FROM ATR

A390 Bucco,A.M./Carroll,M+2 High ed. instit.-proh. cert. admissions FROM AHI

A403 Bucco,A.M./Lagana,J Shared svcs.-tax bill show savings info. FROM ASL

A404 Bucco,A.M. St. mandates on mun.-concerns FROM ARO

A405 Bucco,A.M./Chivukula,U Pub-priv alt. fueling station pilot prog FROM AEN

A796 Coughlin,C/O'Donnell,J Pub. emp.-SHBP prov. cert. info. FROM ASL

A802 Coughlin,C/Quijano,A+3 Criminal impersonation-clarifies FROM ALP

A808 Coughlin,C/Johnson,G+2 Offenders, cert.-perform community svc. FROM ALP

A811 Coughlin,C/Eustace,T+4 Landlord-tenant disputes-atty. fees FROM AHO

A852 Mainor,C/Bramnick,J+10 Dusty's Law-killing svc. dog, crim penal FROM ALP

A1878 Burzichelli,J/Rumana,S+2 OAL-modifies process, cert case hearings FROM ARO

A1888 Burzichelli,J/Moriarty,P Jewelry, used-maintain cert. record req. FROM ACO

A1893 Burzichelli,J/Egan,J+4 St depts-concerns cert fees FROM ACU

A1896 Burzichelli,J/Eustace,T+10 Offender, released from custody-notify FROM AJU

A1901 Burzichelli,J/Rumana,S+1 Revised Uniform Limited Liab. Co. Act FROM ARO

AJR18 Bucco,A.M. Foster Care Mo.-desig. May, each yr. FROM AHU



Co-Sponsors Added:

A126 Aca (1R) (Wilson,G) Vet Memorial Cemetery-income tax contrib

A273 (Wimberly,B) Pub. util. rate incr.-hold pub. hearings

A419 (Wimberly,B) Crime victim-clarify impact statement

A445 (Wimberly,B) Personal id info.-exempts disclosure

A473 (Wimberly,B) Health Care Fac Repurposing Tax Cred Act

A535 (Wilson,G) Agric. driv. lic-reestab driv privileges

A571 (Wimberly,B) Online voter regis.-secure website

A580 (Wimberly,B) Natural gas veh.-bus., income tax cred.

A582 (Wimberly,B) Overseas Resid Absentee Voting-revise

A584 (Wimberly,B) Alimony-proh., domestic viol. offender

A622 (Ciattarelli,J) Dextromethorphan-proh. sale to minors

A625 (Gusciora,R) Unsolicited checks, cert.-proh.

A659 (Wimberly,B) Redist.-count incarcerated individuals

A661 (Wimberly,B) Income tax rates-lowers over 3 yr period

A662 (Wimberly,B) Income tax rates-lowers over 3 yr period

A663 (Wimberly,B) Income tax rates-lowers over 3 yr period

A664 (Wimberly,B) Income tax rates-lowers, cert. taxpayers

A682 (Wimberly,B) Juror challenge-supreme court administer

A683 (Wimberly,B) Mail-in ballot application-polling place

A810 (Gove,D; Wilson,G) Vet org.-exemp nonprofit corp filing fee

A818 (Johnson,G) Superstorm Sandy Victims' Bill of Rights

A829 (Wimberly,B) E-Lic. Study Commission-estab.

A831 (Wimberly,B) Small Bus, Minority Linked Deposit Prog.

A839 (Jimenez,A) Resid. community release prog.-concerns

A840 (Jimenez,A) Halfway houses-concerns release prog.

A891 (Wimberly,B) MV accident reports-restricts access

A892 (Wimberly,B; O'Donnell,J) Jessica Lunsford Act-assault on child

A904 (Benson,D; Wimberly,B) Jessica Lunsford Act-enacts

A943 (Wimberly,B) Energy efficiency-small bus qual, loans

A955 (Jasey,M) Mortgage Assist. Pilot Prog.-estab.

A1002 (Wimberly,B) Hybrid electric veh. purch.-tax cred.

A1014 (Wimberly,B) Electric pub util-emer response plan req

A1025 (Wilson,G) Sex offender in halfway house-notify pub

A1324 (Giblin,T) Student loan interest-prov. tax cred.

A1359 (Kean,S) Food labels-req containing cert material

A1363 (Wimberly,B) Sch. bd. memb. candidates-concerns

A1675 (Wimberly,B) Probation emp.-trans. to St. Parole Bd.

A1681 (Lagana,J) Sr. homeowners-exempt, mun. permit fees

A1697 (Wimberly,B) Wind energy fac. devel.-allow tax credit

A1702 (Lagana,J) Voter regis.-concerns polling place

A1836 (Wimberly,B) Small bus., life science-grant prog.

A1889 (Casagrande,C) Loc. tax levy cap-provisions of svcs.

A1903 (Brown,C.A.) Internet gaming equip.-concerns

A1939 (Handlin,A; Johnson,G) Vol. physicians, cert.-civil immunity

A1955 Aca (1R) (Wilson,G) Trees, sapling destruction-revise penal.

A1973 (Wimberly,B) Child support orders-concerns

A1975 (Garcia,C) Domestic viol, child present-new crime

A1983 (Wimberly,B) Text messaging-concerns civil liab.

A2019 (Mosquera,G) Vet.-waive higher ed. application fees

A2025 (Wimberly,B) Prof. svcs. during emerg.-grant immunity

A2108 (O'Donnell,J; Sumter,S; Singleton,T; Chivukula,U; Wimberly,B; Mainor,C; Stender,L; Watson Coleman,B; Giblin,T; Cryan,J) Drilling

techniques, cert.-concerns

A2143 (McKeon,J) Safe Playing Fields Act

A2160 (Caputo,R; Andrzejczak,B; Kean,S) St. hotel, motel occupancy fee rev.-incr

A2183 (Wilson,G) Battlefield to Boardroom Act

A2184 (Wilson,G) Vet. death certificate-concerns

A2187 (Wilson,G) Housing Assist. for Vets. Act-estab.

A2213 (Wimberly,B) New Jobs for NJ Act

A2236 (Mukherji,R) Coll. Affordability Study Comm.

A2385 Aca (1R) (Fiocchi,S) Mun. shared svc. energy auth-creates

A2404 Aca (1R) (Wilson,G) Resid community release prog.-concerns

A2461 (Benson,D) Finan. exploitation of elderly-offense

A2568 (Jasey,M) Superstorm Sandy fed. aid-distribution

A2622 (Lagana,J) Tuition Equality for America's Military

ACR56 (DeAngelo,W) Vets, totally disab-grant prop tax exemp

AR40 (Johnson,G) Patient Prot, Affordable Care Act-grant

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A101 (Lagana,J) Jobs Prot. Act-verification of emp. req.

A273 (Lagana,J) Pub. util. rate incr.-hold pub. hearings

A347 Aca (1R) (Lagana,J) Foreclosured prop.-cred remedy code viol

A845 (Lagana,J) Alimony-revises laws

A857 (Lagana,J) Tipped workers-incr. min. wage

A967 (Lagana,J) Per Capita Library Aid;$3M

A1840 (Lagana,J) Higher ed. instit-post budget on website

A2186 (Lagana,J) Breakfast after the bell prog-mandates

Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A394 (Bucco,A.M.) Bow hunting, fed. mil installations-auth

A413 (Bucco,A.M.) Pub. sch. student-substance abuse prev.

A862 (Sumter,S) Vet-estab pilot prog, security training

A866 (Sumter,S) Leave, benf. prog, cert.-concerns elig.

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A460 (Wimberly,B) Pub. util. svc. extensions-proh BPU auth

A573 (Wimberly,B) Telephone-reg svc discontinuance notice

A636 Aca (1R) (Diegnan,P) Retail food estab.-uniform standards req

A647 (Eustace,T) Nurse staffing standards-estab.

A1025 (Mazzeo,V) Sex offender in halfway house-notify pub

A1093 (Wimberly,B) Societal benf charge fds-concerns alloc.

A1429 (Mosquera,G) Communication between emp/student-policy

A1640 (Mosquera,G) Family First Emp. Act-enacts

A1660 (Wimberly,B) Juror comp.-incr.

A1766 (Wimberly,B) US Senate vacancy-Gov. make temp. appt.

A1812 (Mosquera,G) Lemon Law-extend prot. to farm equip.

A2117 (Pinkin,N) Coastal Commission-creates

A2158 (Benson,D) Auto insur. fraud prev. measures-estab.

A2230 (Lagana,J) Elections, cert.-available to vote early

A2236 (Wisniewski,J) Coll. Affordability Study Comm.

A2260 (Riley,C) Student assist. coordinators-employ

A2267 (Quijano,A) Police uniform id cards-issue

A2269 (Kean,S) Home elevation contractor-prov standards

A2271 (Quijano,A) Commercial driv. lic. fee-waive for vets

A2281 (Lagana,J) Insur. fraud-concerns

A2345 (Mosquera,G) The Wage Transparency Act

A2404 Aca (1R) (Eustace,T) Resid community release prog.-concerns

A2459 (Chivukula,U) Copper-based landline svc.-moratorium

A2473 (Benson,D) Developmental disab.-concerns support

A2500 (Jimenez,A) Sows, pregnant during gestation-concerns

A2539 (Handlin,A) Domestic viol. Internet registry-estab.

A2544 (Johnson,G) Jobs, Trade and Democracy Act

ACR64 (Wimberly,B) Communication Decency Act, 1996-amend.

ACR101 (Lagana,J) Sr. cit., disab. prop. tax deduct.-incr.

ACR102 (Quijano,A) Vet. prop. tax deduct.-incr.

Second Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A968 (Lagana,J) Pub. sch. teachers-loan redemption prog.

A990 (Lagana,J) Common Core St Standards Eval Task Force

A1946 (Lagana,J) Compounding Pharmacy Qual Assurance Act

A2108 (Lagana,J) Drilling techniques, cert.-concerns

A2151 (Lagana,J) Hydraulic fracturing-proh. technique

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A465 (Wimberly,B) UEZ-concerns

A815 Aca (1R) (Diegnan,P) Canvassers-background check

A849 (Wimberly,B) Gunfire locator on util. poles-proh.

A966 (Wimberly,B) Cybersecurity investment tax cred. prog.

Third Prime Sponsors Added: (contd)

A1019 (Wimberly,B) Trans., Haz. Walking Routes Act

A1025 (Eustace,T) Sex offender in halfway house-notify pub

A1032 (Wimberly,B) Reliability Prepared Storm Response Act

A1101 (Sumter,S) Let Them Be Little Act-Hunter syndrome

A1404 (McKeon,J) Michelle Sous' Law-blood sample req.

A1429 (Jimenez,A) Communication between emp/student-policy

A1476 (Jimenez,A) Nursing svcs, nonpub. sch-concerns prov.

A1662 (Wimberly,B) ID theft-expungement of cert. records

A1684 (Lagana,J) Firefighters, experienced-exemp cert req

A1726 (Mosquera,G) Flood Hazard Area Control Act

A1910 (Wimberly,B) Bail-estab. non-monetary alternatives

A1911 (Brown,C.A.) Foreign Internet wagering-operator lic.

A1955 Aca (1R) (Mosquera,G) Trees, sapling destruction-revise penal.

A2158 (Lagana,J) Auto insur. fraud prev. measures-estab.

A2236 (Benson,D) Coll. Affordability Study Comm.

A2332 (DeCroce,B) Pub. meetings-pub. notice on website

A2345 (Johnson,G) The Wage Transparency Act

A2404 Aca (1R) (Mazzeo,V) Resid community release prog.-concerns

A2463 (Benson,D) Innovation Council Prog.-creates

A2500 (Giblin,T) Sows, pregnant during gestation-concerns

A2539 (Garcia,C) Domestic viol. Internet registry-estab.

A2608 (Singleton,T) Racetrack Growth & Devel. Fd.-estab.

A2622 (Mazzeo,V) Tuition Equality for America's Military

ACR118 (Jimenez,A) Ed. Adequacy Report-recommendations

AR54 (Wimberly,B) Voting discrimination-devel. new formula

AR74 (Coughlin,C) Career and Tech. Ed. Mo.-February 2013

Third Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A368 (Lagana,J) Pol. contrib. by hedge fds.-limits

A421 (Lagana,J) Newborn screening prog-expands disorders

A679 (Lagana,J) Sch. breakfast prog.-concerns

A687 (Lagana,J) Teacher loan redemption prog.-estab.

A1529 (Lagana,J) Planning, zoning bd. memb.-training

A1540 (Lagana,J) Infrastructure prot. plans-file w/BPU

A1829 (Lagana,J) Teachers-concerns loan redemption prog.

A1924 (Lagana,J) Med. Malpractice Liab. Insur. Premium Fd

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A304 (Casagrande,C) Epinephrine-sch. req. to maintain supply

A949 (Wimberly,B) Venture Investment, Emp. Prog. Act

A1025 (Wimberly,B) Sex offender in halfway house-notify pub

A1088 (Quijano,A) Minor-concerns protective order

A1476 (Mosquera,G) Nursing svcs, nonpub. sch-concerns prov.

A1663 (Wimberly,B) Expungement, cert. records-concerns

A1835 (Wimberly,B) Sex off. residence-mun. reg.

A1947 (Wimberly,B) Polling place location-concerns change

A2013 (Wimberly,B) Prop. tax-constit. convention reform sys

A2236 (Lampitt,P) Coll. Affordability Study Comm.

A2293 (Lagana,J) Hurricane Sandy recovery fds.-oversight

A2315 (Lagana,J) Casinos at Meadowlands Complex-estab.

A2461 (Conaway,H) Finan. exploitation of elderly-offense

A2622 (Singleton,T) Tuition Equality for America's Military

ACR118 (Caride,M) Ed. Adequacy Report-recommendations

AR29 (Wimberly,B) St of NJ - NJ Bus. Portal website

AR48 (Mosquera,G) Greenhouse Gas Initiative-participation

AR74 (Jimenez,A) Career and Tech. Ed. Mo.-February 2013

Fourth Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A231 (Lagana,J) Insur claim-concern bad faith settlement

A713 (Lagana,J) Lyme disease-req. health insur. coverage

A1823 (Lagana,J) Textbook purchases-income tax credit

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A972 (Wimberly,B) Green infrastructure finan. prog.-estab.

A1808 (Wimberly,B) Devel subsidy grant-uphold term or repay

A2033 (Conaway,H) Physician Loan Redemption Prog.

A2622 (DeAngelo,W) Tuition Equality for America's Military

Sixth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2184 (Johnson,G) Vet. death certificate-concerns

A2187 (Johnson,G) Housing Assist. for Vets. Act-estab.

A2622 (Webber,J) Tuition Equality for America's Military

Seventh Prime Sponsors Added:

A953 (Wimberly,B) Microenterprise training prog-estab.

A2622 (Rumpf,B) Tuition Equality for America's Military

Eighth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2622 (Benson,D) Tuition Equality for America's Military


The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:


*Effective February 12, 2014


Council on Local Mandates:


Christopher Pianese, of Wood Ridge.


*Effective February 19, 2014


Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards:


Joan Quigley, of Jersey City.

Ronda Casson Cotroneo, of Ringwood.


*Effective February 20, 2014


State House Commission:


Assemblyman Paul D. Moriarty (4)

Assemblywoman Linda Stender (22)

Assemblyman David P. Rible (30)

Assemblyman Chris J. Brown (8)


The Assembly Speaker has made the following reappointment:


*Effective February 12, 2014


New Jersey World Trade Center Scholarship Fund:


Gina M. LaPlaca, Esq., of Cherry Hill.

The Assembly Republican Leader has made the following appointments:


*Effective February 20, 2014


Joint Legislative Task Force on Health Insurance Exchange Implementation:

Assemblywoman Amy H. Handlin (13)
Assemblywoman Nancy F. Munoz (21)


Task Force to Study How Veterans Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are Treated in Judicial Proceedings:

Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove (9)

Ellis Island Advisory Commission:

Assemblywoman Allison Littell McHose (24)

Notes to the 02/06/2014 Digest:

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A204 Gusciora,R/Vainieri Huttle,V+1 Naturally Occurring Retir Community prog REP REF AAP *NOT* REP
A2280 Moriarty,P/Mainor,C+11 Police veh.-cameras req. REP REF AAP *NOT* REP

Note to the 02/10/2014 Digest:

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:


A683 Cryan,J/Quijano,A Mail-in ballot application-polling place REP REF AAP *NOT* REP

The Assembly adjourned at 6:06 P.M. to meet again on Monday, February 24, 2014 (QUORUM, Committee Groups C and D scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (02/10/2014):