for February 21, 2008


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Vol. XX No. 6                                                                                         213th Legislature $ First Annual Session


Nominations Notice of Intention Received 2/20/2008:


      Joseph P. Donohue, of Union.

      Jamie D. Happas, of Edison.

      Fred  Kieser, Jr., of Metuchen.

      Laura Manus LeWinn, of Princeton Junction.

      James J. McGann, of Neptune.

      Joseph P. Perfilio, of Scotch Plains.

Nominations Notice of Intention:


      Mary F. Thurber, of Franklin Lakes.

      Rachelle L. Harz, of Closter.

      Peter J. Melchionne, of East Rutherford.

      James J. Guida, of Rutherford.

      Lisa Perez Friscia, of Franklin Lakes.

      Alexander H. Carver, III., of Old Tappan.

      Lisa A. Firko, of Rutherford.

      Yvonne  Segars, of Ridgewood.

      Liliana  DeAvila-Silebi, of Waldwick.

Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


      Jack M. Sabatino, of Pennington.

      Andrea Carter Latimer, of Milltown.

      John A. Jorgensen, II, of Colonia.

      Pedro  Jimenez, Jr., of Perth Amboy.



      Steven J. Zaben, of Woodcliff Lake.

      Ingrid Lynn French, of Sicklerville.

Bills Introduced:

S1169    Connors,C    Off-track wagering fac.-concerns   REF SWT

S1170    Connors,C    Co/mun emp-concerns mil leave of absence   REF SSG

S1171    Connors,C    Personal watercraft-revise laws   REF SCU




Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1172    Sweeney,S/Weinberg,L    Elected off.-proh. dual health coverage   REF SSG

S1173    Rice,R    Sch dist-concerns sickness notification   REF SED

S1174    Rice,R    Dental Sch.-expansion, renovation;$30M   REF SED

S1175    Rice,R    After sch. activities-concerns   REF SED

S1176    Rice,R    Higher ed instit name change-leg approve   REF SED

S1177    Rice,R    Homeless people-concerns svcs.   REF SHH

S1178    Rice,R    Kinship caregivers-concerns   REF SHH

S1179    Rice,R    Substance abuse treatment fac.;$100M   REF SHH

S1180    Rice,R    Homeless Coordinating/Fd Prog Task Force   REF SHH

S1181    Rice,R    St. devel. ctr.-concerns closure   REF SHH

S1182    Rice,R    Diabetes ed. & research-estab. lic plate   REF STR

S1183    Rice,R    Child support-concerns   REF SJU

S1184    Rice,R    Abandoned mv penal.-exemp. ill persons   REF STR

S1185    Rice,R    MV points-concerns   REF STR

S1186    Rice,R    Juv. Offender Community Conserv. Prog.   REF SLP

S1187    Rice,R    Mercury in dental fillings-concerns use   REF SHH

S1188    Lance,L    Prof. licensed engineers-concerns   REF SCU

S1189    Lance,L    Flu vaccine-health benf. cover expenses   REF SCM

S1190    Lance,L    Radon bus. lic.-limits annual fees   REF SEN

S1191    Lance,L    Debarment of contractors-concerns   REF SSG

S1192    Lance,L    Electronic communication svcs.-concerns   REF SJU

S1193    Lance,L    Child pornography law-revises   REF SJU

S1194    Lance,L    Students w/conflict of conscience-excuse   REF SED

S1195    Vitale,J/Kean,T    Medicaid waiver, fed.-concerns   REF SHH

S1196    Vitale,J/Singer,R    Off-track wagering fac. rev.-concerns   REF SWT

S1197    Vitale,J/Gordon,R    Psychology, unlic. practice-concerns   REF SHH

S1198    Vitale,J/Whelan,J    Income tax-concerns special contrib.   REF SCM

S1199    Vitale,J/Gordon,R    Black box warnings-website accessible   REF SHH

S1200    Bucco,A/Lance,L    Sales & use tax-remove investigation svc   REF SBA

S1201    Bucco,A    Govt. records, cert.-concerns access   REF SSG

S1202    Bucco,A    NJ STARS prog.-incl. home-sch. students   REF SED

S1203    Bucco,A    Smoke detector prog.-estab. in DCA   REF SCU

S1204    Bucco,A    Bleacher Safety Act   REF SCU

S1205    Bucco,A    MV documents-concerns   REF STR

S1206    Bucco,A    Handicapped parking-concerns   REF STR

S1207    Bucco,A    Co., mun. veh.-concerns sale   REF SCU

S1208    Bucco,A    Homestead prop. tax reimb.-elig.   REF SCU

S1209    Bucco,A    Vol., cert. org.-crim. hist. check fee   REF SLP

S1210    Bucco,A    Fire inspectors, mun.-concerns tenure   REF SCU

S1211    Bucco,A    Mun. receiving St. aid-concerns qual.   REF SCU

S1212    Bucco,A    Helmets, recreational safety-exemp tax   REF SLP

S1213    Bucco,A    Income tax cred.-allows one-time   REF SBA

S1214    Bucco,A    Estate tax-recoupling of the computation   REF SBA

S1215    Bucco,A    PERS Prosecutors Part-svc credit purch   REF SSG

S1216    Weinberg,L    Sch. dist. emp., cert.-comp., leave benf   REF SED

S1217    Weinberg,L    Autism awareness prog.-estab.   REF SHH

S1218    Weinberg,L/Gordon,R+1    Nursing home resid.-religious diet req.   REF SHH

S1219    Weinberg,L/Gordon,R+1    Leukemia, Lymphoma Society-vol. contrib.   REF SHH

S1220    Weinberg,L    Primary care practitioners-loan redemp   REF SED

S1221    Weinberg,L    Alimony-concerns   REF SJU

S1222    Weinberg,L    Lead poisoning-retailers post warnings   REF SCM

S1223    Smith,B    Transit Villages Act   REF STR

S1224    Vitale,J/Rice,R    Kidnapping-elim. statute of limitations   REF SJU

S1225    Vitale,J/Rice,R    Rape care advocates-concerns   REF SJU

S1226    Vitale,J/Whelan,J    Genetic counselor- req. lic.   REF SCM

S1227    Vitale,J/Redd,D    St. contract-bidder prov. health benf.   REF SSG

S1228    Vitale,J/Redd,D    Domestic viol. shelters-tax deduction   REF SHH

S1229    Vitale,J/Baroni,B    Disab vet survivor-claim prop tax exemp   REF SCU

S1230    Weinberg,L    VCCB assessments-incr.   REF SLP

S1231    Vitale,J/Weinberg,L    Resid. condemnation-req. just comp.   REF SCU

S1232    Vitale,J/Singer,R    Catastrophic illness-concern elig. asst.   REF SHH



Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1233    Vitale,J/Weinberg,L    Nurse staffing standards-estab.   REF SHH

S1234    Singer,R    Speed limits-concerns mun. streets   REF STR

S1235    Singer,R    PERS-concerns cert. retir. allowances   REF SSG

S1236    Singer,R/Vitale,J    Janet's Law-concerns defibrillators   REF SED

S1237    Singer,R/Kean,T    ELEC-concerns memb.   REF SSG

S1239    Kyrillos,J+1    Med. malpractice-estab. damage limits   REF SCM

S1240    Kyrillos,J    Barbering/hairstyling-create limited lic   REF SCM

S1241    Kyrillos,J    Marinas, cert.-concerns sr cit discounts   REF STR

S1242    Kyrillos,J    Mun emerg mgmt coordinator-concerns appt   REF SLP

S1243    Kyrillos,J    Sch. dist. transp. contracts-concerns   REF SED

S1244    Kyrillos,J    Sch. Transp. Task Force-estab.   REF SED

S1245    Kyrillos,J    Sch. transp.-concerns   REF SED

S1246    Kyrillos,J    UEZ-concerns   REF SEG

S1248    Kyrillos,J    Pub. questions-concerns   REF SSG

S1249    Cardinale,G+6    Dry cleaning fac.-concerns   REF SEN

S1250    Bateman,C    Pub. sch. design, new-concerns   REF SEG

S1251    Bateman,C    Provisional lic. holder-concerns   REF STR

S1252    Kean,T    Heavy duty veh.-reduce idling   REF SEN

S1253    Kean,T    Energy efficiency standard-cert. product   REF SEG

S1254    Kean,T    Cranford Twp., flood control proj.;$5M   REF SEN

S1255    Kean,T    Co agriculture devel bds-alt voting memb   REF SEG

S1256    Kean,T    Homestead prop. tax reimb.-concerns   REF SCU

S1257    Kean,T    Sch. dist., cert.-parental orientation   REF SED

S1258    Gill,N    Interst. Insur Product Reg Compact-estab   REF SCM

S1259    Gill,N    Cred. card acct-concern parental consent   REF SCM

S1260    Gill,N    Admin. supervision of insurers-concerns   REF SCM

S1261    Gill,N    PFRS, CPFPF, PERS-prov. addl. SHBP benf.   REF SSG

S1262    Gill,N    Settlements, cert.-concerns   REF SJU

S1263    Turner,S    Textbooks, higher ed. instit.-concerns   REF SED

S1264    Turner,S    Foreclosure Consulting & Anti-Fraud Act   REF SCM

S1265    Turner,S    Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Prev. Act   REF SCM

S1266    Turner,S    Genetic counselor- req. lic.   REF SCM

S1267    Turner,S    Undergraduate tuition rates-concerns   REF SED

S1268    Turner,S    St. officials, cert.-reside in NJ   REF SSG

S1269    Turner,S    Police/Firefighter Home-buyer Asst. Act   REF SCU

S1270    Turner,S    Textbook rental prog.-concerns   REF SED

S1271    Turner,S    Second Chance Council-estab.   REF SLP

S1272    Van Drew,J    Water usage certifications-concerns   REF SEN

S1273    Van Drew,J    Autism Awareness-estab. lic. plates   REF STR

S1274    Van Drew,J    FF-concerns transfer from PERS to PFRS   REF SSG

S1275    Van Drew,J    Homeowners insur. coverage-concerns dogs   REF SCM

S1276    Van Drew,J    Jason's Law-estab. drug awareness camp.   REF SHH

S1277    Van Drew,J    Co. Corrections Off. Act   REF SLP

S1278    Van Drew,J    Sex offenses against children-concerns   REF SLP

S1279    Van Drew,J    Prof lic-delays expiration date, mil svc   REF SCM

S1280    Van Drew,J    Co. superintendents of sch-concerns auth   REF SED

S1281    Rice,R    Name changes applications-concerns   REF SJU

S1282    Rice,R    Charter sch special ed students-concerns   REF SED

S1283    Rice,R    Affordable housing-concern heating costs   REF SCU

S1284    Rice,R    Mun. contracts-energy efficiency svcs   REF SEG

S1285    Rice,R    Electronic voting machines-concerns   REF SSG

S1286    Rice,R    Officials, cert-concerns term expiration   REF SSG

S1287    Rice,R    Pub. contract set-aside prog.-concerns   REF SSG

S1288    Rice,R    Ads on real prop.-concerns   REF SCU

S1289    Rice,R    Charity care fds.-concerns distribution   REF SHH

S1290    Rice,R    Managed care plans-concerns providers   REF SCM

S1291    Rice,R    Grandparenting Resource Ctr. Prog.;$1.5M   REF SHH

S1292    Rice,R    Nonpub personal finan info cert-disclose   REF SCM

S1293    Rice,R    Child in proh. sex act-comp. svc. remove   REF SJU

S1294    Connors,C    Barnegat Bay Decoy Museum-concerns fds.   REF SWT

S1295    Connors,C    Pub. Sch. Ed. Fd. Comm.-estab.   REF SED




Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1296    Connors,C    Amber Alert sys.-concerns funding   REF SLP

S1297    Adler,J    Distinguished svc. medal-auth. lic plate   REF STR

S1298    Weinberg,L/Van Drew,J    Devel. application-concerns notice req.   REF SCU

S1299    Smith,B    Wind and solar fac.-concerns location   REF SEG

S1300    Turner,S/Ruiz,M    Bd. of ed. meetings-pub. participation   REF SED

S1301    Girgenti,J    Juv. info.-concerns exchange   REF SLP

S1302    Sacco,N/Stack,B    Driv lic-concern suspension/postponement   REF SLP

S1303    Smith,B/Baroni,B    Wind, solar tech fac-zoning use variance   REF SEG

S1304    Girgenti,J    Machine gun possession-upgrade crime   REF SLP

S1305    Lesniak,R    Practice of medicine/surgery-concerns   REF SHH

SCR73    Bucco,A    Prop. tax deduct.-cert resid.   REF SCU

SCR74    Bucco,A/Singer,R    St. budget-amends constit.   REF SBA

SCR75    Baroni,B    Pub. elected off.-concerns indictment   REF SSG

SCR76    O'Toole,K    Med Care Availability Task Force-concern   REF SHH

SCR77    Kyrillos,J    Transp sys-dedicate motor fuel tax rev   REF STR

SCR78    Van Drew,J    St. independent auth. bonds-concerns   REF SBA

SCR79    Van Drew,J    St. budget, balanced-concerns   REF SBA

SJR35    Rice,R    American Heroes Day-desig. September 11   REF SLP

SJR36    Singer,R/Weinberg,L    Jewish Heritage Mo.-desig. April   REF SSG

SJR37    Van Drew,J    Saltwater Fisheries, Aquacul. Task Force   REF SEN

SJR38    Lesniak,R    Hispanic Heritage Mo.-desig. Oct.   REF SSG

SR35    Turner,S    Weapon crimes-expedite disposition   REF SLP

SR36    Turner,S    Imported products-origin labeling req.   REF SEG

SR37    Rice,R    Auto industry-memor. Cong to protect   REF STR

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A1586    Cohen,N/Rodriguez,C+2    Life insur. policies-concerns   REP

A1770 Acs (ACS)    Watson Coleman,B/Wagner,C+1    Drug and alco. dependent offenders-rehab   REP

S75    Connors,C+3    Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs-estab   REP

S218    Singer,R/Oroho,S    Jersey Fresh-sale along cert. toll rds.   REP

S233/504 Scs (SCS)    Adler,J/Turner,S    Drug and alco. dependent offenders-rehab   REP

S241/394/1098 Scs (SCS)    Adler,J+2    Solar energy sys.-exempt prop. tax   REP/SCS

S336    Kean,S/Adler,J+1    Fishing gear on artificial reefs-proh.   REP

S367/503 Scs (SCS)    Lesniak,R/Turner,S    Tampering w/witnesses-upgrades penal.   REP

S390 Sca (1R)    Gill,N    Life insur. policies-concerns   REP/SCA

S392    Gill,N/Adler,J+1    Trademark Anti-Counterfeiting Act-revise   REP

S464    Buono,B/Madden,F    Rail station acessibility, disab.-report   REP

S692    Cunningham,S/Ruiz,M    Lifeline benf.-prov cost of living incr.   REP

S781 Sca (1R)    Kyrillos,J    Auto insur., cert.-concerns availability   REP/SCA

S795    Sarlo,P/Van Drew,J+8    Land-recreation & conserv. purpose;$33M   REP

S998 Sca (1R)    Madden,F    Disabled veh., cert.-concerns   REP/SCA

S1122    Sacco,N/Kean,S+1    Pedestrian safety-concerns   REP

S1163 Sca (1R)    Whelan,J/Beck,J    Workers' comp.-concerns horse racing emp   REP/SCA

S1164    Whelan,J/Beck,J+4    Hist. preserv. proj.;$1.068M   REP

S1167    Bateman,C/Van Drew,J+1    Land-recreation & conserv. purpose;$8.4M   REP

S1168    Adler,J/Ciesla,A+1    Open space, park devel.;$54.917M   REP

S1238 Sca (1R)    Van Drew,J    Shopping carts, impounding-reg.   REP/SCA

SCR36 Sca (1R)    Whelan,J/Van Drew,J+1    Aviation Research & Tech. Park-urge Cong   REP/SCA

SJR15    Sacco,N    Aviation Maintenance Tech. Day-May 24   REP

SR13    Allen,D    Light rail quiet zones-concerns   REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S75    Connors,C+3    Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs-estab  

S241/394/1098 Scs (SCS)    Adler,J+2    Solar energy sys.-exempt prop. tax  

S692    Cunningham,S/Ruiz,M    Lifeline benf.-prov cost of living incr.  

S1164    Whelan,J/Beck,J+4    Hist. preserv. proj.;$1.068M  

S1167    Bateman,C/Van Drew,J+1    Land-recreation & conserv. purpose;$8.4M  

S1168    Adler,J/Ciesla,A+1    Open space, park devel.;$54.917M  


Bills Combined:

S394    Bateman,C    Solar energy sys.-concerns taxation   COMB/W S241/1098 (SCS)

S1098    Haines,P    Renewable energy sys.-exemp, prop. tax   COMB/W S241/394 (SCS)

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S658    Madden,F    Custody/guardianship-crim. hist. check   From SHH

Co-Sponsors Added:

S281   (Oroho,S)    Econ. Devel. Promotion Act

S660   (Van Drew,J)    Pub emp-proh unilateral term changes

S756   (Ruiz,M)    Ovarian cancer screening-prov. coverage


Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


S795   (Bucco,A; Haines,P; Lance,L; Oroho,S; O'Toole,K; Turner,S)    Land-recreation & conserv. purpose;$33M

S981   (Weinberg,L)    Chloe and Samantha's Law

S1164   (Baroni,B; Girgenti,J; Gordon,R; Pennacchio,J)    Hist. preserv. proj.;$1.068M

S1167   (Gordon,R)    Land-recreation & conserv. purpose;$8.4M

S1168   (Gordon,R)    Open space, park devel.;$54.917M

S1218   (Singer,R)   Nursing home resid.-religious diet req.

S1219   (Singer,R)   Leukemia, Lymphoma Society-vol. contrib.

S1239   (Cardinale,G)   Med. malpractice-estab. damage limits

S1249   (Bucco,A; Connors,C; Haines,P; Kean,T; Kyrillos,J; Singer,R   Dry cleaning fac.-concerns

SCR39   (Buono,B; Bateman,C; Cardinale,G; Ciesla,A; Haines,P; Kean,T; Kean,S; Kyrillos,J; Oroho,S; O'Toole,K; Pennacchio,J; Singer,R)    Debt

    Limitation Clause-voter approval

SCR70   (Bateman,C; Cardinale,G; Ciesla,A; Kean,T; Kean,S; Kyrillos,J; Pennacchio,J; Singer,R)    St. budget-balance w/recurring revenue

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S218   (Oroho,S)    Jersey Fresh-sale along cert. toll rds.

S243   (Van Drew,J)    Mandated Health Benf. Advis Comm-revises

S249   (Van Drew,J)    Catastrophic Health Care Claims Prog.

S336   (Adler,J)    Fishing gear on artificial reefs-proh.

S669   (Van Drew,J)    Sex offenders, repeat-incr mand min term

S692   (Ruiz,M)    Lifeline benf.-prov cost of living incr.

S753 Sca (1R)   (Buono,B)    Anatomical gifts for ed/research-concern

S870   (Van Drew,J)    Vet. benf., cert.-broadens elig.

S937   (Van Drew,J)    Mil. comp., cert.-exclude, income tax

S990   (Girgenti,J)    Air marshals-concerns power

S997   (Van Drew,J)    American-made flags-concerns St. purch

S1085   (Sweeney,S)    Wage records, cert. proj-concerns access

S1087   (Van Drew,J)    Internet auction-unlawful, cert. product

S1163 Sca (1R)   (Beck,J)    Workers' comp.-concerns horse racing emp

S1164   (Beck,J)    Hist. preserv. proj.;$1.068M

S1166   (Bateman,C)    Stormwater util. sys.-concerns

S1168   (Ciesla,A)    Open space, park devel.;$54.917M

SCR30   (Van Drew,J)    Marriage-union of one man & one woman

SJR30   (Van Drew,J)    Prosecutors-introduce cert. evidence

Co-Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

S141   (Buono,B)    Voter regis.-permits at polling place




The Senate President has made the following appointments:


*Effective February 21, 2008

Joint Committee on Public Schools:

Senator Ronald L. Rice (28).
Senator M. Teresa Ruiz (29).
Senator Sandra B. Cunningham (31).
Senator Bill Baroni (14).
Senator Christopher Bateman (16).
Senator Diane B. Allen (7).

*Effective February 20, 2008

Casino Revenue Fund Advisory Commission:

Senator Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (21).

State House Commission:

Senator Gerald Cardinale (39).
Senator Joseph M. Kyrillos, Jr. (13). (Alternate)

Council on Armed Forces and Veterans’ Affairs:

Senator John A. Girgenti (35).
Senator Diane B. Allen (7).

The Senate adjourned at 5:24 P.M. to meet again on Tuesday, February 26, 2008 (Session, Governor’s Budget Message).




The Assembly did not meet.  The Assembly will meet on Monday, February 25, 2008 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “A” and “B” scheduled to meet).


Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (02/14/08):