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Vol. XXIV No. 10                                                                                  215th Legislature $ First Annual Session


The Members of both Houses of the 215th Legislature met in Joint Session to receive the Annual Budget Message from the Honorable Chris Christie, Governor of the State of New Jersey.


Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


      Douglas K. Wolfson, of North Brunswick.

Bills Introduced:

S1676    Kean,T    Sch prop, unused-convey to sr. cit. org.   REF SED

S1677    Holzapfel,J    Lisa's Law-domestic viol off, monitor   REF SJU

S1678    Holzapfel,J    Drag racing-upgrades penal.   REF SLP

S1680    Holzapfel,J    Autism Ed. Council-estab.   REF SED

S1681    Beach,J    Mil commercial driv lic-permits transfer   REF STR

S1682    Beach,J    Mail-in ballots-reg voters, receive auto   REF SSG

S1683    Beach,J    Distinguished svc. medal-auth. lic plate   REF STR

S1684    Rice,R    Mun. solid waste disposal only lic-auth.   REF SEN

S1685    Van Drew,J    Checkpoints-proh limited, cert veh types   REF STR

S1686    Van Drew,J    TPK Auth.-two meetings req, rotating Co.   REF STR

S1687    Van Drew,J    Mil. voters overseas-estab. pilot proj.   REF SSG

S1688    Turner,S    Alco. bev.-possession, underaged persons   REF SLP

S1689    Turner,S    Family Child Care Prov Regis Act   REF SHH

S1690    Turner,S    Constructive eviction-notify tenant   REF SCU

S1691    Turner,S    Sch. Ethics Act-makes changes   REF SED

S1692    Turner,S    Textbook pub.-prov. price info.   REF SHI

S1693    Turner,S    Student conviction-inform pub. instit.   REF SHI

S1694    Doherty,M    Co. tax admin.-permits co. to share   REF SCU

S1695    Doherty,M    Gov. "Tool Kit"-implement proposals   REF SSG

S1696    Weinberg,L    Small, women, minority-owned bus-concern   REF SEG

S1697    Weinberg,L    Toll free telecommunication svc.-review   REF SSG

SCR97    Rice,R/Codey,R    Whitney Houston-extends condolences   REF SSG

SR51    Beach,J    National Guard, enhance-Cong. pass leg.   REF SMV

Concurrent Resolution Passed:


An unnumbered Concurrent Resolution providing for the Legislature to hold a Joint Session for the purpose of receiving the Governor's Budget Message was adopted by voice vote.

Bills Received from Governor/Conditional Veto:

S1    Weinberg,L/Lesniak,R+11    Marriage Equality, Religious Exemp Act  

Concurrent Resolutions Placed On Desk:

SCR48 Sca (1R)    Allen,D    Disab. vet.-receive civil svc preference  

Bills Received from Assembly/Referred to Committee:

A246    Schaer,G/Coutinho,A+1    Investment veh.-expand range   REF SSG

A755 Aca (1R)    Barnes,P/Riley,C+2    CATV-channel change notifications   REF SEG

A1516 Aca (1R)    Burzichelli,J/DeAngelo,W+4    Manuf. rebates, mailed-reg.   REF SCM

A1546    Burzichelli,J/Rumana,S+4    Raffles-revise exemp. from lic. req.   REF SSG

A1558    Wisniewski,J    Boiler insur. inspections-concerns   REF SCM

A1666 Aca (1R)    Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V+4    Property Tax appeals-concerns   REF SCU

A2167    Vainieri Huttle,V/Diegnan,P+2    Nonprofit Social Svc. Org. Task Force   REF SHH

AJR17    Eustace,T/Wagner,C+3    Multi Sclerosis Ed/Awareness-desig March   REF SHH

AJR35    Stender,L/Benson,D+6    Girl Scouts Day-proclaims March 12   REF SSG

Bills Received from Assembly/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

A1230    Moriarty,P/Diegnan,P+1    Printer ink cartridge-display yield  

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S1351    Lesniak,R    Solid & haz. waste-concerns regulation     FROM SEG

Co-Sponsors Added:

S186   (Cardinale,G)    Vet. benf., cert.-broadens elig.

S851   (Bateman,C)    Drug overdose prev.-concerns

S1074   (Bateman,C)    Aviation-auth co. coll job certification

S1143   (Buono,B; Lesniak,R)    Safe Playing Fields Act

S1469   (Weinberg,L)    Surviving spouses-prov. workers' comp

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S746   (Whelan,J)    Marriage solemnization-concerns

S1452   (Buono,B)    Martin O'Shea Open Pub. Records Act


The Senate adjourned at 5:20 P.M. to meet again on Monday, February 27, 2012 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “1” and “2” scheduled to meet).



Bills Introduced:

A2168    Green,J/Singleton,T    Resid. Foreclosure Transformation Act   REF AHO

A2443    Ciattarelli,J    Unemp. insur. benf.-concerns   REF ALA

A2444    Ciattarelli,J    Crossing guards-unemp. insur. benf. elig   REF ABU

A2445    Greenwald,L/DeAngelo,W    Prop. tax-constit. convention reform sys   REF AJU

A2446    Chiusano,G/McHose,A    Pension Health Benf Review-expands scope   REF ASG

A2447    Schaer,G    Bond ordinance-elim. 5% down pymt. req.   REF AHO

A2448    Schaer,G    Adopted children-maintain religion   REF AWC

A2449    Schaer,G    Adult med. day care-incr prov reimb rate   REF AHE

A2450    Chiusano,G/McHose,A    Absentee ballots-concerns   REF ASG

A2451    Chiusano,G/Webber,J+5    Elective off.-proh. dual holding   REF ASG

A2452    Chiusano,G/McHose,A    Realty transfer fee-elim. suppl.   REF AHO

A2453    Munoz,N    Loc. pub. bid documents-concerns   REF AHO

A2454    Handlin,A/Kean,S    Seasonal worker-concerns unemp benf elig   REF ALA

A2455    Handlin,A    Dual govt. emp. and office holding-proh.   REF ASG

A2456    Amodeo,J/Brown,C.A.    Co. ordinances pub.-clarifies req.   REF AHO

A2457    Conaway,H    Personal needs allowance-incr.   REF AHE

A2458    Conaway,H    Black box warnings-website accessible   REF AHE

A2459    Amodeo,J/Peterson,E+1    Drunk driv-proh. claims alco bev servers   REF ALP

A2460    Conaway,H    Speech therapy-req. health insur. cover   REF AFI

A2461    Conaway,H    Health care svcs, cert-delete prior auth   REF AFI

A2462    Fuentes,A    Local elected official-contact info. pub   REF AHO

A2463    Conaway,H    Emerg. med. svcs. delivery-revise req.   REF AHE

A2464    Wagner,C/Eustace,T    Undergrad. resid tuition-proh. cert incr   REF AHI

A2465    Conaway,H    Psych. svc, inpatient-concerns beds   REF AHE


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2466    Conaway,H    Health info. tech. prod.-concerns use   REF AHE

A2467    Conaway,H    Hosp. charity care pymts.-concerns   REF AHE

A2468    Conaway,H    Managed care plans-deny coverage   REF AFI

A2469    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Transp. infrastructure needs-coastal co.   REF ATR

A2470    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Internet Predator Investigation Fd-estab   REF ALP

A2471    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Pub off, convicted-liable legal expenses   REF ASG

A2472    Gove,D/Rumpf,B    Vol. tuition prog.-clarify elig. courses   REF AHI

A2473    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Mun. emerg mgmt coordinators-mayors appt   REF AHO

A2474    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Energy tax rev.-concerns   REF AHO

A2475    Conaway,H/Singleton,T    Prostate cancer-concerns early detection   REF AHE

A2476    Conaway,H/Tucker,C    Length of svc. award-change vesting req.   REF ALP

A2477    Conaway,H/Tucker,C    Deployed mil.-auth. prop. tax deferment   REF AMV

A2478    Conaway,H    Smoking in pub.-proh. underage   REF AHE

A2479    Conaway,H/Singleton,T    Infertility prevention, cert-insur cover   REF AFI

A2480    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Pub. contracts-concerns   REF ACE

A2481    Fuentes,A    OPRA-exclude e-mail address disclosure   REF ASG

A2482    Egan,J    St contracts-req use of goods made in US   REF ASG

A2483    Rudder,S/Brown,C.J.    Age-restricted communities-concerns   REF AHO

A2484    Carroll,M    Infertility-concern health benf coverage   REF AFI

A2485    Carroll,M/Bucco,A    Co inmate-hosp obtain charity care reimb   REF AHE

A2486    Rudder,S/Brown,C.J.    Assault against process servers-upgrades   REF AJU

A2487    Rudder,S/Brown,C.J.    Senate, General Assembly-waive comp.   REF ASG

A2488    Rudder,S/Brown,C.J.    Affordable housing-concerns   REF AHO

A2489    Lampitt,P    Unused sick leave-proh. cert. pymts.   REF ASG

A2490    Chivukula,U    Vet affordable housing assist-req. rules   REF AHO

A2491    Chivukula,U    Radon, child care ctrs.-devel. plan req.   REF AED

A2492    Chivukula,U    Sch. fac.-concerns temperature control   REF AED

A2493    Chivukula,U    Solid waste transfer stations-concerns   REF AEN

A2494    Chivukula,U    Biodiesel fuel-concerns purchase   REF AEN

A2495    O'Scanlon,D    Unused sick leave-proh. pymt. at retire.   REF ASG

A2496    McHose,A    Citizenship-clarifies definition   REF AHS

A2497    Rudder,S/Brown,C.J.    Bicyclist, mv collision-estab. fine   REF ALP

A2498    Rudder,S/Brown,C.J.    Sch. dist.-concerns unfunded mandates   REF AED

A2499    Rudder,S/Brown,C.J.    Amber Alert false report-estab. crime   REF AJU

A2500    Prieto,V    Health care plan costs-income tax deduct   REF AAP

A2501    Prieto,V    Loc. govt. penal. enforcement-concerns   REF AJU

A2502    Prieto,V    St. Police cert-free tuition NJ pub coll   REF AHI

A2503    Prieto,V    Partnership for Secure Sch. Pilot Prog.   REF AED

A2504    Prieto,V    Meadowlands Conserv. Trust-tax contrib.   REF AAP

A2505    Prieto,V    Save Ellis Island-devel. lands;$200K   REF AEN

A2506    Prieto,V    Solar panels on light poles-proh charges   REF ATU

A2507    Prieto,V    Solar Thermal Expansion Loan, Grant prog   REF ATU

A2508    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Electrical contracting permit-exemptions   REF AHO

A2509    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Firefighters w/cancer-workers' comp.   REF ALA

A2510    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Minor subdivisions-revises filing req.   REF AHO

A2511    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Vol. fire co.-concern workers comp.   REF ALA

A2512    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Notaries public-mandates   REF ARP

A2513    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Nurse anesthetists-req. supervision   REF ARP

A2514    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Chiropractors physicians-concerns rate   REF AFI

A2515    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Mold inspectors, remediators-regis.   REF ARP

A2516    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Orthotist, prosthetist-HMO participation   REF AFI

A2517    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Resident's hours in hosp.-estab. limits   REF AHE

A2518    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Autism Advocate-estab.   REF AHE

A2519    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Games of chance proceeds-support vet org   REF AMV

A2520    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Vets' org. posts-rehab.;$300K   REF AMV

A2521    Prieto,V/Jimenez,A    Absentee ballot replacement-concerns   REF ASG

A2522    Moriarty,P/Barnes,P    St-admin. retire. sys.-elim. cert. elig.   REF ASG

A2523    Moriarty,P    TPAF, PERS memb. leave-proh. svc. cred.   REF ASG

A2524    Prieto,V    Sch. bus accidents-req. on-site care   REF ALP

A2525    Prieto,V    Computer svc. prov.-proh cert disclosure   REF ACO

A2526    Prieto,V    Retired police-join NJ Detective Assoc.   REF ALP

A2527    Caputo,R/Giblin,T    Office of Dropout Prev.-estab.   REF AED

A2528    McGuckin,G/Wolfe,D    Animal Abuser Registry-estab.   REF AAN

A2529    Milam,M/Rumpf,B    TPK Auth.-two meetings req, rotating Co.   REF ATR

A2530    Johnson,G    St-admin retire sys-application approval   REF ASG

A2531    Johnson,G    Palisades Interst. Park Comm patrolmen   REF ALP

A2532    Rudder,S/Brown,C.J.    Drunk driv., 3rd offense-lic. suspension   REF ALP

A2533    Johnson,G    Hand-held cell phone-reckless driv.   REF ALP

A2534    Johnson,G    Rental mv surcharge-decrease   REF ABU


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2535    Johnson,G    Alco. bev. lic.-concerns   REF ALP

A2536    Johnson,G    Bail bonds-concerns   REF ALP

A2537    Johnson,G/Caputo,R    Autism Med. Research-veh. surcharge rev.   REF AWC

A2538    Johnson,G/Caputo,R    DYFS caseworkers-prov. police asst.   REF AWC

A2539    Johnson,G/Caputo,R    Early intervention svcs.-expand coverage   REF AHE

A2540    Quijano,A/Cryan,J+4    Notary pub. forms-incl. e-mail address   REF ARP

A2541    Ramos,R    Pharmacy techs-reduce tasks   REF ARP

A2542    Burzichelli,J/Riley,C    Sr., disab. prop tax deduct elig-concern   REF AAP

A2543    Rudder,S/Brown,C.J.    Correctional fac, cert.-concerns closing   REF ALP

A2544    Rudder,S/Brown,C.J.    Exec co. sch. superintendent-elim office   REF AED

A2545    Casagrande,C    Soil bleeding-DEP req. at cert. sites   REF AEN

A2546    Milam,M    Auto insur. cancellation-certified mail   REF AFI

A2547    Milam,M/Vainieri Huttle,V    St. songs-desig. four   REF ASG

A2548    Moriarty,P/Ramos,R    Nurse staffing standards-estab.   REF AHE

A2549    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Intoxicated emp.-prev. worker's comp.   REF ALA

A2550    Milam,M/Rumpf,B    Tpk. Auth.-one memb reisde in Co.   REF ATR

A2551    Milam,M/Rumpf,B    GSP-desig. as POW-MIA memorial hwy.   REF AMV

A2552    Burzichelli,J    Boiler operators-concerns lic. exemp.   REF ARP

A2553    Prieto,V    Civil actions, cert.-brought w/in 2 yrs.   REF AJU

A2554    Prieto,V    Jury duty-employer req. to pay employees   REF ALA

A2555    Tucker,C/Milam,M    Mil commercial driv lic-permits transfer   REF AMV

A2556    Albano,N    Police-prov. crime victim w/free report   REF ALP

A2557    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Elective off. petition-disclose crim off   REF ASG

A2558    Burzichelli,J/Riley,C    Student assist. coordinators-employ   REF AED

A2559    Burzichelli,J/Riley,C    Sch. dist w/significant enrollment;$4.1M   REF AED

A2560    Singleton,T/Conaway,H    Hazing conviction-inelig. St. finan. aid   REF AHI

A2561    Singleton,T/Conaway,H    Co. clerk-create id cards for cert. vets   REF AMV

A2562    Albano,N/Singleton,T    US flags, fly half-staff-Gov. notify   REF AMV

A2563    Singleton,T    Alco. bev. coupons-consumers use   REF ALP

A2564    Singleton,T/Greenwald,L    Energy savings improvement prog.-clarify   REF ATU

A2565    Vainieri Huttle,V    Become A Nurse-estab. lic. plates   REF ATR

A2566    Vainieri Huttle,V    Children, DYFS care-not be home-schooled   REF AWC

A2567    Vainieri Huttle,V    Lead poisoning-retailers post warnings   REF ACO

A2568    Vainieri Huttle,V    St. Auth. Reform Act   REF ATR

A2569    Vainieri Huttle,V    PANYNJ bridge-tolls not exceed operation   REF ATR

A2570    Vainieri Huttle,V    Family, sch viol victim-pymts, excl. tax   REF AED

A2571    Vainieri Huttle,V    Charter sch. estab.-application fee req.   REF AED

A2572    Vainieri Huttle,V    Elective pub. off.-proh. dual holding   REF ASG

A2573    Vainieri Huttle,V    Tara's Law-community care resid.   REF AHU

A2574    Vainieri Huttle,V/Coutinho,A    Steroid use among students-deter   REF AED

A2576    Vainieri Huttle,V/Wagner,C    Casinos at Meadowlands Complex-estab.   REF ARG

A2579    Dancer,R    Pub. sch. haz. busing-concerns   REF AED

A2580    Spencer,L/Barnes,P+1    Solid & haz. waste-concerns regulation   REF AEN

A2581    Cryan,J/O'Donnell,J    Political contrib.-bans cert.   REF AHI

A2582    Cryan,J    Concessionaire permit-mun. approval req.   REF ALP

A2583    Connors,S/O'Donnell,J+1    Parkinson's Disease Pub. Awareness Act   REF AHE

A2584    Ramos,R/Caputo,R+1    Admin permit application viol-correction   REF ARG

A2585    Ramos,R/Burzichelli,J+1    New regulatory fee-leg. approval req.   REF ARG

A2586    Riley,C/Giblin,T    Priv., pub. colleges-land use approvals   REF AHI

A2587    McHose,A/Dancer,R+2    Agric. devel. co./mun.-allows   REF AAN

A2588    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Trapping lic. fee, sr cit resid-discount   REF AAN

A2589    Benson,D/Diegnan,P    Sch. Bus Safety, Child Prot. Act-estab.   REF AED

A2590    Benson,D/Conaway,H    Tamper-resistant opioid drugs-make list   REF AHE

A2591    Fuentes,A/Lampitt,P+1    Children Youth & Families-auth lic plate   REF ATR

A2592    Brown,C.J./Rudder,S+18    Homeowners' assoc.-prov. cert. info.   REF AHO

A2593    Wisniewski,J/Prieto,V+1    Mun. emerg. mgmt. plans-concerns   REF ALP

A2594    Wisniewski,J    Portable electronics insur sale-concerns   REF AFI

A2595    Wisniewski,J    Paratransit veh.-concerns special   REF ATR

A2596    Wisniewski,J    Two-family resid.-remove fire ext req.   REF AHO

A2597    Wisniewski,J/Rumpf,B    Move over law-erect signs   REF ATR

A2598    Mainor,C/Rible,D    Amber Alert-AG issue recommendations   REF ALP

A2599    Rible,D/Wolfe,D    Blue Alert System-estab.   REF ALP

A2600    Rible,D    Exempt fireman cert.-reduce duty req.   REF ALP

A2601    Vainieri Huttle,V/Stender,L    Genital mutilation, under 18-proh.   REF AWC

A2602    Stender,L/Green,J    "No Turn on Red" signs-concerns   REF ATR

A2603    Burzichelli,J    Coll Student, Parent Consumer Info Act   REF AHI

A2604    McHose,A    Estate tax-incr. filing threshold   REF ABU

A2605    McHose,A    Filling of vacancies-proh. cert.   REF ASG

A2606    McHose,A    Ed. Reform Comm.-estab.   REF AED


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2607    McHose,A    Prop. Assess. Appeal Transparency Act   REF AHO

A2608    Coutinho,A/Prieto,V+1    Sellers-revise sales tax, cert. persons   REF ABU

ACR118    Greenwald,L    St. constit. convention-prop. tax reform   REF ABU

ACR119    Chiusano,G/McHose,A    Nationwide tax, veh miles traveled-avoid   REF ATR

ACR120    Conaway,H    Pupil immunization in sch-not leg intent   REF ARG

ACR121    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Prop. tax reform-St. constit. convention   REF ASG

ACR122    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    St. govt. operating expenses-concerns   REF ASG

ACR123    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Pub. off.-proh. convicted person   REF ASG

ACR124    McHose,A/Munoz,N    Vet ed benf-permit transfer to dependent   REF AMV

ACR125    Burzichelli,J/Ramos,R+2    Wagers using internet-amend. to permit   REF ARG

ACR126    Benson,D/Conaway,H+3    ABLE Act of 2011-Presid. enact   REF AHU

ACR127    McHose,A    Leg.-Congress repeal two-thirds vote   REF ASG

ACR128    McHose,A    Religious instit.-Presid protect freedom   REF ASG

ACR129    Benson,D/Tucker,C+1    Caring for Mil. Kids w/Autism Act-enact   REF AMV

AJR48    Chiusano,G/McHose,A    Neurendocrine Tumor Cancer Awareness Day   REF AHE

AJR49    Dancer,R    Dyslexia Awareness Mo.-desig. October   REF AHE

AJR50    Conaway,H    COPD Awareness Mo.-desig. November   REF AHE

AJR51    Vainieri Huttle,V    Disab. Hist., Awareness Mo-desig October   REF AED

AJR52    Vainieri Huttle,V    Arts, Culture, History Mo.-desig. June   REF ATA

AJR53    Vainieri Huttle,V    Children's Product Safety Mo-desig. Nov.   REF ACO

AJR54    Dancer,R    Neonatal Alloimmune Awareness Day-June 7   REF AHE

AJR55    Vainieri Huttle,V/Stender,L    Human Trafficking Prev. Mo-desig January   REF AHU

AJR56    Vainieri Huttle,V/Stender,L    Clarence Clemons Day-desig. January 11   REF AHU

AR53    Munoz,N    Merchant Marine svc.-honors   REF AMV

AR56    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Immigration reform-Presid./Cong. enforce   REF ASG

AR57    Johnson,G    Gang memb. relocation prog.-memor. Cong.   REF ALP

AR58    Johnson,G    Korean vet. of Vietnam War-honors   REF AMV

AR59    Vainieri Huttle,V    Finan. literacy-undergrad. req. course   REF AHI

AR60    Vainieri Huttle,V/Tucker,C    e-Child Care auto. pymt.-estab committee   REF AHU

AR61    Wisniewski,J/Carroll,M+7    PANYNJ-estab committee investigate finan   REF ATR

Concurrent Resolution Passed:


An unnumbered Concurrent Resolution providing for the Legislature to hold a Joint Session for the purpose of receiving the Governor's Budget Message was adopted by voice vote.

Concurrent Resolutions Placed On Desk:

SCR48 Sca (1R)    Allen,D    Disab. vet.-receive civil svc preference  

Co-Sponsors Added:

A266   (Lampitt,P)    Solar panel id emblems req.-notify FF

A471   (Bramnick,J; O'Scanlon,D)    Mun. consolidation-special emerg. approp

A691      (Ramos,R)    Driv. lic.-req. to indicate vet. status

A704   (Coutinho,A)    Credit check-proh., condition of emp.

A745   (Coutinho,A)    Inmates, prescription meds-fac. prov.

A748   (Coutinho,A)    Student loans, cert.-forgive

A966   (Coutinho,A)    Med. malpractice-caps nonecon. damages

A1011   (Caputo,R; Connors,S; Jasey,M)    Port Auth. NY, NJ Transparency Acct. Act

A1021   (Coutinho,A)    Ex-convicts-proh. emp. discrimination

A1083   (Cryan,J; Gusciora,R; Stender,L; Wagner,C; Eustace,T; O'Donnell,J; Mainor,C; Ramos,R)    Student loan repymt-devel, distrib. info

A1126   (Coutinho,A)    Voting regis.-concerns age

A1146   (Coutinho,A)    Small bus. health benf.-income tax cred.

A1165   (Coutinho,A)    St., co. coll. faculty-tenure

A1167   (Coutinho,A)    Small bus., life science-grant prog.

A1168   (Coutinho,A)    Small bus., life science-grant prog.

A1171   (Coutinho,A)    Local unit sharing of svcs.-encourage

A1175   (Coutinho,A)    Higher ed. instit-post budget on website

A1267   (Coutinho,A)    Disab. vet.-concerns prop. tax exemp.

A1277   (Wilson,G)    Breweries-incr. production limitations

A1314   (Coutinho,A)    DEP-submit annual finan. report

A1380   (Coutinho,A)    Higher ed. food donations-prov. immunity

A1381   (Coutinho,A)    Life science research-prov. corp bus tax

A2608   (DeAngelo,W)  Sellers-revise sales tax, cert. persons

AR61   (Wagner,C; Eustace,T)   PANYNJ-estab committee investigate finan

Prime Sponsors Added:


A1052    (DeCroce,B)    MLUL escrow deposits-incr. threshold

A1055   (DeCroce,B)    Child support-req. genetic testing

A1056   (DeCroce,B)    Pub. sch instruction, US vet contrib-req

A1058   (DeCroce,B)    Troy Meadows Nat. Area-St. acquire

A1059   (DeCroce,B)    Transp. Heritage Ctr.-estab

A1061   (DeCroce,B)    Trenton-evacuation rts., emerg situation

A1062   (DeCroce,B)    Electric util. bill-separately list tax

A1063   (DeCroce,B)    Infrastructure proj., critical-45 days

A1067   (DeCroce,B)    Co comm bd-change to chosen freeholder

A1068   (DeCroce,B)    Pub-priv. transp. demo. proj-auth. devel

A1070   (DeCroce,B)    Sch emp sex offender-forfeit retir. benf

A1071   (DeCroce,B)    Ed costs cert-prov sch dist tax levy cap

Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A1052    (DeCroce,A)    MLUL escrow deposits-incr. threshold

A1055   (DeCroce,A)    Child support-req. genetic testing

A1056   (DeCroce,A)    Pub. sch instruction, US vet contrib-req

A1058   (DeCroce,A)    Troy Meadows Nat. Area-St. acquire

A1059   (DeCroce,A)    Transp. Heritage Ctr.-estab

A1061   (DeCroce,A)    Trenton-evacuation rts., emerg situation

A1062   (DeCroce,A)    Electric util. bill-separately list tax

A1063   (DeCroce,A)    Infrastructure proj., critical-45 days

A1067   (DeCroce,A)    Co comm bd-change to chosen freeholder

A1068   (DeCroce,A)    Pub-priv. transp. demo. proj-auth. devel

A1070   (DeCroce,A)    Sch emp sex offender-forfeit retir. benf

A1071   (DeCroce,A)    Ed costs cert-prov sch dist tax levy cap

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A983   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Home-Based Jobs Creation Act

A1112   (Coutinho,A)    Inmates w/mil. svc.-release w/vet. benf.

A1127   (Coutinho,A)    Small bus., Loan Cred. Enhancement Fd.

A1135   (Wilson,G)    Prostitution, cert.-mand. incarceration

A1136   (Wilson,G)    Defiant trespass-incr. penalty

A1179   (Coutinho,A)    Suppl comp, accumulated leave-limits use

A1199   (Coutinho,A)    Paper and plastic bags-conduct study

A1208   (Coutinho,A)    Sewerage rate incr-Pub. Util. Bd approve

A1261   (Coutinho,A)    Mail-in ballots-clarify request deadline

A1275   (Coutinho,A)    Stray animal impounded injured-euthanize

A1293   (Coutinho,A)    Student-athlete-collegiate athletic info

A1388   (Coutinho,A)    Higher Ed. prop.-pymt. in lieu of taxes

A1400   (Coutinho,A)    Civil svc. elig. lists-add cert. vets

A2133   (Wilson,G)    Lemon Law-extend prot. to farm equip.

A2136   (Coutinho,A)    NJ SHARES-prov. vol. income tax contrib.

A2278   (Eustace,T)    Flood Control Mitigation, Prev. Bond Act

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A868   (Coutinho,A)    Bus. owners, cert-deduct pension contrib

A1149   (Coutinho,A)    Co, mun, fire dist, ed bd-finan plan req

A1150   (Coutinho,A)    Devel. disab.-expand svcs.

A1163   (Coutinho,A)    Higher ed students-NJT offer disc passes

A1172   (Coutinho,A)    Pub emp-limits use, suppl comp for leave

A1309   (Coutinho,A)    St. Investment Council-revise structure

A1329   (Coutinho,A)    Ammunition magazines-reduce to 10 rounds

A1336   (Coutinho,A)    Mail-in ballots-reg voters, receive auto

A1399   (Coughlin,C)    Pub. emp killed on duty-funeral expenses

A1411 Aca (1R)   (Gusciora,R)    Compulsory sch. attendance-concerns

A2132   (Riley,C)    Electricity providers-BPU promulgate reg

A2278   (Wagner,C)    Flood Control Mitigation, Prev. Bond Act

A2338   (Tucker,C)    Site remediation-pub. notification

A2464   (DeAngelo,W)   Undergrad. resid tuition-proh. cert incr  

A2480   (Singleton,T)   Pub. contracts-concerns

A2514   (Eustace,T)   Chiropractors physicians-concerns rate

A2555   (Wilson,G)    Mil commercial driv lic-permits transfer 

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A1274   (Wilson,G)    Inactive liquor lic-transfer to qual mun
A2168   (Jasey,M)    Resid. Foreclosure Transformation Act 
A2184   (Singleton,T)    Vet, wartime disab.-incr. paid allowance

A2380   (DeCroce,B)    Crime Victim's Bill of Rights-concerns

A2433   (Riley,C)    Commercial ads, toll booths-permits

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A1234   (Coutinho,A)    Vet-hiring preference, non-civil svc mun

The Assembly Republican Leader has made the following appointment:


*Effective February 15, 2012


Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards:


Michael J. Mitzner, Watchung.

The Assembly adjourned at 5:29 P.M. to meet again on Monday, March 5, 2012 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “A” and “B” scheduled to meet).

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