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Vol. XXVIII No. 8                                                                               217th Legislature $ First Annual Session



The Senate did not meet.  The Senate will meet on Monday, February 29, 2016 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “1” and “2” scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A3100    Bucco,A.M./Munoz,N    St. mandates on mun.-concerns   REF ASL

A3101    Conaway,H/Jimenez,A+1    Ambulatory care fac.-concerns   REF AHE

A3102    Bucco,A.M./Munoz,N    Shared svcs.-tax bill show savings info.   REF ASL

A3103    Bucco,A.M.    Co govt, fire & sch dist-prop tax refund   REF ASL

A3104    Clifton,R    Med. testing, cert. persons-concerns   REF AHE

A3105    Caputo,R/Tucker,C+4    Alco. bev.-concerns sale   REF ARO

A3106    Webber,J    Lake Hopatcong Fd.-estab.   REF AEN

A3107    Dancer,R    Knockout game-clarifies assault   REF ALP

A3108    Dancer,R    Sex offender registration-concerns   REF AJU

A3109    Dancer,R    Scrap metal law-makes revisions   REF ARP

A3110    Dancer,R    Skin care specialty svcs.-concerns   REF ARP

A3111    Dancer,R    Ecotourism-concerns   REF ATG

A3112    Dancer,R    Pledge of Allegiance-auth. recitation   REF AJU

A3113    Dancer,R    Child exploitation-estab. new crime   REF AJU

A3114    Dancer,R    Loc. officials, judges-communications   REF AJU

A3115    Dancer,R    Smart meters-concerns installation   REF ATU

A3116    Dancer,R    Vol. driv.-charitable immunity statute   REF AFI

A3117    Dancer,R    Minor, human trafficking-concerns   REF AWC

A3118    Dancer,R    Pub. util. rate-making-concerns   REF ATU

A3119    Dancer,R    Vet. mobile sportfishing veh.-proh. fee   REF AAN

A3120    Dancer,R    Water allocation permits-concerns   REF AEN

A3121    Dancer,R    Prop.-depreciation after disaster   REF ASL

A3122    Dancer,R    Official seal-concerns use   REF ASL

A3123    Dancer,R    Prop., following disaster-depreciation   REF ASL

A3124    Dancer,R    Tax exemp prop-remain elig for exemption   REF AHO

A3125    Dancer,R    Eco-Ag Tourism Council-estab.   REF AAN

A3126    Dancer,R    Finan. instit.-prov. schedule of fees   REF AFI

A3127    Dancer,R    Domestic viol. victims-concerns   REF AJU

A3128    Dancer,R    Impound lots-dedicate veh. storage rev.   REF ASL

A3129    Dancer,R    Util svc termination-notify gov agencies   REF ATU

A3130    Dancer,R    Energy slamming practices-incr. penal.   REF ATU

A3131    Dancer,R    Cell phone-proh. unauth. surveillance   REF AHS

A3132    Dancer,R    Pub, false alarms-sch. operations impact   REF AJU

A3133    Dancer,R    False public alarm-upgrade crime   REF AJU

A3134    Dancer,R    Oaths admin. in court-concerns   REF AJU

A3135    Dancer,R    Minors psych treatment-concern discharge   REF AWC

A3136    Dancer,R    Child support orders-clarify termination   REF AWC

A3137    Dancer,R    Rare Disease Advisory Council-estab.   REF AHE




Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3138    Dancer,R    Invol. commitment, treatment-concerns   REF AHE

A3139    Dancer,R    Child abuse fatalities-pub. disclosure   REF AWC

A3140    Dancer,R    Elected pub off./candidate-disclosure   REF AJU

A3141    Dancer,R    Consumer contracts-concerns   REF ACO

A3142    Dancer,R    Pub. officer/emp.-limits cert. pymt.   REF ASL

A3143    Dancer,R    Convicted candidate-return contrib.   REF AJU

A3144    Dancer,R    Pub. off. candidates-finan. disclosure   REF AJU

A3145    Dancer,R    Human trafficking victim-concerns   REF AJU

A3146    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Vet disab comp-excl, prop tax qual limit   REF AMV

A3147    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Nat'l Guard, cert. comp-excl. income tax   REF AMV

A3148    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Vet.-auth. sch. dist. hiring preference   REF AED

A3149    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Bronze Star-prov. special lic. plate   REF ATR

A3150    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Disab. vet. prop tax exemp elig-concerns   REF ASL

A3151    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    St Comptroller-req. cert. recommendation   REF ASL

A3152    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Domestic companion animals-exposure   REF AAN

A3153    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Animal cruelty, abuse-revise offenses   REF AAN

A3154    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Cruelly restraining a dog-crim. offense   REF AAN

A3155    Chiaravalloti,N/Mukherji,R+1    Pedestrian death-incr. penal.   REF ATR

A3156    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Animal cruelty offenses-min. crim. penal   REF AAN

A3157    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Fishing, recreational-estab. lic. plate   REF AAN

A3158    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    UEZ funding, qual. mun.-concerns   REF ACE

A3159    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Humane societies-concerns mun. contract   REF AAN

A3160    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Organ donor desig.-concerns   REF ATR

A3161    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Animal cruelty offense-revises   REF AAN

A3162    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Animal cruelty offenses-revises   REF AAN

A3163    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Homeowners' assn.-concerns memb.   REF AHO

A3164    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Animal cruelty offenses/penal.-revise   REF AAN

A3165    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Sr Farmers' Market Nutrition Prog.   REF AAN

A3166    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Nutrition prog.-transfer to Dep of Agric   REF AAN

A3167    Mosquera,G    Family First Emp. Act-enacts   REF AWC

A3168    Johnson,G/Mosquera,G    Domestic viol victim-reintegration prog.   REF AWC

A3169    Caputo,R/Tucker,C+1    Charitable org info-publish on internet   REF ACO

A3170    Jasey,M    NJ Works Dual Enrollment Option Prog   REF AED

A3171    Jasey,M    Advanced placement exam fees-concerns   REF AED

A3172    Schepisi,H    Tax deduction, cert moving expenses-prov   REF ACE

A3173    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    First responders-prov family leave insur   REF ALA

A3174    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Striped bass-creates lic. plate   REF ATR

A3175    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Partnership, Assess Readiness Task Force   REF AED

A3176    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    ID theft victim-cease debt collection   REF AFI

A3177    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Wharves, piers repair-auth. maintenance   REF ASL

A3178    Gove,D/Rumpf,B    100% Disab. Vet.-auth. lic. plate   REF ATR

A3179    Munoz,N    Entrepreneur-in-resid. pilot prog-estab.   REF ACE

A3180    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Wireless phone-proh use, driv instructor   REF ATR

A3181    Munoz,N    Bus. incubator fac-EDA prov finan assist   REF ACE

A3182    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Invest in NJ First Act-awarding contract   REF ACE

A3183    Munoz,N    Innovate NJ Act   REF ACE

A3184    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Heating Oil, Propane Reserves Task Force   REF ATU

A3185    Munoz,N    Bus. Action Ctr.-estab. Dept. of State   REF ACE

A3186    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Nuclear power plant, trespassing-crime   REF AHS

A3187    Munoz,N    Tech. transfer asst. prog.-estab. EDA   REF ACE

A3188    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Escapees-concerns apprehension costs   REF ALP

A3189    Clifton,R    Pub. emp.-proh. annual bonuses   REF ALA

A3190    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Energy tax rev.-pd. annually as mun. aid   REF ASL

A3191    Clifton,R    Pub. emp.-proh. cert. benf.   REF ALA

A3192    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Realty transfer fee liab.-seller proh.   REF AAP

A3193    Clifton,R    Paid leave-concerns   REF ASL

A3194    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Transp. infrastructure needs-NJT study   REF ATR

A3195    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Coastal Prot Trust Fd-separate sewer sys   REF AEN

A3196    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Mun., co. official-concerns assaults   REF AJU

A3197    Kean,S/Rible,D    Inheritance taxes, cert.-elim.   REF ABU

A3198    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Josh's & Craig's Law-veh. homicide   REF ALP

A3199    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Emerg. coastal evac. plan-pub. awareness   REF AHS

A3200    McGuckin,G/Wolfe,D+3    Police-concerns vet. age qual.   REF AMV

A3201    Wolfe,D/McGuckin,G    Homestead Sch. Prop. Tax Reimb. Act   REF AHO

A3202    McGuckin,G/Wolfe,D    Gas detector-install in cert resid prop   REF AHO

A3204    Wolfe,D    PFRS death benf.-elim. remarriage proh.   REF ASL

A3205    Wolfe,D/McGuckin,G    Homestead prop. tax reimb.-incr. elig.   REF ASL

A3206    Wolfe,D    PFRS-concerns domestic partners   REF ASL




Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3207    Wolfe,D/McGuckin,G    Miscarriage-health fac. staff counsel   REF AHE

A3208    Wolfe,D/McGuckin,G    Homestead prop tax prog-incr income elig   REF AAP

A3209    Mazzeo,V/Greenwald,L    Casino gaming-finan. stabilization   REF ABU

A3210    Carroll,M    Legal drinking age-lower to 18   REF ALP

A3211    Space,P+1    Farm product ads/promotions-clarify law   REF AAN

A3212    Space,P+1    Wildlife lawfully taking-harassment fine   REF AAN

A3213    Quijano,A/Spencer,L    Amber Alert-AG issue recommendations   REF AJU

A3214    Phoebus,G+1    Farmers-proh. harassment   REF AAN

A3215    Phoebus,G+1    Pub. emp., resuming emp-suspends pension   REF ASL

A3216    Phoebus,G    Govt Efficiency, Cost Control Comm-estab   REF ASL

A3217    Danielsen,J    Firefighters, experienced-exemp cert req   REF AHS

A3218    Caride,M/Pintor Marin,E    Flushable products-DEP approved   REF AEN

A3219    Dancer,R    The Peter Falk Act-guardianship   REF AJU

A3220    Dancer,R    Monmouth Park racetrack-lottery games   REF ATG

A3221    Dancer,R    Handgun definition-incl antique firearms   REF ALP

A3222    Dancer,R    Healthcare benf. plan-concerns   REF ASL

A3223    Dancer,R    Pub. emp.-concerns retir.   REF ASL

A3224    Dancer,R    Mental Health Treatment Reform,Viol Prev   REF AHU

A3225    Dancer,R    Killed in Action flag-desig. St. flag   REF AMV

A3226    Dancer,R    Horse racetracks-slot machine gambling   REF ATG

A3227    Dancer,R    Underage driv., consumed alco-incr penal   REF ALP

A3228    Dancer,R    Simulcast horse races-concerns wagering   REF ATG

A3229    Dancer,R    MV, compulsory insur. coverage-concerns   REF ALP

A3230    Bucco,A.M.    Emerg responder-killing, life in prison   REF ALP

A3231    Dancer,R    Probation functions-transfer   REF AJU

A3232    Dancer,R    Alexandra's Law-CDS, proh. mv operation   REF ALP

A3233    Dancer,R    Bail bonds execution-governs premium   REF AJU

A3234    Dancer,R    Firearm applications-concerns   REF ALP

A3235    Bucco,A.M.    Juv. admitted to drug court prog-permits   REF AJU

A3236    Dancer,R    Horsemen aid prog.-concerns   REF ATG

A3237    Bucco,A.M.    Bounty hunters, assault-upgrades penal.   REF ALP

A3238    Bucco,A.M.    Bingo games-auth. use in pub. bldg.   REF ATG

A3239    Bucco,A.M.    Elected off.-proh. dual health coverage   REF ASL

A3240    Bucco,A.M.    Child abuse record checks-concerns   REF AED

A3241    Dancer,R    St.-admin. pension sys.-benf. exemp.   REF ASL

A3242    Dancer,R    Video lottery terminals-Freehold Raceway   REF ATG

A3243    Dancer,R    Alco. bev.-prov. three year retail lic.   REF ARO

A3244    Dancer,R    Dyslexia-estab. assistive technology   REF AED

A3245    Dancer,R    Lottery terminals, cert.-auth. placement   REF ATG

A3246    Dancer,R    Pub. emp. bonuses-proh. cert. pymts.   REF ASL

A3247    Dancer,R    Unemp. benefits, ineligible-elim. tax   REF ALA

A3248    Dancer,R    Student-Athlete's Bill of Rights-estab.   REF AED

A3249    Dancer,R    E-Verify prog.-verify emp. elig.   REF ALA

A3250    Dancer,R    Incarceration records-transfer to DOLWD   REF ALA

A3251    Dancer,R    Horse racetracks-auth. slot machines   REF ATG

A3252    Dancer,R    Slot machine gambling-horse racetracks   REF ATG

A3253    Lagana,J/Eustace,T    Pub sch used as polling place-no classes   REF AED

A3254    Caputo,R/Giblin,T+3    Age-appropriate sexual abuse curriculum   REF AED

A3255    Caputo,R/Giblin,T+3    Student info.-emp. undergo crim. check   REF AED

A3256    Lagana,J    Correction officers-req. police training   REF ALP

A3257    Caputo,R/Giblin,T+3    Nonpub. sch security alarm-concerns   REF AED

A3258    Caputo,R/Giblin,T+3    Sch. security alarms-linked to police   REF AED

A3259    Kennedy,J    Internet ticket sales-concerns   REF ACO

A3260    Coughlin,C    CATV svc. outage credits-concerns   REF ATU

A3261    Coughlin,C    Income tax-concerns special contrib.   REF AAP

A3262    Coughlin,C    Postage for goods, Armed Forces-tax cred   REF AMV

A3263    Singleton,T    Constr officials-mun. hire priv. company   REF AHO

A3264    Singleton,T    Student, homeless-exemp. graduation req.   REF AED

A3265    Singleton,T/Johnson,G    Advanced Manufacturing Council-creates   REF ACE

A3266    Singleton,T    Health benf plans cert-proh anti-tiering   REF AFI

A3267    Singleton,T    Autism prog-prov. vol income tax contrib   REF AWC

A3268    Singleton,T/Diegnan,P+2    Sch-concerns cloud computing svc prov.   REF AED

A3269    Singleton,T    Insourcing bus-corp bus, income tax cred   REF ACE

A3270    Gusciora,R/Muoio,E    Devel. subsidies-estab. emp. goals   REF ALA

A3271    Gusciora,R/Muoio,E    Emp. practices-concerns devel. subsidies   REF ALA

A3272    Gusciora,R/Muoio,E    Devel. subsidies-concerns repymt.   REF ALA

A3273    DeAngelo,W/Singleton,T    Manufacturing apprenticeship prog-estab.   REF ACE

A3274    Dancer,R    Bail agent-ID cards req.   REF AJU




Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3275    Dancer,R    Bail solicitation-proh.   REF AJU

A3276    Dancer,R    Offender, hinder apprehension-incr penal   REF ALP

A3277    Dancer,R    Bail Agent Enforcement Unit-estab.   REF AJU

A3278    Dancer,R    Slingshots-decrim manufacture/possession   REF ALP

A3279    Dancer,R    Death penalty, cert. murders-restores   REF AJU

A3280    Dancer,R    Sex offenders in emerg shelters-concerns   REF AJU

A3281    Dancer,R    Kratom, substances containing-crim.   REF ALP

A3282    Dancer,R    Custody-proh. sex crimes against minors   REF AJU

A3283    Dancer,R    Agric. tourism pilot prog.-reporting req   REF AAN

A3284    Dancer,R    Mental health fac., hearings-security   REF AHU

A3285    Dancer,R    Sch. bus. reckless driv.-police website   REF ALP

A3286    Dancer,R    Child support wage garnishments-standard   REF AJU

A3287    Dancer,R    Carjacking convictions-not expunged   REF AJU

A3288    Dancer,R    Bail agents/inmates-communication policy   REF AJU

A3289    Rible,D    Sch. bd. candidates-disclose contrib.   REF AJU

A3290    Rible,D    St.-owned surplus prop.-incr. value   REF ASL

A3291    Rible,D    Videotaping-third degree crime   REF ALP

A3292    Wimberly,B/Barclay,A    Redist.-count incarcerated individuals   REF AJU

A3293    Wimberly,B    Self-Service Storage Fac. Act-suppl.   REF ARP

A3294    McKeon,J    Local unit sharing of svcs.-encourage   REF ASL

A3295    McKeon,J    Clean Veh. Task Force-estab.   REF AEN

A3296    Singleton,T/Wimberly,B    PERS TPAF PFRS SPRS-concerns contrib.   REF ASL

A3297    McKeon,J    Ed Comptroller-estab. independent office   REF AED

A3298    Singleton,T/Conaway,H    Pedestrian safety-incr. fine for viol.   REF ALP

A3299    Singleton,T/Conaway,H    MV viol, bodily injury/death-incr. penal   REF ALP

A3300    Singleton,T/Conaway,H    MV fines-support safe rt sch initiatives   REF AED

A3301    Vainieri Huttle,V    Physician profiling prog.-reg.   REF AFI

A3302    Vainieri Huttle,V/Diegnan,P    College cost info.-prov. students   REF AHI

A3303    Vainieri Huttle,V    Mental Health Access Act   REF AHE

A3304    Vainieri Huttle,V    Medicaid home visitation demo proj-estab   REF AWC

A3305    Space,P/Andrzejczak,B    Hunting lic., resident-concerns   REF AAN

A3306    Space,P/Johnson,G+3    Constr. workforce recruitment prog-estab   REF ALA

A3307    Dancer,R    Winter celebrations in pub. sch.-allows   REF AED

A3308    Phoebus,G+1    Primary elections-concerns   REF AJU

A3309    Dancer,R    Pub. sch. haz. busing-concerns   REF AED

A3310    Dancer,R    Pub sch. haz. busing-shared transp. svc.   REF AED

A3311    Dancer,R    Nonprofit org-permits St purch contracts   REF ASL

A3312    Dancer,R    Acct wagering sys-allow out-of-St wagers   REF ATG

A3313    Burzichelli,J    Arrest-search domestic viol. registry   REF ALP

A3314    Dancer,R    Pub. emp. contracts-post on website   REF ASL

A3315    Dancer,R    Right to Farm-prot. agric tourism events   REF AAN

A3316    Dancer,R    Trunk fighting-estab as animal cruelty   REF AAN

A3317    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    UEZ prog.-mun. submit econ. growth plans   REF ACE

A3318    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Vet. Memorial Hwy. at Delsea Drive-desig   REF AMV

A3319    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Roadside accident mem. prog.-DOT estab.   REF ATR

A3320    Munoz,N/Bucco,A.M.    Pedestrian accident w/mv-breath test req   REF ALP

A3321    Auth,R+4    Empower the Principal Act   REF AED

A3322    Auth,R/Jimenez,A+8    Child abuse, false report-create offense   REF AJU

A3323    Taliaferro,A/Lampitt,P    Hazing, mental or emotional-criminalizes   REF ALP

A3324    Taliaferro,A/Coughlin,C    Student-athletes-concerns scholarships   REF AHI

A3325    Greenwald,L    William H Fauver Youth Correctional Fac.   REF ALP

A3326    Greenwald,L    Mun. Stabilization and Recovery Act   REF ABU

A3327    Greenwald,L    Ammunition magazines-reduce to 10 rounds   REF ALP

A3328    Schaer,G    Home health aide backlog-concerns   REF ABU

A3329    Schaer,G    Homemaker-home health aide-certification   REF AHE

A3330    Conaway,H    Plant closings-suspend mortgage interest   REF ALA

A3331    Conaway,H    Standardized assessments-concerns   REF AED

A3332    Conaway,H    Polling place location change-notify   REF AJU

A3333    Singleton,T    Microenterprise devel.-concerns   REF ACE

A3334    Wisniewski,J    New Home Fire Safety Act   REF AHO

A3335    Sumter,S/Spencer,L    MV Surcharge Community Svc. Prog.   REF ALP

A3336    Peterson,E/Coughlin,C    Paraffin, cert.-excl. gross receipts tax   REF ACE

A3337    Gusciora,R    Hepatitis C testing-hospitals offer   REF AHE

A3338    Eustace,T/Lagana,J    Cig. tax rev.-anti-smoking initiatives   REF AHE

A3339    Benson,D    Personal income tax's pension-incr.   REF ABU

A3340    Auth,R    Superior Court judges-concerns pub input   REF AJU

A3341    Auth,R/Space,P    Prop. tax appeal outcome-revise proc.   REF ASL

A3342    Diegnan,P    Striped bass-desig. NJ saltwater fish   REF AAN




Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3343    Diegnan,P    Respiratory Care Practitioner Act-amends   REF AHE

A3344    Diegnan,P    Mortgage payoff balance-concerns   REF AFI

A3345    Diegnan,P    Mortgage record-cancel upon satisfaction   REF AFI

A3346    Diegnan,P/Green,J    Resid. mortgage foreclosure-revises   REF AFI

A3347    Diegnan,P    Sch. Safety Specialist Academy-estab.   REF AED

A3348    Diegnan,P    Sch. fac.-concerns security   REF AED

A3349    Diegnan,P    Sch. security training-concerns   REF AED

A3350    Diegnan,P    Charter sch. applications-review   REF AED

A3351    Lampitt,P/Andrzejczak,B    Mead-creates lic. to produce and sell   REF AAN

ACR155    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Vets, totally disab-grant prop tax exemp   REF AMV

ACR156    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Alopecia areata-research   REF AHE

ACR157    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Pub. off.-proh. convicted person   REF AJU

ACR158    Gove,D/Rumpf,B    Condemnation power-restricts cert. use   REF ACE

ACR159    Gove,D/Rumpf,B    Beach easements-concern acquisition   REF AAN

ACR160    McKeon,J/Spencer,L    DEP's proposed rules, regulations-proh.   REF AEN

ACR161    McKeon,J/Jasey,M    Drinking Water Infrastructure Task Force   REF AEN

ACR162    Space,P/DeAngelo,W+1    Delaware Riv Basin flooding-address risk   REF AEN

ACR163    Auth,R    Sr. cit. primary resid.-prop. tax assess   REF ASL

ACR164    Greenwald,L    Firearms, stricter control measures-leg.   REF ALP

AJR66    Caputo,R/Tucker,C+2    St. Commission on Urban Violence-estab.   REF ALP

AJR67    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Animal Rescue Day-first Saturday in Oct.   REF AAN

AJR68    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Sch Garden Day in NJ-design Wednesday   REF AAN

AJR69    DiMaio,J/Pinkin,N    Genocide Awareness Mo.-desig. April   REF ASL

AJR70    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Chiari Malformation-Syringomyelia Mo.   REF AHE

AJR71    Gove,D/Rumpf,B    Cranberry Harvest Mo-desig. October   REF AAN

AJR72    Gove,D/Rumpf,B    Constitution Wk.-desig. Sept 17 thru 23   REF ASL

AJR73    Singleton,T    Alimony law study commission-estab.   REF AJU

AR104    Dancer,R    Internet's Domain Name Sys-Pres maintain   REF ATU

AR105    Dancer,R    Nat gas pipeline-moderization w/in State   REF ATU

AR106    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Amer. Kennel Club Canine Good Cit. prog.   REF AAN

AR107    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Immigration reform-Presid./Cong. enforce   REF AHS

AR108    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Natl. Estuary Prog.-Presid. reauth.   REF AEN

AR109    Gove,D/Rumpf,B    NJ-based products-market at park sites   REF AAN

AR110    Gove,D/Rumpf,B    Shore areas & tourism-open for business   REF ATG

AR111    Dancer,R    Chesimard, Joanne-urge Cuba to extradite   REF ALP

AR112    Dancer,R    Jt. Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst-keep open   REF AMV

AR113    DeAngelo,W    Career and Tech Ed Mo.-desig. Feb. 2016   REF AED

AR114    Auth,R    Mil personnel-permitted to carry firearm   REF AMV

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A310    Singleton,T/Bucco,A.M.    Patent infringement-bad faith assertion   REP

A311    Singleton,T/Caputo,R+5    Breach of security, online acct-disclose   REP

A333 Aca (1R)    Singleton,T/Quijano,A+1    Superstorm Sandy victim-forclosure prot.   REP/ACA

A544    Pinkin,N/Lagana,J+9    Prop. assess.-req. annual notice   REP

A552    Pinkin,N/Webber,J+1    Higher ed. instit.-concerns tuition/fees   REP

A893    Vainieri Huttle,V/Jimenez,A+2    Smoking, pub. parks and beaches-proh.   REP

A909    Vainieri Huttle,V/Lagana,J    Behavioral Health Insur Claims Advocacy   REP

A1346    Spencer,L/Wimberly,B+1    ATM-prov. withdrawal options   REP

A1376 Aca (1R)    Spencer,L/Mukherji,R    ATMs, cert.-req. video cameras   REP/ACA

A1407    Johnson,G    St-owned Hist. Sites Comm.-estab.   REP

A1421 Aca (1R)    Johnson,G/Mukherji,R    Crime Victim's Bill of Rights-revised   REP/ACA

A1670 Aca (1R)    Schaer,G/Quijano,A    Student Loan Ombuds-estab, reg. loan svc   REP/ACA

A1839 Aca (1R)    Giblin,T/Wimberly,B+6    Physical therapy-revise statutes   REP/ACA

A1861    Wimberly,B/Jasey,M+6    Reader Privacy Act-enacts   REP

A2065    Gusciora,R/Sumter,S    Redevel. permits-EDA estab. pilot prog.   REP

A2071    Gusciora,R/Caputo,R+3    Artist Bank-prov. interest free loans   REP

A2138 Aca (1R)    Diegnan,P/Egan,J+3    Tuition Aid Grant prog.-expands   REP/ACA

A2188 Aca (1R)    Singleton,T/Webber,J    Tenant, deceased-landlord remove prop   REP/ACA

A2199 Aca (1R)    Singleton,T/Holley,J    Affordable housing-estab. vet preference   REP/ACA

A2224 Aca (1R)    Peterson,E/Sumter,S+2    Secondhand Valuables Transactions   REP/ACA

A2276    Vainieri Huttle,V/Schaer,G    Finan. literacy course-Higher ed. course   REP

A2280    Vainieri Huttle,V    St. council on the Arts-concerns memb.   REP

A2324    Vainieri Huttle,V/Mukherji,R    We Support the Arts-auth lic. plate   REP

A2332 Aca (1R)    Benson,D    Clinical labs.-reg. rules, qual control   REP/ACA

A2789    Greenwald,L/Burzichelli,J    Driver road test-concerns   REP

A2801    Caputo,R/Mukherji,R+1    Art District-estab.   REP

A3065    Moriarty,P/Diegnan,P+1    Retail return policies-concerns   REP

A3101    Conaway,H/Jimenez,A+1    Ambulatory care fac.-concerns   REP


Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading: (cont’d)


ACR114    Singleton,T/Holley,J    Baccalaureate degree prog.-$10K tuition   REP

AJR21    Moriarty,P/Diegnan,P+1    Consumer Prot. Wk.-desig first wk, March   REP

AJR50    Wimberly,B/Conaway,H    Youth Smoking Prev. Awareness-desig. May   REP

AJR63    Caputo,R+1    Beer Wine & Spirits Wk-2nd wk. in May   REP

AR64    Singleton,T/Mukherji,R    Credit Union Small Bus Jobs Creation Act   REP

S180 Sca (1R)    Bateman,C/Weinberg,L+1    Crime Victim's Bill of Rights-revises   REP

S976    Gordon,R/Beck,J    Clinical labs.-reg. rules, qual control   REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A403 Aca (1R)    Benson,D/Pinkin,N+2    Tobacco cessation benf.-Medicaid cover   REP/ACA REF AAP

A1451    Lampitt,P/Mosquera,G+1    Small, women, minority-owned bus-concern   REP REF AAP

A1452 Aca (1R)    Lampitt,P/Mosquera,G    Lactation Consultants Lic. Act   REP/ACA REF AAP

A1768 Aca (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Rumana,S+3    St. agencies-issuance of general permits   REP/ACA REF AAP

A1869    Wimberly,B/Vainieri Huttle,V+10    Min. & Women-owned bus.-St. contracting   REP REF AAP

A1877    Wimberly,B/Sumter,S+7    Healthy Small Food Retailer Act   REP REF AAP

A1887    Wimberly,B/Johnson,G+1    Minority recruitment prog.-estab.   REP REF AAP

A2106    Mukherji,R/Chaparro,A+3    Birth cert, homeless-cert copy w/out fee   REP REF AAP

A2320    Vainieri Huttle,V/Conaway,H    Tobacco products-raises min. age   REP REF AAP

Co-Sponsors Added:

A1768 Aca (1R)   (Webber,J)    St. agencies-issuance of general permits

A2106   (McKnight,A)    Birth cert, homeless-cert copy w/out fee

A2138 Aca (1R)   (Johnson,G)    Tuition Aid Grant prog.-expands

A2565 Aca (1R)   (Danielsen,J)    NJ STARS, NJ STARS II-concerns elig.

A2750   (Zwicker,A)    Women-concerns equal pay

A2801   (Brown,C)    Art District-estab.

A2997   (Peterson,E)    Tamper-resistant opioid drugs-make list

A3091   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Marriage-bars persons under 18

A3101   (McKnight,A)   Ambulatory care fac.-concerns  

AJR63   (Brown,C)    Beer Wine & Spirits Wk-2nd wk. in May

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A1421 Aca (1R)   (Mukherji,R)    Crime Victim's Bill of Rights-revised

A1427   (Burzichelli,J)    Library, pub.-concerns mun. funding

A2276   (Schaer,G)    Finan. literacy course-Higher ed. course

A2509   (Gusciora,R)    Sex change-revise birth cert. procedure

A2578   (Sumter,S)    Optical scan voting sys-req by 6/7/2016

A2609   (Muoio,E)    Craft distillery lic.-operate restaurant

A2627   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Drilling techniques, cert.-concerns

A2631   (Muoio,E)    Boil water notice-req. w/in one hour

A2636   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Eating disorders-sch. prov. awareness

A2931   (Downey,J)    Inheritance tax pymt. due date-concerns

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A403 Aca (1R)   (Mukherji,R)    Tobacco cessation benf.-Medicaid cover

A2215   (Houghtaling,E)    Small bus. job creation acct. prog-estab

A2320   (Jimenez,A)    Tobacco products-raises min. age

A2612   (Muoio,E)    Veh. warranty-req. consumer notification

A2739   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Pub. sch-concerns instructional material

A2789   (DeAngelo,W)    Driver road test-concerns

A3101   (Pinkin,N)   Ambulatory care fac.-concerns  

AJR23   (Wimberly,B)    Shuck, Sip, and Slurp Weekend-October


Third Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A184   (DeCroce,B)    Telephone companies-clarify bus prop tax




Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A595   (Houghtaling,E)    Incarcerated individuals-proh. pub. benf

A1042   (Jimenez,A)    Med. records-estab. max. fees for copies

A2056   (Downey,J)    Substance abuse fac-post on DHS website

A2106   (Jimenez,A)    Birth cert, homeless-cert copy w/out fee

A2347   (Holley,J)    Corrections officers injured-comp. prog.

A2777   (Oliver,S)    Suppl. Nutrition Assist. Prog-time limit

A2789   (Mukherji,R)    Driver road test-concerns

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2106   (Pintor Marin,E)    Birth cert, homeless-cert copy w/out fee

Seventh Prime Sponsors Added:

A2565 Aca (1R)   (Zwicker,A)    NJ STARS, NJ STARS II-concerns elig.

The Assembly adjourned at 6:15 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, March 3, 2016 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “C” and “D” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (2/18/2016):