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Vol. XLIV No. 9                                                                                  219th Legislature First Annual Session



The Members of both Houses of the 219th Legislature met in Joint Session to receive the Annual Budget Message from the Honorable Phil Murphy, Governor of the State of New Jersey.




Bills Introduced:


S1914  Pou,N  Life insurance, stranger-originated-prohibits act, practice or arrangement  REF SCM

S1915  Gill,N  Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Council-establishes  REF STR

S1916  Gill,N  Facial recognition technology use by law enforcement agency-public hearings  REF SLP

S1917  Gill,N  Facial recognition or biometric surveillance sys-proh on police body-worn camera  REF SLP

S1918  Singleton,T  Carrier of construction materials-maintain general liability insurance, $1M min.  REF SCM

S1919  Singleton,T  Asst housing accommodations, non-public rentals-expand provisions of Discrim Law  REF SCU

S1920  Singleton,T  Pharmaceutical products-include programs in electronic health records systems  REF SHH

S1921  Pennacchio,J/Testa,M  Children's Vaccination Bill of Rights-provides children with certain protections  REF SHH

S1922  Greenstein,L  Payday lending-includes as a violation of the consumer fraud act  REF SCM

S1923  Greenstein,L  Power outages-BPU study microgrid & distributed energy resource deployment  REF SEG

S1924  Greenstein,L  State building, new-include distributed energy resource, retrofit existing bldgs  REF SEN

S1925  Codey,R  Affordable unit tenants-proh charging credit and criminal background check fees  REF SCU

S1926  Codey,R  Long-term care facilities-estab requirements concerning rights of LGBT residents  REF SHH

S1927  Bucco,A  Algal blooms-authorize use of CBT revenues for grants for prevention/remediation  REF SEN

S1928  Bucco,A/Singleton,T  Public school districts-concerns subcontracting agreements  REF SED

S1929  Holzapfel,J  Thefts, unlawful taking-upgrades crime in certain instances  REF SJU

S1930  Holzapfel,J  Fishing-clarifies license not required at a private community lake  REF SEN

S1931  Holzapfel,J  Lobsters-changes law regulating size limits  REF SEN

S1932  Diegnan,P  Veterans' Memorial Home medical transportation costs for residents;$1M  REF SMV

S1933  Diegnan,P  Children, youth & family services organizations-establish COLA  REF SHH

S1934  Sweeney,S  Disability benefits provided by transportation network companies-authorize use  REF SHH

S1935  Sweeney,S  Trans. svcs. prov to DHS clients-DHS employ Trans Planning Coordinator to manage  REF SHH

S1936  Sweeney,S  Transportation programs/services-DOT Commissioner req to advertise availability  REF STR

S1937  Madden,F/Sweeney,S  Promote Employment by State Agencies of People w/Disabilities Task Force-estab.  REF SLA

S1938  Sweeney,S  Tax levy cap adjustment 2020-2021 thru 2024-2025-sch. districts losing State aid  REF SED

S1939  Madden,F  Research universities-aligns contracting standards for its AC campus  REF SHI

S1940  Gill,N  Pension & annuity funds-prohibit, companies selling assault firearms  REF SSG

S1941  Gill,N  Audio or visual media, deceptive-prohibits distribution w/in 60 days of election  REF SSG

S1942  Gill,N  Housing, residential developers-provide low and moderate income housing  REF SCU

S1943  Gill,N  Discrimination by automated decision systems-prohibits  REF SCM

S1944  Gill,N  Health care prov-disclose selection standards in tiered health benf plan network  REF SCM

S1945  Gill,N  Real Estate Installment Contract Act  REF SCM

S1946  Gill,N  Health insurance exchange, fed req-estab public awareness campaign  REF SCM

S1947  Gill,N  Public Option Health Care Act  REF SCM

S1948  Gill,N  Cell phone or mobile device-upgrade stalking crime, use location monitoring prog  REF SJU

S1949  Cryan,J  Correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies-adopt maternity policies  REF SLP

S1950  Sacco,N/Greenstein,L  EMT certification, certain out-of-State-provide reciprocity  REF SLP

S1951  Smith,B/Codey,R  Electric veh charging stations-require community associations allow installation  REF SEN

S1952  Codey,R  PANYNJ, Inspector General's Office-grant subpoena power, furtherance of invest.  REF STR

S1953  Smith,B/Bateman,C  Energy, water & storm resiliency proj-establish prog for public or private finan  REF SEN

S1954  Beach,J  Trail signage program for alcohol manufacturers-establish  REF SEG

S1955  Beach,J  Paperless State government-create task force to study feasibility  REF SSG

S1956  Sweeney,S/Singleton,T  Prevailing wage-public work on properties receiving tax abatement or exemptions  REF SLA

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S1957  Greenstein,L/Oroho,S  Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc.-supports activities  REF SLA

S1958  Cruz-Perez,N  New Jobs for NJ Act-concerns tax credit, employers who hire unemployed workers  REF SLA

S1959  Cruz-Perez,N  Teen driver orientation program-establish  REF STR

S1960  Cruz-Perez,N  Lymphedema-health insurers, SHBP/SEHBP provide coverage for diagnosis/treatment  REF SCM

S1961  Cruz-Perez,N  Basic Skills Training Prog. for Economic Growth-increases reporting requirements  REF SLA

S1962  Cruz-Perez,N  Podiatric physicians-include coverage of services  REF SCM

S1963  Cruz-Perez,N  Learner's permit, special-establishes cert additional examination & requirements  REF STR

S1964  Cruz-Perez,N  PERS-participation in law enforcement category not eligible for PFRS enrollment  REF SSG

S1965  Cruz-Perez,N  State info tech contracts-req software use to document contractor computer use  REF SSG

S1966  Gopal,V  Solemn Covenant of the States to Award Prizes for Curing Diseases-enters NJ  REF SHH

S1967  Gopal,V/Greenstein,L  Heroin mixtures-estab. new crime, upgrades penalty involving heroin and fentanyl  REF SJU

S1968  Gopal,V  Recovery Tax Credit Program-establish hiring incentivizes  REF SEG

S1969  Gopal,V  Substance abuse disorder-incl. in list that qualify student for State special ed  REF SED

S1970  Gopal,V  Climate change-bd of education incl instruction & adopt instructional materials  REF SED

S1971  Gopal,V  Gestating pig-establish animal cruelty offense of cruel confinement  REF SEN

S1972  Gopal,V  Gross income-excludes discounts for services rendered from  REF SBA

S1973  Gopal,V/Oroho,S  Horse-boarding businesses-clarifies sales tax collection responsibilities  REF SBA

S1974  Gopal,V/Oroho,S  Account wagering system-allow State residents, outside of NJ, place wagers  REF SSG

S1975  Gopal,V+1  Career and Technical Education Partnership Grant Program-establish 4 years  REF SED

S1977  Greenstein,L  Child sexual abuse-establishes rebuttable presumption of pretrial detention  REF SJU

S1978  Greenstein,L  Veterans home purchase-creates grant program for federal active duty  REF SMV

S1979  Greenstein,L  Bias intimidation law-makes various changes  REF SJU

S1980  Greenstein,L  Animal control officers, certified-enforce mun. ordinance; report animal cruelty  REF SEN

S1981  Greenstein,L  Female patients-prohibits certain medical exams without informed consent  REF SHH

S1982  Beach,J  Ballots-provides co. clerks with an addl week to mail, for 2020 primary election  REF SSG

SCR90  Holzapfel,J  Sandy flood insurance claims-investigate use of revised reports to deny claims  REF SCM

SJR56  Singer,R  Say Something Week-designates week of February 24 through March 2 of each year  REF SED

SJR57  Gopal,V/Oroho,S+1  Manufacturing Week-designates first week of October of each year  REF SEG

SJR58  Singer,R  Military Child Appreciation Month/Week-designate April & last full week of April  REF SMV

SJR59  Singleton,T  First Responders Appreciation Month-designates October of each year  REF SLP

SR53  Gill,N  President Trump security-urges federal govt. to reimburse for cost of providing  REF SSG

SR54  Testa,M  National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986-urges President/Congress repeal  REF SHH

SR55  Cryan,J  Emergency events-urges social media websites to halt posts discussing ongoing  REF SLP


Concurrent Resolution Passed:


An unnumbered Concurrent Resolution providing for the Legislature to hold a Joint Session for the purpose of receiving the Governor's Budget Message was adopted (Voice).


Co-Sponsors Added:


S115  (Ruiz,M)  Immigrant Tenant Protection Act

S687  (Turner,S)  Hunger-Free Students' Bill of Rights Act-school meal info be provided to parents

S704  (Beach,J)  School Meal Fund-sch district establish to assist student w/meal bill in arrears

S1157 Sca (1R)  (Turner,S)  Emerging Technology Urban Grant Program in EDA-establishes

S1770  (Brown,C)  Veterans cremains-revise provisions concerning claiming and proper disposal

S1975  (Singleton,T)   Career and Technical Education Partnership Grant Program-establish 4 years 

SR27 Sca (1R)  (Cruz-Perez,N)  Foreign-based companies-encourages to make direct investment in NJ


Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:


S309  (Greenstein,L)  Energy and Manufacturing Workforce Development Program-establish in DOLWD


Co-Prime Sponsors Added:


S309  (Greenstein,L)  Energy and Manufacturing Workforce Development Program-establish in DOLWD

S320 Scs (SCS)  (Lagana,J)  Disclosure statement-include questions concerning lead plumbing/service lines

S746  (Scutari,N)  Firearms-prohibits possession by person convicted of animal cruelty

S1449  (Weinberg,L)  Liberty St. Park Protection Act; estab. Advisory Committee & DEP related actions

S1500  (Greenstein,L)  Students w/disab-sch security drills/emerg situations-req documentation of needs

S1787  (Singleton,T)  Tiny Home Pilot Program-establish in 3 regions of State

S1839  (Corrado,K)  Comprehensive State Plan for Economic Development-establishes


The Senate adjourned at 5:00 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, March 5, 2020 (SESSION).



Bills Introduced:


A3194  Johnson,G/Calabrese,C  Ticket Consumer Choice Act  REF ARP

A3195  Karabinchak,R  Economic incentive recipient-required to pay penalty for nonperformance  REF ACE

A3196  Karabinchak,R  Venture Investment and Employment Program Act-establishes  REF ACE

A3197  Murphy,C  Privacy invasion-revises civil remedies for victims of unauth. recordings  REF AJU

A3198  Murphy,C  Juvenile delinquent, adjudged-concerns expungement of certain records  REF AJU

A3199  Murphy,C/Benson,D  Organ donors, living-prohibits discrimination against  REF AFI

A3200  Murphy,C  Life insur., State-sponsored-req DMVA partner w/National Guard offer Natl Guard  REF AMV

A3201  Murphy,C  Harriet Tubman Museum-recognizes Howell House in Cape May  REF ATG

A3202  Dancer,R/Benson,D  Rare Disease Advisory Council-establish  REF AHE

A3203  Dancer,R  Veteran, psych fac-excludes benefits from calculation of financial obligations  REF AHU

A3204  Murphy,C  911 accidental disabled retiree, surviving dependent-prov. health care benefits  REF AHS

A3205  Dancer,R  Psych. hosp. cost-proh. State from billing counties when patient is responsible  REF AHU

A3206  Dancer,R  Expanded Addiction Initiative-co-occurring mental health/substance use disorder  REF AHU

A3207  Murphy,C  Voter registration-permits at age 16 under certain conditions  REF ASL

A3208  Dancer,R  Gardens, community-permitted to sell excess produce  REF AAN

A3209  Dancer,R  Child abuse fatalities-clarifies manner of public disclosure of findings or info  REF AWC

A3210  Dancer,R  State mileage reimbursement rate-sets at IRS rate for business use of automobile  REF ASL

A3211  Timberlake,B/Reynolds-Jackson,V  Driving privileges and arrest-prohibits suspension for certain crimes & offenses  REF ATR

A3212  Dancer,R  Psych. screening certificate-psychiatrists complete; concerns invol. commitment  REF ARP

A3213  Dancer,R  Fetal tissue-increase criminal penalties for selling, req documentation of costs  REF AHE

A3214  Timberlake,B/Reynolds-Jackson,V+10  Prisoners, childbirth-prohibits restraint during and immediately after  REF AWC

A3215  Dancer,R  Cadaveric fetal tissue-criminal penal for physicians, fail to prov donation info  REF AHE

A3216  Dancer,R  Internet advertisements-allows Department of Agriculture to sell on its website  REF AAN

A3217  Jimenez,A  Special needs person-voluntarily make a notation on driver's license/ID card  REF ATR

A3218  Jimenez,A  Caller ID information manipulation-may constitute cyber-harassment and stalking  REF AJU

A3219  Jimenez,A  Janitors, public school-revises tenure; certified ed fac managers-estab. tenure  REF AED

A3221  Dancer,R  Historic buildings in State parks, forests & wildlife mgmt areas-auth lease prog  REF ATG

A3222  Dancer,R  Ecotourism-consideration when evaluating applications, recreational land devel.  REF ATG

A3223  Dancer,R  Mineral interests, dormant-creates process for termination  REF AEN

A3224  Dancer,R  Vegetation-establishes certain requirements for a State entity planting  REF AAN

A3225  Dancer,R  Paddleboards, stand-up-use for fishing on lakes in wildlife management areas  REF AAN

A3226  Dancer,R  Pet adoption fees-waived for certain military personnel and veterans  REF AMV

A3227  Dancer,R  Disabled-revises requirements for signage indicating accessible facilities  REF AHU

A3228  Dancer,R  Streamlined Food Truck Lic Act-Statewide req lic/operation of mobile food vendor  REF ARP

A3229  Dancer,R  Mental health facilities and legal settlements-updates certain provisions  REF AHU

A3230  Dancer,R  Fetal death certificate, burial or removal permit-prepared upon parent's request  REF AWC

A3231  Dancer,R  Trunk fighting-establish as animal cruelty offense and third degree crime  REF AAN

A3232  Dancer,R  Protection of Fetuses from Dismemberment Abortion Act-designates  REF AHE

A3233  Dancer,R  Senior program services, certain community-concerns reimbursement levels  REF AHE

A3234  Peterson,E  Courts, counties-municipal-establish with limited countywide jurisdiction  REF AJU

A3235  Peterson,E  Courts, county-municipal-provides for limited countywide jurisdiction  REF AJU

A3236  Peterson,E  Planned Real Estate Full Disclosure Act-builder comply w/disclosure requirements  REF AHO

A3237  Peterson,E  Labels for recycling bins-DEP develop & solid waste management districts use  REF AEN

A3238  Peterson,E  Development or zoning variance-conditions affecting application record w/mun.  REF ASL

A3239  Peterson,E  Home building plans, new-builders provide owner with building plans  REF AHO

A3240  Peterson,E  Attorney-at-law-authorizes validation of an affidavit, affix seal  REF AJU

A3241  Peterson,E  Public records, electronic-not all have to be converted to different formats  REF ASL

A3242  Peterson,E  Planned Real Estate Full Disclosure Act-developer to post bond with DCA  REF AHO

A3243  Peterson,E  Veterans-requires hiring preference in non-civil service jurisdictions  REF AMV

A3244  Peterson,E  State Government Electronic Payment Security Standards-State Treasurer establish  REF ASL

A3245  Peterson,E  Homelessness Prevention Prog.-voluntary contributions through real estate sales  REF ACD

A3246  Peterson,E  Paraffin-excl use in manuf of candles from petroleum products gross receipts tax  REF ACE

A3247  Peterson,E  Military, active duty personnel-exempts storage facility space from sales tax  REF AMV

A3248  Peterson,E  Leg Counsel, Off of Leg Svcs-accept service of process on behalf of the St. Leg  REF ASL

A3249  Murphy,C  Sex assault victim-establish circumstances, court may order physical/psych exam  REF AJU

A3250  Murphy,C  Sex assault victim-establish circumstances, court may order physical/psych exam  REF AJU

A3251  Murphy,C  Narcotic, person under influence-trans. to med. fac. by law enforcement officer  REF ALP

A3252  Murphy,C  Megan's law-conforms to req. of federal Sex Offender Regis. Notification Act  REF ALP

A3253  Chaparro,A  Youth football leagues-requires AG to regulate and register  REF AWC

A3254  Caputo,R/Benson,D  Advocate for Private Commuter Bus Service Customers-establish Office  REF ATR

A3255  Burzichelli,J  Personally identifiable information-businesses notify customers to opt-in  REF AST

A3256  Burzichelli,J  Historic motor vehicles-permits pleasure driving 1 day per week  REF ATR

A3257  Burzichelli,J  Wineries-operate salesroom in certain municipalities w/sales restrictions  REF AAN

A3258  Swain,L  Ultrasounds on pregnant women-performed by licensed health care professional  REF AWC

A3259  Swain,L  Sonographers-requires licensure  REF AWC

A3260  Murphy,C  Multiple dwellings-provide priority status to residents moving to lower floors  REF AHO

A3261  Swain,L  Pregnancy crisis centers-disclose information concerning licensure status  REF AWC

A3262  Verrelli,A/Reynolds-Jackson,V  Inmates-county required to provide reentry assistance before release  REF ALP

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3263  Chaparro,A  Municipal vacant property registration fees-prohibits in certain circumstances  REF ASL

A3264  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Mukherji,R+2  Judges and Judicial personnel-directs AOC to establish implicit bias training  REF AJU

A3265  Houghtaling,E/Downey,J  Personal Care Assistance Task Force-establish in Department of Human Services  REF AHU

A3266  Houghtaling,E/Downey,J  Medicaid-req. managed care organizations to notify beneficiaries of max coverage  REF AHU

A3267  Vainieri Huttle,V/Murphy,C  Leah's Law-DCPP implement policies and procedures to ensure caseworker safety  REF AWC

A3268  DeAngelo,W/Verrelli,A  Career & Tech. Education Scholar Awards-estab. annually recognize cert. students  REF AED

A3269  Vainieri Huttle,V  Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Commission-establishes  REF AWC

A3270  Vainieri Huttle,V/Murphy,C  Service or guide dog in training-amends Law Against Discrim to access public fac  REF AHU

A3271  DeAngelo,W  County Career Technical Ed. Annual Recognition Awards-estab; recognize best prog  REF AED

A3272  DeAngelo,W  Manufacturing sector-design a manuf. career pathway to provide students w/skills  REF AHI

A3273  Vainieri Huttle,V  Children's Health Promotion Fund-establishes  REF AHE

A3274  DeAngelo,W  Veterans in the Schools Program-develop; teach about military experience  REF AED

A3275  Vainieri Huttle,V/Johnson,G  Coordination Among Nonprofit Social Service Organizations-establish Task Force  REF AHU

A3276  DeAngelo,W  Innovation Inspiration School Grant Pilot Program-establish 4 year  REF AST

A3277  Vainieri Huttle,V  Child absent-parent call; unexcused absence-notify parent or guardian  REF AWC

A3278  DeAngelo,W  Special education services-enroll in noncustodial parent's sch dist of residence  REF AED

A3279  Vainieri Huttle,V  Gestational Carrier Agreement Act-revises certain definitions  REF AHE

A3280  DeAngelo,W  Sch. fac. proj.-explicit auth for Sch Devel Auth to use design procurement model  REF AED

A3281  DeAngelo,W  Dist w/high academic performance & low per pupil expenditures-finan rewards prog  REF AED

A3282  Vainieri Huttle,V  Animal-assisted therapy, victim of childhood violence trauma-estab pilot program  REF AWC

A3283  Zwicker,A  Disclosure and Accountability Transparency Act-estab Office of Data Protection  REF AST

A3284  Vainieri Huttle,V  Opioid antidote-pharmacies required to maintain a minimum stock  REF AHE

A3285  Vainieri Huttle,V  Medicaid Services Review Task Force-study national treatment guidelines  REF AHU

A3286  Vainieri Huttle,V/Johnson,G  Mental health boards, county-revises membership requirements  REF AHU

A3287  Vainieri Huttle,V  Medical identification cards containing health info.-counties make available  REF AHE

A3288  Vainieri Huttle,V  Drug overdose-first responders transport person to hospital emergency department  REF AHE

A3289  Vainieri Huttle,V/Murphy,C  Tobacco products and electronic smoking devices-prohibits sale at pharmacies  REF AHE

A3290  Vainieri Huttle,V  Epilepsy medication-proh. substitution w/out consent notification by physician  REF AHE

A3291  Vainieri Huttle,V  Partnership for a Drug Free NJ-increase appropriation  REF AAP

A3292  Vainieri Huttle,V  Work First NJ program-repeals family cap  REF AHU

A3293  Vainieri Huttle,V  Medical consultation assistance grant program-establish remote in DOH  REF AHE

A3294  Vainieri Huttle,V  Epilepsy drugs-prohibits substitution by pharmacists w/out prior notification  REF AHE

A3295  Vainieri Huttle,V  Mental Health Access Act-incr. Medicaid reimb. rates for behavioral health svcs.  REF AHE

A3296  Vainieri Huttle,V/Johnson,G  Community Mental Health Safety Net Act-prov. cost-based quarterly reimbursement  REF AHE

A3297  Vainieri Huttle,V  Direct support professional wage increase;$16.5M  REF AHE

A3298  Vainieri Huttle,V  Resource family parent, relative, preadoptive parent-party to reviews or hearing  REF AWC

A3299  Vainieri Huttle,V  Prevention of Sexual Violence-establish task force  REF AWC

A3300  Vainieri Huttle,V  Newborn screening specimens-dispose within 60 days after testing  REF AWC

A3301  Vainieri Huttle,V  Pharmaceuticals-requirements, State entities enter bulk purchasing arrangements  REF ASL

A3302  Vainieri Huttle,V  Contraceptive, self-administered hormonal-allow pharmacist to prescribe/dispense  REF AHE

A3303  Zwicker,A  Independent contractors-concerns comp earned according to work terms agreed upon  REF ALA

A3304  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Gas explosive detector-requires installation in certain residential properties  REF AHO

A3305  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Vaccines containing mercury-eliminates use  REF AHE

A3306  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Petroleum products gross receipts tax revenue-excludes certain rail projects  REF ATR

A3307  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Animal Abuser Registry-establishes  REF AAN

A3308  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Communications, electronic storage, password prot.-clarify unlawful access crime  REF AJU

A3309  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Real estate devel., new-requires installation of emergency power to common areas  REF AHO

A3310  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Street paving costs, qualified private communities-mun. required to reimburse  REF AHO

A3311  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Driver license, suspended-police notification required  REF ALP

A3312  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Class Two special law enforcement training for time deployed-extends  REF AMV

A3313  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Police officer-authorize veteran to deduct 2 yrs military service from age req.  REF AMV

A3314  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Rescue operation of public entity-authorizes court to impose costs  REF AJU

A3315  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Sex offenders-prohibits from working in ice cream trucks and amusement parks  REF AJU

A3316  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  State Police detectives-omits from Open Public Records Act  REF AJU

A3317  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Developmentally disabled-special parking insignias for vehicle used to transport  REF AHU

A3318  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Burglary & theft during a state of emergency-establishes mandatory penalties  REF AHS

A3319  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Drivers, never been issued a license-enhance penalties  REF ALP

A3320  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Credit card scanners-establish new offenses concerning unlawful possession/use  REF ACO

A3321  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Public utility infrastructure upgrades-proh billing customers for costs incurred  REF ATU

A3322  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  NJT Corp. employees-wear photo ID and undergo criminal history background checks  REF ATR

A3323  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  State's electric distribution system standards-BPU study  REF ATU

A3324  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Public utility-required to reimburse business customer for service interruption  REF ATU

A3325  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Natural High Drug Prevention Program-encourage implementation in school district  REF AED

A3326  Conaway,H/Reynolds-Jackson,V  Hospitals-allow to construct housing & wrap-around services for homeless persons  REF AHE

A3327  Conaway,H  Death certificate-St registrar permit county surrogate to provide certified copy  REF AHE

A3328  Peters,R/Stanfield,J  Veteran, surviving spouse-provides income tax deduction  REF AMV

A3329  Jasey,M/McKeon,J  Commuter Pass Credit Act-designates and provides temporary income tax credit  REF ATR

A3330  Peters,R/Stanfield,J  Pensions & retirement income-raises eligibility threshold for exclusion, $125K  REF AFI

A3331  Dunn,A  Police trained in animal cruelty-exempts certain additional training courses  REF AAN

A3332  DiMaio,J/DePhillips,C  Municipalities share cert payments received in lieu of property taxes w/sch dist  REF ACD

A3333  Dunn,A  Urgent care & retail health clinics-defibrillator on site & emp. trained to use  REF AHE

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3334  Bramnick,J/DeCroce,B  Aggressive driving pattern-creates new motor vehicle offense  REF ALP

A3335  Bramnick,J  Phishing or soliciting-prohibits for personal identifying information  REF ACO

A3336  Bramnick,J  Threats against prosecutors, law enforcement officers-second degree crime  REF ALP

A3337  Bramnick,J  Firearm theft-increases statute of limitations for prosecution  REF AJU

A3338  Pinkin,N  Solar energy system expenditures-provide CBT and income tax credits  REF ATU

A3339  Bramnick,J  Home invasion-creates first degree crime and subject to No Early Release Act  REF ALP

A3340  Bramnick,J  Volunteer fire companies and fire departments-exempt from OPRA  REF ASL

A3341  Pinkin,N  LED technology-municipalities, public utilities & State to use in street lights  REF AEN

A3342  Munoz,N  Motor vehicle recalls-repair required prior to sale  REF ACO

A3343  Pinkin,N  Sales tax holiday-establishes every third weekend of July, certain retail sales  REF AEN

A3344  Munoz,N  Child welfare endangerment-clarify permitting to reside w/sexual abuser  REF AJU

A3345  Pinkin,N  Renewable energy system, commercial-establish uniform alternative assessment  REF AEN

A3346  Pinkin,N  Polystyrene products-prohibit sale of expanded & food packaged in those products  REF ACO

A3347  Munoz,N  Human Trafficking/Child Exploitation Prev. Act-blocking cert. Internet devices  REF AJU

A3348  Pinkin,N  Water Resources Protection Trust Fund Act; estab. user fee on water consumption  REF AEN

A3349  Munoz,N  Motor vehicle, used-seller required to complete and submit form  REF ACO

A3350  Pinkin,N  Food packaging-study and regulate perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances  REF AEN

A3351  Munoz,N  Drivers Distractions Task Force-creates; impact road and highway safety  REF ATR

A3352  Pinkin,N  Warehouses, newly constructed-be solar-ready buildings  REF AEN

A3353  Munoz,N  One Strike, You’re Ours-adds Internet as aggravating factor in child sex crimes  REF AJU

A3354  Pinkin,N  Recycling centers-report information about recycling markets and contamination  REF AEN

A3355  Munoz,N  Sex offender-increase penalty for harboring or concealing  REF ALP

A3356  Pinkin,N  Physicians-exempts from CDS registration req. of Division of Consumer Affairs  REF AHE

A3357  Munoz,N  Health care benefits-eligible for more than 1 only choose coverage from 1  REF ASL

A3358  Pinkin,N  Entertainment facilities food & bev-prov calorie info for items offered for sale  REF ACO

A3359  Munoz,N  State vehicles, certain-establish pilot project to install GPS devices  REF ASL

A3360  Pinkin,N  First responders-revises requirements and training standards  REF AHE

A3361  Munoz,N  Public Employee Pension and Health Care Benefits Reform Task Force-creates  REF ASL

A3362  Johnson,G  Assault against public employees-upgrades to aggravated assault  REF ALP

A3363  Johnson,G  Crime victims-expands rights  REF ALP

A3364  Pinkin,N  Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco Use Control Policy-establish  REF AHE

A3365  Johnson,G  Law Against Discrimination-amends to include crime victims as protected status  REF ALP

A3366  Johnson,G  Non-flushable disposable wipes-labeling required  REF ACO

A3367  Johnson,G/Kennedy,J  Electric veh charging stations-require community associations allow installation  REF AHO

A3368  Peterson,E  Manhattan on Raritan Valley Line-NJT required to operate off-peak rail service  REF ATR

A3369  Johnson,G/Pinkin,N  Asian Heritage-establish Commission in DOE  REF AED

A3370  Burzichelli,J  Aviation fuel tax exemption-eliminates; provides funding for capital projects  REF ATR

A3371  Mukherji,R  Children, separated from parents, immigration matters-appoint standby guardians  REF AWC

A3372  Mosquera,G  Firearm-police officer inquire during mental health check  REF ALP

A3373  Mukherji,R/Conaway,H  Behavioral health care services-minors 13 years of age and older to consent  REF AWC

A3374  Mosquera,G  Medical conditions-MVC permit individuals to display decal on license plate  REF ATR

A3375  Mosquera,G  Sexual assault prev. training prog-devel for high sch athletic directors/coaches  REF AWC

A3376  Mukherji,R  Judge, administrative law-revise reappointment process; estab tenure upon reappt  REF AJU

A3377  Mosquera,G  Senior citizen housing proj-landlord prov written explanation for rent increase  REF ASE

A3378  Mosquera,G  Newborn safety devices-newly constructed police stations provide  REF AWC

A3379  Mosquera,G/Lampitt,P  Child care centers-establishes corporation business tax and income tax credits  REF AWC

A3380  Giblin,T  Telecommunications device-prohibit sale unless remotely render device inoperable  REF ACO

A3381  Mosquera,G/Lopez,Y  Firefighters, certain-permits mun or fire district transfer from PERS to PFRS  REF ASL

A3382  McKeon,J  Pesticide applications-uniform silver flags required to mark  REF AAN

A3383  McKeon,J  Gas connections-permits municipalities to prohibit in new construction  REF ATU

A3384  McKeon,J  Uniform Voidable Transactions Act-renamed Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act  REF AFI

A3385  McKeon,J  Lawn sprinklers-requires installation of operational automatic rain sensor  REF AEN

A3386  McKeon,J  Police and firefighters-establish a 5 year residency requirement  REF ASL

A3387  McKeon,J  Transit Villages Act-mun promote intensive mixed-use devel close to mass transit  REF ACE

A3388  Mosquera,G  Feminine hygiene products-school districts provide, cert schools; State pay cost  REF AWC

A3389  McKeon,J  Sharing of services-encourages; makes appropriations  REF ACE

A3390  McKeon,J  School districts, high performing-monitor by DOE every 3 years not 7 years  REF AED

A3391  Mosquera,G  Newborn infants-requires informational safe placement alternatives in restrooms  REF AWC

A3392  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Timberlake,B  Student representative-be appointed to board of education of school district  REF AED

A3393  Mosquera,G  Women-State agencies post Internet links to programs and services  REF AWC

A3394  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Carter,L  Laura Wooten's Law-requires civics instruction in middle school  REF AED

A3395  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Verrelli,A  Asst housing accommodations, non-public rentals-expand provisions of Discrim Law  REF AHO

A3396  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Verrelli,A  Residential deeds-encourages timely recording  REF AHO

A3397  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Timberlake,B+3  Cosmetology & hairstyling licensees-complete domestic violence training  REF ARP

A3398  Bramnick,J  Legislature-authorizes member to solemnize marriages and civil unions  REF AJU

A3399  Schaer,G  Charter schools operation-modifies process for renewals and revocations  REF AED

A3400  Dunn,A  Vet. occupied housing units-auth bonus cred toward fair share housing obligation  REF AHO

A3401  Schaer,G  Prop damage liability insurance policy-include coverage for faulty workmanship  REF AFI

A3402  Dunn,A  Veteran occupied transitional housing-auth bonus cred toward fair share housing  REF AHO

A3403  Schaer,G  Health Care Billing Data Study-establish center  REF AFI

A3404  Dunn,A  Homestead property tax reimbursement-extends deadline to file  REF ASL

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3405  Schaer,G  State tax refunds and unemployment insurance benefits-provide payment options  REF ALA

A3406  Dunn,A  Voluntary Employment for Taxpayers Act-resid. perform svcs. for prop tax credits  REF ASL

A3407  Schaer,G  Business email address-required to report to Div of Revenue & Enterprise Service  REF ACE

A3408  Dunn,A  Sons of the American Legion-authorizes creation of license plates  REF ATR

A3409  Schaer,G  Auto. Insurance Risk Exchange-concerns appointment of board of directors  REF AFI

A3410  Dunn,A  Subsurface sewage disposal system-proh. DEP req installers possess certification  REF AEN

A3411  McKeon,J  Person-to-person electronic payment, erroneous-criminalizes failure to return  REF AFI

A3412  Dunn,A  American Legion Auxiliary-authorizes creation of license plate  REF ATR

A3413  Dunn,A  State mandates on municipalities-minimize adverse economic impact  REF AOF

A3414  Webber,J/Scharfenberger,G  Unemployment insurance benefits obtained fraudulently-concerns repayment  REF ALA

A3415  Dunn,A  Law enforcement officers-AG establish campaign concerning respectful treatment  REF ALP

A3416  Webber,J  Imaging surveillance device-law enforcement officer req. to obtain court order  REF ALP

A3417  Dunn,A  Bone marrow donation-minors status, not disqualify them if criteria req. are met  REF AWC

A3418  Webber,J  Registration certificates-concerns temporary for automobiles  REF ATR

A3419  Dunn,A  CDS misuse-create a registry of individuals who req medical assistance as result  REF AHE

A3420  Webber,J  Emergency and warning light permits-local and State government entities to issue  REF AHS

A3421  Wirths,H  First responders-medical testing required, when exposed to bloodborne pathogens  REF AHE

A3422  Webber,J  Crossing guards-concerns eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits  REF ALA

A3423  Wirths,H  Veterans-establishes special license plates  REF ATR

A3424  Webber,J  Employers-civil liability for certain disclosures regarding emp. and former emp.  REF ALA

A3425  Webber,J  Summer camp workers-expands exemption to wage and hour requirements  REF ALA

A3426  Webber,J+2  Medical malpractice actions-caps noneconomic damages at $250K  REF AFI

A3427  Webber,J+2  Consumer Fraud Act-revises individual cause of action  REF AJU

A3428  Wirths,H  Municipal courts-grants discretion to assess court costs for certain dismissals  REF AJU

A3429  Wirths,H  Power outages-study whether microgrids & generators will reduce length of outage  REF ATU

A3430  Dancer,R  Offender, hinder apprehension or prosecution-increases penalty  REF ALP

A3431  Dancer,R  Military, active duty member-allowed to carry firearm at all times  REF ALP

A3432  Wirths,H  Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Awareness Month-designated November  REF AHE

A3433  Dancer,R  Police internal investigation information-prohibits release under State's OPRA  REF AJU

A3434  Dancer,R  Military personnel-prohibits posting, pub on the Internet or disclose cert info  REF AMV

A3435  Wirths,H  Overcrowding-authorize additional fines having violated occupancy requirements  REF AHO

A3436  Dancer,R  Sex offender-prohibits from holding position or participating in youth ministry  REF ALP

A3437  Webber,J  Health care prof.-prov. care at health facility, no compensation-civil immunity  REF AJU

A3438  Dancer,R  Incarceration Information-sharing required between government agencies  REF ALP

A3439  Webber,J  Admin. rules and regulations-State agencies required to review, ensure efficacy  REF AOF

A3440  Dancer,R  Bail Agent Enforcement Unit-transfers auth to regulate bail agents, DOBI to DLPS  REF ALP

A3441  Dancer,R  TV voice recognition features-proh from collecting or recording use w/out notice  REF ACO

A3442  Dancer,R  Handicapped spots-exempt fees  REF ATR

A3443  Dancer,R  Telecommunications subscriber's personal information-obtain search warrant  REF ALP

A3444  Bramnick,J  Auto insurers-disclose policy limits upon attorney request  REF AFI

A3445  Dancer,R  Breweries-operate off-premises retail salesrooms, brewery/winery joint salesroom  REF AOF

A3446  Bramnick,J  Residential real property between family members-exempts from inheritance tax  REF AAP

A3447  Dancer,R  Sex crimes-establishes rebuttable presumption detailed prior to trial  REF ALP

A3448  Dancer,R  Motor vehicles-clarifies use to warn oncoming traffic of road conditions  REF ATR

A3449  Dancer,R  Mental Health Treatment Reform and Violence Prevention Act-establishes  REF AHU

A3450  Johnson,G  Income access services & related provider contracts-creates certain requirements  REF AFI

A3451  Dancer,R  MV insurance-driver w/out lic. involved in accident w/pedestrian-enhance penalty  REF ALP

A3452  Dancer,R  Probation-transfers all functions and employees to Bureau of Probation  REF ALP

A3453  Wimberly,B  Tuition and fee expenses, higher education-allows a gross income tax deduction  REF AHI

A3454  Dancer,R  Handgun permit or firearm ID card-prov. law enforcement officer option to obtain  REF AJU

A3455  Wimberly,B  Resid. prop.-expedite process for foreclosing vacant/abandoned residential prop.  REF AHO

A3456  Burzichelli,J  Schools, private postsecondary-establishes tuition reimbursement program  REF AHI

A3457  Burzichelli,J  Health benf plan-carrier prov new/existing subscriber w/hosp contract expiration  REF AFI

A3458  Burzichelli,J  Real Estate Installment Contract Act  REF AFI

A3459  Wimberly,B  HOPE Initiative Act-educate citizens on dangers of heroin and opioid addiction  REF AHE

A3460  Holley,J  Tort Claims Act-St. strictly liable for injuries caused by St.-mandated vaccines  REF AHE

A3461  Holley,J  Vaccines-revises requirements for administration to patients  REF AHE

A3462  Wimberly,B  Student accident insurance-school districts required to maintain & pay premiums  REF AED

A3463  Wimberly,B  St. intervention-elim partial/full under Quality Single Accountability Continuum  REF AED

A3464  Wimberly,B  Gun Court Pilot Program-establishes in Passaic County  REF AJU

A3465  Vainieri Huttle,V  PANYNJ bridge-tolls-not exceed cost of maintenance, operation and debt service  REF ATR

A3466  Wimberly,B  Post-release employment-addresses various concerns  REF ALP

A3467  Vainieri Huttle,V  Rider safety awareness campaign-req. MVC Chief Admin estab trans network company  REF ATR

A3468  Vainieri Huttle,V  Telemarketers-requires calls display their names and telephone numbers  REF ACO

A3469  Vainieri Huttle,V  Societal benefits charge-not allocated, be credited to public utility customers  REF ATU

A3470  Vainieri Huttle,V/Murphy,C  Emerg svcs., nonprofit homeless & domestic viol. asst org-util prov bill credits  REF ATU

A3471  Sumter,S  Tax collectors-concerns certification in collection of property taxes  REF ASL

A3472  Vainieri Huttle,V  Stalking victim, under 18-upgrades crime  REF AJU

A3473  Vainieri Huttle,V  Social Networking Safety Act-prov penalties for sexually offensive communication  REF AJU

A3474  Vainieri Huttle,V  Babs Siperstein Transgender Day of Remembrance-renames  REF AHU

A3475  Vainieri Huttle,V  Autism spectrum disorder-Commissioner of Health establish public health campaign  REF AHE

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3476  Vainieri Huttle,V  Developmental disab individual-DHS develop/purchase electronic health record sys  REF AHU

A3477  Vainieri Huttle,V  Adult day health svc fac-devel specific elig criteria, individuals w/devel disab  REF AHU

A3478  Vainieri Huttle,V  Developmental disabled person-estab. bill of rights for authorized family memb  REF AHU

A3479  Vainieri Huttle,V  Developmental disabled person-permits change of case manager  REF AHU

A3480  Vainieri Huttle,V  Snow removal by NJT-requires removal from certain stops, stations and stands  REF ATR

A3481  Dunn,A/Scharfenberger,G  Property tax bills, permits, receipts-auth. municipality to deliver via e-mail  REF ASL

A3482  Scharfenberger,G  Energy Tax Receipts Property Tax Relief Aid program-revises  REF ASL

A3483  Rumpf,B/Gove,D  Public Work Contractor Registration Act-exempt small bus from apprenticeship req  REF ALA

A3484  Rumpf,B/Gove,D  SJTA-allow emergency service vehicles use without being charged a toll  REF ATR

A3485  Rumpf,B/Gove,D  Superstorm Sandy aid overpayments-establish process for recovery  REF AHO

A3486  Rumpf,B/Gove,D  Fuel taxes, paid on motor fuel for motor vehicles personal use-tax deduction  REF ATR

A3487  Rumpf,B/Gove,D  MVC database-allows persons w/autism voluntarily enter med. info. on drivers lic  REF ATR

A3488  Rumpf,B/Gove,D  Forest firefighter death benefits-establish  REF ALP

A3489  Vainieri Huttle,V  Railroad bridge-owner required to submit bridge inspection records to DOT  REF ATR

A3490  Vainieri Huttle,V  Crude Oil by Rail Safety Task Force-creates  REF ATR

A3491  Vainieri Huttle,V  Transportation services-report crimes statistics annually to AG  REF ATR

A3492  Vainieri Huttle,V  Telemarketing harassment intimidation-task force to study technology to reduce  REF ACO

A3493  Vainieri Huttle,V  Societal benefits charge-elim demand side management programs from recovery cost  REF ATU

A3494  Vainieri Huttle,V  Disabled person-proh snowplow operators from depositing snow at access points  REF AHU

A3495  Kean,S/Thomson,E  Benzodiazepine-establishes certain protocols for prescribing and dispensing  REF AHE

A3496  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  Crime victim comp.-mandate wage garnishment & community svc, court order default  REF AJU

A3497  McGuckin,G/Catalano,J  Stalking-expand statute authorizing temporary restraining orders for victims  REF AWC

A3498  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  Veteran's gross income tax exemption-extends to deceased veteran spouses  REF AMV

A3499  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  Historic preservation-provides voluntary contribution on income tax return  REF ATG

A3500  Vainieri Huttle,V/Kennedy,J  Telephone calling/text messaging auto-proh; prov call mitigation subscriber tech  REF ACO

A3501  Vainieri Huttle,V  Development center-requires at least 1 in each region of the State  REF AHU

A3502  Mukherji,R/Pintor Marin,E  Child-protection window guard law-strengthens provisions  REF AHO

A3503  Peterson,E  Sex offenders-prohibits from distributing candy to children on Halloween  REF ALP

A3504  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  Declaration of Independence, 250th anniversary-develop/promote hist. mural prog.  REF ATG

A3505  Peterson,E  Power vessel-allows person under age 16 to operate with parental supervision  REF ALP

A3506  Peterson,E  Support Our Veterans-auth. lic. plate w/proceeds supporting homeless vet centers  REF AMV

A3507  Peterson,E  Law enforcement officers, certain-required to present ID while on-duty  REF ALP

A3508  Peterson,E  False alarm response-provide reimb. to volunteer emergency svc. org for expenses  REF ALP

A3509  Peterson,E  Pretrial detention, defendants subject, mand imprisonment-rebuttable presumption  REF AJU

A3510  Lopez,Y/Benson,D  Accessible transportation service routes-NJT publish on website  REF ATR

A3511  Chaparro,A/Benson,D  People with developmental disabilities-concerns transportation options  REF AHU

A3512  Freiman,R/Lopez,Y  Civil & criminal immunity-DHS establish public awareness campaign  REF AHE

A3513  Freiman,R  Business filing statutes-modernizes to incl. entity conversion and domestication  REF AFI

A3514  Moen,W/Kennedy,J  Paratransit services-establish 3 year pilot program to expand provision  REF AHU

A3515  Freiman,R/Zwicker,A  Automatic renewal or continuous service offers-imposes certain requirements  REF ACO

A3516  Moen,W  Mental health care professionals-grants income tax deduction  REF AHE

A3517  Moen,W  Bond ordinance-eliminate 5% down payment requirement  REF ASL

A3518  Vainieri Huttle,V  Healthy Workplace Act-unlawful practice to subject emp. to abusive workplace env  REF ALA

A3519  Vainieri Huttle,V  Family leave and gestational carriers-concerns  REF ALA

A3520  Mukherji,R/Chiaravalloti,N  Mass transit and green space need at Bergen Arches;$100K  REF ATR

A3521  Vainieri Huttle,V  Employers, employing person less than 18 years old-provide tax credit  REF ALA

A3522  Mukherji,R/Chaparro,A  Sewer fees, unpaid-prohibits sewerage and mun. authorities from charging interest  REF ASL

A3523  Vainieri Huttle,V  Health insurance carriers-comply with certain network adequacy requirements  REF AFI

A3524  Mukherji,R/McKnight,A  Billboard revenues-authorizes certain cities to impose tax  REF ASL

A3525  Vainieri Huttle,V/Murphy,C  Consumer reporting agency-increase protection of consumers' personal information  REF ACO

A3526  Mukherji,R  Out-of-network Consumer Prot., Transparency, Cost Containment & Acct Act-revises  REF AFI

A3527  Vainieri Huttle,V  Health benefits plans-managed care-prohibits anti-tiering clauses  REF AFI

A3528  Mukherji,R  Tenant screening-prohibits landlord from considering certain actions  REF AHO

A3529  Vainieri Huttle,V  Behavioral Health Insurance Claims Advocacy Program-establish  REF AFI

A3530  Mukherji,R/Conaway,H  Health insurance carriers communications-concerns confidentiality  REF AFI

A3531  Vainieri Huttle,V  Health Care Patient Ombudsperson-oversight of coverage under health benf plans  REF AFI

A3532  Vainieri Huttle,V  Pharmacy benefits management companies-regulates certain practices  REF AFI

A3533  Benson,D  Motor vehicles-authorizes operators to display electronic registration proof  REF ATR

A3534  Vainieri Huttle,V  Epinephrine, medically necessary-insurance cover for persons aged 18 or younger  REF AFI

A3535  Benson,D  Disab person, senior citizen & others w/mobility needs-NJT implement ed svc prog  REF ATR

A3536  Vainieri Huttle,V  Insulin drugs and epinephrine-limits amount paid by covered persons for purchase  REF AFI

A3537  Benson,D  Life Sciences Internship Challenge-creates program, tax credit to cert companies  REF AST

A3538  Vainieri Huttle,V  Public services privatization contracts-establish procedures and standards  REF ALA

A3539  Benson,D  DOT contracts-authorize for certain services w/o Department of Treasury approval  REF ATR

A3540  Vainieri Huttle,V  Preimplantation genetic screening-mandates health benefits coverage  REF AFI

A3541  Benson,D  School bus driver license renewal-required to retake certain knowledge test  REF ATR

A3542  Downey,J  School bus passengers-$250 medical expense benefits no-fault coverage  REF AFI

A3543  Downey,J  Minors-eliminate filing fees for settlement proceedings involving  REF AJU

A3544  Benson,D  Mass transit improvements-permits municipalities require developers make contrib  REF AHO

A3545  Benson,D  School bus inspection-school district transportation supervisor conduct monthly  REF AED

A3546  Benson,D  HS graduation requirements-prov. list of various assessments to satisfy test req  REF AED

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3547  Benson,D  Student prone to regression-individualized ed program devel prog, consider staff  REF AED

A3548  Lampitt,P  Adolescent depression screenings-requires health benefits coverage  REF AFI

A3549  Benson,D  Marie H Katzenbach Sch For the Deaf Task Force-study issues/make recommendations  REF AED

A3550  Lampitt,P/Zwicker,A  Science courses, various aspects of computer-school districts report to DOE  REF AED

A3551  Benson,D  Rutgers-New Brunswick Sch of Dental Medicine-Special Care Treatment Center;$250K  REF AHI

A3552  Lampitt,P  Grow Your Own Loan Redemption Program-establishes  REF AED

A3553  Benson,D  Dog handler used in law enforcement-provided opioid antidote  REF ALP

A3554  Lampitt,P post link on homepage of its website  REF AED

A3555  Benson,D  Statewide Rapid Response Emergency Group-establishes  REF AHS

A3556  Lampitt,P  School facility, nonpublic-examine leasing for school districts that lack space  REF AHI

A3557  Lampitt,P  Firearm on educational institution grounds-upgrades penalty, unlawful possession  REF ALP

A3558  Benson,D  Organ donation, how to register-health insurers develop informational materials  REF AHE

A3559  Lampitt,P  Newborns-administer vitamin K within 6 hours of birth  REF AHE

A3560  Lampitt,P  Implanted medical device-voluntarily make notation on drivers license or ID card  REF ATR

A3561  Benson,D  History Property Reinvestment Act-prov. credits against taxes, rehab hist. prop.  REF ACD

A3562  Lampitt,P  Sex offenders-municipality enact ordinance regulating where to reside  REF ALP

A3563  Lampitt,P  Intern Protection Act-provide legal protections and remedies for persons engaged  REF ALA

A3564  Benson,D  Wind energy facilities, certain portfield sites-tax credits for devel. of qualif  REF ATU

A3565  Benson,D  Animal abandonment and injuring w/motor vehicle-revises animal cruelty offenses  REF AAN

A3566  Benson,D  Veteran-DMVA notify certain organizations, name of deceased  REF AMV

A3567  Benson,D  Black bear-requires annual update of comprehensive policy for managing  REF AAN

A3568  Benson,D  Autism spectrum disorder-establish certification card for diagnosed individuals  REF AHU

A3569  Greenwald,L  State-administered pension plans-Treasurer Director report on status  REF ABU

A3570  Benson,D  Coast Guard-authorize special license plates for members  REF ATR

A3571  Schaer,G  Trapping license-changes minimum age for issuance from ages 12 to 18  REF AAN

A3572  Houghtaling,E/Downey,J  Water safety-requires provision of instruction in public school curriculum  REF AED

A3573  Houghtaling,E  Garden St. Preserv Trust-restore fiscal yr 2011 reduction, pymt in lieu of taxes  REF AAN

A3574  Houghtaling,E  Tick research and control;$250K  REF AAN

A3575  Pinkin,N  Firearms purchaser identification card-incr fee and color photo required on card  REF ALP

A3576  Pinkin,N  Photovoltaic arrays-new installations  comply w/National Electric Code standards  REF ATU

A3577  Pinkin,N  Solar installation subcode-DCA required to adopt  REF ATU

A3578  Pinkin,N  Solar energy systems-exempts from building fees  REF ATU

A3579  Pinkin,N  Tree purchase, planting and removal-concerns expenses to municipalities  REF ACO

A3580  Pinkin,N  Higher education instit-review employment history, sexual harassment allegations  REF AHI

A3581  Pinkin,N  Legislative staff-provides 15 credits tuition-free per semester at 4 yr instit.  REF AHI

A3582  Pinkin,N  College degree plan filed by student-public instit. of higher ed develop pathway  REF AHI

A3583  Pinkin,N  Sexual Assault Violence in Education Act-adopt anti-sexual assault theater prog.  REF AHI

A3584  Pinkin,N  Higher education institutions-State Auditor conduct audit of fees  REF AHI

A3585  Pinkin,N  Higher education public institution-annually prepare report on debt held  REF AHI

A3586  Pinkin,N  Food date labeling-establish standards, public education program  REF ACO

A3587  Pinkin,N/Chaparro,A  Pub work contracts w/minority, women, vet owned bus-post on website St fund use  REF ALA

A3588  Pinkin,N/Lopez,Y  Women's Advancement Off-facilitate equal participation of women in the workplace  REF ALA

A3589  Pinkin,N/Lopez,Y  Gender Pay Discrimination Study Commission-establishes  REF AWC

A3590  Pinkin,N  Breach of security, containing personal info.-revise requirements for disclosure  REF ACO

ACR136  Peterson,E  Angioplasty, elective-permit additional facilities to perform procedures  REF AHE

ACR137  Peterson,E  State budget, balanced-accordance with State Revenue Forecasting Integrity Comm.  REF ABU

ACR138  Tully,P/Swain,L  Living Guru-recognizes importance of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji; promoting peace  REF ASL

ACR139  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Sumter,S+4  Health Community initiatives-urges Dept. of Health & Human Svcs & NJ DOH promote  REF AHE

ACR140  DeAngelo,W/Verrelli,A  Knights of Columbus-recognizes 134th anniversary  REF ASL

ACR141  Vainieri Huttle,V  Incontinence products-enact legislation to provide Medicare coverage  REF AHE

ACR142  Pinkin,N  Earth Day-commemorates 50th anniversary  REF AEN

ACR143  Mukherji,R  Children, adverse experiences-urges Governor to develop strategies to reduce  REF AWC

ACR144  Dunn,A  Bills and joint resolutions-require to be heard in committee  REF ASL

ACR145  McKnight,A  Slavery or involuntary servitude-amends Constitution to prohibit  REF ASL

ACR146  Vainieri Huttle,V  Hagedorn Gero-Psychiatric Hospital-urges Governor to reopen  REF ASE

ACR147  Rumpf,B/Gove,D  Property assessment reduction-provide senior citizen relatives living quarters  REF ASE

ACR148  Rumpf,B/Gove,D  Public office, elective-prohibit person convicted of criminal offense  REF ASL

ACR149  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  Beach easements-establish funding within Shore Protection Fund for acquisition  REF AEN

ACR150  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  Condemnation power-restricts against non-blighted property  REF ACE

ACR151  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Spearman,W+1  Law enforcement misconduct-calls for federal investigation in cert circumstances  REF ALP

ACR152  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  State funds realized from transfer of assets-restrict use for capital projects  REF ASL

ACR153  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Sumter,S+4  Federal opportunity zones-urge Congress req transparency & promote social equity  REF ACD

ACR154  Rumpf,B/Gove,D  Property tax reform-State constitutional convention, reduce government spending  REF ASL

AJR120  Murphy,C  Military Child Appreciation Month/Week-designate April & last full week of April  REF AMV

AJR121  Timberlake,B/Reynolds-Jackson,V  Food Allergy Awareness Week-designates second week in May of each year  REF AHE

AJR122  Dancer,R  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Week-designates September 7-13 each year  REF AHE

AJR123  Vainieri Huttle,V  Elder Abuse Awareness Day-designates June 15 of each year  REF ASE

AJR124  Vainieri Huttle,V  Hydrocephalus Awareness Month-designates September of each year  REF AHE

AJR125  Vainieri Huttle,V  Day of the Girl-designates October 11 of each year  REF AWC

AJR126  Pinkin,N  Opiod Abuse Prevention Month-designates October of each year  REF AHU

AJR127  Pinkin,N  Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Awareness Month-designates November  REF AHE

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


AJR128  Pinkin,N  Hospice and Palliative Care Awareness Month-designates November of each year  REF AHE

AJR129  Mukherji,R  Rule of Evidence amendments-cancels; concerns scope of cross-examination  REF AJU

AJR130  Mosquera,G  Week of the Military Woman-designates second week of May each year  REF AMV

AJR131  Mosquera,G  Caregivers Awareness Month-designates November of each year  REF AWC

AJR132  Mosquera,G  Distracted Walking Awareness Month-designates September of each year  REF ACO

AJR133  Mosquera,G  Preeclampsia Awareness Month-permanently designates May  REF AWC

AJR134  Wirths,H  Fishing and Boating Week-designates first full week of June each year  REF ATG

AJR135  Wimberly,B  Disparity in State Procurement Study Commission-extends report deadline  REF ASL

AJR136  McKnight,A  Kids Entrepreneurship Awareness Week-designates second week of June of each year  REF ACE

AJR137  McKnight,A  Individualized Education Plan Awareness Month-designates May of each year  REF AED

AJR138  Wimberly,B  Persons w/Disabilities & Senior Citizen Transportation Services Task Force-estab  REF ATR

AJR139  DiMaso,S/Munoz,N  Sexual Assault Survivors Day-designates first Monday in April of each year  REF ALP

AJR140  Vainieri Huttle,V  Access for All Committees-municipalities establish to assist disabled citizens  REF AHU

AJR141  Rumpf,B/Gove,D  Chiari Malformation-Syringomyelia Awareness Month-designates September each year  REF AHE

AJR142  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  Birding Month in NJ-designates May each year  REF AAN

AJR143  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  Cranberry Harvest Month-designates October of each year  REF AAN

AJR144  Vainieri Huttle,V  Women's National Team-urges US Soccer Federation to provide equitable treatment  REF AWC

AJR145  Downey,J/Houghtaling,E  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness Month-designates November of each year  REF AHE

AR113  Dancer,R  Jersey fresh produce-urges nursing homes and other senior living facilities use  REF ASE

AR114  Peterson,E  Juror notification system-urges NJ Supreme Court to adopt uniform modification  REF AJU

AR115  Caputo,R/Karabinchak,R  National Infrastructure Bank-urges President and Congress to create  REF AFI

AR116  Pinkin,N  National monument-opposes any reduction in size of, or level of protection  REF AHS

AR117  Pinkin,N  Gasoline, 15% ethanol-condemns Trump's decision to allow sale of during summer  REF AEN

AR118  Pinkin,N  Hot Cars Act of 2019-urges US Congress support  REF AWC

AR119  Pinkin,N  Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act of 2019-urges enactment  REF AHE

AR120  Mosquera,G  National Guard-urges Congress to pass legislation to empower and enhance  REF AMV

AR121  McKeon,J  Pilgrim Pipeline project-opposes  REF AEN

AR122  Mosquera,G  Diaper Need Awareness Week-week of September 25 through October 1, 2018  REF AWC

AR123  Mosquera,G  Diapers-urges legislation creating program to subsidize purchase  REF AWC

AR124  Webber,J  Bills with at least 32 sponsors-require to be voted on third reading upon notice  REF ASL

AR125  Wimberly,B  Land-grant institutions of higher education-urge to eliminate funding disparities  REF AHI

AR126  Vainieri Huttle,V  Port Authority of NY & NJ-urges to implement frequency-base discounted toll plan  REF ATR

AR127  Vainieri Huttle,V  Complete streets policy-urges municipalities implement, improve quality of life  REF ACD

AR128  Vainieri Huttle,V  Foreign-based companies-encourages to make direct investment in NJ  REF AFI

AR129  Vainieri Huttle,V  Robocalls-require telephone service providers implement technology to block  REF ATU

AR130  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  Tourism industry & shore areas-open for business; encourages visitors to explore  REF ATG

AR131  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  Declaration of Independence-urge to read July 4 at noon; plan 250th anniversary  REF ASL

AR132  Gove,D/Rumpf,B  NJ-based art and agricultural products-urges to market and offer at park sites  REF ATG

AR133  Rumpf,B/Gove,D  Immigration reform-memorializes President and Congress to pass and enforce  REF AOF

AR134  Houghtaling,E  US Postal Service-urges all appropriate measures to remain an independent agency  REF ASL

AR135  Pinkin,N  Rutgers-urges to appoint voting student representative to board of governors  REF AHI


Concurrent Resolution Passed:


An unnumbered Concurrent Resolution providing for the Legislature to hold a Joint Session for the purpose of receiving the Governor's Budget Message was adopted (Voice).


Co-Sponsors Added:


A1514 Aca (1R)  (McGuckin,G)  Recycling bins-provide bins in State buildings

A1993  (Freiman,R; McKeon,J; Lopez,Y)  Electric veh. charging stations-developers offer option in new home construction

A2369  (Lopez,Y)  State House Complex-requires environmental sustainability plan

A2417  (Dunn,A)  Payroll-reduces taxable wage base applied to certain tax contributions

A2481  (Thomson,E; Peters,R)  Military, serving outside of State, combat zone compensation-exclude income tax

A2487  (Chaparro,A; Vainieri Huttle,V; Timberlake,B)  Healthy Terminals Act-req. airport/train station workers be paid cert wages/benf

ACR80  (Schepisi,H)  Natural resources, public-make State trustee; guarantee environmental rights


Second Prime Sponsors Added:


A335  (Dunn,A)  Economic Development Auditor-establishes position in EDA

A2481  (Tucker,C)  Military, serving outside of State, combat zone compensation-exclude income tax

A2487  (Benson,D)  Healthy Terminals Act-req. airport/train station workers be paid cert wages/benf

A2871  (Vainieri Huttle,V)  Telepsychiatry-Medicaid cover and reimburse mental health svcs. provided through

A2873  (Vainieri Huttle,V)  Psychiatric hospitals-State reimburse counties for maintenance for patients

A2877  (Vainieri Huttle,V)  Property, vacant and abandoned-requires registration with municipalities




Second Prime Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A2913  (Vainieri Huttle,V)  Community Emergency Response Team members-perform traffic duties

A2971  (Vainieri Huttle,V)  Digital Impersonation Prevention Act-impersonate a person on Internet website

A2977  (Vainieri Huttle,V)  Transportation network company-provide live customer service representative

A3005  (Vainieri Huttle,V)  Mental Health Early Action on Campus Act

AJR99  (Peters,R)  Remembering Victims of Communism Day-designates November 7 of each year

AR100  (Spearman,W)  Prison Gang Violence Task Force-establishes to study security & safety


Third Prime Sponsors Added:


A1435  (Dunn,A)  Red Tape Review Commission-estab, assess effect rules/regulation have on economy

A1436  (Dunn,A)  NJBEST contributions-provides income tax deductions

A1437  (Dunn,A)  Pension plans, qualified, deferred comp-exclude certain income tax contributions

A2481  (DeAngelo,W)  Military, serving outside of State, combat zone compensation-exclude income tax

A2487  (Egan,J)  Healthy Terminals Act-req. airport/train station workers be paid cert wages/benf

A2690  (Verrelli,A)  Drug court elig.-estab special probation persons w/previous criminal convictions

A2871  (Verrelli,A)   Telepsychiatry-Medicaid cover and reimburse mental health svcs. provided through
A3296   (Murphy,C)  Community Mental Health Safety Net Act-prov. cost-based quarterly reimbursement

ACR25  (Dunn,A)  Fire insurance policy-require tax imposed on premiums paid to St Firemen's Assoc

AR100  (Vainieri Huttle,V)  Prison Gang Violence Task Force-establishes to study security & safety


The Assembly adjourned at 5:28 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, March 5, 2020 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “A” and “B” scheduled to meet).


Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:




Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (2/24/2020):