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Vol. XXVIII No. 9                                                                               217th Legislature $ First Annual Session



Nominations Notice of Intention:


      David F. Bauman, of Holmdel.

Bills Introduced:

S15    Sweeney,S    Min. wage-raises rate to $10.10   REF SLA

S1679    Barnes,P    Name change-criminal background ck. req.   REF SJU

S1680    Ruiz,M    Breast cancer awareness-estab. lic plate   REF STR

S1681    Oroho,S    Sch. Safety and Security Act   REF SJU

S1683    Holzapfel,J    Homestead prop. tax reimb.-incr. elig.   REF SCU

S1684    Holzapfel,J    Age-restricted devel.-tax assessments   REF SCU

S1685    Kean,T    Education Tech.-estab. task force   REF SED

S1686    Bucco,A.R.    Bias intimidation-incl. police   REF SLP

S1687    Lesniak,R/Cunningham,S    Convicted offender-concerns rehab.   REF SLP

S1688    Kyrillos,J    St. aid to mun.-concerns   REF SCU

S1689    Bucco,A.R.    Home health care emp-auto insur coverage   REF SCM

S1690    Bucco,A.R.    Massage, Body Therapist Lic. Act-revises   REF SCM

S1691    Bucco,A.R.    Workers' comp.-req. for cert. corp.   REF SLA

S1692    Bucco,A.R.    MV repair dealers, cert.-concerns fraud   REF SCM

S1693    Bucco,A.R.    Minor emp. cert.-revise application proc   REF SLA

S1694    Bucco,A.R.    Anticancer oral med-limits upfront costs   REF SCM

S1695    Bucco,A.R.    Radiologic svcs.-concerns insur. reimb.   REF SCM

S1696    Bucco,A.R.    Patent infringement-bad faith assertion   REF SCM

S1697    Bucco,A.R.    Real prop relating to terrorism-concerns   REF SJU

S1698    Bucco,A.R.    Vet. coordinators-concernx   REF SHI

S1699    Bucco,A.R.    NJ STARS-incl. homeschooled students   REF SHI

S1700    Bucco,A.R.    Loan redemption prog-prov. bus. tax cred   REF SHI

S1701    Bucco,A.R.    Death penal., cert. murders-restore   REF SJU

S1702    Cardinale,G    Pub. emp, cert-limits retro salary incrs   REF SSG

S1703    Bucco,A.R.    Weapons, unlawful control-estab. penal.   REF SLP

S1704    Bucco,A.R.    Sch crossing guard, injuring-incr penal   REF SLP

S1705    Bucco,A.R.    William's Law-concerns pool safety   REF SCU

S1706    Kean,T    Trunk fighting-estab as animal cruelty   REF SEG

S1708    Holzapfel,J    Pub. sch. dist.-subcontract agreements   REF SED

S1709    Holzapfel,J    Street paving costs-req. mun. reimb.   REF SCU

S1711    Sweeney,S/O'Toole,K    Mun. Stabilization and Recovery Act   REF SBA

S1712    Smith,B    Traffic, during peak-hrs.-concerns   REF STR

S1713    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Drought interconnection sys.-develop   REF SEN

S1714    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Elec. generating fac., cert.-concerns   REF SEN

S1715    Sweeney,S    Casino gaming-finan. stabilization   REF SBA

S1716    Vitale,J    Megan's law-conform to fed. req.   REF SLP

S1717    Vitale,J    Sex Offender Mgt. Comm.-estab.   REF SLP

S1718    Vitale,J/Weinberg,L    Lactation Consultants Lic. Act   REF SCM

S1719    Vitale,J/Gill,N    Death certificates-defines req. info.   REF SHH

S1720    Vitale,J    Health insur. coverage-concerns   REF SHH

S1721    Vitale,J    Physician profiling prog.-reg.   REF SCM

S1722    Vitale,J    Specialty lic plate-changes approval sys   REF STR

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)

S1723    Vitale,J/Scutari,N    St. agency-alt dispute resolution policy   REF SSG

S1724    Vitale,J    Health care prov.-referrals   REF SCM

S1725    Vitale,J    Money transmitters-concerns   REF SCM

S1726    Vitale,J/Rice,R    Pub. util. bills-concerns   REF SEG

S1727    Lesniak,R    Non-teaching staff-concerns arbitration   REF SED

S1728    Sarlo,P/Oroho,S     Estate tax-incr. exclusion   REF SBA

S1729    Whelan,J    Loc. Unit Electronic Procurement Act   REF SSG

S1730    Vitale,J    Mental Health Access Act   REF SHH

S1731    Gordon,R    Smoking, pub. places-estab. civil penal.   REF SHH

S1732    Cruz-Perez,N    Adopt a Monarch Butterfly Waystation   REF SEN

S1799    Vitale,J/Cunningham,S    Bio-analytical laboratories-concerns   REF SHH

S1825    Sarlo,P    Autism spectrum disorder, adults-study   REF SHH

SCR81    Holzapfel,J    Sandy flood insur. claims-investigate   REF SCM

SCR82    Holzapfel,J    Sandy flood insur. claims-investigate   REF SCM

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

S83    Bucco,A.R.    Road access easement-condemnor req.   REP

S104    Whelan,J    Green Fd.-estab. in BPU   REP

S157 Sca (1R)    Madden,F/Vitale,J    Abuse of persons who are elderly/disab.   REP/SCA

S166    Bateman,C/Doherty,M    Hunterdon-Somerset Flood Advisory-estab   REP

S176    Bateman,C    STEM Entrepreneur Fellowship Prog-estab.   REP

S601 Scs (SCS)    Cunningham,S/Vitale,J+1    Work First NJ-remove cert. restrictions   REP/SCS

S650    Turner,S/Vitale,J+6    Energy assist.-prov. $21 min. annually   REP

S730    Cruz-Perez,N    Phi Beta Sigma -auth. lic. plate   REP

S737    Beach,J    GPS navigation devices-concerns   REP

S762 Sca (1R)    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Stormwater util.-auth. creation   REP/SCA

S969    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Preserv. NJ Act   REP

S971    Sweeney,S/Kyrillos,J    Casino fac., small-scale-modify req.   REP

S983 Sca (1R)    Sweeney,S/Vitale,J    Emerg. assist.-extends cert. elig.   REP/SCA

S998    Sarlo,P/Oroho,S    Personal income tax's pension-incr.   REP

S1155    Barnes,P    Autocycles-reg. as motorcycles   REP

S1175 Sca (1R)    Vitale,J    Medicaid, NJ FamilyCare-med therapy mgmt   REP/SCA

S1279 Sca (1R)    Vitale,J/Madden,F    Hepatitis C testing-hospitals offer   REP/SCA

S1707 Sca (1R)    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Renewable energy portfolio standards   REP/SCA

S1710    Vitale,J/Singer,R    Ambulatory care fac.-concerns   REP

S1728    Sarlo,P/Oroho,S     Estate tax-incr. exclusion     REP

S1730    Vitale,J    Mental Health Access Act   REP

SCR48    Rice,R    Econ Justice, Equal Emp Opportunity   REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S104    Whelan,J    Green Fd.-estab. in BPU  

S176    Bateman,C    STEM Entrepreneur Fellowship Prog-estab.  

S601 Scs (SCS)    Cunningham,S/Vitale,J+1    Work First NJ-remove cert. restrictions  

S730    Cruz-Perez,N    Phi Beta Sigma -auth. lic. plate  

S762 Sca (1R)    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Stormwater util.-auth. creation  

S1175 Sca (1R)    Vitale,J    Medicaid, NJ FamilyCare-med therapy mgmt  

S1730    Vitale,J    Mental Health Access Act  

Bills Received from Assembly/Referred to Committee:

A156 Aca (1R)    Tucker,C/Vainieri Huttle,V+4    Upskirting-expand crime of priv invasion   REF SLP

A374    Auth,R/Prieto,V+19    Duplicate driv. lic, id cards-concerns   REF STR

A766    Andrzejczak,B/Mazzeo,V+11    Natl Guard memb-suspend mortgage pymt.   REF SMV

A846    Quijano,A/Wisniewski,J+2    Drug allergies-allow driv. lic. notation   REF STR

A1016 Aca (1R)    Jasey,M/DeCroce,B+16    Full-day kindergarten-estab. task force   REF SED

A1256    Caride,M/Singleton,T+1    Sch. nurse certifications-concerns   REF SED

A1418    Johnson,G/Caride,M+3    Minors-concerns territorial jurisdiction   REF SJU

A1635    Schaer,G/Johnson,G+11    Wiretap orders for cert. crimes-auth.   REF SJU

A1757    Greenwald,L/Tucker,C+21    Vet.-waive higher ed. application fees   REF SMV

A1934    Coughlin,C/Johnson,G+17    Vet org.-exemp nonprofit corp filing fee   REF SMV

A1946    Coughlin,C/Lampitt,P+6    Cyber-harassment-domestic viol. statute   REF SJU

A1957 Aca (1R)    Pintor Marin,E/Prieto,V+6    Address Confidentiality Prog.-expand   REF SED

A2462    Mazzeo,V/Johnson,G+5    Mort. foreclosure-extend post-mil. prot.   REF SMV

A2502    Lampitt,P/Mukherji,R+2    Teacher certifications-concerns   REF SED

A2546    Singleton,T/Webber,J+4    Econ. devel. subsidies, cert.-concerning   REF SEG

A2563    Jasey,M/Singleton,T+1    St. tuition aid grant recipient-concerns   REF SHI

A2566    Diegnan,P/Jasey,M+1    Response to Intervention framework   REF SED

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S61    Lesniak,R/Greenstein,L+1    Corp. bus. taxes-req. combined reporting   FROM SBA

S1014    Holzapfel,J    Animal restraint-estab. offense   FROM SEG

Public Hearing:

SCR1 Sca (1R)    Sarlo,P/Sweeney,S+2    Casino operations;certain co.-auth Leg   (SBA)

Co-Sponsors Added:

S76   (Cardinale,G)    Thrift Saving Fd contrib-excl income tax

S311   (Kean,T)    Shore Prot. Fd.-incr. annual amount

S520   (Bateman,C)    Ed Funding Report-incorp recommendations

S538   (Bucco,A.R.)    Sex crime against minor-mand prison term

S862   (Weinberg,L)    Cig. tax rev.-anti-smoking initiatives

S1002   (Bateman,C)    Secondhand Valuables Transactions

S1013   (Addiego,D; Bateman,C; Kyrillos,J)    Tethering dogs-reg.

S1055   (Bateman,C; Beck,J)    St. & mun. health plan-restrict level

S1092   (Pennacchio,J)    Retir. income-elim. income cap excl.

S1191   (Bucco,A.R.)    Corp. bus. tax rate-reduces

S1322   (Whelan,J)    Innovation zone prog.-estab.

S1529   (Bucco,A.R.)    ID theft victim-cease debt collection

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S534   (Sarlo,P)    Movers and warehousemen-revise penal.

S690   (Beach,J)    Mun. consolidation-concerns

S693   (Beach,J)    Design-build contracts-estab. procedures

S971   (Kyrillos,J)    Casino fac., small-scale-modify req.

S1013   (Singer,R)    Tethering dogs-reg.

S1051   (Vitale,J)    Buprenorphine-health benf. cover

S1157   (Van Drew,J)    Lobsters-changes law reg. size limits

S1165   (Greenstein,L)    Firearms disab.-concerns relief

S1279 Sca (1R)   (Madden,F)    Hepatitis C testing-hospitals offer

S1580   (Bucco,A.R.)    Special law enforcement training-Class 2

S1661   (Bucco,A.R.)    WWII Vet. Memor. Fd.-prov. vol. contrib.

S1667   (Bucco,A.R.)    Nat'l Guard, cert. comp-excl. income tax

S1678   (Oroho,S)    Apartment registration-elim. duplication

SR22   (Bateman,C)    PennEast Pipeline proj. in NJ-oppose

SR33   (Oroho,S)    Safe and Accurate Food Labeling of 2015

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

S1728   (Van Drew,J)    Estate tax-incr. exclusion

The Senate President has made the following appointments:


*Effective February 17, 2016

New Jersey Law Revision Commission:

Jeffrey M. Pollock, of Holmdel, to replace Vito A. Gagliardi, Jr., Esq.


*Effective February 18, 2016

Task Force on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease:

Senator Robert W. Singer (30)






The Senate President has made the following re-appointments:


*Effective February 17, 2016

Council on Armed Forces and Veterans’ Affairs:

Senator James Beach (6)

Senator Diane B. Allen (7)


Joint Budget Oversight Committee:

Senator Paul A. Sarlo (36)

Senator Loretta Weinberg (37)

Senator Anthony R. Bucco (25)


Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards:

John E. Wallace, Jr., of Washington Township.

Daniel P. Mecca, of Paramus.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission:

Senator Ronald L. Rice (28)

Senator Shirley K. Turner (15)

Senator Diane B. Allen (7)

Senator Jennifer Beck (11)


New Jersey State Council for Interstate Adult Offenders Supervision:

Senator Diane B. Allen (7)

The Senate Minority Leader has made the following appointment:


*Effective February 22, 2016

Asian American Study Foundation – Board of Trustees:

Senator Kevin O’Toole (40)


Note to the 1/12/2016 Digest:


Bills Introduced:


S799    Weinberg,L+7    Sick leave, earned-concerns   REF SBA *NOT* SWR 2RS

Note to the 2/11/2016 Digest:

Co-Sponsors Added:


S992   (Turner,S)   Women-concerns equal pay

The Senate adjourned at 5:40 PM to meet again on Thursday, March 3, 2016 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “3” and “4” scheduled to meet).



The Assembly did not meet. The Assembly will meet on Thursday, March 3, 2016 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “C” and “D” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (02/22/2016):