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Vol. XLIV No. 13                                                                                219th Legislature • First Annual Session





The Senate did not meet.  The Senate will meet again at a date and time to be announced.




Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:


A3900  Sumter,S/Chaparro,A+6  Family leave & disability benefits during epidemic-related emergencies-concerns 

A3901  Chiaravalloti,N/Kennedy,J+4  Prof. & occupational license boards-reactivate licensure during state of emerg. 

A3902  Wimberly,B/Coughlin,C  Deadline extensions to local gov. units-permits under emergency circumstances 

A3903  Downey,J/Houghtaling,E+1  Notarial acts, remote-allows during Public Health Emergency & State of Emergency 

A3904  Burzichelli,J/Schepisi,H+4  Flexible instruction days-permits virtual/remote instruction to meet 180-day req 


Bills Introduced:


A3866  Bergen,B/Auth,R  COVID-19 pandemic-establish sales tax holiday for state of emergency duration  REF ABU

A3867  Wimberly,B  Unemployment compensation overpayments-concerns repayment  REF ALA

A3868  Wimberly,B  Daylight saving time-establish permanent  REF ASL

A3869  Armato,J  Opioids-requires antidote prescriptions for certain patients  REF AHE

A3870  Karabinchak,R  Defense Against Porch Pirates Act; amends theft statute  REF AJU

A3871  Karabinchak,R  Drivers-req to watch video on rights and responsibilities when stopped by police  REF ATR

A3872  Karabinchak,R  Tuition and fees at higher education institutions-concerns  REF AHI

A3873  Lopez,Y  Children's meals served in restaurants-required to meet nutritional standards  REF AHE

A3874  Lopez,Y  Methylene chloride paint removal-proh sale unless cert safety standards are met  REF AEN

A3875  Lopez,Y  Road salt-establishes strategic road salt reserve and fund within DOT  REF ATR

A3876  Lopez,Y  Mobile home park-defines as multiple dwelling for inspection purposes  REF ACD

A3877  Lopez,Y  Restrooms-requires access to certain single-occupancy, regardless of gender ID  REF AJU

A3878  Timberlake,B/Speight,S  Public utility service discontinuances, certain-prohibits during cert epidemics  REF ATU

A3879  Speight,S  Pilot Program Review Board-establish to oversee implementation & evaluation  REF ASL

A3880  Speight,S  Crime Victim's Bill of Rights and VCCO-establish an awareness campaign  REF ALP

A3881  Speight,S  Victims' rights and VCCO assistance;$750K  REF ALP

A3882  Schaer,G  County-based real property assessment program-extend to Passaic County  REF ASL

A3883  Speight,S  VCCO-prohibts denying award of comp. to victims w/outstanding warrants/charges  REF ALP

A3884  Murphy,C/Mosquera,G  Alice Paul-State Capitol Joint Mgmt Commission display in State Capitol building  REF AWC

A3885  Murphy,C  Professional services, direct support-persons between 18-21 w/disab are eligible  REF AHU

A3886  Murphy,C  Diversionary program-establish for juveniles, attend Youth Challenge Academy  REF ALP

A3887  Murphy,C  Trichloropropane in drinking water-DEP establish maximum contaminant level  REF AEN

A3888  Houghtaling,E/Downey,J  Beach umbrellas-require to anchor at public beaches; post signs regarding risks  REF ATG

A3889  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Verrelli,A  Lease requirements-require landlord attach certificate of inspection/occupancy  REF AHO

A3890  Reynolds-Jackson,V/Spearman,W  Economic development-require annual reporting in federal opportunity zones  REF ACE

A3891  Burzichelli,J  Small business financing-requires certain disclosures to recipients  REF AFI

A3892  Moen,W  Veterans History Project-require DMVA promote at Library of Congress  REF AMV

A3893  Jasey,M  Firearms permit fees-increases  REF AJU

A3894  Pinkin,N  Voters-sign backup paper polling record in counties opting to use e-poll books  REF ASL

A3895  Pinkin,N  Professional and occupational credentials-requires biennial review of fees  REF ARP



Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3896  Pinkin,N  Driving under the influence-eliminates pentachlorophenol  REF ALP

A3897  Armato,J/Mazzeo,V  Waterfowl Stamps-increases fee  REF AAN

A3898  Calabrese,C  Savas Glavas-permit appointment to Cliffside Park Police Department  REF ALP

A3899  Downey,J  Automobile insurance policy limits-require disclosure upon request by attorney  REF AFI

ACR166  Lopez,Y  National Practitioner Data Bank-available to health care prof. boards w/out cost  REF ARP

ACR167  McKnight,A/Speight,S  Families First Coronavirus Response Act-urges Congress to pass  REF AHS

ACR168  Moen,W  REAL ID Act of 2005-urges federal government to extend deadline  REF ATR

ACR169  Pinkin,N  DEP-commemorates 50th anniversary of establishment  REF AEN

AJR159  Bergen,B  General Norman Schwarzkopf Day-designates August 22  REF ASL

AJR160  Karabinchak,R  Chinese & Asian American communites-supports during coronavirus 2019 epidemic  REF AHS

AR145  Karabinchak,R  NJ-Taiwan sister state relationship-commemorates  REF ACE

AR146  Jimenez,A  Pre-triage tents-encourages licensed hospitals Statewide to construct  REF AHE

AR147  Murphy,C/Mosquera,G  Pregnant Workers Fairness Act-urges Congress to pass  REF AWC

AR148  McKnight,A/Speight,S  Pandemic-Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-implement  REF AAN

AR149  Moen,W  Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program-urges President to continue  REF AHI


Bills Received from Senate/Referred to Committee:


S432  Oroho,S/Cryan,J+1  Workers comp coverage-revises for injuries to volunteer and prof pub safety memb  REF ALA

S993  Greenstein,L/Singleton,T+7  Non-teaching staff-submit to binding arbitration for a disciplinary action  REF ALA

S2273  Sweeney,S/Cryan,J+5  SEHBP-provide plans for public education employees and certain retirees  REF ABU

S2303  Bucco,A/Singleton,T+6  Public school districts-concerns subcontracting agreements  REF AED

SCR65  Bateman,C/Smith,B+1  Earth Day-commemorates 50th anniversary  REF AEN


Bills Received from Senate/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:


S1990  Weinberg,L/Lagana,J  Government office, unsalaried-allows member of Bd of Public Utilities to serve 

S2304  Sweeney,S/Scutari,N+8  Family leave & disability benefits during epidemic-related emergencies-concerns 


Co-Sponsors Added:

A3900 (Jasey,M)  Family leave & disability benefits during epidemic-related emergencies-concerns 


Note to the 03/16/2020 Digest:


Bills Passed:


A3858  Mukherji,R/Spearman,W+8  Cash payments to Work First NJ recipients-issue supplemental, cert circumstances  (53-0-0) *NOT* (52-1-12)


The Assembly adjourned at 4:32 P.M. to meet again on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 (SESSION).


Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:




Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (3/19/2020):


P.L.2020, c.1.  A3859  McKnight,A/Schepisi,H+17  3/19/2020  Foreclosure & tenant evictions-concerns prohibition during certain emergency 

P.L.2020, c.2.  A3852  Coughlin,C/Bramnick,J+2  3/19/2020  State government business & session-conduct outside Trenton, period of emergency 

P.L.2020, c.3.  A3860  Pinkin,N/DeCroce,B+13  3/19/2020  Telemedicine & telehealth-establish requirements to use to respond to COVID-19 

P.L.2020, c.4.  A3862  Giblin,T/Armato,J+1  3/19/2020  Prof or occup lic-expedite individuals during state of emerg or pub health emerg