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Vol. XXV No. 18                                                                                215th Legislature $ Second Annual Session



Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


      Dianne  Solomon, of Haddonfield, to replace the Honorable Nicholas Asselta, resigned.

Bills Introduced:

S2655    Beach,J    New bldg constr-incl. green or blue roof   REF SEN

S2656    Beach,J    St. bldgs., new-use of green, blue roofs   REF SEN

S2657    Beach,J    Env. Infrastructure Finan. Prog-ranking   REF SEN

S2658    Beck,J    Contractors' Registration Act-revises   REF SCM

S2659    Ruiz,M/Cunningham,S    Firearms id cards-concerns   REF SLP

S2660    Sweeney,S    Credit unions-concerns   REF SCM

S2661    Cardinale,G    Estate tax due from escrow fds-concerns   REF SBA

S2662    Pou,N    Devel ctr resid transition-follow-up req   REF SHH

S2663    Madden,F    Ammunition, penetrate body armor-proh.   REF SLP

S2664    Oroho,S    Rosie's law-vehicular homicide   REF SLP

S2665    Sweeney,S/Oroho,S    Beaver-removes limitation   REF SEN

S2666    Allen,D/Beach,J    Police training-concerns alt rte for mil   REF SLP

S2667    Van Drew,J    Exterior-based prop. reassessment-permit   REF SCU

S2668    Van Drew,J    Mun court position, cert-terminate early   REF SJU

S2669    Van Drew,J    Medicaid, demo proj, cover room/bd-estab   REF SHH

S2670    Van Drew,J    St. of emerg.-concerns tolls   REF STR

S2671    Kean,T    Mil. memb.-qual. for resid. tuition rate   REF SHI

S2672    Kean,T    Mortgage guaranty insur.-concerns   REF SCM

S2673    Gill,N    Health care coverage-concerns   REF SCM

S2674    Oroho,S/Bucco,A.R.+1    Bow hunting, mil. lands-auth.   REF SEN

S2675    Oroho,S    Farming activities-concerns complaints   REF SEG

S2676    Singer,R    Energy efficiency/renewable energy req.   REF SEN

S2677    Vitale,J    Liquor lic, inactive-concerns   REF SLP

S2678    Vitale,J    Physician assistants-revise lic. req.   REF SHH

S2679    Gordon,R    Mun. consolidation-concerns   REF SCU

S2680    Sacco,N/Kyrillos,J    Piers-allow devel.   REF SEN

S2681    Bateman,C    Co. tax admin.-auth. appt. of part-time   REF SCU

S2682    Bucco,A.R.    Reservoir-reduce, prior to weather emerg   REF SEN

S2683    Beach,J/Van Drew,J    Gubernatorial candidate's stmt.-post   REF SSG

S2684    Beach,J    Blue roofs, green roofs-DEP adopt rules   REF SEN

S2685    Singer,R    Bd. of ed. elections-concerns   REF SED

S2686    O'Toole,K    MV theft-upgrade to second degree crime   REF SLP

S2687    Greenstein,L    Convicted candidate-return contrib.   REF SSG

S2688    Greenstein,L    Pub. contracts, insur. coverage-concerns   REF SCU

S2689    Greenstein,L    Contrib. & Expenditures-disclose info.   REF SSG

S2690    Weinberg,L/Ruiz,M    Domestic viol victim-reintegration prog.   REF SLP

S2691    Weinberg,L    Probation emp.-trans. to St. Parole Bd.   REF SLP

S2692    Cardinale,G    St.-owned surplus prop.-incr. value   REF SSG

S2693    Pennacchio,J    Sch. fac. proj., cert.-concerns   REF SED

S2694    Oroho,S    Worker's comp proof of coverage-concerns   REF SLA

S2695    Kean,T/Cunningham,S    Higher Ed. Funding Formula Comm.   REF SHI


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


SCR147    Holzapfel,J    Hurricane Sandy victims-claim losses   REF SBA

SCR148    Greenstein,L/Beck,J+1    Coastal lake restoration proj-concerns   REF SEN

SJR75    Beck,J    Ocean Grove's boardwalk-repair funding   REF SCU

SJR76    Oroho,S    Sarcoidosis Awareness Mo.-desig. April   REF SHH

SJR77    Gordon,R    Pemphigus/Pemphigoig Ed. Awareness Mo.   REF SHH

SR103    Van Drew,J/Whelan,J    Senate Beach Fee Task Force-estab.   REF SCU

SR104    Weinberg,L    Vivian Stringer, Rutgers Coach-commends   REF SHI

Bills Received from Governor/Absolute Veto:

S2425    Sweeney,S/Norcross,D    Pub works proj.-revise definition  

Bills Received from Governor/Conditional Veto:

S2211 Sca (1R)    Sweeney,S/Gordon,R+13    New Jobs for NJ Act  

S2483 Sca (1R)    Cunningham,S/Ruiz,M+5    Workforce Devel. and Ed. Comm.-estab.  

S2535    Turner,S/Whelan,J+8    Earned income tax cred. prog.-incr. benf  

Bills Received from Assembly/Concurrence w/Governor's Recommendation/Given Second Reading:

A3206 w/GR (1R)    Lampitt,P/Watson Coleman,B+4    Neighborhood revitalization tax cred.  

Bills Received from Assembly/Concurrence w/Assembly Amendments/Given Second Reading:


S69 ScaAcaAa (3R)    Codey,R/Madden,F+11    Talking, texting while driving-incr fine  

S1912 ScaAcaAaAca (4R)    Madden,F/Oroho,S+6    Scholastic Student-Athlete Safety Act  

S1921 Aca (1R)    Lesniak,R/Wilson,G+14    Gestating pig-cruel confinement, offense  

S2291 Aa (1R)    Rice,R/Singer,R+6    Higher ed student-health insur. coverage  

Bills Received from Assembly/Referred to Committee:

A732 AcaAa (2R)    Eustace,T/Schepisi,H+2    Practice of cert. prof., unlic.-crime   REF SJU

A1098    Quijano,A/O'Donnell,J+3    Ambulance dispatchers-estab. protocols   REF SSG

A1545 AcaAaAa (3R)    Burzichelli,J/Rumana,S+5    Prof./occupational lic., cert-revise law   REF SCM

A1588 AcaAa (2R)    Benson,D/Riley,C+5    Mold hazards-estab. standards   REF SCU

A2061    DeAngelo,W/McHose,A+5    Nursing sch-cred for mil. medic training   REF SCM

A2887 Aa (1R)    Chivukula,U/McKeon,J+8    Energy Master Plan-incl capacity plans   REF SEG

A2953    Wagner,C/Eustace,T+1    Disab. person-prov discount, fishing lic   REF SEN

A3005 Aa (1R)    Johnson,G/Eustace,T+8    ID theft victim-cease debt collection   REF SCM

A3052 Aa (1R)    Diegnan,P/Rumana,S    Resid. Mortgage Satisfaction Act   REF SCM

A3053    Diegnan,P/Chivukula,U+1    Mortgage of record-concerns cancellation   REF SCM

A3222 AcaAa (2R)    Fuentes,A/Wilson,G+1    Scrap metal purch.-revises law   REF SCM

A3289 AcaAcs (ACS)    Fuentes,A/Coutinho,A+1    Social Impact Act-estab. pilot prog.   REF SEG

A3303 AcaAa (2R)    Singleton,T/Conaway,H+2    Moose's Law-proh viol. working w/animals   REF SEG

A3445 Aca (1R)    Quijano,A/Wagner,C+1    Animals-bd pub trans in emerg evacuation   REF SEN

A3561 Aca (1R)    Ramos,R/O'Scanlon,D+6    Income tax refunds-via direct deposit   REF SBA

A3562 AcaAa (2R)    Ramos,R/O'Scanlon,D+4    Govt pymts to individuals-modernize form   REF SBA

A3620 Aa (1R)    Diegnan,P/Tucker,C    Active duty remains-concerns disposition   REF SMV

A3625    Eustace,T/Benson,D+3    Sr. occupied bldgs-emerg operation plans   REF SCU

A3708 Aca (1R)    Barnes,P/Johnson,G+1    Internal affairs functions-pilot prog.   REF SJU

A3764    Dancer,R/Chivukula,U+3    Snow removal reserve fds.-concerns   REF SCU

A3782    Vainieri Huttle,V/Wagner,C+3    Devel ctr resid transition-follow-up req   REF SHH

A3848    Coutinho,A/Caputo,R    Amusement places-revise surcharge amount   REF SSG

ACR132 Aca (1R)    McHose,A/DeAngelo,W+4    United Ireland-urged to take steps   REF SSG

ACR159 Aca (1R)    Johnson,G/Wagner,C+3    Women, internment in Japanese mil. camps   REF SHH

ACR183    Diegnan,P/Brown,C.J.+3    Wrestling-Olympic Committee reinstate   REF SSG

AJR92    Prieto,V/Greenwald,L+2    Purple Day, Epilepsy Awareness Day   REF SHH

Bills Transferred:

A3788    Rible,D/Dancer,R+13    Firearms records-abolish right of access   FROM SCU TO SLP

S2552    Van Drew,J/Oroho,S+2    Firearms records-abolish right of access   FROM SCU TO SLP



Co-Sponsors Added:

S717 Sca (1R)   (Cunningham,S)    Vet. status-indicate on driv. lic.

S767   (Stack,B)    Abstention by pub. body memb.-clarify

S907   (Vitale,J)    Parole elig.-release, cert circumstances

S1367   (Whelan,J)    Food label-req., cert. modified material

S1389   (Addiego,D)    Mun. shared svcs. energy auth.-estab.

S1470   (Stack,B)    Domestic viol. prot.-concerns

S1950   (Cardinale,G)    Joan's Law-murder of a minor, no parole

S1977   (Cunningham,S)    Marijuana 50 grams or less-decriminalize

S2197   (Whelan,J)    Sch. bus-compressed natural gas as fuel

S2331   (Stack,B)    Wheelchair ramps, resid.-permit req.

S2559   (Turner,S)    Rooming house-revise landlord definition

S2609   (Stack,B)    Pawnbrokers, lic.-concerns interest rate

S2674   (Addiego,D)   Bow hunting, mil. lands-auth.

SCR107 Sca (1R)   (Madden,F)    Bail-may be denied to cert. offenders

SCR148   (Smith,B)   Coastal lake restoration proj-concerns

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S2178   (Buono,B)    Weapons, cert.-destructive definition

S2300   (Vitale,J)    Pub. util customers-rate incr notice req

S2343   (Beach,J)    Sr. occupied bldgs-emerg operation plans

S2515   (Weinberg,L)    Caregiver's Assistance Act

S2618   (Connors,C)    Dune constr.-value of condemned prop.

SCR138   (Bateman,C)    Sales tax rev., FY15-FY44-preservation

Notes to the 3/18/2013 Digest:

Bills On Emergency Resolution:

A3352 AcaAcaAaScaSa (5R)    Vainieri Huttle,V/McHose,A+29    Human Trafficking Prev, Prot, Treatment   (40-0) (Pou) *NOT* (Codey)

Bills Returned Second Reading/Amended:

A3352 AcaAcaAaScaSa (5R)    Vainieri Huttle,V/McHose,A+29    Human Trafficking Prev, Prot, Treatment   (40-0) (Pou) *NOT* (Codey)

The Senate adjourned at 5:45 P.M. to meet again on Monday, May 13, 2013 (SESSION).


The Assembly did not meet.  The Assembly will meet on Thursday, April 25, 2013 (QUORUM).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (4/4/2013):


P.L.2013, c.43.   S589 ScsScaSaAcaAa (SCS/4R)    Beck,J/Sweeney,S+4    4/15/2013    Farmland assessment law-revise prov.   

P.L.2013, c.44.   S2057 Aca (1R)    Norcross,D/Gill,N+1    4/15/2013    The Anti-Big Brother Act  

P.L.2013, c.45.   S2366 ScaSca (2R)    Lesniak,R/Vitale,J+8    4/15/2013    Suppl. Nutrition Asst. Prog.-estab. 


P.L.2013, JR-4.   SJR70 Sca (1R)    Sweeney,S/Weinberg,L+33    4/15/2013    Israel for 65th independence anniversary