for May 6, 2010


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Vol. XXII No. 18                                                                                    214th Legislature $ First Annual Session



     The Senate did not meet.  The Senate will meet on Monday, May 10, 2010 (QUORUM, Committee                Groups “1” and “2” scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A2595    Greenstein,L/DeAngelo,W+4    Advocacy org.-disclose contrib. info.   REF ASG

A2596    Prieto,V/Mainor,C+1    Emerg Mgmt Off driv-waive cert. lic req.   REF AHS

A2597    Quijano,A/Lampitt,P    Sexual assault victims-clarify exam cost   REF AJU

A2598    Quijano,A    Farmland assessment law-revise prov.   REF AAN

A2599    Quigley,J    Parkinson's Disease Pub. Awareness Act   REF AHE

A2600    Dancer,R    E-Verify prog.-verify emp. elig.   REF ALA

A2601    McKeon,J    Govt. records requests-concerns   REF AEN

A2602    McKeon,J    Drought interconnection sys.-develop   REF AEN

A2603    McKeon,J    Clean Water, Water Resource Trust Fd Act   REF AEN

A2604    McKeon,J    Emerg power generator-req. cert. resid.   REF AHE

A2605    McKeon,J    Elderly relative, home care-tax deduct.   REF AHE

A2606    McKeon,J    Stormwater runoff control-auth. measures   REF AEN

A2607    Bucco,A    Packaging equip., cert.-prov. tax exemp.   REF AAP

A2608    Bucco,A    Home health care emp-auto insur coverage   REF AFI

A2609    Greenwald,L    Class 4A commercial prop.-elim. fee   REF AAP

A2610    Lampitt,P    Driv. database-enhance integrity   REF ATR

A2611    Milam,M    Pub. util. svc extensions-proh. charging   REF ATU

A2612    Burzichelli,J    Casino lic.-estab. alt. methods   REF ARG

A2613    Chiusano,G/Burzichelli,J+1    Admin., cert-elim. TPAF reenrollment req   REF ASG

A2614    DiMaio,J+1    PERS retiree-repeal elective off. salary   REF ASG

A2615    Caputo,R/Moriarty,P    Leased veh.-safety-related recalls   REF ACO

A2616    Conners,J/Tucker,C    Vet. to Vet. Peer Support Prog.-estab.   REF AMV

A2617    Amodeo,J    Pinelands-concerns affordable housing   REF AEN

A2618    O'Scanlon,D    Small emp health plan-basic & essential   REF AFI

A2619    O'Scanlon,D/Bramnick,J    Loc pub contract-revise awarding process   REF AHO

A2620    O'Scanlon,D    TPAF, PERS pensions-calculation   REF ASG

A2621    O'Scanlon,D    Tax levy cap-concerns calculation   REF AHO

A2622    Chivukula,U    Co. admin. sch. dist.-submit to voters   REF AED

A2623    Chivukula,U    Co. admin. sch dist-governance structure   REF AED

A2624    Egan,J/Albano,N+2    Emp. unemp. taxes-reduce, FY2011   REF ALA

A2625    Gusciora,R/Greenstein,L+1    Digital audio players-req. recycling   REF AEN

A2626    Wagner,C+1    Sellers collecting sales tax-report   REF AAP

A2627    DeCroce,A    Unemp. benf, emp. unemp. taxes-reduce   REF ALA

A2628    Albano,N    Sch. busing, nonpub.-extends limit   REF AED

A2629    Wisniewski,J/McKeon,J    Surface water permits-revise fees.   REF AEN

A2630    Wisniewski,J/Coughlin,C+3    Sara's Law-MVC estab. next-of-kin prog.   REF ATR

ACR122    Gusciora,R    Leg, loc. elected pub off-limit svc. yrs   REF ASG

AR76    Carroll,M/McHose,A+1    Civil War 150th Anniv. Committee-commend   REF ASG

Bills Recommitted:

A915 AcaAcs (ACS)    Chivukula,U/Ramos,R+3    Advanced metering standards-concerns   RCM ATU

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A369 Aca (1R)    Schaer,G/Milam,M+3    Sales of securities-concerns   REP/ACA

A647    Moriarty,P/Burzichelli,J+3    Lottery tickets-concerns sale   REP

A915 AcaAcs (ACS)    Chivukula,U/Ramos,R+3    Advanced metering standards-concerns   REP/ACS

A928    Vainieri Huttle,V/Johnson,G+3    Physicians continuing ed.-concerns   REP

A973 Aca (1R)    Johnson,G/Coutinho,A    Juv. Transfer Task Force-estab.   REP/ACA

A1064 Aca (1R)    Gusciora,R/Chiusano,G+3    Consumer fraud, tech viol-elim. atty fee   REP/ACA

A1169    Rible,D+1    Bingo games-removes lic. req.   REP

A1224 Aca (1R)    Stender,L/Prieto,V    Bingo, raffles-revise statutes   REP/ACA

A1458    Wisniewski,J/Spencer,L    Banking Devel. Dist. Act   REP

A1465 Aca (1R)    Wisniewski,J    Boiler insur. inspections-concerns   REP/ACA

A1466    Wisniewski,J/Prieto,V    Homestead prop. tax reimb. prog-concerns   REP

A1654 Aca (1R)    Greenwald,L/Tucker,C+6    Shaken baby syndrome-concerns info.   REP/ACA

A1692 Aca (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Biondi,P+16    Manuf. rebates-concerns   REP/ACA

A1902 Aca (1R)    Gusciora,R    Veh. regis.-contain issue date   REP/ACA

A1990    Conaway,H/Wagner,C    Vol. physicians, cert.-civil immunity   REP

A2041    Barnes,P    Prison physicians-acquire cert. training   REP

A2168 Aca (1R)    Vainieri Huttle,V    Jaden's Law-bone marrow donation   REP/ACA

A2360 Aca (1R)    Schaer,G/Coyle,D    Captive insur.-reg.   REP/ACA

A2394    Prieto,V/Mainor,C    Alarm bus licensee-office req in this St   REP

A2405 Aca (1R)    Lampitt,P/Diegnan,P    Higher ed.-devel. comp. disaster plan   REP/ACA

A2465/1174 Acs (ACS)    Milam,M    MV dealer-pay trade-in loan w/in 21 days   REP/ACS

A2507 Aca (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Casagrande,C+2    Thoroughbred racing dates-reduce   REP/ACA

A2542    DeCroce,A/Rible,D+3    Hand-held device-exemp two-way radios   REP

A2552 Aca (1R)    Conaway,H/Wagner,C    Physicians-complete Med. Bd. survey   REP/ACA

ACR94    Conners,J/Conaway,H    Servicememb Opportunity Coll. Consortium   REP

AJR36    Riley,C/Conaway,H    Immunization Awareness Mo-desig. August   REP

AR75    Quijano,A/Schaer,G+2    Meadowlands Stadium-Super Bowl XLVIII   REP

S515    Weinberg,L/Whelan,J    Physicians continuing ed.-concerns   REP

S1429    Madden,F/Girgenti,J    Hand-held device-exemp two-way radios   REP

S1745 Sca (1R)    Whelan,J/Kean,T+1    Sr.-specific cert.-unlawful misleading   REP

SCR40    Beach,J/Girgenti,J+3    Svc. memb. Opportunity Coll. Consortium   REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A2270    Barnes,P    Inmates, prescription meds-fac. prov.   REP REF AAP

Bills Combined:

A1174    Addiego,D/Rudder,S    MV dealer-concerns trade-in pay off   COMB/W A2465 (ACS)

Bills Transferred:

A2552 Aca (1R)    Conaway,H/Wagner,C    Physicians-complete Med. Bd. survey   FROM ARP TO AHE

S1429    Madden,F/Girgenti,J    Hand-held device-exemp two-way radios   FROM ATR TO ALP

SCR40    Beach,J/Girgenti,J+3    Svc. memb. Opportunity Coll. Consortium   FROM AMV TO AHI

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A2630    Wisniewski,J/Coughlin,C+3    Sara's Law-MVC estab. next-of-kin prog.    FROM ATR

Co-Sponsors Added:

A189   (Schroeder,R)    Jobs Prot. Act-req. verification of emp.

A322   (DiCicco,D; Fuentes,A)    Alzheimer's Disease Study Comm.-estab.

A330   (Ramos,R)    Finan. exploitation of elderly-offense

A396   (Quijano,A)    Steven's Law-proh. use, non-woods bats

A448   (Bramnick,J)    MV regis.-street rods, custom mvs

A526   (Biondi,P)    Camp. Contrib. Reporting Act-concerns

A530   (Biondi,P)    Elective off.-proh. simultaneous holding

A537   (Biondi,P)    St. off., emp., indicted-suspension req.


Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A538   (Biondi,P)    Loc elected off, indicted-suspension req

A560   (Wagner,C)    Publication req.-co., mun. comply

A572   (Quijano,A)    Coll. Student, Parent Consumer Info. Act

A666   (Biondi,P)    Pupil transp. svc. contracts-concerns

A673   (Wisniewski,J)    Healthy Workplace Act-estab.

A709   (Casagrande,C)    Plastic, returnable containers-tax exemp

A780   (Prieto,V)    Aggressive driving-create penal.

A800   (Rible,D; Angelini,M)    Driv. under influence-concerns

A830   (Angelini,M; Rible,D; Handlin,A)    Josh's & Craig's Law-veh. homicide

A868   (Rible,D)    Coastal area-concerns wind energy fac.

A904   (Quijano,A)    Innovation zone prog.-estab.

A905   (Prieto,V)    Congregate Housing Svcs. Prog.-concerns

A945   (Coughlin,C)    Catastrophic illness, Relief fd.-elig.

A1054   (Albano,N; Riley,C; O'Scanlon,D; Casagrande,C; Rible,D; Rudder,S; Scalera,F; Bramnick,J; Munoz,N; Chiusano,G; Giblin,T;

              Wagner,C; Watson Coleman,B; Polistina,V; Burzichelli,J; Evans,E; Jasey,M)    Heating oil-concerns

A1069   (Biondi,P)    No show pub job-guilty of off misconduct

A1140   (Mainor,C; Spencer,L; Tucker,C)    Security fraud viol.-concerns

A1141   (Mainor,C; Tucker,C)    Forensic care-cert. minors to consent

A1143   (Tucker,C)    Bail bonds-concerns

A1144   (Mainor,C; Tucker,C)    PAAD-incr. income elig. limits

A1147   (DiCicco,D)    Mil., receiving combat pay-tax exemp.

A1267   (Webber,J)    Retir. income exclusions, cert.-concerns

A1277   (Biondi,P)    Animal restraint-estab. offense

A1313   (Spencer,L)    Autism Ed. Council-estab.

A1329   (Biondi,P)    Dating viol. policy-sch. dist. adopt

A1371   (DeCroce,A; Chiusano,G)    Family Home Occupation Act

A1391   (Casagrande,C)    BPU bd.-decrease memb.

A1393   (DiCicco,D)    Ronald Reagan Mem. Hwy.-desig Rt. 15

A1463   (Fuentes,A; Prieto,V)    Mun. emerg. mgmt. plans-concerns

A1469   (Prieto,V)    FF, cert-concerns transfer to PFRS

A1506   (Wagner,C)    In-person wagering at casinos-permits

A1541   (Quijano,A; Wagner,C)    St. agency-concerns periodic report req.

A1547   (Quijano,A)    Hybrid veh.-req. St. purchase

A1557 Aca (1R)   (Coughlin,C)    Higher ed. gov bd memb-training prog req

A1604   (Biondi,P)    St, co, mun positions-proh. simultaneous

A1637   (DiCicco,D; Moriarty,P)    Sch. buses-concerns ads on exterior

A1654 Aca (1R)   (Coughlin,C)    Shaken baby syndrome-concerns info.

A1673   (Fuentes,A)    Developmental disab.-concerns support

A1702   (Dancer,R)    Wine-concerns direct shipping

A1703 Acs (ACS)   (Coughlin,C)    Casino Control inspector-remove presence

A1706   (Prieto,V)    Manuf. rebates, mailed-reg.

A1747   (Coughlin,C)    Auto. insur. underwriting rules-concerns

A1817   (Voss,J)    Cruelty to animals-concerns

A1842   (Giblin,T)    Innovation zone prog.-estab.

A1851   (Wagner,C; Tucker,C; Ramos,R; Rodriguez,C; Chivukula,U; Angelini,M; Moriarty,P; Caputo,R; Coutinho,A; Fuentes,A; Stender,L;

              Wilson,G; Watson Coleman,B; Coughlin,C; Bucco,A; Quijano,A)    Hist. Property Reinvestment Act

A1854   (Lampitt,P)    Energy efficient product-tax holiday

A1857   (Voss,J)    Animal abuse-ct. issue protection order

A2095   (Coughlin,C)    Emerg. med. svcs. delivery-revise req.

A2131   (Caputo,R; Handlin,A; Egan,J; Rible,D; Prieto,V; Rodriguez,C; Bucco,A)    Disbursement svc org, cert.-concerns

A2229   (Vainieri Huttle,V; Conaway,H)    Water Supply Open Space Trust Fd. Act

A2230   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Homelessness Prev. Prog-prov vol contrib

A2263   (Vandervalk,C; Voss,J; DiMaio,J)    Open pub meetings-prov time, pub comment

A2322   (Handlin,A)    Pub. body meetings-revises law

A2361   (Handlin,A; Vandervalk,C)    St. Auth. Reform Act

A2369   (Webber,J)    Elected off.-proh. dual health coverage

A2418   (Tucker,C)    Constables-training req.

A2419   (Pou,N)    Affinity fraud-creates criminal off.

A2446   (Munoz,N)    Fiduciary-estab. discharge process

A2477   (Thompson,S)    US Coast Guard-auth. special lic. plate

A2482   (Wagner,C)    SPCA-disposition of assets

A2505   (Barnes,P)    St & loc auth-concerns salaries and benf

A2507 Aca (1R)   (Polistina,V; O'Scanlon,D)    Thoroughbred racing dates-reduce

A2540   (O'Scanlon,D; Rumana,S)    Infrastructure proj., critical-45 days

A2542   (Pou,N; Johnson,G; Quigley,J)    Hand-held device-exemp two-way radios

A2550   (Tucker,C; Quigley,J; Diegnan,P; Quijano,A; Wagner,C)    Video lotter terminals-voter approval

A2556   (Webber,J; Handlin,A; Munoz,N; Angelini,M)    Elective off.-proh. dual holding

A2571   (Oliver,S)    Indian tribes, cert.-prov St recognition

A2578   (Coughlin,C)    St. auth., loc. govt. unit-bidding req.

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A2582   (Prieto,V)    Vet-hiring preference, non-civil svc mun

A2626   (Prieto,V)    Sellers collecting sales tax-report

ACR98   (Prieto,V)    Wagering, in-person-allow at AC casinos

ACR102   (Rodriguez,C)    Real prop. taxes-limits amount

ACR109   (Vandervalk,C; Caputo,R; Bucco,A; Handlin,A; Schroeder,R)    Health care coverage-proh St/Fed law reg

AJR26   (Munoz,N)    Childhood Cancer Awareness Wk-3rd wk Jan

AR75   (Coughlin,C)    Meadowlands Stadium-Super Bowl XLVIII

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A1673   (DeAngelo,W)    Developmental disab.-concerns support

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A603   (DiMaio,J)    MV muffler, noisy-clarifies law

A618   (Webber,J)    Students w/conflict of conscience-excuse

A973 Aca (1R)   (Coutinho,A)    Juv. Transfer Task Force-estab.

A1259   (Biondi,P)    Prison phone rev.-desig. to VCCB claims

A1260   (Biondi,P)    Jury duty-exemp. police

A1264   (Biondi,P)    Driv. lic. suspended-notify police

A1265   (Biondi,P)    Cred card scanners-estab. new offense

A1443   (Riley,C)    Owners rights, cert communities-concerns

A1446   (Prieto,V)    Sch. as polling place-ensure security

A1466   (Prieto,V)    Homestead prop. tax reimb. prog-concerns

A1478   (Prieto,V)    Prof. musician-concerns cert. benf.

A1535   (Quijano,A)    Textbook purchases-income tax credit

A1629   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Offshore drilling-concerns

A1718   (Spencer,L)    Svc. dogs, use by cert. students-concern

A1839   (Stender,L)    Nominating petitions-concerns

A1909   (DeAngelo,W)    Co. coll. attendance-estab. tax credit

A1951   (Conaway,H)    Vet. civil svc. preference-expand elig.

A1987   (Wagner,C)    Dietian/Nutritionist Lic. Act

A2034   (Wagner,C)    Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act

A2082   (Wagner,C)    Legal notices-concerns electronic pub.

A2095   (Fuentes,A)    Emerg. med. svcs. delivery-revise req.

A2173   (Stender,L)    St. Dept.-estab. website, nonprofit info

A2200   (Conners,J)    Child remain in sch dist-parent deployed

A2216   (Rible,D)    Multi-family dwellings-water conserv.

A2226   (Conners,J)    Electronic fd transfer-disclose info

A2322   (DiCicco,D)    Pub. body meetings-revises law

A2358   (Vandervalk,C)    Non-viol offender-parole bd review cases

A2364   (Voss,J)    Special Needs Housing Trust Fd.-elig.

A2405 Aca (1R)   (Diegnan,P)    Higher ed.-devel. comp. disaster plan

A2406   (Wagner,C)    Textbooks, higher ed. instit.-concerns

A2418   (Spencer,L)    Constables-training req.

A2419   (Cryan,J)    Affinity fraud-creates criminal off.

A2421   (Greenwald,L)    Adult sch crossing guards-sch dist. hire

A2441   (Voss,J)    Student, sport related injury-guidelines

A2462   (Prieto,V)    Health benf. broker comm.-disclose

A2477   (DiMaio,J)    US Coast Guard-auth. special lic. plate

A2482   (Diegnan,P)    SPCA-disposition of assets

A2486 Aca (1R)   (Rumana,S)    Rule adoption-proh. fed. standards

A2504   (Quijano,A)    Eric Munoz Trauma Ctr.-desig.

A2517   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Shared work prog.-auth unemp. benf.

A2550   (Schaer,G)    Video lotter terminals-voter approval

A2555   (Chivukula,U)    Library, mun.-concerns funding

A2576   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Sch. dist. emp., cert.-limits comp.

A2614   (McHose,A)    PERS retiree-repeal elective off. salary

ACR57   (Greenstein,L)    Pub. elected off.-concerns indictment

ACR90   (Webber,J)    Armed Forces, deployed-prop. tax exempt

ACR102   (Caputo,R)    Real prop. taxes-limits amount

AR40   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Aphasia Awareness Mo.-desig. June

AR43   (Prieto,V)    Sports betting-Senate Pres, legal action

Second Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A2622   (Johnson,G)    Co. admin. sch. dist.-submit to voters

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A111   (Evans,E)    Ambulance svcs.-Medicaid reimb.

A451   (Fuentes,A)    Security, Finan. Empowerment Act-creates

A561   (Quijano,A)    Student drop-out/graduation rate-concern

A654   (Prieto,V)    St. pension, annuity fds.-investment

A1018   (Bucco,A)    Downhill skiing-concerns cert. req.

A1143   (Mainor,C)    Bail bonds-concerns

A1296   (Biondi,P)    Sexual Offender Victim Counseling Fd.

A1313   (Biondi,P)    Autism Ed. Council-estab.

A1326   (Biondi,P)    Boating accident, leaving scene-penal.

A1330   (Biondi,P)    Betsy's Law-concerns animal boarding

A1407   (Quijano,A)    Nursing Student Support Prog.-estab.

A1449   (Prieto,V)    Disabled veh., cert.-concerns

A1455   (Prieto,V)    Firewardens, loc. fire dept.-concerns

A1457   (Prieto,V)    Bus. in urban enterprise zone-concerns

A1466   (Diegnan,P)    Homestead prop. tax reimb. prog-concerns

A1467   (Prieto,V)    Auto body repair fac.-liab. insur.

A1477   (Prieto,V)    Zoning variances-concerns

A1718   (Prieto,V)    Svc. dogs, use by cert. students-concern

A1951   (Moriarty,P)    Vet. civil svc. preference-expand elig.

A2095   (Evans,E)    Emerg. med. svcs. delivery-revise req.

A2165   (Tucker,C)    Handicapped parking-identifier signs req

A2211   (Riley,C)    Turfgrass fertilizer-estab. standards

A2240   (Quijano,A)    Green Building Tax Credit Act

A2418   (Johnson,G)    Constables-training req.

A2419   (Johnson,G)    Affinity fraud-creates criminal off.

A2446   (Bucco,A)    Fiduciary-estab. discharge process

A2538   (Bramnick,J)    Anti-Phishing Act-estab.

A2554   (Wagner,C)    Med. transp. svcs.-notify of revoked lic

A2572   (Coughlin,C)    Redevel. Auth. finan. assistance-elig.

A2616   (Moriarty,P)    Vet. to Vet. Peer Support Prog.-estab.


Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A361   (Spencer,L)    Autism Website-estab.

A1353   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Child Care Lic. Act-statutory changes

A1518   (Voss,J)    Dog, cruel restraint-proh.

A1691   (Riley,C)    Student participation, cert.-concerns

A2095   (Quigley,J)    Emerg. med. svcs. delivery-revise req.

A2217   (Peterson,E)    Highlands Region-concerns

A2419   (Watson Coleman,B)    Affinity fraud-creates criminal off.

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A1054   (Gusciora,R)    Heating oil-concerns

A1353   (Casagrande,C)    Child Care Lic. Act-statutory changes

A1851   (DeAngelo,W)    Hist. Property Reinvestment Act

AR72   (Carroll,M)    Paperless Assembly-suppl. Assembly Rules

Sixth Prime Sponsors Added:

A1054   (Moriarty,P)    Heating oil-concerns


The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:


*Effective March 31, 2010


New Jersey Youth Suicide Prevention Advisory Council:


Michelle Ann-Rish Scott, Ph.D., of New Providence, to replace Steven W. Kairys, M.D.
Judith Springer, Psy.D., of Morristown, to replace Linda Contardo Powner.

Maureen Mullin Underwood, LCSW, of Morristown, to replace Nicole Y. Payne.

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments: (cont’d)


*Effective March 31, 2010


Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards:


Nancy Erika Smith, Esq., of Montclair.


The Assembly Speaker has made the following reappointment:


*Effective April 8, 2010


Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards:


Alan Rosenthal, Ph.D., Chair, of Princeton.


The Assembly Republican Leader has made the following appointments:


*Effective March 23, 2010


Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards:


Neil H. Shuster, of Princeton Junction.
Eugene D. Serpentelli, of Brick.


The Assembly adjourned at 6:07 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, May 13, 2010 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “C” and “D” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (3/22/2010):

P.L.2010, c.1.   S2 Aa (1R)    Scutari,N/O'Toole,K+22    3/22/2010    Pub emp pensions-elig, allowance, rights  

P.L.2010, c.2.   S3 Sca (1R)    Doherty,M/Whelan,J+23    3/22/2010    SHBP, SEHBP-elig, cost share, waiver  

P.L.2010, c.3.   S4    O'Toole,K/Buono,B+44    3/22/2010    Sick leave, disab. benf.-PERS, TPAF  

P.L.2010, c.4.   S921 Scs (SCS)    Smith,B/Beck,J+4    4/22/2010    Solar panels-concerns  

P.L.2010, c.5.   S825    Sweeney,S/Beck,J+6    4/30/2010    Devel. disab. offender-estab. reg.  

P.L.2010, c.6.   S1747    Cunningham,S/Watson Coleman,B+1    4/30/2010    Inmate early parole release-delays  

P.L.2010, c.7.   A602 Aca (1R)    Peterson,E/McKeon,J+6    5/5/2010    Highlands transfer of devel. rights prog  

P.L.2010, c.8.   A1943    Conners,J/Tucker,C+10    5/5/2010    Handicap accessible veh-DMVA fd raise  

P.L.2010, c.9.   S82    Rice,R/Van Drew,J+3    5/5/2010    Mun Land Use Law-mod application process  

P.L.2010, c.10.   S920 ScaSaAa (3R)    Lesniak,R/Sweeney,S+4    5/5/2010    Econ. Stimulus Act-revise provisions