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Vol. XXV No. 21                                                                                215th Legislature $ Second Annual Session



The Senate did not meet.  The Senate will meet on Thursday, May 9, 2013 (QUORUM, Committees at the Call of the Senate President).


Bills Introduced:

A4037    Cryan,J    Law enforcement officers-concerns desig.   REF ALP

A4038    Cryan,J    Mun. land use restrictions-concerns   REF AHO

A4039    Bramnick,J/Munoz,N+1    Megan's Law-revises various provisions   REF ALP

A4040    Cryan,J    Pub. util.-concerns pub. hearing req.   REF ATU

A4041    Greenwald,L/Riley,C    Student health care coverage-concerns   REF AHI

A4042    Greenwald,L    Inheritance tax pymt. due date-concerns   REF ABU

A4043    Lampitt,P    Unfair Wage Recovery Act   REF ALA

A4044    Lampitt,P    The Wage Transparency Act   REF ALA

A4045    Coughlin,C    SHBP/SEHBP-concerns health care benf.   REF ASG

A4046    Coughlin,C    Naturopathic Doctors Lic. Act   REF ARP

A4047    Schepisi,H/Johnson,G    Innocent spouse relief, income tax-auth.   REF ABU

A4048    DeAngelo,W    Fertilizer application cert req-concerns   REF AEN

A4049    DeAngelo,W    Trees, defective-estab. liab. for harm   REF AAN

A4050    DeAngelo,W/Eustace,T    Vet-hiring preference w/St. police   REF AMV

A4051    DeAngelo,W/Benson,D    Cell phone warranties-last thru contract   REF ACO

A4052    Wilson,G    Prop. tax reimb, eminent domain-criteria   REF AHO

A4053    Munoz,N    Bd. of Nursing-adds two nurse educators   REF ARP

A4054    Munoz,N    Co. govt. effectiveness-create comm;$95K   REF AHO

A4055    DeCroce,B/Amodeo,J    Home solar electrical generator-backup   REF AAP

A4056    DeCroce,B+2    High-risk pregnancy, cert-req. screening   REF AHE

A4057    Amodeo,J/Caride,M    Special lic plates-allow donations to fd   REF ATR

A4058    Cryan,J/Quijano,A    Sch. Shelter Grant Prog.-estab.   REF AED

A4059    Spencer,L    Driv.-slow down, approaching bicyclist   REF ATR

A4060    Rumana,S    Graves Act-crimes w/bail restrictions   REF ALP

A4061    Rumana,S    Court issue restraining orders-allows   REF ALP

A4062    Conaway,H    Medicaid Smart Card Pilot Prog.-estab.   REF AHE

A4063    Singleton,T/Conaway,H    MV viol, bodily injury/death-incr. penal   REF ATR

A4064    Singleton,T/Conaway,H    MV fines-support safe rt sch initiatives   REF ATR

A4065    Singleton,T/Conaway,H    Pedestrian safety-incr. fine for viol.   REF ATR

A4066    Singleton,T    Tax levy apportionment-concerns   REF AED

A4067    Kean,S    Floral products deceptive practice-fraud   REF ACO

A4068    Kean,S    Handicapped parking spaces-concerns   REF ATR

A4069    Kean,S/Cryan,J    WTC attacks-auth special lic. plate   REF ATR

A4070    Sumter,S/Wimberly,B    Court-ordered child support-addl options   REF AJU

A4071    Sumter,S/Tucker,C    Vet.-sch dist hiring preference security   REF AMV

A4072    Sumter,S/Tucker,C    Vet-estab pilot prog, security training   REF AMV

A4073    Benson,D/Prieto,V    Drone use-sets forth cert. standards   REF AHS

A4074    Albano,N/Andrzejczak,B    Pub. adjusters, lic.-regulate conduct   REF AFI

A4075    Albano,N/Andrzejczak,B    Homestead prop. tax reimb-concerns elig.   REF AHO

A4076    Rumana,S/Russo,D    Law enforcement off.-limits civil liab.   REF ALP

A4077    McGuckin,G/Wolfe,D    Firearm w/in access to minor-incr. penal   REF ALP

A4078    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Natural disasters-mun. fiscal affairs   REF AHO

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A4079    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Mun police-revises paid leave of absence   REF AHO

A4080    Rumpf,B/Gove,D    Offender, released from custody-notify   REF ALP

A4081    Chivukula,U    Hydrothermal decomposition energy   REF ATU

A4082    Chivukula,U    Govt. Energy Reliability, Savings Act   REF ATU

A4083    Dancer,R+1    Arrestees' photos-pub. release   REF ALP

A4084    Dancer,R    Fed impact aid reserve acct.-estab.   REF AED

A4085    Dancer,R    Pub. officer/emp.-limits cert. pymt.   REF ASG

A4086    Fuentes,A    Offender, released from custody-notify   REF ALP

A4087    Singleton,T/Prieto,V+1    St. debt affordability analysis-concerns   REF ABU

A4088    Gusciora,R    Wild animals-concerns cert. treatment   REF AAN

A4089    Gusciora,R    Voting, primary/general election-concern   REF ASG

A4090    Bramnick,J/Schepisi,H    Mun sharing police responsibilities-proc   REF AHO

A4091    Peterson,E    Drones-proh. use   REF AHS

A4092    Spencer,L/Wimberly,B    Loc. Hosp. Fee Pilot Prog.   REF AHE

A4093    Quijano,A/Bramnick,J    Amer. Red Cross-estab. special lic plate   REF ATR

A4094    Quijano,A/Cryan,J    Media viol.-concerns child's exposure   REF AED

A4095    Simon,D    Catastroph-pub. util. meet w/emerg. mgmt   REF AHS

A4096    Simon,D    Electromagnetic Infrastructure Advisory   REF ATU

A4097    Vainieri Huttle,V/Gusciora,R    Sex change-revise birth cert. procedure   REF AHU

A4098    Wagner,C/Bramnick,J    Higher Ed. Funding Formula Comm.   REF AHI

A4099    Eustace,T/Wagner,C    Mun. consolidation-concerns   REF AHO

A4100    Eustace,T    Police training-concerns alt rte for mil   REF AMV

A4101    Wimberly,B    Higher ed student-health insur. coverage   REF AHI

A4102    Wimberly,B/Sumter,S    Pupil trans.-concerns   REF AED

A4103    McHose,A/Space,P    Statewide Non-Resid Devel Fee Act-repeal   REF AHO

A4104    Bucco,A.M./O'Donnell,J    Workers' comp.-req. for cert. corp.   REF ALA

A4105    Mainor,C    Dusty's Law-killing, injuring, guide dog   REF ALP

A4106    Ciattarelli,J    Payroll deduction for contrib-req reauth   REF ALA

A4107    Ciattarelli,J    Payroll deductions-prov itemized list   REF ALA

A4108    Ciattarelli,J    UI benf.-concerns cert. reductions   REF ALA

A4109    Ciattarelli,J    Unemp insur-concerns cert severance pymt   REF ALA

A4110    Ciattarelli,J    Emp. contrib., pol. committees-stmt req.   REF ALA

A4111    Riley,C/Albano,N    Farmland preserv inheritance tax deduct   REF AAN

AR165    DeAngelo,W/Simon,D    Small Bus. Wk.-desig. June 17 thru 21   REF ACE

AR166    Dancer,R    Main St merchant-create sales tax parity   REF ACE

AR167    Burzichelli,J    Biofuel use-supports devel.   REF AEN

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A1214 Aca (1R)    Stender,L/Conaway,H+3    Chronic health condition-pilot prog.   REP

A1851 Acs (ACS)    Diegnan,P/Bramnick,J+1    Land surveying-concerns   REP/ACS

A2022 AcaAca (2R)    Singleton,T/Benson,D+23    Ultrasound breast screenings-insur cover   REP/ACA

A2172 AaAca (2R)    Conaway,H/Singleton,T+3    Health fac.-offer flu vaccine to workers   REP/ACA

A2188/3964 Acs (ACS)    Conaway,H/Eustace,T    Health care fac.-reuse returned drugs   REP/ACS

A2270    Singleton,T/Conaway,H+6    Energy efficiency-small bus qual, loans   REP

A2542 Aca (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Riley,C    Sr., disab. prop tax deduct elig-concern   REP/ACA

A2715    Diegnan,P    Corp proxy solicitation material-concern   REP

A3126 Aca (1R)    Stender,L    Textbook rental prog.-concerns   REP/ACA

A3223    Fuentes,A/Ramos,R+1    Neighborhood Scholar Revitalization Prog   REP

A3387 Aca (1R)    Jasey,M/Conaway,H    Epilepsy, sudden death-concerns   REP/ACA

A3394    Caputo,R/Ramos,R    Prof. bds.-recognize continuing ed.   REP

A3460 Aca (1R)    Riley,C/Wagner,C+2    St. colleges-auth. joint purchases   REP/ACA

A3462 Aca (1R)    Riley,C/Lampitt,P    Higher ed presid-safety reports req.   REP/ACA

A3518 Aca (1R)    Gusciora,R/Wagner,C    Craft distillery lic.-creates   REP/ACA

A3558 Aca (1R)    Benson,D/Chivukula,U+8    Pediatric respite care prog lic. req.   REP/ACA

A3624/3525 Acs (ACS)    Eustace,T/Wagner,C    Gambling-contests of skill not unlawful   REP/ACS

A3860    Vainieri Huttle,V/Spencer,L+5    Charitable contrib.-clarify   REP

A3955    Wisniewski,J    Rutgers Oral History Archive-vol contrib   REP

A4014    Rumana,S/Burzichelli,J    Worker's comp proof of coverage-concerns   REP

A4015 Aca (1R)    Rumana,S/Burzichelli,J    Pub. contracts-reciprocal limitations   REP/ACA

A4023    Burzichelli,J/Rumana,S    Revised Uniform Limited Liab. Co. Act   REP

A4025 Aca (1R)    Giblin,T/Cryan,J    Contractors-display St-issued id badge   REP/ACA

A4033    Burzichelli,J/Dancer,R    Sire Stakes Prog.-expands   REP

ACR148 Aca (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Eustace,T    Sr cit-incr prop tax deduct income limit   REP/ACA

AJR80    DeAngelo,W/McHose,A    Food Pantry Donation Mo.-desig. November   REP

AR102    Mosquera,G    Taking Care of Bus online portal-concern   REP

AR120    DeAngelo,W/Eustace,T+1    Shop Main Street-encourage resid.   REP

AR165    DeAngelo,W/Simon,D    Small Bus. Wk.-desig. June 17 thru 21   REP

S792 ScaScaSaAcaAca (5R)    Weinberg,L/Gill,N+5    Ultrasound breast screenings-insur cover   REP/ACA

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading: (cont’d)


S1369    Turner,S+1    Textbook rental prog.-instit. estab.   REP

S2227 Sca (1R)    Codey,R/Cunningham,S+1    Epilepsy, sudden death-concerns   REP

S2363 ScaAca (2R)    Sweeney,S/O'Toole,K+3    Contractors-display St-issued id badge   REP/ACA

Bills Combined:

A3525    Amodeo,J/Brown,C.A.    Baking or cooking contests-not gambling   COMB/W A3624 (ACS)

A3740    Russo,D/Rumana,S+3    No Early Release Act-revise statutes   COMB/W A3735 (ACS)

A3964    Eustace,T    Prescription drug donation repository   COMB/W A2188 (ACS)

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A1665 Acs (ACS)    Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V+3    Mental health coverage req.-revises   REP/ACS REF AAP

A3170 Aca (1R)    Albano,N/Andrzejczak,B    Evidence tampering, cert.-enhance penal.   REP/ACA REF AAP

A3735/3740 Acs (ACS)    Mainor,C/Rible,D    Child porn-revise statutes enhance penal   REP/ACS REF AAP

S1253 Sca (1R)    Vitale,J/Gordon,R+5    Mental health svcs.-health care coverage   REP REF AAP

S2493    O'Toole,K/Sweeney,S+20    No Early Release Act-revise statutes   REP REF AAP

Bills Reported Referred/ABU:

A4092    Spencer,L/Wimberly,B    Loc. Hosp. Fee Pilot Prog.   REP REF ABU

Bills Recommitted:

A2172 AaAca (2R)    Conaway,H/Singleton,T+3    Health fac.-offer flu vaccine to workers   RCM AHE

Bills Transferred:

ACR148 Aca (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Eustace,T    Sr cit-incr prop tax deduct income limit    FROM AHO TO AAP

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A4029    Singleton,T/Wimberly,B+4    St. tuition aid grants-concerns     FROM AHI  

Bills Received from Governor/Absolute Veto:

A3614    Prieto,V/Watson Coleman,B+12    Lottery, priv. operation-Leg. approval  

Bills Received from Governor/Conditional Veto:

A2878 AaScaSa (3R)    Burzichelli,J/Greenwald,L+11    Emp.-proh. personal info. disclosure
A2982 Aa  (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Quijano,A+2    St. Lottery winners-anonymous for 1 yr. 

Bills Given Second Reading w/Governor's Recommendation:

A2878 AaScaSa w/GR (4R)    Burzichelli,J/Greenwald,L+11    Emp.-proh. personal info. disclosure
A2982 Aa w/GR (2R)    Burzichelli,J/Quijano,A+2    St. Lottery winners-anonymous for 1 yr. 

Co-Sponsors Added:

A1503   (Webber,J)    Co govt, fire & sch dist-prop tax refund

A1578 Aca (1R)   (Egan,J)    Truck Operator Independent Contr. Act

A2258 Aa (1R)   (Caputo,R)    Ticket sales-revises law

A2752   (Webber,J)    Retir. income-elim. income cap excl.

A3223   (Mosquera,G)    Neighborhood Scholar Revitalization Prog

A3366   (Kean,S)    William H Fauver Youth Correctional Fac.

A3460 Aca (1R)   (Handlin,A)    St. colleges-auth. joint purchases

A3558 Aca (1R)   (Moriarty,P; Handlin,A)    Pediatric respite care prog lic. req.

A3610/3632 Acs (ACS)   (Handlin,A)    Veh. sales-disclose flood damage

A3627 Aca (1R)   (Andrzejczak,B)    Ed. subcontracting agreements-concerns

A3778   (Coughlin,C)    Microenterprise training prog-estab.

A4032   (Simon,D; Munoz,N)    Direct Tax Relief for NJ Families Act

A4039   (Handlin,A)    Megan's Law-revises various provisions

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A4083   (McGuckin,G)    Arrestees' photos-pub. release 

ACR188    (Handlin,A)    Prop. tax deduction-extend to qual vets.

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A3292   (Diegnan,P)    Middle sch students-social media use

A3394   (Ramos,R)    Prof. bds.-recognize continuing ed.

A3555   (Giblin,T)    PFRS retiree-prov. one-time incr.

A3933   (Prieto,V)    Piers-allow devel.

A3960   (Andrzejczak,B)    Ed. subcontracting agreements-concerns

A3997   (Singleton,T)    Sch. superintendents-concerns contracts

A4025 Aca (1R)   (Cryan,J)    Contractors-display St-issued id badge

A4033   (Dancer,R)    Sire Stakes Prog.-expands

AR120   (Eustace,T)    Shop Main Street-encourage resid.

Second Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A4094   (Cryan,J)    Media viol.-concerns child's exposure

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A2188/3964 Acs (ACS)   (Jimenez,A)    Health care fac.-reuse returned drugs

A2751 Aca (1R)   (Giblin,T)    Healthcare Disclosure & Transparency Act

A2997   (Johnson,G)    Bronze Star-prov. special lic. plate

A3002   (Simon,D)    Tenure charges-filed, bullying students

A3024   (Wagner,C)    Higher ed insiti faculty-ABP distrib.

A3886   (Bramnick,J)    Megan's Law-revise cert. provisions

A3933   (Jimenez,A)    Piers-allow devel.

A4010   (Eustace,T)    Correctional health care-concerns reform

A4014   (Ramos,R)    Worker's comp proof of coverage-concerns

A4015 Aca (1R)   (Ramos,R)    Pub. contracts-reciprocal limitations

A4033   (Ramos,R)    Sire Stakes Prog.-expands

A4073   (Caride,M)   Drone use-sets forth cert. standards

AR165    (Eustace,T)   Small Bus. Wk.-desig. June 17 thru 21

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A3344   (Ramos,R)    Contrib. & Expenditures-disclose info.

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A3740   (Bramnick,J)    No Early Release Act-revise statutes


The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:


*Effective May 2, 2013


Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee:


Assemblyman Chris A. Brown (2), to replace Assemblyman Gary R. Chiusano.


Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee:


Assemblyman Robert D. Clifton (12), to replace Assemblyman Chris A. Brown (2).


Assembly State Government Committee:


Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (25), to replace Assemblyman Christopher J. Brown (8).



The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments: (cont’d)


*Effective May 2, 2013


Assembly Higher Education Committee:


Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce (26), to replace Assemblyman Christopher J. Brown (8).


Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee:


Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove (9).


Assembly Agriculture Committee:


Assemblyman Parker Space (24), to replace Assemblyman Robert D. Clifton (12).


Assembly Labor Committee:


Assemblyman Parker Space (24).

The Assembly adjourned at 5:57 P.M. to meet again on Monday, May 13, 2013 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “C” and “D” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (4/29/2013):

P.L.2013, c.46.   S2082 w/GR Sca (2R)    Vitale,J/Codey,R+16    5/2/2013    Overdose Prev. Act  

P.L.2013, c.47.   A893    Chiusano,G/McHose,A+1    5/6/2013    Ed. fac. manager-estab. renewal process  

P.L.2013, C.48.   A2555 Sca (1R)    Tucker,C/Milam,M+11    5/6/2013    Commercial driv. lic.-mil. experience  

P.L.2013, c.49.   A2882 AcaSa (2R)    Albano,N/Milam,M+17    5/6/2013    Vet.-prov. cred. toward cert. lic.  

P.L.2013, c.50.   A3080    Schaer,G/Lampitt,P+7    5/6/2013    Prescription eye drops-coverage req.  

P.L.2013, c.51.   A3352 AcaAcaAaScaSa (5R)    Vainieri Huttle,V/McHose,A+32    5/6/2013    Human Trafficking Prev, Prot, Treatment  

P.L.2013, c.52.   A3410    Diegnan,P/Jasey,M+3    5/6/2013    Pupil directory info.-concerns  

P.L.2013, c.53.   A3642 Aca (1R)    Ramos,R/Schaer,G+19    5/6/2013    Homeowners policy-one page summary  


P.L.2013, JR-5.   AJR55    Vainieri Huttle,V/Stender,L+15    5/6/2013    Human Trafficking Prev. Mo-desig January  

P.L.2013, JR-6.   AJR56    Vainieri Huttle,V/Stender,L+17    5/6/2013    Human Trafficking Awareness Day-Jan. 11