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Vol. XXIX No. 17                                                                            217th Legislature $ Second Annual Session



Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


      Carolyn A. Murray, of Chatham.

      Stanley L. Bergman, Jr., of Margate.

      Martha D. Lynes, of Kearny.

      Barbara J. Stanton, of Mendham.

      Benjamin  Podolnick, of Northfield.



      Katherine  Hempstead, Ph.D., of Princeton, to replace JoAnn M. Petrizzo, resigned.

      Margaret  Koller, of Edison.

      Joseph H. Reichman, M.D., of Voorhees, to replace Niranjan V. Rao, M.D., resigned.

      Thomas L. Vanderhoof, of Boonton.

      Gary V. Cupo, CLU, CHFC, of Oakland.

Bills Introduced:

S3124    Stack,B/Cunningham,S    Firearms-incr. fee, purchaser id card   REF SLP

S3125    Stack,B    Landlord-display phone no., emerg repair   REF SCU

S3126    Stack,B    Firearm, unlawful possession-detail   REF SJU

S3127    Stack,B    Alco. bev.-estab. limited retail lic.   REF SLP

S3128    Beach,J    Med. id cards-concerns   REF SHH

S3129    Greenstein,L/Smith,B    Green bldg. proj.-concerns applications   REF SEN

S3130    Smith,B/Bateman,C+1    Electric power net metering-concerns   REF SEN

S3131    Beach,J    Substance use disorder-hosp. inquire   REF SHH

S3132    Vitale,J/Cunningham,S    Behavioral Health Svc Task force-estab   REF SHH

S3133    Vitale,J    Surveys-req. cert. info.   REF SHH

S3134    Addiego,D    Animal emerg.-immunity, emerg responders   REF SLP

S3135    Bucco,A.R.    Vet., 20 svc yrs-allow, carry handgun   REF SLP

S3136    Pennacchio,J    Hair braiding, eyebrow treading-concerns   REF SCM

S3137    Gill,N/Stack,B    Voting machine, new-produce paper record   REF SSG

S3138    Gill,N    Public Option Health Care Act   REF SCM

S3139    Gill,N    Sch. dist. tax levy cap-auth. adj.   REF SED

S3140    Cruz-Perez,N    Women-post prog and svcs internet links   REF SHH

S3141    Codey,R    Organ donation-req cert insur coverage   REF SCM

S3142    Codey,R/Vitale,J    Nursing fac., special care-desig.   REF SHH

S3143    Pou,N    Pharmacies-reg.   REF SCM

S3144    Bateman,C    Estate tax refund-statute of limitations   REF SBA

S3145    Bateman,C    Bog Turtle-desig. State Reptile   REF SSG

S3146    Bateman,C    Unused sick leave-proh. pymt. at retire.   REF SSG

S3147    Turner,S    Child care ctrs.-test water for lead   REF SEN

S3148    Turner,S    Pol party committee-assumption of office   REF SSG

S3149    Turner,S    Superstorm Sandy aid overpymts-recover   REF SCU

S3150    Turner,S    Pupil transp.-revises mileage limit   REF SED

S3151    Turner,S    Charter sch. admin.-salary cap   REF SED

S3152    Turner,S    Mil. recruiters-concerns student info.   REF SED

S3153    Singer,R    Water infra. project-Howell Twp;$2.125M   REF SEN



Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S3154    Singer,R/Addiego,D    Regional contrib. agreements-reauth. use   REF SCU

S3155    Codey,R/Weinberg,L+1    Whistleblower claim-bars cert settlement   REF SSG

S3156    Codey,R/Bateman,C+1    Internet prov-customer info confidential   REF SLP

S3157    Beach,J    Pharm. monitoring prog.-concerns   REF SHH

S3158    Gordon,R    Health insur. policies-concerns   REF SCM

S3159    Gordon,R    Capital gains, emp. securities-tax excl.   REF SBA

S3160    Vitale,J/Allen,D    Life insur-proh cert discrimination   REF SCM

S3161    Vitale,J/Addiego,D+1    Sober living resid-prov. beneficial uses   REF SCU

S3162    Vitale,J/Madden,F    Early Intervention Support Svc-concerns   REF SHH

S3163    Vitale,J/Codey,R    Mental health screening svc-concerns   REF SHH

S3164    Vitale,J/Singer,R    Homes, new-locking med. cabinets req.   REF SCU

S3165    Van Drew,J    Atlantic co.-NJT study commuting needs   REF STR

S3166    Ruiz,M    Health screening, pub. students-concerns   REF SED

S3167    Ruiz,M    Candidate for emp w/DOE-background check   REF SED

S3168    Ruiz,M    Co. superintendents of sch.-concerns   REF SED

S3169    Van Drew,J    Bus., cert. airports-prov. tax cred elig   REF SEG

S3170    Van Drew,J    Manuf. bus. attraction-devel. in So. NJ   REF SEG

S3171    Van Drew,J    Marine Sci. Instit-determine feasibility   REF SHI

S3172    Van Drew,J    Juv. offender reentry prog.-coll. devel.   REF SHI

S3173    Van Drew,J    Emp, regional-coll devel prog meet needs   REF SHI

S3174    Ruiz,M    TDI benf.-concerns timely prov.   REF SLA

S3175    Ruiz,M    Reproductive health-health insur. cover   REF SCM

SJR104    Sweeney,S    World Autism Awareness Day-desig April 2   REF SHH

SR115    Gordon,R    Senate Rule 17:7-amend   REF SSG

SR116    Vitale,J/Allen,D    Dept. of Defense svc. forms-auth changes   REF SMV

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A4011    Jones,P/Barclay,A+4    USS New Jersey-desig. as State Ship   REP

A4206    Karabinchak,R/Prieto,V+1    Sch bd candidates-cert. affirmation   REP

S156    Madden,F/Ruiz,M+1    Flakka-criminalizes possession or sale   REP

S1076    Turner,S    Garden State-desig. as St. Slogan   REP

S2436 Sca (1R)    Bateman,C/Greenstein,L    Resid. w/special needs-create registry   REP/SCA

S2501 Sca (1R)    Van Drew,J/Singer,R    Driv., cert.-ed and text on police stops   REP/SCA

S2676    Diegnan,P.J./Bucco,A.R.    Sch bd candidates-cert. affirmation   REP

S2887    Cruz-Perez,N/Beach,J    USS New Jersey-desig. as State Ship   REP

S2930    Diegnan,P.J./Greenstein,L    Drug evidence testing-concerns   REP

S3021    Whelan,J/Kean,T    911 Memorial Registry-estab.   REP

S3034 Sca (1R)    Scutari,N    Fireworks-authorizes sale, possession   REP/SCA

S3042    Codey,R    St. Ethics Comm.-concerns pub. memb.   REP

SJR102    Whelan,J    Internet gaming-proh. states from auth.   REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S156    Madden,F/Ruiz,M+1    Flakka-criminalizes possession or sale  

S311    Van Drew,J/Kyrillos,J+6    Shore Prot. Fd.-incr. annual amount  

S2436 Sca (1R)    Bateman,C/Greenstein,L    Resid. w/special needs-create registry  

S2501 Sca (1R)    Van Drew,J/Singer,R    Driv., cert.-ed and text on police stops  

S2930    Diegnan,P.J./Greenstein,L    Drug evidence testing-concerns  

S3021    Whelan,J/Kean,T    911 Memorial Registry-estab.  

Bills Received from Governor/Conditional Veto:

S3040 Sa (1R)    Sweeney,S/Kean,T+6    PFRS-transfers mgmt. to Bd. of Trustees  

Co-Sponsors Added:

S353   (Doherty,M)    Pub. officers/emp-elim St. residency req

S2026   (Van Drew,J)    Pain-Capable Unborn Child Prot. Act

S2171   (Sacco,N)    Library Constr. Bond Act

S2579   (Bateman,C)    Age restricted housing-cert tax exemp

S2633   (Bateman,C)    Library, pub.-concerns mun. funding

S2990   (Oroho,S)    Co. planning incentive grants-CBT rev.

S3130   (Greenstein,L)   Electric power net metering-concerns
S3155   (Vitale,J)  Whistleblower claim-bars cert settlement
S3156   (Vitale,J)   Internet prov-customer info confidential
S3161   (Gordon,R)   Sober living resid-prov. beneficial uses


Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


SCR35   (Holzapfel,J)    Free pub. sch.-income tax contrib.

SCR42   (Allen,D)    Article V Convention-applies to Cong.

SJR81   (Turner,S)    Concussion Awareness Day-desig.

SJR98   (Kean,T)    Fibrodysplasis Ossificans Prog. Day

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S2930   (Greenstein,L)    Drug evidence testing-concerns

S2987   (Oroho,S)    Farmland preserv. purposes-concerns

S3021   (Kean,T)    911 Memorial Registry-estab.

S3073   (Singer,R)    Long term prop. tax exemp.-concerns

S3085   (Diegnan,P.J.)    Family temp. disab. benf-concerns amount


Note to the 10/13/2016 Digest:

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:


S771 Sca (1R)    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Food waste recycling-concerns *NOT* REF SBA


Note to the 5/1/17 Digest:

Bills Introduced:

S3095    Van Drew,J    Bldgs., material depreciation-concerns REF SCU *NOT* SWR 2RS


The Senate adjourned at 2:40 PM on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, to meet again on Monday, May 15, 2017 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “1” and “2” scheduled to meet).


The Assembly did not meet.  The Assembly will meet on Thursday, May 11, 2017 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “A” and “B” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (5/1/2017):


P.L.2017, c.61.   S2355 Sca (1R)    Cunningham,S/DiMaio,J+3    5/8/2017    Commencement speakers-proh use of St fds  

P.L.2017, c.62.   S2398 Sca (1R)    Bateman,C/Allen,D+3    5/8/2017    Varsity letter-extracurricular activity  

P.L.2017, c.63.   S2538 ScaSa (2R)    Sweeney,S/Singer,R+11    5/8/2017    Emerg. Mgmt Office-co storm preparedness  

P.L.2017, c.64.   S2562    Weinberg,L/Cardinale,G+9    5/8/2017    Predatory alienation-req study  

P.L.2017, c.65.   S2915    Ruiz,M/Rice,R+3    5/8/2017    Library director-concerns position  

P.L.2017, c.66.   S2997 Sca (1R)    Smith,B/Bateman,C+12    5/8/2017    Land devel, Blue Acres-dedicate CBT rev.  


P.L.2017, JR-4.   SJR89 Sca (1R)    Vitale,J/Madden,F+2    5/8/2017    Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Mo-May