for May 10, 2012


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Vol. XXIV No. 17                                                                                  215th Legislature $ First Annual Session



The Senate did not meet. The Senate will meet on Monday, May 14, 2012 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “3” and “4” scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A2652    Eustace,T/Singleton,T    Workers' comp claimants-bans charging   REF ALA

A2654    Albano,N/Eustace,T    Severance pymt-disqual. for unemp. benf.   REF ALA

A2745    Brown,C.A./Gove,D    DOT, NJTA, SJTA-advertise, message signs   REF ATR

A2746    McGuckin,G/Wolfe,D    Healthy Puppies & Kittens Assurance Act   REF AAN

A2747    McGuckin,G/Wolfe,D+1    Bribery, official matters-concerns   REF ASG

A2748    Dancer,R    Sch. purpose tax collection-pymt. dates   REF AHO

A2749    Kean,S/Bramnick,J    Driv Lic Suspension Laws Review Panel   REF ATR

A2750    Ciattarelli,J/Simon,D    Peter J Biondi Bypass-desig Rt206 bypass   REF ATR

A2751    Schaer,G/Spencer,L    Healthcare Disclosure & Transparency Act   REF AFI

A2752    Benson,D/DeAngelo,W    Retir. income-elim. income cap excl.   REF ABU

A2753    Benson,D/DeAngelo,W    Energy tax receipts-pay directly to mun.   REF AHO

A2754    Benson,D/DeAngelo,W    Devel. application-mun post sign on prop   REF AHO

A2755    O'Scanlon,D    Pub. off., emp.-proh. dual benf coverage   REF ASG

A2756    Quijano,A/Vainieri Huttle,V    Surviving spouses-prov. workers' comp   REF ALA

A2757    Quijano,A    Autonomous veh.-driv. lic. endorsement   REF ATR

A2758    Quijano,A/McKeon,J+1    Co. tax admin.-permits co. to share   REF AHO

A2759    Ciattarelli,J/Bramnick,J+1    Mun, co-auth special approp, shared svcs   REF AHO

A2760    Chivukula,U/Rudder,S    BPU-estab Statewide reliability standard   REF ATU

A2761    Bucco,A.M./Johnson,G    Resid devel fees-proh, natural disasters   REF AHO

A2762    Amodeo,J/Albano,N+1    Div of Fish/Wildlife-trans Dept of Agric   REF AAN

A2763    Moriarty,P    DRPA police-inspect haz material carrier   REF ALP

A2764    Moriarty,P/Mosquera,G    Toni Donato-Bolis and Baby RJ Act   REF ALP

A2765    Gove,D/Brown,C.A.    Vol. opportunities-prov. Travel website   REF ATA

A2766    Peterson,E/Coughlin,C    Fritz's Law-pet meds. sales tax exemp.   REF AAN

A2767    Riley,C    St, co, mun parks-restrict pesticide use   REF AEN

A2768    Riley,C    Telecommunications company-outage refund   REF ATU

A2769    Riley,C    False incrimination-enhance penal.   REF ALP

A2770    Cryan,J    Higher Ed. Reorg. Oversight Bd.-estab.   REF AHI

A2771    Cryan,J    Higher ed, cert-achieve cert. grad rates   REF AHI

A2772    Conaway,H    Tobacco products, wholesale-incr. tax   REF AHE

A2773    Gusciora,R    Green cleaning policy for schs.-adopt   REF AED

A2774    Gusciora,R    Legis. Elections Pub. Finan. Study Comm.   REF ASG

A2775    Gusciora,R    Corp. bus. tax-concerns prog.   REF ACE

A2776    Gusciora,R/DeAngelo,W    Loc. govt. shared svcs.-concerns   REF AHO

A2777    Riley,C    Tech. replacement-elig. for emerg St fds   REF AED

A2778    Russo,D    Tobacco, smokeless-proh use in pub. sch.   REF AHE

A2779    DeAngelo,W    Hall of Fame-estab. nomination procedure   REF ATA

A2780    Chivukula,U    Ed. svc. comm.-concerns purch. of goods   REF AED

A2781    Ramos,R+1    Animal fighting-creates new offense   REF AAN


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2782    Ramos,R    Radiologic Tech. Act-revises   REF ARP

A2783    Ramos,R/Diegnan,P+10    Charter sch-submit salary info, cert emp   REF AED

A2784    McKeon,J/Schroeder,R    Olive oil-reg. sale   REF ACO

A2785    McKeon,J    Sch. dist. tax levy cap-auth. adj.   REF AED

A2786    McKeon,J    Mun. court security plan-implement   REF AJU

A2787    McKeon,J/Vainieri Huttle,V    Energy efficiency prog.-expands   REF ATU

A2788    McKeon,J/Vainieri Huttle,V    Homelessness Prev. Prog-prov vol contrib   REF AHO

A2789    McKeon,J/Vainieri Huttle,V    Marriage lic.-incr. fees   REF AWC

A2790    McKeon,J/Stender,L    Health Claims Auth/Pymt Act-expand scope   REF AFI

A2791    McKeon,J/Chivukula,U    Pesticide applications-use silver flags   REF AEN

A2792    McKeon,J/Chivukula,U    Pub. bldg. energy efficiency-prov.   REF AHO

A2793    McKeon,J/Coutinho,A    Energy audits-estab prov finan incentive   REF ATU

A2794    McKeon,J/Ramos,R    Govt. records requests-concerns   REF AEN

A2795    McKeon,J    Loc. tax collector/assessor off.-revises   REF AHO

A2796    McKeon,J    Vet. prop. tax deduction-expand elig.   REF AMV

A2797    McKeon,J    Rape care crisis ctr. grants;$250K   REF AWC

A2798    McKeon,J    Affordable housing-green bldg. standards   REF AHO

A2799    McKeon,J    Home energy inspections-report analysis   REF ATU

A2800    McKeon,J    Env. prosecutor, special-estab.   REF AEN

A2801    McKeon,J    Homeowners Equity Prot. Act   REF AFI

A2802    McKeon,J    Traffic reduction-plan and implement   REF ATR

A2803    McKeon,J    Electronic fd transfer-disclose info   REF AFI

A2804    McKeon,J    Internet pharmacies-reg.   REF ARP

A2805    McKeon,J    Drought interconnection sys.-develop   REF AEN

A2806    McKeon,J    Photovoltaic equip.-concern incentives   REF ATU

A2807    McKeon,J    Energy audits-pd by societal benf charge   REF ATU

A2808    McKeon,J    Electric pub. util prov-solar energy sys   REF ATU

A2809    McKeon,J    Forest harvest prog-estab St.-owned land   REF AAN

A2810    McKeon,J/Coughlin,C    Uniform Athlete Agents Act   REF ARP

A2811    McKeon,J/Gusciora,R    Carsharing rentals-exemp., rental fee   REF AAP

A2812    McKeon,J/Benson,D    Renewable energy req.-revises   REF ATU

A2813    McKeon,J/Spencer,L    MV offenses, sch. zone-court appearance   REF ALP

A2814    McKeon,J/Jasey,M    Special ed student-elim tuition rate adj   REF AED

A2815    McKeon,J/Jasey,M    Highlands Conserv. Trust-creates   REF AEN

A2816    McKeon,J/Jasey,M    Community Health Law Proj.-surcharge   REF AHO

A2817    McKeon,J/Quijano,A    Transit Villages Act   REF ACE

A2818    McKeon,J/Quijano,A    Alco. bev. lic.-mun. issue cert. surplus   REF ALP

A2819    McKeon,J    Child prot. cases-clarify closing proc.   REF AWC

A2821    McKeon,J    Plastic grocery bags-decrease use   REF AEN

A2822    McKeon,J    Retrofitted Green Bldg. Tax Cred. Act   REF ATU

A2823    McKeon,J    Fire resistance furnishings-pub bldgings   REF AHO

A2824    McKeon,J    Billboard ad space-auth. loc. option tax   REF AHO

A2825    Amodeo,J/Albano,N+1    Alco bev in priv establishments-restrict   REF ALP

A2826    Wolfe,D/McGuckin,G    Homestead prop tax prog-incr income elig   REF AAP

A2827    Rible,D    Multiple Dwelling Law-clarify delivery   REF AHO

A2828    Rible,D/Kean,S    Opportunity Scholarship Act-pilot prog.   REF AED

A2829    Green,J/Watson Coleman,B    Drug court completion-auto. expungement   REF AJU

A2830    Fuentes,A/Greenwald,L+4    Opportunity Scholarship Act   REF AED

A2831    Stender,L    Videotaping-third degree crime   REF ALP

A2832    Stender,L    Drunk driv. offenses-revise penal.   REF AJU

A2833    Benson,D+1    Commercial driv lic-fingerprinting exemp   REF ATR

A2834    Benson,D    Special needs trust-allow contrib deduct   REF AAP

A2835    Riley,C/Wilson,G    Child support orders-concerns docketing   REF AJU

A2836    Riley,C/Albano,N    St. House and Annex-req. defibrillators   REF ALP

A2837    McKeon,J    Forest harvest prog-estab St.-owned land   REF AAN

A2838    McKeon,J    Stormwater Mgmt. Abatement Bond Act   REF AEN

A2839    McKeon,J    Witnesses of Crime Prot. Prog. Fd-create   REF ALP

A2840    Spencer,L/Caride,M    Emp. discrim., based on credit-proh.   REF ALA

A2841    Peterson,E/Coughlin,C+1    Corn-desig. as NJ St. Grain   REF AAN

A2842    Eustace,T    Floodplains, 100 yr-concerns development   REF AEN

A2843    Wagner,C/Vainieri Huttle,V    Farmland assess. incentive-prov.   REF AAN

A2844    McKeon,J    Police off, cert-estab tuition cred prog   REF AHI

A2845    McKeon,J    Home svc. enterprises-crim. hist. check   REF ACO

A2846    McKeon,J    Contractors' Regis. Act-concerns   REF ARP

A2847    McKeon,J    Low-speed veh.-raises allowable speed   REF ATR

A2848    McKeon,J    Co prosecutors' office-AG representation   REF ALP

A2849    McKeon,J    Eluding police off.-concerns   REF ALP

A2850    McKeon,J    DWI-mand. jail time   REF ALP

A2851    McHose,A/Chiusano,G    Admin., cert-elim. TPAF reenrollment req   REF ASG


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A2852    McKeon,J    Sewer overflow-estab. notification req.   REF AEN

A2853    McKeon,J    Island Beach St. Park prog-dedicate fees   REF AEN

A2854    McKeon,J    Main St Counseling Ctr, West Orange;$65K   REF AHU

A2855    McKeon,J    Residential storage space-tax exempt   REF AAP

A2856    McKeon,J    Essex Co, Ed. Bd Pension Fd-upgrade prov   REF ASG

A2857    McKeon,J    Site Improv. Advis. Bd.-recommend devel.   REF AHO

A2858    McKeon,J    Mun emp early retir incentive prog-estab   REF AHO

A2859    McKeon,J    Money Transmitters Act-revises   REF ACO

A2860    McKeon,J    Emerg power generator-req. cert. resid.   REF AHE

A2861    McKeon,J    Stroke registry-estab. in St.   REF AHE

A2862    McKeon,J    Newborn Screening prog.-revises   REF AWC

A2863    McKeon,J    Posttraumatic stress disorder-coverage   REF AFI

A2864    McKeon,J    MV theft-mandatory incarceration   REF AJU

A2865    McKeon,J    Co. prosecutors' office-St. assume costs   REF AJU

A2866    Jimenez,A/Wagner,C    Sch and med. family leave-prov.   REF ALA

A2867    Rumana,S    Light bulbs-purchase energy efficient   REF ATU

A2868    Vainieri Huttle,V    Semen banks-regulates   REF AHE

A2869    Vainieri Huttle,V/Handlin,A    Special ed. students-placement   REF AED

A2870    Mosquera,G/Eustace,T    Voter regis.-concerns   REF AHO

A2871    Milam,M/Riley,C    Jersey Fresh, mislabeled-forfeit goods   REF AAN

A2874    Spencer,L/Ramos,R    Secondhand furniture-yellow label req.   REF ACO

A2875    Spencer,L/Wimberly,B    Refurbish mattresses-req. permit   REF ACO

A2876    Spencer,L/Fuentes,A    Env infrastructure proj, 2013-approp fds   REF AEN

A2877    Wilson,G/Schaer,G    Env Infrastructure Trust-expend cert sum   REF AEN

A2878    Burzichelli,J/Greenwald,L    Emp.-proh. personal info. disclosure   REF ACO

A2879    Burzichelli,J/Greenwald,L    Higher ed-proh. personal info disclosure   REF ACO

A2881    Lampitt,P    Children under DYFS care-proh. home-sch.   REF AWC

A2882    Milam,M/Mosquera,G+1    Vet.-concerns prof., occupational lic.   REF AMV

A2883    Watson Coleman,B    Drug court prog.-estab. prog.   REF AJU

A2884    Burzichelli,J    Drinking Water Qual. Instit.-memb.   REF ARG

ACR135    O'Scanlon,D/Carroll,M+1    St. govt. spending-estab. 2% cap   REF ABU

ACR136    Watson Coleman,B/Singleton,T    Income tax rate, income over $1M-incr.   REF ABU

ACR137    McKeon,J    Water consumption-concerns fee revenue   REF AAN

ACR138    Oliver,S    Prof. Social Work Mo.-desig. March 2012   REF ARP

ACR139    McHose,A/Chiusano,G    Impact Aid Prog.-Cong reject pymt. elim.   REF AED

ACR140    McHose,A/DiMaio,J    White House Rural Council-Pres. rescind   REF AAN

ACR141    Mainor,C/Ramos,R    Env. Infrastructure Trust-approves plan   REF AEN

AJR60    Milam,M/Albano,N    Saltwater Fisheries Aqualcult Task Force   REF AAN

AJR61    Gusciora,R    Joseph P. Merlino Trail-desig.   REF AAN

AJR62    Casagrande,C/Lampitt,P    Displaced Homemakers Awareness Mo-desig.   REF AWC

AJR63    McKeon,J    Bipolar Disorder Awareness Mo.-April   REF AHE

AJR64    Singleton,T/Vainieri Huttle,V    Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Mo-June   REF AHE

AR70    Schroeder,R/Chivukula,U    Software prog-prev. inappropriate words   REF ATU

AR71    Riley,C    Glass products-purch instead of plastic   REF AEN

AR72    Milam,M/Albano,N+1    Official Jr. Ambassadors-honors book   REF ATA

AR73    Milam,M/Vainieri Huttle,V+2    Safety rest areas, priv.-exemp. NJ proh.   REF ATR

AR74    Brown,C.J./Gove,D+1    Mil. healthcare-reject Obama's changes   REF AMV

AR75    Vainieri Huttle,V/Jasey,M    Contraceptive svc.-support fed. policy   REF AHE

AR76    Rudder,S/Singleton,T+7    NJ-Amer Water negotiation-end settlement   REF ATU

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A332 Aca (1R)    Dancer,R/Eustace,T    Xanadu complex-simulcast horse races   REP/ACA

A792 Aca (1R)    Munoz,N/Green,J    Inter-fac. transfers-estab hosp protocol   REP/ACA

A1218 Aca (1R)    Moriarty,P/Bramnick,J+13    Text messaging, unsolicited ads-proh.   REP/ACA

A1351    Rible,D/Wagner,C+1    Bingo games-removes lic. req.   REP

A2316 Aca (1R)    Chivukula,U/McKeon,J    Mun. shared svcs. energy auth.-estab.   REP/ACA

A2590 Acs (ACS)    Benson,D/Conaway,H+3    Tamper-resistant opioid drugs-make list   REP/ACS

A2610    Dancer,R/Burzichelli,J    Mobile gaming devices-rules/regulations   REP

A2737    Coughlin,C/Benson,D    Sr. tenants-concerns rent control   REP

A2741 Aca (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Bramnick,J    Loc. pub. bid documents-concerns   REP/ACA

A2878    Burzichelli,J/Greenwald,L    Emp.-proh. personal info. disclosure   REP

A2879    Burzichelli,J/Greenwald,L    Higher ed-proh. personal info disclosure   REP



Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A1452 Aca (1R)    Gusciora,R/Wagner,C    Police/FF/Teacher Home-buyer Asst. Act   REP/ACA REF AAP

A2507    Prieto,V/Eustace,T    Solar Thermal Expansion Loan, Grant prog   REP REF AAP

A2578 Aca (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Prieto,V+1    Internet wagering, AC casinos-permits   REP/ACA REF AAP

Bills Reported Referred/AJU:

A2178    Conaway,H    Vol. physicians, cert.-civil immunity   REP REF AJU


Unnumbered Resolution Adopted and Released from Committee (4/11/12):


The Assembly Transportation Public Works and Independent Authorities Committee Resolution authorizing the issuance of subpoenas and such other action as is necessary to further the Committee’s investigation of the finances of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Bills Received from Governor/Absolute Veto:

A2171 AcaSa (2R)    Conaway,H/Singleton,T+4    Health Benf. Exchange Act  

Bills Received from Governor/Conditional Veto:

A2288 Aca (1R)    Wisniewski,J/Vainieri Huttle,V+3    Finan Policy Review Bd-quarterly reports  

Bills Received from Senate/Referred to Committee:

S71 ScaScs (SCS)    Codey,R/Singer,R+1    Yellow Dot prog.-estab.   REF ATR

S298    Pennacchio,J/Van Drew,J    Dental hygienist/dentist-revise statutes   REF ARP

S420    Van Drew,J/Allen,D+2    US flags, fly half-staff-Gov. notify   REF AMV

S447    Turner,S/Greenstein,L+1    Pension payout options-spousal consent   REF ASG

S450    Turner,S/Greenstein,L+1    Prop. tax bills-contain tax relief info   REF AHO

S512 Sca (1R)    Norcross,D/Madden,F+6    Pub. emp killed on duty-funeral expenses   REF ALP

S527    Norcross,D/Connors,C+7    Vet. bus enterprise set-aside prog-auth.   REF AMV

S651       Pou,N    Health Enterprise Zone law-amends   REF ASG

S782 Scs (SCS)    Weinberg,L/Cunningham,S+4    Hosp. Disclosure & Pub Resource Prot Act   REF AHE

S900    Vitale,J/Rice,R+1    FF training, St.-accredited   REF ALP

S945 ScaSca (2R)    Lesniak,R/Bateman,C    Tigers-impose req, prevent illegal trade   REF AAN

S1171    Weinberg,L+2    Genital mutilation, under 18-proh.   REF AWC

S1177 Scs (SCS)    Smith,B/Sweeney,S+1    Fishing gear on artificial reefs-proh.   REF AAN

S1366    Doherty,M/Turner,S+2    Tri-Co. Purple Heart Mem Hwy-desig Rt.31   REF AMV

SJR24 Ss (SS)    Codey,R    Teen Dating Viol Awareness Prev Mo-Feb.   REF AWC

SJR36 Sca (1R)    Weinberg,L/Greenstein,L    Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Mo-June   REF AHE

SJR37    Bucco,A.R.    Officer Thomas E. DeShazo Memor Bridge   REF ATR

Bills Received from Senate/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

S1761    Gordon,R/Weinberg,L    PANYNJ Transparency, Accountability Act  

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A245    Schaer,G/Spencer,L    Healthcare Transparency, Disclosure Act    FROM AFI

A366    Wolfe,D    Homestead prop tax prog-incr income elig     FROM AAP

A737    Eustace,T/Schepisi,H    NY/NJ Leg.-approve toll incr.     FROM ATR

A764    Barnes,P    Megan's law-conform to fed. req.     FROM ALP

A919    Schepisi,H    Foreign laws-proh if viol constit rights    FROM AJU

A2202    O'Donnell,J/Cryan,J+1    County-wide purch. sys.-estab.      FROM AED

AR68    Kean,S    Turner Syndrome Awareness Day-Aug. 28    AHE

Co-Sponsors Added:

A118   (Munoz,N)    Sex offenders-proh., sch. prop.

A136   (Bucco,A.M.)    NJ Right to Work Act-estab.

A238   (Coughlin,C)    Nonpub. tech. initiative aid-reinstate

A259   (Rudder,S; Brown,C.J.; Caputo,R; Handlin,A; Simon,D; Casagrande,C; DeCroce,B; Giblin,T; Schepisi,H; Angelini,M; Webber,J;

     Peterson,E; Singleton,T; McHose,A)    Joan's Law-murder of a minor, no parole

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A265   (Clifton,R)    Small emp. health benf. purch. alliance

A321 Aca (1R)   (Oliver,S)    Lisa's Law-domestic viol off, monitor

A327   (Caride,M)    Vol. driv.-charitable immunity statute

A328   (Bucco,A.M.)    Death penalty, cert. murders-restores

A440   (Simon,D)    St. veh.-reg. assignments and use

A442   (Simon,D)    Veh. owned by St. auth.-reg. use

A508   (DeAngelo,W)    Checkpoints-proh limited, cert veh types

A543   (Bucco,A.M.)    Real estate purch-excl. gains on sales

A545      (Rumpf,B; Gove,D; McGuckin,G)    St aid to sch dist-estab distrib formula

A578   (Bucco,A.M.)    Drug overdose prev.-concerns

A605   (Mosquera,G)    Victim self-defense justification-create

A628   (Amodeo,J; Brown,C.A.)    Rental asst. for vets-concerns

A631   (Johnson,G)    Armed Forces, Natl. Guard-returning memb

A635   (Munoz,N)    Vulnerable person, exploit finan-offense

A638 Aa (1R)   (Lampitt,P)    Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs-estab

A640   (Simon,D)    Sex offenders-concerns

A655   (Casagrande,C)    Drunk driv. offense, cert.-criminalize

A690      (Amodeo,J; Brown,C.A.)    Prof. fees-exemp. cert. types mil. svc.

A691      (Mainor,C)    Driv. lic.-req. to indicate vet. status

A720   (Mosquera,G)    St. emp. comp.-direct deposit req.

A788   (Giblin,T)    Solicitations by attorneys-bars

A789 Acs (ACS)   (Mainor,C)    First responder-proh. victim photographs

A850   (Diegnan,P)    MVC-incr. cert. fees

A868   (Singleton,T)    Bus. owners, cert-deduct pension contrib

A884   (Diegnan,P)    Mun. court costs-concerns

A963   (Simon,D; Dancer,R)    Healthcare Choice Act

A983   (Angelini,M)    Home-Based Jobs Creation Act

A992   (Mosquera,G)    Domestic viol. victim-prov. lease prot.

A1011 Aa (1R)   (Schepisi,H)    PANYNJ Transparency, Accountability Act

A1056   (Giblin,T)    Pub. sch instruction, US vet contrib-req

A1133   (Amodeo,J; Brown,C.A.)    Vet. bus enterprise set-aside prog-auth.

A1138   (Amodeo,J; Brown,C.A.)    Mil. svc., cert. types-exemp. ed. fees

A1166   (Fuentes,A)    Sex off. residence-mun. reg.

A1167   (Riley,C)    Small bus., life science-grant prog.

A1168   (Riley,C)    Small bus., life science-grant prog.

A1214 Aca (1R)   (DeCroce,B)    Chronic health condition-pilot prog.

A1338 AcaAaAca (3R)   (Handlin,A)    Permit Ext/ Act of 2008-ext. exp. date

A1339   (Simon,D)    Mil., receiving combat pay-tax exemp.

A1365   (Kean,S)    Special ed. prog.-task force to study

A1433   (Johnson,G)    Prevailing wage req., cert.-concerns

A1464   (Ciattarelli,J)    Craft Distillery Lic.-creates

A1473   (Amodeo,J)    Mun. fair share housing oblig.-concerns

A1578   (Singleton,T; Stender,L)    Truck Operator Independent Contr. Act

A1608 Acs (ACS)   (Munoz,N; Peterson,E)    Janet's Law-concerns defibrillators

A1636   (Chivukula,U)    Homeless shelter-estab St-wide database

A1744   (Amodeo,J)    Vets-affordable housing preference

A1809   (Simon,D)    Nurse Multistate Lic. Compact-enters NJ

A2027   (Chiusano,G; Vainieri Huttle,V; Bucco,A.M.)    Jessica Lunsford Act-assault on child

A2092   (Casagrande,C)    Vet.-concerns housing

A2099   (Coutinho,A; Rudder,S; Brown,C.J.)    First responders-immunizes, civil liab.

A2118   (Casagrande,C)    SPRS memb.-purch. cred. prior mil. svc.

A2121   (Coughlin,C)    Vet. benf., cert.-broadens elig.

A2136   (Casagrande,C)    NJ SHARES-prov. vol. income tax contrib.

A2140   (Casagrande,C)    Unemp. comp. overpayments-repayment

A2142   (Wagner,C; Eustace,T)    Tanning beds-minors proh.

A2146   (O'Scanlon,D)    St & pub contracts-proh cert. investment

A2157   (Chiusano,G)    Abortions, cert. performance-concerns

A2162   (Gusciora,R)    Min. wage-incr. to $8.50

A2168 Aca (1R)   (Giblin,T)    Resid. Foreclosure Transformation Act

A2182   (O'Scanlon,D)    Dietian/Nutritionist Lic. Act

A2200   (Quijano,A; Cryan,J)    Tigers-impose req, prevent illegal trade

A2204   (Chiusano,G)    Insur. fraud-concerns

A2255   (Giblin,T)    Purple Heart Mem. Vet. Hwy.-desig. Rt.42

A2287   (Chiusano,G)    Mun shared svcs & consolidation-concerns

A2289   (Barnes,P)    Psych., court appt.-limits actions

A2292   (Barnes,P; Giblin,T)    Pine Barrens treefrog-desig St Amphibian

A2312   (Diegnan,P)    Community Sch. Pilot Prog.-estab.

A2380 Aca (1R)   (Munoz,N; Bucco,A.M.)    Crime Victim's Bill of Rights-concerns

A2404   (Connors,S)    PFRS memb-prov. death, disab. benf.

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A2412   (O'Donnell,J)    Safe Playing Fields Act

A2419   (Barnes,P)    Psychologists, cert.-prescribe meds.

A2432   (Angelini,M)    St psych hosp-estab staff training prog.

A2438   (Chiusano,G; Webber,J)    PERS-bars cert. pub agency participation

A2454   (Chiusano,G)    Seasonal worker-concerns unemp benf elig

A2474   (Giblin,T; Wolfe,D; McGuckin,G)    Energy tax rev.-concerns

A2480   (Munoz,N)    Pub. contracts-concerns

A2519   (Johnson,G)    Games of chance proceeds-support vet org

A2550   (Amodeo,J; Brown,C.A.)    Tpk. Auth.-one memb reisde in Co.

A2558   (Lampitt,P; Greenwald,L)    Student assist. coordinators-employ

A2586   (Sumter,S)    Priv., pub. colleges-land use approvals

A2590 Acs (ACS)   (Handlin,A; Jimenez,A)    Tamper-resistant opioid drugs-make list

A2595   (Diegnan,P)    Paratransit veh.-concerns special

A2604   (Chiusano,G)    Estate tax-incr. filing threshold

A2622   (Coughlin,C)    Higher ed. gov bd memb-training prog req

A2628   (Benson,D; Diegnan,P)    Adult Guardianship, Jurisdiction Act

A2657   (Coughlin,C)    Nursing svc. aid, nonpub.:$3.963M

A2675   (Wagner,C; Eustace,T)    Flood control proj.;$3M

A2676   (Mainor,C; Jimenez,A)    Lance Corp. Osbrany Montes de Oca Bridge

A2680   (Chiusano,G; DeCroce,B)    Lake Hopatcong Fd.-estab.

A2681   (Johnson,G)    Child Prot. Act of 2012

A2682   (Johnson,G)    Sex crimes-incr. mandatory sentence

A2683   (Johnson,G)    Megan's law offense-incr monetary penal.

A2691   (Wolfe,D; Casagrande,C)    Designated driv. mv lic. plate-estab.

A2717   (Giblin,T; Clifton,R)    Affordable housing devel. fees-concerns

A2718   (Johnson,G)    Trans., Haz. Walking Routes Act

A2719   (Jasey,M)    Shark fins-proh. possession and sale

A2720   (Connors,S)    Div. of Fire Safety-estab.

A2728   (Ciattarelli,J)    Dusty's Law-killing guide dog crim penal

A2734   (Diegnan,P)    Epinephrine-sch. req. to maintain supply

A2758   (Ciattarelli,J)    Co. tax admin.-permits co. to share

A2759   (O’Scanlon,D)    Mun, co-auth special approp, shared svcs

A2830   (Chiusano,G)    Opportunity Scholarship Act

ACR29   (Schepisi,H)    Free pub. sch.-income tax contrib.

ACR37   (Chivukula,U)    DEP rules estab. waiver-not leg. intent

ACR90   (Giblin,T)    Vet. prop. tax deduct.-incr.

ACR113   (Giblin,T)    Devel. disab. resid.-sports betting rev.

ACR116    (Schaer,G; Kean,S)    St. Parole Bd.-transfer functions

ACR130   (Johnson,G; Caputo,R; Connors,S; Sumter,S; Green,J; Diegnan,P; Spencer,L)    Tax income exceeding $1M-prop tax relief

ACR131   (Handlin,A; Russo,D; Casagrande,C)    Prop. tax relief, reform-Leg. consider

ACR133    (Casagrande,C)    NJ-Amer Water negotiation-end settlement

AJR45   (Amodeo,J; Brown,C.A.)    Richards Somers Day-estab. September 4th

AR76   (Kean,S)    NJ-Amer Water negotiation-end settlement

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A1368   (Schepisi,H)    Immunizations-prov. conscientious exemp.

A1445   (Simon,D)    No show pub job-guilty of off misconduct

A1515   (Schepisi,H)    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

ACR11   (Simon,D)    Elected off., indicted-concerns

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A109   (Chiusano,G)    Elective off.-proh. simultaneous holding

A127   (Chiusano,G)    Leg., Exec. Branch-reg. gifts of value

A191   (Caride,M)    Smoking in veh. w/child present-offense

A259   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Joan's Law-murder of a minor, no parole

A306   (Simon,D)    Leg. duties-elim. dual govt. pay

A332 Aca (1R)   (Eustace,T)    Xanadu complex-simulcast horse races

A333   (Wagner,C)    Standardbred priv fac-excl cert. persons

A415   (Wolfe,D)    Vaccines containing mercury-elim. use

A792 Aca (1R)   (Green,J)    Inter-fac. transfers-estab hosp protocol

A885   (Simon,D)    Elected off/pub emp health benf-concerns

A974   (Chiusano,G)    Med. Philanthropy Act-malpractice liab.

A975   (Simon,D)    Ed. Investment Act-estab.

A988   (Mosquera,G)    Domestic viol. shelters-tax deduction

A990   (Mosquera,G)    Domestic Viol. Health Care Response Act

A1048   (Bramnick,J)    Prop. tax bills-auth. pymt. via e-mail

Second Prime Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A1060   (DeCroce,B)    Highlands Water Prot, Planning Act-amend

A1065   (DeCroce,B)    Unemp. benf, emp. unemp. taxes-reduce

A1121   (Mosquera,G)    Domestic viol.-concerns reporting

A1211   (Albano,N)    Civil svc. matters-collective bargaining

A1452 Aca (1R)   (Wagner,C)    Police/FF/Teacher Home-buyer Asst. Act

A1473   (Brown,C.A.)    Mun. fair share housing oblig.-concerns

A1575   (Eustace,T)    Voter regis.-concerns polling place

A1612   (Simon,D)    Loc. Unit Audit Teams-create prog.

A1744   (Brown,C.A.)    Vets-affordable housing preference

A2006   (Diegnan,P)    Constr officials-mun. hire priv. company

A2043   (Schaer,G)    Surplus lines coverage-decr receipts tax

A2118   (DeAngelo,W)    SPRS memb.-purch. cred. prior mil. svc.

A2159   (Chiusano,G)    Boat, mv regis. renewal-proh. cert. fees

A2194   (Chiusano,G)    Candidate-concerns campaign contrib. use

A2199   (Mainor,C)    Kulesh Kubert Bolis Law-cell phone viol.

A2222   (Mosquera,G)    Emp. UI contrib.-changes

A2316 Aca (1R)   (McKeon,J)    Mun. shared svcs. energy auth.-estab.

A2326   (Singleton,T)    Pharmacy Qual. Assurance, Error Prev Act

A2387   (Brown,C.A.)    Vet. wages, qual.-corp. bus. tax credit

A2419   (Coughlin,C)    Psychologists, cert.-prescribe meds.

A2448   (Lampitt,P)    Adopted children-maintain religion

A2507   (Eustace,T)    Solar Thermal Expansion Loan, Grant prog

A2596   (Sumter,S)    Two-family resid.-remove fire ext req.

A2634   (Chiusano,G)    Natl Guard emp-allow bus/income tax cred

A2645   (Kean,S)    Artificial reef-fishing gear restriction

A2675   (Russo,D)    Flood control proj.;$3M

A2695   (Chiusano,G)    Firearm purch.-mandate NICS check

A2722   (Johnson,G)    Sr. cit.-limits rent incr.

A2728   (Bramnick,J)    Dusty's Law-killing guide dog crim penal

A2737   (Benson,D)    Sr. tenants-concerns rent control

A2741 Aca (1R)   (Bramnick,J)    Loc. pub. bid documents-concerns

ACR11   (Simon,D)    Elected off., indicted-concerns

ACR58   (DeCroce,B)    St-admin. retire. sys.-annual St contrib

ACR103   (Webber,J)    Fed. law. repeal-reg. 2/3 vote, St. Leg.

ACR105   (Webber,J)    Armed Forces, deployed-prop. tax exempt

AR21   (Tucker,C)    St. Guard-honors accomplishments

AR34   (DeCroce,B)    Bill w/fiscal impact on budget-concerns

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A332 Aca (1R)   (Wagner,C)    Xanadu complex-simulcast horse races

A333   (Eustace,T)    Standardbred priv fac-excl cert. persons

A478   (Singleton,T)    Pre-trial intervention-incr. cert. fees

A691      (Rible,D)    Driv. lic.-req. to indicate vet. status

A926   (Mosquera,G)    Arrest-search domestic viol. registry

A1147   (Riley,C)    Textbook purchases-income tax credit

A1171   (Casagrande,C)    Local unit sharing of svcs.-encourage

A1325   (Bramnick,J)    Plenary retail distrib. lic limit-remove

A1445   (Simon,D)    No show pub job-guilty of off misconduct

A1452 Aca (1R)   (Eustace,T)    Police/FF/Teacher Home-buyer Asst. Act

A1464   (DiMaio,J)    Craft Distillery Lic.-creates

A1468   (Simon,D)    Pub. off. convicted of crime-concerns

A1597   (Coughlin,C)    Energy Tax Receipts Prop. Tax Relief

A1603   (Simon,D)    Crim. street gangs-concerns

A2029   (Tucker,C)    Honor and Remember Flag-desig. St. flag

A2193   (Chiusano,G)    Corrections off., cert.-concerns

A2258   (Russo,D)    Ticket sales-revises law

A2390   (Singleton,T)    Organ transplant recipient-proh. discrim

A2419   (Johnson,G)    Psychologists, cert.-prescribe meds.

A2448   (Chivukula,U)    Adopted children-maintain religion

A2484   (Chiusano,G)    Infertility-concern health benf coverage

A2590 Acs (ACS)   (Angelini,M)    Tamper-resistant opioid drugs-make list

A2717   (Chiusano,G)    Affordable housing devel. fees-concerns

A2720   (Johnson,G)    Div. of Fire Safety-estab.

A2728   (DeCroce,B)    Dusty's Law-killing guide dog crim penal

ACR116    (Chiusano,G)    St. Parole Bd.-transfer functions

ACR131   (Simon,D)    Prop. tax relief, reform-Leg. consider


Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A1155   (Riley,C)    High efficiency home heat equip.-concern

A1163   (Riley,C)    Higher ed students-NJT offer disc passes

A1309   (Burzichelli,J)    St. Investment Council-revise structure

A1365   (Simon,D)    Special ed. prog.-task force to study

A1861   (Jasey,M)    Ed. svc. agency-estab.

A2193   (Webber,J)    Corrections off., cert.-concerns

A2208   (Webber,J)    Ronald Reagan Mem. Hwy.-desig Rt. 15

A2590 Acs (ACS)   (Bramnick,J)    Tamper-resistant opioid drugs-make list

A2598   (DeAngelo,W)    Amber Alert-AG issue recommendations

A2610   (Eustace,T)    Mobile gaming devices-rules/regulations

ACR116    (Coughlin,C)    St. Parole Bd.-transfer functions

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A166   (Simon,D)    Tri-Co. Purple Heart Mem Hwy-desig Rt.31

A1368   (Schepisi,H)    Immunizations-prov. conscientious exemp.

A1515   (Schepisi,H)    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

A2292   (Sumter,S)    Pine Barrens treefrog-desig St Amphibian

A2870   (DeAngelo,W)    Voter regis.-concerns


The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:


*Effective March 14, 2012

State House Commission:


Assemblyman Paul D. Moriarty (4).

Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski (19).

Assemblyman David P. Rible (30).


*Effective March 20, 2012


Asian American Study Foundation – Board of Trustees:


Assemblyman Upendra J. Chivukula (17).


Fire Safety Commission:


Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski (19).

Assemblyman Scott T. Rumana (40).


Governor’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS and Related Blood-Borne Pathogens:


Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (15).


Joint Committee on Housing Affordability:


Assemblyman Jerry Green (22).

Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt (6).

Assemblyman Charles S. Mainor (31).








The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments: (cont’d)


*Effective March 20, 2012

Joint Committee on the Public Schools:


Assemblyman Ralph R. Caputo (28).

Assemblyman Ruben J. Ramos, Jr. (33).

Assemblywoman Connie Wagner (38).

Assemblyman Benjie E. Wimberly (35).

Assemblyman Scott T. Rumana (40).

Assemblyman Brian Rumpf (9).

Assemblyman David Wolfe (10).


Legislative Services Commission:


Assemblyman John J. Burzichelli (3).

Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin (34).

Assemblyman Louis D. Greenwald (6).

Assemblywoman Sheila Y. Oliver (34).

Assemblyman John F. Amodeo (2).

Assemblyman Jon M. Bramnick (21).

Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco (25).

Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose (24).


Mandated Health Benefits Advisory Commission:


Assemblywoman Shavonda E. Sumter (35).

Assemblyman Gary R. Chiusano (24).


Martin Luther King Jr. Commission:


Assemblywoman Cleopatra G. Tucker (28).

Assemblyman Gilbert L. Wilson (5).


New Jersey Commission on Capital Budgeting and Planning:


Assemblyman Angel Fuentes (5).

Assemblyman Declan J. O’Scanlon, Jr. (13).


New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology:


Assemblywoman Celeste M. Riley (3).


New Jersey State Council on the Arts:


Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (37).


New Jersey Historical Commission:


Assemblyman Craig J. Coughlin (19).

Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (25).





The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments: (cont’d)


*Effective March 20, 2012

New Jersey Human Relations Council-Executive Committee:


Assemblyman Timothy J. Eustace (38).

Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini (11).


New Jersey Intergovernmental Relations Commission:


Assemblywoman Marlene Caride (36).

Assemblyman Craig J. Coughlin (19).

Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer (29).


New Jersey State Commission on Aging:


Assemblyman Upendra J. Chivukula (17).


New Jersey State Museum Board of Trustees:


Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (15).

Assemblywoman Donna M. Simon (16).


Parole Advisory Board:


Assemblyman Charles S. Mainor (31).

Assemblyman David P. Rible (30).


Smart Freight Railroad Study Commission:


Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson (37).


State Leasing and Space Utilization Committee:


Assemblyman Albert Coutinho (29).


Statewide Public Safety Communications Commission:


Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson (37).


The Amistad Commission:


Assemblywoman Cleopatra G. Tucker (28).


Casino Revenue Fund Advisory Commission:


Assemblyman Angel Fuentes (5).

Assemblyman John Amodeo (2).


Council on Armed Forces and Veterans’ Affairs:


Assemblyman Wayne P. DeAngelo (14).

Assemblyman John Amodeo (2).




The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments: (cont’d)


*Effective March 20, 2012


Education Commission of the States:


Assemblyman Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr. (18).


Advisory Council on Arthritis:


Assemblyman Daniel R. Benson (14).


*Effective March 29, 2012


Joint Committee on the Public Schools:


Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce (26), to replace Assemblyman Brian Rumpf (9).


*Effective March 30, 2012


Council on Armed Forces and Veterans’ Affairs:


Assemblyman Christopher J. Brown (8), to replace Assemblyman John F. Amodeo (2).


*Effective April 4, 2012


New Jersey Multiple Sclerosis Task Force:


Earnestine Smith, of Elizabeth.


*Effective April 24, 2012


Anti-Bullying Task Force:


Jessica de Konick, Esq. of Montclair.


The Assembly Speaker and the Senate President have made the following joint appointment:


*Effective April 26, 2012


Anti-Bullying Task Force:


Luanne M. Peterpaul, of Long Branch.


The Assembly Speaker has made the following reappointment:


*Effective April 4, 2012

Council on Local Mandates:


Timothy Q. Karcher, of Jersey City.





The Assembly Minority Leader has made the following appointment:


*Effective April 2, 2012


Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards:


Stanley L. Bergman, Jr., of Egg Harbor Township.


Note to the 3/15/12 Digest:


Bills Passed:


AR64    Stender,L    Medco & Express Script-Gov oppose merger  (53-16-9) *NOT* (54-16-8)

The Assembly adjourned at 5:35 P.M. to meet again on Monday, May 14, 2012 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “C” and “D” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (5/3/12):

P.L.2012, c.11.   A2311 Aca (1R)    Jasey,M/Coutinho,A+11    5/9/2012    Math & Science teachers-address shortage