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Vol. XXI No. 17                                                                                 213th Legislature $ Second Annual Session



The Senate did not meet.  The Senate will meet on Thursday, May 14, 2009 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “3” and “4” scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A3905    Rible,D/Angelini,M    Renewable energy prop.-partial tax cred.   REF ATU

A3906    Chivukula,U    Energy efficient outdoor lighting-St use   REF ATU

A3907    Chivukula,U    High Performance Green Bldg. Demo. Proj.   REF ACE

A3908    Chivukula,U    Energy resid. improvements-incentives   REF ATU

A3909    Conners,J/Conaway,H    Vet. prop. tax exemp.-concerns   REF AHO

A3910    Moriarty,P    St. pension, annuity fds.-investment   REF ASG

A3911    Schaer,G    Auto. Insur. Risk Exchange-concerns appt   REF AFI

A3912    Spencer,L    Motorists overtaking bicycles-concerns   REF ATR

A3913    Schaer,G    Sales of securities-concerns   REF AFI

A3914    Angelini,M/Rible,D    St. veh.-reg. assignments and use   REF ASG

A3915    Angelini,M    Underage Drinking, Higher Ed. Task Force   REF AHI

A3916    Rible,D/Cryan,J    Alco. bev. at bingo games-concerns   REF ALP

A3917    Rible,D    Bingo games-removes lic. req.   REF ATG

A3918    Burzichelli,J    Transp. fds., cert.-concerns use   REF ATR

A3919    Burzichelli,J/Johnson,G    Wage, benf., tax law viol-lic suspension   REF ALA

A3920    Burzichelli,J    Beach concession stands-concerns permits   REF AEN

A3921    Moriarty,P/Malone,J+3    Sch. fac.-safe electric partitions   REF AED

A3922    Carroll,M    Voter regis.-limits comp. methods   REF ASG

A3923    Carroll,M    Amer. Red Cross-NJ Fd.-tax contrib.   REF AAP

A3924    Carroll,M    Unemp. comp., labor disputes-concerns   REF ALA

A3925    Vandervalk,C    Hosp. lic.-concerns   REF AHE

A3926    Carroll,M    Workers' comp.-concerns cert injury comp   REF ALA

A3927    Schaer,G    Resid. mortgage lender fees-concerns   REF AFI

A3928    Carroll,M    Govt. records-concerns access   REF ASG

A3929    Carroll,M/Merkt,R    Consumer fraud actions-concerns   REF ACO

A3930    Gusciora,R/Barnes,P    Scenic and Hist. Hwys. Prog.-estab.   REF ATR

A3931    Gusciora,R/Cruz-Perez,N    Ads, cert.-concerns   REF ACO

A3932    Gusciora,R    Syringes w/out prescription-limited sale   REF AHE

A3933    Gusciora,R    Foreclosure Consulting & Anti-Fraud Act   REF AFI

A3934    Conaway,H/Chivukula,U    Health info. tech. prod.-concerns use   REF AHE

A3935    Johnson,G    Police Standards Advis. Comm.-concerns   REF ALP

A3936    Johnson,G    Spaying, neutering prog, low cost-elig.   REF AAN

A3937    Johnson,G    US Park Police-concern powers   REF ALP

A3938    Johnson,G    Priv. detectives-concerns   REF ALP

A3939    Johnson,G    Priv. investigator id cards-revise req.   REF ALP

A3940    Johnson,G    Priv. detectives, lic-govt record access   REF ASG

A3941    Diegnan,P/Conaway,H+3    Vet. svc. off.-req. each co. to estab.   REF AMV

A3942    Diegnan,P/Chiappone,A+3    Standardized tests-concerns   REF AHI

A3943    Evans,E/Johnson,G    Bail bonds, issuance/forfeiture-concerns   REF ALP

A3944    Quijano,A/Riley,C    Telephones-proh. rental or leasing   REF ACO

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A3945    Evans,E    PAAD-incr. income elig. limits   REF AHE

A3946    Albano,N/Milam,M    Juv. firearm-related cases-concerns   REF ALP

A3947    Albano,N/Milam,M    Police off., cert.-prov. immunity   REF ALP

A3948    Milam,M/Albano,N    Police off.-concerns hearings   REF ALP

A3949    Milam,M/Albano,N    Police off. hearings, cert.-concerns   REF ALP

A3950    Milam,M/Albano,N    Pinelands Comm.-concerns memb. conflicts   REF AEN

A3951    McHose,A    Abortions, cert. performance-concerns   REF AJU

A3952    Wisniewski,J    Boiler insur. inspections-concerns   REF AFI

A3953    Wisniewski,J    Homestead prop. tax reimb. prog-concerns   REF AHO

A3954    Wisniewski,J    Auto body repair fac.-liab. insur.   REF AFI

A3955    Wisniewski,J    Motor fuels use tax-prove exemp.   REF ATR

AJR119    Watson Coleman,B/Greenstein,L    Rules of Evidence-proposes an amendment   REF AJU

AR194    Angelini,M    Assembly Rule 15:7-amends   REF ASG

AR195    Rudder,S/Addiego,D    Terrorists-Cong. investigate cert report   REF AMV

AR196    Milam,M/Albano,N    Assisted living fac.-address concerns   REF AHE

AR197    Gusciora,R    Cuba Reconciliation Act-Cong. enact   REF ACE

AR198    Riley,C/Wagner,C    Assisted living fac.-consumer fraud law   REF AHE

AR199    Chiappone,A/Johnson,G+1    Brodeur, Martin-honor Natl Hockey record   REF ASG

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A243 Acs (ACS)    Vandervalk,C/Handlin,A+2    Rape shield law, civil-creates   REP/ACS

A1707    Munoz,E/Bramnick,J+4    Vets' Oral Hist. Foundation-estab.   REP

A2054 Aca (1R)    Wisniewski,J    Adverse possession-concerns   REP/ACA

A2143    Cryan,J+2    Stalkers-concerns   REP

A2427    Prieto,V/Wisniewski,J    E-ZPass transponder-concern lost, stolen   REP

A2943 Aca (1R)    DeCroce,A    GPS navigation devices-concerns   REP/ACA

A3278 Aca (1R)    Gusciora,R/Smith,L    Veh. regis.-contain issue date   REP/ACA

A3338 Aca (1R)    Giblin,T/Wisniewski,J+31    NJT bd.-adds non-voting memb.   REP/ACA

A3348    Cryan,J    Stalkers, convicted-e-mail regis. req.   REP

A3372 Aca (1R)    Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+5    Construction contracts-prevailing wage   REP/ACA

A3582 Aca (1R)    Cryan,J/Vas,J+2    Mental health svcs.-concerns   REP/ACA

A3583 Aca (1R)    Cryan,J/Vas,J+1    Psych. fac.-concerns admission   REP/ACA

A3584    Cryan,J/Vas,J    Mental illness-concerns svcs.   REP

A3731 Aca (1R)    Conaway,H/DeAngelo,W+1    False Claims Act-concerns   REP/ACA

A3865    Rooney,J/McKeon,J+1    Rockland-Bergen Bistate River Comm.   REP

A3871    Diegnan,P/McKeon,J+1    Uniform Prudent Mgt. of Instit. Fds. Act   REP

A3902 Aca (1R)    Quigley,J/Cryan,J    Lieutenant Gov. candidates-concerns   REP/ACA

AJR124    Chivukula,U/Johnson,G    Asian Pacific Amer. Heritage Mo.-May   REP

AR147 Aca (1R)    Gusciora,R/McKeon,J+2    Offshore drilling for oil-opposes   REP/ACA

S515    Sacco,N/Ciesla,A    E-ZPass transponder-concern lost, stolen   REP

S2534 Sca (1R)    Buono,B/Beck,J    False Claims Act-concerns   REP

S2583 Scs (SCS)    Codey,R/Ruiz,M+1    Uniform Prudent Mgt. of Instit. Fds. Act   REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A791 Aca (1R)    Gusciora,R/Greenstein,L+24    Historic Prop. Reinvestment Act   REP/ACA REF AAP

A1006 Aca (1R)    Wisniewski,J/McKeon,J+1    Integrated computer sys.-DEP maintain   REP/ACA REF AAP

A1952    Conners,J/Cruz-Perez,N+1    Mil. comp., cert.-excl, gross income tax   REP REF AAP

A2944    Angelini,M    PFRS memb.-reduce retir. allowment   REP REF AAP

A3137    Vainieri Huttle,V/Cruz-Perez,N    Indigent vets-concerns burial   REP REF AAP

A3239 Aca (1R)    McKeon,J/Fisher,D+2    Forest stewardship-estab.   REP/ACA REF AAP

A3896    Greenstein,L/Milam,M    Land-recreation & conserv. purpose;$66M   REP REF AAP

A3897    Scalera,F/DeAngelo,W+1    Open space, park devel.;$120.123M   REP REF AAP

A3898    McKeon,J/Schaer,G    Land-recreation & conserv purpose;$19.9M   REP REF AAP

A3899    Riley,C/Burzichelli,J    His. preserv. proj.;$15,557,201   REP REF AAP

A3901 Aca (1R)    McKeon,J/Riley,C    Green Acres Bond Act 2009;$600M bonds   REP/ACA REF AAP

A3903    Roberts,J/Greenwald,L    Real prop., surplus-St. Treasurer sell   REP REF AAP

S713 ScsAca (SCS/1R)    Smith,B/Van Drew,J    Forest stewardship-estab.   REP/ACA REF AAP

Bills Reported Referred/ATR:

A2598 Aca (1R)    Wolfe,D/Conners,J+1    Support the Troops-auth lic. plate   REP/ACA REF ATR

Co-Sponsors Added:

A1528   (Gusciora,R)    Seasonal rentals resid. prop.-concerns

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A1952   (Tucker,C)    Mil. comp., cert.-excl, gross income tax

A3099   (Giblin,T)    Real estate brokers-prov. continued ed.

A3582 Aca (1R)   (Jasey,M)    Mental health svcs.-concerns

A3622   (Casagrande,C)    Presch. ed. prog.-concerns

A3853   (Webber,J)    Sales, use tax-decrease from 7% to 6%

A3895   (Chivukula,U)    Urban transit hub tax cred.-concerns

A3897   (Jasey,M)    Open space, park devel.;$120.123M

ACR184   (Biondi,P)    Debt Limitation Clause-voter approval

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A1264/3371/3633 Acs (ACS)   (Chiappone,A)    Patient safety-concerns

A3338 Aca (1R)   (Smith,L)    NJT bd.-adds non-voting memb.

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A243 Acs (ACS)   (Handlin,A)    Rape shield law, civil-creates

A1952   (Cruz-Perez,N)    Mil. comp., cert.-excl, gross income tax

A2449 Aca (1R)   (Evans,E)    Prepaid bank cards, cert.-concerns

A3117   (Giblin,T)    Hwy. Constr. Zone Safety Prog.-estab.

A3181 As (AS)   (Rodriguez,C)    Barbering/hairstyling-create limited lic

A3278 Aca (1R)   (Smith,L)    Veh. regis.-contain issue date

A3292   (Giblin,T)    Motorcycle safety reg.-enacts

A3846   (Jasey,M)    Sch. fac. proj.-concerns

A3869   (DeAngelo,W)    SPRS memb.-serve until age 60

A3902 Aca (1R)   (Cryan,J)    Lieutenant Gov. candidates-concerns

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A3338 Aca (1R)   (Smith,L)    NJT bd.-adds non-voting memb.

A3524   (Diegnan,P)    Prenatally diagnosed conditions-concerns

A3583 Aca (1R)   (Cruz-Perez,N)    Psych. fac.-concerns admission

A3889   (Chiappone,A)    Devel. disab. persons-concerns rights

A3899   (Gusciora,R)    His. preserv. proj.;$15,557,201

A3930   (Wisniewski,J)    Scenic and Hist. Hwys. Prog.-estab. 

AJR124   (Schaer,G)    Asian Pacific Amer. Heritage Mo.-May

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2598 Aca (1R)   (Cruz-Perez,N)    Support the Troops-auth lic. plate

A3372 Aca (1R)   (Evans,E)    Construction contracts-prevailing wage

A3582 Aca (1R)   (Cruz-Perez,N)    Mental health svcs.-concerns

A3584   (Cruz-Perez,N)    Mental illness-concerns svcs.

A3896   (Gusciora,R)    Land-recreation & conserv. purpose;$66M

A3897   (Gusciora,R)    Open space, park devel.;$120.123M

A3898   (Gusciora,R)    Land-recreation & conserv purpose;$19.9M

A3930   (Handlin,A)     Scenic and Hist. Hwys. Prog.-estab.

AJR124   (Casagrande,C)    Asian Pacific Amer. Heritage Mo.-May

Sixth Prime Sponsors Added:

AR187   (Chivukula,U)    American made products-purch, cert. proj

Eighth Prime Sponsors Added:

A1264/3371/3633 Acs (ACS)   (Chiappone,A)    Patient safety-concerns

The Assembly adjourned at 6:32 P.M. to meet again on Monday, May 18, 2009 (QUORUM, Committees at the Call of the Speaker).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (5/7/2009):