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Vol. XXXIII No. 31                                                                         219th Legislature • Second Annual Session




Bills Introduced:


S3727  Singleton,T/Testa,M  Black Heritage Trail-establish; establish NJ Black Cultural Heritage Commission  REF SSG

S3728  Stack,B  NJT public safety-req. police officer at light rail station during scheduled svc  REF STR

S3729  Stack,B  Homelessness Prevention Prog agencies-req to remain open during pub health emerg  REF SCU

S3730  Gill,N  Law enforcement officers-eliminates qualified immunity defense  REF SLP

S3731  Gill,N  Health care professionals & facilities civil immunity related to COVID-19-ends  REF SJU

S3732  Greenstein,L  Low embodied carbon concrete-estab St purchasing preference; prov CBT tax credit  REF SEN

S3733  Pou,N  Health insur carriers-req clear cost share plans for individual health benf plan  REF SCM

S3734  Singleton,T  Business asst prog, State-creates, estab contracting goals for disadvantaged bus  REF SSG

S3735  Testa,M  Manufacturing equipment-provides a CBT credit for certain investment  REF SEG

S3736  Lagana,J  Water purveyors-require DEP make certain information available on its website  REF SEN

S3737  Lagana,J  Children's products-prohibits sale containing lead, mercury or cadmium  REF SCM

S3738  Lagana,J  TDI, family & family temporary disability leave-design, make available a webinar  REF SLA

S3739  Lagana,J  Electric public utility outage over 72 hours-reimburse cost of spoiled products  REF SEG

S3740  Lagana,J  Winterizing small business operations-temporary sales tax exemption  REF SEG

S3741  Greenstein,L  Recreation administrator certification program-reestablish & administer  REF SCU

S3742  Gopal,V  Solid waste collection, municipal-require provision to hold bidder responsible  REF SEN

S3743  Gopal,V  Mosquito Control Commission, State;$1.5M  REF SEN

S3744  Beach,J  Land use decision-prohibit appeal related to holding meeting electronically  REF SCU

S3745  Sweeney,S/Singleton,T  Prostrate Cancer Awareness Month-designates September  REF SHH

S3746  Testa,M  Veterans, coaching positions-permit employment in interscholastic athletic prog.  REF SED

S3747  Testa,M  Guidance counselors-prov professional devel resources on scholarship/grant prog  REF SED

S3748  Testa,M  Social media website content moderation practices-establish certain requirements  REF SCM

S3749  Testa,M/Schepisi,H.T.+1  State employee, in person work-req. if job req face-to-face interaction w/public  REF SSG

S3750  Thompson,S  Orthopedic assistants-allows certification  REF SCM

S3751  Corrado,K  Education relief funds, fed-req 10% to intellectual/developmental disab students  REF SED

S3752  Corrado,K/Greenstein,L  Learning loss of developmental disab. students during COVID-19-prepare report  REF SED

S3753  Doherty,M  Investment metal bullion & cert investment coins-exempts from sales and use tax  REF SBA

S3754  Diegnan,P  Motor vehicle, operation-auth mil svc memb/spouse/dependent w/out-of-st domicile  REF SMV

S3755  Gopal,V  Concussion testing, baseline-req. annual use for student-athletes & cheerleaders  REF SED

S3756  Gopal,V  Health insur. & managed care-restore level of care to pre-COVID-19, end of emerg  REF SHH

S3757  Gopal,V  Safe Storage of Firearms Act-establish req & penalties regarding firearm storage  REF SLP

S3758  Gopal,V  Governmental meetings, cert.-allow active duty individuals, participate remotely  REF SMV

S3759  Gopal,V/Scutari,N  Tax credits to qualified small employers in industries impacted by COVID-19-prov  REF SEG

S3760  Gopal,V  Racing Commission-changes deadline for annual report to end of State fiscal year  REF SSG

S3761  Gopal,V  Voters residing overseas-allows voters to vote in any election in this State  REF SSG

S3762  Gopal,V/Thompson,S  Hospitality franchise agreements-concerning  REF SCM

S3763  Gopal,V  Asian American Pacific Islander Commission-establishes  REF SSG

S3764  Gopal,V  Asian Heritage-establish Commission in DOE  REF SED

S3765  Gopal,V/Greenstein,L  Business owned by women veterans or in military svc-estab St contract preference  REF SMV

S3766  Greenstein,L  Halfway houses-req DOC report cert info, concerning resid community release prog  REF SLP

S3767  Greenstein,L  Twelfth Grade Postsecondary Transition Year Pilot Program-establishes  REF SED

S3768  Greenstein,L/Diegnan,P  Mammograms-req prof order bi-lateral ultrasounds concurrently; req insurer cover  REF SHH

S3769  Greenstein,L  Condominium associations-prohibits assessing insurance deductibles to unit owner  REF SCU

S3770  Greenstein,L  COVID-19-addresses long-term effects  REF SHH

S3771  Oroho,S  Sports wagering license-continue live horse racing for standardbred racetracks  REF SSG

S3772  Greenstein,L  SNAP link on website and emails concerning unemp comp benefits-req DOLWD provide  REF SLA

S3773  Turner,S  Income tax credit for child/dependent care expenses-revises  REF SBA

SCR150  Addiego,D/Singleton,T  Alice Paul Voter Protection Act-urges Congress to enact  REF SSG


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


SJR117  Greenstein,L  COVID-19 effects on small businesses-establishes commission to study  REF SEG

SR126  Bucco,A  Congressional Brain Injury Task Force-urges NJ members of Congress to join  REF SHH

SR127  Rice,R  Racism-declares public health crisis  REF SHH

SR128  Rice,R  African-American women-urges support and protection  REF SHH


Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:


A5121  Coughlin,C/Zwicker,A  Manuf fac-concerns provision of energy by prov exemptions to cert energy taxes  REP

S697 Sca (1R)  Ruiz,M/Turner,S  Lead paint-concerns public nuisance suits; exempts AG from certain aspects  REP/SCA

S2605 ScaScs (SCS)  Smith,B/Bateman,C+2  Utility-scale solar energy development-direct BPU to establish program  REP/SCS

S3263 Sca (1R)  Beach,J/Gopal,V  Waterfowl Stamp-increases fee  REP/SCA

S3287  Singleton,T/Smith,B+2  Manuf fac-concerns provision of energy by prov exemptions to cert energy taxes  REP

S3504  Smith,B+1  Warehouses, newly constructed-be solar-ready buildings  REP

S3536 Sca (1R)  Cunningham,S/Codey,R  Student financial aid-req. award letter be consistent w/finan aid shopping sheet  REP/SCA

S3618  Pennacchio,J/Oroho,S  Lake management activities-suppl approp for recreation & conservation;$10M  REP

S3667 Sca (1R)  Smith,B/Bateman,C  Energy Master Plan, 2019-codifies certain energy goals related to  REP/SCA

SJR86  Smith,B+1  Alpha Phi Alpha Day-designates December 4  REP

SR91  Weinberg,L/Pou,N  Higher education stimulus aid, federal-urge Congress address inequities  REP


Bills Referred/SBA:


A5121  Coughlin,C/Zwicker,A  Manuf fac-concerns provision of energy by prov exemptions to cert energy taxes 

S2605 ScaScs (SCS)  Smith,B/Bateman,C+2  Utility-scale solar energy development-direct BPU to establish program 

S3287  Singleton,T/Smith,B+2  Manuf fac-concerns provision of energy by prov exemptions to cert energy taxes 


Bills Received from Governor/Conditional Veto:


S853 Sca (1R)  Sweeney,S/Beach,J+12  Buy American Act-highway & bridge construction contract made w/US steel products 

S890 Sca (1R)  Pou,N/Codey,R+17  Maternal mental health-ID & take appropriate steps to secure fed funding sources 

S1676 ScaSaAca (3R)  Smith,B/Vitale,J+12  Hospitals-allow to construct housing & wrap-around services for homeless persons 


Co-Sponsors Added:


S809  (Oroho,S)  Corrections officers-investigate immigration status of inmates

S1778  (Greenstein,L)  Federal jobs and investment in the State-creates office to encourage creation

S1878  (Weinberg,L)  Casinos and simulcasting facilities-eliminates smoking ban exception

S2924  (Diegnan,P)  Restorative & Transformative Justice for Youths & Communities Pilot Prog;$8.4M

S3216  (Cunningham,S)  Manufacturing in Higher Ed. Act-req State entities promote manuf career pathways

S3464  (Singer,R)  Information literacy instruction-req. in curriculum of students grades K to 12

S3582  (Diegnan,P)  Marijuana plants-legalizes growing/possessing for personal use, 21 and older

S3584  (Schepisi,H.T.)  COVID-19 spread in planned real estate developments-establish immunity

S3689  (Bucco,A)  Civil service examination-permit exemption for person with disability

S3691  (Kean,T)  Landlord & tenant financial relief-provides in response to COVID-19 pandemic

S3714  (Bucco,A; O'Scanlon,D)  Non-profit & governmental employer liability-concerns unemp benf during COVID-19

S3720  (Diegnan,P)  Income tax deduction for home office expenses incurred during COVID-19-provides

S3724 Sca (1R)  (Turner,S)  Pediatric Cancer Fund;$5M

S3749  (Bucco,A)  State employee, in person work-req. if job req face-to-face interaction w/public 


Co-Prime Sponsors Added:


S995  (Bucco,A)  Community rehab programs-DOLWD and DHS required to conduct assessment

S1030  (Turner,S)  Student mental health assistance program-establish program to create

S3180  (Turner,S)  Employer use of tracking device in employee operated veh.-crime of fourth degree

S3479  (Turner,S)  Alleviating Learning Loss Grant Prog-estab; assist in certain education programs

S3684  (Turner,S)  Student learning support-estab central registry interested in prov supp tutoring

S3725  (Turner,S)  Summer Earn & Learn Pilot Program-estab.; concerns access to suppl learning asst

SJR91  (Pou,N)  Law enforcement agencies-establish task force, study ways to increase diversity


Third Prime Sponsors Added:


S3694  (Weinberg,L)  Diversity in membership-req to be considered for appointment to cert boards/comm



Note to the 5/6/2021 Digest:


Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:


S404 Sca (1R)  Turner,S/Vitale,J  Contraceptives, self-administered hormonal-pharmacist prescribe *NOT* REF SBA 


The Senate adjourned at 5:10 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, May 13, 2021 (QUORUM, Committees at the Call of the Senate President).




The Assembly did not meet.  The Assembly will meet on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “C” and “D” scheduled to meet).


Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:




Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (5/6/2021):


P.L.2021, c.79.  S703 ScaScaAca (3R)  Ruiz,M/Cunningham,S+18  5/11/2021  Health care professionals-undergo implicit bias training 

P.L.2021, c.80.  S767  Gopal,V/Greenstein,L+2  5/11/2021  Infrastructure Bank transportation projects-eliminates 5% down payment required 

P.L.2021, c.81.  S942 ScaAca (2R)  Singleton,T/Cardinale,G+4  5/11/2021  Prof & occupational bds-req standards, considering applicants w/crim hist


P.L.2021, c.82.  S968 AcaAa (2R)  Singleton,T/Lagana,J+8  5/11/2021  Water, drinking-req. public water systems provide notice of elevated lead levels 

P.L.2021, c.83.  S975  Kean,T/Singleton,T+21  5/11/2021  Trunk fighting-establish as animal cruelty offense and third degree crime 

P.L.2021,c.84.  S1937 Sa (1R)  Madden,F/Sweeney,S+17  5/11/2021  Promote Employment by State Agencies of People w/Disabilities Task Force-

P.L.2021, c.85.  S2486 SaAca (2R)  Sweeney,S/Taliaferro,A+6  5/11/2021  Clayton Model Pilot Prog.-estab.; provide school-based social emotional

P.L.2021, c.86.  S2728  Sweeney,S/Bucco,A+3  5/11/2021  State Board of Examiners of HVACR Contractors-adds 2 members 

P.L.2021, c.87.  S2832 ScaSa (2R)  Ruiz,M/Beach,J+5  5/11/2021  Teachers, substitute-allow student in higher ed instit., 30 semester hr to serve 

P.L.2021, c.88.  S3145 Sca (1R)  Greenstein,L/Pou,N  5/11/2021  Applications for professional & occupational licensure-concerns names 

P.L.2021, c.89.  S3198 Sca (1R)  Codey,R/Gopal,V  5/11/2021  Parimutuel ticket-extends time, claim from 6  to 12 months 

P.L.2021, c.90.  S3234 ScaAca (2R)  Singleton,T/Sarlo,P+14  5/11/2021  Paycheck protection prog. loan-allow deduction of certain expenses when