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Vol. XXX No. 35                                                                                  218th Legislature $ First Annual Session


Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

S2812    Sweeney,S    Surtax, short-term-impose on corp.  

S2813    Sweeney,S    Realty transfer fee, related tax-incr. 

S2814    Sweeney,S    Transient accommodation-imposes tax 

SCR132    Sweeney,S    Rev. Cert. Bd.-create  

Bills Introduced:

S2796    Bucco,A.R.    Mil. Priority Regis. Act   REF SHI

S2797    Bucco,A.R.    Vet. owned, estab. bus-waives cert. fees   REF SMV

S2798    Rice,R    Student finan. aid-concerns elig.   REF SHI

S2799    Cruz-Perez,N    Adulterated candy-proh. sale   REF SHH

S2800    Bucco,A.R.    Vet., disab.-mv regis. fees exemp.   REF SMV

S2801    Greenstein,L    Svc. contracts, cert-allows cancellation   REF SEG

S2802    Diegnan,P    Filial responsibility-section law repeal   REF SHH

S2803    Holzapfel,J    St. sch. aid, cert. co.-concerns   REF SED

S2804    Ruiz,M    Eye exam-req. children entering pub. sch   REF SED

S2805    Smith,B    Water Resources Prot Trust Fd Act   REF SEN

S2806    Lagana,J.A./Gopal,V    Health insur.-concerns   REF SCM

S2807    Cryan,J    Funeral directing-concerns practice   REF SCM

S2808    Singleton,T    Firearm-estab. crime of soliciting   REF SLP

S2809    Singleton,T/Turner,S    Firearm-concerns theft   REF SLP

S2810    Ruiz,M    Reach Out and Read Prog.-develop   REF SHH

S2811    Corrado,K    U text U driv U pay sticker-driv texting   REF SLP

SCR129    Cruz-Perez,N    Camden Co.-approve hist. preserv. proj.   REF SSG

SCR130    Cryan,J    Keep Families Together Act-support   REF SLP

SCR131    Smith,B    Water consumption-rev. to water qual.   REF SEN


Note to the 6/11/2018 Digest:


Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:


S2091    Beach,J+1    Pool and spa svc. contractors-concerns   REP 2RS *NOT* REF SBA


Note to the 6/14/2018 Digest:


Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:


SJR91    Greenstein,L    Smart Irrigation Mo.-desig. July   INT SWR 2RS *NOT* REF SEN


The Senate adjourned, to meet again on Friday, June 29, 2018 (SESSION).





Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

A4294    Quijano,A/Johnson,G    Transient accommodation-imposes tax  

A4295    Coughlin,C    Realty transfer fee, related tax-incr.  

A4296    Pintor Marin,E    Surtax, short-term-impose on corp.  

Bills Introduced:

A4263    Jones,P    Notaries public-concerns   REF AJU

A4264    Freiman,R    Dogs-allowed, tasting areas of breweries   REF AOF

A4265    Rooney,K/DePhillips,C    Opioid antidotes-concerns admin.   REF AHE

A4266    Jones,P    Civil svc. elig. lists-concerns   REF ASL

A4267    McKeon,J    Solid & haz. waste-concerns regulation   REF AEN

A4268    Dancer,R    Sch. bus .driv. w/mv viol.-concerns   REF ATR

A4269    Lopez,Y/Downey,J    Emp-sexual harassment-force arbitration   REF ALA

A4270    Lopez,Y/Downey,J    Food & Housing Insecurity, Coll Students   REF AHI

A4271    Lopez,Y    Opiod use pub sch-concerns instruct prog   REF AED

A4272    Lopez,Y    Nursing svcs.-concerns health benf.   REF AFI

A4273    Conaway,H    Buprenorphine-health benf. cover   REF AFI

A4274    Conaway,H    Solar panels-new resid. prop., req.   REF AHO

A4275    Benson,D/Tucker,C    Woman Vet.-auth. lic. plate   REF ATR

A4276    Benson,D/Tucker,C    Vet, wartime disab-incr., paid allowance   REF AMV

A4277    Benson,D/Tucker,C+1    Vendor emp. vet.-contract preference   REF ASL

A4278    McGuckin,G/DiMaso,S    St. sch. aid, cert. co.-concerns   REF AED

A4279    Clifton,R    Sch. bus .driv. w/mv viol.-concerns   REF ATR

A4280    Clifton,R    Sch. buses-equip w/tech to avoid crashes   REF ATR

A4281    Swain,L/Tully,P    Sch. bus driv.-share mv record   REF ATR

A4282    Calabrese,C/Jasey,M    Nursing home resid.-concerns complaints   REF AHU

A4283    Chaparro,A    Law enforcement-concerns w/holding info   REF ALP

A4284    Lampitt,P    Sch. threat assess.-concerns   REF AED

A4285    Lopez,Y/Quijano,A    FF-reg. collect cancer incidence data   REF AHE

A4286    Lopez,Y/Vainieri Huttle,V    Child care ctrs-undergo drug testing   REF AWC

A4287    Thomson,E    Prop. tax exemp-concern finan agreements   REF ASL

A4288    Thomson,E    St. aid, cert. sch. dist.-calculate   REF AED

A4289    Thomson,E    Tax exemp info, long term-post, website   REF ASL

A4290    Greenwald,L    Immigrant obtaining prof. lic.-concerns   REF ARP

A4291    Houghtaling,E/DeAngelo,W    Prevailing wage-concerns   REF ALA

A4292    Greenwald,L/Pintor Marin,E    Recalls used/new mv-notify buyers   REF ACO

A4293    Quijano,A/Bramnick,J    Insur. Fair Conduct Act   REF AFI

AJR145    Space,P/Taliaferro,A    Natl Day of the Cowboy-4th Saturday July   REF ASL

AR179    Lampitt,P    Priv. sch. w/disab students-tuition rate   REF AED

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A1018    Johnson,G+1    OPRA-makes cert. access changes    FROM AJU  

Co-Sponsors Added:

A129   (Chaparro,A)    Student dormitories-co. coll. estab.

A131   (Chaparro,A)    High sch student-apprenticeship training

A2177   (Chaparro,A)    Crim. street gang recruitment-penal.

A2179 Aca (1R)   (Conaway,H)    Adulterated candy-proh. sale

A2477   (Chaparro,A)    Pub. works contractors-apprenticeship

A3055   (Chaparro,A)    CDS distrib.-expand pub. bldg definition

A3057   (Chaparro,A)    Health care prog.-strategic planning

A3058   (Chaparro,A)    Civil service-retain cert position

A3060   (Chaparro,A)    Health care prov.-report cert. problems

A3061   (Chaparro,A)    Home elevation expenses-tax deduction

A3062   (Chaparro,A)    Road salt-estab. strategic reserve fd.

A3562   (Chaparro,A)    Human trafficking-expand Commission duty

A3609   (Dancer,R)    Alco bev-concern full-yr consumption lic

A3655   (Chaparro,A)    Mobile home park-multiple dwelling

A3883   (Karabinchak,R)    Cremains disposal-concerns claiming

A3926   (Benson,D)    Depression-screen cert. students

A3978   (Chaparro,A)    Work First NJ-incr. benf. amount

A4014   (Chaparro,A)    Methylene chloride paint-proh sale



Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A4048   (Chaparro,A)    Health care prof. and fac.-concerns

A4064   (Chaparro,A)    Driv. lic. renewal-vision screening req.

A4198   (Chaparro,A)    Disab., sr. cit. victimization-crime

A4248   (Benson,D)    Smart phone, social media-study effects

A4277   (Mukherj,R)   Vendor emp. vet.-contract preference  

AJR128   (DiMaio,J)    Megan's Law Risk Assess. Review-estab.

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A3955   (Calabrese,C)    Patient info.-limits cert.

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A3955   (Calabrese,C)    Patient info.-limits cert.

A4235   (Downey,J)    Med. marijuana-estab. home delivery req.

A4242   (Houghtaling,E)    Sch. dist., high performing-reward prog.

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A3511   (McKnight,A)    Community Health Worker Prog.-estab.

A4188   (Chaparro,A)    Puerto Rico Comm.-estab.

A4261 Aa (1R)   (Conaway,H)    St sales and use tax-concerns collection

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A10   (Downey,J)    Med. marijuana-concerns

A3903   (Giblin,T)    Loan Modify/Consolidation Prog.-estab.

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A10   (Houghtaling,E)    Med. marijuana-concerns


The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointment:


*Effective June 27, 2018


Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission:


Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (15)

Notes to the 6/25/2018 Digest:


Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:


A4258    Gusciora,R/Reynolds-Jackson,V+1    Firearm-concerns theft   INT AWR 2RA *NOT* REF AJU

A4259    Pintor Marin,E/Calabrese,C    Tickets-restructure sales law   INT AWR 2RA *NOT* REF ARP

The Assembly adjourned at 7:20 P.M. to meet again on Friday, June 29, 2018 (SESSION).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (6/25/2018):

P.L.2018, c.43.   S2747    Gopal,V/Sarlo,P    6/27/2018    FY2018 St. approp. act-amends language