for August 11, 2014


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Vol. XXVI No. 37                                                                                  216th Legislature $ First Annual Session



Nominations Notice of Intention Received 8/4/2014:


      Jeffrey B. Beacham, of Short Hills.

      Neil N. Jasey, of South Orange.

      Bahir  Kamil, of South Orange.

      Linda  Lordi Cavanaugh, of West Orange.

      Marcella  Matos Wilson, of West Caldwell.

      Stephanie Ann Mitterhoff, of Scotch Plains.

      Marysol  Rosero, of Livingston.

      Richard T. Sules, of West Orange.

Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


      Richard T. Sules, of West Orange.

      Marysol  Rosero, of Livingston.

      Stephanie Ann Mitterhoff, of Scotch Plains.

      Marcella  Matos Wilson, of West Caldwell.

      Linda  Lordi Cavanaugh, of West Orange.

      Bahir  Kamil, of South Orange.

      Neil N. Jasey, of South Orange.

      Jeffrey B. Beacham, of Short Hills.

Bills Introduced:

S2320    Singer,R    Emerg. workers-cert. parking privileges   REF SLP

S2321    O'Toole,K    Christopher Goodell Mem. Hwy-desig rt.17   REF STR

S2322    O'Toole,K    Office of River Maintenance-estab.   REF SEN

S2323    Whelan,J    Timeshare salespersons-estab. lic.   REF SCM

S2324    Doherty,M    Tax assessors-desig prof svc contractors   REF SCU

S2325    Scutari,N/Sacco,N    Lic. plate info.-proh natl ticketing sys   REF STR

S2326    Sacco,N/Scutari,N    Pub safety emp-proh home address release   REF SJU

S2327    Doherty,M/Oroho,S    Sr. cit-prov. discounted hunting lic fee   REF SEN

S2328    Weinberg,L    Online voter regis.-secure website   REF SSG

S2329    Van Drew,J    Elderly adults-guardianship monitoring   REF SJU

S2330    Van Drew,J    Mil. leave benf., cert.-expands   REF SMV

S2331    Barnes,P    Telephone resid. svc.-temp. suspension   REF SEG

S2332    Barnes,P+1    Worker's comp hearings-concerns location   REF SLA

S2333    Sweeney,S    Chiropractic assist.-prov. lic.   REF SCM

S2334    Cunningham,S    Probation-collect recidivism data   REF SLP

S2335    Cunningham,S    Probation officer, injured-estab. comp.   REF SLP

S2336    Cardinale,G    Health care prov.-transfer immunity   REF SCM

S2337    Turner,S    Telemedicine-prov health care svcs reimb   REF SHH

S2338    Turner,S    Telemedicine-req. health insur. cover   REF SCM

S2339    Smith,B    Traffic, during peak-hrs.-concerns   REF STR

S2340    Greenstein,L/Thompson,S    St bldg new-distributed energy resources   REF SEN


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S2341    Bucco,A.R.    Police eval-excl arrests/citations quota   REF SLP

S2342    Bucco,A.R.    MV viol.-dedicate fds, brain injury svcs   REF SHH

S2343    Bucco,A.R.    Child care subsidy-concerns   REF SHH

S2344    Beck,J/Doherty,M    Dog, used in higher ed research-adoption   REF SHI

S2345    Beck,J    Gang criminality-clarifies definition   REF SLP

S2346    Beck,J    Disabled, cert.-auth. free fishing lic.   REF SEG

S2347    Rice,R    Weapon free zones-estab. sch., pub. fac.   REF SLP

SCR129    Barnes,P    Bus svc.-prov. in Boro of Helmetta   REF STR

SCR130    Pennacchio,J    Article V Convention-applies to Cong.   REF SSG

SCR131    Greenstein,L    Mun. aid restoration-incr distrib, 5 yrs   REF SCU

SCR132    Greenstein,L    Limited const. convestion-apply to Cong.   REF SSG

SCR133    Greenstein,L    Assisted Living Pilot Prog.-Cong. pass   REF SMV

SJR58    Bateman,C/Scutari,N    Pediatric Autoimmune Disorder-October 9   REF SHH

Bills Received from Governor/Absolute Veto:

S82    Stack,B/Green,J+5    Prop. Tax Lien Pilot Prog.-estab.  

S762 Sca (1R)    Sarlo,P/Beck,J+4    Flood insur.-prop tax levy cap excl incr  

S770 Sca (1R)    Weinberg,L/Turner,S+7    Pub. svc priv contracts-estab procedures  

S966 ScaAa (2R)    Rice,R/Turner,S+13    Pub. sch. closure-estab. procedures  

S1038    Weinberg,L/Lampitt,P+2    The Wage Transparency Act  

S1041 Sca (1R)    Gordon,R/Bateman,C+41    Drilling techniques, cert.-concerns  

S2250    Lesniak,R/Whelan,J+3    Sports wagering-elim. statutory proh.  

Bills Received from Governor/Conditional Veto:

S783    Weinberg,L/Lampitt,P+6    Unfair Wage Recovery Act  

S2158 Sca (1R)    Barnes,P/Vitale,J+9    Devel, resid ctrs-concerns transitioning  

S2249    Gordon,R/Barnes,P+3    Returning Home NJ initiative-moratorium  

S2264 Sca (1R)    Beach,J/Singleton,T    Urban hope proj.-extends application  

Co-Sponsors Added:

S2332   (Gill,N)    Worker's comp hearings-concerns location

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

SCR114   (Whelan,J)    WMGM-TV NBC40-urged to keep operating

Co-Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

S2220 Sca (1R)   (Beach,J)    Self-Fd Multi Emp Welfare Reg Act-revise

The Senate adjourned at 4:47 P.M. to meet again on Monday, August 18, 2014 (Session/Committees at the Call of the Senate President).


The Assembly did not meet.  The Assembly will meet again at a date and time to be announced.

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (8/4/2014):

P.L.2014, c.22.   S2012 Sca (1R)    Lesniak,R/Mukherji,R+1    8/1/2014    Ivory or rhinoceros horn-proh. sale  

P.L.2014, c.23.   S185 Sca (1R)    Whelan,J/Beck,J+2    8/1/2014    Internet gaming equip.-concerns  

P.L.2014, c.24.   S1498 Aca (1R)    Lesniak,R/Whelan,J    8/1/2014    Atlantic City bars, cert.-noise control  

P.L.2014, c.25.   S2122    Van Drew,J/Beck,J+33    8/1/2014    Env infrastructure proj FY2015-approp fd  

P.L.2014, c.26.   S2123    Gordon,R/Thompson,S+33    8/1/2014    Env Infrastructure Trust-make proj loans  

P.L.2014, c.27.   S2236    Doherty,M/Beach,J+4    8/1/2014    Sergeant William Cahir Mem. Bridge-Rt.22  

P.L.2014, c.28.   A3266    McKeon,J/Sumter,S+5    8/1/2014    Equip. Loan Prog.-estab.  


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (8/4/2014): (cont’d)


P.L.2014, c.29.   S667 ScaSca (2R)    Pou,N/Vainieri Huttle,V+4    8/1/2014    Health care svc. firms-lic. req.  

P.L.2014, c.30.   S1571    Sarlo,P/Wisniewski,J+1    8/1/2014    Robert A. Briant, Sr. Mem. Bridge-desig. 

P.L.2014, c.31.   S946 ScaSaSa (3R)    Norcross,D/Scutari,N+4    8/11/2014    Bail-estab. non-monetary alternatives  

P.L.2014, c.32.   A1999 AcsSa (ACS/1R)    Watson Coleman,B/Cunningham,S+10    8/11/2014    The Opportunity to Compete Act  


P.L.2014, JR-2.   SJR52 Sca (1R)    Ruiz,M/Cunningham,S+2    8/1/2014    Dominican Pride Day-2nd Saturday in July 

P.L.2014, JR 3.   SJR45    Whelan,J/Gill,N+7    8/5/2014    Arts, Culture, History Mo.-desig. June