for October 2, 2008


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Vol. XX No. 31                                                                                       213th Legislature $ First Annual Session



Nominations Notice of Intention Received 9/25/2008:


      Martin  Cronin, of Westfield.

      James  Farber, of Lafayette.

      Ronald  Hoffman, of Island Heights.

      Susan  Maven, of Absecon.

      Thomas  McCormack, of Roseland.

      Steven  Perskie, of Margate.

      Ronald Lee Reisner, of Oceanport.

      Thomas  Scully, of Fair Haven.

Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


      Thomas  McCormack, of Roseland.

      Thomas  Scully, of Fair Haven.

      Susan  Maven, of Absecon.

      Ronald Lee Reisner, of Oceanport.

      Ronald  Hoffman, of Island Heights.

      Steven  Perskie, of Margate.

      James  Farber, of Lafayette.

      Martin  Cronin, of Westfield.



      Dolores  McNamee, of Medford.

      Carmine J. Taglialatella, of Smithville.



      Elia A. Pelios, of Somerville.

Bills Introduced:

S2083    Baroni,B    Defibrillators-req. in pub. sch. bldgs.   REF SED

S2084    Baroni,B    Absentee ballots-concerns   REF SSG

S2085    Pennacchio,J    Pension, annuity fds-bar cert investment   REF SSG

S2086    Kyrillos,J/Baroni,B    Rain sensor devices, auto.-installation   REF SEN

S2087    Haines,P    Health care benf, cert.-choose coverage   REF SSG

S2088    Kyrillos,J/Sweeney,S+1    Pub. contracts-concerns   REF SEG

S2089    Sweeney,S    Consumer Catastrophe Preparedness Act   REF SCM

S2090    Scutari,N    PERS-concerns memb. elig.   REF SSG

S2091    Scutari,N    Palimony-concerns   REF SJU

S2092    Weinberg,L    Shelters, staff-crim. hist. check   REF SHH

S2093    Kean,S    Deal Lake maintenance proj;$470K   REF SEN

S2094    Weinberg,L    Elective pub. off.-concerns   REF SSG

S2095    Weinberg,L/Gordon,R    Cemetery Bd.-concerns memb.   REF SCM


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S2096    Van Drew,J/Connors,C    Emerg. shelters-concerns   REF SED

S2097    Van Drew,J/Turner,S    Emp. contracts, cert.-review, approval   REF SED

S2098    Sarlo,P    Alco. bev. tastings-concerns   REF SLP

S2099    Weinberg,L/Adler,J+1    Pub. officials-concerns PERS, SHBP elig.   REF SSG

S2100    Pennacchio,J/Bucco,A    Healthcare Choice Act   REF SCM

S2101    Sarlo,P/Girgenti,J    Sch. bus safety inspections-concerns   REF SED

S2102    Baroni,B    Resident tuition rates, co. coll-concern   REF SED

S2103    Baroni,B    Elderly relative support-tax deduct.   REF SHH

S2104    Baroni,B    Sch donation computer equip-bus tax cred   REF SED

S2105    Baroni,B    Gov. & staff-clarify ethical standards   REF SSG

S2106    Baroni,B    Leg. relatives-proh. cert. emp.   REF SSG

S2107    Baroni,B    Disab. resid.-obtain free fishing lic.   REF SEN

S2108    Baroni,B    Elected off.-proh. more than one off.   REF SSG

S2109    Baroni,B    Elected off.-file disclosure statements   REF SSG

S2110    Lance,L/Baroni,B    PERS, TPAF-concerns recent changes   REF SSG

S2111    Madden,F    Boat safety course, mandatory-concerns   REF STR

S2112    Madden,F    Road markings-concerns   REF STR

S2113    Kean,S/Baroni,B    Pol. contrib-proh loans by cert. persons   REF SSG

S2114    Kyrillos,J/Cunningham,S    Bus. Emp. Incentive Prog-revise elig req   REF SEG

S2115    Kyrillos,J/Cunningham,S    Adult high sch. ed.-prov. St. aid   REF SED

S2116    Lesniak,R/Cardinale,G    Appeal bonds-concerns posting   REF SJU

S2117    Connors,C    St. mv fleet-calculate miles per gallon   REF STR

S2118    Beck,J/Sweeney,S    Farmland assessment law-revise prov.   REF SEG

S2119    Redd,D/Van Drew,J+3    Criminal id theft-concerns   REF SLP

S2120    Bucco,A    Freedom of speech-concerns   REF SJU

S2121    Bucco,A    Blue emerg. lights-driv. move over, stop   REF STR

S2122    Kean,T/Baroni,B    Campaign contrib., cert.-concerns   REF SSG

S2123    Baroni,B    Telephone, Mobile Radio Svc. Record Prot   REF SEG

S2124    Haines,P    Telecommuting prog.-prov. corp. bus. tax   REF SEG

S2125    Haines,P    St. agencies-adopt telecommuting prog.   REF SEG

S2126    Haines,P    Drunk driv., 3rd offense-lic. suspension   REF SLP

S2127    Codey,R/Turner,S+1    Sch. dist. emp.-concerns tuition asst.   REF SED

S2128    Codey,R/Lance,L    Jt. Leg. Comm., Ethical Standards-memb.   REF SSG

S2129    Scutari,N    Sick leave injury prog., cert-terminates   REF SSG

S2130    Codey,R/Buono,B    Corp. bus. tax operating loss-concerns   REF SBA

SCR117    Sweeney,S/Girgenti,J    Dept. of Defense-share vet. info.   REF SLP

SCR118    Girgenti,J/Sweeney,S+7    St. Parole Bd.-auth. statute   REF SJU

SJR58    Gordon,R    Freedom Walk Day-desig.   REF SLP

SJR59    Lesniak,R/Scutari,N+1    Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Mo-desig Nov   REF SHH

SJR60    Kean,T/Baroni,B    Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day   REF SHH

SR88    Sarlo,P/Gordon,R+1    IZOD Center-supports operation   REF SWT

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:


A927    Scalera,F/Schaer,G+2    Constr./blding permit activity-reporting   REP

A1113 Aca (1R)    Cryan,J/Burzichelli,J+1    Superintendents of sch.-concerns   REP

A1498    Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D+13    Daniel Mackay's Law-death by mv   REP

A2231 Aca (1R)    Cryan,J/Pou,N    Organized Retail Theft Task Force-estab.   REP

A2871 Aca (1R)    Love,S/Moriarty,P+7    Lease termination-domestic abuse victim   REP

S167    Bucco,A/Haines,P+2    Vol firefighters, retired-concerns insur   REP

S564    Sweeney,S/Bucco,A    Daniel Mackay's Law-death by mv   REP

S702 Sca (1R)    Smith,B+3    Energy efficiency in bldgs.-promotes   REP/SCA

S881 Sca (1R)    Gill,N    Libraries, mun.-remove, levy cap   REP/SCA

S1337 Sca (1R)    Sarlo,P    Organized Retail Theft Task Force-estab.   REP/SCA

S1426 Scs (SCS)    Whelan,J/Baroni,B    Mun. auth., bds., comm-concerns pub. svc   REP/SCS

S1449 Sca (1R)    Rice,R/Madden,F    Constr. codes, St.-strengthens   REP/SCA

S1450 Sca (1R)    Rice,R    Planned real estate devel.-concerns   REP/SCA

S1606    Girgenti,J/Sacco,N+1    Youth mentoring prog.-estab. grant prog.   REP

S1623    Rice,R    Police, off.-duty-reg. contract fees   REP

S1655 Sca (1R)    Cunningham,S    Bicycle equip.-concerns   REP/SCA

S1752    Bucco,A    Automatic sprinkler system-tax exempt   REP

S1772 Sca (1R)    Madden,F/Sarlo,P    Fire & EMS Crisis Intervention Svc-estab   REP/SCA

S1894 Sca (1R)    Madden,F/Redd,D    Lease termination-domestic abuse victim   REP/SCA

S1898    Turner,S    Superintendents of sch.-concerns   REP

S1932 Scs (SCS)    Ruiz,M/Gordon,R    BPU-auth. cert. use of cert. revenue   REP/SCS

S2078 Sca (1R)    Bateman,C    Sch. dist. audit reports-concerns   REP/SCA

S2127 Sca (1R)    Codey,R/Turner,S+1    Sch. dist. emp.-concerns tuition asst.   REP/SCA

SR59    Ruiz,M    Textbook publishers-concerns Braille   REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S167    Bucco,A/Haines,P+2    Vol firefighters, retired-concerns insur  

S702 Sca (1R)    Smith,B+3    Energy efficiency in bldgs.-promotes  

S881 Sca (1R)    Gill,N    Libraries, mun.-remove, levy cap  

S1449 Sca (1R)    Rice,R/Madden,F    Constr. codes, St.-strengthens  

S1450 Sca (1R)    Rice,R    Planned real estate devel.-concerns  

S1606    Girgenti,J/Sacco,N+1    Youth mentoring prog.-estab. grant prog.  

S1752    Bucco,A    Automatic sprinkler system-tax exempt  

S1772 Sca (1R)    Madden,F/Sarlo,P    Fire & EMS Crisis Intervention Svc-estab  

S1932 Scs (SCS)    Ruiz,M/Gordon,R    BPU-auth. cert. use of cert. revenue  

Bills Received from Assembly/Referred to Committee:

A265    Vandervalk,C/Chivukula,U+1    Pub. util shutoffs-concerns   REF SEG

A267 Acs (ACS)    Vandervalk,C/Conners,J+4    Students w/diabetes-concerns care   REF SED

A339 Aca (1R)    Quigley,J/Vas,J+8    Handgun sales-concerns   REF SLP

A347    Diegnan,P+6    Abigail's Law-concerns sch. bus safety   REF SED

A351 Aca (1R)    Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+5    Elections, nonpartisan mun.-concerns   REF SSG

A370    Diegnan,P/Voss,J+12    Med. examiners-concerns   REF SHH

A571 Acs (ACS)    Voss,J/Greenstein,L+12    Domestic viol.-concerns   REF SJU

A634 AcaAa (2R)    Lampitt,P+3    Higher ed.-devel. comp. disaster plan   REF SED

A638    Lampitt,P/Greenwald,L+4    Loc. govt. agency-proh. cert. emp.   REF SCU

A770    Conners,J/Scalera,F+30    PFRS-concerns accidental death benf.   REF SBA

A930    Scalera,F/Voss,J+5    Interscholastic athletic prog.-estab.   REF SED

A1239    Wolfe,D/Malone,J+1    Asst. living resid.-security deposit   REF SHH

A1255 Aca (1R)    Moriarty,P/Cruz-Perez,N+18    Text messaging, unsolicited ads-proh.   REF SEG

A1380 Acs (ACS)    Conaway,H/Greenstein,L+2    Health maintenance org.-concerns   REF SCM

A1468    DeCroce,A+1    Mun or county util auth fees-income elig   REF SCU

A1469    DeCroce,A/Bramnick,J+3    Co agriculture devel bds-alt voting memb   REF SEG

A1479 Aa (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Greenwald,L+10    Pub. contracts-concerns   REF SEG

A1625    McKeon,J/Chivukula,U+4    Auto. rain sensor devices-concerns   REF SEN

A1853 Acs (ACS)    Conaway,H/Greenstein,L    Long-Term care insur partnership-concern   REF SHH

A1878 Aca (1R)    Conners,J/Chiusano,G    Insur. producers-concerns   REF SCM

A1943    Schaer,G/Lampitt,P+10    Finan. literacy pilot prog.-estab.   REF SED

A2123 Aa (1R)    Cohen,N+1    Physical therapy svcs. access-concerns   REF SCM

A2232 Aca (1R)    Cryan,J/Coutinho,A    Hall of Fame project-concerns   REF SWT

A2234    Cryan,J    St. law enforcement off.-drug test proc.   REF SLP

A2507 AcsAcaAa (ACS/2R)    Chivukula,U+3    BPU-auth. cert. use of cert. revenue   REF SBA

A2564    Quigley,J/Prieto,V+3    Absentee ballot replacement-concerns   REF SSG

A2604    Greenwald,L/Moriarty,P    Open space trust fds.-expands elig. use   REF SEN

A2655 Aca (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Rible,D+2    Crimes committed by students-concerns   REF SED

A2723 Aca (1R)    Greenstein,L/DeCroce,A+5    Crime Victim's Bill of Rights-concerns   REF SLP

A2731 AcaAa (2R)    Wisniewski,J/Greenstein,L+8    Traffic decisions-concerns co., mun auth   REF STR

A2762 Aca (1R)    Watson Coleman,B/Johnson,G    CDS near sch. prop.-concerns   REF SJU

A2870 AcaAa (2R)    Burzichelli,J/Dancer,R    Off-track wagering-concerns   REF SWT

A2871 Aca (1R)    Love,S/Moriarty,P+7    Lease termination-domestic abuse victim   REF SCU

A2879    Diegnan,P/Vas,J+4    Corp. notices-electronic transmission   REF SCM

A2880    Diegnan,P/Vas,J+4    Shareholder actions, cert.-concerns   REF SCM

A2881    Vas,J/Coutinho,A+4    Corporate directors resignation-concerns   REF SCM

A2882    Diegnan,P/Vas,J+4    Corporate filings, expedited-concerns   REF SCM

A2883    DeAngelo,W/Chivukula,U+4    Corporate director elections-concerns   REF SCM

A2884    Albano,N/DeAngelo,W+4    Corp., domestic-concerns mergers   REF SCM

A2885    Milam,M/Love,S+4    Corp. emp., off.-shares of stock, rights   REF SCM

A2911    Cryan,J/Diegnan,P+5    Coll. Student, Parent Consumer Info. Act   REF SED

A2924    Cruz-Perez,N    Camden, surplus prop.-auth. to sell   REF SSG

A2948    Johnson,G/Vas,J    Police Training Comm.-concerns memb.   REF SLP

A2954 Aca (1R)    Milam,M/Albano,N    Tidal waterfront area-concern pub access   REF SED

A3111    Greenwald,L/Pou,N    Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement-concerns   REF SBA

A3122    Burzichelli,J/Milam,M+3    Casino emp-serve, Atlantic City gov body   REF SWT

A3162 Aca (1R)    Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V+5    NJ-Israel Comm.-estab. in Dept. of St.   REF SSG

A3186 Acs (ACS)    Schaer,G/Diegnan,P+7    Elections-prov. for adjustment of date   REF SSG

A3204    Roberts,J/DeCroce,A+2    Jt. Leg. Comm., Ethical Standards-memb.   REF SSG

ACR98    Conners,J/Conaway,H+18    Disab. vet.-receive civil svc preference   REF SSG

AJR60 Aca (1R)    Greenwald,L/Lampitt,P+2    Blindness Awareness Mo-desig Oct each yr   REF SHH

AJR62    Conners,J/Cruz-Perez,N+7    Gold Star Mother's Day-last Sunday, Sept   REF SLP

AJR92    O'Scanlon,D    Brain Tumor Awareness Mo.-desig. May   REF SHH

AJR97    Scalera,F/Chiusano,G+29    Ital.-Amer. Heritage Mo.-desig. Oct.   REF SSG

AJR98    Wagner,C/Voss,J+2    Freedom Walk Day-desig.   REF SLP

AJR102/78 Acs (ACS)    Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V+16    Israel-congratulates on 60th anniv.   REF SSG

Bills Received from Assembly/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

A2428 Aca (1R)    Pou,N/Evans,E    Health Enterprise Zone law-amends  

A2613 Aca (1R)    Conners,J/Milam,M+5    Vet. unclaimed cremains-concerns  

AJR76 Aca (1R)    Cryan,J/Ramos,R+1    Hispanic Heritage Mo-Sept 15 thru Oct 15  

Bills Received from Assembly/Concurrence w/Governor's Recommendation/Given Second Reading:

A786 Aca w/GR (2R)    Conners,J/Conaway,H+1    Cigarettes, cert.-concerns  

Bills Received from Governor/Conditional Veto:

S1918 ScsSca (SCS/1R)    Sarlo,P/Madden,F+3    Workers comp.-concerns fraud  

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S1221    Weinberg,L    Alimony-concerns   FROM SJU

Co-Sponsors Added:

S96   (Turner,S)    Physicians continuing ed.-concerns

S119   (Sweeney,S; Weinberg,L)    Compassionate Use Med. Marijuana Act

S155   (Connors,C)    Jessica Lunsford Act

S164 Sca (1R)   (Bateman,C)    Overcrowding-auth. addl. fines

S222   (Cunningham,S)    PERS-concerns accidental disab. benf.

S230   (Madden,F)    St. reports & publications-concerns

S467 Sca (1R)   (Bateman,C)    Grace's Law-hearing aid coverage

S470   (Madden,F)    Licensed Lenders Act-revises

S569   (Adler,J)    Thomas P. Canzanella First Resp Prot Act

S735   (Whelan,J)    Involuntary commitment-concerns

S807   (Buono,B; Ciesla,A; Gordon,R; Van Drew,J)    Health care fac.-concerns adverse events

S870   (Allen,D; Haines,P; Weinberg,L)    Vet. benf., cert.-broadens elig.

S872   (Bateman,C; Ciesla,A)    St. off./emp.-concerns mileage reimb.

S936   (Allen,D)    Tourette Syndrome Assn.-concern funding

S976   (Adler,J)    Hunting w/bow and arrow-concerns

S979   (Bucco,A)    Antifreeze and engine coolant-concerns

S996   (Cunningham,S)    Motor bus owner-concerns insur.

S1071   (Girgenti,J)    Immunizations-concerns req.

S1199   (Turner,S)    Black box warnings-website accessible

S1220   (Bateman,C)    Primary care practitioners-loan redemp

S1236 Sca (1R)   (Buono,B)    Janet's Law-concerns defibrillators

S1275   (Bucco,A)    Homeowners insur. coverage-concerns dogs

S1312   (Turner,S)    Aliens, unauth.-concerns emp.

S1334   (Gordon,R)    MV Owners' Right to Repair Act

S1370   (Weinberg,L)    Medication Mgmt Outreach & Support Prog.

S1375   (Adler,J)    Firefighter training, St.-accredited

S1392   (Adler,J)    PFRS-concerns accidental death benf.

S1428   (Madden,F)    Tox-free Children's Products Act

S1453   (Adler,J)    Vet. civil svc. preference-expand elig.

S1555   (Vitale,J)    G.I. Bill-prov. higher ed. benf. to vets

S1609   (Weinberg,L)    Higher ed.-concerns structure and finan.

S1644   (Van Drew,J)    Hist New Bridge Landing St Park-concerns

S1732   (Adler,J)    Fallen FF lic. plate-concerns

S1750   (Adler,J)    PFRS memb., cert.-death, disab. benf.

S1757   (Pennacchio,J)    Disab. vet., cert.-special lic. plates

S1759   (Kean,T; Bateman,C; O'Toole,K)    Fed. emp. contrib., cert-excl income tax

S1830   (Buono,B; Vitale,J)    Sr. Cit., Disabled Transp. Prog-concerns

S1854   (Van Drew,J)    Firemen's relief fd.-concerns

S1855   (Weinberg,L)    Direct care emp.-incr. salary;$12M

S1866   (Scutari,N)    CDS near sch. prop.-concerns

S1877   (Buono,B)    Charity care claims-concerns

S1890   (Bucco,A; Cardinale,G; Pennacchio,J)    Gold Star Family lic. plates-auth.

S1891   (Van Drew,J)    Juv. diabetes-estab. special lic. plate

S1897   (Weinberg,L)    Site remediation-concerns

S1926   (Turner,S; Vitale,J)    Ricci's Law-ignition interlock devices

S1936   (Van Drew,J)    Leg., Exec. Branch-reg receipt of things

S1939   (Weinberg,L)    Med. Malpractice Liab. Insur. Premium Fd



Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


S1941   (Madden,F; Sweeney,S; Bucco,A)    Dietian/Nutritionist Lic. Act

S1967   (Buono,B; Ruiz,M)    Freedom of Religion in Civil Marriage

S2088    (Gordon,R)   Pub. contracts-concerns   REF SEG

S2099   (Buono,B)   Pub. officials-concerns PERS, SHBP elig.

S2119   (Cunningham,S; Rice,R; Ruiz,T)   Criminal id theft-concerns

S2127    (Bateman,C)   Sch. dist. emp.-concerns tuition asst

SCR24   (Baroni,B)    Disab. vet.-receive civil svc preference

SCR60 Sca (1R)   (Buono,B)    Pub. emp. benf.-concerns cert. contrib.

SCR61   (Adler,J)    Hunting rights-concerns

SCR118   (Cardinale,G; Connors,C; Sacco,N; Sarlo,P; Stack,B; Madden,F; Whelan,J)   St. Parole Bd.-auth. statute

SJR54   (Buono,B; Pennacchio,J)    Ital.-Amer. Hist./Heritage Mo-desig Oct.

SJR59   (Whelan,J)   Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Mo-desig Nov

SR23   (Cardinale,G)    Tpk. Auth-reduce toll 50%, trucks 12-6am

SR88   (Weinberg,L)   IZOD Center-supports operation

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

S1607 Sca (1R)   (Kean,T)    UEZ Jobs Scholarship Act-estab.

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S80   (Kean,T)    Sex offenders-concerns

S99   (Gordon,R)    Surgical practices-concerns

S167   (Haines,P)    Vol firefighters, retired-concerns insur

S288   (Baroni,B)    Vets' Oral Hist. Foundation-estab.

S322   (Girgenti,J)    Natl. Guard-reimb. life insur. premiums

S379   (Vitale,J)    Disab. vet.-concerns prop. tax exemp.

S564   (Bucco,A)    Daniel Mackay's Law-death by mv

S620   (Redd,D)    Nurse, regis. prof.-concerns ed. req.

S762   (Allen,D)    Loc Redevel & Housing Law-clarify

S808   (Lance,L)    Mun. prosecutors-concerns

S996   (Singer,R)    Motor bus owner-concerns insur.

S1011   (Allen,D)    Hosp. Tech. Task Force-estab.

S1043   (Vitale,J)    Alco. Ed, Rehab. & Enforce. Fd.-incr. fd

S1045   (Allen,D)    Animal abuse-concerns protective orders

S1193   (Allen,D)    Child pornography law-revises

S1208   (Pennacchio,J)    Homestead prop. tax reimb.-elig.

S1250   (Turner,S)    Pub. sch. design, new-concerns

S1301   (Bucco,A)    Juv. info.-concerns exchange

S1423   (Allen,D)    Infertility prevention, cert-insur cover

S1443   (Allen,D)    Workers comp. cases-req. completion

S1488   (Lesniak,R)    In-person wagering at casinos-permits

S1607 Sca (1R)   (Kean,T)    UEZ Jobs Scholarship Act-estab.

S1625   (Kean,S)    Toxic Mold Prot. Act of 2008

S1658   (Allen,D)    Terrorism, org that support-civil action

S1725   (Turner,S)    Tech. training prog.-teacher cert.

S1759   (Vitale,J)    Fed. emp. contrib., cert-excl income tax

S1761   (Allen,D)    Terrorism, report related crime-immunity

S1774   (Ruiz,M)    Handgun sales-concerns

S1778   (Adler,J)    Energy-efficient home lighting-tax exemp

S1804   (Buono,B)    Bisphenol A-concerns cert. packaging

S1932 Scs (SCS)   (Gordon,R)    BPU-auth. cert. use of cert. revenue

S1953   (Singer,R)    St. bldgs.-concerns renewable energy sys

S1987   (Van Drew,J)    Casino emp-serve, Atlantic City gov body

SCR113   (Kean,S)    Land use actions by mun-Leg. define proh

SCR114   (Kean,S)    Council on Affordable Housing-regs.

SJR48   (Connors,C)    Rip Current Awareness Wk.-1st wk in June

SR47   (Vitale,J)    Universal health insur coverage-enact

Co-Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

S1537   (Ciesla,A)    Energy savings contracts-concerns




The Senate President has made the following appointments:


*Effective August 21, 2008


New Jersey Commission on Capital Budgeting and Planning:


Senator Paul A. Sarlo (36).

Senator Anthony R. Bucco (25).


*Effective September 2, 2008


The Amistad Commission:


Senator Sandra B. Cunningham (31).


*Effective September 4, 2008


New Jersey Redevelopment Authority:


Robert S. Garrison, of Westfield.


The State Housing Commission:


George Vallone, of Hoboken.


*Effective September 17, 2008


Ellis Island Advisory Commission:


Senator Sandra B. Cunningham (31).


Women’s Health Advisory Commission:


Michele S. Jaker, of Woodbridge.


*Effective September 18, 2008


New Jersey State Museum Board of Trustees:


Senator Shirley K. Turner (15).

Senator Bill Baroni (14).


*Effective September 19, 2008


New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education:


Rabbi Moshe Herson, of Morristown, to replace Steven Some.

David S. Leibowitz, of Short Hills, to replace Marvin Raab.






The Senate President has made the following reappointments:


*Effective July 9, 2008


Advisory Council to the Juvenile Justice Commission:


Mary Edna Davidson, of Highland Park.

William Thomas, of Toms River.


*Effective August 8, 2008


New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority:


Armando Fontoura, of Fairfield.


The Senate Minority Leader has made the following appointments:


*Effective July 11, 2008


Joint Committee on Ethical Standards:


John J. Harper, of Convent Station.

Senator Peter Inverso, of Hamilton.


*Effective September 24, 2008


Ellis Island Advisory Commission:


Senator Anthony Bucco (25).


The Senate adjourned at 6:15 P.M. to meet again on Monday, October 6, 2008 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “3” and “4” scheduled to meet).


The Assembly did not meet.  The Assembly will meet on Monday, October 6, 2008 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “A” and “B” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (09/25/2008):

P.L.2008, c.89.   S1962/1964/1965/ 1969/2077 Scs (SCS)    Buono,B/Sweeney,S+6    9/29/2008    Pub. emp., cert.-concerns retir., benf.  

P.L.2008, c.90.   S241/394/1098/710 ScsScs (SCS)    Adler,J/Bateman,C+16    10/1/2008    Renewable energy sys.-exempt prop. tax  

P.L.2008, c.91.   S613 Aca (1R)    Vitale,J/Buono,B+1    10/1/2008    Flavored cigarettes-proh. sale  

P.L.2008, c.92.   S1307 ScaAcaAca (3R)    Sarlo,P/Vitale,J    10/1/2008    Mun.-revert to a calendar fiscal yr.  

P.L.2008, c.93.   S1913 ScaAa (2R)    Sarlo,P/Madden,F+2    10/1/2008    Judges of workers comp.-concerns power  

P.L.2008, c.94.   S1914 ScaAa (2R)    Sarlo,P/Cunningham,S+3    10/1/2008    Workers comp insur.-concerns  

P.L.2008, c.95.   S1915 Scs (SCS)    Sarlo,P/Cunningham,S+2    10/1/2008    Workers comp.-concerns proof of coverage  

P.L.2008, c.96.   S1916 Sca (1R)    Sarlo,P/Pennacchio,J+2    10/1/2008    Workers comp.-concerns med. care  

P.L.2008, c.97.   S1917 Scs (SCS)    Sarlo,P/Kean,S+1    10/1/2008    Comp. Rating, Inspection Bureau-memb.