for October 7, 2010


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Vol. XXII No. 41                                                                                    214th Legislature $ First Annual Session


Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


      Philip  Haines, of Juliustown.

Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

SR86    Weinberg,L    Breast Cancer Awareness-St/Natl observ.

Bills Introduced:

S2319    Ruiz,M    Higher ed. instit.-fire safety info.   REF SED

S2320    Goodwin,T    Campaign contrib, bus entities-concerns   REF SSG

S2321    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Renewable energy cert-revise definitions   REF SEN

S2322    Weinberg,L/Sarlo,P+1    Co. hosp. auth.-auth. estab.   REF SCU

S2323    Weinberg,L/Rice,R    Privatization contract, pub svc-regulate   REF SLA

S2324    Rice,R    Election off fraud conviction-estab term   REF SSG

S2325    Vitale,J/Whelan,J+2    Motor fuel dealer-proh. cert. charges   REF STR

S2326    Kean,S    Workers' comp judge-incr mand retire age   REF SJU

S2327    Van Drew,J    No show pub job-guilty of off misconduct   REF SJU

S2328    Turner,S    Invasion of privacy-upgrades crime   REF SJU

S2329    Sweeney,S    St-wide sports prog-Sch Bd Assoc oversee   REF SED

S2330    Beck,J    Sch. transp.-allow pupil to waive svc.   REF SED

S2331    Beck,J/Buono,B    DHS, DCF-concern contract/lic procedures   REF SHH

S2332    Smith,B/Bateman,C    Solar Equipment Purch. Asst. Prog.   REF SEN

S2333    Kean,S    Pub entities' immunity-strengthens   REF SJU

S2334    Norcross,D    Paid holidays-convert four, admin leave   REF SSG

S2335    Norcross,D    Co. welfare agencies-concerns   REF SCU

S2336    Kean,T/Whelan,J    Core Curriculum Content Standard Council   REF SED

S2337    Kean,T    St. coll. law-amends   REF SED

S2338    Kean,T    St. coll. law-amend   REF SED

S2339    Van Drew,J    Exterior-based prop. reassessment-permit   REF SCU

S2340    Van Drew,J    Family Support Act-statutory changes   REF SHH

S2341    Smith,B    Barnegat Bay-meet St. water qual.   REF SEN

SCR126    Kean,S/Ciesla,A    Cuba-delay normalizing relations   REF SSG

SJR54    Kean,T    Sibling's Day-desig. April 10th each yr.   REF SSG

SR85    Smith,B    Barnegat Bay-devel. max daily loads   REF SEN





Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A483 Sca (1R)    Rodriguez,C/Schaer,G+4    Interst. Insur Product Reg Compact-estab   REP/SCA

A2372    Albano,N/Milam,M    Victim claim-estab exception, 5 yr limit   REP

A2969 Aca (1R)    Schaer,G/Chivukula,U    Mortgage guaranty insur co-liab exposure   REP

AJR17 Aca (1R)    Albano,N/Barnes,P+18    Crime Victims' Rights Wk.-desig.   REP

S175 Sca (1R)    Gill,N/Kean,T+1    Interst. Insur Product Reg Compact-estab   REP/SCA

S191    Scutari,N    PIP benf.-concerns recovery   REP

S861 Sca (1R)    Weinberg,L/Gordon,R    Prop. tax appeals-concerns filing   REP/SCA

S1451 Sca (1R)    Rice,R    Eminent domain-revise loc. redevel. law   REP/SCA

S1793 Scs (SCS)    Cardinale,G/Lesniak,R+2    Co-op farm winery lic.-creates   REP/SCS

S1833    Pennacchio,J    K9 Veterans Day-desig. March 13   REP

S1893    Van Drew,J/Girgenti,J    Victim claim-estab exception, 5 yr limit   REP

S1945 Sca (1R)    Scutari,N+1    Mortgage guaranty insur co-liab exposure   REP/SCA

S1956    Whelan,J    Ordinances-pub. using title and summary   REP

S2037    Kean,T    Homestead prop. tax reimb.-concerns   REP

S2234    Kyrillos,J    Prop assess demo prog, Monmouth Co-estab   REP

S2308 Sca (1R)    Sarlo,P/Weinberg,L    Parole reconsideration-bd. discretion   REP/SCA

S2315 Sca (1R)    Girgenti,J/Bateman,C    Pub. Safety Communication Council-estab.   REP/SCA

SJR42    Codey,R/Cunningham,S    Teen Dating Viol Awareness Prev Mo-Feb.   REP

SJR53    Girgenti,J    Crime Victims' Rights Wk.-desig.   REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S1451 Sca (1R)    Rice,R    Eminent domain-revise loc. redevel. law  

S2037    Kean,T    Homestead prop. tax reimb.-concerns  

S2234    Kyrillos,J    Prop assess demo prog, Monmouth Co-estab  

Bills Transferred:

S2313    Van Drew,J    Seasonal rentals-exemp. bulk sale req.   FROM SCU TO SCM

Co-Sponsors Added:

S116   (Rice,R)    Vet. benf., cert.-broadens elig.

S175 Sca (1R)   (Cardinale,G)    Interst. Insur Product Reg Compact-estab

S1406 Scs (SCS)   (Weinberg,L)    Prop Assess Clean Energy Mun Finan Prog

S1696   (Van Drew,J)    Sch survey student participation-consent

S2322   (Gordon,R)    Co. hosp. auth.-auth. estab.

S2325   (Rice,R; Sacco,N)    Motor fuel dealer-proh. cert. charges

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S175 Sca (1R)   (Kean,T)    Interst. Insur Product Reg Compact-estab

S2114   (Bucco,A)    Dating viol. policy-sch. dist. adopt


The Senate President has made the following appointments:


*Effective September 29, 2010

Parole Advisory Board:


Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman (16).


Prisoner Re-entry Commission:


Senator Kevin J. O’Toole (40).



The Senate President has made the following appointments: (cont’d)


Reading Disabilities Task Force:


Senator Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (21).

*Effective September 30, 2010

Commission to Examine Strategies for Strengthening the Familial Bond Between Children and Incarcerated Parents:


Senator Sean T. Kean (11).

Fire Safety Commission:


Senator Anthony R. Bucco (25).

New Jersey Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect:


Senator Jennifer Beck (12).

Joint Committee on Housing Affordability:


Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman (16).


Governor’s Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism:


Frank D’Amico, of Thorofare.


The Senate President has made the following reappointments:


*Effective September 29, 2010


The Amistad Commission:


Senator Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (21).


Casino Revenue Fund Advisory Commission:


Senator Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (21).

New Jersey Law Revision Commission:

Vito Gagliardi, of Roseland.


The Senate adjourned at 4:51 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, October 14, 2010 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “3” and “4” scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A3282    Barnes,P/Diegnan,P    Sch. bullying-sch. dist. adopt policy   REF AED

A3283    O'Scanlon,D/Chiusano,G    Gov.'s Took Kit proposals-implements   REF ASG

A3284    Wisniewski,J    Health insur. producer comp.-disclosure   REF AFI

A3285    Wisniewski,J    Bid ad. req.-concerns   REF ATR

A3286    Riley,C/Coughlin,C    AIDS Drug Prog-restore income elig level   REF AHE

A3287    Riley,C    Private wells-water treatment sys. cost   REF AEN

A3288    Bucco,A    Shared svcs.-tax bill show savings info.   REF AHO

A3289    Bucco,A    St. mandates on mun.-concerns   REF ARG

A3290    DiCicco,D    ID cards for cert. Vets.-creates   REF AMV

A3291    DiMaio,J/McHose,A    Agric. driv. lic.-exemp. cert. restrict.   REF AAN

A3292    DiCicco,D    Mun. off, elected-cert. comp. incr. req.   REF AHO

A3293    Quijano,A    Toxic-free Bev. Containers Act   REF ACO

A3294    Prieto,V/Egan,J+2    Pub. adjuster lic.-creates two-year term   REF ARP

A3295    Coutinho,A    Smart Growth areas-concerns devel. plans   REF ACE

A3296    Vainieri Huttle,V/Giblin,T    Health svc. corp.-conversion moratorium   REF AFI

A3297    Russo,D/Rumana,S    Child-proh. unauth photos or videotaping   REF AJU

A3298    Handlin,A    Aerial ads over sports fac.-restricts   REF ALP

A3299    Handlin,A    Fireworks-subject to Explosives Act   REF ALP

A3300    Scalera,F    Fire commissioner bd-prov. emerg med svc   REF AHS

A3301    Barnes,P    Alt. fuel veh.-estab. special parking   REF ATR

A3302    Barnes,P    Auto computer alteration-incr. penal.   REF ALP

A3303    Barnes,P    Student info. storage-backup daily   REF AED

A3304    Conaway,H+1    False Claims Act-clarify effective date   REF AJU

A3305    Conaway,H/Conners,J    Vibration analysis, cert. rts.-conduct   REF AEN

A3306    Vainieri Huttle,V    Campaign signs-proh., pub. prop. or hwy.   REF ASG

A3307    Holzapfel,J/Wolfe,D    Untreated sewage discharge-crim. penal.   REF AEN

A3308    Gove,D/Rumpf,B    St. contract, vet. owned bus-create prog   REF AMV

A3309    Wisniewski,J    Special learner's/exam permit-expand req   REF ATR

A3310    Rudder,S/Addiego,D    Dr. A Hunter Wilcox Field Trial Grounds   REF AEN

A3311    Holzapfel,J    Charitable org. off.-req. to be bonded   REF ACO

A3312    Johnson,G    Boat operation-proh. cell phone use   REF ALP

A3313    Wagner,C/Gusciora,R+1    Hydraulic fracturing-proh. technique   REF AEN

A3314    Wagner,C/Gusciora,R+1    Hyraulic fracturing-proh. memb. support   REF AEN

A3315    Munoz,N    Ad rebates-disclose redeemable form   REF ACO

A3316    Munoz,N    The 10-20 Life Law   REF ALP

A3317    Munoz,N    Parole Bd.-grants release discretion   REF ALP

A3318    Munoz,N    Sex offender harboring-incr. penal.   REF AJU

A3319    Munoz,N    Cranford Twp., flood control proj.;$5M   REF AEN

A3320    Spencer,L/Bucco,A    Downhill skiing-makes cert. req.   REF ATA

A3321    Vandervalk,C    Tax appeal judgment-written memo req.   REF AHO

A3322    Albano,N/Milam,M    Handgun permits-revise qual. and req.   REF ALP

A3323    Albano,N/Milam,M    PFRS bd of trustees-raise memb. 11 to 13   REF ASG

A3324    Albano,N/Milam,M    Mun court position, cert-terminate early   REF AJU

A3325    Burzichelli,J    Pub. Emp. Benf. Board-creates   REF ASG

A3326    Bramnick,J    Handgun permit holders-concerns   REF ALP

A3327    Angelini,M/Rible,D    Sex offender-satellite-based monitoring   REF ALP

A3328    Angelini,M/Vainieri Huttle,V    Cyberbullying-restrict internet access   REF AJU

A3329    Angelini,M/Rible,D    Superintendent of sch, cert-elim. tenure   REF AED

A3330    Munoz,N    Gift cards-redeem at full value   REF ACO

A3331    McKeon,J    Sch. bds., mun. wage threshold-parity   REF ALA

A3332    McKeon,J/Scalera,F    Money Transmitters Act-revises   REF AFI

A3333    McKeon,J+1    Consumer fraud-revise cause of action   REF ACO

A3334    McKeon,J/Stender,L    Health Claims Auth/Pymt Act-expand scope   REF AFI

A3335    McKeon,J/Gusciora,R    Carsharing rentals-exemp., rental fee   REF AAP

A3336    McKeon,J/Greenstein,L    Env. prosecutor, special-estab.   REF AEN

A3337    McKeon,J/Lampitt,P    NJBEST contrib.-income tax deduct.   REF AHI

A3338    McKeon,J    Sch. dist. tax levy cap-auth. adj.   REF AED

A3339    McKeon,J    Child prot. cases-clarify closing proc.   REF AHU

A3340    McKeon,J    Police off, cert-estab tuition cred prog   REF AHI

A3341    McKeon,J/Wagner,C    Marriage/civilian lic.-incr. fees   REF AHO

A3342    McKeon,J/Lampitt,P    Renewable Energy, Veh. Task Force   REF AEN


Bills Introduced: (cont’d)

A3343    McKeon,J/Lampitt,P    Tuition prog.-allow tax deduction   REF AHI

A3344    McKeon,J    Sch. dist., high performing-monitor   REF AED

A3345    Chivukula,U    Basic generation svc. supplier-proh auth   REF ATU

A3346    Chivukula,U/McHose,A    Telecommunications svcs.-concerns reg.   REF ATU

A3347    Oliver,S/Bramnick,J    Jersey Boys/Girls Prog-grant coll. cred.   REF AHI

A3348    Oliver,S    Braiding hair-exemp., cosmetology lic.   REF ARP

A3349    Oliver,S    Sch. Asthma Protocol Task Force-estab.   REF AED

A3350    Spencer,L/Coutinho,A    Child support obligors, cert-allows lic.   REF AJU

A3351    Gusciora,R    Biotech. companies-repeal tax benf. cap   REF ACE

A3352    Diegnan,P/Lampitt,P    Seasonal rentals-exemp. bulk sale req.   REF AHO

A3353    Coutinho,A    Econ. devel. proj.-estab. closing fd.   REF ACE

A3354    Greenwald,L    Vet.-waive higher ed. application fees   REF AHI

A3355    Schaer,G/Johnson,G    Parole reconsideration-bd. discretion   REF ALP

A3356    Coutinho,A    Sch dist, charter sch-auth collaboration   REF AED

A3357    Lampitt,P    St., co. coll-faculty tenure flexibility   REF AHI

A3358    Lampitt,P    St. coll risk mgmt groups-auth formation   REF AFI

A3359    Barnes,P/Evans,E+3    Job vacancy ads-proh. unemp. excl.   REF ALA

A3360    Riley,C/Wagner,C    Newborn screening specimens-dispose   REF AHE

A3363    Lampitt,P    Sex off. residence-mun. reg.   REF ALP

A3364    Milam,M/Albano,N    AC tourism district-law enforcement   REF ALP

A3365    Barnes,P/Riley,C    CATV-modify notice rate req.   REF ARG

A3366    Barnes,P/Riley,C    CATV-estab. online document submission   REF ARG

A3367    Barnes,P/Riley,C    CATV-channel change notifications   REF ARG

A3368    Burzichelli,J/Oliver,S    St-wide sports prog-Sch Bd Assoc oversee   REF ARG

A3369    Riley,C/Vainieri Huttle,V    Domestic viol. statutes-expands   REF AJU

A3370    DeAngelo,W/Quijano,A    Water bill, late-interest after 30 days   REF ATU

A3371    Moriarty,P    Retail food estab.-uniform standards req   REF ACO

A3372    Moriarty,P    Merchandise cred.-concerns issuance   REF ACO

A3373    Burzichelli,J/McKeon,J    Sch dist budgets-cap banking retro, 2010   REF AHO

A3374    Quijano,A    Invasion of privacy-second degree crime   REF AJU

A3375    Watson Coleman,B/Coutinho,A    Pretrial Release Prog.-estab.   REF AJU

A3378    Schaer,G/Spencer,L    Health plans out-of-network pymt-clarify   REF AFI

ACR147    Spencer,L    Min. wage, set at $8.50-amend constit.   REF ALA

AJR61    Wagner,C/Gusciora,R+1    Hydraulic fracturing-NY, PA disapprove   REF AEN

AR112    Wagner,C/Gusciora,R+1    Fracturing Respon. Awareness Act-enact   REF AEN

AR113    Milam,M    Sports teams, local-support   REF ATA

AR114    Wagner,C/Caputo,R+3    First Race of the Year-devel. special   REF ARG

AR115    Wagner,C/Caputo,R+3    Horse race broadcasting-incr and promote   REF ARG

Bills Received from Governor/Absolute Veto:

A2740 AcaAa (2R)    Vainieri Huttle,V/Spencer,L+14    Graduated driv's lic. prog-req. AG study  

Bills Received from Senate/Concurrence w/Governor's Recommendation/Given Second Reading:


S515 w/GR (1R)    Weinberg,L/Whelan,J+3    Physicians continuing ed.-concerns  

Bills Received from Senate/Concurrence w/Senate Amendments/Given Second Reading:

A207 ScaSaSa (3R)    Caputo,R/Tucker,C+10    Law enforcement off., laid-off-hirng of  

Bills Received from Senate/Referred to Committee:

S59 Sca (1R)    Cardinale,G/Weinberg,L+2    Bergen Watershed Flood Prev and Prot Act   REF AEN

S122    Connors,C/Van Drew,J+2    Rental asst.-concerns   REF AHO

S309    Allen,D/Madden,F+3    Natl. Guard memb spouses-prov unemp benf   REF AMV

S374    Weinberg,L/Gordon,R+2    Co. pol. comm.-concerns reorg. mtg.   REF ASG

S793 Sca (1R)    Madden,F+1    Solar panel, wind turbine-concerns purch   REF ASG

S1487 Sca (1R)    Rice,R/Allen,D    Name changes applications-concerns   REF AJU

S1835    Bateman,C/Beck,J+2    Sch. bus driv.-crim. hist. checks req.   REF AED



Bills Received from Senate/Referred to Committee: (cont’d)

S1866 ScaSa (2R)    Whelan,J/Kyrillos,J+2    Casino lic.-estab. alt. methods   REF ARG

S1998/2067 Scs (SCS)    Ruiz,M/Kean,T+1    St. coll risk mgmt groups-auth formation   REF AHI

S2066    Allen,D/Kean,T    Viol. in pub. sch-sch. dist. file report   REF AED

S2100 Scs (SCS)    Sweeney,S/Ruiz,M+1    St-admin. retire. sys.-elim. cert. elig.   REF ASG

S2209    Sweeney,S    Bond ordinance-elim. 5% down pymt. req.   REF AHO

S2211    Madden,F/Norcross,D    Purple Heart Mem. Vet. Hwy.-desig. Rt.42   REF AMV

S2220 Sca (1R)    Sarlo,P+1    Unused sick/vacation leave, cert.-limits   REF ASG

S2231    Sweeney,S/Kean,T    Wind energy fac. PANYNJ-allow tax cred.   REF ACE

S2233 Sca (1R)    Van Drew,J/Oroho,S+1    Mun court position, cert-terminate early   REF AJU

SCR67 Sca (1R)    Weinberg,L    Emerg. Med. Svcs. Wk.-May 15-21, 2011   REF ALP

SCR85    Kean,S/Beach,J+1    Camp Evans-preserv, WWII living memorial   REF ATA

SJR19    Connors,C+1    Chiari Malformation-Syringomyelia Mo.   REF AHE

SJR37    Kyrillos,J    Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Day-Sept 15   REF AHE

Co-Sponsors Added:

A448   (DiMaio,J)    MV regis.-street rods, custom mvs

A507   (Munoz,N)    Aviation-auth co. coll job certification

A779   (Munoz,N)    Vol. firefighter-prov. time off for fire

A782   (Munoz,N)    Terrorism related crime-report, immunity

A1069   (Chiusano,G; Munoz,N)    No show pub job-guilty of off misconduct

A1073   (Handlin,A)    Legis. Elections Pub. Finan. Study Comm.

A1076   (Mainor,C)    Pub. sch.-req. new design

A1084   (Mainor,C)    Pub. sch. fac, new-concerns solar panels

A1089   (Mainor,C)    Corp. bus. tax-concerns prog.

A1353   (Munoz,N)    Child Care Lic. Act-statutory changes

A1545   (Munoz,N)    St psych hosp-estab staff training prog.

A1673   (Munoz,N)    Developmental disab.-concerns support

A1851 Aca (1R)   (Mainor,C)    Hist. Property Reinvestment Act

A1854   (Mainor,C)    Energy efficient product-tax holiday

A2124   (Munoz,N)    Auto. rain sensor devices-concerns

A2544   (Handlin,A; Biondi,P)    RICO-add crimes involving pub. servants

A2679   (Handlin,A)    Pub. libraries-concerns funding

A3224   (Gove,D)    Coastal emerg. mgmt.-concerns

A3256   (Handlin,A; Biondi,P)    Leg.-certify no monetary benf.

A3313   (Caputo,R)    Hydraulic fracturing-proh. technique

A3314   (Caputo,R)    Hyraulic fracturing-proh. memb. support

A3333   (Handlin,A)    Consumer fraud-revise cause of action

ACR56   (Biondi,P)    Leg.-req. memb. serve full time

ACR57   (Biondi,P; Munoz,N)    Pub. elected off.-concerns indictment

ACR122   (Biondi,P)    Leg, loc. elected pub off-limit svc. yrs

AJR61   (Caputo,R)    Hydraulic fracturing-NY, PA disapprove

AR60   (Mainor,C)    Nuclear power use-urge BPU exploreA

AR112   (Caputo,R)    Fracturing Respon. Awareness Act-enact

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A2745   (Albano,N)    Wrongful Death Act-concerns

A3224   (Rumpf,B)    Coastal emerg. mgmt.-concerns

A3352   (Schaer,G)    Seasonal rentals-exemp. bulk sale req.

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A1958   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Gold Star Parent-auth. special lic plate

A2859   (Evans,E)    Prop, not needed pub. purpose-auth. sale

A3224   (Scalera,F)    Coastal emerg. mgmt.-concerns






The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:


Assembly Special Committee on Economic Development (ASED):


Assemblyman Albert Coutinho (29) (Chair).

Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco (25).

Assemblyman Upendra J. Chivukula (17).

Assemblyman Wayne P. DeAngelo (14).

Assemblyman Joseph V. Egan (17).

Assemblywoman Elease Evans (35).

Assemblyman Louis D. Greenwald (6).

Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt (6).

Assemblyman Joseph R. Malone, III (30).

Assemblywoman Nellie Pou (35).

Assemblyman David P. Rible (11).

Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf (9).

Assemblyman Gary S. Schaer (36).

Assemblyman Robert Schroeder (39).

Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer (29).

Assemblywoman Linda Stender (22).

Assemblyman Jay Webber (26).

Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski (19).

The Assembly adjourned at 5:22 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, October 14, 2010 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “C” and “D” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (09/30/2010):

P.L.2010, c.79.   S2289    Oroho,S/O'Toole,K+1    10/1/2010    Motor fuel tax act-amends  
P.L.2010, c.80.   S1342 Aca (1R)    Kean,T/Gordon, R+5    10/6/2010    Eric Munoz Trauma Ctr.-desig.  
P.L.2010, c.81.   A2866 w/GR (1R)    Diegnan,P/
Ramos,R+9    10/7/2010    St. Mental Health Fac. Eval. Task Force