for October 15, 2018




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Vol. XXX No. 45                                                                                   218th Legislature First Annual Session



Nominations Notice of Intention:


      Honorable Nancy L. Ridgway, J.S.C., of Linwood.

      Jaclyn Vanessa Medina, of Paramus.

      Peter G. Geiger, of Haworth.

      Michael Nicholas Beukas, of River Vale.

Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


      Jill Grace O'Malley, of Colts Neck.

      Honorable Michael E. Hubner, J.S.C., of Pompton Plains.

      Eric G. Fikry, of Cinnaminson.

      Honorable Timothy W. Chell, J.S.C., of Sewell.

      Chad N. Cagan, of Freehold.

      Stacey Dawn Adams, of Colts Neck.         

Bills Introduced:

S3007    Gopal,V/Weinberg,L+1    Black bear-annual update managing policy   REF SEN

S3008    Gopal,V/Weinberg,L+1    Black bear-concerns mgmt.   REF SEN

S3009    Singer,R/Vitale,J+1    Youths, at-risk-devel. prog., identify   REF SLP

S3010    Brown,C/Van Drew,J+2    Pub., bldgs.-chosen freeholder meetings   REF SCU

S3011    Cryan,J    Prop. Tax Lien Pilot Prog.   REF SCU

S3012    Cryan,J/Lagana,J.A.    Sex Harassment training-restaurant emp   REF SLA

S3013    Cryan,J/Greenstein,L    St. wide greenhouse gas emissions-revise   REF SEN

S3014    Vitale,J/Rice,R    Prescrip. meds.-concerns   REF SHH

S3015    Beach,J    St House grounds-create gallery space   REF SSG

S3016    Beach,J    Restaurants, w/o liquor lic.-BYOB ads   REF SLP

S3017    Corrado,K    Health care benf plans-concerns coverage   REF SSG

S3018    Corrado,K    Drug offenders-estab. pretrial detention   REF SLP

S3019    Bucco,A.R.    POW-MIA Chair-req, St. Cap. JT Mgmt Comm   REF SSG

S3020    Greenstein,L    Auto insur.-proh. sex as rating factor   REF SCM

S3021    Greenstein,L    Devel. disab. sexual abuse-task force   REF SHH

S3022    Greenstein,L    Tick control-concerns   REF SEN

S3023    Greenstein,L    Probation off. union rep.-concerns   REF SLA

S3024    Greenstein,L    Michael Anthony Fornicola's Law   REF SHH

S3025    Greenstein,L    Local bonds-concerns   REF SCU

S3026    Greenstein,L    Mun. water sys. prov. certain info-req.   REF SCU

S3027    Bucco,A.R.    FF, vol.-concerns charitable reg. fee   REF SCM

S3028    Bucco,A.R.    CDS misuse-creates registry   REF SHH

S3029    Vitale,J/Cruz-Perez,N+1    Linda's Law-life-sustaining equipm   REF SEG

S3030    Vitale,J/Codey,R    Sterile syringe access prog.-concerns   REF SHH

S3031    Kean,T+1    Alco. bev tax cred to breweries-concerns   REF SLP

S3032    Lagana,J.A.    Telemarketers-concerns   REF SEG

S3033    Van Drew,J    Hotel occupancy fee-repeals sales tax   REF SSG



Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


S3034    Brown,C/Cruz-Perez,N+1    Fed. opportunity zone bus.-St. assist.   REF SEG

S3035    Bucco,A.R.    Pet grooming svcs.-reg.   REF SCM

S3036    Lagana,J.A./Scutari,N    Worker's comp charges-proh credit agency   REF SCM

S3037    Lagana,J.A.    Co. ordinance transmittal-concerns   REF SCU

S3038    Bucco,A.R.    Opioid use-prov. tax cred, vol treatment   REF SHH

S3039    Singleton,T/Kean,T+1    Hazing conviction-inelig. St. finan. aid   REF SHI

S3040    Singleton,T/Greenstein,L    Asbestos-proh. use in bldg. construction   REF SEN

S3041    Holzapfel,J    Minors-concerns working hrs.   REF SLA

S3042    Sarlo,P    SHBP, SEHBP-creates trust fds.   REF SSG

S3043    Madden,F/Oroho,S    Family day care prov.-crim. hist. check   REF SHH

S3044    Stack,B    Tenant screening-proh. landlord actions   REF SCU

S3045    Stack,B    Sonographers-req. lic.   REF SCM

S3046    Kean,T+1    Trunk fighting-estab as animal cruelty   REF SEN

S3047    Kean,T    Controlled dangerous substance-crim cert   REF SJU

S3048    Sweeney,S    Food/bev. prod.-proh liquid nitrogen use   REF SHH

S3049    Sweeney,S    Dam restoration-approp. bond act monies   REF SEN

S3050    Sweeney,S    Med. ed. prog.-concerns   REF SHH

S3051    Pennacchio,J    St. Auditor-expand audit powers   REF SSG

S3052    Kean,T/Oroho,S+1    Charitable Giving Account Prog.-estab.   REF SBA

S3053    Cardinale,G    Office of International Trade, Protocol   REF SEG

S3054    Rice,R    Dwellings-concerns short-term tax exemp.   REF SCU

S3055    Turner,S    Health care fac.-concerns bldg standards   REF SHH

S3056    Gill,N    Housing-devel prov low income or pay fee   REF SCU

S3057    Cryan,J    Land surveyor lic.-St.-specific exam req   REF SCM

S3058    Diegnan,P    MV driv. ed. and testing-concerns   REF SLP

S3059    O'Scanlon,D+1    Drug treatment prog-concerns court-order   REF SJU

S3060    O'Scanlon,D    Judge, mun. court-incr. term to five yrs   REF SJU

S3061    Ruiz,M    Apprenticeship prog.-corp. bus. tax cred   REF SLA

S3062    Ruiz,M    Apprenticeships-bus. tax cred.   REF SLA

S3063    Ruiz,M+1    Apprenticeship course-tuition fee waiver   REF SLA

S3064    Ruiz,M/Singleton,T    Apprenticeships-estab. task force   REF SLA

S3065    Ruiz,M/Singleton,T+1    Youth apprenticeship pilot prog-estab.   REF SLA

S3066    Ruiz,M/Singleton,T    High-Growth Industry Apprenticship Devel   REF SLA

S3067    Ruiz,M/Singleton,T    Apprentice Assist. Support Pilot Prog   REF SLA

S3068    Ruiz,M/Singleton,T+1    Apprenticeship mentoring prog cert-estab   REF SLA

S3069    Ruiz,M/Singleton,T    Pre-apprenticeship prog.-enhance   REF SLA

S3070    Ruiz,M/Singleton,T    NJ PLACE prog.-concerns   REF SLA

S3071    Madden,F/Lagana,J.A.    Pub. works contractors-concerns   REF SLA

S3072    Singleton,T    Sign Fabrication Safety Qual. Assurance   REF SLA

S3074    Lagana,J.A.    Pharmacy benf. mgmr.-concerns   REF SBA

S3075    Weinberg,L    Embryo storage fac.-concerns reg and lic   REF SHH

S3077    Greenstein,L    Invasion of privacy-clarify crime   REF SLP

S3078    Greenstein,L    Child porn arrests-concerns DNA sample   REF SLP

S3107    Cardinale,G/Sarlo,P    Co. office vacancies-concerns timeframe   REF SBA

S3108    Ruiz,M/Cunningham,S    Consent, physical contact-req instruct   REF SED

SCR141    Bucco,A.R.+1    Prop. tax deduct-cert Law enforce. off.   REF SSG

SCR142    Greenstein,L    Family Viol. Prev. and Svcs Act-reauth.   REF SHH

SCR143    Van Drew,J/Oroho,S    NJ Farm Bureau-recog. 100th anniv.   REF SEG

SCR144    Sweeney,S/Greenstein,L    Reentry svcs. comm.-estab.   REF SLP

SJR99    Lagana,J.A.    Heroes Day-desig. September 11th each yr   REF SSG

SR103    Cryan,J+1    United Airlines-condemns layoffs   REF SLA

SR104    Cryan,J    Secure, Fair Enforce Banking Act of 2017   REF SCM

SR105    Gopal,V    Tariffs, cert. imports-urge rescind   REF SCM

SR106    Greenstein,L    Land and Water Conserv. Fd.-reauth.   REF SEN

SR107    Singleton,T    Homeless Children's Awareness Wk-Oct 14   REF SCU

SR108    O'Scanlon,D    Atty. surveys-eval. mun. court judges   REF SJU

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A1526    Zwicker,A/Johnson,G+4    Freelance workers-concerns pymt.   REP

A2182    DeAngelo,W/Wimberly,B+4    Electrical contractor's lic-concerns   REP

A3112    Benson,D/Mukherji,R+3    Loc. Unit Electronic Procurement Act   REP

A4191    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Swimming pool-comply w/regulations   REP

S67 Sca (1R)    Singleton,T    Portable benf. for cert workers-concerns   REP/SCA

S678    Bateman,C/Smith,B+7    Drilling techniques, cert.-concerns   REP

S741    Diegnan,P/Madden,F    Pub. adjusters-unemp. comp. elig.   REP

S743    Diegnan,P/Cryan,J    Mortgage payoff balance-concerns   REP

S746    Diegnan,P/Cruz-Perez,N+1    Hearing aids-cert. audiologists dispense   REP

S1048    Vitale,J    Freelance workers-concerns pymt.   REP


Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading: (cont’d)


S1106    Ruiz,M    Latex gloves-DOH devel plan to phase out   REP

S1135    Bucco,A.R./Gopal,V    Emerg. drug dispensing-concerns   REP

S1373    Van Drew,J    Home health care agencies-concerns   REP

S1599    Beach,J/Oroho,S+1    Loc. Unit Electronic Procurement Act   REP

S1967 Sca (1R)    Sweeney,S/Madden,F    Workers' comp. suppl benf, cert-concerns   REP/SCA

S2252 Scs (SCS)    Smith,B/Greenstein,L    Plug-in electric veh. charging sys-estab   REP/SCS

S2262 Sca (1R)    Singleton,T    Small bus. loans-cert. disclosures req.   REP/SCA

S2525    Singleton,T/Cunningham,S+3    Veterans, homeless-prov. legal svcs.   REP

S2661 Sca (1R)    Van Drew,J/Holzapfel,J    Swimming pool-concerns   REP/SCA

S2674    Cruz-Perez,N    Animals warrantless seizure-revise   REP

S2765    Scutari,N/Singleton,T    Electrical contractor's lic-concerns   REP

S2773    Pou,N+1    Health care svc. firm-clarify definition   REP

S2849    Bucco,A.R.    Seeing Eye® dog-desig. as St. dog   REP

S2921    Greenstein,L    Env. infrastructure proj.-corrects list   REP

S2922    Vitale,J/O'Scanlon,D    Organ donation/med. examiners-concerns   REP

S2962 Sca (1R)    Pou,N+1    Accountancy Act of 1997-revises   REP/SCA

S2963    Pou,N+2    Prof. occup. lic. bd.-req. supervision   REP

S3071    Madden,F/Lagana,J.A.    Pub. works contractors-concerns   REP

S3072    Singleton,T    Sign Fabrication Safety Qual. Assurance   REP

S3074    Lagana,J.A.    Pharmacy benf. mgmr.-concerns   REP

SCR134    Greenstein,L/Bateman,C    Natural resources-concerns   REP

SR70 Sca (1R)    Singer,R+1    Shingles vaccine-encouraged to receive   REP/SCA

SR99    Singleton,T    Rancocas Creek, desig Natl Water Trail   REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

A1526    Zwicker,A/Johnson,G+4    Freelance workers-concerns pymt.  

S67 Sca (1R)    Singleton,T    Portable benf. for cert workers-concerns   

S741    Diegnan,P/Madden,F    Pub. adjusters-unemp. comp. elig.  

S1048    Vitale,J    Freelance workers-concerns pymt.  

S1106    Ruiz,M    Latex gloves-DOH devel plan to phase out  

S2252 Scs (SCS)    Smith,B/Greenstein,L    Plug-in electric veh. charging sys-estab  

S2963    Pou,N+2    Prof. occup. lic. bd.-req. supervision  

S3071    Madden,F/Lagana,J.A.    Pub. works contractors-concerns  

SCR134    Greenstein,L/Bateman,C    Natural resources-concerns  

Bills Transferred:

S1435    Van Drew,J/Beach,J    Viticulture Trail Sign Prog.-creates   FROM SEN TO SSG

Co-Sponsors Added:

S73   (Diegnan,P)    Disabled vet.-concerns prop. tax

S486   (Cunningham,S)    Sexual assault, higher ed. instit.-fine

S540   (Corrado,K)    Child Exploit Prev-block internet device

S624   (Van Drew,J)    Patient info.-limits cert.

S669   (Gopal,V)    Deferred comp., cert emp-excl income tax

S677   (Diegnan,P)    Nurse, sch.-administer opioid antidote

S683   (Diegnan,P)    Overdose Prev. Act-amends

S1143 (Greenstein,L)  Manufacturing reinvestment acct. prog.

S1339   (Bateman,C)    Behavioral health care svcs-expand insur

S1635   (Gopal,V)    Early Intervention Support Svc-concerns

S1765   (Bateman,C)    Wrongful imprisonment-concerns claims

S1805   (Greenstein,L)    Marie H. Katzenbach Sch task force-estab

S2525   (Brown,C)    Veterans, homeless-prov. legal svcs.

S2606   (Turner,S)    Sch. dist. emp.-concerns health benf.

S2624   (Greenstein,L)    Apprenticeship promotions-prov. funding

S2773   (Cardinale,G)    Health care svc. firm-clarify definition

S2852 Sa (1R)   (Turner,S)    Sch. bus operations-concerns reg.

S2853 Sa (1R)   (Turner,S)    Sch bus driv and aides-concerns training

S2854   (Turner,S)    Sch. bus driv.-concerns retesting

S2962 Sca (1R)   (Cardinale,G)    Accountancy Act of 1997-revises

S2963   (Cardinale,G; Kean,T)    Prof. occup. lic. bd.-req. supervision

S2968   (Greenstein,L)    Mil., active duty-waive insur. co-pymts

S2992   (Cruz-Perez,N)    Horse racing purse subsidies-concerns

S3000   (Bucco,A.R.; Greenstein,L)    Jersey Native Plants Program-estab

S3007   (Greenstein,L)   Black bear-annual update managing policy  

S3008   (Greenstein,L)   Black bear-concerns mgmt.  

S3009   (Greenstein,L)  Youths, at-risk-devel. prog., identify 

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


S3010  (Addiego,D; Connors,C)   Pub., bldgs.-chosen freeholder meetings

S3029  (Singleton,T)   Linda's Law-life-sustaining equipm

S3031  (Bucco, A.R.)   Alco. bev tax cred to breweries-concerns  

S3034  (Van Drew,J)  Fed. opportunity zone bus.-St. assist.

S3039   (Greenstein,L)   Hazing conviction-inelig. St. finan. aid 

S3046   (Bucco, A.R.)      Trunk fighting-estab as animal cruelty  

S3052   (Bucco, A.R.)      Charitable Giving Account Prog.-estab. 

S3059   (Greenstein,L)       Drug treatment prog-concerns court-order 

S3063   (Greenstein,L)       Apprenticeship course-tuition fee waiver 

S3065   (Greenstein,L)       Youth apprenticeship pilot prog-estab.  

S3068   (Greenstein,L)       Apprenticeship mentoring prog cert-estab  

SR103  (Rice,R)  United Airlines-condemns layoffs

SCR26   (Greenstein,L)    Lead haz. remediation-dedicate tax rev.

SCR136   (Greenstein,L)    Single-use plastic prod-assume responsib

SCR141   (Greenstein,L)      Prop. tax deduct-cert Law enforce. off. 

SJR94   (Bateman,C)    Opioid Antidote Admin. Comm-estab. temp.

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

S2839   (Greenstein,L)    Manufacturing Ext. Prog.;$250K

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S461   (Greenstein,L)    Manuf/prod bus resource ctr-desig entity

S486   (Greenstein,L)    Sexual assault, higher ed. instit.-fine

S624   (Codey,R)    Patient info.-limits cert.

S942   (Singleton,T)    Capital gains, emp. securities-tax excl.

S950   (Greenstein,L)    Manufacturing equip.-corp bus tax credit

S1040   (Greenstein,L)    Motor fuel-proh selling over 4% cash

S1135   (Gopal,V)    Emerg. drug dispensing-concerns

S1244   (Singleton,T)    Foreclosure Mediation Act

S1286   (Greenstein,L)    Modern manuf. bus.-prov. assist.

S1398   (Greenstein,L)    Manufacturing sector-students gain emp.

S1436   (Greenstein,L)    Craft distilleries-concerns

S2356   (Greenstein,L)    Emp end operations in St-annual eval req

S2652   (Greenstein,L)    Steel for manufacturing-allow tax cred.

S2672   (Bucco,A.R.)    Electroconvulsive therapy-bans, sr cit

S2937   (Singleton,T)    Battlefield to Boardroom Act

S2955   (Greenstein,L)    Wire maintenance-concerns

S2981   (Turner,S)    Community sch. pilot prog.-estab.

S2986   (Greenstein,L)    Panic button for hotel emp.-concerns

Third Prime Sponsors Added:


S2839   (Greenstein,L)    Manufacturing Ext. Prog.;$250K
S3071   (Addiego,D)    Pub. works contractors-concerns  


Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:


S3071   (Vitale,J)    Pub. works contractors-concerns


The Senate President has made the following appointments:


*Effective October 1, 2018


The Amistad Commission:


Senator Troy Singleton (7), to replace Senator Linda R. Greenstein (14), resigned.


New Jersey Commission on Veterans’ Benefits:


Vincent B. Mento, of Cherry Hill.



The Senate President has made the following appointments: (cont’d)


*Effective October 1, 2018


New Jersey Civic Information Consortium Board of Directors:


Charles W. Powers, Ph.D., of Teaneck.


New Jersey Commission on Capital Budgeting and Planning:


Eugene Lepore, of Haddonfield, to replace Joanne M. Cimiluca.


Integrated Population Health Data Project Governing Board:


Kathleen G. Noonan, of Philadelphia, to replace Natassia M. Rozario, resigned.


*Effective October 2, 2018


Sales and Use Tax Review Commission:


Senator Vin Gopal (11).
Senator Declan J. O’Scanlon , Jr. (13).


State House Commission:


Senator Vin Gopal (11).

New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing Board:


Mary Beth Russell, of Livingston, to replace Theresa A. Wurmser.

New Jersey Hearing Impairment Task Force:


Arlene Romoff, of Hackensack.

*Effective October 3, 2018


New Jersey Human Relations Council-Exec. Committee:


Anthony Cureton, of Englewood, to replace Sherie Jenkins.


The Senate President has made the following re-appointments:


*Effective October 2, 2018


The Amistad Commission:


Julia Miller, of Montclair.

*Effective October 4, 2018


New Jersey Redevelopment Authority:


William Sumas, of Monmouth Beach.

Robert Sierra, of Colonia.  



The Senate adjourned at 1.50 PM on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, to meet again on Thursday,

October 18, 2018 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “3” and “4” scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A4510    McKeon,J    Marijuana-related fds.-estab. St. bank   REF AFI

A4511    McGuckin,G/Wolfe,D    Minors-concerns working hrs.   REF ALA

A4512    Bucco,A.M.    FF, vol.-concerns charitable reg. fee   REF ALP

A4513    Bucco,A.M.    Opioid use-prov. tax cred, vol treatment   REF AHU

A4514    Bucco,A.M.    CDS misuse-creates registry   REF AHU

A4515    DiMaso,S    Handicapped parking signs-concern   REF ATR

A4516    Webber,J    Petroleum prod taxes-elim automatic incr   REF ATR

A4517    Wimberly,B/Speight,S    Eviction Crisis Task Force-estab.   REF AHO

A4518    DePhillips,C/Bramnick,J    Health care benf plans-concerns coverage   REF ASL

A4519    Freiman,R    Historical Markers Trail-estab.   REF ATG

A4520    McKeon,J/DeAngelo,W    Shore co.-concerns St. and loc. taxes   REF ATG

A4521    Swain,L/Murphy,C+1    Sexual assault, higher ed. instit.-fine   REF AHI

A4522    Swain,L/Murphy,C    Sexual misconduct, higher ed.-report   REF AHI

A4523    Space,P/Wirths,H    Plant species-concerns endangered   REF AAN

A4524    Wirths,H/Space,P    Wildlife lawfully taking-harassment fine   REF AAN

A4525    Wirths,H    Electric svc. prov.-concerns storage sys   REF ATU

A4526    Space,P+1    Hunting lic., resident-concerns   REF AAN

A4527    Space,P    Best Use of Ugly Produce Award Prog.   REF AAN

A4528    Space,P    Farm equip.-concerns right to repair   REF AAN

A4529    Mazzeo,V/Armato,J    Superstorm Sandy-concerns contr. fraud   REF ACO

A4530    Armato,J/Mazzeo,V    Prop. condition disclosure stmt-concerns   REF ACO

A4531    Armato,J/Mazzeo,V    Travel/tourism industry recovery-report   REF ACO

A4532    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Petroleum prod. taxes-Leg. approval req.   REF ATR

A4533    DeAngelo,W    Pub. util. work-concerns prevailing wage   REF ALA

A4534    Space,P/Andrzejczak,B+1    Safe Haven, Prot Domestic Comp. Animal   REF AAN

A4535    Zwicker,A/DePhillips,C+1    Energy Infrastr Pub-Priv Partnership Act   REF AST

A4536    Zwicker,A    Nat disaster-related spending-DCA track   REF ACO

A4537    Bucco,A.M.    Enhanced base tax cred-cert. manuf. bus.   REF ACE

A4538    Wimberly,B/Reynolds-Jackson,V    St. dept. contracts-req. cost analysis   REF ASL

A4539    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Hotel occupancy fee-repeals sales tax   REF ATG

A4540    Caputo,R/Johnson,G+4    Fireworks-related injury-report req.   REF AHS

A4541    Zwicker,A/Benson,D    Autonomous veh.-driv. lic. endorsement   REF ATR

A4542    Armato,J/Houghtaling,E    Storm events, future-study St. response   REF ACO

A4543    Carter,L    Nail products, cert.-proh. sale distrib.   REF ACO

A4544    Carter,L    Sexual assault-elim. statute limitations   REF AJU

A4545    Mejia,P    Franchise arrangements-concerns   REF ALA

A4546    Murphy,C    Substance abuse-sch. screening   REF AED

A4547    Lopez,Y    Crimes against elderly/disab.-concerns   REF AHU

A4548    Lopez,Y    Drug Enforce, Demand Reduction Fd.   REF AHU

A4549    Lopez,Y    Restrooms-concerns gender based   REF AJU

A4550    Murphy,C/Andrzejczak,B    Mil. Advisory Bd.-estab.   REF AMV

A4551    Mukherji,R/McKeon,J    Health insur communication-confidential   REF AFI

A4552    Mukherji,R    Dogs and cats-proh. leasing   REF ACO

A4553    Mukherji,R/Johnson,G    Police-concerns civil immunity   REF ALP

A4554    Mukherji,R    Health insur.-concerns   REF AFI

A4555    Mukherji,R/DeAngelo,W    Life-sustaining equip-proh discontinuing   REF ATU

A4556    Mukherji,R/Quijano,A    Children, immigration matter-guardian   REF AWC

A4557    Pinkin,N    Immunization Info Sys.-revise access   REF AHE

A4558    Thomson,E/Kean,S    Solid waste mgmt. plan-concerns   REF AEN

A4559    Thomson,E/Kean,S    Sch. bldg. evacuation-concerns   REF AED

A4560    Calabrese,C    Higher ed pub instit-conduct cert audits   REF AHI

A4561    Calabrese,C    Small bus. loans-cert. disclosures req.   REF AFI

A4562    Calabrese,C    Neonicotinoid pesticides-restrict use   REF AAN

A4563    Zwicker,A    Election purpose-proh. use of bots   REF AST

A4564    Zwicker,A    Voting Precinct Transparency Act-estab.   REF ASL

A4565    McKnight,A    Pub. sch., 1,000ft of gunfire-pilot prog   REF AED

A4566    Vainieri Huttle,V    Code Red alert-creates   REF AHU

A4567    Vainieri Huttle,V/Lampitt,P    Sch. psych.-estab. grant prog. to hire   REF AED

A4568    Greenwald,L    Insur contract, group-concerns   REF ASL

A4569    Downey,J    Medicaid, NJ Family care-improved sys   REF AHU

A4570    Lopez,Y    Pub. util. svc.-concerns disconnection   REF ATU

A4571    DiMaio,J    Medical marijuana-sales tax exemp.   REF AHE

A4572    Benson,D    Marie H. Katzenbach Sch task force-estab   REF AED

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A4573    Zwicker,A/Benson,D    Autonomous veh.-estab. pilot prog.   REF ATR

A4574    Benson,D    Sch transp contract-concerns termination   REF ATR

A4575    Lopez,Y    Nursing svcs, priv. duty-Medicaid reimb.   REF AHE

A4576    Lopez,Y    Wire maintenance-concerns   REF ATU

A4577    Pinkin,N/Lopez,Y    Warehouses, Solar-ready-concerns   REF AEN

A4578    Land,R/Andrzejczak,B    Nat. resource restoration proj.;$50M   REF AEN

A4579    Lopez,Y/Pinkin,N    Dam restoration-approp. bond act monies   REF AEN

A4580    Mazzeo,V/Armato,J+6    Loc. Pub. Contracts Law-release bid list   REF ASL

A4581    Lampitt,P/Jasey,M    Ed., special-attend college courses   REF AED

A4582    Lampitt,P/Vainieri Huttle,V    Textbook vendors-DOE maintain list, req.   REF AED

A4583    Verrelli,A/Swain,L    Incapacitated person-visitation rights   REF AHU

A4584    Schepisi,H/Karabinchak,R+39    Pub. off., convicted-disqual. emp.   REF AJU

A4585    Houghtaling,E    Invasive Species Task Force-estab.   REF AAN

A4586    Downey,J    No-fault auto. insur. law-repeals   REF AFI

A4587    Sumter,S    Pub. off.-estab. database w/cert. info.   REF ASL

A4588    Sumter,S    Roadside maintenance safety policies   REF ATR

A4589    Pintor Marin,E/Greenwald,L    Pharmacy benf. mgmr.-concerns   REF ABU

ACR194    Pinkin,N    Single-use plastic prod-assume responsib   REF AEN

AJR161    Murphy,C/Peters,R    Heroes Day-desig. September 11th each yr   REF ASL

AJR162    Space,P    Farmer's Market Wk.-First full wk., Aug.   REF AAN

AJR163    Space,P+2    Hunting and Fishing Day-desig. Sept.   REF AAN

AJR164    Benson,D/Zwicker,A    Advanced Autonomous Veh Task Force-estab   REF ATR

AR189    DeCroce,B    St House Complex-conduct security assess   REF AHS

AR190    Space,P    Milk non-dairy product-FDA proh labeling   REF AAN

AR191    Verrelli,A/Mejia,P    SNAP elig req-expand to higher ed instit   REF AHU

AR192    Carter,L/Spearman,W    African-Amer youth swim prog-participate   REF AWC

AR193    Downey,J    EMPOWER Care Act-urge Cong. enact   REF AHU

AR194    Mazzeo,V/Freiman,R    Election security-Cong. approp. addl fds   REF ASL

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A342/343 Acs (ACS)    Pinkin,N    Pharmacists-administer cert. vaccines   REP/ACS

A587 Aca (1R)    Moriarty,P+2    Electronic toll transponder-rental car   REP/ACA

A1139 Aca (1R)    Wimberly,B    Skateboards, motorized-restricts use   REP/ACA

A1151    Wimberly,B/Barclay,A    Inflatable ride safety req.-clarifies   REP

A2163    Wimberly,B    Reader Privacy Act-enacts   REP

A2430 Aca (1R)    Benson,D/Coughlin,C+1    Dental plan carriers-concerns forms   REP/ACA

A2567    DeAngelo,W/Holley,J    Alco bev at fund raising events-concerns   REP

A3045    Vainieri Huttle,V/Pinkin,N+2    Hearing aids-cert. audiologists dispense   REP

A3199    Andrzejczak,B/Land,R    Fire coordinator, co-auth warning lights   REP

A3578    Wirths,H/Murphy,C    Regulatory Flex Act-expands scope   REP

A3834 Aca (1R)    Taliaferro,A/Barclay,A    Law enforce. off, special-under age 65   REP/ACA

A4081    Mukherji,R/Moriarty,P+1    Internet ticket sales-concerns   REP

A4115    Benson,D/DeAngelo,W    NJ STARS-clarifies cert elig   REP

A4319 Aca (1R)    McKeon,J/DeCroce,B    Debt adjusters, for-profit-concerns lic.   REP/ACA

A4475 Aca (1R)    Schaer,G/Jasey,M+1    Coll. Loans repymt St. Students-concerns   REP/ACA

S466 Sca (1R)    Singer,R/Addiego,D    Dental plan carriers-concerns forms   REP

S724/754 ScsAca (SCS/1R)    Greenstein,L/Diegnan,P    Pharmacy interns-concerns supervision   REP/ACA

S2665    Pou,N/Cruz-Perez,N    Internet ticket sales-concerns   REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A392    Jimenez,A/Prieto,V+7    Physical therapists-concerns   REP REF AAP

A1604    Conaway,H+1    Recreational Therapists Lic. Act   REP REF AAP

A1986 Aca (1R)    Sumter,S/Holley,J+12    Inmate reentry-DOC dev. plan   REP/ACA REF AAP

A3044 Aca (1R)    Vainieri Huttle,V/Jimenez,A+1    Bijou's Law-Pet Groomers Lic. Act   REP/ACA REF AAP

A4134    Freiman,R/Mukherji,R+5    Secure Choice Savings Prog. Act   REP REF AAP

S761 ScaAca (2R)    Cunningham,S/Ruiz,M+5    Earn Your Way Out Act-estab.   REP/ACA REF AAP

Bills Combined:

A343    Pinkin,N/Giblin,T    Pharmacy interns-concerns vaccines   COMB/W A342 (ACS)

Bills Transferred:

A1111    Downey,J/Houghtaling,E    Substance use disorders-estab study comm   FROM AHE TO AHU

A3514 Aca (1R)    Lampitt,P/Mosquera,G+5    Caregiver Task Force-establishes   FROM AAP TO ABU

A4319 Aca (1R)    McKeon,J/DeCroce,B    Debt adjusters, for-profit-concerns lic.   FROM ACO TO AFI

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A1598    Conaway,H/Giblin,T    Physical Therapy Lic. Compact-concerns     FROM ARP  

A2985    Bucco,A.M.    Mun. fair share housing oblig.-concerns     FROM AHO  

A2986    Bucco,A.M.    Mun. fair share housing oblig.-concerns     FROM AHO   

Bills Received from Senate/Concurrence w/Senate Amendments/Given Second Reading:

A4102 Sca (1R)    Johnson,G/DeAngelo,W+1    Cigar bars-concerns  

Bills Received from Senate/Referred to Committee:

S171    Doherty,M/Sweeney,S+3    Co. tax admin.-permits co. to share   REF ASL

S724/754 ScsAca (SCS/1R)    Greenstein,L/Diegnan,P    Pharmacy interns-concerns supervision   REF ARP

S1567    Weinberg,L    Transp. fringe benf, pre-tax-emp. prov.   REF AAP

S1591 Sca (1R)    Singleton,T/Cruz-Perez,N+3    St. debt affordability analysis-concerns   REF ASL

S1707    Oroho,S/Bateman,C    Land acquisition open space-concerns   REF AAN

S1791    Weinberg,L    Wage info-emp. req. disclose   REF ALA

S1887    Singleton,T/Greenstein,L+3    Career, tech ed cert pilot prog-concerns   REF ALA

S1923 Sa (1R)    Singleton,T/Gopal,V+2    Vicious dog-revise criteria   REF AAN

S2265    Sarlo,P/Oroho,S+2    Small bus stock-concerns capital gains   REF AAP

S2511    Madden,F    Conserv off-change to conserv police off   REF AEN

S2521 ScaSa (2R)    Cryan,J/Greenstein,L+1    Inmate abuse-estab. investigation prog.   REF AAP

S2839    Gopal,V/Oroho,S+4    Manufacturing Ext. Prog.;$250K   REF ABU

S2858    Gopal,V/Diegnan,P+2    Badges, law enforcement-concerns   REF ASL

S2890    Cunningham,S    Liberty Sci. Ctr.-incr. aid;$2.561M   REF AST

S2892 ScaSca (2R)    Sweeney,S/Ruiz,M    Aviation fuel tax exemp.-elim.   REF ATR

SJR12 Sca (1R)    Cardinale,G/Brown,C+1    Train tech, positive-Fed govt Assist   REF AOF

SJR35    Weinberg,L/Corrado,K+3    Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day-desig.   REF AHE

SJR36    Weinberg,L    Pregnancy/Infant Loss Remembrance Mo.   REF AWC

SJR46 Sca (1R)    Weinberg,L    Crossing Guard Appreciation Day-desig.   REF AED

SJR51    Rice,R/Turner,S+4    St. Commission on Urban Violence-estab.   REF ALP

SJR72    Singer,R/Weinberg,L+1    Econ. Devel. Day-desig 2nd Monday in May   REF ACE

SJR73    Singleton,T/Van Drew,J+2    Mil. Hunger Prev. Act-Cong. pass   REF AMV

SJR96    Singleton,T/Cruz-Perez,N+1    Disab. Empl. Awareness Month-desig.   REF ALA

SJR97    Gopal,V/Oroho,S+3    Manuf. Week-desig. first wk of October   REF ALA

Bills Received from Senate/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

S2522 Sa (1R)    Cryan,J/Greenstein,L+2    Strip searches, cross gender-limits  

Co-Sponsors Added:

A259   (Bucco,A.M.; Murphy,C; Handlin,A; Carter,L; Sumter,S; Verrelli,A)    Accidential disab. benf.-concerns elig.

A392   (Timberlake,B)    Physical therapists-concerns

A587 Aca (1R)   (Johnson,G)    Electronic toll transponder-rental car

A900   (Houghtaling,E)    Modern manuf. bus.-prov. assist.

A1006   (Murphy,C)    Probation emp.-trans. to St. Parole Bd.

A1028   (Verrelli,A)    Police-estab. prog. to prevent suicide

A1091   (Caputo,R; Reynolds-Jackson,V)    Child custody-concerns

A1329   (DePhillips,C)    Drilling techniques, cert.-concerns

A1392   (DePhillips,C)    Emp end operations in St-annual eval req

A1403   (DePhillips,C)    Red Tape Review Commission-estab.

A1504 Aca (1R)   (Mukherji,R)    Aid in Dying-Terminally Ill Act.

A1902   (Zwicker,A)    Renewable energy efficiency-estab. prog.

A1923 Aca (1R)   (Calabrese,C; Jimenez,A)    Nosey's Law-proh cert. animal acts

A1972   (McKnight,A)    Tipped workers-incr. min. wage

A1987   (Caputo,R; Holley,J; Reynolds-Jackson,V)    Redist-incarcerated person resid address

A2031 Acs (ACS)   (Mazzeo,V; Armato,J)    Behavioral health svcs.-expand coverage

A2086   (Danielsen,J)    Involuntary commitment-concerns

A2115   (Timberlake,B)    Resid. Foreclosure Transformation Act

A2425   (Kennedy,J)    Transp. fringe benf, pre-tax-emp. prov.

A2439   (Giblin,T)    Condo. assoc. insur. policies-concerns

A2475   (Holley,J)    Retir. subdiv.-shelter in case of emerg.

A2500   (Giblin,T)    Homeowners assn-concern mgmt/maintenance

A2506   (Munoz,N)    First responders-req./training standards

A2988   (Space,P; Wirths,H)    Burglary of resid.-2nd degree crime

A3032   (Space,P; Wirths,H)    Bear spray-allows possession



Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A3044 Aca (1R)   (Mejia,P)    Bijou's Law-Pet Groomers Lic. Act

A3045   (DePhillips,C; Moriarty,P)    Hearing aids-cert. audiologists dispense

A3110   (Calabrese,C)    Traps-bans certain

A3129 AcaAa (2R)   (Jasey,M)    Firearms, untraceable-concerns

A3150   (Mukherji,R)    Fertility Preservation-health benf

A3185   (Danielsen,J; Carter,L; Holley,J)    Ed. subcontracting agreements-concerns

A3329   (Caputo,R)    We Support the Arts-auth lic. plate

A3395   (Carter,L; Holley,J)    Pub. sch. dist.-subcontract agreements

A3625   (Mosquera,G; Verrelli,A)    Higher ed. tuition-improve transparency

A3664   (Giblin,T; Carter,L)    Non-teaching staff-concerns arbitration

A3677   (Benson,D)    Angel Investor Tax Cred Act-qual invest.

A3832   (Caputo,R)    Arts & culture-dedicate mun. tax levy

A3955   (Giblin,T)    Patient info.-limits cert.

A3991   (Holley,J)    Elections Security Act-estab.

A4016   (Caputo,R)    Casino gambling, underage-penalty

A4081   (Chaparro,A)    Internet ticket sales-concerns

A4134   (Holley,J; Benson,D; Giblin,T; Quijano,A)    Secure Choice Savings Prog. Act

A4317   (Caputo,R)    Fantasy sports operators-concerns

A4338   (Zwicker,A)    Liberty Sci. Ctr.-incr. aid;$2.561M

A4352   (Danielsen,J)    Sch. dist. emp.-concerns health benf.

A4357   (McKnight,A)    Fire & EMS Crisis Intervention Svcs.

A4447   (Benson,D; Holley,J)    Sch. bus endorsements-concerns

A4475 Aca (1R)   (Johnson,G)    Coll. Loans repymt St. Students-concerns

A4521   (Timberlake,B)   Sexual assault, higher ed. instit.-fine  

A4535   (McGuckin,G)  Energy Infrastr Pub-Priv Partnership Act 

A4580   (Benson,D)   Loc. Pub. Contracts Law-release bid list 

A4584   (Calabrese,C)  Pub. off., convicted-disqual. emp.  

ACR43   (Murphy,C)    St. Parole Bd.-transfer functions

ACR181   (Murphy,C)    Police permanent disab-prop tax deduct.

AJR30   (Holley,J)    Fire Safety Ed. Mo.-desig. October

AJR87   (Benson,D)    Alice Paul Day-desig. January 11

AR85   (Kean,S)    Mil. Surviving Spouses Equity Act

AR173   (Caputo,R)    Anthony Bourdain Food Trail-estab.

Prime Sponsors Added:

A3834 Aca (1R)   (Taliaferro,A)    Law enforce. off, special-under age 65

AJR157   (Pintor Marin,E)    Peter Francisco Day, NJ-Desig March 15

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A931   (Timberlake,B)    Human trafficking victim-help info.

A2567   (Holley,J)    Alco bev at fund raising events-concerns

A2674   (Benson,D)    Vet. tenant, disab-estab income tax cred

A2749   (Mukherji,R)    Real estate transfer-transparency

A3108   (McKnight,A)    Mold haz sch bldg-req evalution

A3418   (Verrelli,A)    Emp misclassification-estab. commission

A3489   (Munoz,N)    Domestic viol. statutes-expands

A4060   (Johnson,G)    Industrial sand casting-exemp cert. tax.

A4319 Aca (1R)   (DeCroce,B)    Debt adjusters, for-profit-concerns lic.

A4446   (Downey,J)    Mental health-part of ed. curriculum

A4452   (Benson,D)    Medicaid reimb. rate-study commission

AJR156   (Benson,D)    S.T.E.M. Week-desig. second wk in March

AR188   (Verrelli,A)    Land and Water Conserv. Fd.-reauth.

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A1392   (Houghtaling,E)    Emp end operations in St-annual eval req

A1981   (Reynolds-Jackson,V)    Tipped workers-concerns wage/hr info.

A2266   (Benson,D)    Battlefield to Boardroom Act

A2592   (Timberlake,B)    Human trafficking-concerns cert. lic.

A2749   (Chaparro,A)    Real estate transfer-transparency

A2842   (Downey,J)    Born out of wedlock-elim. phrase

A3045   (Chiaravalloti,N)    Hearing aids-cert. audiologists dispense

A3524   (Mosquera,G)    Lisa's Law-monitor violent offenders

A3682   (Benson,D)    Mun. announcements-prov electronic means

A3895   (Bucco,A.M.)    Alco. bev. penal.-forward to mun.

A3941   (Bucco,A.M.)    Manufacturing sector-student gain emp.


Third Prime Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A4115   (Holley,J)    NJ STARS-clarifies cert elig

A4384   (Benson,D)    Telemarketers-proh. sales calls

A4473   (Murphy,C)    Probation off. union rep.-concerns

A4535   (DeCroce,B)    Energy Infrastr Pub-Priv Partnership Act 

AJR153   (Verrelli,A)    Law Enforcement Off Mem Wk-May 15th


Notes to the 9/17/2018 Digest:

Prime Sponsors Added:

A3731 Constr. code office-co. estab.  (Tully,P)  *NOT* A3721 Transient guest accommodation-req. lic.

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A3731 Constr. code office-co. estab.  (Swain,L) *NOT* A3721 Transient guest accommodation-req. lic.

Third Prime Sponsors Added:


A3731 Constr. code office-co. estab.    (Wimberly,B) *NOT* A3721 Transient guest accommodation-req. lic.

The Assembly adjourned at 6:12 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, October 18, 2018 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “C” and “D” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (9/27/2018):


P.L.2018, c.120.   A3676 AcaAca w/GR (3R)    Mazzeo,V/Armato,J+4    10/3/2018    Garden St Growth Zone-creates AC Airport  

P.L.2018, c.121.   A1053 w/GR (1R)    Houghtaling,E/Taliaferro,A+5    10/4/2018    Agric. lands-revise/expand trespass laws  

P.L.2018, c.122.   A2762 Aca w/GR (2R)    Greenwald,L/Mukherji,R+10    10/4/2018    Disab. leave, temp.-revise law  

P.L.2018, c.123.   A2763 Aca w/GR (2R)    Greenwald,L/Downey,J+2    10/4/2018    Temp. disab. insur. report-req addl data  

P.L.2018, c.124.   A3683 AcaSca w/GR (3R)    Murphy,C/McKnight,A+24    10/4/2018    Healthcare worker-auth parking privilege  

P.L.2018, c.125.   A3703 Aca w/GR (2R)    DeAngelo,W/Cryan,J+1    10/4/2018    HVACR lic law-revise ownership standards  

P.L.2018, c.126.   A3754 w/GR (1R)    McKnight,A/Speight,S+10    10/4/2018    Hair braiding-estab. limited lic.  

P.L.2018, c.127.   A3808 Aca w/GR (2R)    Greenwald,L/Bramnick,J+2    10/4/2018    Pub. contracts-prov. prompt pymt.  

P.L.2018, c.128.   A4118 w/GR (1R)    Swain,L/Tully,P+8    10/4/2018    TDI and family temp. disab.-concerns  

P.L.2018, c.129.   A4181 Acs w/GR (ACS/1R)    Jones,P/Murphy,C    10/4/2018    Renaissance sch proj-St-admin retire sys  

P.L.2018, c.130.   A4230 Aa w/GR (2R)    Burzichelli,J/Mukherji,R+4    10/4/2018    Sports wagering-changes use  

P.L.2018, c.131.   A4495    Pintor Marin,E/Sarlo,P    10/4/2018    CBT-amends provisions regarding tax base  

P.L.2018, c.132.   A4496    Burzichelli,J/Moriarty,P+1    10/4/2018    Marketplace facilitators-sales tax  

P.L.2018, JR-10.   SJR75    Singleton,T/Peters,R+10    10/3/2018    Sergeant Dominick Pilla, Jamie Smith Day