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Vol. XXXIII No. 53                                                                         219th Legislature • Second Annual Session




Bills Introduced:


S4162  Pennacchio,J  Ballots, paper-req use during election; req use of open source voting technology  REF SSG

S4163  Kean,T/Singer,R  Virtual Currency & Blockchain Regulation Act-establishes regulatory framework  REF SCM

S4164  Pou,N  Lead paint on home exterior-requires construction permit and inspections on work  REF SCU

S4165  Beach,J/Greenstein,L  First responders diagnosed w/post-traumatic stress disorder-prov emp protections  REF SLP

S4166  Testa,M/Pennacchio,J  Critical race theory-proh. teaching in public schools; proh teachers engaging in  REF SED

S4167  Testa,M  Marriage or civil union license-permit issued & solemnized via audio-visual tech  REF SCU

S4168  Testa,M  Veterinary technicians-requires licensure  REF SCM

S4170  Gopal,V  Shri Krishna Nidhi Foundation-support health svcs, COVID-19 diagnosis;$150K  REF SHH

S4171  Gopal,V  Alcoholic beverages at farm markets-concerns certain sales  REF SCU

S4172  Gopal,V/Corrado,K+1  Human trafficking-expands crime to include individuals who benefit financially  REF SJU

S4173  Gopal,V/Corrado,K+1  Victims and witnesses testify-permits via close circuit television  REF SJU

S4174  Gopal,V  Human trafficking crime-eliminates statute of limitations for prosecution  REF SJU

S4175  Gopal,V  Knowledge Empowers Youth & Sobriety Academy, Matawan-Aberdeen Regional Sch.;$1M  REF SED

S4176  Gopal,V  Trans network co drivers-requie educational training course on human trafficking  REF STR

S4177  Gopal,V  Dry drowning-municipalities req to provide information at public swimming pools  REF SCU

S4178  Gopal,V  Polling place/early voting location-Secretary of St select if board cannot agree  REF SSG

S4179  Greenstein,L  Community College Opportunity Grant Prog-permit adult student receive finan asst  REF SHI

S4180  Greenstein,L  Female Inmates' Rights Protection Act-establishes  REF SLP

S4181  Greenstein,L  Water Data Center-establishes at public institution of higher education;$1M  REF SEN

S4182  Greenstein,L  Water Infrastructure Center-estab at insitute of higher education, DEP desig;$5M  REF SEN

S4183  Cryan,J  Rent control & rent leveling ordinances-concerning certain exemptions  REF SCU

S4184  Cryan,J  Military spouses, certain-provides tax credits for hiring  REF SMV

S4185  Corrado,K  Bridge Year Pilot Program-exempts cert. students w disab from college credit req  REF SED

S4186  Greenstein,L/Turner,S  COVID-19 in planned real estate devel-extends immunity relating to until 2023  REF SCU

S4187  Greenstein,L  Property taxes paid in error-requires municipality to return to taxpayer  REF SCU

S4188  Cryan,J  Bribery, official/political matters-applies to soliciting to act, not yet in off  REF SJU

S4190  Kean,T/Corrado,K  Child care cost reimb grant-estab for child subject to COVID-19 quarantine;$500K  REF SHH

S4191  Cunningham,S  Hospitals-req DOH approval for adverse possessory action against  REF SHH

S4192  Vitale,J  Child care deserts-require DHS develop incentives, encourage private investment  REF SHH

S4193  Vitale,J  Child custody-proh awarding custody/limit visitation based on parent disability  REF SJU

S4194  Sweeney,S  Gold caddies-classify as independent contractors for purpose of State emp. laws  REF SLA

SJR136  Thompson,S  Day of the Boy-designates May 16  REF SHH

SJR137  Greenstein,L  Protect NJ Inmates from Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct Comm.-makes permanent  REF SLP

SJR138  Greenstein,L  Silver Star Service Banner Day-designates May 1st  REF SMV


Co-Sponsors Added:


S587  (Diegnan,P)  New Voter Empowerment Act-permits cert 17 year olds to vote in primary elections

S1586  (Schepisi,H.T.)  School library media specialist-requires certain ratios to students in pub. sch.

S2565/3573 Scs (SCS)  (Holzapfel,J)  Veterans, war service disabilities-increase in allowance paid

S3359 Sca (1R)  (Holzapfel,J)  Veterans, certain surviving spouses-provides gross income tax deduction

S3464  (Kean,T)  Information literacy instruction-req. in curriculum of students grades K to 12

S3630  (Cunningham,S)  Anti-choking devices, portable-require in schools

S3660  (Diegnan,P; Cunningham,S)  Induction loop listening system-install in new constr. bldgs. open to the public

S4048  (Diegnan,P)  Health care entities & collective bargaining agreements-req contracts for sale




Co-Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


S4051  (Singleton,T)  9-1-1 System & Emergency Response Trust Fund-prioritizes distribution of monies

S4058  (Holzapfel,J)  Dogs, cruel tethering & confinement-revise law proh; estab procedure for seizure

S4071  (Turner,S)  Motorbus and Passenger Rail Service Employee Violence Prevention Act

S4074  (Gopal,V)  Teacher certification-allow alternative eval in place of basic skill testing req

S4077 Sca (1R)  (Stack,B; Ruiz,M)  Electric school bus pilot prog.-req. EDA develop & implement; prov $15M per year

S4101  (Diegnan,P)  Electric vehicle charging stations-prov. tax credits for purchase & installation

S4107  (Bucco,A)  Immunity, COVID-19 spread in planned real estate devel-makes permanent certain

S4112  (Diegnan,P)  Nonprofit corp-permit members to participate in meetings by remote communication

S4114  (Diegnan,P)  Tobacco product retailers-req stock & sell nicotine replacement therapy products

S4133  (O'Scanlon,D)  Electric or water heating systems-prohibit State from mandating

S4172  (Madden,F)  Human trafficking-expands crime to include individuals who benefit financially 

S4173  (Madden,F)  Victims and witnesses testify-permits via close circuit television 

SJR133  (Weinberg,L)  Diner Day-designates October 1 of each year


Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:


S4133  (Oroho,S)  Electric or water heating systems-prohibit State from mandating


Co-Prime Sponsors Added:


S3105 Sca (1R)  (Gill,N)  Firearm, seized-notify domestic violence victim when weapon is returned

S3240  (Turner,S)  Cannabis business deductions-decouples State tax provisions from fed prohibition

S3280  (Singleton,T)  Business interruption insur-offer rider for global virus transmission & pandemic

S3445  (Bucco,A)  Behavioral health & substance use disorders-estab. 24-hr. urgent care pilot prog

S3447  (Bucco,A)  Regional Community Behavioral Health Pilot Program, 2-yr-require DHS establish

S3760  (Beach,J)  Racing Commission-changes deadline for annual report to end of State fiscal year

S3761 Sca (1R)  (Beach,J)  Voters residing overseas-allows voters to vote in any election in this State

S4133  (Oroho,S)  Electric or water heating systems-prohibit State from mandating

S4158  (Greenstein,L)  PERS members/retirants-increase surviving spouse accidental death benefit

SJR135  (Gopal,V)  Firearms manufacturers who produce firearms designed to look like toys-condemns


Co-Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:


S4133  (Sarlo,P)  Electric or water heating systems-prohibit State from mandating


Third Prime Sponsors Added:


S3455 Sca (1R)  (Sweeney,S)  Workability Prog & Personal Assistance Svcs Prog-revise eligibility requirements

S4133  (Sarlo,P)  Electric or water heating systems-prohibit State from mandating


Note to 3/9/2021 Digest:


Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:


S3455 Sca (1R)  Madden,F/Bucco,A  Workability Prog & Personal Assistance Svcs Prog-revise eligibility requirements REP *NOT* REF SBA 

Note to 11/8/2021 Digest:


Bills Received from Governor/Conditional Veto:


S969  Ruiz,M/Turner,S+8  Teacher loan redemption prog.-redeem amounts to assist in low performing schools *NOT* Absolute Veto 








Note to 11/15/2021 Digest:

Bills Combined:


S3573  Testa,M/Gopal,V+1    State payments made to veterans/surviving spouse for injuries-increase to


The Senate adjourned at 5:15 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, December 2, 2021 (SESSION).




The Assembly did not meet.  The Assembly will meet on Thursday, December 2, 2021 (SESSION).


Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:




Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (11/15/2021):