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Vol. XXI No. 29                                                                                 213th Legislature $ Second Annual Session



The Senate did not meet.  The Senate will meet on Thursday, December 3, 2009 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “3” and “4” scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A4232    Vainieri Huttle,V    Apparel Procurement Bd.-estab.   REF ALA

A4233    Vainieri Huttle,V    Open Pub. Meetings Act-revise provisions   REF ASG

A4234    Vainieri Huttle,V    Gov. records-make available on internet   REF ASG

A4235    Vainieri Huttle,V    Alternative fuel prog., cert.-concerns   REF AHI

A4236    Wagner,C/Conaway,H    Chain restaurants-calorie info.   REF AHE

A4237    Wagner,C/Johnson,G    Birth cert.-concerns   REF AHE

A4238    Wagner,C    Plastic Carryout Bag Reduction Act   REF AEN

A4239    Chiappone,A    Firearms, defaced & stolen-concerns   REF ALP

A4240    Burzichelli,J    DRPA emp.-concerns rights   REF ATR

A4241    Burzichelli,J    Svc. dogs, use by cert. students-concerns   REF AED

A4242    Burzichelli,J    Elevator contractors-prov. for lic.   REF ARP

A4243    Wagner,C    MVC-concerns   REF ATR

A4244    Prieto,V    MV equip., inspections-concerns   REF ATR

A4245    Spencer,L/Schaer,G    Med. malpractice liab. insur.-concerns   REF AFI

A4246    Schaer,G    Nonpub. tech. initiative aid-reinstate   REF AED

A4247    Wisniewski,J    Autocabs-concerns   REF ATR

A4248    Wisniewski,J    Sch. fac. proj.-concern construction   REF AED

A4249    Conners,J    POW and MIA desig.-concerns   REF ASG

A4250    Conners,J/Tucker,C    Handicap accessible veh. purch.-concern   REF AMV

A4251    Conners,J    Deceased svc. memb. benf.-concerns   REF AMV

A4252    Conners,J    Veterans Court Pilot Prog.   REF AMV

A4253    Conners,J/Tucker,C    Natl. Guard memb.-tuition asst.   REF AMV

A4254    Rible,D/Johnson,G+1    PFRS-concerns retiree health benf.   REF AHO

A4255    Angelini,M/Rible,D    Veh. owned by St. auth.-reg.   REF ATR

A4256    Angelini,M    Sci. and tech. bus. asst. svc.-estab.   REF ACE

A4257    Addiego,D/Rudder,S    Wastewater mgmt. plans-concerns   REF AEN

A4258    Rudder,S/Addiego,D    Affordable housing-concerns   REF AHO

A4259    Giblin,T/Watson Coleman,B+1    PERS-concerns accidental disab. benf.   REF ASG

A4260    Gusciora,R/Vainieri Huttle,V    Energy generation fac.-concern permits   REF AEN

A4261    Gusciora,R/Cryan,J+1    Collective labor negotiations-concerns   REF ALA

A4262    Quijano,A    Family child care providers-concerns   REF ALA

A4263    Quijano,A    Community care resid. providers-concerns   REF ALA

A4264    Quijano,A    I & R in cert. mun.-concerns   REF AHO

A4265    McKeon,J    Site remediations-covenant not to sue   REF AEN

A4266    McKeon,J    Olive oil-reg. sale   REF ACO

A4267    Cryan,J    Special ed. costs-concern reimb.   REF AED

A4268    Cryan,J/Quijano,A    Maintenance-related proj.-wage req.   REF ALA

A4269    Quijano,A    Hispanic communities-representation   REF AHO

A4270    Jasey,M    Special Ed, Tramautic Brain Injury   REF AED

A4271    McKeon,J    US Senate vacancy appt.-concerns   REF ASG

Bills Introduced: (cont’d)


A4272    Johnson,G    Police training-concerns   REF ALP

A4273    Amodeo,J/Polistina,V    Avation related emp.-concerns   REF ATR

A4274    Polistina,V/Amodeo,J    Aviation related job cert.-concern   REF AHI

A4275    Polistina,V/Amodeo,J    Aviation Research, Tech. Park-concerns   REF ACE

A4276    Polistina,V/Amodeo,J    Vote by mail ballots-concerns   REF ASG

A4277    Polistina,V/Amodeo,J    Casino conservators-concerns   REF ATG

A4278    Greenwald,L    Homebuyer Tax Cred. Prog-.estab.   REF ABU

A4279    Cryan,J    Community Svc. Phase Two Pilot Prog.   REF AED

A4280    Green,J/Scalera,F    Devel. applic.-concern review, approval   REF AHO

A4281    Green,J    Police director, cert. mun.-concerns   REF AHO

A4282    Wisniewski,J    Commercial driv. lic.-concerns   REF ATR

A4283    Wisniewski,J    Regis. plates, specialty-concerns   REF ATR

A4284    Wisniewski,J    NJTA-design-build procurements   REF ATR

A4285    Barnes,P+1    Inmates-provision of prescription meds   REF ALP

A4286    Barnes,P/Ramos,R+2    Sr. Gold Prescription Prog.-elig.   REF AHE

A4287    Barnes,P/Ramos,R+3    Prison physicians-acquire cert. training   REF ALP

A4288    Burzichelli,J    Privatization contracts, cert.-concerns   REF ALA

A4289    Egan,J/Evans,E    Family temp. disab. leave-concerns   REF ALA

A4290    DeAngelo,W    Project labor agreements-concerns   REF ALA

A4291    DeAngelo,W    Prevailing wage req.-concerns   REF ALA

A4292    DeAngelo,W    Constr. lien claims-concerns   REF ALA

A4293    DeAngelo,W    Prevailing wage-concerns pymt.   REF ALA

A4294    Oliver,S    Workers' comp.-surviving spouses   REF ALA

A4295    Moriarty,P/Albano,N+5    Unsolicited checks, cert.-proh.   REF ACO

A4296    Stender,L/Vainieri Huttle,V    Palimony-concerns   REF AJU

A4297    Burzichelli,J    Sch. Bds. Assn-memb. optional   REF AED

A4298    Watson Coleman,B    Sr. managing underwriters-opportunities   REF ACE

A4299    Watson Coleman,B    Resid. forclosures-concern prev.   REF AHO

A4300    Quigley,J/Schaer,G    PFRS accidential death benf.-expedite   REF ASG

A4301    Johnson,G    Fed. NICS Improvement Act-compliance   REF ALP

A4302    McKeon,J    MV, loan suspended driv.-incr. penal.   REF ALP

A4303    McKeon,J    Drunk driv. with suspended lic.-crime   REF ALP

A4304    Burzichelli,J/Johnson,G    Handgun sales, purch.-concerns   REF ALP

A4305    DeAngelo,W    Pub. works contractors-concern regis.   REF ALA

A4306    McKeon,J    DWI-concerns penal.   REF ALP

ACR244    Polistina,V/Amodeo,J    Aviation-Gov. declare critical industry   REF ACE

AR213    Conners,J    POW/MIA desig.-reinstate   REF AMV

AR214    Amodeo,J/Polistina,V    NextGen Liaison-desig. emp.   REF ATR

AR215    Rible,D    Black sea bass fishing-oppose 6-mo. ban   REF AAN

AR216    Carroll,M    Bluefin tuna fishing-urge reduction   REF AAN

AR217    Carroll,M    Surface Transp., Tax Equity Act-pass   REF ATR

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A1072 Aca (1R)    Wagner,C/Voss,J    Soil contamination on sch. prop-concerns   REP/ACA

A1095    Cryan,J/Chivukula,U+8    Pub. document-decrease copy fees   REP

A3448 Acs (ACS)    Gusciora,R/DeAngelo,W    Voter regis. applications-concerns   REP/ACS

A3791    Milam,M/Albano,N    Coastal region-concerns   REP

A4089 Aca (1R)    Wisniewski,J/Scalera,F    EMTs-concerns certification   REP/ACA

A4159    Casagrande,C/O'Scanlon,D+4    Earle Naval Weapons Station-housing   REP

A4250    Conners,J/Tucker,C    Handicap accessible veh. purch.-concern   REP

A4253 Aca (1R)    Conners,J/Tucker,C    Natl. Guard memb.-tuition asst.   REP/ACA

A4265 Aca (1R)    McKeon,J    Site remediations-covenant not to sue   REP/ACA

A4268    Cryan,J/Quijano,A    Maintenance-related proj.-wage req.   REP

A4289    Egan,J/Evans,E    Family temp. disab. leave-concerns   REP

A4291 Aca (1R)    DeAngelo,W    Prevailing wage req.-concerns   REP/ACA

A4293    DeAngelo,W    Prevailing wage-concerns pymt.   REP

A4300    Quigley,J/Schaer,G    PFRS accidential death benf.-expedite   REP

AR120 Aca (1R)    Scalera,F    Community Emerg. Response Teams-recog.   REP/ACA

S924    Van Drew,J    Coastal region-concerns   REP

S2885 Sca (1R)    Girgenti,J/Sweeney,S+7    EMTs-concerns certification   REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

ACR134 Aca (1R)    Burzichelli,J/Albano,N+5    Emp. benf.-concerns use of cert. contrib   REP/ACA REF AAP

SCR60 Sca (1R)    Sweeney,S/Kean,T+15    Emp. benf.-concerns use of cert. contrib   REP REF AAP


Bills Transferred:

A4121    Rumpf,B/McKeon,J    Island Beach St. Park prog-dedicate fees   FROM AAN TO AEN

S2491 Sca (1R)    Turner,S/Codey,R    Underage Drinking, Higher Ed. Task Force   FROM AHI TO AED

Co-Sponsors Added:

A372   (Wagner,C)    Non-wood bats-proh. use in cert. games

A616 AcsAca (ACS/1R)   (Greenwald,L)    Societal benf. charge rev.-concerns

A1330   (Wagner,C)    Thomas P. Canzanella First Resp Prot Act

A1551   (Wagner,C)    Healthy Workplace Act-estab.

A1880   (Diegnan,P)    Loc. Bond Law-amends

A2363   (Diegnan,P)    Internet auction-unlawful, cert. product

A3049   (Wagner,C)    Emerg. hosp. evacuations-concerns

A3625   (Jasey,M)    Developmental disab.-concerns support

A3677   (Jasey,M; Wagner,C)    Casino Control Comm. emp.-concerns

A3787   (Wagner,C)    MIA-OON flag-concerns display

A4151 Aca (1R)   (Cryan,J; Diegnan,P)    Prevailing wage req., cert.-concerns

A4197   (Pou,N)    Women's and Families Strengthening Act

A4201   (Pou,N)    Inmates-prov. prog.. and svcs.

A4202   (Pou,N)    Inmates, cert.-concerns

A4259   (Oliver,S)  PERS-concerns accidental disab. benf.

A4295   (Biondi,P)   Unsolicited checks, cert.-proh.

ACR60   (DiMaio,J)    St. govt. operating expenses-estab cap.

ACR134 Aca (1R)   (Evans,E)    Emp. benf.-concerns use of cert. contrib

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A801 Acs (ACS)   (Rooney,J)    Credit card solicitations, cert.-proh.

Prime Sponsors Added:

A650   (DiMaio,J)    St. Police svcs-exemp cert mun from pymt

A651   (DiMaio,J)    Emerg. shelter svcs.-concerns

A652   (DiMaio,J)    Court appearances-concerns

A654   (DiMaio,J)    Courthouse fac.-concerns

A655   (DiMaio,J)    Sch. fac., overcrowding-grant prog.

A656   (DiMaio,J)    Kindergarten-concerns enrollment

A659   (DiMaio,J)    Juv. in detention ctr-concerns co reimb.

A661   (DiMaio,J)    Budget cap adjustments-concerns

A663   (DiMaio,J)    Vet. prop. tax benf.-extends

A666   (DiMaio,J)    Deer carcass removal-concerns

A667   (DiMaio,J)    BB guns-clarifies, not firearms

A673   (DiMaio,J)    Co. voc. sch. dist.-transp. costs

A2413   (DiMaio,J)    Presidential primary-elim. separate

A3342   (DiMaio,J)    EMT-concerns reimb.

A4203   (Spencer,L)    Crim. penal.-concerns

AR63   (DiMaio,J)    Delaware Riv Jt. Toll Bridge Comm-veto

AR130   (DiMaio,J)    Security, Prosperity Parnership-w/drawal

Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A4121   (Van Pelt,D)    Island Beach St. Park prog-dedicate fees
A4203   (Watson Coleman,B)    Crim. penal.-concerns

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A587   (Diegnan,P)    Dentistry St. Bd.-incr. memb.

A621   (Wagner,C)    Raw milk-permit sale, cert. conditions

A3585   (Spencer,L)    Alco. bev. retail lic.-concerns

AJR90   (Milam,M)    Mil. Appreciation Mo.-desig. May each yr

Third Prime Sponsors Added:


A1072 Aca (1R)   (Moriarty,P)    Soil contamination on sch. prop-concerns
A1755   (Vainieri Huttle,V)    Identity theft-concerns
A4203   (Watson Coleman,B)    Crim. penal.-concerns

A4250   (O’Scanlon,D)    Handicap accessible veh. purch.-concern

Third Prime Sponsors Added: (cont’d)


A4253   (O’Scanlon,D)    Natl. Guard memb.-tuition asst.

A4304   (Quigley,J)   Handgun sales, purch.-concerns


Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:


A3349 AcaAca (2R)   (Evans,E)    Victim of crim. insane-notify of release

ACR56   (DiMaio,J)    Marriage statute-clarify

Sixth Prime Sponsors Added:

A4227/4228 Acs (ACS)   (Stender,L)    Electronic smoking devices-proh sale to minors

Note to the 11/23/2009 Digest:

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:


A4230    Stender,L/Conaway,H    Family planning svcs.-concerns   REP REF AAP *NOT*REP


The Assembly adjourned at 6:10 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, December 3, 2009 (QUORUM, Committees at the Call of the Speaker).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (11/23/2009):