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Vol. XIII No. 25 209th Legislature Second Annual Session


The Senate did not meet. The Senate will meet on Thursday, May 24, 2001 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "1" and "2" scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

AR205 Blee,F/Kelly,J World No Tobacco Day-May 31, 2001

Bills Introduced:

A3563 Gill,N Recreation/conserv.-devel land grants REF AAN

A3564 Caraballo,W/Friscia,A Animal cruelty-enforcement of laws REF AAN

A3565 Zisa,C Life imprisonment w/out parole-concerns REF ALP

A3566 Buono,B/Barnes,P St. aid, pub. sch. dist.-concerns REF AED

A3567 DeCroce,A Real estate brokers-continuing ed. REF ACP

A3568 Malone,J/Cottrell,M Sch. bus drivers-mandates training REF AED

A3569 Merkt,R Daytop Village;$770K REF AHL

A3570 Merkt,R Split Rock Reservoir;$85K REF AAN

A3571 Crecco,M/Zecker,G Park devel. proj.;$12.789K REF AAN

A3572 Azzolina,J/DeCroce,A Env. infrastructure proj.-approp fds. REF ASH

A3573 Cottrell,M/Asselta,N Env. Infrastructure Trust-make loans REF ASH

A3574 Rooney,J Env. Infrastructure Trust Finan. Prog. REF ASH

A3575 Zisa,C/Gusciora,R Judgeship, Superior court-creates six REF AJU

A3576 DiGaetano,P MV Customer Svc. Improvement Act REF ATR

A3578 DiGaetano,P/Asselta,N Hispanic-Amer St Holiday Study Comm;$75K REF ASG

A3579 Bagger,R Insur. producers-concerns cert. insur. REF ABI

A3582 LeFevre,K/Blee,F Distinguished Svc. Medal-extend elig. REF ACT

A3583 Kelly,J Row homes, fire safety-concerns REF AHO

A3584 Impreveduto,A/Cohen,N MV, cert.-exempt from inspections REF AAP

A3585 Blee,F Prog. for Gifted Students Comm.;$50K REF AED

ACR158 Asselta,N/Azzolina,J Env Infrastructure Trust-2002 finan plan REF ASH

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A217 Aca (1R) Gregg,G/Carroll,M+2 Highways, 65 MPH-incr. elig. REP/ACA

A2876 Aca (1R) Russo,D/Pou,N Toll monitoring device-windshield REP/ACA

A3151 Aca (1R) Azzolina,J/Thompson,S+1 Spread the Word Prog.-estab. REP/ACA

A3207 Aca (1R) Lance,L Library-transfer to Thomas Edison Coll. REP/ACA

A3337 Pennacchio,J/DeCroce,A Driv record preservation-update standard REP

A3359 Garrett,E Sch. dist. surveys, cert.-concerns REP

AR196 Smith,T Rev. Leon H. Sullivan-honor achievements REP

S255 Sca (1R) Bennett,J/Robertson,N+7 HOPE Scholarship Prog Study Comm;$5K REP

S2113 Sca (1R) Inverso,P/Bryant,W+1 Library-transfer to Thomas Edison Coll. REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A804 Aca (1R) Crecco,M/Carroll,M+1 Noise mitigation measure-submit to co. REP/ACA REF AAP

A2999 Aca (1R) DiGaetano,P/Doria,J Garden St New Millenium Scholarship Prog REP/ACA REF AAP

A3121 Sires,A/Garcia,R+1 Hudson River piers;$3.250M REP REF AAP

A3286 Aca (1R) DeCroce,A/Bodine,F Statewide Transp., Loc. Bridge Fd.;$145M REP/ACA REF AAP

A3373 Gibson,J Farmland preserv.-concerns approp. REP REF AAP

A3496 Acs (ACS) DeCroce,A Local Bridge Bond Act of 2001 REP/ACS REF AAP

A3506 Asselta,N/Azzolina,J+16 TPAF, PERS-incr. retir. benf. REP REF AAP

A3513 Aca (1R) Corodemus,S/Blee,F Loc. govt. open space/park dev.;$66.298M REP/ACA REF AAP

A3514 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Open space acquisition proj.-southern NJ REP REF AAP

A3515 Pennacchio,J/Gregg,G Open space acquisition proj.-northern NJ REP REF AAP

A3516 Smith,T/Holzapfel,J+1 Open space acquisition proj.-urban aid REP REF AAP

A3517 Malone,J/Arnone,M Lands for recreation purposes;$58M REP REF AAP

A3518 Merkt,R/Kean,T Nonprofit entities, acquire lands;$12M REP REF AAP

A3519 Gregg,G/Garrett,E Sussex Co.-lands for recreation REP REF AAP

A3543 Felice,N/Pennacchio,J After-sch. prog.-estab. grant prog;$1.5M REP REF AAP

A3544 DiGaetano,P/Thompson,S After-sch. prog.-estab. grant prog;$3.5M REP REF AAP

A3545/3327 Acs (ACS) Kean,T/Wolfe,D After-Sch. Prog. Comm.-estab.;$100K REP/ACS REF AAP

A3555 Zecker,G/Gregg,G+2 MV inspection/registration-concerns REP REF AAP

Bills Combined:

A3327 Cohen,N After-sch. pilot prog-estab.;$5M COMB/W A3545

Co-Sponsors Added:

A121 (Crecco,M)

A217 Aca (1R) (Merkt,R)

A371 (Felice,N)

A2020 (Felice,N)

A2938 (Felice,N)

A3236 (Cottrell,M)

A3349 (Cohen,N; Doria,J; Malone,J; Wisniewski,J)

A3392 (Charles,J)

A3443 (Smith,R; Cottrell,M)

A3482 (Felice,N)

A3492 (Pennacchio,J)

A3501 (Smith,B)

A3506 (Greenstein,L; Guear,G; Kean,T; Smith,R)

A3516 (Wolfe,D)

A3555 (Wolfe,D; Holzapfel,J)

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A3465 (Malone,J)

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A3528 (DeCroce,A)

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:

*Effective April 25, 2001

New Jersey Intergovernmental Relations Commission:

Assemblyman John C. Gibson (1), to replace Assemblyman Kevin O'Toole (21), resigned.

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments: (cont'd)

*Effective April 30, 2001

Committee on the Future of Agriculture:

Harry W. Janes, of Sayreville.

Richard D. Gardner, of Asbury.

Roger J. Ruske, of Millville.

Bill Taylor, of Bridgeton.

The Assembly adjourned at 6:10 P.M. to meet on Thursday, May 24, 2001 (SESSION).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (5/17/01):