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Vol. XIV No. 3 210th Legislature First Annual Session


Nominations Advise and Consent:


Susan Bass-Levin, of Cherry Hill, to replace Anthony Cancro.


William Librera, of Denville, to replace Vito A. Gagliardi.


Albert Kroll, of Cedar Knolls, to replace Mark Boyd.


Ida Castro, of Annandale, to replace Janice Mitchell Mintz.


John McCormac, of Woodbridge, to replace Peter R. Lawrance.

Bills Introduced:

S771 Lance,L Alternative tech. veh-estab bus tax cred REF STR

S772 Lance,L Freedom of speech-concerns REF SJU

S773 Lance,L MV regis., cert.-concerns REF STR

S774 Lance,L Sludge disposal fac.-mun. host benf. REF SCU

S775 Cardinale,G Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001 REF SJU

S776 Charles,J St. operated sch. dist.-memb. selection REF SED

S777 Charles,J St. takeover-sch. bd. elections REF SED

S778 Charles,J St. operated sch. dist.-restoration REF SED

S779 Charles,J UEZ desig.-mun. w/ decomm. mil. base REF SEG

S780 Charles,J Accident surcharge-raises threshold REF SCM

S781 Charles,J Jersey City Armory renovation;$6M REF SLP

S782 Charles,J Subcontracting by pub. emp.-concerns REF SSG

S783 Charles,J Port Auth prop, Jersey City-commence tax REF STR

S784 Charles,J Auto insur. rates-proh. use of territory REF SCM

S785 Matheussen,J Regulatory Improvement Advisory Council REF SEN

S786 Matheussen,J Psychotherapy svcs.-SHBP cover REF SSG

S788 Ciesla,A Firearms trafficking prosecutor-estab. REF SJU

S789 Ciesla,A Providence House, Ocean co.;$50K REF SCU

S790 Ciesla,A St. Med. Examiner Office-concerns REF SHH

S791 Ciesla,A MVs, cert.-prov. sales tax exemption REF STR

S792 Singer,R Chesterfield Twp., police veh.;$75K REF SLP

S793 Buono,B Tax amnesty-estab. REF SBA

S794 Turner,S Trenton-prop. tax relief;$2.9M REF SCU

S795 Turner,S Sch. bus driv.-screening procedures REF SED

S796 Turner,S Charter sch.-cert. priority enrollment REF SED

S797 Matheussen,J/Turner,S Armed svcs. spouses-prov. unemp. benf. REF SLA

S798 Matheussen,J/Turner,S St police ex-spouse-receive SPRS pension REF SSG

S799 Charles,J MV stops-St. police file annual report REF SJU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S800 Bennett,J Weights & measures definitions-concerns REF STR

S801 Bark,M/Kavanaugh,W Tourism Matching Grant Act;$315K REF SEG

S802 Bark,M Loc. Govt. Ethics Law-incr civil penal REF SCU

S803 Bark,M Airports, cert.-desig. reliever airport REF STR

S804 Bark,M/Kavanaugh,W NJ Conflicts, Interest Law-incr. penal REF SSG

S805 Bark,M/Kavanaugh,W Architects-proscribes liab. REF SCM

S806 Bark,M/Matheussen,J Nat'l Guard, cert. comp-excl. income tax REF SSG

S807 Bark,M Cigarette retailers-auth. cert. promos REF SCM

S808 Bark,M/Kavanaugh,W Interdist. Pub. Sch. Choice Prog.-revise REF SED

S809 Bark,M/Kavanaugh,W Pinelands Instit.-estab.;$250K REF SEN

S810 Bark,M/Kavanaugh,W Recycling Prog. allocations-amend REF SEN

S811 Bark,M/Kavanaugh,W+1 Delaware River Deepening proj.;$13M REF SEN

S812 Cardinale,G Electric Discount/Energy Act-revise REF SEG

S813 Vitale,J Carteret Boro Mun Ctr bldg repair;$2.4M REF SCU

S814 Vitale,J/Buono,B BPU memb.-concerns REF SSG

S815 Lance,L Candidates-reg. involvement in cert. org REF SSG

S816 Lance,L Airport expansion-approval procedure REF STR

S817 Girgenti,J Crim. memorabilia profits-escrow account REF SLP

S818 Lance,L Hwys., interstate-id unsafe locations REF STR

S819 Lance,L Ethical Standards Comm.-reconstitutes REF SSG

S820 Lance,L Pol. contrib.-proh. by out-of-St casinos REF SSG

S821 Lance,L Bingo-modify cert. ad. restrictions REF SLP

S822 Ciesla,A MV lic. plates-prov. reissuance REF STR

S823 Ciesla,A Courtesy lic. plates-eases restrictions REF STR

S824 Ciesla,A Cook Creek/Lake Louise dredging;$1M REF SEN

S825 Charles,J Mun. retir. systems, cert.-concerns REF SSG

S826 Charles,J Pub. Contract Oversight Off.-creates REF SSG

S827 Bucco,A Natl. Burn Victim Foundation;$350K REF SCU

S828 Connors,L SHBP-co., mun. emp. waive benf. coverage REF SSG

S829 Connors,L Mun. emp. health care waiver-auth ext. REF SCU

S830 Connors,L/Ciesla,A Dredging acct., special-estab. REF SEN

S831 Connors,L/Ciesla,A Dredging, navigational waterways-concern REF SEN

S832 Connors,L Pine Lake Dam, Manchester Twp.;$2M REF SEN

S833 Connors,L/Ciesla,A Dredging of cert. waterways-concerns REF SEN

S834 Ciesla,A/Connors,L Retir. income-incr income tax exclusions REF SBA

S835 Ciesla,A Health screening tests-prov. paid leave REF SSG

S836 Connors,L Naval combat svc.-auth. lic. plate REF STR

S837 Connors,L Sexual assault, brutal-mand. life term REF SJU

S838 Connors,L Pub. entity, tort action-punitive damage REF SJU

S839 Connors,L Juv. offense w/gun, serious-mand. term REF SJU

S840 Connors,L Jury duty-exemp. police REF SJU

S841 Connors,L Juv. arsonist-creates new penalty and Fd REF SJU

S842 Connors,L Stolen prop, receive from juv-incr penal REF SJU

S843 Vitale,J Charitable Immunity Act-modifies REF SJU

S844 Vitale,J Dept. of Pub. Advocate-reestab. REF SSG

S845 Suliga,J/Lesniak,R PAL & PBA-lease mun. owned real estate REF SCU

S846 Bucco,A Handicapped pupils transp-req. training REF SED

S847 Bucco,A Resid. id cards-auth. issuance REF SCU

SCR26 Singer,R Vet. prop. tax deduction-extend elig. REF SLP

SCR27 Lance,L Senate Pres.-become Gov. when vacant REF SSG

SCR28 Connors,L Nuclear fuel, disposal-recover damages REF SEN

SCR29 Connors,L/Ciesla,A CAFRA rules-not leg. intent REF SLO

SJR15 Matheussen,J Sch. Psych. Mo.-desig. April REF SED

SJR16 Lance,L Revoke JR, w/draw ratification-14 Amend REF SSG

SJR17 Inverso,P Ernie Kovacs Memor. Tunnel-Rt. 29 tunnel REF STR

SR20 Bark,M Bader Field-replace w/ Hammonton Airport REF STR

SR21 Bucco,A Falun Gong-Peoples Repub, China-release REF SSG

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S114 Bennett,J/Allen,D+5 Defibrillators-placement in St. bldgs. FROM SHH

S117 Bennett,J/Palaia,J+5 Pupil-aid-in-lieu-of transp-incr amount FROM SED

S512 Martin,R/Baer,B+2 Govt. records-prov. pub. access FROM SSG

Co-Sponsors Added:

S176 (Buono,B)

S478 (Sweeney,S)

S480 (Kyrillos,J)

S505 (Bagger,R)

S577 (Sweeney,S)

S709 (Singer,R)

S713 (Singer,R)

S811 (McNamara,H)

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S444 (Bennett,J)

S475 (Buono,B)

S552 (Kyrillos,J)

S753 (Kyrillos,J)

Note to the December 13, 2001 Legislative Digest:

Nomination Withdrawn:


John G. Griwert, of Nutley.

Notes to the January 7, 2002 Legislative Digest:

Bills Received from Governor/Absolute Veto:

S2768 Littell,R+4 Hunters Helping the Hungry prog.;$90K

The Senate President has made the following reappointment:

*Effective January 3, 2002

The New Jersey Redevelopment Authority:

Henry W. Wierzbicki, of Trenton.

Note to the January 8, 2002 Legislative Digest:

The Senate Democratic and Republican Presidents have made the following committee assignment:


Budget and Appropriations (SBA)

Leonard Lance (23)

Notes to the January 15, 2002 Legislative Digest:

Bills Received from Governor/Pocket Veto:

A3783 AcaSa (2R) DiGaetano,P/Doria,J+2 St. contracts-revises liab. law

S523 Littell,R+2 Rural electrical co-op-exemp. sales tax

S1399 Sinagra,J/Littell,R+2 Hist. Places Register-concerns inclusion

Notes to the January 15, 2002 Legislative Digest: (cont'd)

Co-Prime Sponsor Added:

S486 (Matheussen,J)

The Senate adjourned at 5:03 P.M. to meet at a time and date to be announced.


The Assembly did not meet. The Assembly will meet on Thursday, January 31, 2002 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "A" and "B" scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (01/15/02):