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Vol. XIV No. 4 210th Legislature First Annual Session


The Senate did not meet. The Senate will meet at a date and time to be announced.


Bills Introduced:

A19 Sires,A/Roberts,J Gov. FY2002 budget message-extends date REF ABU

A1619 Gusciora,R Lighters/matches-proh. sale to minors REF AHH

A1620 Gusciora,R Syringe/needle exchange prog.-estab. REF AHH

A1621 Gusciora,R Work First NJ prog.-req. transp. svcs. REF AHH

A1622 Gusciora,R PERS-prov. addl death benf. coverage REF ASI

A1623 Gusciora,R TPAF-purch of cert. out-of-st. svc. cred REF ASI

A1624 Gusciora,R Lifeguard pension benf.-revises REF ASI

A1625 Gusciora,R Truck ban-extend to 96-inch wide trucks REF ATU

A1626 Gusciora,R Handguns, cert.-proh. sale, possession REF ALA

A1627 Gusciora,R Photo radar devices-auth. use REF ALA

A1628 Gusciora,R Electricity, sale-estab. env. standards REF ATU

A1629 Bateman,C/Biondi,P Bound Brook & Manville Boroughs-approps. REF ACE

A1630 Cohen,N Real estate brokers-incl. bus. broker REF AED

A1631 Cohen,N Pharmacist Bus. Asst. Act REF AED

A1632 Cohen,N Auto w/fire extinguisher-insur reduction REF ABI

A1633 Cohen,N Securities accts.-concerns forms REF ABI

A1635 Cohen,N Prescription Drug Cost Containment Act REF AHH

A1636 Cohen,N Potential Life Prot. Act REF AHH

A1637 Cohen,N Child support-incl. alimony as income REF AFW

A1638 Cohen,N Health Care Investment Trust Fd.-estab. REF AHH

A1639 Cohen,N Pharmacists-estab. loan redemption prog. REF ARP

A1640 Cohen,N PAAD-change income standards REF ASG

A1641 Cohen,N Child care prov-notify of lic revocation REF AFW

A1642 Cohen,N Sickle cell anemia research;$500K REF AHH

A1643 Cohen,N Sickle cell medication-insur cover cost REF AHH

A1644 Cohen,N Sickle cell anemia-distribute info;$95K REF AHH

A1645 Malone,J High sch. grad. req.-concerns REF AED

A1646 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Homestead Sch. Prop. Tax Reimb. Act REF AHO

A1647 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Vet. prop. tax elig.-concerns REF ALP

A1648 Cohen,N Sept. 11, 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act-enact REF AJU

A1649 Cohen,N Flight instruction-background checks REF ATR

A1650 Cohen,N Finan. instit.-suspicious transactions REF ABI

A1651 Cohen,N Fds. or assets, terrorism related-freeze REF ABI

A1652 Cohen,N/Cryan,J Vet.-estab. special lic. plates REF ATR

A1653 Cohen,N Manufacturer rebates-proh. deceptive ads REF ACO

A1654 Cohen,N Conscientious Emp. Prot. Act REF AJU

A1655 Cohen,N/Russo,D Computer crime statute-revises REF AJU

A1656 Cohen,N/Russo,D Admin. Law Judges Retir. Sys.-estab. REF ASG

A1657 Cohen,N Arson-prov. term of imprisonment REF AJU

A1658 Cohen,N Church, place of worship-drug free zone REF AJU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1659 Cohen,N/Cryan,J Driv. lic. suspend, mv theft-Leg clarify REF ALP

A1660 Cohen,N Juv, employ in drug distribution-upgrade REF ALP

A1661 Cohen,N Sex offender notification-prov. immunity REF ALP

A1662 Cohen,N Port Auth.-electronic toll sys violation REF ATR

A1663 Cohen,N Sex offender-homeowner disclose info. REF AJU

A1664 Munoz,E FamilyCare Health Coverage Prog. REF AHH

A1665 Cohen,N Smart Gun Tech. Devel. prog.;$1M REF ALP

A1666 Cohen,N Cell phone signals-monitor speeding REF ALP

A1667 Cohen,N Athlete agents-prov. for regis. and reg. REF ARP

A1668 Chivukula,U Solid waste veh.-concerns REF ARO

A1669 Cohen,N Adult day care ctr.-corp. bus tax cred. REF ABI

A1670 Cohen,N Adult day care ctr.-corp. bus. tax cred. REF ABI

A1671 Cohen,N Adult day care ctr.-corp. bus. tax cred. REF ABI

A1672 Cohen,N Tuition expenses-income tax deduct. REF ACE

A1673 Cohen,N Auto purch.-sales tax calculation REF ACO

A1674 Cohen,N Books-exemp. from sales and use tax REF ACO

A1675 Cohen,N Interest, dividends-income tax excl. REF ABI

A1676 Cohen,N Pension income-income tax exemp. REF ARP

A1677 Cohen,N Haz. substance discharge fac.-prov. plan REF AEN

A1679 Cohen,N Home improvements for disab.-tax exemp. REF AHO

A1680 Cohen,N Sign language, sch. prop.-concerns use REF AED

A1681 Cohen,N Small bus. health benf.-income tax cred. REF AJU

A1682 Vandervalk,C Prescription drug-related deaths-report REF AHH

A1683 Stanley,C Prop tax revaluation-mun phase in change REF AHO

A1684 Stanley,C Tuition Aid Grant prog.-expands REF AED

A1685 Stanley,C Dana Christmas Scholarship Prog-estab REF AED

A1686 Stanley,C Minimum wage-incr. REF ALA

A1687 Cohen,N Health care benf.-corp. bus. tax cred. REF AJU

A1688 Wisniewski,J/Fraguela,R Ferries-concerns operation REF ATR

A1689 Smith,R/Fisher,D Sargassum, wild-proh. harvesting or sale REF AAN

A1690 Sires,A/Doria,J Sch. budget-concerns calendar year REF AED

A1691 Doria,J Charter sch. fac.-concerns construction REF AED

ACR79 Cohen,N ATM located on mil. base-proh. surcharge REF ABI

ACR80 Cohen,N Home improvements for disab.-tax exemp. REF AHO

AR51 Stanley,C/Van Drew,J Natl. Sr. Cit. Day-desig. May 15th REF ASI

AR52 Stanley,C Natl Grandparents Day-Presid. celebrate REF ASI

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A19 Sires,A/Roberts,J Gov. FY2002 budget message-extends date REP

A200 Guear,G/Greenstein,L+2 Scooter riders, cert.-wear helmets REP

A232 Friscia,A/Guear,G Child, leave in veh. unattended-penalty REP

A239 Aca (1R) Barnes,P/Carroll,M+2 Bail runners-req lic. as priv. detective REP/ACA

A250 Barnes,P Drunk driving-incr. surcharges REP

A351 Caraballo,W/Chivukula,U Hospice care prog.-income tax contrib. REP

A354 Aca (1R) Caraballo,W/Eagler,P Veterinarians-proh. cert. practices REP/ACA

A368 Wisniewski,J/Eagler,P+4 Fire prot. sys., new-proh. standby fees REP

A371 Wisniewski,J/Impreveduto,A+2 Merchandise ads-incl. cert. info. REP

A406 Kean,T/Caraballo,W Mail solicitations, electronic-reg. REP

A438 Aca (1R) Smith,R/Weinberg,L+8 Voluntary ballistics id prog.-estab. REP/ACA

A446 Smith,R/Greenwald,L Athletic codes of conduct-permits REP

A473 Bateman,C/DeCroce,A+2 Mortgage guaranty insur.-concerns REP

A512 Aca (1R) Roberts,J Debit Card Protection Act REP/ACA

A555 Aca (1R) Impreveduto,A/Fraguela,R+1 Gift certificates-valid until redeemed REP/ACA

A562 Aca (1R) Impreveduto,A/Moran,J Cred. card application-verification req. REP/ACA

A565 Impreveduto,A/Arnone,M+4 Interior Designers Cert. Act-desig. REP

A656 Bodine,F+1 Vet. students, lic. exam-concerns REP

A701 Acs (ACS) Weinberg,L/Vandervalk,C+1 Home care prov-give patient emp info REP/ACS

A727 Greenstein,L/Van Drew,J+24 Unsolicited telemarketing sales-proh. REP

A767 Green,J/Edwards,W Smoking, minors-proh. in St. funded fac. REP

A772 Green,J/Biondi,P Rent gouging-prev. in st. of emerg. area REP

A1079 Farragher,C+5 Tattooing & Body Piercing Practice Act REP

A1135 Acs (ACS) Quigley,J/Blee,F Rental auto coverage-insur. coverage REP/ACS

A1511 Aca (1R) Doria,J+1 Caller id.-proh. blocking REP/ACA

A1605 Aca (1R) McKeon,J/Edwards,W Tobacco ads.-proh. w/in 500 ft. of sch. REP/ACA

AJR17 Conaway,H/Blee,F+1 Minority Health Month-desig. September REP

Bills Received from Senate/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

S671 Bryant,W/Littell,R Gov. FY2002 budget message-extends date

Bills Transferred:

A62 Smith,T+9 Minor delinquent activity-record keeping FROM AAP TO ALP

A63 Smith,T+6 Juv. Central Registry;$204,514 FROM AAP TO ALP

A64 Smith,T/Weinberg,L+20 Multi-Dwelling St. Tax Cred. Act FROM AAP TO AHO

A65 Smith,T/Weinberg,L+19 Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Cred Act FROM AAP TO AHO

A122 Cruz-Perez,N/Geist,G+5 Camden Co. Fire Academy;$2M FROM AHS TO AAP

A137 Heck,R/Quigley,J+9 Income tax deduct-contrib Sept 11 relief FROM AAP TO AHS

A138 Heck,R+9 Tax Rate Reduction Award Prog.;$8M FROM AAP TO ALP

A168 Heck,R/Holzapfel,J Prison phone rev.-desig. to VCCB claims FROM AAP TO ALP

A177 Vandervalk,C/Geist,G+3 Child care svc.-income tax deduct. FROM AAP TO AHH

A178 Vandervalk,C/Geist,G+4 Day care ctr. support-corp. tax cred. FROM AAP TO AHH

A235 Barnes,P+1 Adoption expenses-income tax deduct. FROM AAP TO AHH

A244 Barnes,P/Holzapfel,J+1 Vol. firefighters-$1K income tax deduct. FROM AAP TO ALP

A247 Barnes,P+3 Firearms on sch. prop.-concerns FROM AHS TO ALP

A253 Barnes,P Emerg. svcs vol, paid leave-emp tax cred FROM AAP TO ALP

A276 Gusciora,R Child abuse, stalking-proh firearm purch FROM AHS TO ALP

A302 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B+7 Blasting activities-concerns local reg. FROM AHS TO AHO

A304 Gusciora,R Adoption expenses-income tax cred. FROM AAP TO AHH

A308 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B Domestic viol. shelters-tax deduction FROM AAP TO AHH

A400 Kean,T Charitable org.-sales tax exemp. FROM AAP TO ASG

A405 Kean,T Election equip. upgrade-estab grant prog FROM AAP TO ASG

A466 Bateman,C+7 Hurricane Floyd-relief;$50M FROM AHS TO AHO

A471 Bateman,C/Biondi,P+10 Fire Engine and Equip. Museum;$7M FROM AAP TO ALP

A515 Roberts,J Mun. Devel. Finan. Act FROM AAP TO AHO

A549 Impreveduto,A Wine tastings-permits cert. Class C lic. FROM ALP TO ARP

A576 Watson Coleman,B Neighborhood Preserv. Fd.-incr. amt. FROM AAP TO AHO

A606 Arnone,M/Cohen,N+2 Long-term care insur.-corp. tax cred. FROM AAP TO ABI

A624 Arnone,M Mun. and co. budgets-concerns FROM AHS TO AHO

A698 Weinberg,L/Ahearn,M+1 Firearm id cards-display color photo FROM AHS TO ALP

A773 Green,J/Bateman,C+1 Bound Brook Sch. Dist.;$317K FROM AHS TO AHO

A779 Blee,F/D'Amato,P Gainsharing prog, St. & loc. govt.;$3.5M FROM AAP TO ASG

A820 Conaway,H Emp. physical fitness benf-bus tax cred. FROM AAP TO ACE

A833 Conners,J/Pou,N+3 Children's car seats-exemp. sales tax FROM AAP TO ATR

A835 Conners,J+1 Bicycle helmet-exemp. from sales tax FROM AAP TO ALP

A839 Conners,J/Conaway,H Gun Buy Back Partnership Grant Prog;$2M FROM AHS TO AHO

A848 Conners,J/Conaway,H Roosevelt Pond Recreation Proj.;$500K FROM AAP TO AHO

A876 Asselta,N/Corodemus,S Home improve. materials-sales tax exemp. FROM AAP TO AHO

A906 Edwards,W Ed. Opportunity Fd. Prog.;$10M FROM AAP TO AED

A990 Moran,J/Connors,C+5 Vet. prop. tax exemp.-extends to co-op. FROM AAP TO AMV

A1028 Connors,C/Moran,J+2 Sr. cit. stabilization aid-incr. to $500 FROM AAP TO AED

A1048 Malone,J/Blee,F+2 Medicare/PAAD-incr. cert. pharmacy fees FROM AAP TO AHH

A1312 Payne,W Newark, plane crash costs;$1.5M FROM AAP TO AHO

A1315 Payne,W Amer Society for Pub Administrators;$65K FROM AAP TO AHO

A1322 Geist,G+1 Computer software, cert.-proh. sale FROM ATU TO ACO

A1342 Geist,G Prison Bureau off., fed.-carry firearms FROM AHS TO ALP

A1543 Greenwald,L+1 Firearm ID cards-confidential data base FROM AHS TO ALP

A1570 Russo,D Ramapo Coll.;$1M FROM AAP TO AED

A1603 Gregg,G/Merkt,R+1 Clean Communities grants;$13.3M FROM AAP TO AEN

A1668 Chivukula,U Solid waste veh.-concerns FROM ARO TO AEN

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A77 Thompson,S/Geist,G+10 Coordinating Comm. on Youth;$50K FROM AFW

A79 Thompson,S/DiGaetano,P+11 Youth Emp./After Sch Incentive Prog;$25K FROM AFW

A476 Bateman,C/Asselta,N+7 Sexual assault, minor-mand life sentence FROM AJU

A489 Bateman,C/Biondi,P Bound Brook & Manville Boro-flood aid FROM AAP

A492 Bateman,C Uniform Comm. Code-concerns chapter 9 FROM ABI

A493 Bateman,C Health svc corp bd of directors-memb FROM AHH

A495 Bateman,C Pawnbroking law-revises FROM ARP

A947 DeCroce,A Constr. permits, cert.-limits duration FROM AHO

A966 Holzapfel,J Eluding off., cause death-manslaughter FROM ALP

A1110 Garrett,E Sch. dist. surveys, cert.-concerns FROM AED

Bills Withdrawn From The Files: (cont'd)

A1153 Wolfe,D/Azzolina,J+1 Coastal Blue Acres proj;$1.086M FROM AAN

A1527 Azzolina,J+11 WWII Vets Mem., St;$1M FROM AMV

ACR19 Arnone,M+3 Site value taxation sys.-permit mun. FROM AHO

Co-Sponsors Added:

A129 (Egan,J)

A132 (Egan,J)

A146 (Ahearn,M)

A205 (Egan,J)

A207 (Egan,J)

A211 (Egan,J)

A212 (Egan,J)

A217 (Egan,J)

A222 (Egan,J)

A224 (Egan,J)

A228 (Egan,J)

A230 (Egan,J)

A233 (Egan,J)

A246 (Egan,J)

A251 (Egan,J)

A295 (Egan,J)

A377 (Egan,J)

A380 (Egan,J)

A382 (Egan,J)

A565 (Johnson,G)

A571 (Johnson,G)

A696 (Johnson,G)

A700 (Johnson,G)

A701 Acs (ACS) (Johnson,G)

A727 (Biondi,P; Russo,D)

A811 (Egan,J)

A838 (Egan,J)

A929 (Bateman,C)

A1065 (DiGaetano,P)

A1114 (Doherty,M)

A1178 (Bateman,C)

A1182 (Egan,J)

A1183 (Egan,J)

A1184 (Egan,J)

A1381 (Egan,J)

A1383 (Egan,J)

A1384 (Egan,J)

A1385 (Egan,J)

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A954 (Merkt,R)

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A291 (Stanley,C)

A351 (Chivukula,U)

A354 Aca (1R) (Eagler,P)

A368 (Eagler,P)

A406 (Caraballo,W)

A459 (Munoz,E)

A555 Aca (1R) (Fraguela,R)

A727 (Van Drew,J)

A767 (Edwards,W)

A773 (Bateman,C)

A1605 Aca (1R) (Edwards,W)

The Assembly Speaker has made the following committee assignments:

Group A

Banking and Insurance (ABI)

Neil M. Cohen (20) Chair

John F. McKeon (27) Vice-Chair

Christopher "Kip" Bateman (16)

Jack Conners (7)

Paul R. D'Amato (2)

Anthony Impreveduto (32)

Robert J. Smith II (4)

Budget (ABU)

Louis D. Greenwald (6) Chair

William D. Payne (29) Vice-Chair

Francis J. Blee (2)

Joseph Cryan (20)

Douglas H. Fisher (3)

Linda R. Greenstein (14)

Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (21)

Joseph R. Malone III (30)

Kevin J. O'Toole (40)

Elba Perez-Cinciarelli (31)

Bonnie Watson Coleman (15)

Consumer Affairs (ACO)

Nilsa Cruz-Perez (5) Chair

Rafael J. Fraguela (33) Vice-Chair

Michael J. Arnone (12)

Michael Patrick Carroll (25)

Donald Tucker (28)

Jeff Van Drew (1)

Health and Human Services (AHH)

Loretta Weinberg (37) Chair

Herb Conaway, Jr. (7) Vice-Chair

Willis Edwards III (34)

Jerry Green (22)

Nellie Pou (35)

Joan M. Quigley (32)

Samuel D. Thompson (13)

Charlotte Vandervalk (39)

Telecommunications and Utilities (ATU)

Wilfredo Caraballo (29) Chair

Peter C. Eagler (34) Vice-Chair

Upendra J. Chivukula (17)

Joseph V. Egan (17

Clare M. Farragher (12)

David C. Russo (40)

John S. Wisniewski (19)

The Assembly Speaker has made the following committee assignments: (cont'd)

Group B

Appropriations (AAP)

Bonnie Watson Coleman (15) Chair

Nellie Pou (35) Vice-Chair

John J. Burzichelli (3)

Herb Conaway, Jr. (7)

Steve Corodemus (11)

Joseph Cryan (20)

Louis D. Greenwald (6)

Guy R. Gregg (24)

Mims Hackett, Jr. (27)

Rose Marie Heck (38)

Joseph Pennacchio (26)

Paul Sarlo (36)

Commerce and Economic Development (ACE)

Donald Tucker (28) Chair

Upendra J. Chivukula (17) Vice-Chair

Joseph Azzolina (13)

Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr. (18)

Douglas H. Fisher (3)

Eric Munoz (21)

Housing and Local Government (AHO)

Jerry Green (22) Chair

Willis Edwards III (34) Vice-Chair

Michael J. Arnone (12)

Nilsa Cruz-Perez (5)

Michael J. Doherty (23)

Joseph V. Egan (17)

Law and Public Safety (ALP)

Peter J. Barnes, Jr. (18) Chair

Mary T. Previte (6) Vice-Chair

Arline M. Friscia (19)

Gordon M. Johnson (37)

James W. Holzapfel (10)

Michael Patrick Carroll (25)

Regulated Professions and Independent Authorities (ARP)

Anthony Impreveduto (32) Chair

Wilfredo Caraballo (29) Vice-Chair

Matt Ahearn (38)

Joseph V. Doria, Jr. (31)

John S. Wisniewski (19)

Jeffrey W. Moran (9)

Peter J. Biondi (16)

The Assembly Speaker has made the following committee assignments: (cont'd)

Group B (cont'd)

Tourism and Gaming (ATG)

Gary L. Guear, Sr. (14) Chair

Jeff Van Drew (1) Vice-Chair

Nicholas Asselta (1)

Jack Conners (7)

Paul R. D'Amato (2)

Linda Stender (22)

Group C

Labor (ALA)

Arline M. Friscia (19) Chair

Paul Sarlo (36) Vice-Chair

Neil M. Cohen (20)

Joseph V. Egan (17)

George F. Geist (4)

Guy R. Gregg (24)

Robert J. Smith II (4)

Judiciary (AJU)

Linda R. Greenstein (14) Chair

Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr. (18) Vice-Chair

Peter J. Barnes, Jr. (18)

Christopher J. Connors (9)

Richard A. Merkt (25)

Joan M. Quigley (32)

Military and Veterans' Affairs (AMV)

Jack Conners (7) Chair

Matt Ahearn (38) Vice-Chair

Joseph Azzolina (13)

Larry Chatzidakis (8)

Mary T. Previte (6)

Regulatory Oversight (ARO)

William D. Payne (29) Chair

Joseph Cryan (20) Vice-Chair

Nilsa Cruz-Perez (5)

Connie Myers (23)

John E. Rooney (39)

Senior Issues (ASI)

Craig A. Stanley (28) Chair

Jeff Van Drew (1) Vice-Chair

Melvin Cottrell (30)

Peter C. Eagler (34)

The Assembly Speaker has made the following committee assignments: (cont'd)

Senior Issues (ASI) (cont'd)

Tom Smith (11)

Alfred E. Steele (35)

Transportation (ATR)

John S. Wisniewski (19) Chair

Reed Gusciora (15) Vice-Chair

Francis L. Bodine (8)

John J. Burzichelli (3)

Alex DeCroce (26)

Anthony Impreveduto (32)

Gordon M. Johnson (37)

Linda Stender (22)

Group D

Agriculture and Natural Resources (AAN)

Robert J. Smith II (4) Chair

Douglas H. Fisher (3) Vice-Chair

Herb Conaway, Jr. (7)

Michael J. Doherty (23)

George F. Geist (4)

Education (AED)

Joseph V. Doria, Jr. (31) Chair

Craig A. Stanley (28) Vice-Chair

Jack Conners (7)

Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr. (18)

Rafael J. Fraguela (33)

Arline M. Friscia (19)

E. Scott Garrett (24)

David W. Wolfe (10)

Environment and Solid Waste (AEN)

Reed Gusciora (15) Chair

Linda Stender (22) Vice-Chair

Larry Chatzidakis (8)

Upendra J. Chivukula (17)

John F. McKeon (27)

Connie Myers (23)

Family, Women and Children's Services (AFW)

Mary T. Previte (6) Chair

Loretta Weinberg (37) Vice-Chair

Melvin Cottrell (30)

Rose Marie Heck (38)

William D. Payne (29)

The Assembly Speaker has made the following committee assignments: (cont'd)

Homeland Security and State Preparedness (AHS)

Joan M. Quigley (32) Chair

Gary L. Guear, Sr. (14) Vice-Chair

Francis L. Bodine (8)

John J. Burzichelli (3)

Christopher J. Connors (9)

Gordon M. Johnson (37)

State Government (ASG)

Alfred E. Steele (35) Chair

Mims Hackett, Jr. (27) Vice-Chair

Nicholas Asselta (1)

Linda R. Greenstein (14)

Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (21)

Notes to the January 7, 2002 Legislative Digest:

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:

*Effective January 7, 2002

New Jersey Human Relations Council Executive Committee:

J. Humberto Espinal, of Passaic.

Michael Mordaga, Paramus.

Health Service Corporation Conversion Temporary Advisory Commission:

Dr. Joseph Costabile, of Marlton.

James S. McGarry, Jr., of North Plainfield.

Donald Sico, of Mount Holly.

Governor's Council Alcoholism and Drug abuse:

Gerald Opthof, of Emerson.

Internet Registry Advisory Council:

Joseph T. Crisafi, of Carlstadt.

Northeast Interstate Compact Commission:

Raymond Ferraioli, of Paramus.

Police Paperwork Reduction Task Force:

Allan B. Focarino, of Garfield.

Michael Mordaga, of Paramus.

Anthony Ferraioli, of New Milford.

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments: (cont'd)

New Capital Sources Board:

Christopher W. McGarry, Esq., of Hackensack, to replace Al Angrisani.

Bryan Hekemian, of Hackensack, to replace Kermit R. Dyke.

Council on Undocumented Aliens:

J. Humerto Espinal, of Passaic, to replace Carl Aquilino.

The Assembly adjourned at 5:50 P.M. to meet Monday, February 4, 2002 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "C" and "D" scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (1/24/2002):