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Vol. XIV No. 12 210th Legislature First Annual Session


Bills Introduced:

S1290 Vitale,J PFRS reemp. retirees-concerns memb. REF SSG

S1291 Singer,R Liquefied petroleum gas invoice-concerns REF SCM

S1292 Sweeney,S Unemp. benf.-incr. duration REF SLA

S1293 Coniglio,J Haz. air pollutants-monitoring & control REF SEN

S1294 Cardinale,G/Singer,R Cred union, St-chartered-exemp sales tax REF SCM

S1295 Turner,S Telephone rate change-concerns REF SCM

S1296 Furnari,G/Martin,R Sept. 11, 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act-create REF SJU

S1297 Allen,D/McNamara,H Newark pumping station;$500K REF SEN

S1298 Allen,D/Matheussen,J+1 Water supply interconnection study;$500K REF SEN

S1299 Matheussen,J/Allen,D+1 Drought monitoring/telemetry sys.;$950K REF SEN

S1300 Matheussen,J/Allen,D+1 Drought Mgmt. Fd.-creates;$2.1M REF SEN

S1301 McNamara,H/Suliga,J Statewide Water Supply Plan-revisions REF SEN

S1302 Matheussen,J/Inverso,P Firefighter certtifications-elim. fees REF SLP

S1303 Martin,R/Vitale,J Tuition Aid Grant prog.-expands REF SED

S1304 Cardinale,G/Baer,B Cable television competition-concerns REF SCM

S1305 Ciesla,A Learner driv permit, special-reduce rate REF SCM

S1306 Suliga,J+1 Adult cardiac surgery svcs.-concerns REF SHH

S1307 Suliga,J/Bagger,R+1 Judge, Appeals Court-perform marriages REF SJU

S1308 Allen,D PERS, PFRS, TPAF-purch of mil. svc. cred REF SSG

SJR28 Cardinale,G/Baer,B Encouraging Cable TV Competition Comm. REF SCM

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

S11 Sca (1R) Lesniak,R Health care benf., retired emp.-concerns REP/SCA

S34 Littell,R/Buono,B+32 Bioterrorism preparedness;$27.242M REP

S57 Kavanaugh,W+5 SPRS-permits svc. cred. purchase REP

S349 Bark,M Vet. students, lic. exam-concerns REP

S701 Sca (1R) McNamara,H Contaminated sites-concerns REP/SCA

S764 Sca (1R) Allen,D Prop/casualty insur. refunds-time limits REP/SCA

S770 Sca (1R) Allen,D/Cardinale,G Internet pharmacies/prescriptions-reg. REP/SCA

S804 Bark,M/Kavanaugh,W NJ Conflicts, Interest Law-incr. penal REP

S889 Scs (SCS) Smith,B/McNamara,H Land preserv., cert.-concerns REP/SCS

S933 Turner,S Credit unions-sell title insurance REP

S981 Turner,S Dogs, cert.-mun. court find dangerous REP

S999 Sca (1R) Turner,S St. officials, cert.-reside in NJ REP/SCA

S1033 Cardinale,G/Singer,R Ophthalmic dispensers/tech-permit incorp REP

S1108 Singer,R/Codey,R Sires Stakes Prog.-concerns elig. REP

S1144 Sca (1R) Cardinale,G/Baer,B Insur. fds., jt.-req. exams REP/SCA

SR21 Bucco,A Falun Gong-Peoples Repub, China-release REP

SR46 Furnari,G Elections-Senate St. Govt. Comm. review REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S11 Sca (1R) Lesniak,R Health care benf., retired emp.-concerns

S57 Kavanaugh,W+5 SPRS-permits svc. cred. purchase

S1144 Sca (1R) Cardinale,G/Baer,B Insur. fds., jt.-req. exams

Co-Sponsors Added:

S76 (Bucco,A)

S1298 (McNamara,H)

S1299 (McNamara,H)

S1300 (McNamara,H)

S1306 (Lesniak,R)

S1307 (Smith,B)

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

S863 (Suliga,J)

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S603 (Sweeney,S)

S729 (Singer,R)

S863 (Suliga,J)

S906 (McNamara,H)

SR35 (Baer,B)

The Senate President has made the following appointments:

*Effective March 7, 2002

New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education:

Martha Rich, of Short Hills, to replace Hela Young, deceased.

Council on Local Mandates:

Janet L. Whitman, of Summit.

Advisory Council to Promote the Profession of Nursing in New Jersey:

Dr. Phyllis Hansell, RN, of Montclair.

*Effective March 11, 2002

The 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution Celebration Commission:

Senator Bernard F. Kenny, Jr. (33)

The Senate adjourned at 5:45 P.M. to meet on Thursday, March 14, 2002 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "1" and "2" scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A1998 Smith,R/Van Drew,J Mil. svc., cert.-free St. park admission REF AAN

A1999 O'Toole,K Internet pharmacies/prescriptions-reg. REF AHH

A2011 Carroll,M Human embryos-regulates use REF AHH

A2012 Carroll,M Taxable income brackets-indexes REF AAP

A2013 Carroll,M Telecommute-corp. bus. tax cred. REF ACE

A2014 Carroll,M+1 Handgun permit-revises procedures REF ALP

A2015 Carroll,M+1 Ban on Trafficking in Baby Body Parts REF AHH

A2016 Carroll,M Women's Right to Know Act REF AFW

A2017 Carroll,M+1 Abortifacients-proh. Medicaid funding REF AHH

A2018 Carroll,M Bill of Rights State-lic. plate desig. REF ATR

A2019 Carroll,M Elections, cert.-changes date REF ASG

A2020 Carroll,M Honorably discharged memb.-tax deduction REF AMV

A2021 Carroll,M/Merkt,R Rt. 24-dedesig. portions REF ATR

A2024 Cohen,N Sales tax holiday-estab. Aug 31/Nov 29 REF AAP

A2025 Ahearn,M Attorney & expert witness fees-concerns REF AJU

A2026 Doria,J/Caraballo,W Pub. util.-concerns distributions REF ATU

A2027 Pennacchio,J/Cryan,J Vital records-concerns certified copies REF AHH

A2028 Chivukula,U Rescue squads, vol-crim background check REF ALP

A2029 Chivukula,U Firefighters-auth. background checks REF ALP

A2030 Kean,T Historic Prop. Reinvestment Act REF ACE

A2031 O'Toole,K Vol. fire/rescue personnel-emp. discrim. REF ALA

A2032 O'Toole,K Assist living resid-background checks REF AHH

A2033 O'Toole,K Crim. memorabilia profits-escrow account REF ALP

A2034 O'Toole,K Home health aides-document patient abuse REF AHH

A2035 O'Toole,K Police Superintendent-req. NJ resid. REF ALP

A2036 O'Toole,K Defibrillators, portable-bus. tax cred. REF AHH

A2037 Hackett,M Telephone dialing req.-concerns REF ATU

A2038 Friscia,A Children's protective eyewear-concerns REF AHH

A2039 Cohen,N/Impreveduto,A MV inspection-concerns REF AEN

A2040 Carroll,M Human cloning-proh. REF AHH

A2041 DiGaetano,P/Thompson,S Youth cts.-resolve cert. complaints, juv REF AJU

A2042 Doria,J/Impreveduto,A Safety prof., cert.-proh. advertising REF ACO

ACR86 Carroll,M+1 Abortion-Constit amend proh use of St fd REF AHH

AR103 Conners,J/Conaway,H Retired vet w/svc. disab.-concerns comp. REF AMV

AR104 O'Toole,K Mike Tyson-bar lic. to fight in NJ REF ASG

AR105 Geist,G Medicare+Choice prog-enact legislation REF ASI

AR106 Wisniewski,J E-ZPass-Asm Transp Committee investigate REF ATR

AR107 Cottrell,M/Thompson,S Prescrip. drug under Medicare-enact leg. REF ASI

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A282 Aca (1R) Gusciora,R/Vandervalk,C+6 EMT-cert. as EMT-Ds REP/ACA

A289 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B Airport Expansion Cit. Review Bds.-estab REP

A361 Caraballo,W/O'Toole,K Right turn on red-optional REP

A404 Aca (1R) Kean,T Great Swamp watershed area-concerns REP/ACA

A415 Aca (1R) Kean,T/Merkt,R Bd. of elections-expands elig. age REP/ACA

A510 Aca (1R) Cohen,N Civil Rights Act-estab. REP/ACA

A564 Aca (1R) Impreveduto,A Leased veh.-concerns cert. lic. plates REP/ACA

A704 Aca (1R) Weinberg,L/Pou,N+1 Minority, female set-aside contract-req. REP/ACA

A751 Cottrell,M/Vandervalk,C Work First NJ Prog.-concerns elig. REP

A793 Aca (1R) Blee,F/D'Amato,P Pinelands Area-timed growth ordinance REP/ACA

A911 Aca (1R) Cohen,N+2 Sept. 11, 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act-create REP/ACA

A1586 Gregg,G/Green,J Dog, dangerous-proh. debarking REP

A1753 Weinberg,L/Caraballo,W+2 Marriage lic. applications-concerns REP

A1883 Impreveduto,A/Doria,J Sch. dist.-purch. prop. w/surplus fds. REP

A1943 Roberts,J/Cruz-Perez,N Water allocation-concerns REP

A1944 Cruz-Perez,N Focus on Literacy-NJ-voluntary contrib. REP

A1957 Ahearn,M/Conners,J Vet. prop. tax-permits retro. pymts. REP

A1958 Cohen,N Loc. improvement liens-concerns REP

A1980 Aca (1R) Roberts,J/Stanley,C Police & FF convention leave-modify prov REP/ACA

A1997 Acs (ACS) Gusciora,R/Chivukula,U Land preserv., cert.-concerns REP/ACS

A2022 Aca (1R) Van Drew,J/Smith,R Zoo emp.-concerns firearm possession REP/ACA

AR22 Smith,R/Van Drew,J Aquaculture-incr. investment REP

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading: (cont'd)

AR46 Aca (1R) Corodemus,S Port Auth-annual report security measure REP/ACA

AR86 Ahearn,M/Conners,J Montgomery GI Bill-amend ed. asst. prov. REP

AR93 Ahearn,M Ramapo River Watershed-Gov preserve/prot REP

AR97 Weinberg,L/Quigley,J+8 Women's Hist. Month-desig. March 2002 REP

AR101 Aca (1R) Gusciora,R/Myers,C Asm Water Supply/Drought Emerg Leg Panel REP/ACA

AR102 Gusciora,R/Myers,C Fed. Clean Air Act req.-not weaken REP

AR103 Conners,J/Conaway,H Retired vet w/svc. disab.-concerns comp. REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A51 Aca (1R) Smith,T St. contracts, subcontracts-prompt pymt. REP/ACA REF AAP

A407 Aca (1R) Green,J/Kean,T+1 St. aid reimb., cert. sch. dist-concerns REP/ACA REF AAP

A557 Impreveduto,A RR lines-NJT devel. emerg. plan REP REF AAP

A1199/1742 Acs (ACS) Payne,W Youth recreational fac.-proh. hwy. ramps REP/ACS REF AAP

A1867 Steele,A/Merkt,R Nonprofit org.-participate St. contracts REP REF AAP

A1926 Aca (1R) Egan,J/Malone,J+31 Pub. works contracts-concerns labor org. REP/ACA REF AAP

A1929 Egan,J/Sarlo,P+2 Pub. safety worker-concerns cert. comp. REP REF AAP

Bills Received from Senate/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

S15 Sca (1R) Adler,J Second Injury Fd. surcharges-concerns

S17 Sca (1R) Codey,R St. disability benf fd-concerns withdraw

S19 Sca (1R) Vitale,J/Buono,B Hosp. charity care funding-concerns

Bills Received from Senate/Referred to Committee:

S97 Sca (1R) Singer,R/Bark,M+1 Disab. vet. emblem-auth. lic. plate REF AMV

S109 Sca (1R) Bennett,J/Palaia,J Local Bond Law-revises REF AHO

S161 Bagger,R/Allen,D Social worker emp by hospices-definition REF AHH

S227 Connors,L/Allen,D+1 Distinguished Flying Cross-lic. plate REF ATR

S229 Connors,L/McNamara,H+1 Distinguished svc. medal-auth lic. plate REF AMV

S239 Suliga,J+2 Toll rd auth-inform motorist, towing fee REF ATR

S377 Sca (1R) Sacco,N+1 Commercial delivery veh-rear mirrors req REF ATR

S432 Sca (1R) Bryant,W/Furnari,G+7 Flight instruction-background checks REF ATR

S501 Vitale,J/McNamara,H+1 Water resources preserv-concerns funding REF AEN

S533 Sa (1R) James,S Water/wastewater treatment svcs-concerns REF AEN

S817 Girgenti,J Crim. memorabilia profits-escrow account REF ALP

S1086 Sca (1R) Cardinale,G+1 Worship fac. prop.-tax exemp. status REF AHO

S1087 Sca (1R) Cardinale,G/Inverso,P Homeowners' insur. policies-concerns REF ABI

S1097 Sca (1R) Cardinale,G Earthquake insur.-concerns endorsements REF ABI

S1139 Sca (1R) Codey,R/Singer,R United We Stand-estab. lic. plate REF ATR

SJR18 Sca (1R) Connors,L Prop. Assessment Study Comm.-creates REF AHO

Bills Combined:

A1742 Stanley,C Entry/exit ramps study-safety hazards COMB/W A1199

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A132 Cruz-Perez,N/Conaway,H+1 Prescription med-concerns insur coverage FROM ABI

A818 Conaway,H/Conners,J Domestic viol., child present-incr penal FROM AJU

Co-Sponsors Added:

A101 (Blee,F)

A120 (Thompson,S)

A131 (Johnson,G)

A214 Aca (1R) (Egan,J)

A275 (Steele,A)

A387 Acs (ACS) (Ahearn,M)

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont'd)

A573 (Egan,J; Biondi,P)

A700 (Conners,J; Conaway,H)

A710 (Geist,G)

A801 (Blee,F; D'Amato,P)

A852 (Guear,G)

A887 (Wolfe,D)

A911 Aca (1R) (Bodine,F; Conners,J)

A1078 (Doherty,M)

A1081 (Doherty,M)

A1085 (Doherty,M)

A1317 (Perez-Cinciarelli,E; Hackett,M; Green,J; Steele,A; Cruz-Perez,N; Friscia,A)

A1551 (Geist,G)

A1655 (Ahearn,M)

A1662 (Ahearn,M)

A1717 (Ahearn,M)

A1719 (Doherty,M)

A1721 (Doherty,M)

A1735 (Guear,G)

A1745 (Sarlo,P)

A1778 (Johnson,G)

A1926 Aca (1R) (Cruz-Perez,N; Smith,R)

A1929 (Smith,R; Friscia,A)

A1936 (Doherty,M)

A1941 (Doherty,M)

A1947 (Thompson,S)

A1955 (Chivukula,U; Gusciora,R; Cruz-Perez,N; Fraguela,R)

A2008 Aca (1R) (Guear,G)

A2014 (Doherty,M)

A2015 (Doherty,M)

A2017 (Doherty,M)

ACR82 (Doherty,M)

AJR26 (Doherty,M)

AR89 (Ahearn,M)

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A287 (Weinberg,L)

A479 (DeCroce,A)

A1926 Aca (1R) (Moran,J)

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A101 (D'Amato,P)

A104 (Cruz-Perez,N)

A206 (Roberts,J)

A277 (Steele,A)

A287 (Weinberg,L)

A542 Aca (1R) (Ahearn,M)

A543 (Ahearn,M)

A1172 (Johnson,G)

A1317 (Chivukula,U)

A1320 (Friscia,A)

A1510 Aca (1R) (Steele,A)

A1620 (Weinberg,L)

A1623 (Steele,A)

A1624 (Steele,A)

A1702 (Steele,A)

A1929 (Sarlo,P)

A1995 (Thompson,S)

A1997 Acs (ACS) (Chivukula,U)

ACR83 Aca (1R) (Fraguela,R)

ACR84 Aca (1R) (Burzichelli,J)

AR22 (Van Drew,J)

AR101 Aca (1R) (Myers,C)

AR102 (Myers,C)

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:

*Effective March 8, 2002

State Commission of Investigation:

Joseph R. Mariniello, Jr., of Ridgewood.

*Effective March 11, 2002

Legislative Services Commission:

Assemblyman Albio Sires (33)

Assemblyman Joseph J. Roberts, Jr. (5)

Assemblyman Joseph V. Doria, Jr. (31)

Assemblywoman Loretta Weinberg (37)

State House Commission:

Assemblyman Anthony Impreveduto (32)

Law Revision Commission:

Albert Burstein, of Hackensack.

Notes to the February 4, 2002 Legislative Digest:

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A1510 Aca (1R) Doria,J SHBP-co. offer incentive, waive coverage *NOT* REP

Notes to the March 4, 2002 Legislative Digest:

Bills Introduced without Reference:

AR99 Ahearn,M/Fisher,D Natl Prof Social Work Mo.-March, 2002 *NOT* REF AFW

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A1506 Doria,J Pregnant women w/HIV-prenatal care info. *NOT* REP

The Assembly adjourned at 7:10 P.M. to meet on Thursday, March 14, 2002 (SESSION).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (3/7/2002):