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Vol. XIV No. 14 210th Legislature First Annual Session


Nominations Notice of Intention:


Victor Ashrafi, of Basking Ridge.

Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


Colonel Emil H. Philibosian, of Belle Mead, to replace Michael L. Warner, resigned.

Bills Introduced:

S10 Bucco,A/Matheussen,J+8 St. sch. aid, 2002-03-estab. level REF SED

S1335 Cafiero,J SPRS-incr. cost of living adjustment REF SSG

S1336 Bark,M St. budget-revise approp. cap REF SBA

S1337 Charles,J TPAF, PERS-purch. temp. svc. cred. REF SSG

S1338 Allen,D Purple Heart Mem, Willingboro Twp;$5.95K REF SLP

S1339 Cafiero,J Lobsters-concerns REF SEN

S1340 Allen,D VCCB chairman-selected by Gov. REF SLP

S1341 Matheussen,J/Allen,D Sr. Prop. Tax Freeze Prot. Act REF SCU

S1342 Matheussen,J/Allen,D Sr. cit./disab prop tax reimb prog;$500K REF SCU

S1343 Allen,D Minority, female set-aside contract-req. REF SSG

S1344 Matheussen,J Sex offenders-bars positions, youth org. REF SLP

S1345 Matheussen,J Firearms on sch. prop.-concerns REF SLP

S1346 Bucco,A Community Hope, Inc.;$50K REF SHH

S1347 Rice,R Crim. record sealing, cert.-permits REF SJU

S1348 Rice,R/Bucco,A Lead-safe housing grant-estab.;$2M REF SCU

S1350 Baer,B Cemetery companies-revise law regulating REF SCM

S1351 Turner,S Part-time Tuition Aid Grant Prog.-estab. REF SED

SR51 McNamara,H Belfast, Ireland-condemns viol. REF SSG

SR52 Allen,D Pompelio, Richard-VCCB chairman REF SLP

SR53 Allen,D Port Auth-annual report security measure REF STR

SR54 Matheussen,J Prescrip. drug under Medicare-enact leg. REF SHH

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

S11 ScaSca (2R) Lesniak,R Health care benf., retired emp.-concerns REP/SCA

S235 Scs (SCS) Suliga,J/McNamara,H+1 Dredged material-allows beneficial use REP/SCS

S274 Bucco,A/Turner,S Vet., St. emp.-post retir. med. benf. REP

S310 Sca (1R) Cafiero,J/Connors,L+4 Vet benf.-broadens elig. REP/SCA

S339 Bark,M Loan guarantee fee, cert.-concerns REP

S411 Sca (1R) Bryant,W Physician-cultural competency training REP/SCA

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading: (cont'd)

S458 Sca (1R) Turner,S/Sacco,N Commercial mv-inspection pilot prog REP/SCA

S714 Singer,R Tech, Biotech Finan Assist Prog-tax benf REP

S780 Sca (1R) Charles,J+1 Accident surcharge-raises threshold REP/SCA

S860 Sca (1R) Vitale,J/Kyrillos,J Historic Prop. Reinvestment Act REP/SCA

S895 Bennett,J Prof. counselors-concerns lic. REP

S1011 Sca (1R) Cafiero,J Hunting lic., seasonal-estab. & set fee REP/SCA

S1089 Cardinale,G Prof. and occupational lic.-concerns REP

S1090 Sca (1R) Cardinale,G Orthotic appliances-exempts lic. REP/SCA

S1149 Cardinale,G Cred. card no.-proh. electronic printing REP

S1199 Suliga,J Liberty Day-desig. March 16 REP

S1211 Sca (1R) Suliga,J/Furnari,G PFRS deferred retir. option prog.-create REP/SCA

S1237 Codey,R TPAF/PERS-concern deceased retirees benf REP

S1297 Sca (1R) Allen,D/McNamara,H Newark pumping station;$500K REP/SCA

S1300 Sca (1R) Matheussen,J/Allen,D+1 Drought Mgmt. Fd.-creates;$2.1M REP/SCA

S1301 Sca (1R) McNamara,H/Suliga,J Statewide Water Supply Plan-revisions REP/SCA

SR35 Singer,R/Baer,B Sci. and Tech. Task Force, Senate-estab. REP

SR40 Coniglio,J/Baer,B Teterboro Airport-cease certain flights REP

SR47 McNamara,H/Codey,R+2 Ireland-honors REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S274 Bucco,A/Turner,S Vet., St. emp.-post retir. med. benf.

S310 Sca (1R) Cafiero,J/Connors,L+4 Vet benf.-broadens elig.

S339 Bark,M Loan guarantee fee, cert.-concerns

S458 Sca (1R) Turner,S/Sacco,N Commercial mv-inspection pilot prog

S714 Singer,R Tech, Biotech Finan Assist Prog-tax benf

S860 Sca (1R) Vitale,J/Kyrillos,J Historic Prop. Reinvestment Act

S1011 Sca (1R) Cafiero,J Hunting lic., seasonal-estab. & set fee

S1211 Sca (1R) Suliga,J/Furnari,G PFRS deferred retir. option prog.-create

S1297 Sca (1R) Allen,D/McNamara,H Newark pumping station;$500K

S1300 Sca (1R) Matheussen,J/Allen,D+1 Drought Mgmt. Fd.-creates;$2.1M

Bills Received from Assembly/Referred to Committee:

A198 Aca (1R) Guear,G/Cohen,N+2 Veh. title fraud-3rd degree crime REF SLP

A234 Friscia,A/Perez-Cinciarelli,E+6 Domestic viol restraining order-concerns REF SJU

A247 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+5 Firearms on sch. prop.-concerns REF SLP

A386 Aca (1R) Wisniewski,J/Greenstein,L+2 Energy aggregation, mun.-concerns REF SEG

A546 Roberts,J/Arnone,M+1 Regional Efficiency Aid Prog Act-concern REF SCU

A549 Aca (1R) Impreveduto,A/Moran,J+1 Wine tastings-permits cert. Class C lic. REF SLP

A623 Arnone,M/Farragher,C Pub. util.-concerns overpymts. REF SEG

A772 Green,J/Biondi,P+1 Rent gouging-prev. in st. of emerg. area REF SCU

A972 Aca (1R) Holzapfel,J/Barnes,P+3 Drunk driving complaint-extend file time REF SLP

A1135 AcsAa (ACS/1R) Quigley,J/Blee,F+1 Rental autos-extend cert. insur coverage REF SCM

A1301 Payne,W/Stanley,C+24 Amistad Comm.-estab. REF SED

A1651 Aca (1R) Cohen,N/Sarlo,P+4 Fds. or assets, terrorism related-freeze REF SJU

A1717 Hackett,M/Sarlo,P+4 Sch. dist.-estab. emerg./crises plan REF SED

A1727 Aca (1R) Cryan,J/Barnes,P+4 Lic. revoked-incr jail time, repeat off. REF SLP

A1730 Johnson,G/Ahearn,M Parolees release-prov. verified address REF SEG

A1880 Van Drew,J/Smith,R Lobsters-concerns REF SEN

A1889 Aca (1R) Cohen,N/Arnone,M+1 Mun. and co. budgets-concerns REF SCU

A1956 Quigley,J/Doria,J Mun. deputy clerks-appoint two, cert mun REF SCU

AJR25 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G Frank Oliver Pedestrian Bridge-desig. REF SEN

Bills Received from Assembly/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

A656 Bodine,F+1 Vet. students, lic. exam-concerns

A911 Aca (1R) Cohen,N/Burzichelli,J+3 Sept. 11, 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act-create

A1678 Impreveduto,A/Malone,J+1 Sires Stakes Prog.-concerns elig.

A1955 Sarlo,P/Watson Coleman,B+46 Bioterrorism preparedness;$27.242M

A1958 Cohen,N/Sarlo,P Loc. improvement liens-concerns

ACR2 Sires,A/Caraballo,W Jt. Rules-amends

Co-Sponsors Added:

S10 (Bark,M; Codey,R; Bennett,J; Palaia,J; Singer,R; Martin,R; Cafiero,J; Bagger,R)

S76 (Matheussen,J)

S235 Scs (SCS) (Ciesla,A)

S577 Sca (1R) (Turner,S)

S780 Sca (1R) (Buono,B)

S978 (Singer,R)

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S235 Scs (SCS) (McNamara,H)

S458 Sca (1R) (Sacco,N)

S771 (Kyrillos,J)

S909 (Vitale,J)

SR40 (Baer,B)

The Senate adjourned at 5:05 P.M. to meet on Thursday, March 21, 2002 (Committees at the Call of the President, SESSION).


Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

A2127 Roberts,J/Doria,J Health Care Subsidy Fd-medicaid expenses

Bills Introduced:

A2062 Munoz,E Expand Health Care Coverage Task Force REF AHH

A2063 O'Toole,K Needle exchange prog.-concerns REF AHH

A2064 Geist,G Animal control off, certified-estab list REF AAN

A2065 Geist,G Emerg. svc. vol.-waive driv. lic. fee REF ALP

A2066 Geist,G Firefighter certifications-elim. fees REF ALP

A2067 Geist,G Custody/guardianship-crim. hist. check REF AFW

A2068 DeCroce,A/Bodine,F Diplomatic immunity-concerns cert. off. REF ATR

A2069 Doria,J/Azzolina,J+2 Clean Communities and Recycling Act REF AEN

A2070 Chivukula,U/Egan,J Six Mile Run Reservoir site-concerns REF AEN

A2071 Previte,M Adoptive parents, prospective-concerns REF AFW

A2072 DeCroce,A/Pennacchio,J Greenwood Lake Comm.-adds two memb. REF AEN

A2073 DeCroce,A/Wisniewski,J EMT assessment-raises REF ALP

A2074 Gregg,G Constr. code inspection-concerns REF AHO

A2075 Carroll,M Child custody-concerns REF AFW

A2076 Carroll,M Grandparents visitation statute-repeals REF AJU

A2077 Thompson,S AIDS vaccine-St. health benf cover costs REF AHH

A2078 Cruz-Perez,N Mobile home park-multiple dwelling REF AHO

A2079 Conaway,H/Stender,L Infertility prevention, cert-insur cover REF AHH

A2080 O'Toole,K Fire inspection handbook-prepare/publish REF AHO

A2081 Heck,R/Chatzidakis,L Water resources preserv-concerns funding REF AAN

A2082 Chatzidakis,L Vet. discharge cert.-exemp. from pub. REF ASG

A2083 Doria,J/Perez-Cinciarelli,E+1 Viol. prev. prog.;$300K REF AED

A2084 Chatzidakis,L Vet, Enduring Freedom-extends cert benf REF AMV

A2085 Bodine,F/Munoz,E Med. malpractice liab. insur.-concerns REF ABI

A2086 Chatzidakis,L/Rooney,J+1 Drought Mgmt. Fd.-creates;$2.1M REF AEN

A2087 Myers,C/Heck,R Drought monitoring/telemetry sys.;$950K REF AEN

A2088 Heck,R/Vandervalk,C Water supply interconnection study;$500K REF AEN

A2089 Heck,R/Corodemus,S Statewide Water Supply Plan-revisions REF AEN

A2090 Heck,R Newark pumping station;$500K REF AEN

A2091 Asselta,N Civil svc.-concerns pre-layoff actions REF ASG

A2092 Asselta,N/Gregg,G Auto. insur. territorial rating-concerns REF ABI

A2093 Smith,T Taxability, cert. items-concerns REF ACE

A2094 McKeon,J/Smith,R Vet. prop. tax deductions-extend elig. REF AMV

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A2095 Wisniewski,J/Van Drew,J Renewable energy standards viol.-penal. REF ATU

A2096 Previte,M/Geist,G+9 Juv. off., cert.-concerns placement REF ALP

A2097 Carroll,M Bilingual ed. prog.-concerns REF AED

A2098 Smith,R/Johnson,G+1 Drug test, defraud-proh. product sale REF ALP

A2099 Smith,R/Van Drew,J Striped bass-create lic. plates REF AAN

A2101 Munoz,E/Payne,W Traumatic brain injuries-concerns resid. REF AHH

A2102 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J PFRS, CPFPF, PERS-post-retir health benf REF ASG

A2103 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Cook Creek/Lake Louise dredging;$1M REF AAN

A2104 Holzapfel,J/Wolfe,D Retir. income excl., cert.-incr. REF AAP

A2105 Wolfe,D/Malone,J Learner driv permit, special-reduce rate REF ABI

A2106 Wolfe,D/Malone,J Sch. superintendent-proh. as bus. admin. REF AED

A2107 Heck,R/Wolfe,D Sch. bus. driv., cert.-concerns REF AED

A2108 Caraballo,W/Ahearn,M Transition bonds-concerns REF ATU

A2109 Biondi,P Malt alco. bev.-concerns samplings REF ARP

A2110 Egan,J/Eagler,P+12 Clean Communities Prog.-revises REF AEN

A2111 Egan,J/Chivukula,U+2 Pub. works pymt bonds-enhance coverage REF ALA

A2112 Egan,J Sch dist reclassification-concern limits REF AED

A2113 Greenstein,L/Watson Coleman,B+25 Holocaust Ed. Comm.-incr. pub. memb. REF AED

A2114 Biondi,P Distilled spirits-concerns samplings REF ARP

A2115 Roberts,J/Tucker,D Const proj, mun-concerns cert. contracts REF ACE

A2116 Smith,R/Sarlo,P Vol. firefighter survivor-incr. pension REF AHO

A2117 Smith,R/Ahearn,M Firefighter/first aid memb-free day care REF AHO

A2118 Smith,R/Geist,G New home consumer complaint off.-creates REF AHO

A2119 Moran,J/Connors,C Ad. w/ guarantee, deceptive-proh. REF ACO

A2120 Geist,G/Asselta,N St. officials, cert.-reside in NJ REF ASG

A2121 Geist,G/Asselta,N Privatization contracts-req. review REF ASG

A2122 Farragher,C/Arnone,M Theft of Id Crimes & Investigation Unit REF ALP

A2123 Russo,D Nursing homes-permit monitoring devices REF ASI

A2124 Russo,D General Accounting Office-estab. REF ASG

ACR90 O'Toole,K Prop. tax deduct., firefighter-Leg enact REF AHO

ACR94 O'Toole,K Justice, NJ Supreme Court-elim. tenure REF AJU

ACR95 DeCroce,A/Bodine,F Vol fire fighter/first aid-prop tax cred REF AHO

ACR96 Carroll,M Mun. land use, cert.-constit. amendment REF AHO

AJR33 Bodine,F/Munoz,E Med Malpractice Liab. Insur. Comm-estab. REF ABI

AJR34 Asselta,N/Azzolina,J Internet Gaming Study Comm.-estab. REF ATG

AR109 Farragher,C Comcast Cable-opposes tracking cert info REF ATU

AR110 Cryan,J/Doria,J Malachy McAllister & family-pol. asylum REF ASG

AR111 Conners,J/Azzolina,J Amer. mil. hist.-teach using vets REF AED

AR112 Munoz,E/Weinberg,L Autism Awareness Mo.-desig. April, 2002 REF AHH

AR113 Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R+10 Amer. Indian names-oppose cert. use REF AED

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A2023 Aca (1R) Stanley,C/Eagler,P Assist living resid-background checks REP/ACA

AR106 Aca (1R) Wisniewski,J/DeCroce,A E-ZPass-Asm Transp Committee investigate REP/ACA

S674 Sca (1R) Singer,R/Allen,D Assist living resid-background checks REP

Bills Reported Referred/AHS:

ACR92 Stanley,C/Steele,A Terrorist attack-examine sr. cit needs REP REF AHS

ACR93 Aca (1R) Van Drew,J/Eagler,P Terrorist attack-examine sr. cit needs REP/ACA REF AHS

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A2003 Green,J/Edwards,W+1 St. realty transfer fee revenue-concerns FROM AAP

Co-Sponsors Added:

A281 (Quigley,J)

A332 (Ahearn,M)

A409 (Stender,L)

A437 Aca (1R) (Ahearn,M)

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont'd)

A624 (DeCroce,A)

A820 (Conners,J)

A852 (Cruz-Perez,N)

A1926 Aca (1R) (Steele,A; Pou,N)

A2110 (Fraguela,R)

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A479 (Conners,J)

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A624 (Cruz-Perez,N)

A1932 (Barnes,P)

Second Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A89 (Friscia,A)

The Assembly adjourned at 5:20 P.M. to meet on Monday, March 25, 2002 (SESSION).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (03/14/02):

P.L.2002, c.3. S12 Suliga,J/Caraballo,W+1 03/18/2002 Energy Tax Receipts Prop. Tax Relief Fd.

P.L.2002, c.4. S13 Sca (1R) Rice,R/Tucker,D 03/18/2002 Housing/related purposes-fds. to St.

P.L.2002, c.5. S15 Sca (1R) Adler,J/Weinberg,L+1 03/18/2002 Second Injury Fd. surcharges-concerns

P.L.2002, c.6. S16/404 Scs (SCS) Buono,B/Kavanaugh,W+4 03/18/2002 Tax amnesty-estab.

P.L.2002, c.7. S17 Sca (1R) Codey,R/Cohen,N+1 03/18/2002 St. disability benf fd-concerns withdraw

P.L.2002, c.8. S19 Sca (1R) Vitale,J/Buono,B+2 03/18/2002 Hosp. charity care funding-concerns