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Vol. XIV No. 17 210th Legislature First Annual Session

Members of the Senate and General Assembly met in Joint Session today for the purpose of receiving Honorable Governor James E. McGreevey's annual buget message.


Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


Gerald A. Calabrese, Jr., of Cliffside Park.

John O. Susino, of Elmwood Park, to replace Arnold Schwab.

Kenneth J. Slomienski, Esq., of Wallington.


Mary Ellen Talbott, J.S.C., Ret., of Haddonfield.

Michael Tacknoff, of Cherry Hill.

Donald Reich, of Erial, to replace Benjamin G. Vukicevich.


A. William Biondi, of Vineland.


John J. Gentile, of Paulsboro, to replace Edith Paterson.


Aladar G. Komjathy, of Lambertville, to replace Harrie Copeland III.

Michael G. Morris, of Stanton.


Richard J. Carabelli, Jr., of Trenton.


William Rockafellow, of Belvidere, to replace Michael Snyder.

Bills Introduced:

S1396 Singer,R Health Care Svc. Firms-cert emp agencies REF SHH

S1397 Cafiero,J Raffle lic.-expands elig. REF SLP

S1398 Codey,R Surburban Wildlife Mgmt Task Force-estab REF SEN

S1399 Girgenti,J Sheriffs-enforce truck weight limits REF SLP

S1400 Connors,L/Turner,S Polling place accessibility-concerns REF SSG

S1401 Kenny,B/Sacco,N Sports/entertainment dist-create REF SEG

S1402 Gormley,W/Martin,R+1 Sch bd travel expense-concerns REF SED

S1403 Cafiero,J/Palaia,J Svc. stations, self-service-concerns REF SCM

S1404 Allen,D/Ciesla,A Mosquito abatement-conduct;$1.25M REF STR

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S1405 Connors,L Electric pub util-concerns cert costs REF SEG

S1406 Girgenti,J/Palaia,J Meat, fresh-concerns sale REF SLP

S1407 Matheussen,J/Vitale,J+3 Expand Health Care Coverage Task Force REF SHH

S1408 Matheussen,J/Vitale,J+3 Med. malpractice liab. insur.-concerns REF SHH

S1409 Matheussen,J/Inverso,P Dental benf.-insured choose dentist REF SHH

S1410 Matheussen,J/Bucco,A+5 Retir. income excl., cert.-incr. REF SBA

S1411 Matheussen,J/Gormley,W+3 Stalking-concerns REF SJU

S1412 Matheussen,J/Sweeney,S Pub. emp.-proh. changing terms of emp. REF SSG

S1413 Coniglio,J Home infusion therapy-cert. of approval REF SHH

S1414 Gill,N Workers' comp premium reduction-concerns REF SLA

S1415 Gill,N Workers' comp case-concerns witness fees REF SLA

S1416 Gill,N Workers' comp benf for dependents-incr REF SLA

S1417 Gill,N Workers' comp. cases-concerns atty. fees REF SLA

S1418 Gill,N Workers' Comp. Review Comm.-estab. REF SLA

S1419 Gill,N Worker's comp. benf., cert.-incr. REF SLA

S1420 Connors,L/Ciesla,A+2 Electric generation svc.-concerns rates REF SEG

S1421 Gill,N/Charles,J Sexual abuse-elim. statute of limitation REF SJU

S1422 Gill,N/Charles,J Civil rights deprivation-crime REF SJU

S1423 Allen,D Infertility prevention, cert-insur cover REF SHH

S1424 Vitale,J/Girgenti,J PFRS-estab. min. accidental death benf. REF SSG

S1425 Inverso,P/Matheussen,J Vet, Enduring Freedom-extends cert benf REF SSG

S1426 Inverso,P/Singer,R Holocaust Ed. Comm.-incr. pub. memb. REF SED

S1427 Inverso,P Rental autos-extend cert. insur coverage REF SCM

S1428 Inverso,P/Allen,D Drunk driving complaint-extend file time REF SLP

S1429 Inverso,P Juv. off., cert.-concerns placement REF SLP

S1430 Inverso,P Dog, dangerous-proh. debarking REF SEG

S1431 Cardinale,G/Bark,M Med malpractice insur-concerns liab. REF SHH

S1432 Sweeney,S Vol emerg svcs-concern survivors pension REF SCU

S1433 Sweeney,S Energy aggregation, gov.-revises process REF SEG

S1434 Sweeney,S PFRS-concerning death benf. REF SSG

S1435 Lance,L Vol fire companies-exemp charitable fees REF SLP

SCR54 Coniglio,J/Bark,M Individuals w/Disab. Ed. Act-incr. fding REF SED

SJR33 Allen,D Med Malpractice Liab. Insur. Comm-estab. REF SHH

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

S869 Sca (1R) Bark,M/Lesniak,R+1 Transition bonds-concerns REP/SCA

Co-Sponsors Added:

S149 (Baer,B)

S432 Sca (1R) (Turner,S)

S478 (Buono,B)

S1200 (Matheussen,J)

S1402 (Adler,J)

S1407 (Inverso,P; Buono,B; Sweeney,J)

S1408 (Inverso,P; Buono,B; Sweeney,J)

S1410 (Littell,R; Cardinale,G; Kavanaugh,W; Cafiero,J; Inverso,P)

S1411 (Bark,M; Cafiero,J; Inverso,P)

S1420 (Singer,R; McNamara,H)

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S149 (Bucco,A)

The Senate President has made the following appointments:

*Effective March 25, 2002

Advisory Council to Promote the Profession of Nursing:

Mary Ann Christopher, of Avon.

The Senate President has made the following appointments: (cont'd)

*Effective March 25, 2002

Joint Committee on the Public Schools:

Senator Robert J. Martin (26)

Senator Martha W. Bark (8)

Senator Richard H. Bagger (21)

State Beach Erosion Commission:

Senator Andrew R. Ciesla (10)

Senator Leonard T. Connors, Jr. (9)

Department of Banking and Insurance Study Commission:

Senator Martha W. Bark (8)

New Jersey Information Resources Management Commission:

Senator Andrew R. Ciesla (10)

Joint Budget Oversight Committee:

Senator Robert E. Littell (24)

Senator Leonard Lance (23)

New Jersey Israel Commission:

Senator John O. Bennett (12)

Martin Luther King Jr. Commission:

Senator Peter A. Inverso (14)

Continuing Care Advisory Council:

Senator John J. Matheussen (4)

New Jersey Intergovernmental Relations Commission:

Senator Richard H. Bagger (21)

Senator John O. Bennett (12)

New Jersey State Commission on Aging:

Senator Robert W. Singer (30)

The Senate President has made the following appointments: (cont'd)

*Effective March 25, 2002

Education Commission of the States:

Senator Robert J. Martin (26)

The Senate adjourned at 5:46 P.M. to meet on Thursday, May 9, 2002 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "1" and "2" scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A2128 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Early retir. benf.-cert. pub. emp. REF ASG

A2129 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J PFRS-concerning death benf. REF ASG

A2130 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J+3 Oyster revitalization;$368.7K REF AAN

A2131 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+17 Defibrillators-req. in nursing homes REF AHH

A2132 Conaway,H/Conners,J NJSAVER rebate-concerns elig. REF AHO

A2133 Conaway,H/Conners,J Mun liens, search cert-elim. retention REF AHO

A2134 Stender,L/Green,J Toll rd auth-inform motorist, towing fee REF ATR

A2135 DeCroce,A/O'Toole,K Media literacy-offer instruction REF AED

A2136 Merkt,R Leg. agents-impose cert. restrictions REF ASG

A2137 Farragher,C/Arnone,M Assist. dogs-concerns NJT's treatment REF ATR

A2138 O'Toole,K/Arnone,M Sports fac, prof-voter approval, St. fds REF ACE

A2139 O'Toole,K NJ Conflicts, Interest Law-incr. penal REF ASG

A2140 Cohen,N Civil rights deprivation-crime REF AJU

A2141 Cohen,N/Impreveduto,A Sexual abuse-elim. statute of limitation REF AJU

A2142 Gusciora,R Statewide Water Supply Plan-revisions REF AEN

A2143 Greenstein,L/Roberts,J NJ Transit retirees-prov. relief REF ASG

A2144 Roberts,J/Greenstein,L Death penal-mentally retarded persons REF AJU

A2145 Heck,R/Rooney,J Diesel trucks, cert.-concerns emissions REF AEN

A2146 Guear,G/Caraballo,W+2 ID theft-expungement of cert. records REF AJU

A2147 Conners,J/Previte,M Mil base, fed-submit base closing report REF AMV

A2148 Caraballo,W/Sarlo,P Animal shelters-concerns REF AAN

A2149 Ahearn,M NJ Conflicts, Interest Law-incr. penal REF ASG

A2150 Carroll,M/Garrett,E+1 Affirmative action prog., cert.-proh. REF AJU

A2151 Carroll,M NJ Scouts Honor Act of 2000 REF AJU

A2152 Carroll,M Rental practices-proh. discrim. REF AHO

A2153 Carroll,M Rent control ordinance, mun.-concerns REF AHO

A2154 Carroll,M Discrimination-clarifies definition REF AJU

A2155 Carroll,M Pres/Vice Pres electors-change procedure REF ASG

A2156 Carroll,M Voter regis. form-concerns cert. info. REF ASG

A2157 Rooney,J/Heck,R Haz. substances, flood plains-concerns REF AEN

A2158 Bateman,C/Biondi,P DWI-expand statute, incl. blood testing REF ALP

A2159 McKeon,J/Hackett,M Jewish Community Ctr Metro West;$300K REF ASI

A2160 Geist,G Sick leave banks-sch. emp. REF AED

A2161 Geist,G/Connors,C+3 Sr. Prop. Tax Freeze Prot. Act REF AHO

A2162 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J+1 PERS, TPAF-prov. addl. retire. benf. REF ASG

A2163 Johnson,G/Watson Coleman,B+5 Interst, Adult Offender Supervision REF ALP

A2164 Barnes,P/Greenwald,L+3 Detective Agency-repeals charter REF ALP

A2165 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D Energy aggregation, gov.-revises process REF ATU

A2166 McKeon,J/Doria,J Sch. bus driv.-screening procedures REF AED

A2167 Gusciora,R St. Devel./Redevel. Plan-leg. approve REF AEN

A2168 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J+2 PERS, TPAF-prov. addl. retire. benf. REF ASG

A2169 Conners,J/Conaway,H Tech.-Bd. of Ed. adopt curriculum REF AED

A2170 Heck,R/Wisniewski,J+1 Truck Safety Bureau in St. Police-estab. REF ATR

A2171 Carroll,M Freshwater wetland-amend definition REF AEN

A2172 Carroll,M/Gregg,G Bus owners, cert-deduct fed self-emp tax REF ABU

A2173 Carroll,M/Pennacchio,J Planning bds-concerns voting rights REF AHO

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A2174 McKeon,J MV theft-mandatory sentencing REF AJU

A2175 Caraballo,W Orthotic appliances-exempts lic. REF ARP

A2176 McKeon,J/Hackett,M Posttraumatic stress disorder-insur. pay REF ABI

A2177 McKeon,J/Steele,A+1 PFRS mortgage loan prog.-concerns elig. REF ASG

A2178 Payne,W N. Jersey Research Initiative;$1M REF AHH

A2179 Wolfe,D/Malone,J+2 St. sch. aid, 2002-03-estab. level REF AED

A2180 Malone,J Co. Corrections Off. Act REF ALP

A2181 Malone,J/Cottrell,M Health Care Svc. Firms-cert emp agencies REF AHH

A2182 Moran,J/Connors,C Electric generation svc.-concerns rates REF ATU

A2183 Kean,T Suppl. comp., cert.-limits upon retir. REF ASG

A2184 Kean,T Inter-mun. land disputes-concerns REF AHO

A2185 Kean,T/Biondi,P Males-comply w/fed. selective svc. law REF ASG

A2186 Kean,T/Gusciora,R MVs, cert.-prov. sales tax exemption REF AEN

A2187 Van Drew,J/Asselta,N UEZ, jt.-clarifies parameters REF ACE

A2188 Caraballo,W Pharmaceutical supplies-concerns distrib REF AHH

A2189 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B Police/Firefighter Home-buyer Asst. Act REF AHO

A2190 Gusciora,R Nursing staff-concerns standards REF AHH

A2191 Smith,R/Burzichelli,J+3 Vol emerg svcs-concern survivors pension REF ASG

A2192 Moran,J/Connors,C Electric pub util-concerns cert costs REF ATU

A2193 McKeon,J Police/FF conventions-concern paid leave REF ASG

A2194 Kean,T/Caraballo,W Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Comm. REF ASG

A2195 McKeon,J/Caraballo,W+26 MV searches-concerns probable cause REF ALP

A2196 Asselta,N Raffle lic.-expands elig. REF ATG

A2197 Heck,R Food stamp prog.-concerns REF AFW

A2198 Heck,R Food stamp prog.-available on website REF AFW

A2199 Heck,R Food stamp prog.-concerns REF AFW

A2201 Heck,R Food stamp prog.-concerns elig. period REF AFW

A2202 Heck,R TANF-funded referral svc.-concerns REF AHH

A2203 Heck,R Welfare agencies, co.-adjust office hrs. REF AFW

A2204 Steele,A Essex Co. Bd. of Ed emp.-concern pension REF ASG

A2205 Russo,D Landscape Irrigation Contr.Act-amend REF ARP

ACR97 Asselta,N Vet. prop. tax benf.-expand elig. REF AMV

ACR98 Weinberg,L/Previte,M+10 Food stamp prog.-Cong. reauth. prog. REF AFW

ACR99 Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R St. Museum-concerns proj. REF ASG

ACR101 Carroll,M Supreme Ct. justice-abolish tenure REF AJU

ACR102 Carroll,M Pub. ed.-prov. Leg. w/ final auth. REF AED

ACR103 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Individuals w/Disab. Ed. Act-incr. fding REF AED

ACR104 Kean,T/Gusciora,R Quiet Communities Act of 2001-enact REF ATR

AJR35 Watson Coleman,B Sexual Assault Awareness Mo-desig. April REF AFW

AR115 Conaway,H/Conners,J Celiac Disease Awareness Wk-April 28 REF AHH

AR116 Ahearn,M Sex offender release-investigate REF AJU

AR117 Heck,R/DiGaetano,P+1 FAA-Cong. organize into two divisions REF ATR

AR118 Caraballo,W/Ahearn,M Sex offense convictions, foreign-concern REF ALP

AR119 Carroll,M/Cohen,N Crim Justice Code-Asm Committee review REF AJU

AR120 McKeon,J/Kean,T Fong Fuming-release REF ASG

AR121 Weinberg,L/Stender,L+23 Brease Cancer Awareness Mo-Oct, 2002 REF AHH

AR122 Previte,M/Payne,W Baby Safety Mo-desig. Sept, 2002 REF AFW

AR123 Kean,T Yom Hashoah-Day of Remembrance REF ASG

AR124 Farragher,C/Doherty,M Belfast, Ireland-condemns viol. REF ASG

AR125 Ahearn,M PSEG Bergen, power fac-oppose expansion REF AEN

AR126 Heck,R Food stamp prof.-Cong. update name REF AHH

Bills Received from Senate/Concurrence w/Senate Amendments/Given Second Reading:

A1889 AcaSca (2R) Cohen,N/Arnone,M+5 Mun. and co. budgets-concerns

Co-Sponsors Added:

A378 Aca (1R) (Conaway,H)

A727 (Geist,G)

A1511 Aca (1R) (Wisniewski,J)

A2101 (O'Toole,K)

A2110 (Quigley,J)

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A561 (Tucker,D)

Note to the March 14, 2002 Legislative Digest:

Co-Sponsor Withdrawn:

A1955 (Quigley,J)

Third Prime Sponsor Added:

A1955 (Quigley,J)

Note to the March 25, 2002 Legislative Digest:

Co-Sponsor Withdrawn:

A540 (Greenstein,L)

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A540 (Greenstein,L)

The Assembly adjourned at 4:35 P.M. to meet on Monday, May 6, 2002 (SESSION).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (March 25, 2002):

P.L.2002, c.11. S11 ScaSca (2R) Lesniak,R/Sires,A+1 03/26/2002 Health care benf., retired emp.-concerns

P.L.2002, c.12. S18 ScaAa (2R) Bryant,W/Watson Coleman,B+1 03/26/2002 St. budget-reduce cert. approp.

P.L.2002, c.13. S20 ScaScaAa (3R) Kenny,B/Palaia,J+4 03/26/2002 Health Care Subsidy Fd-medicaid expenses