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Vol. XIV No. 35 210th Legislature First Annual Session


Bills Introduced:

S1815 Bucco,A Sunrise House Foundation, Inc.;$75K REF SHH

S1816 Bucco,A PERS retir. allowance-recalculate REF SSG

S1817 Bucco,A Fire prot. sys.-proh. standby fees REF SCU

S1818 Bucco,A Overcrowding-impose landlord fine REF SCU

S1819 Bucco,A Split Rock Reservoir;$85K REF SEN

S1820 Bucco,A Lake Hopatcong Comm.;$1.5M REF SEN

S1821 Bucco,A Lake Hopatcong Comm.-concerns REF SEN

S1822 Bucco,A Real prop relating to terrorism-concerns REF SJU

S1823 Bucco,A Bingo-sr. cit. play for cash prizes REF SSG

S1824 Bucco,A Adoption agencies-concerns REF SHH

S1825 Sweeney,S Surgical first asst. svcs.-concerns pymt REF SHH

S1826 Coniglio,J/Sweeney,S Deceptive practices-crime REF SLP

S1827 Inverso,P Ticket scalping-include out-of-st events REF SCM

S1828 Inverso,P Hair prostheses-health insur cover REF SHH

S1829 Inverso,P Aeronautics-concerns REF STR

S1830 Inverso,P MV accidents-owner prov. info. REF SLP

S1831 Inverso,P Solid waste disposal, cert.-crim. penal. REF SEN

S1832 Rice,R UMDNJ-concerns bd. of trustees REF SHH

S1833 Singer,R Youth serving org, cert-background check REF SLP

S1834 Ciesla,A Vol. firefighters-$1K income tax deduct. REF SLP

S1835 Ciesla,A Emerg. svc. vol.-waive driv. lic. fee REF SLP

S1836 Martin,R Towing/storage-concerns pymt. REF SCM

S1837 Bucco,A Health prof. negligence-civil action REF SCM

S1838 Bucco,A Org. For Hispanic Affairs;$50K REF SCU

S1839 Kenny,B/Charles,J Co. emp. retiree-permits COLA REF SSG

S1840 Girgenti,J/Gormley,W Human remains, desecrate-crime REF SJU

S1841 Bark,M Fed. and priv. grants-creates office REF SCU

S1842 Suliga,J Co prosecutors-credits PERS svc. REF SSG

S1843 Allen,D Teachers-concerns emp. REF SED

S1844 Baer,B Electricians-concerns qual. journeymen REF SCM

S1845 Lesniak,R Drugs-concerns clinical trials REF SHH

S1846 Lance,L Budget cap adjustments-concerns REF SED

S1847 Kavanaugh,W/Bucco,A PFRS-concerns reemployment REF SSG

S1849 Bark,M Unclaimed prop.-estab. trust REF SSG

S1850 Bark,M Med. malpractice liab.-modify laws REF SCM

S1851 Matheussen,J/Cafiero,J+4 St. Police-concerns cert. memb. REF SLP

S1852 Inverso,P P.O.W.-auth. lic. plates REF STR

S1853 Codey,R/Rice,R+1 Co. prosecutors-concerns REF SJU

S1854 Rice,R/Charles,J+13 Inmate Ed. and Training Study Comm-estab REF SLP

S1855 Vitale,J/Buono,B Infantile Autism Med. Research Fd. REF SHH

S1856 Ciesla,A Vol. firefighter/emerg svcs-health benf. REF SCU

S1857 Ciesla,A Capital and Ed. Fac. Finan. Act-desig. REF SCU

S1858 Ciesla,A/Connors,L Deceptive practices-crime REF SLP

S1859 Connors,L/Ciesla,A Shields, badges, cards-proh. sale REF SLP

S1860 Suliga,J/Charles,J+7 Urban aid;$13.708M REF SEN

S1861 Coniglio,J/Bucco,A+2 Northern NJ-park devel.;$11.05M REF SEN

S1862 Inverso,P/Bennett,J+1 Southern NJ-park devel.;$11.295M REF SEN

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S1863 Allen,D/Palaia,J+7 Southern NJ-park devel.;$12.475M REF SEN

S1864 Sweeney,S/Suliga,J+6 Nonprofit entities-devel. land;$11.105 REF SEN

S1865 Matheussen,J/Sweeney,S+6 Land-recreation & conserv. purpose;$56M REF SEN

S1866 Martin,R Superfund sites-exemp. cleanup liab. REF SEN

S1867 Bucco,A Psych. hosp. closing-Leg. to void REF SHH

S1868 Cafiero,J/Matheussen,J+30 Drunk driv.-enact ordinance REF SLP

S1869 Cardinale,G Driv. lic.-mandates eye test REF SLP

S1870 Smith,B/Lance,L Farmland preserv.-concerns REF SEG

S1871 Inverso,P Gasoline containing MTBE-proh. sale REF SEN

S1872 Inverso,P Tobacco shipment-concerns REF SLP

S1873 Baer,B Telemarketing calls-proh wireless phones REF SCM

S1874 Baer,B/Kyrillos,J+8 Juneteenth Independence Day REF SSG

S1875 Codey,R Real prop. surplus--St. Treasurer sell REF SSG

S1876 Matheussen,J/Allen,D Sr, disab cit-prop tax freeze reimb prog REF SCU

S1877 Coniglio,J/Furnari,G Low Income Home Energy Assist Prog;$4.8M REF SHH

SCR68 Palaia,J Ocean dumping-adopt stricter rules REF SEN

SCR69 Bucco,A/Kavanaugh,W Prop. tax deduct.-cert resid. REF SCU

SCR70 Ciesla,A Statue of Liberty-desig. anthem REF SSG

SR83 Kenny,B/Littell,R Pub Health/Env Laboratory-constr new fac REF SHH

SR84 Charles,J Cross burning-condemns REF SJU

SR85 Inverso,P/Palaia,J Umbro running shoes-condemns REF SSG

SR86 Connors,L/Ciesla,A Corp-paid audits-Cong. enact leg. REF SCM

SR87 Allen,D Natl Hispanic Heritage Mo-Sept 15-Oct 15 REF SSG

SR88 Allen,D September 11-desig. natl. holiday REF SSG

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A415 Aca (1R) Kean,T/Merkt,R Bd. of elections-expands elig. age REP

A1109 Aca (1R) Garrett,E/Gregg,G+1 Black bear-bans intentional feeding REP

A2069/2110 AcsSca (ACS/1R) Doria,J/Azzolina,J+31 Clean Communities & Recycling Grant Act REP/SCA

A2298 Cohen,N/Cryan,J Fraudulent actions-statute of limitation REP

A2437/1801 Acs (ACS) Sires,A/Sarlo,P+8 Contaminated site-remediation cost reimb REP

S75 Sca (1R) Rice,R Minority, woman's bus.-documentation req REP/SCA

S123 Bennett,J/Palaia,J+2 Vol ambulance/fire co.-impact stmt. req. REP

S316 Matheussen,J+2 Organ donor id.-auth. driver lic sticker REP

S743 Connors,L Charitable org., cert.-concerns donation REP

S812 Sca (1R) Cardinale,G/Buono,B+3 Electric Discount/Energy Act-revise REP/SCA

S1120 Coniglio,J Underground storage tank grants-concerns REP

S1181 Sca (1R) Allen,D/Rice,R+4 Contaminated site-remediation cost reimb REP

S1290 Vitale,J PFRS reemp. retirees-concerns memb. REP

S1341 Sca (1R) Matheussen,J/Allen,D+3 Sr. Prop. Tax Freeze Prot. Act REP/SCA

S1349 Sca (1R) Turner,S St. contracts-concerns emp. REP/SCA

S1366 Bagger,R Bd. of elections-expands elig. age REP

S1373 Sca (1R) Cafiero,J/Bucco,A+6 Clean Communities Prog.-revises REP/SCA

S1512 Sacco,N/Bark,M Election dist.-concerns REP

S1548 Inverso,P Charitable org., cert.-concerns REP

S1626 Kenny,B/Martin,R Higher Ed Capital Improvement Fd-incr REP

S1692 Sca (1R) Turner,S Snowmobile, all-terrain veh.-penal. REP/SCA

S1736 Kyrillos,J/Palaia,J+1 Thoroughbred breeder awards-concerns REP

S1848 Littell,R Black bear-bans intentional feeding REP

SJR37 Cardinale,G/Lance,L Ancient Fife and Drum Corps of NJ REP

SR36 Cardinale,G Canada goose population in NJ-concerns REP

SR78/79 Scs (SCS) Bucco,A/Bennett,J+17 Pledge of Allegiance-concerns REP/SCS

Bills Referred/SBA:

A2069/2110 AcsSca (ACS/1R) Doria,J/Azzolina,J+31 Clean Communities & Recycling Grant Act

S316 Matheussen,J+2 Organ donor id.-auth. driver lic sticker

S1120 Coniglio,J Underground storage tank grants-concerns

S1290 Vitale,J PFRS reemp. retirees-concerns memb.

S1373 Sca (1R) Cafiero,J/Bucco,A+6 Clean Communities Prog.-revises

Bills Combined:

SR79 Allen,D/Bucco,A+12 Pledge of Allegiance-concerns COMB/W SR78

Co-Sponsors Added:

S274 (Ciesla,A)

S718 (Ciesla,A)

S1112 (Lesniak,R)

S1200 (James,S; Smith,B)

S1432 Sca (1R) (Ciesla,A)

S1851 (Palaia,J; Bucco, A; Bark, M; Allen,D)

S1853 (James,S)

S1854 (Turner,S; Gill,N; Bryant,W; Codey,R; Bucco,A; Palaia,J; Singer,R; Kenny,B; Adler,J; Kyrillos,J; Coniglio,J; Sacco,N; Baer,B)

S1860 (Matheussen,J; Sweeney,S; Bryant,W; Lesniak,R; Sacco,N; Vitale,J; Turner,S)

S1861 (Littell,R; McNamara,H)

S1862 (Lance,L)

S1863 (Bark,M; Gormley,W; Connors,L; Bennett,J; Singer,R; Kyrillos,J; Adler,J)

S1864 (Bryant,W; Lesniak,R; Furnari,G; Sacco,N; Vitale,J; Turner,S)

S1865 (Littell,R; Bryant,W; Lesniak,R; Vitale,J; Turner,S; McNamara,H)

S1868 (Connors,L; Bucco,A; Inverso,P; Singer,R; Bark,M; McNamara,H; Cardinale,G; Ciesla,A; Lance,L; Kavanaugh,W; Bennett,J; Allen,D; Martin,R; Turner,S; Rice,R; Littell,R; Palaia,J; Bagger,R; Sweeney,S; Lesniak,R; Coniglio,J; Adler,J; Smith,B; Buono,B; Vitale,J; Furnari,G; Girgenti,J; Baer,B; Kenny,B; Codey,R)

S1874 (Rice,R; Gill,N; Coniglio,J; Furnari,G; Kenny,B; Charles,J; Codey,R; Singer,R)

SR60 (Buono,B)

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S1512 (Bark,M)

S1687 (Suliga,J)

S1688 (Suliga,J)

Notes to the July 2, 2002 Legislative Digest:

Co-Sponsors Added:

S1751 (Sacco,N; Bryant,W)

SCR1 (Gormley,W; Lance,L; Ciesla,A; Bagger,R; Bark,M; Kavanaugh,W; Connors,L; Cardinale,G; Martin,R; Matheussen,J; Cafiero,J; Palaia,J; Singer,R; Bennett,J; McNamara,H; Allen,D; Bucco,A; Kyrillos,J)

Notes to the September 9, 2002 Legislative Digest:

The Senate President has made the following appointments:

*Effective July 15, 2002

Pension & Health Benefits Review Commission:

Scott Carlbon, of Burlington City.

Drinking Water Quality Institute:

Bruce R. Chorba, of Hamilton Square.

State Capitol Joint Management Commission:

John Samerjan, of Princeton to replace Mark O. Smith, resigned.

New Jersey Israel Commission:

Senator John O. Bennett (12) to replace Senator C. Louis Bassano, (21) expired.

Notes to the September 9, 2002 Legislative Digest: (cont'd)

The Senate President has made the following appointments:

*Effective July 18, 2002

Corporation Business Tax Study Commission:

David Shipley, of Pennington Borough.

Coordinating Committee on Youth:

Joseph Farren, of Interlaken Borough.

*Effective July 22, 2002

Coordinating Committee on Youth:

Henry T. Cole, of Hamilton Square.

Nominations *Not* Received and Referred to SJU:


Leonard J. Roseman, of Metuchen, to replace Bertram Melchar, resigned.


Ernest W. Feist, P.E., of Monroe Township, to replace Marie Flynn.

Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


Frank P. Leake, of Milltown, to replace Kathleen Sweeney.

Notes to the September 12, 2002 Legislative Digest:

Co-Sponsors Added:

S1106/1280 Scs (SCS) (Cafiero,J; Palaia,J)

S1633 (Gill,N)

The Senate adjourned at 6:34 P.M. to meet on Monday, September 23, 2002 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "1" and "2" scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

AR178 Smith,R/Van Drew,J Asm Task Force on Waterway Safety-create

AR179 Edwards,W/Fisher,D Take a Loved One to Dr. Day-Sept 24

Bills Introduced:

A2680 Smith,R Name change-req. crim. background check REF AJU

A2726 Smith,R/Sarlo,P Fallen FF-auth. lic. plate REF ATR

A2727 Ahearn,M/Weinberg,L Collaborating Ctr. for Nursing-estab. REF AHH

A2728 Gusciora,R Products, cert.-proh. sale REF ACO

A2729 Gusciora,R Devel. disab. individuals-concerns REF AHH

A2730 Gusciora,R Resid. rental housing viol.-crim. liab. REF AHO

A2731 Gusciora,R Rental, resid. prop.-concerns REF AHO

A2732 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+1 Social Security numbers-regulates use REF ALP

A2733 Friscia,A/Egan,J+1 Minimum wage-incr. REF ALA

A2734 Watson Coleman,B Corporate fraud-concerns restitution REF AJU

A2735 Ahearn,M+6 Prop-casualty-concerns use of cred info REF ABI

A2736 Ahearn,M/Impreveduto,A+4 Dental hygienists-concerns ed. REF ARP

A2737 Ahearn,M/Van Drew,J+2 Marriages-concerns solemnization REF AJU

A2738 Chatzidakis,L Energy Star products-req. purchase REF ASG

A2739 Van Drew,J Pesticide mgmt. plans-concerns REF ATR

A2740 Wisniewski,J/Doria,J+1 TPAF-purch. cred. for nonpub. sch. svc REF ASG

A2741 Smith,R Regis., temporary cert.-concerns REF ATR

A2742 Heck,R Forensic lab. fees, sexual assault-estab REF AJU

A2743 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G Port Auth police-binding arbitration REF ALA

A2744 Gusciora,R/Stender,L Recycled materials-concerns REF AEN

A2745 Gusciora,R Fuel cell-powered mv-corp. bus. tax cred REF AEN

A2746 Van Drew,J Clerk, co.-auth to act as loc. registrar REF AHO

A2747 Malone,J Teenage Driv. Safety Study Comm.-estab.- REF ATR

A2748 Malone,J Homestead prop. tax reimb.-revise elig. REF AAP

A2749 D'Amato,P/Blee,F St Rev Forecasting, Cert. Comm-estab. REF ABU

A2750 Barnes,P/Previte,M Review Crim. Sentencing Comm.-estab. REF ALP

A2751 Watson Coleman,B Health Care Svc. Firms-cert emp agencies REF AHH

A2752 Watson Coleman,B Earned income tax cred.-adjustment REF AAP

A2754 Asselta,N/Van Drew,J Snakehead fish-concerns REF AAN

A2755 Asselta,N/Van Drew,J Animals, cert-concern possession/release REF AAN

A2756 Asselta,N/Van Drew,J Child porno crimes-no early release act REF AJU

A2757 Heck,R Child victimization prev prog-estab. REF AED

A2758 Weinberg,L Physicians, cert-pay surcharge to Med Bd REF AHH

A2759 Weinberg,L Disab, physical-concerns health care REF AHH

A2760 Conners,J/Conaway,H+1 Charitable gift annuity reserves-concern REF ABI

A2761 Conners,J/Conaway,H+1 Fire hydrant obstruction-offense REF ALP

A2762 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Med. malpractice liab.-modify laws REF ABI

A2763 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Med. malpractice liab.-modify statute REF ASI

A2764 Chatzidakis,L Wood, arsenic-treated-proh. St. purch. REF AEN

A2765 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Main St. NJ prog.-concerns REF ACE

A2766 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Dover Twp, Ocean Co.;$15M REF AEN

A2767 Wolfe,D/Garrett,E Deceptive practices-crime REF AJU

A2768 Cohen,N/Cryan,J Drugs-concerns clinical trials REF ABI

A2769 Myers,C/Doherty,M Budget cap adjustments-concerns REF AED

A2770 Myers,C/Doherty,M Audiovisual ed. ctrs.-revise operations REF AED

A2771 Geist,G Pineland fire safety-concerns REF AAN

A2772 Roberts,J Mun Rehab., Econ Recovery Act-amends REF AHO

ACR129 D'Amato,P/Blee,F St Rev Forecasting Cert Comm REF ABU

AJR44 Gusciora,R Trenton Battlefield Hist Dist.-recognize REF AEN

AJR45 Doherty,M Ancient Fife and Drum Corps of NJ REF ASG

AR170 Guear,G/Greenstein,L Meucci, Antonio-inventor of telephone REF ATU

AR176 Chatzidakis,L Farmland-Dept of Defense help NJ obtain REF AAN

AR177 DiGaetano,P Patriot Day-express support REF AHS

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A104 Thompson,S/Cruz-Perez,N+3 Cred. card no.-proh. electronic printing REP

A206 Friscia,A/Roberts,J+16 Lead screening-HMOs report, req. REP

A539 Aca (1R) Roberts,J/Vandervalk,C+2 SHBP benf. in retir.-cert. St. emp. REP/ACA

A605 Aca (1R) Arnone,M/Roberts,J Local Bond Law-revises REP/ACA

A1325 Aca (1R) Geist,G/Chivukula,U+7 Credit card unauth use-action for damage REP/ACA

A1373 Aca (1R) Corodemus,S+2 Hazing-upgrade crim. penal. REP/ACA

A1673 Cohen,N Auto purch.-sales tax calculation REP

A1896 Green,J/Merkt,R Condo. master deeds-concerns REP

A1975 Doria,J/Cohen,N+3 Homeowner insur deductible-application REP

A2078 Aca (1R) Cruz-Perez,N Mobile home park-multiple dwelling REP/ACA

A2165 AcsAca (ACS/1R) Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D Energy aggregation, govt-revises process REP/ACA

A2252 Aca (1R) Weinberg,L/Munoz,E Primary practitioner-loan redemption REP/ACA

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading: (cont'd)

A2382 Aca (1R) Ahearn,M/Sarlo,P Host mun. benf.-sewerage auth. REP/ACA

A2412 Aca (1R) Vandervalk,C/Cohen,N Health wellness insur. benf.-concerns REP/ACA

A2424 Conners,J/Conaway,H Main Street NJ prog.-concerns REP

A2432 Friscia,A Helping dogs-prot. from discrim. REP

A2486 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G+1 Post-polio sequelae awareness-estab. REP

A2516 Sires,A/DiGaetano,P Save Ellis Island;$1M REP

A2517 Aca (1R) Sires,A Elections-concerns hours and pay REP/ACA

A2528 Caraballo,W+1 Racing Comm.-reconstitutes memb. REP

A2532 Aca (1R) Smith,R/Guear,G+1 Co. investigators-concerns REP/ACA

A2551 Wisniewski,J/Diegnan,P Mortuary Science, St. Bd.-incr. memb. REP

A2632 Roberts,J Ticket sales, cert.-concerns REP

A2676 Aca (1R) Stender,L/Guear,G Thoroughbred breeder awards-concerns REP/ACA

A2772 Roberts,J Mun Rehab., Econ Recovery Act-amends REP

ACR116 Weinberg,L/Sires,A Med. equip., treat disab-devel standards REP

AR138 Weinberg,L/Ahearn,M+1 Year of the Polio Survivor-desig. 2002 REP

AR170 Guear,G/Greenstein,L Meucci, Antonio-inventor of telephone REP

S109 Sca (1R) Bennett,J/Palaia,J Local Bond Law-revises REP

S1097 Sca (1R) Cardinale,G Earthquake insur.-concerns endorsements REP

S1149 Cardinale,G/Allen,D+3 Cred. card no.-proh. electronic printing REP

S1558 Sa (1R) Girgenti,J/Bucco,A+4 Co. investigators-concerns REP

SCR51 Sca (1R) Lance,L/Allen,D+2 Blood donor pub awareness campaign-estab REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A518 Roberts,J+2 Smoke detector prog.-estab. in DCA REP REF AAP

A606 Arnone,M/Cohen,N+3 Long-term care insur.-corp. tax cred. REP REF AAP

A1846 Impreveduto,A/Moran,J+1 Bus. tax research/devel. cred.-concerns REP REF AAP

A2055 Sires,A/Fraguela,R Multiple dwelling fire walls-estab. loan REP REF AAP

A2096 Aca (1R) Previte,M/Geist,G+10 Juv. off., cert.-concerns placement REP/ACA REF AAP

A2163/1993 Acs (ACS) Johnson,G/Watson Coleman,B+5 Adult Offender Supervision-compact REP/ACS REF AAP

A2464 Sires,A/Green,J Sewer, water connection fees-concerns REP REF AAP

S166 ScaAca (2R) Bagger,R/Allen,D+8 Interst. Compact for Adult Offender-prov REP/ACA REF AAP

Bills Reported Referred/AEN:

A2714 Aca (1R) Green,J Redevel. plans-concerns land use REP/ACA REF AEN

Bills Combined:

A1993 Kean,T+1 Interst. Compact for Adult Offender-prov COMB/W A2163

Bills Given First Reading w/Governor's Recommendation:

A2264 Aca (1R) Stanley,C/Eagler,P+6 Health prof. lic.-crim. hist. check req.

Bills Given Second Reading w/Governor's Recommendation:

A2264 Aca w/GR (2R) Stanley,C/Eagler,P+6 Health prof. lic.-crim. hist. check req.

Bills Transferred:

A1130 Quigley,J DNA test results-estab. parentage FROM AFW TO AJU

A2662 Smith,R/Ahearn,M Env. studies-pub completion notice req FROM AEN TO AAN

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

AJR44 Gusciora,R Trenton Battlefield Hist Dist.-recognize FROM AEN

Co-Sponsors Added:

A243 Aca (1R) (Stanley,C)

A303 (Merkt,R; Van Drew,J)

A513 (Diegnan,P)

A955 (Conners,J)

A996 (Arnone,M)

A1325 Aca (1R) (Russo,D; Wisniewski,J)

A1912 (Malone,J; Moran,J; Payne,W; Previte,M; Kean,T; Smith,T; Eagler,P; Russo,D; Holzapfel,J; Stanley,C; Egan,J;

Weinberg,L; DiGaetano,P; D'Amato,P; Caraballo,W; Blee,F; Green,J)

A1933 (Munoz,E)

A2178 (Pennacchio,J)

A2191 Aca (1R) (Roberts,J; Cruz-Perez,N)

A2215 (Eagler,P)

A2355 (Munoz,E)

A2378 Aca (1R) (Diegnan,P)

A2407 (Stanley,C)

A2408 (Stanley,C)

A2599 (Merkt,R)

A2618 (Kean,T)

A2625 (Edwards,W; Ahearn,M; Cryan,J)

A2648 (Blee,F)

AJR43 (Holzapfel,J)

AR155 (Thompson,S)

AR175 (Stanley,C; Johnson,G; Hackett,M; Cruz-Perez,N; Tucker,D)

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A295 (Previte,M)

A1173 (Merkt,R)

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A295 (Previte,M)

A1325 Aca (1R) (Chivukula,U)

A2374 (Cohen,N)

A2382 Aca (1R) (Sarlo,P)

A2516 (DiGaetano,P)

A2551 (Diegnan,P)

A2665 (Fisher,D)

A2690 (Chatzidakis,L)

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A2292 Aca (1R) (Fisher,D)

A2516 (Cohen,N)

Fourth Prime Sponsor Added:

A2516 (Kean,T)

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:

*Effective September 17, 2002

Assembly Task Force on Waterway Safety:

Assemblyman Nicholas Asselta (1)

Assemblyman Jeffrey W. Moran (9)

Note to the September 9, 2002 Legislative Digest:

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A817 Acs (ACS) Conaway,H/Conners,J Hwy corridor redevel zone-tax exclusions REP/ACS REF AAP *NOT* REP

Notes to the September 12, 2002 Legislative Digest:

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A243 Aca (1R) Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+2 Pledge for Life & Health prog.-estab. REP/ACA *NOT* REF AAP

Bills Received from Senate/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

S1709 Sca (1R) Inverso,P/Palaia,J+2 Sch. bd. emp., bus driv.-dismissal *NOT* REF AED

Bills Received from Senate/Concurrence w/Senate Amendments/Given Second Reading:

A1558 AcaSca (2R) Greenwald,L/Guear,G+17 Amber's Plan-estab. abducted child alert

The Assembly adjourned at 7:00 P.M. to meet on Monday, September 23, 2002 (SESSION).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (9/12/02):