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Vol. XV No. 16 210th Legislature Second Annual Session


Bills Introduced:

S2411 Cardinale,G Mayors-concerns appointing powers REF SCU

S2412 Cardinale,G Home inspectors, lic.-concerns REF SCU

S2413 Singer,R Epilepsy Foundation-buy surplus prop. REF SSG

S2414 Codey,R Wells, priv.-test for contaminants REF SEN

S2415 Turner,S Nursing Home Patient Prot. Act REF SHH

S2416 Turner,S Teacher certification-concerns REF SED

S2417 Turner,S Overpasses-installation of prot. fencing REF STR

S2418 Bucco,A Domestic viol.-incr. civil penal REF SJU

S2419 Bucco,A Deferred comp. plans-bd. of ed. estab. REF SSG

S2420 Allen,D Mand minimum terms-proh halfway houses REF SJU

S2421 Adler,J/Turner,S Ed. Mandate Review Study Comm-estab. REF SED

S2422 Lesniak,R Ed. Opportunity Fd.-increase off. term REF SED

S2423 Adler,J CDS offense-concerns penal. REF SLP

S2424 Furnari,G St. auth., cert.-concerns memb. term REF SSG

S2425 Adler,J Ovarian cancer screening-prov. coverage REF SHH

S2426 Allen,D Minor child safety-incarcerated parent REF SHH

SCR96 Palaia,J Nat'l Family Caregiver Support-enact leg REF SHH

SR134 Allen,D Pledge of Allegiance-condemns decision REF SSG

SR135 Turner,S Iraq-opposes mil. attack against REF SSG

SR136 Vitale,J/Rice,R Cover the Uninsur. Wk.-desig March 10-16 REF SHH

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A50 AcaSca (2R) Roberts,J/Cohen,N+4 Patients First Act of 2002 REP/SCA

A1694 Vandervalk,C/Bateman,C+2 PERS-concerns reemployment REP

A1752 AcaSca (2R) Weinberg,L/Impreveduto,A Ads-concerns use of names REP/SCA

A2095 AaAaSca (3R) Wisniewski,J/Van Drew,J+6 Renewable energy standards viol.-penal. REP/SCA

A2343 AcaSca (2R) Chivukula,U/Egan,J Delaware/Raritan Canal Comm-concerns REP/SCA

A3074/2720 Acs (ACS) Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J+11 Animal cruelty offense-incr. penal. REP

S63 Scs (SCS) Rice,R Auto insur. rate incr.-req pub of info REP/SCS

S558 Lance,L Child of St inmate-concerns tuition cost REP

S825 Charles,J Mun. retir. systems, cert.-concerns REP

S1328 Sca (1R) Inverso,P/Vitale,J Renewable energy standards viol.-penal. REP/SCA

S1480 Sca (1R) Cardinale,G Check Cashers Reg Act, 1993-modify prov. REP/SCA

S1522 ScaSca (2R) Codey,R Occupational disease-workers' comp. REP/SCA

S1570/1571/1572/ 1609/1667/1668/ 1673/1684/1837/ 1850/1902/1976/ 1977/2035/2325 Scs (SCS) Bucco,A Med.

malpractice-statute of limitations REP/SCS

S1847 Kavanaugh,W/Bucco,A PERS-concerns reemployment REP

S1967 Sca (1R) Sweeney,S/Matheussen,J+2 Med. benf, post-retirement-concerns REP/SCA

S2154 Sweeney,S/Vitale,J Animal cruelty offense-incr. penal. REP

S2168 Sca (1R) Singer,R/Baer,B+1 Sci. and Tech. prog.;$10M REP/SCA

S2174/2226 Scs (SCS) Vitale,J/Matheussen,J Health Care Access, Patient Prot. Act REP/SCS

S2187 Sca (1R) Cardinale,G Communication tower fac-proh cert areas REP/SCA

S2323 Sca (1R) Matheussen,J+1 Freedom to Fish Act REP/SCA

S2338 Bark,M Racing Comm. memb, emp-post-emp restrict REP

S2352 Scs (SCS) Sacco,N/Ciesla,A Hwy. Auth.-abolish, transfer projects REP/SCS

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading: (cont'd)

S2382 Bryant,W Gloucester City, waterfront improv.;$1M REP

S2392/2371 Scs (SCS) Inverso,P/Kean,T+1 Camp. contrib.-concerns REP/SCS

S2402 Sca (1R) Kenny,B/Kyrillos,J+1 Long Term Tax Exemp. Law-makes changes REP/SCA

SJR23 McNamara,H Tuxedo, NY-prevent golf course constr. REP

SJR45 Sca (1R) Kean,T/Bagger,R Army Parachute Test Platoon-auth. sign REP/SCA

SR20 Bark,M Bader Field-replace w/ Hammonton Airport REP

SR115 Coniglio,J Highlands Stewardship Act-Cong. enact REP

SR126 Sca (1R) Bark,M/Kenny,B+1 Bus. Emp. Incentive Prog.-not elim. fund REP/SCA

SR131 Bennett,J/Martin,R+16 Reagan, Ronald-recog. 92nd birthday REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S1967 Sca (1R) Sweeney,S/Matheussen,J+2 Med. benf, post-retirement-concerns

S2168 Sca (1R) Singer,R/Baer,B+1 Sci. and Tech. prog.;$10M

S2382 Bryant,W Gloucester City, waterfront improv.;$1M

Bills Combined:

S1571 Bucco,A Med. malpractice liab.-concerns COMB/W S1570/1572/1609/1667/1668/1673/1684/1837/1850/1902/1976/1977/2035/2325 (SCS)

S1572 Bucco,A Med. malpractice-concerns witnesses COMB/W S1570/1571/1609/1667/1668/1673/1684/1837/1850/1902/1976/1977/2035/2325 (SCS)

S1609 Bark,M Med malpractice liab.-concerns COMB/W S1570/1571/1572/1667/1668/1673/1684/1837/1850/1902/1976/1977/2035/2325 (SCS)

S1667 Kyrillos,J+1 Med. malpractice liab. insur.-concerns COMB/WS1570/1571/1572/1609/1668/1673/1684/1837/1850/1902/1976/1977/2035/2325 (SCS)

S1668 Kyrillos,J+1 Med. malpractice liab.-modify statute COMB/WS1570/1571/1572/1609/1667/1673/1684/1837/1850/1902/1976/1977/2035/2325(SCS)

S1673 Bucco,A Med. malpractice liab. insur-concerns COMB/W S1570/1571/1572/1609/1667/1668/1684/1837/1850/1902/1976/1977/2035/2325 (SCS)

S1684 Bark,M Med. malpractice cases-concerns COMB/W S1570/1571/1572/1609/1667/1668/1673/1837/1850/1902/1976/1977/2035/2325 (SCS)

S1837 Bucco,A Health prof. negligence-civil action COMB/W S1570/1571/1572/1609/1667/1668/1673/1684//1850/1902/1976/1977/2035/2325 (SCS)

S1850 Bark,M Med. malpractice liab.-modify laws COMB/W S1570/1571/1572/1609/1667/1668/1673/1684/1837/1902/1976/1977/2035/2325 (SCS)

S1902 Kyrillos,J/Gormley,W Med malpractice actions-procedure/liab.COMB/W S1570/1571/1572/1609/1667/1668 /1673/1684/1837/1850/1976/1977/ 2035/2325 (SCS)

S1976 Cardinale,G Med malpractice insur.-limits liab. COMB/W S1570/1571/1572/1609/1667/1668/1673/1684/1837/1850/1902/1977/2035/2325 (SCS)

S1977 Cardinale,G Med. malpractice-concerns testimony COMB/W S1570/1571/1572/1609/1667/1668/1673/1684/1837/1850/1902/1976/2035/2325 (SCS)

S2035 Palaia,J Med malpractice actions-cap cert damages COMB/W S1570/1571/1572/1609/1667/1668/1673/1684/1837/1850/1902/1976/1977/2325 (SCS)

S2226 Singer,R/Allen,D+1 Med. malpractice claims-revise law COMB/W S2174 (SCS)

S2325 Kean,T/Kavanaugh,W Med. Care Availability, Patient Prot Act COMB/WS1570/1571/1572/1609/1667/1668/1673/1684/1837/1850/1902/

1976/1977/2035 (SCS)

S2371 Furnari,G/Adler,J+2 Contrib. by entity doing St bus-restrict COMB/W S2392 (SCS)

Bills Received from Assembly/Concurrence w/Assembly Amendments/Given Second Reading:

A75 AcaScaSaAa (4R) Ahearn,M/Van Drew,J+50 Home Loan Prot. Act of 2002

Bills Received from Assembly/Referred to Committee:

A1130 Aca (1R) Quigley,J/Diegnan,P+3 DNA test results-estab. parentage REF SJU

A1884 Impreveduto,A/Moran,J Minor subdivisions-Map Filing Law REF SCU

A2930 Aa (1R) Wisniewski,J/Stender,L+4 Stop signs-place on cert. intersections REF STR

A3002 Holzapfel,J/Carroll,M Traffic fine overpymts.-concerns REF SLP

A3049 Sires,A/Burzichelli,J+5 Cigarettes-concerns sale REF SHH

A3176 Farragher,C/Carroll,M Real estate transactions-concerns fds. REF SCM

A3191 Aca (1R) Impreveduto,A/Bateman,C Individual deferred annuities-concerns REF SCM

A3223 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+5 Firearm sale-concerns REF SLP

A3318 Aca (1R) Cohen,N/Bateman,C Small emp. health benf.-concerns REF SCM

A3353 Weinberg,L/Conaway,H+2 Pharmacies, instit.-concerns off-site REF SHH

A3355 Cohen,N/Bateman,C Dental svc. corp.-experience rating REF SHH

A3356 Aca (1R) Guear,G/Van Drew,J+6 Internet gambling-concerns REF SJU

A3390 Aca (1R) Guear,G/Quigley,J+1 Interoperable Communications Act-estab. REF SLP

Bills Received from Assembly/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

A2608 Aca (1R) McKeon,J/Ahearn,M+2 Tenant security deposit laws-changes

A3062 Aca (1R) Conaway,H/Carroll,M+1 Morristown Mem. Hosp-children acute care

A3186 Acs (ACS) Cohen,N/Watson Coleman,B Co.budget cap-concerns

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S1695 Vitale,J Optometrists-concerns practice FROM SHH

Co-Sponsors Added:

S2093 (Connors,L; James,S)

S2265/2282 Scs (SCS) (Bucco,A)

S2310 Sca (1R) (Palaia,J; Allen,D)

S2351 (Allen,D)

S2366 (Coniglio,J)

SR126 Sca (1R) (Kyrillos,J)

SR127 (Singer,R)

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

S1702 (Vitale,J)

Prime Sponsors Added:

S2197 (Kean,T)

SJR45 Sca (1R) (Kean,T)

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S1702 (Vitale,J)

S2079 (Bucco,A)

S2261 (Bucco,A)

S2399 (Kyrillos,J)

SR126 Sca (1R) (Kenny,B)

Co-Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

S1695 (Singer,R)

S2013 (Palaia,J)

The Senate adjourned at 9:02 P.M. to meet on Thursday, March 20, 2003 (SESSION).


The Assembly did not meet. The Assembly will meet at a time and date to be announced.

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (3/13/2003):

P.L.2003, c.29. S412 ScaAca (2R) Bryant,W/James,S+5 03/14/2003 St. Police employment titles-req. list

P.L.2003, c.30. S1341 ScaAca (2R) Matheussen,J/Allen,D+17 03/14/2003 Sr. Prop. Tax Freeze Prot. Act-desig.

P.L.2003, c.31. S429/1422 ScsSaAcaAaAsSa (AS/1R) Bryant,W/Gormley,W+13 03/14/2003 Civil rights deprivation-crime