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Vol. XV No. 30 210th Legislature Second Annual Session


Bills Reported from SBA on June 24, 2003/Given 2nd Reading:

A2601 AcaAcaSca (3R) Weinberg,L/Ahearn,M+18 Autism Med. Research & Treatment Fd. REP/SCA

A3565 Sires,A/Wisniewski,J+31 Natl. Guard, active-per diem base pay REP

A3567 Greenstein,L/Burzichelli,J+31 Natl. Guard, active-St.-paid health benf REP

S1855 ScaSca (2R) Vitale,J/Buono,B+12 Autism Med. Research/Treatment Fd. REP/SCA

S2507 Coniglio,J/Sweeney,S+1 Natl. Guard, active-St.-paid health benf REP

S2508 Coniglio,J/Girgenti,J+1 Natl. Guard, active-per diem base pay REP

S2639 Sca (1R) Codey,R/Bennett,J SHBP-cert. unions participate REP/SCA

S2669 Scs (SCS) Kenny,B Bus. Emp. Incentive Prog.-enhances REP/SCS

S3002 Kenny,B SHBP benf.-modifes for St. emp. REP

Bills Transferred to SBA on June 27, 2003:

A2638 AcaAca (2R) Sires,A/Doria,J+9 Early retir. benf.-PERS cert. emp.

A2639 AcaAca (2R) Sires,A/Doria,J+9 Early retir. benf.-co., coll. & mun. emp

A2640 AcaAca (2R) Sires,A/Doria,J+10 Early retir. benf.-PERS, TPAF sch. emp.

A3530 Aca (1R) Sires,A/Doria,J+5 PFRS-addl. retir. benf.

S1892 Charles,J Early retir. benf.-co., coll. & mun. emp.

The Senate adjourned at 3:55 P.M. on June 28, 2003.

The Senate Special Session for June 28, 2003:

Bills Introduced:

S2704 Singer,R Distinguished svc. medal-clarifies req. REF SLP

S2705 Singer,R Quitclaim deeds-concerns REF SJU

S2706 Sarlo,P Personal Rapid Transit-conduct study REF STR

S2707 Cardinale,G Revaluation firms-conflicts of interest REF SCU

S2708 Kean,T Medical benf.-concerns assignment REF SHH

S2709 Littell,R/Kenny,B+1 Integrity, Inc.;$300K REF SHH

S2710 Adler,J Clean Elections Camp. Finan. Study Comm. REF SSG

S2711 Kean,T Coastal Area Fac. Review Act-revises REF SEN

S2712 Rice,R/Charles,J+3 Sch renaissance zones-concerns selection REF SED

S2713 Suliga,J Winter flounder study;$78,120 REF SEN

S2714 Buono,B/Vitale,J Women w/bleeding disorder-pub. awareness REF SHH

S2715 Vitale,J/Buono,B Foot care svcs., routine-defines REF SHH

S2716 Ciesla,A/Baer,B Funeral establishments-ad. disclosures REF SCM

S2717 Sweeney,S Haz. materials response-concerns REF SEN

S2718 Adler,J Ed. fac. constr. fees-auth. assessment REF SCU

S2719 Geist,G Info. possessed by leg.-available to pub REF SSG

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S2720 Geist,G Loc. govt. officials-concerns misconduct REF SCU

S2721 Kean,T Steep Slope Prot. Act REF SEN

S2722 Coniglio,J Ammunition, cert.-concerns use by police REF SLP

S2723 Coniglio,J Law enforcement off.-uniform id cards REF SLP

S2724 Turner,S Equitable distrib.-concerns REF SJU

S2725 Bucco,A Billboard Policy, Taxation Task Force REF STR

S2726 Adler,J Inmates-concerns special credits REF SLP

SCR114 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Pledge of Allegiance-regards recitation REF SED

SCR116 Kyrillos,J/Allen,D Leg., full-time-estab. study comm. REF SSG

SCR117 Littell,R/Kyrillos,J+6 Court decisions-auth. Leg. to invalidate REF SJU

SCR118 Bennett,J Annual St. approp. cap-estab. REF SBA

SCR119 Bennett,J Mun., sch. dist. spending cap-concerns REF SBA

SCR120 Bennett,J St. aid for mun., sch. dist.-concerns REF SBA

SR165 Sweeney,S I-A football-urge Rutgers to maintain REF SED

SR166 Coniglio,J Airport security screener-elim reduction REF STR

SR167 Vitale,J/Singer,R Prescrip. drug under Medicare-enact leg. REF SHH

Co-Sponsors Added:

S1988 Sca (1R) (Bucco,A)

S2010 (Bucco,A)

S2179 (Turner,S)

S2555 (Bucco,A)

S2557 (Connors,L)

S2633 (Ciesla,A)

SCR89 (Bennett,J)

Co-Prime Sponsor Added:

S2682 (Sweeney,S)

The Senate Special Session for June 28, 2003 adjourned at 5:00 P.M. on June 29, 2003.


The Assembly Special Session for June 28, 2003:

Bills Introduced:

A3844 Arnone,M TPAF/PERS-phases in contrib rates REF ASG

A3845 Johnson,G/Pou,N Law enforcement training-concerns REF ALP

A3846 Greenwald,L/Gusciora,R Smart Growth Tax Cred. Act REF AEN

A3847 Conaway,H/Conners,J 2-1-1 Telephone System Task Force-estab. REF AHH

A3848 Conaway,H/Conners,J SPRS-addl. benf., surviving spouses REF ASG

A3849 Conaway,H+1 Medications, cert-concerns coverage REF ABI

A3850 Watson Coleman,B/Scalera,F CATV svc termination notices-concerns REF ATU

A3851 Asselta,N Special pay plans-estab. REF ASG

A3852 Holzapfel,J Campaign ads-concerns REF ASG

A3853 Biondi,P/Bateman,C Sch. bus driv.-elim. fingerprint req. REF AED

A3854 Holzapfel,J/Connors,C+1 Victim's Svc. Office-creates REF AJU

A3855 Conaway,H Tobacco use cessation svc.-insur. cover REF ABI

A3856 Conaway,H Managed care plans-concern participation REF ABI

A3857 Kean,S/Wisniewski,J Pub. emp., cert.-concerns meetings REF AHO

A3858 Payne,W/Doria,J DEP tech. manuals-revise req. REF AEN

A3859 Gregg,G/McHose,A+4 Black bears-permits deadly force REF AAN

A3860 Previte,M/Conners,J+25 Homeland Security Medals-issue REF AHS

A3861 Diegnan,P/Egan,J+6 Vol., cert.-concerns tuition-free ed. REF AED

A3862 Scalera,F/Johnson,G Haz. materials response-concerns REF AEN

A3863 Conners,J/Johnson,G+1 Law enforce. off. impersonation-crime REF ALP

A3864 Greenwald,L Pub. safety off. pensions-incr. COLA REF ASG

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A3865 Greenwald,L Pub. safety off. pensions-incr. COLA REF ASG

A3866 Impreveduto,A/Holzapfel,J+2 Funeral establishments-ad. disclosures REF ARP

A3867 Blee,F/Previte,M+1 Mentally ill offenders-estab. prog. REF AHH

A3868 Cohen,N/Caraballo,W+2 Leg.-concerns access to cert. info REF AJU

A3869 Stanley,C Teaching Fellows Prog.;$155K REF AED

A3870 Steele,A PFRS-incr. cert. benf REF ASG

A3871 Guear,G/Scalera,F Cell phone customers-concerns svc. REF ATU

A3872 Azzolina,J Insur. underwriting guidelines-concerns REF ABI

ACR185 Conaway,H Off. of Lieutenant Gov-estab. REF ASG

ACR186 Johnson,G/Weinberg,L+2 Mortgage purch.-concerns home inspection REF AHO

AJR66 Arnone,M St. Mandate Study Comm.-creates REF ASG

Bills Transferred:

A1947 Weinberg,L Lead-safe housing grant-estab.;$2M FROM AHO TO ABU

A3767 Burzichelli,J UI benf.-incr. FROM AAP TO ABU

A3736 Heck,R Hist. preserv. projects, cert.;$5.291M FROM AAN TO ABU

Co-Sponsors Added:

A345 (Fisher,D)

A2849 (Chivukula,U)

A3794 (Wisniewski,J)

A3847 (Johnson,G)

Second Prime Sponsor Added:

A3547 (Wisniewski,J)

The Assembly Special Session for June 28, 2003 adjourned at 11:27 P.M. on June 30, 2003.