for January 26, 2004

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Vol. XVI No. 3 211th Legislature First Annual Session


Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


Mark Fisch, of Livingston, to replace Peter S. Reinhart, Esq.

Mayor James M. Guida, of Lyndhurst, to replace John L. Winterstella, resigned.

Mayor Sandra L. Love, of Laurel Springs, to replace Lewis Mingo, Jr., resigned.

John L. Winterstella, of Manasquan, to replace Rose C. McConnell.


John Loos, of Franklin Park, to replace Frank J. Torpey, deceased.


Flavella K. Branham-Benjamin, of Aberdeen, to replace Alan Dexter Bowman, Esq.

Bills Introduced:

S648 Ciesla,A Water Supply Advis. Council-adds memb. REF SEN

S649 Kavanaugh,W Health care fac. emp.-concerns REF SHH

S650 Rice,R/Cunningham,G Mil. svc.-concerns lease cancellation REF SLP

S651 Kean,T+1 Voter regis. forms-concerns delivering REF SSG

S652 Sweeney,S Emp. svcs. & training svcs.-concerns REF SLA

S653 Sweeney,S/Madden,F Proj. labor agreements-concerns REF SLA

S654 Connors,L Personal watercraft-revise laws REF SCU

S655 Connors,L Sports and Exposition Auth.-concerns REF SEG

S656 Connors,L Remote control, rail operations-proh use REF STR

S657 Connors,L Dredging, navigational waterways-concern REF SEN

S658 Connors,L Dredging of cert. waterways-concerns REF SEN

S659 Connors,L Worker's comp-extends suppl benf. REF SLA

S660 Martin,R Tpk. Auth. towing contracts-concerns REF STR

S661 Connors,L Juv. offense w/gun, serious-mand. term REF SJU

S662 Connors,L Sexual assault, brutal-mand. life term REF SJU

S663 Connors,L Stolen prop, receive from juv-incr penal REF SJU

S664 Connors,L Juv. arsonist-creates new penalty and Fd REF SJU

S665 Connors,L Vol. firefighters-$5K income tax deduct. REF SLP

S666 Connors,L Med. alarm equip.-exemp. sales & use tax REF SCM

S667 Connors,L Mil. svc., cert-free hunting/fishing lic REF SEN

S668 Connors,L Hammonton Lake-restore;$325K REF SEN

S669 Connors,L Beach access-concerns REF SWT

S670 Connors,L Sr. Helping Sr., Demo. Prog.-DHS;$300K REF SHH

S671 Connors,L Personal needs allowance-incr. REF SHH

S672 Connors,L Surviving spouse, cert. vet-annual comp REF SLP

S673 Connors,L/Singer,R Ocean Co Dialysis Transp Demo Prog-estab REF SHH

S674 Connors,L Nuclear Power Fac. Decomm. Council REF SEG

S675 Connors,L Emerg svc vol length of svc award-revise REF SCU

S676 Connors,L Prop. tax appeal-delinquencies satisfied REF SCU

S677 Connors,L St. agency utilization-concerns REF SEN

S678 Connors,L SHBP-co., mun. emp. waive benf. coverage REF SSG

S679 Martin,R Uniform Mediation Act-enacts REF SJU

S680 Martin,R Helping dogs-prot. from discrim. REF SEG

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S681 Martin,R Troy Meadows Nat. Area-St. acquire REF SEN

S682 Martin,R Superfund sites-exemp. cleanup liab. REF SEN

S683 Martin,R Parole decisions, interference-crime REF SJU

S684 Vitale,J Pub. Health Council-adds two memb. REF SHH

S685 Vitale,J Physician asst.-concerns prescriptions REF SHH

S686 Vitale,J Hepatitis B vaccination cost-insur cover REF SHH

S687 Vitale,J Domestic viol. shelters-tax deduction REF SHH

S688 Vitale,J Well baby visits-health insur. cover REF SHH

S689 Vitale,J Hosp/nursing homes-compile staffing info REF SHH

S690 Vitale,J Gov. Council, Home Community-Based Care REF SHH

S691 Vitale,J Nursing Student Incentive Loan Act;$5M REF SHH

S692 Vitale,J Foot care svcs., routine-defines REF SHH

S693 Vitale,J Cigarette sales-proh Internet/mail-order REF SHH

S694 Vitale,J Zero Lift Pilot Prog.-estab.;$300K REF SHH

S695 Vitale,J Children & incarcerated parents-concerns REF SHH

S696 Vitale,J Infant formula, cert.-insur coverage req REF SHH

S697 Martin,R Excellence in Teaching Scholarship Prog. REF SED

S698 Martin,R Teacher Continuing Ed Req. Act REF SED

S699 Martin,R Natl Bd Cert. Scholarship Prog.;$500K REF SED

S700 Vitale,J Black bear hunting-proh. for 5yrs.;$95K REF SEN

S701 Coniglio,J Help America Vote Act of 2002-implements REF SSG

S702 Lesniak,R Insur. guaranty fds.-concern cert claims REF SCM

S703 Turner,S Undergraduate tuition rates-concerns REF SED

S704 Turner,S Community Food Pantry Fd-vol. contrib. REF SHH

S705 Turner,S Sch. crisis response plan-subcomm.;$3M REF SED

S706 Turner,S Firearms safety awareness-elementary sch REF SED

S707 Vitale,J Water resource mgmt.-concerns REF SCU

S708 Adler,J Wills and estates-revises REF SJU

S709 Turner,S Death penal.-create study comm. REF SJU

SCR40 Connors,L Prop. improvements, cert.-tax exemp. REF SCU

SCR41 Connors,L Nuclear fuel, disposal-recover damages REF SEG

SJR14 Connors,L EPA changes to air pollution prog-oppose REF SEN

SJR15 Connors,L Prop. Assessment Study Comm.-creates REF SCU

SR18 Connors,L Remote control locomotives-concerns REF STR

SR19 Connors,L Workers' comp/SS benf-modify limits REF SLA

SR20 Martin,R Medicare-concerns coverage determination REF SHH

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

S76 Rice,R Passaic Valley Sewerage-estab. oversight REP without recommendation

S77 Scs (SCS) Rice,R Housing nonprofits-concerns REP/SCS

S96 James,S/Asselta,N Performing art ctrs-remove support limit REP

S193 Smith,B/Palaia,J+1 Sick leave banks-sch. emp. REP

S223 Singer,R Fatal accidents-test blood alco. req. REP

S252 Coniglio,J/Sacco,N Ammunition, cert.-concerns use by police REP

S315 Bark,M/Allen,D Sch. lunches-concerns REP

S320 Bark,M Main Street NJ prog.-makes changes REP

S337 Sarlo,P Charter sch. admin. & trustees-concerns REP

S515 Sacco,N/Sarlo,P Juv. Justice Master Plans-concerns REP

S530 Girgenti,J DOC investigators-attend police training REP

S543 Sca (1R) Vitale,J Emerg. warning lights, sirens-concerns REP/SCA

S557 Scs (SCS) Vitale,J+3 Patient Safety Act-estab. REP/SCS

S653 Sca (1R) Sweeney,S/Madden,F Proj. labor agreements-concerns REP/SCA

S679 Martin,R Uniform Mediation Act-enacts REP

S708 Adler,J Wills and estates-revises REP

S709 Turner,S Death penal.-create study comm. REP

SCR12 Sca (1R) Connors,L+1 Real prop.-concerns assessment REP/SCA

Bills Referred/SBA:

SCR12 Sca (1R) Connors,L+1 Real prop.-concerns assessment

Bills Transferred:

S66 Rice,R Sports & Exposition Auth.-concerns mgmt. FROM SSG TO SWT

S134 Connors,L Barnegat Bay Decoy Proj.;$6M FROM SEN TO SWT

Bills Transferred: (cont'd)

S299 Ciesla,A Algonquin Arts;$200K FROM SED TO SWT

S314 Bark,M Thoroughbred live race schedule-concerns FROM SEG TO SWT

S333 Sarlo,P Video lottery-estab. at racetracks FROM SEG TO SWT

S371 Asselta,N Travel and Tourism Comm.-estab.;$20M FROM SEG TO SWT

S406 Bucco,A Downhill skiing-makes cert. req. FROM SLP TO SWT

S521 Girgenti,J Paterson motor veh. agency-reopen FROM STR TO SLP

SCR16 Bryant,W Riverboat gambling-amends NJ Constit. FROM SJU TO SWT

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S190 Lesniak,R/Lance,L NJ Parentage Act-amendS FROM SJU

S232 Singer,R/Vitale,J Alzheimer's disease-fac. list svcs. FROM SHH

S233 Singer,R/Vitale,J Alzheimer's disease-fac. prov. training FROM SHH

S340 Sarlo,P/Girgenti,J Parole supervision for life-clarifies FROM SLP

S419 Bucco,A/Martin,R Inmate release-wanted person check FROM SLP

S424 Littell,R/Kenny,B+3 Catastrophic Illness, Children Fd.-elig. FROM SHH

S436 Littell,R Pupil transp., cert.-concerns FROM SED

S535 Vitale,J+3 Firearm possession-proh., cert. crimes FROM SJU

S545 Vitale,J Meningococcal vaccine-higher ed students FROM SHH

S546 Vitale,J/Buono,B Adoptive parents, prospective-concerns FROM SJU

S549 Vitale,J/Rice,R+1 Drug Utilization Review Bd.-incr. memb. FROM SHH

S552 Vitale,J/Singer,R HIV drug resistance test-Medicaid cover FROM SHH

Co-Sponsors Added:

S56 (Singer,R)

S492 (Ciesla,A)

S555 (Singer,R)

S590 (Madden,F)

S641 (Vitale,J)

S651 (Littell,R)

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S96 (Asselta,N)

S252 (Sacco,N)

S263 (Madden,F)

S540 (Gill,N)

S599 (Connors,L)

S641 (Bucco,A)

SCR19 (Madden,F)

Co-Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

S263 (Martin,R)

SCR19 (Martin,R)

The Senate President has made the following appointments:

*Effective January 21, 2004

New Jersey Commission on Capitol Budgeting and Planning:

Senator Wayne R. Bryant (5).

*Effective January 26, 2004

New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing:

Janice Testa, R.N., M.S.N., L.N.H.A., of Lakewood.

New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing: (cont'd)

Faith F. Scott, CHE, of Neshanic Station.

Low Emission Vehicle Review Commission:

Senator Raymond J. Lesniak (20).

State Capitol Joint Management Commission:

Kathleen Crotty, of Ewing.

John Samerjan, of Princeton.

Note to the 01/13/2004 Digest:

Concurrent Resolution Passed:

Joint Session; Adoption of Code of Ethics and Rules.

Senate Organization

Richard J. Codey (27) President

Bernard F. Kenny, Jr. (33) Democratic Majority Leader

Leonard Lance (23) Minority Leader

Martha W. Bark (8) Deputy Minority Leader

Peter A. Inverso (14) Deputy Minority Leader

Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (21) Minority Whip

Ellen M. Davenport, Secretary of the Senate

The following are the 2004/2005 Senate Standing Reference Committees:

Budget and Appropriations (SBA)

Commerce (SCM)

Community and Urban Affairs (SCU)

Economic Growth (SEG)

Education (SED)

Environment (SEN)

Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens (SHH)

Judiciary (SJU)

Labor (SLA)

Law and Public Safety and Veterans' Affairs (SLP)

State Government (SSG)

Transportation (STR)

Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation (SWT)

The Senate President has made the following committee assignments:


Community and Urban Affairs (SCU)

Ronald L. Rice (28) Chair

Sharpe James (29)

The Senate President has made the following committee assignments: (cont'd)


Community and Urban Affairs (SCU): (cont'd)

Fred H. Madden, Jr. (4)

Leonard T. Connors, Jr. (9)

Nicholas Asselta (1)

Judiciary (SJU)

John H. Adler (6) Chair

Byron M. Baer (37)

John A. Girgenti (35)

Nia H. Gill (34)

Paul A. Sarlo (36)

Nicholas A. Scutari (22)

Bob Smith (17)

William L. Gormley (2)

Robert J. Martin (26)

Joseph M. Kyrillos, Jr. (13)

Gerald Cardinale (39)

Labor (SLA)

Stephen M. Sweeney (3) Chair

Joseph Coniglio (38)

Glenn D. Cunningham (31)

Walter J. Kavanaugh (16)

Robert E. Littell (24)


Education (SED)

Shirley K. Turner (15) Chair

Wayne R. Bryant (5)

Nicholas A. Scutari (22)

Robert J. Martin (26)

Joseph A. Palaia (11)

Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens (SHH)

Joseph F. Vitale (19) Chair

Barbara Buono (18)

Ellen Karcher (12)

Fred H. Madden, Jr. (4)

Ronald L. Rice (28)

Robert W. Singer (30)

Diane B. Allen (7)

Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (21)

Law, Public Safety and Veterans' Affairs (SLP)

John A. Girgenti (35) Chair

Nicholas J. Sacco (32)

Law, Public Safety and Veterans' Affairs (SLP): (cont'd)

Paul A. Sarlo (36)

Anthony R. Bucco (25)

Peter A. Inverso (14)


Economic Growth, Agriculture and Tourism (SEG)

Raymond J. Lesniak (20) Chair

Glenn D. Cunningham (31)

Joseph F. Vitale (19)

Joseph M. Kyrillos, Jr. (13)

Martha W. Bark (8)

Environment (SEN)

Bob Smith (17) Chair

John H. Adler (6)

Stephen M. Sweeney (3)

Henry P. McNamara (40)

Andrew R. Ciesla (10)

State Government (SSG)

Joseph Coniglio (38) Chair

Byron M. Baer (37)

Nicholas A. Scutari (22)

Nicholas Asselta (1)

Leonard T. Connors, Jr. (9)


Budget and Appropriations (SBA)

Wayne R. Bryant (5) Chair

Barbara Buono (18)

Joseph Congilio (38)

Glenn D. Cunningham (31)

Sharpe James (29)

Bernard F. Kenny, Jr. (33)

Paul A. Sarlo (36)

Stephen M. Sweeney (3)

Shirley K. Turner (15)

Robert E. Littell (24)

Walter J. Kavanaugh (16)

Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (21)

Anthony R. Bucco (25)

Martha W. Bark (8)

Leonard Lance (23)

Commerce (SCM)

Byron M. Baer (37) Chair

Nia H. Gill (34)

Raymond J. Lesniak (20)

Commerce (SCM): (cont'd)

Gerald Cardinale (39)

Robert W. Singer (30)

Transportation (STR)

Nicholas J. Sacco (32) Chair

Ellen Karcher (12)

Fred H. Madden, Jr. (4)

Andrew R. Ciesla (10)

Henry P. McNamara (40)

The Senate adjourned at 5:10 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, February 5, 2004 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "3" and "4" scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A1915 Chivukula,U Congregate housing fac-post resid rights REF ASI

A1916 Weinberg,L Loc elected off.-proh. cert. leave comp. REF ASG

A1917 Vandervalk,C Ataxia Telangiectasia research;$1M REF AHH

A1918 Weinberg,L Home-schooled children-concerns REF AED

A1919 Vandervalk,C Hosp. staff, id badges-req. REF AHH

A1920 Weinberg,L Sexual harassment cases-clarify AG duty REF AJU

A1921 Vandervalk,C Police, pregnant-light duty req. REF ALP

A1922 Weinberg,L Guardianship law-amends REF AJU

A1923 Weinberg,L Higher ed.-divorced parents obligation REF AJU

A1924 Van Drew,J Rt. 47 congestion-study to alleviate REF ATR

A1925 Weinberg,L Child support-req past cert. age, disab. REF AJU

A1926 Weinberg,L Mun. sewer/water sys-prov. liab. REF AAN

A1927 Van Drew,J Real Prop Revaluation Review Comm-create REF AHO

A1928 Weinberg,L Emp. discrim.-makes cert. changes REF AJU

A1929 Weinberg,L Terminal leave comp.-concerns REF ASG

A1930 Van Drew,J Archeological sites-concerns protection REF AAN

A1931 Chatzidakis,L Roof coating, reflective-estab. prog. REF AHO

A1932 Van Drew,J Disab. w/guide dogs-clarifies rights REF AHH

A1933 Chatzidakis,L Recycled products-concerns marketing REF AEN

A1934 Van Drew,J Travel/Tourism Suppl. Rev. Fd.-estab. REF ATG

A1935 Chatzidakis,L Photovoltaic equipment-prov. rebates REF ATU

A1936 Van Drew,J Promotion activities in NJ-vol. contrib REF ATG

A1937 Conaway,H+1 Airport runways-limits extension REF ATR

A1938 Van Drew,J PFRS-extends mand. retir. age REF ASG

A1939 Conners,J/Conaway,H Vets.-home-based, outpatient health care REF AMV

A1940 Conners,J/Conaway,H PERS, TPAF, cert. vet. memb-retir. benf. REF ASG

A1941 Van Drew,J Child porno crimes-no early release act REF AJU

A1942 Van Drew,J Marriages-concerns solemnization REF AJU

A1943 Previte,M Domestic viol.-concerns REF AFW

A1944 Manzo,L Safety Net Hosp.-DHSS desig. REF AHH

A1945 Cohen,N Potential Life Prot. Act REF AHH

A1946 Van Drew,J Constr. debris-revise recycling rules REF AEN

A1947 Van Drew,J Tourism industry-report to Gov. & Leg. REF ATG

A1948 Cohen,N Sickle cell anemia-distribute info;$95K REF AHH

A1949 Van Drew,J Asst. living fac.-concerns reports REF ASI

A1950 Cohen,N Breast Cancer Screening Access Prog;$10M REF AHH

A1951 Cohen,N Jewish Renaissance Foundation;$200K REF AHH

A1952 Van Drew,J Pesticide mgmt. plans-concerns REF ATR

A1953 Van Drew,J Land sales, cert.-excl. income REF ABU

A1954 Van Drew,J Managed care plans-concern participation REF AFI

A1955 Van Drew,J Hunting lic., annual-estab. & set fee REF AAN

A1956 Van Drew,J Incest-estab. as third degree crime REF AJU

A1957 Baroni,B Rte. 92 Freeway extension-repeal auth. REF ATR

A1958 Russo,D Student SS no.-reg use, higher ed instit REF AED

A1959 Russo,D Gift cert.-concerns redemption REF ACO

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1960 Oliver,S UI benf.-concerns duration REF ALA

A1961 Oliver,S Emp. svcs. & training svcs.-concerns REF ALA

A1962 Weinberg,L/Oliver,S Sex discrim. in wage pymt.-concerns REF ALA

A1963 Weinberg,L/Oliver,S Equitable Comp.-task force;$95K REF ALA

A1964 Johnson,G/Weinberg,L Saddle Riv Flood Mgmt Plan-Rochelle Park REF AHO

A1965 Cohen,N Sex offenders-bars positions, youth org. REF ALP

A1966 Cohen,N EMT's training-prov. reimb. REF ALP

A1967 Cohen,N Handguns, personalized-concerns REF ALP

A1968 Cohen,N Vet.-estab. special lic. plates REF ATR

A1969 Cohen,N Retired justices/judges-retain lic plate REF ATR

A1970 Cohen,N Real estate brokers-incl. bus. broker REF ARP

A1971 Cohen,N Safe Haven Infant Prot. Act;$100K REF AFW

A1972 Russo,D Special Med. Malpractice Part-estab. REF AJU

A1973 Russo,D Judgeships, Superior Ct.-creates twelve REF AJU

A1974 Russo,D Superior Court-estab. Bus. Part REF AJU

A1975 Cohen,N Defibrillators-req. at higher ed. instit REF AED

A1976 Cohen,N Auto w/fire extinguisher-insur reduction REF AFI

A1977 Cohen,N Resid. constr. contracts-fd disbursement REF AHO

A1978 Smith,R Thin ice warnings-concerns posting REF AAN

A1979 Smith,R Prescribed Burning Act REF AAN

A1980 Cryan,J Water Supply Infrastructure Act REF AEN

A1981 Cryan,J Will registry-estab. REF AJU

A1982 Cryan,J Bus. document w/personal info.-disposal REF ACO

A1983 Roberts,J Pilotage laws-revises REF ATR

A1984 Manzo,L Absentee ballots-expands availability REF ASG

A1985 Weinberg,L Physician asst.-concerns prescriptions REF AHH

A1986 Weinberg,L Health Care Access Study Comm.-estab. REF AHH

A1987 Weinberg,L Med. gas containers-concerns REF AHH

A1988 Weinberg,L Post-polio sequelae awareness-estab. REF AHH

A1989 Weinberg,L Child support-health insur. coverage REF AHH

A1990 Weinberg,L/Manzo,L Prof. svc. contracts awards-concerns REF ASG

A1991 Weinberg,L Handicapped, prov. emp.-bus. tax cred. REF AHH

A1992 Weinberg,L Adoptions, foreign countries-concerns REF AFW

A1993 Weinberg,L Devel. disab. fac.-concerns monitors REF AHH

A1994 Weinberg,L Elderly family care-income tax deduct. REF ASI

A1995 Weinberg,L Sexual harassment training-concerns REF ASG

A1996 Weinberg,L Homestead/NJSAVER-concerns rebates REF AAP

A1997 Weinberg,L Superior Court adoption fees-concerns REF AFW

A1998 Weinberg,L Home infusion therapy-cert. of approval REF AHH

A1999 Bramnick,J St. Auditor-expands duties REF ASG

A2001 Weinberg,L Adopted child-annual med. exam. REF AFW

A2002 Weinberg,L/Previte,M Children's Prot. Svcs. Study Comm-estab. REF AFW

A2003 Weinberg,L NJ Conflicts, Interest Law-incr. penal REF ASG

A2004 Weinberg,L Nurse staffing standards-estab. REF AHH

A2005 Weinberg,L FamilyCare Prog.-concerns elig. process REF AHH

A2006 Weinberg,L Individual Health Coverage Prog.-concern REF AFI

A2007 Weinberg,L Respite care prov.-recruit and train REF AHH

A2008 Weinberg,L Child abuse/neglect cases-concerns REF AFW

A2009 Weinberg,L Attendance in sch. dist.-concerns elig. REF AED

ACR123 Van Drew,J Terrorist attack-examine sr. cit needs REF AHS

ACR124 Weinberg,L Med. equip., treat disab-devel standards REF AHH

ACR125 Weinberg,L Tobacco shipments-Cong enact leg to reg REF AHH

AJR73 Van Drew,J Agent Orange Awareness Mo.-declares Oct. REF AMV

AJR74 Weinberg,L Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Day-March 6 REF AHH

AJR76 Weinberg,L Breast Cancer Awareness Mo.-desig. Oct. REF AHH

AJR77 Weinberg,L St. govt. study org.-create task force REF ASG

AJR78 Oliver,S Harriet Tubman Day-desig. March 10th REF ASG

AR101 Smith,R Thin ice conditions on lake-post warning REF AAN

AR102 Weinberg,L Autism Awareness Mo.-desig. April, 2004 REF AHH

AR103 Weinberg,L Women's Hist. Month-desig. March 2004 REF AFW

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A145 Green,J Juneteenth Independence Day REP

A208 Previte,M/Van Drew,J+6 Kinship Legal Guardianship Notification REP

A337 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G+1 FF, cert.-concerns death benf. REP

A427 Impreveduto,A Leased veh.-concerns cert. lic. plates REP

A646 Aca (1R) Stender,L Commercial veh, cert.-limits hrs. of svc REP/ACA

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading: (cont'd)

A839 Greenstein,L/Diegnan,P Juv., Interst. Compact-prov. for REP

A863/1329 Acs (ACS) Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+1 Mun. streets-concerns REP/ACS

A896 Aca (1R) Diegnan,P/Malone,J+3 Teacher certification-concerns REP/ACA

A1047 Wolfe,D/Kean,S+19 Sept. 11 Memor. Bridge-Rt. No. 70 bridge REP

A1194 Quigley,J/Cohen,N+3 Biometric Identifier Privacy Act REP

A1202 Aca (1R) Quigley,J/Scalera,F Emerg. Mgmt. Act of 2004-creates REP/ACA

A1205 Aca (1R) Quigley,J/Scalera,F Students' SS no.-proh. display REP/ACA

A1393 Aca (1R) Conners,J/Conaway,H MV documents-concerns REP/ACA

A1560 Smith,R/Voss,J+7 Domestic viol. shelters-not pub. record REP

A1633 Chivukula,U/Egan,J+2 Brownfields sites-concerns REP

A1772 Sires,A/Impreveduto,A+1 J. Doria NJ Leg. Fellows Prog.;$50K REP

AJR68 Stanley,C+8 Study Attendance in Pub. Sch. Task Force REP

AR66 Stender,L+26 First responder fds.-relesase to mun. REP

AR94 Payne,W/Watson Coleman,B+8 Black Hist. Mo.-declares February, 2003 REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAN:

A715 Bodine,F/Biondi,P Bus rapid transit demo proj.-concerns REP REF AAN

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A423 Impreveduto,A MV regis, unexpired portion-auth. refund REP REF AAP

A638 Aca (1R) Stender,L/Green,J Sch. fac proj-concerns health and safety REP/ACA REF AAP

A1289 Aca (1R) McKeon,J/Gusciora,R+2 Env. crimes prosecutor, special-estab. REP/ACA REF AAP

A1596 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D Jersey Fresh farm products-St. purch req REP REF AAP

Bills Reported Referred/AHS:

A1447 Acs (ACS) Scalera,F/Johnson,G Haz. materials response-concerns REP/ACS REF AHS

Bills Combined:

A1329 Hackett,M Mun., co. streets-clarify jurisdiction COMB/W A863 (ACS)

Bills Transferred:

A1588 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D Contractors-concerns background checks FROM ALA TO AHS

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A403 Van Drew,J/Barnes,P+8 Michael's Law; concerns DWI FROM ALP

A813 Greenstein,L+8 Inmate release-crim. background check FROM AJU

A816 Greenstein,L/Watson Coleman,B+18 Holocaust Ed. Comm.-incr. pub. memb. FROM AED

A827 Greenstein,L Superior Ct.-concerns cert. fees FROM AJU

A844 Greenstein,L Parolees-concerns conditions FROM AJU

Co-Sponsors Added:

A186 (Mayer,D)

A1289 Aca (1R) (Manzo,L; Chiappone,A)

A1448 (Steele,A)

A1622 (Hackett,M)

A1633 (Manzo,L)

A1786 (Gordon,R)

ACR122 (Chivukula,U)

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A715 (Biondi,P)

A1560 (Voss,J)

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:

*Effective January 21, 2004

New Jersey Commission on Capitol Budgeting and Planning:

Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (20).

Assemblyman Guy R. Gregg (24).

The Assembly adjourned at 5:40 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, February 5, 2004 (SESSION).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (01/22/04):