for February 5, 2004

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Vol. XVI No. 4 211th Legislature First Annual Session


Nominations Notice of Intention as of 2/2/2004:


Margaret Hayden, of Montclair.

Philip H. Mizzone, of West Paterson.

Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


John R. Tassini, of Brielle.

John R. Futey, of Jacobstown.


James M. Davy, of Pennington, to replace Gwendolyn L. Harris, resigned.


John V. Naiman, Jr., of Mount Olive, to replace Hope R. Blackburn, Esq., resigned.


Ronald J. Allen, of Woodcliff Lake.

Bills Introduced:

S710 Rice,R Black Cultural Initiative Foundation-est REF SSG

S711 Rice,R Juv. Offender Community Conserv. Prog. REF SLP

S712 Connors,L Marine Corps League-lic. plate emblems REF STR

S713 Connors,L Shields, badges, cards-proh. sale REF SLP

S714 Connors,L Distinguished Flying Cross-lic. plate REF STR

S715 Connors,L Distinguished svc. medal-auth lic. plate REF STR

S716 Connors,L Naval combat svc.-auth. lic. plate REF STR

S717 Connors,L Bronze Star-special lic. plate REF STR

S718 Connors,L Drunk driv., 3rd offense-lic. suspension REF SLP

S719 Connors,L Co. coll.-estab. cafeteria plans REF SED

S720 Connors,L Pub. Sch. Ed. Funding Comm.-estab. REF SED

S721 Connors,L Vet-amends definition REF SSG

S722 Connors,L Pub. safety off. pensions-incr. COLA REF SSG

S723 Connors,L Pub. safety off. pensions-incr. COLA REF SSG

S724 Connors,L Emp. elig.-req. cert. certifications REF SLA

S725 Connors,L Stabilization aid, cert. dist.-incr. REF SED

S726 Connors,L Poppies, sale of-remove time restriction REF SLP

S727 Connors,L Elective pub. off, seeking-disclose info REF SSG

S728 Turner,S Rental, resid. prop.-concerns REF SCU

S729 Turner,S Traffic performance objective-conformity REF SCU

S730 Turner,S School zone-concerns crim. drug laws REF SJU

S731 Turner,S False reports, cert.-upgrades crime REF SJU

S732 Turner,S Tobacco vending machines-proh. REF SHH

S733 Turner,S Neighborhood Community Ctrs.;$10M REF SCU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S734 Turner,S Police/Firefighter Home-buyer Asst. Act REF SCU

S735 Turner,S Prop. owned by co.-concern cert. leases REF SCU

S736 Turner,S Emerg. shelters-concerns REF SCU

S737 Turner,S Heavy trucks-proh. on cert. co. rds. REF STR

S738 Turner,S Energy use allocation sys.-concerns REF SEG

S739 Turner,S Commercial mv-inspection pilot prog REF STR

S740 Turner,S NJHOPE-Lottery Comm. participate REF SWT

S741 Turner,S Natl. Guard prop.-auth. conveyance REF SEN

S742 Turner,S Cable tv customers-estab. cert prot. req REF SEG

S743 Turner,S St. officials, cert.-reside in NJ REF SSG

S744 Turner,S Privatization-submit proposal to St. emp REF SSG

S745 Turner,S Tobacco manuf.-proh. PERS investment REF SSG

S746 Turner,S SHBP coverage-cert. new emp. REF SSG

S747 Turner,S Prop tax bills-contain elig, relief prog REF SCU

S748 Turner,S Contraceptive, prescription-insur. cover REF SCM

S749 Turner,S Unemp. Comp. Direct Deposit Prog.-estab. REF SLA

S750 Turner,S Affordable housing-concerns REF SCU

S751 Turner,S UI benf.-extends REF SLA

S752 Turner,S/Ciesla,A Coll., full time student-income tax cred REF SED

S753 Turner,S Earned income tax cred.-notification REF SBA

S754 Turner,S Delaware Riv Bridge Comm-suppl compact REF STR

S755 Turner,S Tobacco possession under age-penal. REF SHH

S756 Turner,S Group Home Oversight Task Force-estab. REF SHH

S757 Turner,S PERS-concerns reenrollment REF SSG

S758 Turner,S Parenting for All Parents Pilot Prog. REF SHH

S759 Turner,S Civil svc exam-concerns application fees REF SSG

S760 Turner,S Sch. dist. surveys, cert.-concerns REF SED

S761 Turner,S Ed costs for cert students-concern reimb REF SED

S762 Turner,S Voc high sch prog-sending dist pay cost REF SED

S763 Turner,S Nov-viol. leaders-concerns instruction REF SED

S764 Turner,S Charter sch.-cert. priority enrollment REF SED

S765 Turner,S Candidate vacancy-concerns REF SSG

S766 Turner,S Leg. elections-pub. finan. of camp. REF SSG

S767 Turner,S St. dept. contracts-req. cost analysis REF SSG

S768 Turner,S Campaign contrib.-limits $1,800 per yr. REF SSG

S769 Turner,S MV inspection contract-deprivatization REF STR

S770 Turner,S Snowmobile, all-terrain veh.-penal. REF STR

S771 Turner,S St. Police mv stops-quarterly studies REF SJU

S772 Turner,S MV sale-concerns REF STR

S773 Adler,J Clean Elections, Camp. Finan Study Comm REF SSG

S774 Sarlo,P Sch. buses-motor fuels tax refunds REF STR

S775 Turner,S Tuition Aid Grant prog.-expands REF SED

S776 Turner,S Sch. dist. self-insur. groups-concerns REF SED

S777 Turner,S Bd. of ed.-concerns use of cred. card REF SED

S778 Turner,S High sch. athletic events-defibrillators REF SED

S779 Turner,S Vanpool rentals-exemp. cert. fees REF STR

S780 Turner,S Guide, svc dogs-concerns NJT's treatment REF STR

S781 Madden,F Sex Crime Victim Treatment Fd.-creates REF SLP

S782 Allen,D Homestead Rebate Pymt Prot. Act REF SCU

S783 Allen,D/Vitale,J PAAD/Sr. Gold prog.-automatic enrollment REF SHH

S784 Allen,D Vet. memorial-Willingboro Twp.;$25K REF SCU

S785 Allen,D/Vitale,J Law and Mental Health Instit-estab. REF SHH

S786 Allen,D Agricultural bioterrorism-concerns REF SEG

S787 Allen,D Devel. disab.-estab. placement trusts REF SHH

S788 Allen,D Infertility prevention, cert-insur cover REF SHH

S789 Allen,D Operation Noble Eagle vet-civil svc pref REF SSG

S790 Allen,D Assault on law enforcement off-mand term REF SJU

S791 Allen,D CDS-concerns distrib. in pub. place REF SJU

S792 Allen,D Mand minimum terms-proh halfway houses REF SJU

S793 Allen,D ID theft-expungement of cert. records REF SJU

S794 Allen,D Victimization of sr. cit., disab.-crime REF SJU

S795 Allen,D Homicide victim's photo-display at trial REF SJU

S796 Allen,D Juv. svc. online database;$60K REF SJU

S797 Allen,D Lying about police conduct-incr. penal. REF SJU

S798 Allen,D Crime impact statements-confidential REF SJU

S799 Allen,D Haz. substance, sch. grounds-req testing REF SEN

S800 Allen,D Vets' org. posts-rehab.;$300K REF SLP

S801 Allen,D Search/rescue dogs, kill, injure-penal. REF SLP

S802 Allen,D Murderer-AG prev halfway house placement REF SLP

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S803 Allen,D Reciprocal income tax-prev. abrogation REF SBA

S804 Allen,D Computers, personal-temp exemp sales tax REF SCM

S805 Allen,D Housing loans to emp.-bus. tax credit REF SCU

S806 Allen,D Child care svc.-income tax deduct. REF SHH

S807 Allen,D Bus owners, cert-deduct fed self-emp tax REF SEG

S808 Allen,D Youth Emp. Pilot Prog.-St. tax cred. REF SED

S809 Allen,D Special ed. costs-students, foster homes REF SED

S810 Allen,D Ed. tech. training ctrs.;$2.8M REF SED

S811 Allen,D Sch. fac., hist.-concerns renovation REF SWT

S812 Allen,D Pupils, St. fac.-St. pay cost of ed. REF SED

S813 Allen,D Teaching asst.-effective teaching skills REF SED

S814 Allen,D Nov-viol. leaders-offer instruction REF SED

S815 Allen,D Beverly City, Burlington-28th UEZ REF SEG

S816 Allen,D Mil. svc., active-concerns obligations REF SLP

S817 Allen,D Purple Heart Mem, Willingboro Twp;$5.95K REF SLP

S818 Allen,D Sch. bus. driv., cert.-concerns REF SED

S819 Allen,D Proj. Exile, Operation Ceasefire Act;$5M REF SLP

S820 Allen,D Air ambulance svcs.-concerns REF SHH

S821 Allen,D Korean conflict vet.-estab. lic. plates REF STR

S822 Allen,D Drunk driv-concerns breathalyzer results REF SLP

S823 Allen,D First Aid Council-concerns memb. REF SLP

S824 Allen,D DNA testing, convicted criminals;$300K REF SJU

S825 Allen,D EMT/firefighters, vol.-mileage reimb. REF SLP

S826 Allen,D Name change-req. crim. background check REF SLP

S827 Allen,D Aggressive driving-create new mv offense REF SLP

S828 Allen,D FF, police-hiring pref for cert children REF SSG

S829 Allen,D Firearms-destruction of cert.;$300K REF SLP

S830 Allen,D Probation-concerns Internet access REF SLP

S831 Allen,D Air bags, nonoperational-proh. sale REF SLP

S832 Allen,D Stolen MV-bars suits by injured persons REF SJU

S833 Allen,D Driv. courses, cert.-reduce premium REF SCM

S834 Allen,D Bank accounts-modifies escheat law REF SCM

S835 Allen,D Better Ed. Savings Trust-concerns REF SED

S836 Turner,S Women's Micro-Bus. Asst. Act;$750K REF SEG

S837 Singer,R/Vitale,J Epilepsy Foundation-buy surplus prop. REF SSG

S838 Vitale,J Anger mgmt.-concerns instruction REF SED

S839 Vitale,J/Asselta,N TPAF, PERS retir-highest benf year based REF SSG

S840 Vitale,J Newborn infant screening-concerns REF SHH

S841 Vitale,J Drunk driv.-incr. addl. penal assessment REF SLP

S842 Lance,L Song, St.: "I'm from NJ" REF SSG

S843 Lance,L Mil. death benf.-prov. to survivors REF SSG

S844 Martin,R Charter sch. fac. aid-concerns REF SED

S845 Martin,R Privacy Study Comm.-concerns REF SJU

S846 Martin,R Charter sch., Abbott dist.-St. fd. REF SED

S847 Martin,R Tuition Aid Grant prog.-expands REF SED

S848 Martin,R Academically Gifted Student Ed. Act;$5M REF SED

S849 Martin,R Coll. bd. of trustees-req. layoff notice REF SED

S850 Turner,S Loc. Pub. Contract Law-concerns REF SCU

S851 Turner,S Affordable Housing-estab. Jt. Committee REF SCU

S852 Karcher,E/Ciesla,A Intracoastal Waterway Feasibility Study REF STR

S853 Codey,R Brownfields dev.-concerns REF SBA

S854 Inverso,P Rte. 92 Freeway extension-repeal auth. REF STR

S855 Adler,J Disabled-estab. co. off. REF SHH

S856 Allen,D Teacher Youth Mentoring Matchmaker Prog. REF SED

S857 Kean,T/Rice,R Cigarettes-concerns sale REF SHH

S858 Kean,T Child Safety Seat Distrib. Prog Fd-estab REF STR

S859 Kean,T Matthew's Law Limiting Use of Restraints REF SHH

S860 Kean,T Crosswalks-concerns REF STR

S861 Kean,T Emp. job performance disclosure-immunity REF SLA

SCR42 Connors,L Camp. finan.-Jt. Leg. Comm. review REF SSG

SCR43 Connors,L Immigration policies-Cong. enact REF SLA

SCR44 Connors,L Loc. prop. taxes-proh. cert. use REF SED

SCR45 Connors,L Pub. off., elective-concerns REF SSG

SCR46 Turner,S Sr. cit. prop. tax deduct.-addl. $250 REF SCU

SCR47 Turner,S Sr. & disab. prop. tax deduction-elig. REF SCU

SCR48 Singer,R/Connors,L+2 PAAD-expand drug prog. REF SHH

SCR49 Singer,R Sr/disab prop tax deduct-incr elig limit REF SCU

SCR50 Vitale,J Vet prop tax deduct/exemp-dependents REF SCU

SJR16 Connors,L P.O.W.-M.I.A. Wk. of Remembrance-April REF SLP

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

SJR17 Turner,S Hispanic Hist. Mo-desig. May REF SSG

SJR18 Kean,T/Singer,R Army Parachute Test Platoon-directs sign REF STR

SJR19 Turner,S Black Hist. Mo.-desig. Feb., each yr. REF SSG

SJR20 Allen,D Rail lines-establishment of quiet zones REF STR

SR21 Turner,S Section 8 housing vouchers-incr fds. REF SCU

SR22 Turner,S Section 8 housing voucher prog-enact leg REF SCU

SR23 Kean,T St. contract, no-bid-investigate award REF SBA

SR24 Connors,L Water supplies-EPA devel. natl. policy REF SEN

SR25 Turner,S Farmland Tax Assessment Task Force-estab REF SEG

SR26 Turner,S Welfare work req. incr.-opposes REF SHH

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

S84 Sca (1R) James,S+1 Cruelty to animals-concerns REP/SCA

S141 Scs (SCS) Connors,L Toll monitoring sys.-concerns info. REP/SCS

S191 Scs (SCS) Lesniak,R Animal cruelty crimes-concerns penalties REP/SCS

S211 Sca (1R) Singer,R+2 Lifeline Cred./Tenants Asst.-COL incr. REP/SCA

S251 Sca (1R) Coniglio,J/Sarlo,P Pedestrian safety-concerns REP/SCA

S317 Bark,M/Kyrillos,J+2 Main St. NJ prog.-concerns REP

S318 Bark,M Energy Star products-req. St. to purch. REP

S513 Sca (1R) Sacco,N Funeral svcs. limo driv.-concerns lic. REP/SCA

S566 Baer,B/Kyrillos,J+7 Juneteenth Independence Day REP

S594 Scs (SCS) Sweeney,S/Lance,L Jersey Fresh farm products-St. purch req REP/SCS

S701 Sca (1R) Coniglio,J Help America Vote Act of 2002-implements REP/SCA

S852 Karcher,E/Ciesla,A Intracoastal Waterway Feasibility Study REP

SJR19 Turner,S Black Hist. Mo.-desig. Feb., each yr. REP

SR12 Scs (SCS) Coniglio,J Natl. forest mgmt reg-denounces rollback REP/SCS

Bills Referred/SBA:

S211 Sca (1R) Singer,R+2 Lifeline Cred./Tenants Asst.-COL incr.

S318 Bark,M Energy Star products-req. St. to purch.

S701 Sca (1R) Coniglio,J Help America Vote Act of 2002-implements

S852 Karcher,E/Ciesla,A Intracoastal Waterway Feasibility Study

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S355 Turner,S Abandoned prop conversion-tax credit FROM SCU

S538 Vitale,J/Codey,R+3 Blood alco. level for DWI-reduce to .08% FROM SLP

Concurrent Resolutions Placed On Desk:

SCR12 Sca (1R) Connors,L+1 Real prop.-concerns assessment

Co-Sponsors Added:

S207 (Ciesla,A)

S263 (Singer,R; Ciesla,A)

S336 (Ciesla,A)

S348 (Ciesla,A)

S477 (Karcher,E)

S479 (Karcher,E)

S480 (Karcher,E)

S481 (Karcher,E)

S489 (Karcher,E)

S544 (Karcher,E)

S547 (Karcher,E)

S556 (Karcher,E)

S557 Scs (SCS) (Ciesla,A)

S581 (Ciesla,A)

S623 (Connors,L)

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont'd)

S653 Sca (1R) (Asselta,N)

S693 (Buono,B)

SCR48 (Bucco,A; Allen,D)

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S223 (Bucco,A)

S317 (Kyrillos,J)

S330 (Girgenti,J)

S361 (Ciesla,A)

S375 (Ciesla,A)

S391 (Ciesla,A)

S497 (Ciesla,A)

S557 Scs (SCS) (Girgenti,J)

S598 (Madden,F)

S685 (Karcher,E)

S691 (Karcher,E)

S693 (Karcher,E)

S709 (Ciesla,A)

Senate Organization

Additional Leadership:

Senator Shirley K. Turner (15) President Pro Tempore

Senator Byron M. Baer (37) Senate Leader Ex-Officio

Senator Wayne R. Bryant (5) Deputy Majority Leader

Senator Joseph F. Vitale (19) Deputy Majority Leader

Senator Sharpe James (29) Assistant Majority Leader

Senator Paul A. Sarlo (36) Assistant Majority Leader

Senator Barbara Buono (18) Conference Chair

Senator John A. Girgenti (35) Majority Whip

Senator Robert E. Littell (24) Budget Officer

Senator Walter J. Kavanaugh (16) Assistant Budget Officer

The Senate President has made the following Vice-Chair appointments:

Senator Sharpe James (29), Community and Urban Affairs

Senator John A. Girgenti (35), Judiciary

Senator Glenn D. Cunningham (31), Labor

Senator Nicholas P. Scutari (22), Education

Senator Ellen Karcher (12), Health, Human Services & Senior Citizens

Senator Paul A. Sarlo (36), Law, Public Safety & Veterans' Affairs

Senator Glenn D. Cunningham (31), Economic Growth

Senator Stephen M. Sweeney (3), Environment

Senator Nicholas P. Scutari (22), State Government

Senator Sharpe James (29), Budget & Appropriations

Senator Nia H. Gill (34), Commerce

Senator Fred H. Madden, Jr. (4), Transportation

The Senate President has made the following appointments:

*Effective January 29, 2004

Commission to Review Criminal Sentencing:

Zulima Farber, of North Bergen.

*Effective February 5, 2004

Legislative Services Commission:

Senator Richard J. Codey (27)

Senator Bernard F. Kenny, Jr. (33)

Senator Byron M. Baer (37)

Senator Nia H. Gill (34)

Senator Leonard Lance (23)

Senator Anthony R. Bucco (25)

Senator Robert W. Singer (30)

Senator Robert E. Littell (24)

Joint Budget Oversight Committee:

Senator Wayne R. Bryant (5)

Senator Bernard F. Kenny, Jr. (33)

Senator Leonard Lance (23)

New Jersey Commission on Capital Budgeting and Planning:

Senator Robert E. Littell (24)

Joint Committee on the Public Schools:

Senator Ronald L. Rice (28)

Senator Wayne R. Bryant (5)

Senator Byron M. Baer (37)

Senator Martha W. Bark (8)

Senator Robert J. Martin (26)

Note to the 01/26/2004 Digest:

Resolution Passed:

Resolution to Amend Rules.

The Senate adjourned at 6:02 P.M. to meet again on Monday, February 9, 2004 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "1" and "2" scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A2010 Cryan,J Gang ed. seminars-concerns REF AED

A2011 Johnson,G/Chivukula,U+2 Guide, svc dogs-concerns NJT's treatment REF ATR

A2012 Cryan,J Sch. bd memb, discipline-estab procedure REF AED

A2013 Cryan,J Co. sch. income tax surcharge-assess REF AED

A2014 Cryan,J Hair pieces, cancer patients-insur cover REF AFI

A2015 Cryan,J Training academy in DYFS-estab. REF AFW

A2016 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Homestead Prop Tax Reimb prog-restore fd REF AAP

A2017 Stender,L St. parks-vol contrib, income tax return REF AAN

A2018 Cohen,N Breast cancer screening;$10M REF AHH

A2019 Cohen,N PFRS-widows' pension, cert. ex-spouses REF ASG

A2020 Cohen,N Pub./nonpub sch bldgs-defibrillator req. REF AED

A2021 Cohen,N Computer software, cert.-proh. sale REF ATU

A2022 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B Crane operators, cert.-prov. licensure REF ARP

A2023 Impreveduto,A/Caraballo,W Sch buses-2 way communication req. REF AED

A2024 Impreveduto,A/Biondi,P+1 Podiatrists-revises statutes REF ARP

A2025 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B Emission control equip.-dealer disclose REF ACO

A2026 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B St. tax forms-use whole dollar amounts REF AAP

A2027 Impreveduto,A/Caraballo,W RR lines-NJT devel. emerg. plan REF ATR

A2028 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B Co. retir., cert.-prov. COLA REF ASG

A2029 Impreveduto,A/Caraballo,W+1 Internet, defamatory materials-concerns REF ATU

A2030 Impreveduto,A/Caraballo,W Unsolicited electronic mail-penal. REF ATU

A2031 Wisniewski,J Personal Rapid Transit-conduct study REF ATR

A2032 Munoz,E+1 Prison commissary profits-VCCB REF ALP

A2033 Munoz,E Parking tickets-concerns REF ATR

A2034 Munoz,E Sex Crime Victim Treatment Fd.-creates REF ALP

A2035 Greenstein,L Sch. dist. transp. contracts-concerns REF AED

A2036 Greenstein,L Pupil transp. svc. contracts-concerns REF AED

A2037 McKeon,J Marriage lic. fees-incr. lic. fees REF AHO

A2038 McKeon,J Outdoor ad.-auth. mun. to impose fee REF AHO

A2039 Munoz,E Vet, dependent children-prov scholarship REF AED

A2040 Munoz,E Abbott sch. dist.-parental orientation REF AED

A2041 Munoz,E Prop. devel.-sign posting req. REF AHO

A2042 Manzo,L Cargo containers-concerns REF AEN

A2043 Baroni,B Safe corridor-expands definition REF ATR

A2044 Mayer,D/Greenwald,L+3 Dept. of Vet. Affairs-estab. new REF AMV

A2045 Morgan,R Voc high sch prog-sending dist pay cost REF AED

A2046 Greenstein,L Wills and estates-revises REF AJU

A2047 Smith,R/Burzichelli,J Co. recording auth-concern cert document REF ACO

A2048 Chivukula,U Computer sys.-disclose security breach REF ACO

A2049 Sires,A Co. coll. capital proj.-concerns REF AED

A2052 Cohen,N/Impreveduto,A Contractors' Regis. Act REF ARP

A2053 Impreveduto,A/Cohen,N Lemon Law-revise refund formula REF ARP

A2055 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Agricultural commodities-bond req. REF AAP

A2059 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+1 Inmate Vocational Training Study Comm. REF ALP

AJR79 Van Drew,J Sunset Lake Hydrofest-Gov's cup Series REF ATG

AR104 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B Newborn screening-qual. priv org conduct REF AHH

AR105 Munoz,E Yom Hashoah-Day of Remembrance REF ASG

AR106 Stender,L Natl. Tourism Wk.-recognizes in NJ REF ATG

Bills Passed:

A208 Previte,M/Van Drew,J+7 Kinship Legal Guardianship Notification (77-0-0)

A337 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G+4 FF, cert.-concerns death benf. (77-0-0)

A354 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G+4 Mun. zoning bds-appt four alternate memb (77-0-0)

A427 Impreveduto,A Leased veh.-concerns cert. lic. plates (77-0-0)

A437 Impreveduto,A/Chivukula,U+3 Biotech. Permit Acceleration Task Force (52-13-12)

A521 Watson Coleman,B/Scalera,F+1 CATV svc termination notices-concerns (75-1-0)

A634 Stender,L/Diegnan,P Small bus. eval.-written notice req. (75-1-0)

A690 Smith,R/Burzichelli,J+3 Fed. law enforcement off., cert-concerns (77-0-0)

A863/1329 Acs (ACS) Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+5 Mun. streets-concerns (77-0-0)

A896 Aca (1R) Diegnan,P/Malone,J+8 Teacher certification-concerns (77-0-0)

A974 Chatzidakis,L+1 Access device-incl. ATM bank cards (77-0-0)

A1047 Wolfe,D/Kean,S+20 Sept. 11 Memor. Bridge-Rt. No. 70 bridge (77-0-0)

A1194 Quigley,J/Cohen,N+6 Biometric Identifier Privacy Act (77-0-0)

A1205 Aca (1R) Quigley,J/Scalera,F+5 Students' SS no.-proh. display (77-0-0)

Bills Passed: (cont'd)

A1453 Aca (1R) Wisniewski,J/Impreveduto,A+4 Merchandise ads-incl. cert. info. (71-5-1)

A1560 Smith,R/Voss,J+11 Domestic viol. shelters-not pub. record (77-0-0)

A1630 Aca (1R) Chivukula,U/Barnes,P+1 MV abstract, DWI offenders-concerns (76-0-0)

A1770 Aca (1R) Sires,A/Burzichelli,J+7 Cigarettes-concerns sale (73-4-0)

A1911 Aca (1R) Weinberg,L/Manzo,L+1 Newborn infant screening-concerns (76-0-0)

AJR68 Stanley,C/Mayer,D+10 Study Attendance in Pub. Sch. Task Force (75-2-0)

AR66 Stender,L/Scalera,F+28 First responder fds.-relesase to mun. (60-9-7)

AR67 Stender,L/Stanley,C+6 CATV-sr. cit. reduced, special rates (76-1-0)

AR91 Caraballo,W/Quigley,J+3 Hospice care-UMDNJ ed. req. (76-0-1)


A437 Impreveduto,A/Chivukula,U+3 Biotech. Permit Acceleration Task Force To As (Gregg)

A437 Impreveduto,A/Chivukula,U+3 Biotech. Permit Acceleration Task Force To Table As (Roberts) (46-31-0)

Bills Returned Second Reading/Amended:

A1913 AcaAa (2R) Weinberg,L/Vandervalk,C Health Care Prof. Reg Study Comm.-estab. (Weinberg)

Bills Transferred:

A1557 Payne,W/Stanley,C+1 Amistad Comm.-adds 4 leg. memb. FROM AHH TO AED

A1859 Cohen,N Animal cruelty crimes-concerns penalties FROM AEN TO AAN

AJR71 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G+2 Frank Oliver Pedestrian Bridge-desig. FROM AEN TO AAN

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A601 Bateman,C Police training-civil svc. preference FROM ASG

A611 Bateman,C/Biondi,P+4 Ambulance svcs.-Medicaid reimb. FROM AHH

A803 Gusciora,R/McKeon,J+9 Calif. Low Emission Veh. prog.-Phase II FROM AEN

A1125 Azzolina,J Mobile Telephone Act FROM ATR

A1129 Azzolina,J Wireless phones, hands-free-permits use FROM ATR

A1451 Wisniewski,J/Eagler,P+4 Fire prot. sys., cert-proh. standby fees FROM ATU

A1599 Burzichelli,J/Diegnan,P+1 Homestead Prop Tax Reimb-restore funding FROM AAP

Concurrent Resolutions Placed On Desk:

SCR12 Sca (1R) Connors,L+1 Real prop.-concerns assessment

Co-Sponsors Added:

A208 (Gusciora,R)

A254 (Gibson,J)

A308 (Johnson,G)

A322 (Chiappone,A)

A337 (Conners,J; Eagler,P; Manzo,L)

A338 (Chiappone,A)

A354 (Eagler,P)

A423 (Chiappone,A)

A437 (Conaway,H; Gusciora,R)

A475 (Chiappone,A)

A488 (Chiappone,A)

A521 (Eagler,P)

A678 (Mayer,D)

A690 (Diegnan,P; Conners,J; Greenstein,L)

A817 (Wisniewski,J)

A839 (Previte,M)

A863/1329 Acs (ACS) (Rumpf,B; Eagler,P; Connors,C; Conners,J)

A896 Aca (1R) (Manzo,L; Greenstein,L; Conover,K; Chivukula,U; Blee,F)

A940 (Dancer,R; Malone,J)

A1045 (Wisniewski,J)

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont'd)

A1047 (Conners,J)

A1082 (Gibson,J)

A1194 (Gusciora,R; Conners,J; Conaway,H)

A1205 Aca (1R) (Eagler,P; Previte,M; Greenstein,L; Conners,J; Manzo,L)

A1333 (Mayer,D)

A1343 (Mayer,D)

A1359 (Mayer,D)

A1392 (Chiappone,A)

A1393 Aca (1R) (Chiappone,A)

A1453 Aca (1R) (Conners,J)

A1560 (Previte,M; Greenstein,L; Chivukula,U; Conaway,H)

A1630 Aca (1R) (Diegnan,P)

A1633 (Chiappone,A)

A1769 (Chiappone,A)

A1770 Aca (1R) (Manzo,L; Gusciora,R; Greenstein,L; Stack,B)

A1786 (Chiappone,A; Holzapfel,J; Mayer,D; Morgan,R; Panter,M; Wolfe,D)

A1911 Aca (1R) (Greenstein,L)

A1932 (Diegnan,P)

A1947 (Diegnan,P)

A2011 (Diegnan,P)

A2029 (Diegnan,P)

A2044 (Burzichelli,J; Chiappone,A; Stack,B)

ACR99 (Chiappone,A)

ACR122 (Chatzidakis,L)

AJR68 (Conners,J; Greenstein,L)

AJR78 (Barnes,P; Previte,M; Doherty,M; Thompson,S; Fisher,D; Gusciora,R; Hackett,M; Impreveduto,A; Wolfe,D; Stender,L;


AR66 (Manzo,L; Previte,M)

AR67 (Gusciora,R; Eagler,P; Greenstein,L; Chiappone,A; McKeon,J)

AR86 (Mayer,D)

AR91 (Manzo,L; Conners,J)

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A544 (Impreveduto,A)

A1774 (Weinberg,L)

Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A286 (Vandervalk,C)

A1128 (Azzolina,J)

A1131 (Azzolina,J)

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A153 (McKeon,J)

A212 (Diegnan,P)

A291 (Weinberg,L)

A312 (Previte,M)

A394 (Conners,J)

A437 (Chivukula,U)

A441 (Cohen,N)

A460 (Merkt,R)

A544 (Impreveduto,A)

A572 (Chiappone,A)

A657 (Conover,K)

A685 (Mayer,D)

A1191 (Cohen,N)

A1206 (Scalera,F)

A1331 (Mayer,D)

A1334 (Mayer,D)

A1335 (Mayer,D)

A1340 (Mayer,D)

A1342 (Mayer,D)

A1347 (Conners,J)

A1354 (Mayer,D)

Second Prime Sponsors Added: (cont'd)

A1449 (Cohen,N)

A1568 (Cohen,N)

A1774 (Weinberg,L)

A1831 (McKeon,J)

A1842 (Gregg,G)

A1871 (Conaway,H)

A1904 (McKeon,J)

A1930 (Diegnan,P)

A1965 (Greenstein,L)

A1986 (Gordon,R)

A1988 (Johnson,G)

A1989 (Cohen,N)

AJR68 (Mayer,D)

AJR72 (McKeon,J)

AJR74 (Smith,R)

AR66 (Scalera,F)

Second Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A433 (DiGaetano,P)

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A437 (Cohen,N)

A559 (Smith,R)

A1205 Aca (1R) (Vandervalk,C)

A1332 (Mayer,D)

A1336 (Mayer,D)

A1337 (Mayer,D)

A1339 (Mayer,D)

A1350 (Mayer,D)

A1351 (Mayer,D)

A1447 Acs (ACS) (Manzo,L)

A1560 (Cohen,N)

A1871 (Manzo,L)

A2044 (VanDrew, J)

A2016 (Eagler, P)

AJR68 (Vas,J)

AR67 (Pou,N)

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2016 (Conaway,H)

AR67 (Van Drew,J)

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2016 (Conners,J)

AR67 (Hackett,M)

Assembly Organization:

Additional Leadership:

Assemblyman Jerry Green (22) Deputy Speaker Pro Tempore

Assemblyman Herb Conaway, M.D. (7) Deputy Speaker

Assemblyman Anthony Impreveduto (32) Deputy Speaker

Assemblywoman Nellie Pou (35) Deputy Speaker

Assemblywoman Joan M. Quigley (32) Deputy Speaker

Assemblyman Alfred E. Steele (35) Deputy Speaker

Assembly Organization: (cont'd)

Additional Leadership: (cont'd)

Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski (19) Deputy Speaker

Assemblyman Neil M. Cohen (20) Deputy Majority Leader

Assemblyman John J. Burzichelli (3) Assistant Majority Leader

Assemblywoman Nilsa Cruz-Perez (5) Assistant Majority Leader

Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (20) Assistant Majority Leader

Assemblywoman Linda R. Greenstein (14) Assistant Majority Leader

Assemblyman Wilfredo Caraballo (29) Parliamentarian

Assemblyman William D. Payne (29) Deputy Conference Leader

Assemblyman Peter J. Barnes (18) Majority Whip

Assemblyman John F. McKeon (27) Assistant Majority Whip

Assemblyman Robert J. Smith (4) Assistant Majority Whip

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (15) Appropriations Committee Chairwoman

Assemblyman Louis D. Greenwald (6) Budget Committee Chairman

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointment:

*Effective January 26, 2004

Commission to Review Criminal Sentencing:

Dr. Bruce Stout, Ph.D., of Lambertville.

Notes to the 01/22/2004 Digest:

The Assembly Speaker has made the following committee assignments:

Family, Women and Children's Services (AFW)

Assemblywoman Alison McHose Littell (24), replacing Assemblyman Sean T. Kean (11)

Assemblyman Eric Munoz (21), replacing Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk (39)

Federal Relations (AFR)

Assemblyman Guy R. Gregg (24), replacing Assemblyman Paul DiGaetano (36)

The Assembly adjourned at 5:35 P.M. to meet again on Monday, February 9, 2004 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "A" and "B" scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (1/26/2004):