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Vol. XVI No. 8 211th Legislature First Annual Session

The Members of both Houses of the 211th Legislature met in Joint Session to receive the Annual Budget Message from the Honorable James E. McGreevey, Governor of the State of New Jersey.


Concurrent Resolution Passed:

An unnumbered Concurrent Resolution providing for the Legislature to hold a Joint Session for the purpose of receiving the Governor's Budget Message was adopted by voice vote.

Bills Introduced:

S1143 Cardinale,G/Baer,B Dept. of Banking & Insur-emp restriction REF SCM

S1144 Cardinale,G/Baer,B Publication req-co, mun comply, Internet REF SCU

S1145 Cardinale,G Nutritionist and Dietitian Cert. Act REF SCM

S1146 Cardinale,G Cred. to cert. individuals-concerns REF SCM

S1147 Cardinale,G+1 Homeowners' insur. policies-concerns REF SCM

S1148 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A+1 Same sex marriages-declare void REF SJU

S1149 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Abortion-req. parental notification REF SJU

S1150 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Handgun permits-revise issuing procedure REF SLP

S1151 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Handgun-application evaluation standards REF SLP

S1152 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Police off, retir.-req. to carry handgun REF SLP

S1153 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Police, cert. out-of-st.-carry handguns REF SLP

S1154 Cardinale,G+1 Domestic viol shelters-concerns funding REF SHH

S1155 Cardinale,G+1 Family Support act-permits cert. reimb. REF SHH

S1156 Cardinale,G+1 Ataxia Telangiectasia research;$1M REF SHH

S1157 Cardinale,G+1 Ophthalmic dispensers/tech-permit incorp REF SCM

S1158 Cardinale,G+1 Oyster resource enhancement prog.;$150K REF SEG

S1159 Cunningham,G Amistad Comm.-adds 4 leg. memb. REF SED

S1160 Inverso,P Fuel cell-powered equip.-concerns REF SEN

S1161 Bucco,A/Martin,R Sunrise House Foundation, Inc.;$75K REF SHH

S1162 Bucco,A/Martin,R Community Hope, Inc.;$50K REF SHH

S1163 Bucco,A/Martin,R Homeless Outreach Prog.;$235K REF SHH

S1164 Bucco,A Split Rock Reservoir;$85K REF SEN

S1165 Bucco,A Handicapped pupils transp-req. training REF SED

S1166 Kyrillos,J/Gill,N Small bus.-impact of rules REF SEG

S1167 Rice,R Jury duty-exemp. Legislators REF SJU

S1168 Rice,R Proj. labor agreements-concerns REF SLA

S1169 Rice,R/Gill,N Nonpub personal finan info cert-disclose REF SCM

S1170 Rice,R Special law enforcement off.-firearms REF SLP

S1171 Rice,R/Vitale,J HMO-concerns participating providers REF SCM

S1172 Sacco,N/Sarlo,P Emerg. Mgmt. Act of 2004-creates REF SLP

S1173 Martin,R Towing/storage-concerns pymt. REF STR

S1174 Martin,R Pupils, teachers-wear protective devices REF SED

S1175 Karcher,E/Adler,J+1 Leg.-proh. lobbying, 2 yrs. REF SSG

S1176 Karcher,E/Vitale,J+1 Leg.-proh. pub contract awards REF SSG

S1177 Karcher,E/Coniglio,J+2 Leg.-concerns memb. in PERS REF SSG

S1178 Bucco,A Terrorism, report related crime-immunity REF SJU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S1179 Bucco,A MV documents-concerns REF STR

S1180 Turner,S Sch. fac.-community sch. proj. REF SED

S1181 Turner,S Teacher certification-concerns REF SED

S1182 Turner,S Sch dist emp-concern criminal hist check REF SED

S1183 Turner,S Emp Security Council-concerns duties REF SLA

S1184 Turner,S PERS-adds options REF SSG

S1185 Turner,S Debit card info., cert.-proh. printing REF SCM

S1186 Smith,B Traffic reduction plans-concerns REF STR

S1187 Sweeney,S/Coniglio,J Workers' comp. survivor benf.-concerns REF SLA

S1188 Girgenti,J/Bryant,W+2 Counterfeit goods, forfeiture law-revise REF SLP

S1189 Codey,R Partnership for a Drug-Free NJ;1M grant REF SHH

S1190 Allen,D Ephedrine alkaloid, sale to minor-fines REF SHH

S1191 Codey,R Auto insur.-modifies provisions REF SJU

S1192 Bryant,W/Codey,R Scholarships for co coll. students-estab REF SBA

S1193 Cardinale,G/Inverso,P Law enforce. off., cert.-carry firearm REF SLP

S1194 Cardinale,G/Girgenti,J Disab. vet.-St. contract set-aside prog. REF SSG

S1195 Cardinale,G Handgun permit-revises procedures REF SLP

S1196 Cardinale,G Gun applications-lic issued w/in 30 days REF SLP

S1197 Cardinale,G/Martin,R Sch. bd. memb.-concerns ethical standard REF SED

S1198 Lesniak,R/Vitale,J Med. malpractice liab. insur-concerns REF SCM

S1199 Turner,S PERS, TPAF-concerns survivor benf. REF SSG

S1200 Turner,S Presch. recruitment prog-sch dist estab. REF SED

S1201 Bucco,A Bone marrow donation-concerns REF SHH

S1202 Bucco,A Prosthetic appliances-health insur cover REF SCM

S1203 Bucco,A Holocaust Ed. Comm-monitor internet info REF SED

S1205 Bucco,A/Cardinale,G Post-Viability Prot. Act REF SJU

S1206 Bucco,A Med. Needs Foundation;$50K REF SHH

S1207 Bucco,A Household safety ed. prog.;$750K REF SED

S1208 Sarlo,P/Girgenti,J+1 Sex offender Internet registry-concerns REF SLP

S1209 Adler,J Sch. and med. family leave-prov. REF SLA

S1210 Madden,F/Sacco,N+1 Personal identifying info.-clarifies REF SJU

S1211 Madden,F/Karcher,E Emerg. info-NJN broadcast REF SLP

S1212 Lesniak,R/Martin,R Death penal.-abolish in NJ REF SJU

S1213 Palaia,J/Sacco,N+2 Gang viol. prev.-offer instruction REF SED

S1214 Sarlo,P/Buono,B Charity care distrib. formula-revises REF SHH

S1215 Bark,M/Adler,J Interscholastic athletic prog.-concerns REF SED

S1216 Cardinale,G Saddle Riv. Flood Mgmt. Plan-Lodi Boro REF SEN

S1217 Cardinale,G Saddle Riv. Flood Mgmt Plan-Passaic City REF SEN

S1218 Cardinale,G Saddle Riv. Flood Mgmt. Plan-Paramus REF SEN

S1219 Cardinale,G Saddle Riv. Flood Mgmt. Plan-Wallington REF SEN

S1220 Cardinale,G Saddle Riv. Flood Mgmt Plan-Oradell Boro REF SEN

S1222 Cardinale,G Saddle Riv Flood Mgmt Plan-Garfield City REF SEN

S1223 Cardinale,G Saddle Riv Flood Mgmt Plan-Rochelle Park REF SEN

S1224 Cardinale,G Saddle Riv Flood Mgmt Plan-So Hackensack REF SEN

S1225 Cardinale,G Saddle Riv Flood Mgmt. Plan-Saddle Brook REF SEN

S1226 Smith,B/Madden,F Sr. cit. safe driv. health ctrs.-estab. REF STR

S1227 Coniglio,J Subcontracts-req. prior approval REF SSG

S1228 Coniglio,J Nursing ed prog.-income tax deduction REF SHH

S1229 Coniglio,J Finan. svc. firms-adopt cert. practices REF SSG

S1230 Coniglio,J Contractors/subcontractors-concern regis REF SSG

S1231 Sarlo,P Internet pharmacies/prescriptions-reg. REF SCM

S1232 Lesniak,R Parentage Act-amends, supplements REF SJU

S1233 Lesniak,R/Singer,R Respiratory Care Pract. Lic. Act-revise REF SCM

S1234 Kenny,B/Bryant,W Co. coll. capital proj.-concerns REF SED

S1235 Scutari,N Closed circuit testimony-concerns REF SJU

S1236 Connors,L Ad. w/ guarantee, deceptive-proh. REF SCM

S1237 Connors,L Parks & Forrestry Div., cert.-PFRS memb. REF SSG

S1238 Inverso,P MV accidents-owner prov. info. REF SLP

S1239 Inverso,P Depository instit.-concerns REF SCM

S1240 Inverso,P Consumer reporting agencies-concerns REF SCM

S1241 Inverso,P Fuel cell-powered mv-corp. bus. tax cred REF SEN

S1242 Inverso,P Investment of assets-clarifies REF SSG

S1243 Lance,L Obscene materials, pub sch-concerns REF SED

S1244 Lance,L Students w/conflict of conscience-excuse REF SED

S1245 Bucco,A Firearms statutes-conform w/Brady Law REF SLP

S1246 Bark,M/Palaia,J DOC contracts-concerns REF SLP

S1247 Bucco,A Equestrians-req. motorist reduce speed REF STR

S1248 Bucco,A Urban search & rescue teams-$500K REF SLP

S1249 Bucco,A Toxic Mold Prot. Act of 2004 REF SCU

S1250 Bucco,A Firefighters-mandates basic training REF SLP

S1251 Bucco,A Domestic Security Planning Group-memb. REF SLP

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S1252 Rice,R Long-distance carrier-maintain local off REF SEG

S1253 Bucco,A Grace's Law-child hearing aids coverage REF SHH

S1254 Vitale,J/Gill,N Prof. counselors-concerns lic. REF SCM

S1255 Asselta,N Urban enterprise zones-amusement tax REF SEG

S1256 Smith,B Donald Goodkind Bridge;$2.5K REF STR

S1257 Coniglio,J Access device-incl. ATM bank cards REF SCM

S1258 Ciesla,A/Connors,L Fed. law enforcement off., cert-concerns REF SLP

S1259 Kean,T/Scutari,N Consumer Fraud Act-clarifies ads REF SCM

S1260 Kean,T Hunters Helping the Hungry prog.;$90K REF SEN

S1261 Turner,S/Bark,M+2 Drug court prog.-expand;$1.793M REF SJU

S1262 Cardinale,G/Rice,R Rehab. of abandoned prop.-incentives REF SCU

S1263 Cardinale,G/Rice,R Resid. evictions, cert.-concerns REF SCU

S1264 Cardinale,G/Rice,R Worship fac. prop.-tax exemp. status REF SCU

S1265 Cardinale,G/Gill,N+1 Bergen Co., New Hope, Inc.;$100K REF SHH

S1266 Bryant,W St. Police-annual performance eval. REF SJU

S1267 Bryant,W Defibrillator grant prog.-estab. REF SCU

S1268 Martin,R Handicapped children-retrofit co. parks REF SCU

S1269 Bryant,W Cash Mgmt. Fd.-req. cert. investments REF SSG

S1270 Bryant,W Auto insur. agent-concerns discrim. REF SCM

S1271 Ciesla,A Wastewater-concerns beneficial reuse REF SEN

S1272 Singer,R/Rice,R Dental hygienists-concerns ed. REF SCM

S1273 Kavanaugh,W/Ciesla,A Vol. Emerg. Svcs. Hwy. Reimb. Fd.-estab REF STR

S1274 Cardinale,G Police off., retired-concerns fire arms REF SLP

S1275 Cardinale,G/Cunningham,G St. Police Div.-concerns REF SLP

S1276 Cardinale,G/Martin,R Priv. hearing, cert.-deemed pub. REF SSG

S1277 Cardinale,G/Inverso,P Crosswalks, fail to yeild-incr. penal. REF SLP

S1278 Cardinale,G/Inverso,P+1 Disaster needs/resource database-estab. REF SLP

S1279 Cardinale,G/Inverso,P+1 Emerg. Mgt. Off. vol.-special lic. plate REF STR

S1280 Cardinale,G/Inverso,P Driv. lic.-mandates eye test REF SLP

S1281 Cardinale,G/Inverso,P Prop., forfeited-concerns proceeds REF SLP

S1282 Cardinale,G Forfeiture statutes-amends REF SJU

SCR72 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Judicial decision making-concerns REF SJU

SCR73 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Parents-support fundamental rights REF SED

SCR74 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Pregnancy treatment-notify parent REF SJU

SCR75 Cardinale,G/Martin,R Ethical Standards Comm-advis. opinions REF SSG

SCR76 Ciesla,A Motorcycle Awareness Mo.-desig. May 2004 REF SLP

SJR28 Cardinale,G/Baer,B St. Song/Anthem/March-desig. REF SSG

SJR29 Cardinale,G Encouraging Cable TV Competition Comm. REF SEG

SJR30 Cunningham,G NJ Tpk-dedicate to 101st Airborn Div. REF STR

SJR31 Rice,R Housing Code Enforcement Centennial Yr. REF SCU

SJR32 Singer,R/Vitale,J Lung Cancer Awareness Mo-desig. November REF SHH

SR41 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Partial-birth abortions-concerns REF SJU

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A1047 Wolfe,D/Kean,S+20 Sept. 11 Memor. Bridge-Rt. No. 70 bridge REP

S144 Sca (1R) Bryant,W/Allen,D Physician-cultural competency training REP/SCA

S192 Sca (1R) Smith,B Water resources & water qual.-concerns REP/SCA

S196 Sca (1R) Smith,B Land, conserv/recreation-concerns REP/SCA

S319 Bark,M Life-cycle costs-concerns REP

S460 Scs (SCS) McNamara,H+1 Haz. substances, flood plains-concerns REP/SCS

S466 Sca (1R) McNamara,H+2 Statewide Water Supply Plan-revisions REP/SCA

S494 Sca (1R) Turner,S/Coniglio,J+3 St. contracts-concerns emp. REP/SCA

S839 Sca (1R) Vitale,J/Asselta,N TPAF, PERS retir-highest benf year based REP/SCA

S1002 Codey,R Motor bus owners-concerns med. coverage REP without recommendation

S1138 Sca (1R) Sacco,N NJT Corp-concerns insur. REP/SCA

S1140 Sarlo,P/Ciesla,A+1 Commercial veh., cert-concern hrs of svc REP

S1142 Cardinale,G/Baer,B Cemeteries, cert.-concerns regulation REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S192 Sca (1R) Smith,B Water resources & water qual.-concerns

S466 Sca (1R) McNamara,H+2 Statewide Water Supply Plan-revisions

S494 Sca (1R) Turner,S/Coniglio,J+3 St. contracts-concerns emp.

S839 Sca (1R) Vitale,J/Asselta,N TPAF, PERS retir-highest benf year based

Bills Received from Assembly/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

A492 Aca (1R) Watson Coleman,B/Johnson,G Physician-cultural competency training

Bills Received from Assembly/Referred to Committee:

A294 Vandervalk,C/Roberts,J+3 Foreclosure procedures-concerns REF SCM

A303 Acs (ACS) Vandervalk,C/Weinberg,L+3 Nut products in restaurants-concerns use REF SHH

A312 AcaAca (2R) Vandervalk,C/Previte,M+8 Safe Haven Infant Prot Act-revises REF SHH

A655 Aca (1R) Blee,F/Conover,K+4 Elim Health Disparities Initiative-estab REF SHH

A758 Cohen,N/Steele,A+2 ATMs-concerns REF SCM

A839 Greenstein,L/Diegnan,P Juv., Interst. Compact-prov. for REF SLP

A1531 Aca (1R) Payne,W/Watson Coleman,B+2 African-Amer. Affairs Advis Comm.-estab. REF SSG

A1551/1815 Acs (ACS) Payne,W/Cohen,N+8 Wynona Lipman Ethnic Studies Ctr.;$95K REF SED

A1557 Payne,W/Stanley,C+2 Amistad Comm.-adds 4 leg. memb. REF SED

A1559 Payne,W/Watson Coleman,B+2 Black Cultural Initiative Foundation-est REF SSG

A1764 Tucker,D/Watson Coleman,B+23 NJ-Africa Comm.-estab. REF SEG

A1769 Aca (1R) Sires,A/Green,J+3 Sewer, water connection fees-concerns REF SCU

A1772 Sires,A/Impreveduto,A+1 J. Doria NJ Leg. Fellows Prog.;$50K REF SED

A1948 Acs (ACS) Cohen,N/Watson Coleman,B+1 Sickle cell anemia-insur. cover;$95K REF SHH

A2047 Smith,R/Burzichelli,J+1 Co. recording auth-concern cert document REF SCU

A2055 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J+2 Agricultural commodities-bond req. REF SBA

A2073 Cohen,N/Pou,N+4 Civil Rights Act-estab. REF SJU

AJR78 Aca (1R) Oliver,S+36 Harriet Tubman Day-desig. March 10th REF SSG

AJR83 Greenstein,L/Caraballo,W+3 Civil Rights Act, 1964-commem 40th anniv REF SJU

AJR84 Stanley,C/Payne,W+7 Brown v. Bd. of Ed of Topeka-commem. REF SED

Co-Sponsors Added:

S490 (Turner,S)

S862 (Sarlo,P; Coniglio,J)

S1140 (Madden,F)

S1147 (Baer,B)

S1148 (Littell,R)

S1154 (Bucco,A)

S1155 (Bucco,A)

S1156 (Bucco,A)

S1157 (Bucco,A)

S1158 (Bucco,A)

S1175 (Ciesla,A)

S1176 (Ciesla,A)

S1177 (Adler,J; Ciesla,A)

S1188 (Sacco,N; Rice,R)

S1208 (Coniglio,J)

S1210 (Coniglio,J)

S1213 (Coniglio,J: Rice,R)

S1261 (Kenny,B; Connors,L)

S1265 (Rice,R)

S1278 (Girgenti,J)

Note to the 02/23/2004 Digest:

Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


Margaret Hayden, of Montclair.

Philip H. Mizzone, of West Paterson.

The Senate adjourned at 5:44 P.M. to meet again on Monday, March 1, 2004 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "1" and "2" scheduled to meet).


Concurrent Resolution Passed:

An unnumbered Concurrent Resolution providing for the Legislature to hold a Joint Session for the purpose of receiving the Governor's Budget Message was adopted by voice vote.

Bills Introduced:

A2375 Smith,R/Mayer,D MV insur. id, fraudulent-crime REF ALP

A2376 Gibson,J/Blee,F+1 Medicare Rx Savings Fund-estab. REF AHH

A2377 Azzolina,J/Baroni,B Medicare prescrip. drug prog.-concerns REF AHH

A2378 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+4 Handcuff keys-concerns possession REF ALP

A2379 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+3 Ammunition, cert.-concerns use by police REF ALP

A2380 Wisniewski,J/Conners,J Speciality lic. plates-concerns REF ATR

A2381 Smith,R/Cruz-Perez,N Civil svc.-concerns test period REF ASG

A2382 Chiappone,A/Manzo,L Bicycle equipment-concerns REF ALP

A2383 Conners,J/Chiappone,A Cellular telephone svc. user-finan. liab REF ATU

A2384 Conaway,H/Morgan,R Farmland preserv.-proh cert applications REF AAN

A2385 Rooney,J Traffic mgmt, meadowlands arena-concerns REF ATG

A2386 Rooney,J Tax Court proceedings, cert.-concerns REF AJU

A2387 Merkt,R Pub. Sch Tuition Equity Study Comm-estab REF AED

A2388 Carroll,M/Pennacchio,J Human cloning-proh. REF AHH

A2389 Cohen,N/Impreveduto,A Parentage Act-amends and supplements REF AJU

A2390 Wolfe,D/Malone,J Co. Sch. Dist. Feasibiltiy Study Comm. REF AED

A2391 Greenwald,L/Bodine,F Interscholastic athletic prog.-concerns REF AED

A2392 Previte,M/Mayer,D Masonry-proh. dry cutting and grinding REF ALA

A2393 Cruz-Perez,N/Mayer,D Health insur. carriers-concerns REF ACO

A2394 Merkt,R Leg., St. off./emp-travel reimb receipts REF ASG

A2395 Chiappone,A/Cruz-Perez,N Pregnancy/breast feeding-civil rights REF ALA

A2396 Rooney,J Petitions of nomination-cert. info. req. REF ASG

A2397 Rooney,J Medicare Part B Premiums-concerns elig. REF ASI

A2398 McKeon,J/Stanley,C Sch. dist. budget surplus-concerns REF AED

A2399 McKeon,J/Hackett,M Pregnant women-temp handicapped placards REF ATR

A2401 Conover,K/Blee,F Fire safety equip.-income tax deduct REF AHO

A2402 Conaway,H/Conners,J+2 Drug-related crime, cert.-civil action REF AJU

A2403 Conners,J/Van Drew,J Distinguished Svc. Medal-expand elig. REF AMV

A2404 Cohen,N Sept 11, period of silence-req pub sch REF AED

A2405 Chiappone,A/Manzo,L Parking auth.-appoint two addl. memb. REF AHO

A2406 Greenwald,L Charity care distrib. formula-revises REF AHH

A2407 Greenwald,L Haz. material carriers-DRPA off. inspect REF AHS

A2408 Gusciora,R/Myers,C Commerical MV-auth. loc. off. to inspect REF ATR

A2409 Van Drew,J/Fisher,D+1 Tourism invest proj.-corp bus tax credit REF ATG

A2410 Van Drew,J/Chiappone,A+3 Hwy. constr proj, cert-req. pub. hearing REF ATR

A2411 Van Drew,J/Mayer,D+25 Animal cruelty, cert.-civil action REF AAN

A2412 Van Drew,J/Eagler,P+1 Driv. lic. exam.-concerns REF ATR

A2413 Russo,D Help America Vote Act of 2002-concerns REF ASG

A2414 Chivukula,U/Stanley,C+7 Sch. dist.-concerns St. matching fds. REF AED

A2415 Cryan,J Sch. dist. budgets-concerns approval REF AED

A2416 Cryan,J Mil. death benf.-prov. to survivors REF AMV

A2417 Cryan,J Co.-based ed. system-estab. REF AED

A2418 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Cruelty to animals-concerns REF AAN

A2419 Cryan,J NJT corp. emp.-concerns arbitration REF ALA

A2420 Cryan,J Automated Traffic Sys.-concerns REF ALP

A2421 Cryan,J/Oliver,S+1 Tattoo removal-estab. prog. in DOC REF ALP

A2422 Cohen,N Disab. children, addl.-Medicaid to cover REF AFW

A2423 Kean,S St. Parole Bd-renames as St Parole Comm. REF ALP

A2424 Hackett,M Higher ed. tuition bills-concerns REF AED

A2425 Greenwald,L/Conaway,H Health Care Worker Pension Policy Comm. REF AHH

A2426 Cryan,J Vol. sports personnel-crim. hist. checks REF ALP

A2427 Greenstein,L/Vas,J+2 Charter sch. admin. & trustees-concerns REF AED

A2428 Caraballo,W Sr. Cit. Housing, Health Screening;$50K REF ASI

A2429 Caraballo,W Income tax cred.-enroll in NJ Coll. REF AED

A2430 Caraballo,W Domestic viol restraining order-concerns REF AJU

A2431 Caraballo,W Stalking-concerns REF AJU

A2432 Caraballo,W Overcrowding-impose landlord fine REF AHO

A2433 Caraballo,W Pub. util.-concerns overpymts. REF ATU

A2434 Caraballo,W/Chiappone,A Prop-casualty-concerns use of cred info REF AFI

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A2435 Caraballo,W The New Jersey Living Wage Act REF ALA

A2436 Caraballo,W Violent predators-estab civil commitment REF AJU

A2437 Caraballo,W Juv. repeat sex offender-req. sentencing REF AJU

A2438 Stender,L Reverse 9-1-1 sys.-mun. estab. REF ALP

A2439 Weinberg,L/Morgan,R Online prescriptions, cert.-proh. REF AHH

A2440 O'Toole,K/Russo,D Psych fac.-elim cert. liens/finan. liab. REF AHH

A2441 McHose,A Operations No./So. Watch-cert. vet. benf REF AMV

ACR146 Carroll,M/Merkt,R Homestead sch. prop. tax-tax cred. REF AAP

ACR147 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Statue of Liberty-desig. anthem REF ASG

ACR148 Rooney,J Minor child med procedures-notify parent REF AHH

ACR149 Rooney,J Bergen Mun. Emp. Benf Fd-SCI investigate REF AFI

ACR151 DiGaetano,P/DeCroce,A+31 Truth-In-Budgeting amendment-proposes REF AAP

ACR152 Merkt,R Giants Stadium-rename REF ACE

AJR92 Rooney,J/Chatzidakis,L Wastewater, Grey Water Reuse Study Comm REF AEN

AJR93 Impreveduto,A/Cohen,N DLPS-SCI investigate cert actions REF AJU

AJR94 Green,J Housing Code Enforcement Centennial Yr. REF AHO

AJR95 Caraballo,W Sr. cit.-protect from finan exploitation REF ASI

AR125 Chiappone,A/Manzo,L Veterans' Day-emp. pay vets for holiday REF AMV

AR126 Rooney,J Know Your Caller Act of 2001-enact REF ATU

AR127 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Corp.-paid audits-Cong. enact leg. REF ACE

AR128 Cryan,J/Kean,S Malachy McAllister & family-pol. asylum REF AFR

AR129 Weinberg,L/Caraballo,W Health Promo & Disease Research Ctr. REF AHH

AR130 Caraballo,W/Cryan,J Vet.-Gov. take cert. actions in regard REF AMV

AR131 Caraballo,W Dental care-prov. Medicare coverage REF ASI

Co-Sponsors Added:

A477 (Myers,C)

A1947 Aca (1R) (Wolfe,D)

A2329 (Gibson,J)

ACR99 (Rumpf,B; DiGaetano,P; Holzapfel,J; Vandervalk,C; Wolfe,D)

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A2133 (Manzo,L)

Note to the 02/19/2004 Digest:

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A200 Aca (1R) Voss,J/Stanley,C Sch. fac.-community sch. proj. REP/ACA REF AAP *NOT* REP

Note to the 02/23/2004 Digest:

Co-Sponsors Added:

A303 (Azzolina,J)

The Assembly adjourned at 3:50 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, February 26, 2004 (QUORUM, Committees "A" and "B" scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (02/23/04):