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Vol. XVI No. 20 211th Legislature First Annual Session


Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


Reverend Vernon C. Walton, of Englewood, to replace Ruth Spellman.


James E. Cleary, of South Amboy, to replace Robert Bogart.

Nominations Withdrawn:


Edward Zarnock, of Roselle, to replace Raymond Ocasio.

Bills Introduced:

S1559 Bark,M Hosp. Tech. Task Force-estab. REF SHH

S1560 Bark,M Global war on terror vets-cert. benf. REF SSG

S1561 Bucco,A/Cardinale,G Children's Equal Rights Act-creates REF SJU

S1562 Connors,L/Ciesla,A Internet Predator Investigation Fd-estab REF SJU

S1563 Littell,R/Lance,L Pupil transp., cert.-concerns REF SED

S1564 Sarlo,P Loc devel proj-expand finan mechanisms REF SEG

S1565 Buono,B Defibrillators, sr. cit. ctrs-grant prog REF SHH

S1566 Buono,B Crime against elderly-estab CARE Unit REF SLP

S1567 Coniglio,J Text messaging, unsolicited ads-proh. REF SCM

S1568 Codey,R Sch. dist. pension fd-bd of trustee memb REF SSG

S1569 Bark,M At Home Downtown prog.-creates REF SCU

S1570 Bucco,A Police off., firefighter-age req. REF SSG

S1571 Bucco,A Substance abuse treatment-insur coverage REF SHH

S1572 Singer,R Small emp. health plan-rating sys. REF SCM

S1573 Singer,R/Rice,R Distinguished Svc. Medal-extend elig. REF SSG

S1574 Singer,R Liquefied petroleum gas invoice-concerns REF SCM

S1575 Singer,R TPAF, cert-extend St-pd health care benf REF SSG

S1576 Karcher,E Commercial entities-concern camp contrib REF SSG

S1577 Allen,D/Madden,F Safe Haven Awareness Promo. Task Force REF SHH

S1578 Allen,D/Girgenti,J PERS, PFRS, TPAF-purch of mil. svc. cred REF SSG

S1579 Gill,N Admin. supervision of insurers-concerns REF SCM

S1580 Gill,N Prop.-Liab. Insur. Guaranty Assn-revises REF SCM

S1581 Gill,N Surplus Lines Insur. Guaranty Fd-revises REF SCM

S1582 Vitale,J/Buono,B Pub. traded partnerships-filing fees REF SBA

S1583 Turner,S Voting machines-produce paper record REF SSG

S1584 Turner,S Hist. site prop. tax exemp.-clarifies REF SWT

S1585 Vitale,J/Rice,R HIV/AIDS prog. and svcs.;$40M REF SHH

S1586 Buono,B Presch. prog., cert.-concerns funding REF SED

S1587 Buono,B Higher ed. instit.-concerns St. aid REF SED

S1588 Buono,B/Karcher,E Tomato-desig. as St. Vegetable REF SEG

S1590 Sarlo,P/Cardinale,G+3 Optometrists-revise practice REF SCM

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

SJR41 Bark,M Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Wk-desig REF SHH

SJR42 Bark,M Anne Frank-honors her life REF SSG

SJR43 Bark,M Nazi concentration camp liberation-anniv REF SSG

SR52 Bark,M Black boxes, emerg veh-feasibility study REF SLP

SR53 Bark,M Battle of the Bulge-commem. 60th anniv. REF SLP

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A306 Aca (1R) Vandervalk,C/Cohen,N+3 Individual deferred annuities-concerns REP

A427 Impreveduto,A Leased veh.-concerns cert. lic. plates REP

A627 Aca (1R) Stender,L/Impreveduto,A+6 Traffic control devices-concerns REP

A634 Sca (1R) Stender,L/Diegnan,P Small bus. eval.-written notice req. REP/SCA

A1764 Tucker,D/Watson Coleman,B+23 NJ-Africa Comm.-estab. REP

AJR81 Wisniewski,J/Mayer,D Hwy. Rest Area for Truck Driv Study Comm REP

S234 Sca (1R) Singer,R Motorcycles-concerns sale REP/SCA

S511/943 Scs (SCS) Sacco,N/Bucco,A+1 September 11th-estab. lic. plate REP/SCS

S738 Turner,S Energy use allocation sys.-concerns REP

S836 Sca (1R) Turner,S Women's Micro-Bus. Asst. Act;$750K REP/SCA

S1012 Sca (1R) Codey,R Essex Co. Bd of Ed. Emp.-incr. vet benf. REP/SCA

S1125 Sca (1R) Sarlo,P/Asselta,N+1 Med. benf, post-retirement-concerns REP/SCA

S1166 Sca (1R) Kyrillos,J/Gill,N Small bus.-impact of rules REP/SCA

S1286 Sca (1R) Cardinale,G Deferred annuities-proh surrender change REP/SCA

S1311 Sca (1R) Vitale,J/Karcher,E Bottled water label-prov. date REP/SCA

S1326 Baer,B Mortgage guaranty insur.-concerns REP

S1467 Sca (1R) Sarlo,P Home inspector lic.-revise provisions REP/SCA

SCR62 Sca (1R) Bark,M Transp. infrastructure-coord. w/pub util REP/SCA

SJR18 Kean,T/Singer,R Army Parachute Test Platoon-directs sign REP

SR47 Coniglio,J Highlands Stewardship Act-enact REP

Bills Referred/SBA:

S1125 Sca (1R) Sarlo,P/Asselta,N+1 Med. benf, post-retirement-concerns

S1166 Sca (1R) Kyrillos,J/Gill,N Small bus.-impact of rules

Bills Combined:

S943 Kyrillos,J/Lesniak,R September 11th-estab. lic. plate COMB/W S511 (SCS)


S119 Inverso,P/Adler,J+10 Camp. contrib.-concerns 24 hour notice Rule 12:6 (Inverso)

Bills Transferred:

S1445 Vitale,J/Girgenti,J Alt. to Discipline Prog., nurses-estab. FROM SCM TO SHH

Co-Sponsors Added:

S119 (Connors,L)

S357 (Kenny,B)

S448 (Connors,L)

S511/943 Scs (SCS) (Madden,F)

S625 (Connors,L)

S627 (Kean,T)

S1232 (Lance,L)

S1405 (Connors,L)

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S191 Scs (SCS) (Karcher,E)

S1006 (Karcher,E)

The Senate adjourned at 5:50 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, May 13, 2004 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "1" and "2" scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A2748 Gibson,J/Blee,F Fire depts, vol-concern group life insur REF AFI

A2749 Gibson,J/Blee,F Vol firefighters, retired-concerns insur REF AHO

A2750 Greenstein,L Sr. cit. stabilization aid-concerns REF AED

A2751 O'Toole,K/Blee,F+1 Combat pay-excl. from gross income tax REF AMV

A2752 O'Toole,K/Johnson,G Sch. bus drivers-mandates training REF AED

A2753 Van Drew,J Hotel/motel occupancy fee-reduces REF AAP

A2754 Van Drew,J Tourism lodging-amends definition REF ATG

A2755 Van Drew,J/Scalera,F St. police veh., used-concerns REF ALP

A2756 Van Drew,J/Conners,J+3 Housing nonprofits-concerns REF AHO

A2757 Van Drew,J/Previte,M+2 Ovarian cancer awareness campaign-estab. REF AHH

A2758 Smith,R Tropical wood-proh. mun. use REF AHO

A2759 Cohen,N Farmland assessment-concerns REF AAN

A2760 Smith,R Battleship comm., foundation-abolishes REF AMV

A2761 Van Drew,J/Egan,J+3 Privatization contracts-req. review REF ASG

A2762 Blee,F/Conover,K Drug court prog.-expand;$2.8M REF AJU

A2763 Blee,F Gov. Council, Home Community-Based Care REF ASI

A2764 Blee,F Interscholastic athletic prog-concerns REF AED

A2765 Blee,F NJ Safe Haven Infant Prot. Act-concerns REF AED

A2766 Biondi,P Ambulance svcs.-Medicaid reimb. REF AHH

A2767 Baroni,B Sch donation computer equip-bus tax cred REF AAP

A2768 Cohen,N Identity theft statute-expand definition REF AJU

A2769 Cohen,N Scanning devices, unlawful use-crime REF AJU

A2770 Cohen,N Child support obligations-concerns REF AJU

A2771 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B Traffic signals-concerns REF ATR

A2772 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B Mun. Land Use Law-revises filing req. REF ARP

A2773 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B Dental hygienists-incr. ed training req. REF ARP

A2774 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B Orthotic appliances-health benf coverage REF AFI

A2775 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B Tow truck operator-extend responsibility REF ATR

A2776 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B Cemetery trust fd. req.-concerns REF ARP

A2777 Impreveduto,A/Stack,B Nutritionist Lic. Act REF ARP

A2778 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Farm income averaging cred.-permits REF AAN

A2779 Fisher,D Corp. filing fees pymt.-exemp. mun. REF AHO

A2780 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D UEZ, Salem City-create REF ACE

A2781 Van Drew,J/Mayer,D Trooper Bertram T. Zimmerman III Mem Hwy REF ATR

A2782 Chivukula,U/Johnson,G Govt records-concerns commercial access REF AHO

A2783 Chivukula,U/Weinberg,L+2 Higher Ed. Dept.-estab. REF AED

A2784 Burzichelli,J Petroleum refinery equip-prop tax assess REF AHO

A2785 Burzichelli,J Pupil transp., cert.-concerns REF AED

A2786 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Regional Efficiency Aid Prog.-concerns REF AHO

A2787 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Hosp. Tech. Task Force-estab. REF AHH

A2788 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L At Home Downtown prog.-creates REF AHO

A2789 Gibson,J/Van Drew,J Vet. Memorial Hwy.-desig. Rt. 55 REF ATR

A2790 Gibson,J/Van Drew,J Inmate emp.-concerns REF ALP

A2791 Impreveduto,A Loc devel proj-expand finan mechanisms REF AHO

A2792 Manzo,L Adolescents' Online Privacy Prot. Act REF ATU

A2793 Manzo,L Warehouses-report, Right to Know Act REF AEN

A2794 Wolfe,D Animal cruelty-concerns REF AAN

A2795 Diegnan,P/Mayer,D+3 St. colleges-adds two emp. to trustee bd REF AED

A2796 McHose,A Wildcat Rock Shelter brook-concerns name REF AAN

A2797 Conaway,H/Smith,R Prescription monitoring prog.-estab. REF AHH

A2798 Conners,J/Conaway,H Burl. Co Bridge police-grant cert powers REF ALP

A2799 Conaway,H Emerg. Health Svc. Corp.-estab. REF AHH

A2800 Conaway,H Physicians, lic.-concerns surgery REF AHH

A2801 Carroll,M Freshwater wetland-amend definition REF AEN

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A2802 Carroll,M Palimony-concerns REF AJU

A2803 Conaway,H Voter regis.-concerns REF ASG

A2804 Conners,J/Van Drew,J Armed Svcs. Unemp. Benefits Act REF AMV

A2805 Wisniewski,J Env. infrastructure proj.-concerns REF AEN

A2806 Payne,W Essex Co. Prosecutorial Unification Prog REF AJU

A2807 Weinberg,L Practice nurses, advanced-expand duties REF AHH

AJR102 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L+1 Anne Frank-honors her life REF AED

AJR103 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Wk-desig REF AHH

AJR104 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Nazi concentration camp liberation-anniv REF AMV

AR160 Chatzidakis,L/Conners,J+1 Battle of the Bulge-commem. 60th anniv. REF AMV

AR161 Conners,J Vet. Hist. Proj.-commends REF AMV

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A841 Greenstein,L/Diegnan,P Uniform Mediation Act-enacts REP

A848 Greenstein,L Closed circuit testimony-concerns REP

A878 Barnes,P/Previte,M+14 CDS offense-concerns penal. REP

AR153 Aca (1R) McKeon,J+1 Highlands Stewardship Act-enact REP/ACA

S679 Martin,R/Allen,D Uniform Mediation Act-enacts REP

Bills Transferred:

A2477 Caraballo,W/Greenstein,L Help America Vote Act of 2002-implements FROM ASG TO AFR

A2627 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B Voting machines-produce paper record FROM ASG TO AFR

A2629 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B Polling place accessibility-concerns FROM ASG TO AFR

A2699 Gusciora,R Poll workers-cert. training req. FROM ASG TO AFR

S701 Sca (1R) Coniglio,J Help America Vote Act of 2002-implements FROM ASG TO AFR

Co-Sponsors Added:

A389 Aca (1R) (Morgan,R)

A439 (Eagler,P)

A1079 Aca (1R) (Mayer,D)

A1080 (Eagler,P)

A1727 Acs (ACS) (Eagler,P)

A1898 (Conners,J)

A2080 (Diegnan,P)

A2086 (Wolfe,D; Holzapfel,J)

A2406 (Johnson,G; Weinberg,L; Chivukula,U)

A2546 (Eagler,P)

A2687 (Conover,K)

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A318 (Van Drew,J)

A578 (Manzo,L)

A1150 (Manzo,L)

A1991 Aca (1R) (Gordon,R)

A2004 (Gordon,R)

A2385 (Manzo,L)

A2406 (Gordon,R)

A2687 (Blee,F)

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A1600 (Van Drew,J)

A2264 (Chiappone,A)

A2660 (Mayer,D)

Note to the 05/03/2004 Digest:

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A1727 Acs (ACS) Thompson,S/Weinberg,L+3 Hosp/nursing homes-compile staffing info REP/ACS *NOT* REF AAP

Note to the 05/06/2004 Digest:

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A2710 Chiappone,A Sch Prop Tax Reduction/Stabilization Act FROM AAP

The Assembly adjourned at 5:05 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, May 13, 2004 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "A" and "B" scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (5/6/2004):