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Vol. XVI No. 25 211th Legislature First Annual Session


The Senate did not meet. The Senate will meet on Monday, June 7, 2004 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "1" and "2" scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A4 Scalera,F Lobbying activities-extend finan req REF ASG

A8 Diegnan,P Political contrib, cert.-concerns REF ASG

A16 Wisniewski,J Leg-proh memb from acting on cert leg REF ASG

A18 Quigley,J NJ Conflicts of Interest Law-concerns REF ASG

A19 Van Drew,J Gov/Leg-disclose prior convictions REF ASG

A2921 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Video games, cert.-concerns sale REF ALP

A2922 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Firefighter training-concerns REF ALP

A2923 Fisher,D St land acquistions in mun-limits REF AAN

A2924 Chivukula,U Tpk Auth-concerns toll collection REF ATR

A2925 Merkt,R Highlands Preserv. Proj.;$170K REF AEN

A2926 Merkt,R Water Resources Prot Bond Act REF AEN

A2927 Quigley,J/Van Drew,J Law enforcement off.-concerns power REF AHS

A2928 Stack,B Drug free zone-estab pub parks and bldgs REF ALP

A2929 Cryan,J Union Twp, Union Co-auth UEZ REF ACE

A2930 Cohen,N Charitable reg.-concerns REF ACO

A2931 Diegnan,P/Conners,J+4 PERS-concerns reenrollment REF ASG

A2932 Merkt,R Pub Emp Defined Contrib Plan Study Comm REF ASG

A2933 Merkt,R/Baroni,B Campaign contrib., cert.-concerns REF ASG

A2934 Chiappone,A/Manzo,L Sch fd-raising activities-proh. REF AED

A2935 Chiappone,A/Manzo,L Fire hydrant no parking zones-concerns REF ATR

A2936 Chiappone,A/Manzo,L+1 Towing companies-concerns REF ATR

A2937 Merkt,R Gun applicants-redundant fingerprinting REF ALP

A2938 Merkt,R Firearms statutes-conform w/Brady Law REF ALP

A2939 Merkt,R Pregnant women/marriage lic-HIV test req REF AHH

A2940 Merkt,R Daytop Village;$500K REF AHH

A2941 Egan,J/Manzo,L+5 Unemp tax avoidance-deter REF ALA

A2942 Corodemus,S/Kean,S CHANT Food Pantry;$150K REF AFW

A2943 Caraballo,W Bd of ed policies-concerns adoption REF AED

A2944 Caraballo,W/Stanley,C Sch dist policy manuals-post on internet REF AED

A2945 Caraballo,W/Cryan,J Bd of ed meetings-pub participation req REF AED

A2946 Cohen,N/Cryan,J WWII Memorial;$1.5M REF AMV

A2947 Van Drew,J PERS Prosecutors Part-change salary base REF ASG

A2948 Scalera,F/Stack,B+2 Crime against pub util emp-upgrade penal REF ALP

A2949 O'Toole,K Equestrians-req. motorist reduce speed REF ATR

A2950 O'Toole,K Mun. recreation comm.-incr. memb. REF AHO

A2951 Bramnick,J/Rumpf,B Incarceration costs-cert inmates pay REF ALP

A2952 Rumpf,B/Bramnick,J Escapees apprehension costs-concerns REF ALP

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A2953 Chivukula,U Organ donations-gross income tax deduct. REF AHH

A2954 Chivukula,U/Munoz,E+1 Community Health Svc Pilot Initiative REF AHH

A2955 Kean,S/Baroni,B Explosive devices-proh. sch. emp. handle REF AED

A2956 Chiappone,A Free trial offers-concerns REF ACO

A2957 Scalera,F/Van Drew,J Pub sch dist emer aid vol-pd time off REF AED

A2958 Connors,C/Rumpf,B St Rev Forecasting Integrity Comm-estab REF AAP

A2959 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Electric pub. util-concerns cert notices REF ATU

A2960 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Poppies, sale of-remove time restriction REF AMV

A2961 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Mun auth over cert emp-concerns REF AHO

A2962 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Internet Predator Investigation Fd-estab REF AJU

A2963 Caraballo,W/Cryan,J Notices pub in newspapers-pub, internet REF AED

A2964 Vandervalk,C Special ed svcs.estab working group REF AED

A2965 Carroll,M/Gregg,G+2 Union dues-concerns REF ALA

A2966 Carroll,M/Doherty,M Unborn child-prov income tax deduction REF AAP

A2967 Carroll,M/McHose,A+1 Pregnant women prog.-estab lic. plate REF ATR

A2968 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Sch budgets-concerns REF AED

A2969 Merkt,R UI benf.-disqualifies for drug use REF ALA

A2970 Stack,B Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act REF AJU

A2971 Carroll,M Admin law judge-concerns contestes cases REF AJU

A2972 O'Toole,K/Baroni,B Camp contrib.-concerns REF ASG

A2973 Baroni,B/Greenstein,L+2 Defibrillators-req in pub sch bldgs REF AED

A2974 Wisniewski,J/Scalera,F Arson investigation units-concerns REF AHO

A2975 Van Drew,J/Mayer,D+26 Sch bus-concerns penal for passing REF ATR

A2976 Weinberg,L/Manzo,L Behavioral health care svcs-concerns REF AFI

A2977 Gordon,R/Green,J Env infrastructure proj-concerns loans REF AEN

A2978 Voss,J/Stender,L Env infrastructure proj-concerns loans REF AEN

A2979 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G Env infrastructure proj-concerns REF AEN

A2980 Cryan,J Crim offenses, sch prop-report to police REF AED

ACR172 Merkt,R+1 911 Comm-concerns removal of cert memb REF AHS

ACR173 Chiappone,A/Manzo,L+1 Individuals w/Disab Ed Act-Pres fully fd REF AFR

ACR174 Rumpf,B/Connors,C St budget-concern St Rev Forcasting Comm REF AAP

ACR175 DiGaetano,P/Doherty,M+3 Supreme Ct Justice-concerns term REF AJU

ACR176 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Fred Rogers-honors life/accomplishments REF AED

ACR177 Scalera,F/McKeon,J Env Infrastructure Trust Finan Plan-app REF AEN

AJR107 Van Drew,J/Eagler,P+3 Broadcast media-study use REF ALP

AR177 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Children's Specialized Hosp-not relocate REF AHH

AR178 Chivukula,U Motor fuel consumption-fed govt reduce REF AFR

AR179 Merkt,R Marriage-Congress prov fed definition REF AFR

AR180 Van Drew,J/Gusciora,R+1 Nerve agent-proh. discharge, Del. Riv. REF AAN

AR181 Van Drew,J/Stack,B+15 Oil reserves, stored-urged release REF AFR

Bills Recommitted:

A10 Greenwald,L/Cryan,J+18 Camp. treasurers-concerns training, cert RCM ASG

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A26 Aca (1R) Roberts,J ELEC;approp. $2M REP

A200 AcaAcs (ACS) Voss,J/Stanley,C Sch. fac.-community sch. proj. REP/ACS

A729 Aca (1R) Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Fireworks-proh. in cert. bldgs REP/ACA

A738 Cohen,N Firearm trafficking network-concerns REP

A774 Aca (1R) Gusciora,R/Weinberg,L+10 Minor consent to HIV treatment-permits REP/ACA

A947/2359 Acs (ACS) Impreveduto,A/Cohen,N+4 Chiropractors physicians-reimb same rate REP

A1303 Aca (1R) McKeon,J/Hackett,M+1 Cellular phone svc.-concerns contracts REP/ACA

A1586 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D Salem City Sch. Dist.-Abbott dist status REP

A1834 Aca (1R) Green,J/Cryan,J+14 Health care fac. emp.-concerns REP/ACA

A1912 Weinberg,L Children Palliative Care Network;$170K REP

A2062 Acs (ACS) Watson Coleman,B/Greenwald,L+2 Pediatric rehab. hosp.-Medicaid reimb. REP

A2183 Aca (1R) Cryan,J/Cohen,N+1 Patient Surgical Safety Act REP/ACA

A2290 Van Drew,J/Scalera,F+2 Telemarketing-concerns REP

A2625 Aca (1R) Johnson,G/Mayer,D Boating while drinking-concerns REP/ACA

A2638 AcaAca (2R) Sires,A/Caraballo,W+2 Health Enterprise Zones-creates REP/ACA

A2671 Aca (1R) Watson Coleman,B Discrim. Comm.-examine tax records/files REP/ACA

A2697 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B Hist. site prop. tax exemp.-clarifies REP

A2756 Van Drew,J/Conners,J+4 Housing nonprofits-concerns REP

A2809 Stender,L/Green,J Value engineering clause-concerns REP

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading: (cont'd)

2825 Aca (1R) Malone,J/Diegnan,P+10 Optometrists-revises scope of practice REP/ACA

A2877 Aca (1R) Barnes,P/Cryan,J Wineries, NJ-elim. direct shipping REP/ACA

ACR79 Acs (ACS) Rumpf,B/Connors,C Lyme disease research-Cong. enact REP/ACS

AJR94 Green,J/Cruz-Perez,N Housing Code Enforcement Centennial Yr. REP

AJR101 Russo,D+2 Low income tax cred housing-guidlines REP

AR122 Wisniewski,J/Gusciora,R St.'s Visa Waiver Prog.-make Poland elig REP

AR156 Gusciora,R Cable tv industry-reg. REP

AR167 Gordon,R/Voss,J Mary Ann Collura Post Off. Bldg.-desig. REP

AR175 Mayer,D/Greenstein,L Small Bus. Admin. loans-restore funding REP

AR176 Gusciora,R/Scalera,F Domestic Preparedness 1st Responder prog REP

S77 Scs (SCS) Rice,R+1 Housing nonprofits-concerns REP

S1408 Sca (1R) Lesniak,R Wineries, NJ-elim. direct shipping REP

S1511 ScaAca (2R) Madden,F/Vitale,J Boating while drinking-concerns REP/ACA

SJR13 McNamara,H/Connors,L Low income tax cred housing-guidlines REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A263 Egan,J/Diegnan,P New Brunswick-auth. addl. UEZ REP REF AAP

A767 Cohen,N+1 Medicaid estate recoveries-concerns REP REF AAP

A2060 Aca (1R) Sires,A+8 Partnership for a Drug-Free NJ;1M grant REP/ACA REF AAP

A2420 Cryan,J/Johnson,G+4 Automated Traffic Sys.-concerns REP REF AAP

A2476/2122/2271 Acs (ACS) Sires,A/Watson Coleman,B Rental asst.-estab. prog. REP/ACS REF AAP

A2784 Burzichelli,J Petroleum refinery equip-prop tax assess REP REF AAP

Bills Combined:

A2122 Gusciora,R St. rental assist. prog.-estab. COMB/W A2476/2271 (ACS)

A2271 Johnson,G/Chiappone,A St. rental assist. prog.-estab. COMB/W A2476/2122 (ACS)

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A1442 Caraballo,W+5 Animal shelters-concerns FROM AAN

A2337 Burzichelli,J Firefighter training-concerns FROM ALP

Co-Sponsors Added:

A888 (Greenwald,L)

A1303 Aca (1R) (Eagler,P)

A1419 (Azzolina,J)

A1690 (Conners,J)

A1859 Acs (ACS) (Stack,B)

A2183 Aca (1R) (Conaway,H)

A2233 (Weinberg,L)

A2420 (Gusciora,R)

A2441 (Gusciora,R)

A2515 (Diegnan,P)

A2641 (Diegnan,P)

A2658 (Stack,B)

A2672 (Rooney,J)

A2756 (McKeon,J)

A2878 (Diegnan,P)

AJR93 (Conners,J; Conaway,H)

AJR101 (Rumpf,B; Connors,C)

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A1250 (Diegnan,P)

A2233 (Chiappone,A)

A2420 (Johnson,G)

A2697 (Watson Coleman,B)

A2765 (Previte,M)

A2902 (Azzolina,J)

A2910 (Diegnan,P)

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A2638 AcaAca (2R) (McKeon,J)

AR122 (Eagler,P)

The Assembly Speaker has made the following appointments:

*Effective May 24, 2004

Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards:

Assemblyman Peter J. Biondi (16).

Assemblyman David C. Russo (40).

Note to the 05/03/2004 Digest:

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A2566 Aca (1R) Barnes,P/Johnson,G Private investigators-revise law REP/ACA *NOT* REF AAP

The Assembly adjourned at 8:00 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, June 3, 2004 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "C" and "D" scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (05/24/04):