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Vol. XVII No. 15 211th Legislature Second Annual Session


The Senate did not meet. The Senate will meet on Thursday, May 5, 2005 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "1" and "2" scheduled to meet).


Bills Introduced:

A3941 Watson Coleman,B/Morgan,R Medicaid Managed Care Qual. Improvement REF AHH

A3942 Chiappone,A Safe Sch., Communities Viol. Prev.;$5.1M REF AED

A3943 Johnson,G/Barnes,P Electronic security sys.-concerns REF ARP

A3944 Diegnan,P Conflicts of Interest Law-clarify intent REF ASG

A3945 Diegnan,P/Malone,J Contact lens dispensing-proh. w/out lic. REF ACO

A3946 Merkt,R Camp. contrib.-concerns REF ASG

A3947 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Working Families Prop. Tax Refund Act REF AAP

A3948 Fisher,D/Hackett,M Minority Teacher Recruitment Off.-estab. REF AED

A3949 Diegnan,P Taxicabs-concerns payment REF ATR

A3950 Watson Coleman,B/Quigley,J Telephone calling cards-disclose terms REF ACO

A3951 Baroni,B Camp. contrib. proh.-remove exception REF ASG

A3952 Cohen,N JRS-concerns survivor benf. continuation REF ASG

A3953 Steele,A PFRS-extend mand. retir. age REF ASG

A3954 Wisniewski,J/Scalera,F Firefighter cert.-concerns REF ALP

A3955 Cryan,J/Cohen,N Prescription drug plans-repeals cert req REF AHH

A3956 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G Independence, Dignity Long-Term Care Act REF AHH

A3957 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D US Vet. Affairs Dept police-auth arrests REF ALP

A3958 Dancer,R Absentee ballots, college resid-concerns REF ASG

A3959 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Energy Star Prog. incentives-Statewide REF ATU

A3960 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G+2 Sudden death in infancy-concern research REF AHH

A3961 Kean,S Real prop. reassessment-estab moratorium REF AHO

A3962 Kean,S PFRS memb., retir.-augment cert. benf. REF ASG

A3963 Kean,S Smoke free establishment-tax rate REF AHH

A3964 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Homestead prop. tax reimb.-elig. req. REF AHO

A3965 Manzo,L Corrections facilities-concerns St reimb REF ALP

A3966 Manzo,L Veh. weight limits-concerns enforcement REF ATR

A3967 Manzo,L Emp. health benf.-calculate bus tax alt REF ACE

A3968 Manzo,L Manuf retention investment tax cred-prov REF ACE

A3969 Chiappone,A/Van Drew,J Teaching materials-exemp sales/use tax REF AED

A3970 Fisher,D/Stanley,C+4 Fed. ed. prog.-implement REF AED

A3971 Eagler,P Journeyman electricians-concerns REF ARP

A3972 Gregg,G/Conaway,H Animal cruelty laws-concerns REF AAN

A3973 Chivukula,U/Roberts,J Regulatory Flex Act-expands scope REF ACE

A3974 Van Drew,J+1 St. emp. paid health benf.-concerns REF ASG

A3975 Kean,S Smoke-Free Air Act REF AHH

A3976 Conaway,H/Greenwald,L UMDNJ Instit. of Health Disparities;$50K REF AHH

A3977 Bateman,C Exec. Comm. on Ethical Standards-memb. REF ASG

A3978 Gregg,G/Baroni,B+16 Pothole repair/research prog.-estab. REF ATR

A3979 Merkt,R/DeCroce,A Pub. Advocate Dept.-abolish REF ASG

A3980 Cohen,N/Bateman,C Standard nonforfeiture law-revises REF AFI

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A3981 Cohen,N/Bateman,C Dept of Banking, Insur-enforcement power REF AFI

A3982 Gordon,R/Voss,J Sch. fac. constr. proj.-concerns REF AED

A3983 Prieto,V/Cohen,N Home inspectors-changes lic. req. REF ARP

A3984 Caraballo,W/Conaway,H Cred. card accts.-concerns REF AFI

A3985 Caraballo,W Cell phones-concerns sale REF ACO

A3986 Chivukula,U/Vas,J Health care prov.-concerns pymts. REF AFI

A3987 Cryan,J Candidates' views-published for free REF ASG

A3988 Bateman,C/Chiappone,A+1 Common Interest & Homeowners' Assn. Act REF AHO

A3989 Pou,N Parole completion-concerns voter regis. REF ASG

A3990 Burzichelli,J Pub off/emp convicted of crimes-concerns REF ASG

A3991 Sires,A Teaching staff memb.-concerns emp. REF AED

A3992 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+1 Defibrillators, assisted living fac.-req REF ASI

A3993 Gusciora,R/Stanley,C Pub. sch. corrective actions-concerns REF AED

A3994 Vas,J/Diegnan,P+2 Higher Ed. Study Comm.-estab. REF AED

A3995 Stack,B/Prieto,V+3 Law enforcement off.-uniform id cards REF ALP

A3996 Diegnan,P/Greenstein,L+7 PAAD income elig.-exclude IRA withdrawal REF ASI

A3997 Diegnan,P/Vas,J Prescription Drug Retail Price Registry REF AHH

A4049 Sires,A Sports & Exposition-expands cert powers REF ARP

ACR232 Corodemus,S Hellenic ancestry of Macedonia-recognize REF ASG

ACR233 Van Drew,J/Eagler,P Sr., disab cit-estab prop tax reimb prog REF AHO

AJR124 Morgan,R/Panter,M Syrian govt.-withdraw from Lebanon REF ASG

AR258 Rooney,J Clean Sch. Bus Prog.-memor Cong to enact REF AEN

AR259 Conaway,H/Morgan,R+7 Brain Injury Awareness Mo.-declare March REF AHH

AR260 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D+9 Delaware Coastal Zone Act-amend REF ACE

AR261 Gusciora,R Medicaid reform-support comm to examine REF AFR

AR262 Gusciora,R Pope John Paul II-honors life REF AFR

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A624 Stender,L+2 Fire chiefs, paid-mun. appoint REP

A723 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Main St. NJ prog.-concerns REP

A895 Aca (1R) Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+4 Firearm sale-concerns REP/ACA

A1084 Johnson,G/Manzo,L+8 Prisoner transport companies-crim. check REP

A1622 Steele,A/Chivukula,U+1 Tech. Procurement Study Comm.-estab. REP

A2071 Aca (1R) Rumpf,B+1 Ad. w/ guarantee, deceptive-proh. REP/ACA

A2171 Aca (1R) Cryan,J/Stack,B+9 Uniform crime reporting sys.-concerns REP/ACA

A2331 Cohen,N Firearms-concerns transportation REP

A2372 Egan,J Loc. pub. contracts, cert.-concerns REP

A2574 Aca (1R) Weinberg,L Raincheck Policy Disclosure Act REP/ACA

A2755 Van Drew,J/Scalera,F St. police veh., used-concerns REP

A3004 Cruz-Perez,N Tickets of admission-concerns resale REP

A3158 Aca (1R) Cohen,N/Bateman,C Group life insur.-concerns REP/ACA

A3359 Aca (1R) Cohen,N/Weinberg,L Health Insur Affordability Access Reform REP/ACA

A3438 Aca (1R) Cohen,N/Bateman,C Life insur. viatical settlement-reg. REP/ACA

A3461 Vas,J/Diegnan,P+3 Hosp. Infection Reporting Act REP

A3496/3743 Acs (ACS) Cohen,N Health Dental Claims Processing/Pymt Act REP/ACS

A3556 Aca (1R) Van Drew,J Bingo-use of cert. electronic devices REP/ACA

A3634 Aca (1R) Cruz-Perez,N/Green,J Relocation asst.-concerns REP/ACA

A3714 Aca (1R) Stender,L/Gusciora,R Magazine subscriptions-concerns REP/ACA

A3732 Aca (1R) Diegnan,P/Stack,B+2 Mun. ordinance viol.-concerns fines REP/ACA

A3829 Eagler,P/Biondi,P Pub. accountants-concerns lic. REP

A3901 Aca (1R) Eagler,P Swimming pool applicators-prov. regis. REP/ACA

A3905 Diegnan,P/Malone,J Optometrists-continuing ed. prog. REP

A3960 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G+2 Sudden death in infancy-concern research REP

A3981 Aca (1R) Cohen,N/Bateman,C Dept of Banking, Insur-enforcement power REP/ACA

ACR213 Vas,J/Greenwald,L+2 Fed. income tax rev.-correct inequity REP

AR189 Acs (ACS) Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R+1 USA PATRIOT Act-condemns sections REP/ACS

AR260 Acs (ACS) Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D+9 Delaware Coastal Zone Act-amend REP/ACS

AR261 Gusciora,R Medicaid reform-support comm to examine REP

AR262 Gusciora,R Pope John Paul II-honors life REP

S317 Bark,M/Kyrillos,J+2 Main St. NJ prog.-concerns REP

S1684 Sa (1R) Codey,R Sudden death in infancy-concern research REP

S1788 Sca (1R) Lesniak,R Group life insur.-concerns REP

S1940 Sca (1R) Lesniak,R/Kyrillos,J Life insur. viatical settlement-reg. REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A2661/3755 Acs (ACS) Gusciora,R Polysomnography-concerns practice REP/ACS REF AAP

A3235 Manzo,L Enterprise zone emp. tax cred.-concerns REP REF AAP

A3335 Aca (1R) Vas,J/Cryan,J Personal prop.-concerns cert. taxes REP/ACA REF AAP

A3739 Rooney,J/Weinberg,L PFRS memb., cert-extends mand retir. age REP REF AAP

A3784 Barnes,P DOC investigators-attend police training REP REF AAP

A3785 Aca (1R) Barnes,P/Van Drew,J+1 St. park ranger-changes title REP/ACA REF AAP

A3855 Aca (1R) Caraballo,W/Biondi,P Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act REP/ACA REF AAP

A3883 Holzapfel,J/Wolfe,D Toxoplasmosis-newborn screening prog. REP REF AAP

A3906 Weinberg,L/Gordon,R+3 Medicaid reimb. for transp. svcs-concern REP REF AAP

S530 Girgenti,J DOC investigators-attend police training REP REF AAP

Bills Received from Senate/Referred to Committee:

S567 Sca (1R) Baer,B/Doria,J Sci. and Tech. Comm.-concerns royalties REF ACE

S1684 Sa (1R) Codey,R Sudden death in infancy-concern research REF AHH

S1991 Karcher,E Real prop., surplus-St. Treasurer sell REF ASG

S2113 Inverso,P Campaign ads-concerns REF ASG

S2177 Sca (1R) Sweeney,S/Littell,R+7 Dam restoration/repair proj.-finan. REF AEN

S2194 Sa (1R) Karcher,E/Scutari,N+4 St. contracting process-concerns REF ASG

S2260 Sca (1R) Bryant,W/Gill,N+1 Health ctrs., fed. qualified-funding REF AAP

S2298 Sca (1R) Lesniak,R Standard nonforfeiture law-revises REF AFI

S2334 ScaSa (2R) Madden,F/Allen,D+6 Social Svcs. Student Loan Redemption Act REF AHH

Bills Received from Senate/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

S1431 ScaScs (SCS) Rice,R/Kean,T Qual single Acct Continuum-estab

S2104 ScaSa (2R) Adler,J Wills and estates-concerns

S2106 Rice,R/Allen,D+1 Long-term care fac.-concerns criteria

S2172 Sca (1R) Smith,B Well drillers, pump installers-concerns

S2259 Turner,S Surplus land-auth St. Treasurer to sell

SJR41 Bark,M Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Wk-desig

Bills Combined:

A3743 Weinberg,L/Cohen,N+1 Health care claims reimb.-concerns COMB/W A3496 (ACS)

A3755 Dancer,R Polysomnography Practice Act COMB/W A2661 (ACS)

Bills Transferred:

A3739 Rooney,J/Weinberg,L PFRS memb., cert-extends mand retir. age FROM ASG TO AHO

A3755 Dancer,R Polysomnography Practice Act FROM ARP TO AHH

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A3170 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G+2 Women's reproductive health care;$390K FROM AHH

Co-Sponsors Added:

A33 (McKeon,J) Voting machines-produce paper record

A35 (Fisher,D) Absentee ballots-concerns

A38 (McKeon,J) Voter regis. form-concerns

A194 (Quigley,J) Cigarette Fire Safety Act

A266 (Steele,A; Prieto,V) Retir. income-incr income tax exclusions

A292 Acs (ACS) (Voss,J) Contraceptives, prescribed-insur. cover

A318 (Cryan,J; Wisniewski,J) Privatize St. svcs.-concerns contracts

A322 (Fisher,D) Sex offender reg.-false address penal.

A439 (Scalera,F) Resident's hours in hosp.-estab. limits

A693 (Wisniewski,J) Pub emp-proh unilateral term changes

A760/2448 Acs (ACS) (Prieto,V) Library grant fd.-concerns

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont'd)

A780 (Voss,J; Prieto,V; McKeon,J; Oliver,S; Conners,J; Manzo,L; Payne,W) Develop. impact fees-auth mun assessment

A917 (Azzolina,J) Vet. prop. tax exemp.-extends to co-op.

A957 Aca (1R) (Diegnan,P) Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs-estab

A1080 Aca (1R) (Mayer,D) Identity Theft Prev. Act

A1336 (Chiappone,A) Weapons free sch. zones-estab.

A1773 (Fisher,D) Med. Care Access and Responsibility Act

A1797 (Fisher,D) Death penal.-mentally retarded persons

A1956 (Diegnan,P) Incest-estab. as third degree crime

A1962 (Mayer,D) Sex discrim. in wage pymt.-concerns

A2123 (Voss,J; Prieto,V; McKeon,J; Oliver,S; Conners,J; Panter,M; Morgan,R; Manzo,L; Previte,M; Payne,W) Traffic

performance objective-conformity

A2125 (Voss,J; Prieto,V; McKeon,J; Oliver,S; Conners,J; Panter,M; Morgan,R; Manzo,L; Payne,W) Time-growth

ordinances-auth mun adoption

A2171 Aca (1R) (Johnson,G) Uniform crime reporting sys.-concerns

A2233 (Diegnan,P; Prieto,V) Animal experiments-alternate ed. proj.

A2273 (Watson Coleman,B) Welfare agencies, co.-adjust off. hrs.

A2355 (Kean,S) Vol ambulance/fire co.-impact stmt. req.

A2432 Acs (ACS) (Prieto,V) Overcrowding-auth. addl. fines

A2512 (Payne,W) Charitable Immunity Act-modifies

A2659 (Conaway,H) Vet. home health care-estab. demo. prog.

A2847 (Manzo,L) Child-prot. window guards-concerns

A3045 (Vas,J; Quigley,J) Div. of Probation-creates in DOC

A3064 (McKeon,J) Retail food estab.-prov. cert. info.

A3099 (Greenwald,L) Leukemia, Lymphoma Society-vol. contrib.

A3339 Acs (ACS) (Voss,J) Income tax-unregis. ind., unincorp. bus.

A3395 (Vas,J) Corp. bus. tax-net operating loss deduct

A3423 (Rumpf,B; Connors,C; Gusciora,R) Mil. memb.-exemp., realty transfer fees

A3424 (Bramnick,J) Smoke-Free Air Act

A3446 (Smith,R) Stewardship of forests-concerns

A3462 Aca (1R) (Cryan,J) Svc. of process-concerns

A3485 (Azzolina,J) Realty transfer fee-elim cert components

A3504 (Connors,C; Rumpf,B) Devel. proj., cert.-concerns approval

A3526 (Diegnan,P; Vas,J) Christopher's Law-concerns unlic driv

A3560 (Fisher,D) Solar energy sys.-exempt prop. tax

A3606 (DeCroce,A) Fishing, hunting-clarify auth. to reg.

A3612 (Mayer,D) Dam restoration/repair proj.-finan.

A3625 (Fisher,D) Billy's Law-concerns special ed students

A3630 (Pennacchio,J) Ambulatory care fac.-concerns tax

A3631 (Chivukula,U) Devel. Disab. Div. fac.-concerns

A3656 (Kean,S) Air toxics surcharge-concerns

A3678 (Quigley,J) Law Against Discrim.-amends

A3681 (DeCroce,A) Fetal homicide-creates offense

A3684 (Wolfe,D) Clinical Trials Registry in DHSS-creates

A3743 (Conaway,H) Health care claims reimb.-concerns

A3745 (Weinberg,L) TPAF, cert-extend St-pd health care benf

A3753 (Bateman,C) Elected off.-concerns forfeiture of benf

A3786 Aca (1R) (Diegnan,P) Remote computing svcs-disclose cert info

A3790 (Wolfe,D; Holzapfel,J; Diegnan,P) Striped bass-changes limits

A3809 (Manzo,L) Social Svcs. Student Loan Redemption Act

A3833 (Prieto,V; Gordon,R; McKeon,J) Advance Directive Mental Health Care Act

A3834 (Gordon,R; Oliver,S) Bus. tax cred.-lowers job elig. req.

A3837 (Weinberg,L) Security, Finan. Empowerment Act-creates

A3838 (Bateman,C; Azzolina,J; Biondi,P; Bramnick,J) Natl. Guard memb.-vol income tax contrib

A3839 (Prieto,V; Diegnan,P; Voss,J; Manzo,L) Adult HS prog.-concerns St. aid

A3851 (Green,J; Previte,M; Diegnan,P; Barnes,P; Oliver,S; Panter,M; Manzo,L; Morgan,R; Prieto,V; Vas,J) Rental-purch.


A3880 (Van Drew,J; Payne,W; Gordon,R; Barnes,P; McKeon,J) St. Earned Income Cred. prog.-elig.

A3881 (Payne,W; Gordon,R; Barnes,P; McKeon,J) Tax preparation svcs.-concerns

A3886 (Vas,J; Oliver,S; McKeon,J; Manzo,L; Roberts,J; Fisher,D; Payne,W) MV Owners' Right to Repair Act

A3906 (Quigley,J; Manzo,L) Medicaid reimb. for transp. svcs-concern

A3916 (Diegnan,P) Natl. Guard-prov. group life insur.

A3931 (Previte,M; Gusciora,R; Quigley,J; Stack,B; Conaway,H; Cruz-Perez,N; Smith,R) Suicide prev.-concerns instruction

A3960 (Manzo,L) Sudden death in infancy-concern research

A3970 (Green,J; Prieto,V; Cruz-Perez,N) Fed. ed. prog.-implement

A3988 (McKeon,J) Common Interest & Homeowners' Assn. Act

ACR57 (Holzapfel,J; Wolfe,D) Bills, tax-3/5 majority vote in Leg.

ACR89 (Holzapfel,J) Free pub. sch.-Leg. prov.

ACR218 (Vandervalk,C) Prop. relief/reform-special Leg. session

AR259 (Green,J; Barnes,P; Thompson,S; Guscioria,R; Gregg,G; Vas,J; Diegnan,P) Brain Injury Awareness Mo.-declare March

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A572 (Johnson,G; Vas,J) NJ SMART Homestead Rebate-estab.

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A686 Aca (1R) (Fisher,D) Police off, retired-concerns firearms

A814 (Chivukula,U) Self-employed individuals-health benf.

A1193 (Prieto,V) Drug testing policy-student athletes

A1521 (Chivukula,U) Managed care plans-concern participation

A2123 (Watson Coleman,B) Traffic performance objective-conformity

A2125 (Watson Coleman,B) Time-growth ordinances-auth mun adoption

A2417 (Panter,M) Co.-based ed. system-estab.

A3158 Aca (1R) (Bateman,C) Group life insur.-concerns

A3438 Aca (1R) (Bateman,C) Life insur. viatical settlement-reg.

A3454 Aca (1R) (Stack,B) Cred. card acct-concern parental consent

A3469 (Mayer,D) Gasoline containing MTBE-proh. sale

A3795 (Chivukula,U) Health insur. registry-estab.

A3830 (Bateman,C) Natl. Guard-reimb. life insur. premiums

A3889 (Bateman,C) Hall of Fame-estab.

A3911 (Diegnan,P) Natl Guard memb killed-grants death benf

A3936 (Corodemus,S) Govt. emp.-proh. cert political activity

A3939 (Panter,M) Wildlife Rehab. Lic. Study Comm.-estab.

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A1331 (Van Drew,J) Sr. prop. tax deduct.-incr. income limit

A2175 (Diegnan,P) Incest-estab. offense

A2233 (Van Drew,J) Animal experiments-alternate ed. proj.

A2417 (Morgan,R) Co.-based ed. system-estab.

A3349 (Fisher,D) NJ STARS Prog.-concerns

A3359 Aca (1R) (Steele,A) Health Insur Affordability Access Reform

A3461 (Van Drew,J) Hosp. Infection Reporting Act

A3546 (Van Drew,J) Prescriptions-legibly printed or typed

A3606 (Van Drew,J) Fishing, hunting-clarify auth. to reg.

A3713 (Vas,J) Contracted prov. of svcs.-receive COLA

A3750 (Cryan,J) Gov., St. ad. or promotions-limit fds.

A3791 (Johnson,G) Harassment prev., pub. sch.-concerns

A3839 (Vas,J) Adult HS prog.-concerns St. aid

A3870 (Fisher,D) Fraternal Order of Police-lic. plates

A3956 (Fisher,D) Independence, Dignity Long-Term Care Act

AR259 (Munoz,E) Brain Injury Awareness Mo.-declare March

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A1898 (Greenstein,L) St. emp., essential-prov. comp. time

A2395 (McKeon,J) Pregnancy/breast feeding-civil rights

AR259 (McKeon,J) Brain Injury Awareness Mo.-declare March

The Assembly adjourned at 6:53 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, May 5, 2005 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "C" and "D" scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (03/21/05):

P.L.2005, c.51. A1500 w/GR (1R) Greenstein,L/Panter,M+15 3/22/2005 Camp. contrib, cert bus entities-concern

P.L.2005, c.52. S2202 Sca (1R) Kenny,B/Doria,J+1 3/23/2005 Blding. restrictions, cert. lands-waive

P.L.2005, c.53. S144/A492 ScaSSAa (SS/1R) Bryant,W/Allen,D+3 3/24/2005 Physician-cultural competency training

P.L.2005, c.54. A2482 Aca (1R) Burzichelli,J/Gusciora,R+7 3/24/2005 Mercury switches-end-of-life veh.

Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (03/21/05): (cont'd)

P.L.2005, c.55. A779 AcsAcs (ACS) Gusciora,R/Weinberg,L+34 3/24/2005 Psych fac.-concerns pymt. for patients

P.L.2005, c.56. S2313 Bryant,W/Coniglio,J+5 3/28/2005 Garden St. Ethanol Proj.;$1M

P.L.2005, c.57. S2314 Scutari,N/Bark,M+1 3/28/2005 Asian Longhorn Beetle Prog.;$1.3M

P.L.2005, c.58. A1514 AcaAcaSa (3R) Conaway,H/Greenstein,L+4 3/28/2005 SCI-propose series of statute amendments

P.L.2005, c.59. A3693 Aca (1R) Conners,J/Cohen,N+16 3/28/2005 WWII Vets' Memorial Fd.-creates

P.L.2005, c.60. A3705 Aca (1R) Voss,J/Greenstein,L+10 3/28/2005 St. Tuition Aid Grant Prog.-concerns

P.L.2005, c.61. A3835 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J+4 3/28/2005 Agric. commodities, perishable-concerns

P.L.2005, c.62. S141 Scs (SCS) Connors,L/Allen,D 4/7/2005 Toll monitoring sys reports, info-access

P.L.2005, c.63. S250 Sca (1R) Coniglio,J/Girgenti,J+33 4/7/2005 Mil. personnel housing-income tax excl.

P.L.2005, c.64. S1139 Littell,R/Coniglio,J+19 4/7/2005 Operations No./So. Watch-cert. vet. benf

P.L.2005, c.65. S1674 Gill,N/Cohen,N 4/7/2005 HMO-concerns risk based capital req.

P.L.2005, c.66. S2067 Scs (SCS) Rice,R/Turner,S+7 4/7/2005 Rental asst. grants and emp svcs-concern

P.L.2005, c.67. A2809 AaAaSa (3R) Stender,L/Green,J+4 4/7/2005 Value engineering clause-concerns

P.L.2005, c.68. A3247 Van Drew,J+3 4/7/2005 Campgrounds-distinguish from priv. resid

P.L.2005, c.69. A3361 Sca (1R) Greenwald,L/Pou,N+6 4/7/2005 Med. day care-revise budget language

P.L.2005, c.70. S2065 Scs (SCS) Sweeney,S/Vitale,J+14 4/12/2005 Minimum wage-incr.

P.L.2005, c.71. S1294 ScaAca (2R) Coniglio,J/Scalera,F 4/14/2005 Residential fire safety-concerns

P.L.2005, c.72. A1816 Sca (1R) Cryan,J/Johnson,G+11 4/18/2005 Safe Return Prog.-estab. police policy

P.L.2005, c.73. S781 ScaAca (2R) Madden,F/Girgenti,J+6 4/26/2005 Sex crime victim treatment svcs-concerns

P.L.2005, c.74. S1419 Martin,R/Wolfe,D 4/26/2005 Teachers, nonprofit priv. sch.-concerns

P.L.2005, c.75. S1692 Asselta,N/Gibson,J+6 4/26/2005 Police-concern cert training/hiring cost

P.L.2005, c.76. A1607 Aca (1R) Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J+5 4/26/2005 Farm vehicles-permits expanded use

P.L.2005, c.77. A2730 AcsScaSa (ACS/2R) Stender,L/Cohen,N+14 4/26/2005 Human trafficking-estab. crime

P.L.2005, c.78. A2754 Sca (1R) Van Drew,J/Gibson,J+2 4/26/2005 Tourism lodging-amends definition

P.L.2005, c.79. A3481 AcaSca (2R) Chivukula,U/McKeon,J+1 4/26/2005 Housing auth. exec. dir.-ed. degree req.

P.L.2005, c.80. A3486/3377 AcsSca (ACS/1R) Sires,A/Mayer,D+5 4/26/2005 Mercury thermometers-bans sale

P.L.2005, c.81. A1992 Aca (1R) Weinberg,L/Previte,M+5 4/29/2005 Adoptions, foreign countries-concerns

P.L.2005, JR-2. SJR19 Turner,S/Oliver,S+4 4/7/2005 Black Hist. Mo.-desig. Feb., each yr.

P.L.2005, JR-3. SJR16 Connors,L/Allen,D+4 4/11/2005 P.O.W.-M.I.A. Wk. of Remembrance-April

P.L.2005, JR-4. SJR38 Kean,T/Weinberg,L+1 4/26/2005 Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Day-March 6

P.L.2005, JR-5. AJR71 Weinberg,L/Johnson,G+2 4/26/2005 Frank Oliver Pedestrian Bridge-desig.