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Vol. XVIII No. 1 212th Legislature First Annual Session

The Members of both Houses of the 212th Legislature were sworn in. They met in Joint Session to receive the Annual State of the State Address from Richard J. Codey, Governor of the State of New Jersey.


Nominations Notice of Intention:


Roberto Alcazar, of Elizabeth.

Bills Introduced:

S51 Kavanaugh,W Males-comply w/fed. selective svc. law REF SSG

S52 Kavanaugh,W+4 Photo id cards, digital-children obtain REF SLP

S53 Kavanaugh,W+1 Deer hunting w/bow-auth. on Sundays REF SEN

S54 Kavanaugh,W/Kean,T Co. coll.-concerns bd. of trustees REF SED

S55 Kavanaugh,W Health care fac. emp.-concerns REF SHH

S56 Kavanaugh,W/Ciesla,A Vol. Emerg. Svcs. Hwy. Reimb. Fd.-estab REF STR

S57 Kavanaugh,W+1 Chiropractors physicians-reimb same rate REF SCM

S58 Kavanaugh,W St.-owned prop-concerns use restrictions REF SSG

S59 Kavanaugh,W/Gormley,W Felony murder-concerns REF SJU

S60 Kavanaugh,W Sch. vol., unpaid-crim. hist. check REF SED

S61 Kavanaugh,W Incarcerated indiv.-proh temp disab benf REF SLA

S62 Kavanaugh,W/Coniglio,J Unemp. benf.-concerns cert. disqual. REF SLA

S63 Kavanaugh,W/Ciesla,A Vet's tax deduction-extends REF SCU

S64 Kavanaugh,W Fingerprinting-concerns REF SJU

S66 Adler,J/Girgenti,J+4 Counter-Terrorism Off.-estab. REF SJU

S67 Adler,J/Karcher,E+2 Pub off/emp convicted cert crime-concern REF SJU

S68 Adler,J Wrongful death actions-amends REF SJU

S69 Kean,T+2 Fire chiefs, paid-mun. appoint REF SLP

S70 Kean,T/Kyrillos,J Leg memb-proh more than one elective off REF SSG

S71 Kean,T/Sarlo,P+1 Matthew's Law Limiting Use of Restraints REF SHH

S72 Kean,T St. Auditor-expands duties REF SSG

S73 Kean,T General Accounting Office-estab. REF SSG

S74 Kean,T+1 Campaign contrib., cert.-concerns REF SSG

S75 Kean,T Pol Communications Reporting Act of 2004 REF SSG

S76 Kean,T Pol contrib-proh holder of a St contract REF SSG

S77 Kean,T/Karcher,E+3 World Trade Ctr. Scholarship Fd-contrib. REF SED

S78 Kean,T/Sweeney,S Harboring, concealing sex offender-penal REF SLP

S79 Kean,T/Turner,S+3 Epinephrine, cert. students-concerns REF SED

S80 Kean,T Bus. tax cred.-lowers job elig. req. REF SEG

S81 Kean,T Econ. Devel. Promotion Act REF SEG

S82 Scutari,N Closed circuit testimony-concerns REF SJU

S83 Scutari,N/Lesniak,R Constituent dist-repymt of liquid assets REF SED

S84 Scutari,N Accident caused by drunk driver-concerns REF SCM

S85 Scutari,N Videoconferencing network;$500K REF SJU

S86 Scutari,N Consumer Fraud Act-concerns REF SCM

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S88 Scutari,N Compassionate Use Med. Marijuana Act REF SHH

S89 Scutari,N UEZA, joint-auth. desig. REF SEG

S90 Scutari,N St. Treasurer-concerns cert. contracts REF SSG

S91 Scutari,N Organ donation info.-high ed. instit. REF SED

S93 Scutari,N Driving in an unsafe manner-proh. REF SLP

S94 Scutari,N/Gormley,W+3 Mentally ill offenders-estab prog REF SHH

S95 Scutari,N Out-of-St. Sch. Placement Comm.-estab. REF SED

S96 Scutari,N St aid, cert pub sch dist-prov addl REF SED

S97 Scutari,N/Coniglio,J Notaries-crim. background check req. REF SJU

S98 Coniglio,J Drug free zone-playgrounds REF SJU

S99 Coniglio,J/Rice,R+20 Prostate Cancer Awareness, Ed. Prog.;$1M REF SHH

S100 Coniglio,J Radiation prot. inspectors-DEP incr. REF SEN

S101 Coniglio,J Explosives-comply w/Toxic Prev. Act REF SEN

S102 Coniglio,J+1 Underground storage tank grants-concerns REF SEN

S103 Coniglio,J Warehouses-report, Right to Know Act REF SEN

S104 Coniglio,J Haz. air pollutants-monitoring & control REF SEN

S105 Coniglio,J/Sweeney,S+2 Autism disorders-concerns coverage REF SHH

S106 Coniglio,J Teaching Fellows Prog.;$155K REF SED

S108 Coniglio,J Law enforcement off.-uniform id cards REF SLP

S109 Coniglio,J St. contractors-prov. emp. info. REF SSG

S110 Coniglio,J Subcontracts-req. prior approval REF SSG

S111 Coniglio,J Finan. svc. firms-adopt cert. practices REF SSG

S112 Coniglio,J Contractors/subcontractors-concern regis REF SSG

S113 Coniglio,J/Sarlo,P+1 Vendors collecting sales tax-concerns REF SBA

S114 Coniglio,J Co. prosecutors' salaries-incr. REF SJU

S115 Coniglio,J/Sarlo,P Sch. dist. budget cap-concerns REF SED

S116 Coniglio,J Notaries pub.-concerns REF SJU

S117 Coniglio,J/Sarlo,P Sch. dist. budget-concerns REF SED

S118 Coniglio,J Mun. court admin.-concerns REF SJU

S119 Coniglio,J/Sarlo,P Rt. 17 improvements;$14.8M REF STR

S120 Coniglio,J/Asselta,N Hwy. work pymts. to contractors-concerns REF SSG

S121 Coniglio,J Petroleum products, cert.-elim tax exemp REF SBA

S122 Gormley,W/Martin,R+3 Sch. bd. travel expense-concerns REF SED

S123 Gormley,W Co, mun.-concerns pymt, cert settlements REF SCU

S124 Gormley,W/Sweeney,S+2 St. sch. aid, cert. dist.-concerns REF SED

S125 Gormley,W Pinelands devel credits-desig cert areas REF SEN

S126 Gormley,W Sch. Tax Offset Aid Act REF SED

S127 Gormley,W/Adler,J Casino reg.-concerns funding REF SWT

S128 Gormley,W+2 Home-sch students-concerns scholarships REF SED

S129 Gormley,W Sch. bus driv.-wear/display photo id REF SED

S130 Gormley,W/Adler,J Firearms ammunition purch.-concerns REF SLP

S131 Gormley,W/Adler,J+1 Telemarketing sales calls, cert-concerns REF SCM

S132 Bucco,A/Codey,R+28 Ovarian cancer screening-prov. coverage REF SHH

S133 Bucco,A Split Rock Reservoir;$85K REF SEN

S134 Bucco,A/Girgenti,J+3 Mattresses-concern flammability standard REF SLP

S135 Bucco,A/Gill,N+14 Overcrowding-auth. addl. fines REF SCU

S136 Bucco,A/Littell,R+3 Dam, Lake Restoration Bond Act of 2005 REF SEN

S137 Bucco,A Child custody-concerns REF SJU

S138 Connors,L+2 Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs-estab REF SEN

S139 Connors,L/Allen,D Personal watercraft-revise laws REF SCU

S140 Connors,L Beach access-concerns REF SWT

S141 Connors,L Surviving spouse, cert. vet-annual comp REF SLP

S142 Connors,L Nuclear Power Fac. Decomm. Council REF SEG

S143 Connors,L Poppies, sale of-remove time restriction REF SLP

S144 Connors,L/Asselta,N Sex offenders-concerns REF SLP

S145 Connors,L+1 Security off., State-concerns REF SLP

S146 Connors,L Sewer sys.-limits materials used REF SCU

S147 Connors,L/McNamara,H+3 Patient infections-report cert. info REF SHH

S148 Connors,L Sch. aid, St.-estab. level for 2004-2005 REF SED

S149 Connors,L Mun. auth. over cert. emp.-concerns REF SCU

S150 Connors,L/Rice,R+2 NCIC terminals, new;$250K REF SLP

S151 Connors,L/Asselta,N+1 Greenhead flies-control population;$90K REF SCU

S152 Connors,L Workers' comp.-concerns cert. pymts. REF SLA

S153 Connors,L/McNamara,H+3 Pub off/emp convicted of crimes-concerns REF SJU

S154 Connors,L Beach access prog.-concerns REF SCU

S155 Connors,L/Asselta,N+1 Hotel occupancy fee-concerns REF SWT

S156 Connors,L Condemnation of cert resid prop-concerns REF SCU

S157 Connors,L Sex offenders-concerns REF SLP

S158 Connors,L Workers' comp. treatment prov.-selection REF SLA

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S159 Lesniak,R/Cardinale,G+1 Smoking in restaurants & bars-proh. REF SHH

S160 Lesniak,R/Singer,R Needle electromyography-physicians REF SHH

S161 Lesniak,R/Karcher,E+1 Animal cruelty-concerns REF SEG

S162 Lesniak,R/Buono,B Voter regis.-permits at polling place REF SSG

S163 Lesniak,R/Martin,R+1 Death penal.-abolish in NJ REF SJU

S164 Lesniak,R Jurors-incr. comp. REF SJU

S165 Lesniak,R PAAD & Sr. Gold-concerns income elig. REF SHH

S166 Lesniak,R Svc. contracts-concerns REF SCM

S167 Lesniak,R Health care fac.-concerns assessments REF SBA

S168 Lesniak,R/Kyrillos,J Smart growth devel proj-concerns permits REF SEG

S169 Lesniak,R+1 St. Georges Ave. Streetscapes Proj. REF SWT

S170 Lesniak,R Individual deferred annuities-concerns REF SCM

S171 Lesniak,R/Martin,R Death penalty-repeals REF SJU

S172 Doria,J/Palaia,J Defibrillators-req. at higher ed. instit REF SED

S173 Doria,J/Palaia,J Learning Through Listening Prog.-estab. REF SED

S174 Doria,J Kindergarten prog. in pub. sch.-concerns REF SED

S175 Doria,J/Karcher,E Pol. contrib., cert.-impose 6% tax REF SSG

S176 Doria,J Wrongful death act-amends REF SJU

S177 Doria,J PFRS, PERS retirees-contrib. SHBP benf. REF SSG

S178 Doria,J/Buono,B Higher Ed. Master Plan Comm.-estab. REF SED

S179 Doria,J Plenary winery lic.-concerns REF SLP

S180 Doria,J+1 PAAD recipients-allow choice of pharmacy REF SHH

S181 Doria,J Nursing Student Support Prog.-estab. REF SHH

S182 Doria,J/Girgenti,J+2 Ignition interlock device-clarifies use REF SLP

S183 Doria,J/Coniglio,J St. contract-bidder prov. health benf. REF SSG

S184 Doria,J Newborn screening prog-expands disorders REF SHH

S185 Doria,J New Millennium Loan, Redemption Prog;$5M REF SED

S186 Doria,J/Vitale,J Transp Trust Fd-restore fiscal integrity REF STR

S187 Doria,J NJ SMART Homestead Rebate-estab. REF SBA

S188 Doria,J/Sarlo,P+2 Disab vet survivor-claim prop tax exemp REF SCU

S189 Doria,J St. coll. bds. of trustees-concerns REF SED

S190 Doria,J/Sacco,N Wireless phone subscribers-consumer prot REF SEG

S191 Doria,J/Turner,S Sch. dist. budget cap-util, energy costs REF SED

S192 Doria,J Cable tv svc.-concerns regulation REF SEG

S193 Doria,J NJT Devel. Corp.-subsidiary corp. REF STR

S194 Allen,D Tech. training prog.-teacher cert. REF SED

S195 Allen,D Work First NJ recipient-complete cert ed REF SLA

S196 Allen,D/Vitale,J PAAD/Sr. Gold prog.-automatic enrollment REF SHH

S197 Allen,D CDS-concerns distrib. in pub. place REF SJU

S198 Allen,D Murderer-AG prev halfway house placement REF SJU

S199 Allen,D Special ed. costs-students, foster homes REF SED

S200 Allen,D DYFS caseworkers-concerns staffing REF SHH

S201 Allen,D/Madden,F Safe Haven Awareness Promo. Task Force REF SHH

S202 Allen,D/Girgenti,J PERS, PFRS, TPAF-purch of mil. svc. cred REF SSG

S203 Allen,D/Vitale,J+19 Organ, tissue donation-concerns REF SHH

S204 Allen,D/Vitale,J+1 Homeless prog.;$1M REF SHH

S205 Allen,D Mental health fac.-concerns St. prop. REF SHH

S206 Allen,D/Girgenti,J Police off, retired-concerns firearms REF SLP

S207 Allen,D Mil. families, need of asst.-tax contrib REF SLP

S208 Allen,D/Bucco,A Vets., cert-concerns housing opportunity REF SCU

S209 Allen,D/Gill,N Resid. condemnation-req. just comp. REF SCU

S210 Allen,D/Gill,N Condemnation for redevel purpose-concern REF SCU

S211 Allen,D Eminent domain-temp. moratorium REF SCU

S212 Allen,D Identity theft-concerns REF SJU

S213 Allen,D/Codey,R Postpartum depression-concerns REF SHH

S214 Karcher,E Commercial entities-concern camp contrib REF SSG

S215 Karcher,E Mun. Planning Tool Box Act of 2004 REF SCU

S216 Karcher,E Infertility treatment-health insur cover REF SCM

S217 Karcher,E Pub. sch. dist. surplus-concerns REF SED

S218 Karcher,E Victims of crime-revises statutes REF SLP

S219 Karcher,E Pupils dist. of residence-concerns REF SED

S220 Karcher,E/Buono,B Cigarette sales-concerns REF SCM

S221 Karcher,E Govt. affairs agents-proh. use REF SSG

S222 Karcher,E Pol. contrib. by pub. agencies-proh. REF SSG

S223 Karcher,E/Kean,T+3 Medicaid waiver, fed.-concerns REF SHH

S224 Karcher,E/Sweeney,S+5 Community agency emp.-estab. registry REF SHH

S225 Karcher,E Campaign contrib., pub. office-concerns REF SSG

S226 Bucco,A+1 Sch. bd. memb. election-changes date REF SED

S227 Bucco,A/Kavanaugh,W+1 Pregnant women/marriage lic-HIV test req REF SHH

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S228 Bucco,A Positron emission tomography-insur cover REF SCM

S229 Bucco,A/Cardinale,G+4 Fire depts, vol-concern group life insur REF SCU

S230 Bucco,A/Palaia,J+1 Occupational training ctrs.-bus tax cred REF SEG

S231 Bucco,A Worker's comp.-elim. during imprisonment REF SLA

S232 Bucco,A Lake Hopatcong Comm.-concerns REF SEN

S233 Bucco,A Fire inspectors, mun.-concerns tenure REF SCU

S234 Bucco,A Daytop Village;$500K REF SHH

S235 Bucco,A Crim offenses, sch prop-report to police REF SED

S236 Bucco,A/Martin,R Homeless Outreach Prog.;$235K REF SHH

S237 Bucco,A Med. Needs Foundation;$50K REF SHH

S238 Bucco,A/Girgenti,J Fire safety juv. response ed. prog.;$85K REF SCU

S239 Bucco,A/Inverso,P+6 Vol firefighters, retired-concerns insur REF SCU

S240 Bucco,A/Cardinale,G+1 Children's Equal Rights Act-creates REF SJU

S241 Bucco,A/Inverso,P+1 NJ STARS prog.-incl. home-sch. students REF SED

S242 Bucco,A/Littell,R Highlands Region-concerns REF SEN

S243 Bucco,A Del. Riv. Jt. Toll Bridge Comm.-abolish REF STR

S244 Bucco,A Substance abuse prev. providers-finan. REF SHH

S245 Palaia,J/Buono,B Compulsive gambling-curricula REF SWT

S246 Palaia,J/Allen,D+2 Zero Tolerance for Guns Act-concerns REF SED

S247 Palaia,J+2 Vol. sports personnel-crim. hist. checks REF SLP

S248 Palaia,J+6 Sexual assault, minor-mand life sentence REF SLP

S249 Palaia,J+1 Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Ed/Prog Act REF SHH

S250 Palaia,J Leg., info. received, possessed-concerns REF SSG

S251 Palaia,J Tropical wood-proh. mun. use REF SEN

S252 Palaia,J Kidnapping, child under 16-incr. penal. REF SJU

S253 Palaia,J Pub. sch. radon testing-concerns REF SED

S254 Palaia,J/Kyrillos,J Police recordings, cert-budget exempt REF SCU

S255 Palaia,J Smoking in coll., univ. dorms-proh. REF SHH

S256 Kean,T+2 Exec. Comm. on Ethical Standards-memb. REF SSG

S257 Kean,T Govt. Functions and Svcs. Study Comm. REF SSG

S258 Sarlo,P/Karcher,E Sch. bus safety standards-concerns REF SED

S259 Sarlo,P Sch. buses-motor fuels tax refunds REF SED

S260 Sarlo,P/Asselta,N+1 Med. benf, post-retirement-concerns REF SSG

S261 Sarlo,P Internet pharmacies/prescriptions-reg. REF SCM

S262 Sarlo,P/Sacco,N Urban enterprise zones-concerns REF SEG

S263 Sarlo,P/Sacco,N+2 Meadowlands Comm.-concerns contracts REF SCU

S264 Sarlo,P JRS-concerns retir. benf. REF SSG

S265 Sarlo,P Child product safety-concerns REF SCM

S266 Sarlo,P/Buono,B Lottery terminals-Meadowlands Racetrack REF SWT

S267 Sarlo,P/Gill,N Worker's comp-incr for hand or food loss REF SLA

S268 Sarlo,P/Sacco,N+2 Meadowlands Conserv. Trust-tax contrib. REF SEN

S269 Sarlo,P Intergovt. transfer prog.-concerns REF SLP

S270 Sarlo,P/Martin,R+2 Highlands Conserv. Trust-creates REF SEN

S271 Sarlo,P/Coniglio,J Rail Special Transp. District Act REF STR

S272 Sarlo,P Bus. Court-creates REF SJU

S273 Sarlo,P/Girgenti,J+1 Retail theft, organized-crime REF SLP

S274 Sarlo,P/Bucco,A+2 Camp Marcella;$350K REF SHH

S275 Sarlo,P/Lesniak,R Fraternal benf. societies-concerns REF SCM

S276 Sarlo,P Ad., unsolicited-concerns transmission REF SCM

S277 Sarlo,P/Lesniak,R+2 Prof. football training fac.-estab. REF SEG

S278 Kenny,B Sch/pub prop-reduce cert drug free zones REF SJU

S279 Kenny,B Children's hosp. for Hudson Co.-desig. REF SHH

S280 Kenny,B/Adler,J+7 St budget recomm.-St share pub sch costs REF SED

S281 Kenny,B/Palaia,J Pub. sch/child care ctr.-CPR cert. req. REF SED

S282 Kenny,B/Kean,T Emerg. svcs, med asst recipients-concern REF SHH

S283 Kenny,B/Kyrillos,J Co. voc. sch. dist sch fac proj-concerns REF SED

S284 Kenny,B/Kyrillos,J+1 Adult HS prog.-concerns St. aid REF SED

S285 Kenny,B Primary practitioner-loan redemption REF SED

S286 Kenny,B/Asselta,N+1 Medicaid reimb. for transp. svcs-concern REF SHH

S287 Kenny,B/Sacco,N Sports & Exposition Auth.-expands powers REF SEG

S288 Kenny,B Sales and use tax-modernizes REF SBA

S290 Asselta,N Extension of Rt. 55 Task Force-creates REF STR

S291 Asselta,N Travel and Tourism Comm.-estab.;$20M REF SWT

S292 Asselta,N+3 Vet. benf.-broadens elig. REF SSG

S293 Asselta,N Rt. 55 extension-devel., design REF STR

S294 Asselta,N Navigational waterways-concerns dredging REF SEN

S295 Asselta,N Urban enterprise zones-amusement tax REF SEG

S296 Asselta,N/Connors,L Freedom to Fish Act REF SEN

S297 Asselta,N Buena Regional, Woodbine-Abbott dist. REF SED

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S298 Asselta,N Hotel/motel occupancy fee-reduces REF SWT

S299 Asselta,N Desalination-estab. study comm. REF SEN

S300 Asselta,N Open space acquisitions, cert.-concerns REF SEN

S301 Asselta,N Vet. discharge cert.-exemp. from pub. REF SJU

S302 Asselta,N Sports & Exposition Auth.-expands memb REF SEG

S303 Asselta,N UEZ, Lower Twp., Woodbine Borough-auth. REF SEG

S304 Asselta,N Sch. dist budget caps-revise calculation REF SED

S305 Asselta,N Small Retail Bus Assist Fd-creates;$750K REF SEG

S306 Asselta,N Correctional fac.-concerns St. aid REF SCU

S307 Asselta,N Emp. bonus proposed by higher ed-concern REF SED

S308 Asselta,N So. Jersey Vets' Health Care Fac. Act REF SLP

S309 Asselta,N Parole Bd. hearing off.-civil svc. prot. REF SLP

S310 Asselta,N/Gormley,W Musical performance-deceptive practices REF SCM

S311 Asselta,N Toll plazas, cert.-southbound collection REF STR

S312 Asselta,N Prop. dispute resolution-St. compensate REF SEN

S313 Asselta,N Sports and entertainment dist.-creation REF SEG

S314 Asselta,N Vets Hosp. Task Force-estab. REF SLP

S315 Madden,F Custody/guardianship-crim. hist. check REF SHH

S316 Madden,F/Sacco,N+1 Personal identifying info.-clarifies REF SJU

S317 Madden,F/Bryant,W Battleship comm., foundation-abolishes REF SLP

S318 Madden,F/Rice,R+2 Remove confidential status-investigators REF SJU

S319 Madden,F/Sweeney,S+2 Pub emp-proh unilateral term changes REF SSG

S320 Madden,F/Sweeney,S+1 Homestead prop. tax reimb-concerns elig. REF SCU

S321 Madden,F+7 Well testing costs-owner St tax deduct REF SEN

S322 Madden,F NJT annual report-concerns data REF STR

S323 Madden,F/Buono,B+1 Sexual viol. training-concerns REF SJU

S324 Madden,F/Adler,J Prop. tax exemp.-concerns REF SCU

S325 Madden,F Police, pregnant-light duty req. REF SLP

S326 Madden,F/Sweeney,S Ammunition, penetrate body armor-proh. REF SLP

S327 Madden,F/Buono,B Settlements, judgments-concerns liens REF SJU

S328 Madden,F/Sweeney,S Sch. bus driv.-inspect bus for pupils REF SED

S329 Madden,F Med. transp. svcs.-health insur. cover REF SCM

S330 Madden,F/Sweeney,S Unauthorized surveillance-creates crime REF SLP

S331 Madden,F Workers' comp-troopers surviving spouses REF SLA

S332 Madden,F Student athletes-sudden cardiac death REF SED

S333 Bark,M/Kavanaugh,W Architects-proscribes liab. REF SCM

S334 Bark,M+1 Animals-concerns care and treatment REF SCM

S335 Bark,M/Kavanaugh,W Deaf community, continued asst.;$150K REF SLA

S336 Bark,M Sch. bus refurbishment-permits REF SED

S337 Bark,M/Bucco,A+1 Health fac.-$50 personal needs allowance REF SHH

S338 Bark,M/Allen,D Sch. lunches-concerns REF SED

S339 Bark,M/Allen,D+1 Tampering-concerns crim. penal. REF SJU

S340 Bark,M/Kyrillos,J+2 Main St. NJ prog.-concerns REF SEG

S341 Bark,M Energy Star products-req. St. to purch. REF SSG

S342 Bark,M Life-cycle costs-concerns REF SSG

S343 Bark,M/Kyrillos,J+1 Main Street NJ Advis. Bd.-incr. memb. REF SCU

S344 Bark,M/Allen,D Renewable energy devices-concerns REF SEG

S345 Bark,M/Kavanaugh,W Fees charged to loc. units-concerns REF SCU

S346 Bark,M/Kyrillos,J+1 Agriculture enterprise co.-concerns REF SEG

S347 Bark,M Loc Govt Bldg Energy Efficiency Bond Act REF SEG

S348 Bark,M Grant applications-req. cert. info. REF SSG

S349 Bark,M Mental illness-concerns commitment REF SHH

S350 Bark,M Electric veh. charging sys.-tax exemp. REF SEG

S351 Bark,M Alternative electrical energy-concerns REF SEG

S352 Bark,M St. bldgs-concerns alt electrical energy REF SEG

S353 Bark,M Solar photovoltaic panels-concerns REF SEG

S354 Bark,M Pinelands-proh. St. exporting water REF SEN

S355 Bark,M Water supplies-concerns REF SEN

S356 Bark,M Electrical energy sys, cert.-exemp. tax REF SEG

S357 Bark,M Gas, Diesel Fuel & Heating Oil Reserves REF SEG

S358 Adler,J/Kean,T+7 Smoke-Free Air Act REF SHH

S359 Adler,J/Kean,T+7 Smoke-Free Air Act REF SHH

S360 Adler,J False Claims Act-estab. REF SJU

S361 Karcher,E/Smith,B Pub. Utility Svc. Extension Act REF SEG

S362 Karcher,E/Vitale,J+3 Law Against Discrim.-amends REF SJU

S363 Karcher,E/Weinberg,L Med. gas containers-concerns REF SHH

S364 Karcher,E/Scutari,N Pub. contracting-concerns REF SSG

S365 Karcher,E Trapping dogs and cats-proh. REF SEG

S366 Karcher,E Open Pub. Meetings Act viol.-incr. fines REF SSG

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S367 Karcher,E Child sex tourism-estab. crime REF SJU

S368 Sacco,N/Adler,J+1 Prisoners-responsible for own cost REF SLP

S369 Sacco,N Alternative fuel veh.-NJT req. to purch. REF STR

S370 Sacco,N+1 Mun. util. auth.-elim. MV regis. fees REF STR

S371 Sacco,N/Singer,R+2 Abbott dist.-modifies definition REF SED

S372 Sacco,N/Ciesla,A+2 Sch buses-2 way communication req. REF SED

S373 Sacco,N Bars/taverns-mun. estab. security req. REF SCU

S374 Sacco,N Student, sch dist inelig-prov tax record REF SED

S375 Sacco,N/Karcher,E+4 Hair pieces, cancer patients-insur cover REF SCM

S376 Sacco,N/Gill,N Biometric Identifier Privacy Act REF SJU

S377 Sacco,N/Sarlo,P Emerg. Mgmt. Act of 2004-creates REF SLP

S378 Sacco,N/Sarlo,P DNA database-expands REF SLP

S379 Sacco,N/Ciesla,A E-ZPass transponder-concern lost, stolen REF STR

S380 Sacco,N/Ciesla,A+1 Emission control equip.-dealer disclose REF STR

S381 Sacco,N Tow truck operator-extend responsibility REF STR

S382 Sacco,N/Vitale,J Motor fuels-concerns price incr. REF STR

S383 Sacco,N/Ciesla,A+4 Motor fuel sales viol.-incr. penal. REF STR

S384 Martin,R/Turner,S Teacher cert.-concerns REF SED

S385 Martin,R Practice of Medicine Across St Lines Act REF SCM

S386 Martin,R Helping dogs-prot. from discrim. REF SEG

S387 Martin,R Troy Meadows Nat. Area-St. acquire REF SEN

S388 Martin,R Parole decisions, interference-crime REF SJU

S389 Martin,R Excellence in Teaching Scholarship Prog. REF SED

S390 Martin,R Teacher Continuing Ed Req. Act REF SED

S391 Martin,R/Asselta,N Natl Bd Cert. Scholarship Prog.;$500K REF SED

S392 Martin,R/Doria,J Charter sch. fac. aid-concerns REF SED

S393 Martin,R+2 Charter sch., Abbott dist.-St. fd. REF SED

S394 Martin,R Tuition Aid Grant prog.-expands REF SED

S395 Martin,R Academically Gifted Student Ed. Act;$5M REF SED

S397 Martin,R Handicapped children-retrofit co. parks REF SCU

S398 Martin,R/Bucco,A Watershed lands-concerns appraisal REF SCU

S399 Martin,R Insur. fd commissioners-auth appt. REF SCU

S402 Martin,R Mun./co. ordinance viol-standardize fine REF SCU

S403 Martin,R Regional purch. units for sch dist-estab REF SED

S404 Martin,R/Inverso,P Servicemembers' Life Insur. Reimb. Fd. REF SLP

S405 Martin,R Natl Guard memb killed-grants death benf REF SLP

S406 Martin,R/Kyrillos,J+8 Abbott dist. desig.-concerns REF SED

S407 Martin,R Meetings of pub. bodies-revises law REF SSG

S408 Martin,R Inherently beneficial land use-defines REF SCU

S409 Singer,R/Bark,M Disab. Amer. Vet Dept, NJ-memb lic plate REF STR

S410 Singer,R+2 Lifeline Cred./Tenants Asst.-COL incr. REF SEG

S411 Singer,R/Bark,M+1 Disab. vet. emblem-auth. lic. plate REF STR

S412 Singer,R Substance awareness coordinator-concerns REF SED

S413 Singer,R/Vitale,J+3 Hearing aids-health insur. coverage req. REF SCM

S414 Singer,R Homestead prop. tax reimb.-revise elig. REF SCU

S415 Singer,R Vet. pensions-cost of living incr. REF SSG

S416 Singer,R/Inverso,P Vet, combat operations-extend benf. elig REF SSG

S417 Singer,R Crane operators, cert.-prov. licensure REF SCM

S418 Singer,R+1 Health care fac., resid.-St. suppl. pymt REF SHH

S419 Singer,R/Turner,S Sch. bus drivers-mandates training REF SED

S420 Singer,R/Asselta,N+3 Vet. prop. tax deductions-extend elig. REF SCU

S421 Singer,R Speed limits-concerns mun. streets REF STR

S422 Singer,R Small emp. health plan-rating sys. REF SCM

S423 Singer,R/Rice,R Distinguished Svc. Medal-extend elig. REF SSG

S424 Singer,R Abbott dist.-concerns designation REF SED

S425 Singer,R/Karcher,E Continuing care retir. community-concern REF SHH

S426 Singer,R Shopping ctr. leases-concerns REF SCM

S427 Singer,R Mayors, former-solemnize marriages REF SJU

S428 Singer,R/Adler,J Sex offenders, convicted-HIV test req. REF SLP

S429 Singer,R/Vitale,J Ocular Inflammatory Disease;$1M REF SHH

S430 Singer,R/Adler,J Absentee ballots, college resid-concerns REF SSG

S431 Singer,R/Gormley,W Disab. vet. prop tax exemp-elig criteria REF SCU

S432 Singer,R Pub sch emp-concern substance abuse prog REF SED

S433 Singer,R Combat Action Ribbon-auth. lic. plate REF STR

S434 Rice,R Crim. record sealing, cert.-permits REF SJU

S435 Rice,R/Gill,N+2 Grandparenting Resource Ctr. Prog.;$1.5M REF SHH

S436 Rice,R+2 Tuition rates, in-st.-concerns REF SED

S437 Rice,R Juv. Offender Community Conserv. Prog. REF SLP

S438 Rice,R/Gill,N Nonpub personal finan info cert-disclose REF SCM

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S439 Rice,R/Vitale,J+1 Lead toxicity-mand. testing for children REF SHH

S440 Rice,R Real estate lic fees-lead hazard control REF SCU

S441 Rice,R Truth in Renting booklet-concerns REF SCU

S442 Rice,R Child mental fac. emp.-crim. hist. check REF SHH

S443 Rice,R Needle exchange prog.-clarify as illegal REF SHH

S444 Rice,R Minors weapons off-plea bargaining proh REF SJU

S445 Rice,R/Kean,T+3 Substance abuse treatment fac.;$100M REF SHH

S446 Rice,R/Turner,S Abbott dist. sch. fac. proj.;$2B REF SED

S447 Rice,R/Gill,N+1 Crim. street gangs-concerns REF SLP

S448 Rice,R/Gill,N Cell phone use, correctional fac.-crime REF SLP

S449 Rice,R CDS-concerns REF SJU

S450 Rice,R/Kean,T Sch. Constr. Corp.-concerns memb. REF SED

S451 Rice,R+1 Sch. fac. proj.-concerns St. support REF SED

S452 Rice,R+1 Parking judgments-concerns REF STR

S454 Rice,R Low, moderate income housing-concerns REF SCU

S455 Rice,R Electronic voting machines-concerns REF SSG

S456 Rice,R/Madden,F Mortgage fraud, resid.-separate crime REF SJU

S457 Rice,R Mun Land Use Law-mod application process REF SCU

S458 Rice,R Child protection window guards-concerns REF SCU

S459 Rice,R Voting machines, cert.-concerns REF SSG

S460 Sweeney,S/Bryant,W Voc & Special Svc sch dist-consolidate REF SED

S461 Sweeney,S/James,S DYFS caseworkers-crim. hist. checks req. REF SHH

S462 Sweeney,S/Adler,J+2 Contractors-concerns background checks REF SLP

S463 Sweeney,S/Buono,B+2 Toxic Catastrophe Prev. Act-amends REF SEN

S464 Sweeney,S/Singer,R+13 Rx Prog.-estab. REF SHH

S465 Sweeney,S/Madden,F+1 Vendors of legal svcs.-itemized bill req REF SCU

S467 Sweeney,S/Coniglio,J+1 Workers' comp. survivor benf.-concerns REF SLA

S468 Sweeney,S+1 Income tax-unincorp. constr. contractors REF SLA

S469 Sweeney,S/Gormley,W+3 St. sch aid, cert sch dist-concerns addl REF SED

S470 Sweeney,S Auto dealers-limits cert. fees REF STR

S471 Sweeney,S/Coniglio,J+1 Domestic security position-crim. check REF SJU

S472 Sweeney,S/Doria,J+1 Plant closings, cert-prenotification req REF SLA

S473 Sweeney,S/Kean,T+5 Devel. proj., cert.-concerns approval REF SCU

S474 Sweeney,S Fire Sprinkler Fitters-concerns REF SLA

S475 Sweeney,S/Littell,R+2 Pub. Dam Rehab. Proj. Bond Act REF SEN

S476 Sweeney,S Executors, cert.-concerns REF SJU

S477 Sweeney,S/Coniglio,J Wages and benf-responsible bus practices REF SLA

S478 Sweeney,S/Littell,R+1 Judgeships-creates 14 addl. REF SJU

S479 Sweeney,S/Bucco,A Co. special svcs. sch. dist.-concerns REF SED

S480 Sweeney,S/Asselta,N S corp. bus. tax credits-concerns REF SCM

S481 Sweeney,S Smart growth areas, St. permits-concerns REF SEN

S482 Sweeney,S/McNamara,H Underground storage tanks-concerns REF SEN

S483 Sweeney,S/Singer,R+8 Ambulatory care fac.-gross receipts REF SBA

S484 Sweeney,S/Madden,F Sex offender monitoring prog.-permanent REF SLP

S485 Gill,N/Sarlo,P Tuition expenses-income tax deduct. REF SED

S486 Gill,N Co prosecutors' off costs-St. assumption REF SJU

S487 Gill,N+2 Sexual abuse-elim. statute of limitation REF SJU

S488 Gill,N Police interrogations, cert.-concerns REF SJU

S489 Gill,N Wynona M Lipman Ethnic Studies Ctr;$100K REF SED

S490 Gill,N Sickle cell treatments-insur offer benf. REF SHH

S491 Gill,N Sickle cell medication-insur cover cost REF SHH

S492 Gill,N World Trade Ctr.-bldg. code compliance REF STR

S493 Gill,N Pregnant women w/HIV-prenatal care info. REF SHH

S494 Gill,N/Gormley,W+1 Bloodborne Disease Harm Reduction Act REF SHH

S495 Gill,N Nonpartisan mun. elections-concerns REF SSG

S496 Gill,N Loan redemption prog. for teachers-estab REF SED

S497 Gill,N Cred. card acct-concern parental consent REF SCM

S498 Gill,N Cell phone prov.-disclosing number proh. REF SCM

S499 Gill,N Off of Women's Research & Policy-creates REF SHH

S500 Gill,N Homeowners Equity Prot. Act REF SCM

S501 Gill,N/Allen,D+3 Condemnation of cert resid prop-concerns REF SCU

S502 Gill,N Orthotic appliances-health benf coverage REF SCM

S503 Gill,N/Adler,J Health Insur Affordability Access Reform REF SCM

S504 Gill,N PERS memb.-cert. emp. in DLPS REF SSG

S505 Gill,N Pub. Movers & Warehousemen Bd-reinstates REF SCM

S506 Gill,N Pub. movers, lic.-concerns REF SCM

S507 Gill,N Election results-mandatory audits req. REF SSG

S508 Gill,N PFRS, CPFPF, PERS-prov. addl. SHBP benf. REF SSG

S510 Littell,R/Cardinale,G+1 Nurse Retention Stipend Prog. Act;$1M REF SHH

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S511 Littell,R/Bucco,A Heating oil tanks, home-cleanup leaks REF SEN

S512 Littell,R/Connors,L Sch. busing, nonpub.-concerns REF SED

S513 Littell,R/Lance,L Pupil transp., nonpub sch.-concerns REF SED

S514 Littell,R/Buono,B+1 Natl. Guard-concerns tuition benf. REF SED

S515 Littell,R/Martin,R Punitive damages-concerns REF SJU

S516 Littell,R/Rice,R Pre-packaged goods-concerns REF SCM

S517 Littell,R/Vitale,J Trespassing-enhance penalities REF SLP

S518 Littell,R Wildcat Rock Shelter brook-concerns name REF SEN

S519 Littell,R/Lance,L Pupil transp., cert.-concerns REF SED

S520 Littell,R/Bucco,A+3 Fishing, hunting-clarify auth. to reg. REF SEN

S521 Littell,R Sr. cit. earned income cap.-elim. REF SHH

S522 Littell,R Mun. tax assessor-concerns suspension REF SCU

S523 Buono,B Drunk driving-incr. surcharges REF SLP

S524 Buono,B/Turner,S+14 Defibrillators-req. use in high schools REF SED

S525 Buono,B+1 Sick child care ctrs.-tax cred. REF SHH

S526 Buono,B+1 Drunk Driv. Prev./Ed. Grant Fd-estab. REF SLP

S527 Buono,B/Adler,J Emp. physical fitness benf-bus tax cred. REF SLA

S528 Buono,B St. aid, pub. sch. dist.-concerns REF SED

S529 Buono,B+1 Managed care carriers-prov fee schedules REF SCM

S530 Buono,B/Rice,R Prop. tax exemp.-facade improvements REF SCU

S531 Buono,B/Sarlo,P Driv. while revoked-incr. prison term REF SLP

S532 Buono,B/Sarlo,P DWI offense-concerns downgrading offense REF SLP

S533 Buono,B Crime against elderly-estab CARE Unit REF SLP

S534 Buono,B/Scutari,N Lemon law, new mv-extends period REF SCM

S535 Buono,B/Madden,F Nurse, regis.-pronouncement of death REF SHH

S536 Buono,B+16 Women's Health Off.;$750K REF SHH

S537 Buono,B Env. laws, prov. false info.-crim. penal REF SEN

S538 Buono,B Long-Term Care Partnership Act-estab. REF SHH

S539 Buono,B/Coniglio,J FamilyCare enrollee emp. info.-concerns REF SHH

S540 Buono,B+1 Small emp. health benf.-concerns REF SCM

S541 Buono,B Sch. bldgs.-req carbon monoxide detector REF SED

S542 Buono,B/Vitale,J Internet gambling pub awareness campaign REF SWT

S543 Buono,B Pharmacy Bd.-adds two memb. REF SCM

S544 Buono,B Cervical cancer-health insur. coverage REF SHH

S545 Buono,B Pesticide use at sch.-restricts use REF SEN

S546 Buono,B Casino Control Comm.-limits auth. REF SWT

S547 Buono,B Fin. Info. Privacy Act REF SCM

S548 Smith,B/Palaia,J+1 Sick leave banks-sch. emp. REF SED

S549 Smith,B/Martin,R Higher Ed. Dept.-estab. REF SED

S550 Smith,B/Buono,B Sch. fac. air quality standard-DOL;$250K REF SEN

S551 Smith,B Radon in child care ctrs.-concerns REF SED

S552 Smith,B/Madden,F Sr. cit. safe driv. health ctrs.-estab. REF STR

S553 Smith,B Stormwater Mgmt. Abatement Bond Act REF SEN

S554 Smith,B Electronic Waste Prod Responsibility Act REF SEN

S555 Smith,B Working dogs-concerns cert. access REF SEG

S556 Smith,B Preservation of Landfill Space Act REF SEN

S557 Smith,B Recycling Enhancement Act REF SEN

S558 Smith,B/Ciesla,A Building Green Building Tech. Task Force REF SEG

S559 Smith,B/McNamara,H Global Climate Change Comm.-estab. REF SEN

S560 McNamara,H+1 Haz. substances, flood plains-concerns REF SEN

S561 McNamara,H Testbooks/related material-concerns REF SED

S562 McNamara,H/Allen,D+1 Drinking water-reevaluate for arsenic REF SEN

S563 McNamara,H+1 Sports fac, prof-voter approval, St. fds REF SEG

S564 McNamara,H/Vitale,J+1 Contaminated sites-concerns REF SEN

S565 McNamara,H+2 Statewide Water Supply Plan-revisions REF SEN

S566 McNamara,H Arc Essex & Arc Bergen-Passaic co.;$675K REF SHH

S567 McNamara,H/Sweeney,S+1 Distinguished Svc. Medal-expands elig. REF SLP

S568 McNamara,H/Sweeney,S+1 Env. audits-concerns REF SEN

S569 McNamara,H/Bucco,A+1 Highlands Region-affordable housing REF SEN

S570 McNamara,H/Connors,L DEP land, cert. prop. damage-incr. penal REF SEN

S571 McNamara,H/Asselta,N+1 Yard waste ordinances-concerns REF SEN

S572 McNamara,H SS nos.-proh. use for cert.purposes REF SCM

S573 McNamara,H/Connors,L Vet. org.-concerns funding REF SCU

S574 McNamara,H/Buono,B Hunting, computer-assisted-proh. REF SEN

S575 McNamara,H Priv. well testing-concerns REF SEN

S576 McNamara,H Plenary retail consumption lic.-concerns REF SLP

S577 Kyrillos,J Sch. dist. bus. functions-concerns REF SED

S578 Kyrillos,J Ed. Reform Comm.-estab. REF SED

S579 Kyrillos,J/Sarlo,P+1 Auto insur., cert.-concerns availability REF SCM

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S580 Kyrillos,J Pres/Vice Pres electors-change procedure REF SSG

S581 Kyrillos,J/Sweeney,S+1 Corp. bus. tax yrs. 2002-2005-concerns REF SBA

S582 Kyrillos,J/Adler,J Ambulance-equip. w/global sys. tech. REF SLP

S583 Kyrillos,J/Kean,T+4 Mil. memb.-exemp., realty transfer fees REF SCU

S584 Kyrillos,J St. Ads and Promotions Comm.-estab. REF SSG

S585 Kyrillos,J/Kean,T Laser-penal. for pointing at veh. REF SLP

S586 Kyrillos,J/Adler,J+5 Ethics training-req. govt affairs agents REF SSG

S587 Kyrillos,J/Adler,J+5 Loc. gov. off., cert.-ethic training req REF SSG

S588 Kyrillos,J/Adler,J+5 Leg. ethics training-concerns REF SSG

S589 Kyrillos,J/Martin,R+2 Off Corruption Unit-create St Police Div REF SLP

S590 Kyrillos,J/Cardinale,G Corp. bus. tax-net operating loss deduct REF SBA

S591 Kyrillos,J Waterfront pub. access-concerns REF SEN

S592 Kyrillos,J Offshore drilling-concerns REF SEN

S593 Kyrillos,J Med. malpractice-estab. damage limits REF SCM

S594 Kyrillos,J Marinas, cert.-concerns sr cit discounts REF STR

S595 Kyrillos,J Fuel theft-changes crim. penal. REF STR

S596 Kyrillos,J Pub. contract bidders-concerns crimes REF SSG

S597 Kyrillos,J Charitable clothing bins-concerns REF SCM

S598 Kyrillos,J Leg. leadership comm.-abolishes REF SSG

S599 Kyrillos,J/Adler,J Electronic image documents-concerns REF SCU

S600 Ciesla,A/Connors,L+1 Vet. Home Health Care Demo. Prog.;$1M REF SHH

S601 Ciesla,A/Kyrillos,J+2 Vet benf.-extends cert. elig. REF SSG

S602 Ciesla,A/Connors,L PFRS-incr. cert. benf REF SSG

S603 Ciesla,A WAVES-paid leave to attend conventions REF SSG

S604 Ciesla,A/Palaia,J Video games, cert.-concerns sale REF SJU

S605 Ciesla,A Forensic scientists, cert.-add to PERS REF SSG

S606 Ciesla,A/McNamara,H+4 NJT Corp. emp-crim. background checks REF STR

S607 Ciesla,A Real prop transfer fees, cert-terminates REF SCU

S608 Ciesla,A/Gormley,W+2 Radiation detectors-mount on cert cranes REF STR

S609 Ciesla,A/Singer,R Homestead prop. tax reimb.-elig. req. REF SCU

S610 Ciesla,A/Buono,B+1 DHSS-Clinical Trials Registry, creates REF SHH

S611 Ciesla,A Chimney sweeps-reg. req. REF SCM

S612 Ciesla,A Sr cit, disab-exemp, realty transfer fee REF SCU

S613 Ciesla,A/Asselta,N Emerg Svcs Vol Length, Svc Award-concern REF SCU

S614 Ciesla,A/Bark,M+1 Transp Trust Fd-restore fiscal integrity REF STR

S615 Ciesla,A Sex offenders-proh. cert. jobs REF SLP

S616 Ciesla,A Telemarketing pol. calls-concerns REF SCM

S617 Ciesla,A/Connors,L Animal cruelty offenses-concerns REF SEG

S618 Ciesla,A/Bucco,A Vaccines containing mercury-elim. use REF SHH

S619 Ciesla,A Autism Ed. Council-estab. REF SED

S620 Girgenti,J/Turner,S+2 Burglary of resid.-2nd degree crime REF SJU

S621 Girgenti,J/Gormley,W+1 Nature of drugs instructional prog-estab REF SED

S622 Girgenti,J/Gormley,W Designer drugs, pub. ed. campaign;$50K REF SHH

S623 Girgenti,J Paterson motor veh. agency-reopen REF SLP

S624 Girgenti,J/Gormley,W Probation personnel, drug testing;$5.9M REF SJU

S625 Girgenti,J+2 Crim. hist. background checks-concerns REF SJU

S626 Girgenti,J Parolees-concerns conditions REF SLP

S627 Girgenti,J/Bucco,A+1 Pediatric feeding prog.-concern coverage REF SCM

S628 Girgenti,J Child devel. assessments-concerns REF SED

S629 Girgenti,J/Coniglio,J+2 Enduring Freedom-scholarship prog. REF SED

S630 Girgenti,J/Bucco,A Fire resistance furnishings-pub bldgings REF SCU

S631 Girgenti,J/Sarlo,P Pension fds., co.-concerns investments REF SSG

S632 Girgenti,J/Bucco,A Police, fire svc. benf.-req. to be same REF SSG

S633 Girgenti,J Gov. & St. depts.-concern auth. in emerg REF SLP

S634 Girgenti,J/Bucco,A Natl. Guard memb.-vol income tax contrib REF SLP

S635 Girgenti,J/Bucco,A St. correctional fac.-concerns REF SLP

S636 Girgenti,J/Sacco,N Corrections off.-continuing ed training REF SLP

S637 Girgenti,J/Bucco,A Pub. safety directors-clarify powers REF SLP

S638 Girgenti,J/Turner,S Loc. pub. contract bids-due date REF SCU

S639 Girgenti,J/Bucco,A+1 Sex offenders-bars positions, youth org. REF SLP

S640 Girgenti,J/Sarlo,P Sheriff's off.-clarifies police powers REF SLP

S641 Girgenti,J/Bucco,A Traffic safety req-incl in bid proposals REF SLP

S642 Girgenti,J/Bucco,A Vol. emerg. svcs. org.-concerns loans REF SLP

S643 Girgenti,J/McNamara,H+1 Emerg. mgt. dept.-expands auth. REF SLP

S644 Girgenti,J Constable training-concerns REF SLP

S645 Bryant,W Alternate benf. prog.-concerns REF SSG

S646 Bryant,W/Ciesla,A SHBP benf. in retir.-cert. St. emp. REF SSG

S647 Bryant,W Child support-withholding be prorated REF SJU

S648 Bryant,W Child support-health insur. coverage REF SJU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S649 Bryant,W Work First NJ prog.-req. transp. svcs. REF SHH

S650 Bryant,W Graffiti-prop. owners clean REF SCU

S651 Bryant,W Co. coll., full time enrollment-tax cred REF SED

S652 Bryant,W Consumer Checking Acct.-concerns ATMs REF SCM

S653 Bryant,W MV searches, cert.-bans REF SJU

S654 Bryant,W AFDC emerg. asst.-fd. low-income rental REF SHH

S655 Bryant,W Work First NJ prog.-revise contrib. REF SHH

S656 Bryant,W/Vitale,J Defibrillator grant prog.-estab. REF SCU

S657 Bryant,W/Littell,R Cash Mgmt. Fd.-req. cert. investments REF SSG

S658 Bryant,W Auto insur. agent-concerns discrim. REF SCM

S659 Bryant,W/Kavanaugh,W Tobacco Settlement Agreement-amends REF SBA

S660 Bryant,W/Kenny,B St. col., univ. contracts-concerns REF SED

S661 Bryant,W Work First NJ-renames Family Devel Prog REF SHH

S662 Bryant,W Voting Rights Restoration Task Force REF SJU

S663 Bryant,W/Turner,S Taxpayer prop. tax relief subacct-estab. REF SBA

S664 Bryant,W/Codey,R+5 NJ STARS II Prog.-estab. REF SBA

S665 Bryant,W/Singer,R Baseball Spectator Safety Act of 2005 REF SJU

S666 Bryant,W Counties housing St. inmates;$22M REF SBA

S667 Kean,T/Buono,B+4 After-Sch. Prog. Comm.-estab.;$25K REF SED

S668 Kean,T/Scutari,N+1 Ads, cert.-subject to consumer fraud act REF SCM

S669 Kean,T/Allen,D+1 Vol ambulance/fire co.-impact stmt. req. REF SSG

S670 Kean,T Intermun. Devel. Review Act-estab. REF SCU

S671 Kean,T Med. Malpractice Ct.-estab. REF SJU

S672 Kean,T ELEC computer svcs.;$1M REF SSG

S673 Kean,T Donated leave prog.-St. emp. participate REF SSG

S674 Weinberg,L Disab, physical-concerns health care REF SHH

S675 Weinberg,L Physician jt. purchasing alliance-estab. REF SCM

S676 Weinberg,L Meadowlands Complex-concerns devel. proj REF SEG

S677 Weinberg,L Passaic Valley Sewerage Comm.-concerns REF SSG

S678 Weinberg,L The Dunphy Family's Law-estab. REF SHH

S679 Weinberg,L Loc elected off.-proh. cert. leave comp. REF SSG

S680 Weinberg,L Mun. sewer/water sys-prov. liab. REF SEN

S681 Weinberg,L Terminal leave comp.-concerns REF SSG

S682 Weinberg,L Child support-health insur. coverage REF SHH

S683 Weinberg,L Individual Health Coverage Prog.-concern REF SCM

S684 Weinberg,L CDL training-estab. pilot prog. REF STR

S685 Weinberg,L Raincheck Policy Disclosure Act REF SCM

S686 Weinberg,L Hosp. & health insur.-contract disputes REF SHH

S687 Weinberg,L Become A Nurse-estab. lic. plates REF STR

S688 Weinberg,L Disab. vet.-concerns prop. tax exemp. REF SCU

S689 Weinberg,L DEP comm.-veto auth over all hunts REF SEN

S690 Weinberg,L Asperger's Syndrome Pilot Initiative REF SHH

S691 Weinberg,L Loc. auth. loans-concerns REF SCU

S692 Weinberg,L Students-admin. of epinephrine REF SED

S693 Weinberg,L Leg., Gov.-concern receipt of money REF SWT

S694 Weinberg,L Victim counselor's privilege-extend REF SJU

S695 Weinberg,L Dog lic. fee-mun. set amt. REF SCU

S696 Weinberg,L Contraception, emerg.-pharmacies stock REF SHH

S697 Weinberg,L Freedom of speech-concerns REF SJU

S698 Weinberg,L/Vitale,J Autism Research/Treatment-change council REF SHH

S699 Lance,L+1 Tickets received by candidates-disclose REF SSG

S700 Lance,L+3 Ethical Standards Comm.-reconstitutes REF SSG

S701 Lance,L+1 Political contrib.-proh. on pub. prop. REF SSG

S702 Lance,L/Connors,L Lobbyists-greater disclosure;$150K REF SSG

S703 Lance,L/Palaia,J+4 St Rev Forecasting Integrity Comm-estab REF SBA

S704 Lance,L Punitive damages-concerns REF SJU

S705 Lance,L+1 Pol. contrib.-proh. cert. REF SSG

S706 Lance,L/Codey,R+30 Song, St.: "I'm from NJ" REF SSG

S707 Lance,L/Adler,J+27 Mil. death benf.-prov. to survivors REF SSG

S708 Lance,L Sch. bd. election-Nov. general election REF SSG

S709 Lance,L Govt. spending-St. constit. convention REF SJU

S710 Lance,L Ballot questions-include cert. info. REF SBA

S711 Lance,L/Turner,S+12 Smart growth areas-concerns permits REF SEN

S712 Lance,L+1 Camp. contrib. by bus. entities-concerns REF SSG

S713 Lance,L St. bond issuers-reg. participation REF SBA

S714 Inverso,P/Kean,T Inter-mun. land disputes-concerns REF SCU

S715 Inverso,P St. off. and emp.-ethical standards REF SSG

S716 Inverso,P/Allen,D+1 Sex offender reg.-false address penal. REF SLP

S717 Inverso,P+1 Co., mun. emp.-concerns REF SCU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S718 Inverso,P+2 PERS-concerns memb. REF SSG

S719 Inverso,P+1 PERS-concerns cert. retir. allowances REF SSG

S720 Inverso,P+1 Loc. govt. emp.-concerns suppl. comp. REF SCU

S721 Inverso,P/Girgenti,J MV accidents-owner prov. info. REF SLP

S722 Inverso,P+1 Depository instit.-concerns REF SCM

S723 Inverso,P/Allen,D+2 Investment of assets-clarifies REF SSG

S724 Inverso,P Camp. Contrib. Reporting Act-concerns REF SSG

S725 Inverso,P Mun. prof. svc contracts awards-proh Leg REF SSG

S726 Inverso,P PERS-concerns leg. memb. REF SSG

S727 Inverso,P Timed-growth ordinances-auth. REF SCU

S728 Inverso,P Pol. contrib-proh loans by cert. persons REF SSG

S729 Inverso,P Radio transmissions, cert.-concerns REF SLP

S730 Inverso,P Campaign ads-concerns REF SSG

S731 Inverso,P/Kyrillos,J Street gangs-concerns REF SJU

S732 Inverso,P Payments in lieu of taxes-concerns REF SCU

S733 Inverso,P/Girgenti,J+1 Pedophile crimes-student pamphlets REF SLP

S734 Inverso,P Auto insur.-concerns REF SCM

S735 Inverso,P Elected officials-concerns cert. comp. REF SSG

S736 Inverso,P Aggravated sexual assault-mand life REF SJU

S737 Inverso,P Camp. contrib.-proh. cert. bus. entities REF SSG

S738 Turner,S/Adler,J Time-growth ordinances-auth mun adoption REF SCU

S739 Turner,S Mun. Devel. Impact Fee Auth. Act REF SCU

S740 Turner,S/Inverso,P+8 Sr. prop. tax deduct.-incr. income limit REF SCU

S741 Turner,S Affordable housing-concerns REF SCU

S742 Turner,S/Rice,R Low income home purchase-creates prog. REF SCU

S743 Turner,S Auto Insur Ratepayer Advocate Off-create REF SCM

S744 Turner,S Undergraduate tuition rates-concerns REF SED

S745 Turner,S Sr., disab. prop. tax deduct.-incr. REF SCU

S746 Turner,S Armed svcs. spouses-prov. unemp. benf. REF SLA

S747 Turner,S/Gill,N Voting machines-produce paper record REF SSG

S748 Turner,S/Adler,J+3 St. off./emp.-concerns mileage reimb. REF SSG

S749 Turner,S/Buono,B Hybrid veh purch-income/bus tax cred REF SEN

S750 Turner,S Earned income tax cred.-concerns REF SBA

S751 Turner,S Child Support Reform Task Force-estab. REF SJU

S752 Turner,S Firearms, assault-second degree crime REF SLP

S753 Turner,S Firearms-concerns underage person REF SLP

S754 Turner,S St., co., mun., sch. contracts-concerns REF SSG

S755 Turner,S Gang related loitering-enact ordinance REF SLP

S756 Turner,S St. constit convention-prop. tax reform REF SJU

S757 Turner,S Higher ed. instit.-advertise for bids REF SED

S758 Turner,S Kinship caregivers-concerns housing REF SCU

S759 Turner,S Low Income Home Energy Asst. Prog. REF SEG

S760 Turner,S Mun. redevel. powers-concerns procedures REF SCU

S761 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Women's Right to Know Act REF SHH

S762 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A+1 Oral recitation in pub. sch.-daily;$10K REF SED

S763 Cardinale,G Leg/Judiciary memb-file disclosure stmts REF SJU

S764 Cardinale,G Superior Court, Civil Part-incr. fees REF SJU

S765 Cardinale,G Street money-clarifies use REF SSG

S766 Cardinale,G Toll rds.-waive tolls, cert. conditions REF STR

S767 Cardinale,G Tort Claims Act-amends REF SJU

S768 Cardinale,G DEP enforcement-award cost to defendent REF SEN

S769 Cardinale,G Pub. ed.-revise St. funding formula REF SED

S770 Cardinale,G/Inverso,P+2 Vet., 100% disab.-prop. tax exemp. elig. REF SCU

S771 Cardinale,G Product sellers-modify tort liab. REF SJU

S772 Cardinale,G Dept. of Banking & Insur-emp restriction REF SCM

S773 Cardinale,G Homeowners' insur. policies-concerns REF SCM

S774 Cardinale,G+1 Domestic viol shelters-concerns funding REF SHH

S775 Cardinale,G/Martin,R Sch. bd. memb.-concerns ethical standard REF SED

S776 Cardinale,G Govt spending, reduce-Constit convention REF SJU

S777 Cardinale,G Ethical Standards Jt. Leg. Comm-memb. REF SSG

S778 Cardinale,G Auto insur.-concerns REF SCM

S779 Cardinale,G Real prop. reassessment-estab moratorium REF SCU

S780 Madden,F Yo-Yo Waterballs-bans sale REF SCM

S781 Madden,F Underage driv.-BAC testing REF SLP

S782 Madden,F/Rice,R+2 Elderly, disab.-concerns housing REF SCU

S783 Madden,F Septic system inspectors-estab cert prog REF SEN

S784 Madden,F Police, FF surviving spouse-tuition benf REF SED

S785 James,S+1 Social Svcs. for the Homeless prog.;$2M REF SHH

S786 James,S/Rice,R+12 Newark, plane crash costs;$1.5M REF SCU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S787 James,S/Turner,S St. Police-maintain cert. records REF SLP

S788 James,S/Bryant,W St. Police applicant-cert. psych testing REF SLP

S789 James,S/Lesniak,R+11 Wynona Lipman Ethnic Studies Ctr.;$50K REF SED

S790 James,S Domestic viol. svc. unit-Essex co.;$1M REF SHH

S791 James,S/Lesniak,R+1 Mun. retir. sys.incr. pension benf. REF SSG

S792 James,S/Bryant,W Pub. Confidence-Police Integrity-hotline REF SLP

S793 James,S MV theft offenses-upgrade penal. REF SJU

S794 James,S Babyland Family Svcs., Inc.;$250K REF SHH

S795 James,S/Asselta,N Performing art ctrs-remove support limit REF SCU

S796 James,S+1 MV sales tax rate-concerns reduced rate REF SEG

S797 James,S/Bucco,A+9 PFRS-incr. cert. memb. benefits REF SSG

S798 James,S Elective off-proh holding simultaneously REF SSG

S799 James,S Sr. cit, 1st class cities-homestead cred REF SCU

S800 James,S Dress code, cert. sch dist-concerns REF SED

S801 James,S Responsible Pit Bull Ownership Lic. Act REF SEG

S802 James,S/Rice,R UMDNJ's Univ. Hosp. renovations;$13M REF SHH

S803 James,S Integrity, Inc.-grant;$400K REF SHH

S804 James,S/Connors,L Tort Claims Law-clarifies pub. entities REF SCU

S805 Doria,J/Asselta,N Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act REF SCU

S806 Vitale,J/Gormley,W+1 Kidnapping-elim. statute of limitations REF SJU

S807 Vitale,J/Buono,B+3 Mental health coverage req.-revises REF SHH

S808 Vitale,J/Gill,N+2 Resident's hours in hosp.-estab. limits REF SHH

S809 Vitale,J/Rice,R Rape care advocates-concerns REF SJU

S810 Vitale,J+4 Nurse staffing standards-estab. REF SHH

S811 Vitale,J/Buono,B+1 Domestic viol. shelters-tax deduction REF SHH

S812 Vitale,J Well baby visits-health insur. cover REF SHH

S813 Vitale,J/Karcher,E+1 Nursing Student Incentive Loan Act;$5M REF SHH

S814 Vitale,J Zero Lift Pilot Prog.-estab.;$300K REF SHH

S815 Vitale,J/Kean,T Infant formula, cert.-insur coverage req REF SHH

S816 Vitale,J Drunk driv.-incr. addl. penal assessment REF SLP

S817 Vitale,J/Allen,D+5 Adoptees-permits access to birth cert. REF SHH

S818 Vitale,J/Gill,N+3 Medication Mgmt Outreach & Support Prog. REF SHH

S819 Vitale,J Mobile home park-multiple dwelling REF SCU

S820 Vitale,J/Kean,T+1 Nursing sch.-address shortage;$2M REF SHH

S821 Vitale,J/Rice,R+5 AIDS Drug Distrib. Prog.;$4,998,581 REF SHH

S822 Vitale,J Jack Fay Forum, Long-Term Living;$750K REF SHH

S823 Vitale,J Syringes w/out prescription-limited sale REF SHH

S824 Vitale,J/Lance,L Tax exemp., short term-concerns REF SCU

S825 Vitale,J/Buono,B+1 Elected off.-concerns forfeiture of benf REF SJU

S826 Vitale,J/Madden,F Nursing Ctr. at Rutgers;$395K REF SHH

S827 Vitale,J/Rice,R+1 Sept. 11 Remembrance Day-desig. REF SSG

S828 Vitale,J Med. examiner sys.-creates REF SHH

S829 Vitale,J/Karcher,E+1 Psychology, unlic. practice-concerns REF SHH

S830 Lesniak,R Domestic insur. co.-concerns investments REF SCM

S831 Lesniak,R Real Estate Comm-concerns investigations REF SCM

S832 Karcher,E Sex off.-concerns registration REF SLP

S833 Karcher,E Leg., former memb-limits reg, pub office REF SSG

S834 Karcher,E Interstate Compact for Horse Racing Lic. REF SWT

S835 Adler,J Drug and alco. abuse-concerns treatment REF SJU

S836 Bucco,A Downhill skiing-concerns cert. req. REF SWT

SCR11 Connors,L/Ciesla,A+21 Prop. assessment reduct-amends constit. REF SCU

SCR12 Connors,L/McNamara,H St. Auditor-prov. for election REF SSG

SCR13 Connors,L Condemnation power-restrict use REF SCU

SCR14 Allen,D/Kavanaugh,W+3 St govt-proh St court req to spend money REF SJU

SCR15 Allen,D/Lance,L+10 Prop. tax relief-concerns REF SBA

SCR16 Allen,D/Vitale,J+8 Vet. prop. tax deduction-extend elig. REF SCU

SCR17 Allen,D/Kavanaugh,W+4 Truth-In-Budgeting amendment-proposes REF SBA

SCR18 Gill,N/Adler,J+16 Prop. tax reform-special session of Leg. REF SJU

SCR19 Littell,R/Kyrillos,J+6 Court decisions-auth. Leg. to invalidate REF SJU

SCR20 McNamara,H/Ciesla,A+5 Sch. funding-amends NJ Constit. REF SED

SCR21 Kyrillos,J/Bucco,A Special ed.-require St. pay costs REF SED

SCR22 Kyrillos,J/Allen,D Leg., full-time-estab. study comm. REF SSG

SCR23 Ciesla,A Transp. purposes-dedicate $900M REF STR

SCR24 Ciesla,A/Connors,L+1 Bills, tax-3/5 majority vote in Leg. REF SBA

SCR25 Ciesla,A/Connors,L St. govt. capital assets fds.-concerns REF SBA

SCR26 Ciesla,A/Bark,M St. transp. sys.-dedicate revenues REF STR

SCR27 Bryant,W Riverboat gambling-amends NJ Constit. REF SWT

SCR28 Kean,T St. approp. bill, annual-concerns REF SBA

SCR29 Kean,T+1 Traumatic Brain Injury Act-fully fd. REF SHH

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

SCR30 Lance,L+1 Bond refundings, St.-req. voter approval REF SSG

SCR31 Lance,L/Connors,L+4 Debt Limitation Clause-voter approval REF SSG

SCR32 Lance,L Mental retardation-bar dealth penal. REF SJU

SCR33 Lance,L Annual approp.-concerns REF SBA

SCR34 Lance,L Elections, I & R-amends NJ Constit. REF SSG

SCR35 Lance,L+5 St budget-concern St Rev Forcasting Comm REF SBA

SCR36 Lance,L/McNamara,H Open space, farmland-proh. cert. fd. use REF SEN

SCR37 Lance,L/Littell,R+4 Free pub. sch.-Leg. prov. REF SED

SCR38 Lance,L/Singer,R Prop tax reform-propose statutory change REF SJU

SCR39 Lance,L/McNamara,H+3 St. budget-proh. using bonds to balance REF SBA

SCR40 Inverso,P/Allen,D Eminent domain-limit exercise REF SCU

SCR41 Cardinale,G Judges-4 yr. term, new reappt. process REF SJU

SCR42 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Judicial decision making-concerns REF SJU

SCR43 Cardinale,G/Bucco,A Parents-support fundamental rights REF SED

SJR11 Smith,B/Kyrillos,J Turkey-respect rights, religious freedom REF SSG

SJR12 Smith,B Power plant emissions-oppose EPA rule REF SEN

SJR13 McNamara,H/Connors,L Low income tax cred housing-guidlines REF SCU

SJR14 Turner,S/Karcher,E Early Intervention Wk.-third wk. of May REF SHH

SJR15 Vitale,J/Kean,T+1 Emerg. med. svcs. sys. in NJ-prov. study REF SHH

SR11 Connors,L/McNamara,H Sr. cit. digital lic-simplify procedures REF STR

SR12 Madden,F Healthy Mothers, Babies Mo.-May 2006 REF SHH

SR13 Karcher,E Sch. Energy Crisis Relief Act-enact REF SED

SR14 Sacco,N Solid Waste Env Reg Clarification RR Act REF STR

SR15 Martin,R US Army's canine corp.-issue stamp REF SEN

SR16 Martin,R/Doria,J Senate Rules-amends REF SSG

SR17 McNamara,H/Sweeney,S Clean Sch. Bus Prog.-memor Cong to enact REF SEN

SR18 Turner,S Motor fuels price-fixing-investigate REF STR

SR19 Cardinale,G Founding Fathers-core curriculum content REF SED

Resolution Passed:

Organizes the Senate for 2006 (39-0)

Senate Organization:

Democratic Leadership:

Richard J. Codey (27) Senate President

Bernard F. Kenny, Jr. (33) Senate Majority Leader

Shirley K. Turner (15) Senate President Pro-Tempore

Republican Leadership:

Leonard Lance (23) Minority Leader

Martha W. Bark (8) Conference Leader

Peter A. Inverso (14) Deputy Minority Leader

Diane B. Allen (7) Deputy Minority Leader

Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (21) Minority Whip

Robert E. Littell (24) Budget Officer

Walter J. Kavanaugh (16) Assistant Budget Officer

Secretary of the Senate:

Ellen M. Davenport

The Senate adjourned at 4:15 P.M. to meet again at a date and time to be announced.


Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

AR1 Roberts,J/Watson Coleman,B General Assembly-organizes

Bills Introduced:

A101 Merkt,R+15 Contrib. by entities doing co. bus-proh. REF AHO

A102 Merkt,R/Baroni,B Campaign contrib., cert.-concerns REF ASG

A103 Merkt,R Pol. contrib.-concerns REF ASG

A104 Merkt,R Leg. leadership committees-elim. REF ASG

A105 Merkt,R Nepotism-proh. by pub. officials REF ASG

A106 Merkt,R/Manzo,L Primary election-placement of party memb REF ASG

A107 Merkt,R Leg.-concerns cert. activities REF ASG

A108 Merkt,R Gov/Leg-file fed tax return copy w/ELEC REF ASG

A109 Merkt,R Pol. contrib., cert.-concerns reporting REF ASG

A110 Merkt,R Gov & staff-subject to ethical standards REF ASG

A111 Merkt,R/Pennacchio,J Crimes-concerns statute of limitations REF AJU

A112 Merkt,R Jt. Leg. Ethical Standards Comm.-memb. REF ASG

A113 Merkt,R Camp. contrib.-concerns REF ASG

A114 Merkt,R Elections-concerns REF ASG

A115 Merkt,R/Gregg,G+1 Abbott dist.-concerns St. aid REF AED

A116 Merkt,R/Gregg,G Candidate vacancy-concerns REF ASG

A117 Merkt,R Sr. Cit. Affordable Housing Support Prog REF AHE

A118 Merkt,R Pension benf. calculation-concerns REF ASG

A119 Merkt,R PERS-concerns memb. REF ASG

A120 Merkt,R Defined Contrib. Pub. Emp. Retir. Prog. REF ASG

A121 Merkt,R Pub. Emp Defined Contrib Plan Study Comm REF ASG

A122 Merkt,R Elected off/pub emp health benf-concerns REF ASG

A123 Merkt,R Gross income tax-replace w/simplified REF AAP

A124 Merkt,R Admin. Rule Readability Council-creates REF ASG

A125 Merkt,R Water pollution penal., cert.-DEP reduce REF AEN

A126 Merkt,R DEP-assess direct prog cost, permit fees REF AEN

A127 Merkt,R Wetlands, freshwater-concerns reg. exemp REF AEN

A128 Merkt,R Recreation fac.-exemp. from cert. liab. REF AJU

A129 Merkt,R/DeCroce,A Tourist oriented signs-concern placement REF ATR

A130 Merkt,R+3 MV fines, cert.-revises REF ATR

A131 Merkt,R/Munoz,E Victim impact statements-confidential REF AJU

A132 Merkt,R/Connors,C+2 Crime victims' rights-concerns REF AJU

A133 Merkt,R/Diegnan,P Victimization of sr. cit., disab.-crime REF AHE

A134 Merkt,R NJ Self-Defense Law REF ALP

A135 Merkt,R Driv lic revoked, certain-veh forfeiture REF ALP

A136 Merkt,R Prop. exempt from taxation-concerns REF AHO

A137 Merkt,R Sheriff, acting-perform real estate sale REF AJU

A138 Merkt,R Attorney Lic. and Disciplinary Act REF AJU

A139 Vandervalk,C+3 Rape shield law, civil-creates REF AJU

A140 Vandervalk,C/Quigley,J+4 Emerg. mgt. vol., co., mun.-lic. plate REF AHS

A141 Vandervalk,C+3 Child care svc.-income tax deduct. REF AHU

A142 Vandervalk,C+4 Day care ctr. support-corp. tax cred. REF AHU

A143 Vandervalk,C/Barnes,P+1 Watercraft, personal-limit in wetlands REF ALP

A144 Vandervalk,C+1 Pub. ed.-revise St. funding formula REF AED

A145 Vandervalk,C Prescription drug-related deaths-report REF AHE

A147 Vandervalk,C Water supply interconnection study;$500K REF AEN

A148 Vandervalk,C/Roberts,J+3 Foreclosure procedures-concerns REF AFI

A149 Vandervalk,C Charter sch.-concerns estab. REF AED

A151 Vandervalk,C/Cohen,N+1 Health wellness insur. benf.-revises REF AFI

A152 Vandervalk,C/Cohen,N Accident surcharge-raises threshold REF AFI

A153 Vandervalk,C FamilyCare Health coverage-concerns elig REF AHE

A154 Vandervalk,C DYFS emp.-access to MVs, computers REF AHU

A155 Vandervalk,C+1 Students w/conflict of conscience-excuse REF AHI

A156 Vandervalk,C Chiropractic svcs-concerns REF AHE

A157 Vandervalk,C Obscene materials, pub sch-concerns REF AHI

A158 Vandervalk,C/Cohen,N+4 Safe Haven Infant Prot Act-revises REF AHU

A159 Vandervalk,C Flood prot. prog.-concerns REF AEN

A160 Vandervalk,C/Bateman,C+2 PERS-concerns reemployment REF ASG

A161 Vandervalk,C Tuition aid grant pilot prog.-estab. REF AHI

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A162 Vandervalk,C/Gordon,R+1 Health Care Prof. Reg Study Comm.-estab. REF AHE

A163 Vandervalk,C Hosp. staff, id badges-req. REF AHE

A164 Vandervalk,C Pregnant police/parole off-light duty REF ALP

A165 Vandervalk,C+3 Immunizations-concerns req. REF AHE

A166 Vandervalk,C/Vas,J Practice of cert. prof., unlic.-crime REF AJU

A167 Vandervalk,C Special ed. svcs.-estab. working group REF AED

A168 Vandervalk,C St. off./emp.-concerns mileage reimb. REF ASG

A169 Vandervalk,C Pub. fds. investment-concerns REF AHS

A170 Vandervalk,C Pub. util. owned by foreign corp-concern REF ATU

A171 Vandervalk,C Pub. util shutoffs-notify mun health off REF ATU

A172 Vandervalk,C/Vas,J Govt. records, cert.-concerns access REF ASG

A173 Vandervalk,C/Russo,D Nursing home assessments-concerns REF AHE

A174 Bramnick,J+2 Prop. tax relief-accept donations REF AED

A175 Bramnick,J/Stender,L+1 Crosswalks-concerns REF ATR

A176 Bramnick,J/Biondi,P+2 Motor fuel pricing-concerns discrim. REF ACO

A177 Bramnick,J/Munoz,E Sr. cit. transp. veh-traffic req to stop REF ATR

A178 Bramnick,J/Diegnan,P+1 Pupil grade point average-concerns REF AED

A179 Bramnick,J+1 Mun. court-fee schedule for discovery REF AJU

A180 Bramnick,J Accident caused by drunk driver-concerns REF AFI

A181 Bramnick,J/Munoz,E Police, mun.-concerns power to arrest REF ALP

A182 Bramnick,J Fliers or posters-telephone number req. REF ACO

A183 Bramnick,J/Barnes,P Crim. street gangs-concerns REF ALP

A184 Bramnick,J/Stender,L Bicyclists-proh. use of cell phones REF ALP

A185 Gregg,G Sch bds.-contract w/org. for ed. mgt svc REF AED

A186 Gregg,G/Merkt,R Bond act pub. question-req. fiscal info. REF ASG

A187 Gregg,G/Bateman,C Prop. Tax Reduction Work Act REF AHO

A188 Gregg,G/Merkt,R+3 Vendors, cert.-retain 1% of sales tax REF ACE

A189 Gregg,G+1 Corp. owners/off.-concerns unemp. benf. REF ALA

A190 Gregg,G/Greenwald,L+4 Corp. bus. tax returns-consolidated REF ACE

A191 Gregg,G/Malone,J+6 Combat pay-excl. from gross income tax REF AMV

A192 Gregg,G/Merkt,R+3 Death Tax Phase-Out Act REF AAP

A193 Gregg,G+13 The 10-20 Life Law REF AJU

A194 Gregg,G+4 Ed. Scholarships-corp. bus. tax cred. REF AED

A195 Gregg,G+4 Parental Control & Involvement Act REF AED

A196 Gregg,G/Merkt,R+3 SHBP-small bus. emp., purch. coverage REF ASG

A197 Gregg,G Leg. leadership committees-abol. REF ASG

A198 Gregg,G/Merkt,R Sales and use tax holiday-implement REF AAP

A199 Gregg,G/Merkt,R Vol ambulance/fire co.-impact stmt. req. REF AHO

A201 Gregg,G Skiing industry-special lic. plates REF ATR

A202 Gregg,G/McHose,A St. officials-proh. outside emp for comp REF ASG

A203 Gregg,G/Merkt,R Emp. job performance disclosure-immunity REF ALA

A204 Gregg,G/Corodemus,S+12 Corp. bus tax-concerns assessment REF AAP

A205 Gregg,G/Merkt,R Sunrise House Foundation, Inc.;$75K REF AHE

A206 Gregg,G/Dancer,R Corp bus tax-clarify deduct, cert taxes REF AAP

A207 Gregg,G/McHose,A+3 Pol. contrib., payroll deductions-auth. REF ASG

A208 Gregg,G/Blee,F Boat products-exemp. sales tax exemp. REF ACE

A209 Gregg,G/Roberts,J Small bus.-impact of rules REF ASG

A210 Gregg,G/Merkt,R+1 St-funded ads-proh. Gov appearance REF ASG

A211 Gregg,G/McHose,A+2 Black bears-permits deadly force REF AAN

A212 Gregg,G/Conners,J+1 Capital gain tax qual excl-mil personnel REF AMV

A213 Gregg,G/Cohen,N+1 Lake Hopatcong Comm.;$1.5M REF AAN

A214 Gregg,G/Pennacchio,J+6 Highlands Water Prot. Council-concerns REF AEN

A215 Gregg,G/Cohen,N Auto insur., cert.-concerns REF AFI

A216 Gregg,G/Baroni,B Special ed. expenditures-prov. St. aid REF AED

A217 Gregg,G/Caraballo,W+1 Spam Deterrence Act REF ATU

A218 Gregg,G/Conners,J Deeds-concerns the recordation REF AJU

A219 Gregg,G/Conaway,H Animal cruelty laws-concerns REF AAN

A220 Gregg,G/Baroni,B+13 Pothole repair/research prog.-estab. REF ATR

A221 Gregg,G Fuel economy mv-prov graduated sales tax REF ABU

A222 Cruz-Perez,N/Roberts,J English skills, limited-no ed. test req. REF AED

A223 Cruz-Perez,N Commercial vender assault-upgrades REF AJU

A224 Cruz-Perez,N/Mayer,D Child passenger restraint-liab. prot. REF AJU

A225 Cruz-Perez,N+4 Police veh., unmarked-proh routine stops REF ALP

A226 Cruz-Perez,N/Roberts,J+1 Disab. vet. tax exemp.-reimb. mun. REF AHO

A227 Cruz-Perez,N/Greenwald,L Auto insur. sales-urban rating territory REF AFI

A228 Cruz-Perez,N Devel. disab.-DHS prov. functional svcs. REF AHU

A229 Cruz-Perez,N Urban/Rural, Unsafe Bld. Demolition;$15M REF AHO

A230 Cruz-Perez,N Co. coll., full time enrollment-tax cred REF AHI

A231 Cruz-Perez,N Agriculture Bd.-expands memb. REF AAN

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A232 Cruz-Perez,N+8 Firefighters, cert.-pd convention leave REF ASG

A233 Cruz-Perez,N+8 Tobacco vending machine-proh. REF AHE

A234 Cruz-Perez,N Child care ctrs.-finan. asst.;$8M bond REF AHU

A235 Cruz-Perez,N/Stanley,C+20 Alzheimer's Demo. Adult Day Care Ctr;$2M REF AHE

A236 Cruz-Perez,N/Johnson,G St. Police emp-concerns unlawful conduct REF ALP

A237 Cruz-Perez,N Special ed. treatment options-concerns REF AED

A238 Cruz-Perez,N+1 Exempt Prop. Overburden Act REF AHO

A239 Cruz-Perez,N/Scalera,F Mobile home park-multiple dwelling REF AHO

A240 Cruz-Perez,N/Barnes,P+11 Law enforcement off., local-concerns REF ALP

A241 Cruz-Perez,N/Green,J+1 Fair Housing Act-amends REF AHO

A242 Cruz-Perez,N/Van Drew,J Abandoned Cemetery Preserv. Fd.-estab. REF AFI

A243 Cruz-Perez,N/Conaway,H+9 Medication Mgmt Outreach & Support Prog. REF AHU

A244 Cruz-Perez,N/Roberts,J+6 Emerg. svcs. peer counselors-concerns REF ALP

A245 Cruz-Perez,N/Caraballo,W+17 Tuition rates, cert. students-concerns REF AHI

A246 Cruz-Perez,N/Mayer,D Health insur. carriers-concerns REF ACO

A247 Cruz-Perez,N Tickets of admission-concerns resale REF ACO

A248 Cruz-Perez,N MV, used-seller disclose cert. info. REF ACO

A249 Cruz-Perez,N/Chivukula,U Notices to cert. emp.-concerns language REF ALA

A250 Cruz-Perez,N/Mayer,D Toy Safety Act REF ACO

A251 Cruz-Perez,N Mayor's memb. on cert. auth.-concerns REF AHO

A252 Cruz-Perez,N/Green,J Relocation asst.-concerns REF AHO

A253 Cruz-Perez,N/Mayer,D+1 Vets., cert-concerns housing opportunity REF AMV

A254 Cruz-Perez,N/Pou,N Mun. notice, cert.-concerns translation REF AHO

A255 Cruz-Perez,N/Conners,J Prescription drug plans-concerns REF AHE

A256 Cruz-Perez,N/Roberts,J Resid. water supply connections-concerns REF AEN

A257 Cruz-Perez,N/Hackett,M Ed. fd. entities, nonprofit-contrib. REF AED

A258 Chivukula,U Pedestrians-yield to emerg. veh. REF ATR

A259 Chivukula,U/Van Drew,J Computer sys.-disclose security breach REF ACO

A260 Chivukula,U/Diegnan,P Veh, new-req. St. purch, cert. certified REF AEN

A261 Chivukula,U Organ donations-gross income tax deduct. REF AHE

A262 Chivukula,U/Munoz,E Community Health Svc. Pilot Initiative REF AHE

A263 Chivukula,U/Cohen,N+7 Digital divide pilot prog.-estab. REF AED

A264 Chivukula,U/Vas,J Health care prov.-concerns pymts. REF AFI

A265 Chivukula,U+1 Health and dental disputes-concerns REF AFI

A267 Chivukula,U Sch. fac. proj.-concerns construction REF AED

A268 Chivukula,U/Johnson,G+2 Parole Bd. hearing off.-civil svc. prot. REF ASG

A269 Chivukula,U+4 Lyme disease treatment-insur. coverage REF AFI

A270 Chivukula,U+1 Leg., constituent-cert. communications REF AJU

A271 Chivukula,U MV sales-concerns REF ACO

A272 Chivukula,U/Burzichelli,J Ambulatory care fac.-gross receipts REF AHE

A273 Chivukula,U Emerg. escape rope sys.-grant prog. REF ALP

A274 Chivukula,U/Cohen,N Police interrogations, cert.-concerns REF ALP

A275 Chivukula,U+1 Worker Freedom from Emp Intimidation Act REF ALA

A276 Chivukula,U Second Unit Housing Auth. Act REF AHO

A277 Chivukula,U Safe Haven Infant Prot. Act REF AED

A278 Chivukula,U Building Green Building Tech. Task Force REF AEN

A279 Chivukula,U Tobacco products-raise min. age to 19 REF ALP

A280 Chivukula,U Pub. sch.-auth. special lic. plate REF ATR

A281 Chivukula,U Insur. premiums tax treatment-revises REF AAP

A282 Cohen,N/McKeon,J UEZ proj.-concerns funding REF ACE

A283 Cohen,N/Stanley,C+15 Medicaid prescription drug benf.-concern REF AHE

A284 Cohen,N/Roberts,J+13 Library grant fd.-concerns REF AED

A285 Cohen,N/Panter,M+1 Real prop relating to terrorism-concerns REF AHS

A286 Cohen,N/Conaway,H+1 Emp fraudulent practices-emp rights REF ALA

A287 Cohen,N Legal process-exemp reparation pymts REF AJU

A288 Cohen,N/Gordon,R Medicaid estate recoveries-concerns REF AHE

A289 Cohen,N/Roberts,J+18 Grace's Law-hearing aid coverage REF AFI

A290 Cohen,N/Bramnick,J Terroristic threats-report, immunity REF AJU

A291 Cohen,N Infertility treatment-health insur cover REF AFI

A292 Cohen,N Higher ed.-divorced parents obligation REF AJU

A293 Cohen,N/Burzichelli,J+1 MV manuf.-concerns disclosures REF ACO

A294 Cohen,N/Manzo,L Managed care carriers-prov fee schedules REF AFI

A295 Cohen,N/Vas,J+4 Sept 11, period of silence-req pub sch REF AED

A296 Cohen,N Disab. children, addl.-Medicaid to cover REF AHU

A297 Cohen,N Maternity svcs-concerns third party pymt REF AFI

A298 Cohen,N Neurosurgery svcs.-concerns benf. REF AFI

A299 Cohen,N/Diegnan,P PAAD-incr. income elig. limits REF AHE

A301 Cohen,N/Johnson,G+5 FamilyCare prescrip. drug benf.-concerns REF AFI

A302 Cohen,N/Stender,L Sept. 11 Memorial;$10M REF ASG

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A303 Cohen,N+1 Maternity svcs-concern installment pymts REF AFI

A304 Cohen,N Bail agents-proh. charging unauth. fees REF ALP

A305 Cohen,N MRI prof.-criminal background check REF AHE

A306 Cohen,N/Manzo,L HMO-concerns risk based capital req. REF AFI

A307 Cohen,N/Cryan,J WWII Memorial;$1.5M REF AMV

A308 Cohen,N/Chivukula,U Cell phone prov.-disclosing number proh. REF ATU

A309 Cohen,N Court reporters-certifies REF ARP

A310 Cohen,N Managed care plans-concerns providers REF AFI

A311 Cohen,N Homeland Security, St. Preparedness Fd. REF AHS

A312 Cohen,N/Voss,J Umbilical cord blood-concerns donation REF AHE

A313 Cohen,N/Voss,J Natl. Guard memb.-corp. bus. tax cred. REF AMV

A314 Cohen,N/Diegnan,P Natl Guard memb killed-grants death benf REF AMV

A315 Cohen,N+1 Natl. Guard-prov. group life insur. REF AMV

A316 Cohen,N/Gordon,R+3 Health care claims processing-concerns REF AFI

A317 Cohen,N/Manzo,L+2 Managed care plans-concerns REF AFI

A318 Cohen,N+4 Health care claims-concerns pymt. REF AFI

A319 Cohen,N Antifreeze and engine coolant-concerns REF AEN

A320 Cohen,N Pharmacy benf. mgmt. co.-reg. REF AFI

A321 Cohen,N Cell phones-concerns sale REF ATU

A322 Pennacchio,J/DeCroce,A+1 Downhill skiing-makes cert. req. REF ALP

A323 Pennacchio,J/Merkt,R Handicapped children-retrofit co. parks REF AAN

A324 Pennacchio,J+2 After-sch. prog.-estab. grant prog;$1.5M REF AED

A325 Pennacchio,J Screen for Life, Morris Co.;$75K REF AHE

A326 Pennacchio,J Rutgers-Camden Coll-Nursing Dept;$1.055M REF AHI

A327 Pennacchio,J/DeCroce,A+2 Polling place hrs, cert elections-reduce REF ASG

A328 Pennacchio,J/Merkt,R Notaries-estab. cert. guidelines REF ARP

A329 Pennacchio,J/DeCroce,A Greenwood Lake, dredge;$2.5M REF AEN

A330 Pennacchio,J/Cryan,J Vital records-concerns certified copies REF AHE

A331 Pennacchio,J/DeCroce,A US & NJ flags-display, hwy. entrance REF ATR

A332 Pennacchio,J/DeCroce,A+2 Big Brothers/Sisters-crim hist check fee REF ALP

A333 Pennacchio,J/Doherty,M+1 Fed. retir. contrib.-income tax excl. REF AAP

A334 Pennacchio,J+22 Estate tax-recoupling of the computation REF AAP

A335 Pennacchio,J/Bramnick,J+2 Sch. bd emp., bus driv.-background check REF AED

A336 Pennacchio,J/DeCroce,A Homeless children-concerns ed. REF AED

A337 Pennacchio,J Health benf. plans-concerns REF AFI

A338 Pennacchio,J+1 Homestead prop. tax reimb.-elig. REF AAP

A339 Pennacchio,J/Merkt,R Health insur policy form-concerns filing REF AFI

A340 Pennacchio,J/McHose,A Handicapped parking-concerns REF ATR

A341 Pennacchio,J Vet's discharge papers-elim. fee REF AMV

A342 Pennacchio,J Port Auth.-concerns tax pymt. REF AHO

A343 Pennacchio,J/Corodemus,S Pub. contract award viol.-concerns REF AJU

A344 Pennacchio,J Highlands Region-concerns REF AEN

A345 Pennacchio,J Higher ed incr in tuition, fees-concerns REF AED

A346 Pennacchio,J Fed. Thrift Savings Fd. contrib.-concern REF AAP

A347 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F+1 Car phone-proh. use while driv. REF ATR

A348 Chatzidakis,L/Malone,J+1 Armed svcs. spouses-prov. unemp. benf. REF AMV

A349 Chatzidakis,L Check cashers, lic-reg. payday loans REF AFI

A350 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Pineland Comm-appointees reside in area REF AEN

A351 Chatzidakis,L/Roberts,J+1 Animals-concerns care and treatment REF ARP

A352 Chatzidakis,L Tanning booths-post cert. warnings REF ACO

A353 Chatzidakis,L Recycled paper-revise St. purch. mandate REF AEN

A354 Chatzidakis,L Energy Star products-req. St. to purch. REF ASG

A355 Chatzidakis,L Electrical energy sys, cert.-exemp. tax REF AHO

A356 Chatzidakis,L Life-cycle costs-concerns REF ASG

A357 Chatzidakis,L Alternative electrical energy-concerns REF ATU

A358 Chatzidakis,L Alternate fuels-corp. bus. tax credit REF AEN

A359 Chatzidakis,L Alternate fuel veh.-income tax cred. REF AAP

A360 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F+8 Desert Shield vets-extends cert. benf REF AMV

A361 Chatzidakis,L Water conserv. gardening devices-no tax REF AAN

A362 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Electric veh.-St. subsidy for purch. REF AEN

A363 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Electric veh. charging sys.-tax exemp. REF AEN

A364 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Electric veh.-concerns sales tax REF AEN

A365 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Agriculture-concerns REF AAN

A366 Chatzidakis,L Absentee ballots-concerns canvassing REF ASG

A367 Chatzidakis,L Mental illness-outpatient commitment REF AHU

A368 Chatzidakis,L Recycled products-concerns marketing REF AEN

A369 Chatzidakis,L/Johnson,G+6 Vets.-concern qualifications REF AMV

A370 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Sch. lunches-concerns REF AED

A371 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Regional Efficiency Aid Prog.-concerns REF AAP

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A372 Chatzidakis,L Mun. util. auth.-concerns REF AAN

A373 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Abbott dist.-concerns spending REF AED

A374 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Alt electrical energy-concern production REF ATU

A375 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F High-Hazard Potential dams-concerns REF AEN

A376 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Sch. day extension-concerns REF AED

A377 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Vacancy Review Bd-estab., Personnel Dept REF ASG

A378 Chatzidakis,L Wind farm fac.-concerns REF AEN

A379 Chatzidakis,L/McHose,A+1 Natl Guard emp-allow bus/income tax cred REF AMV

A380 Chatzidakis,L/McHose,A Energy conserv. patent income-tax excl. REF AAN

A381 Chatzidakis,L/McHose,A St. bldgs-concerns alt electrical energy REF ASG

A382 Chatzidakis,L/McHose,A Solar photovoltaic panels-concerns REF AEN

A383 Chatzidakis,L/McHose,A Renewable energy devices-concerns REF ATU

A384 Chatzidakis,L/McHose,A Wind easements-estab. REF AAN

A385 Chatzidakis,L/McHose,A Place-based food market-estab task force REF AAN

A386 Chatzidakis,L Nursing homes resid.-closing notice req. REF AHE

A387 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Traffic, dangerous locations-address REF ATR

A388 Bodine,F/DeCroce,A+2 Unsafe crossings-DOT identify REF ATR

A389 Bodine,F/DeCroce,A Hwys., interstate-id unsafe locations REF ATR

A390 Bodine,F St. contracts-concerns bidder REF ASG

A391 Bodine,F/Biondi,P Bus rapid transit demo proj.-concerns REF ATR

A392 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Fire svcs., cert. St. fac.-concerns REF AHO

A393 Bodine,F/Kean,S+1 False govt. documents-upgrades penal. REF AHS

A394 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L+2 PAAD beneficiaries-concerns REF AHE

A395 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Main St. NJ prog.-concerns REF ACE

A396 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Fire equip, donated-prov. civil immunity REF AHS

A397 Bodine,F/Connors,C+1 Domestic security preparedness-website REF AHS

A398 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Safe Places-Safe Kids Act-creates REF ALP

A399 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L+2 Homestead prop. tax reimb-concerns elig. REF AHE

A401 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Fees charged to loc. units-concerns REF AHO

A402 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Hosp. Tech. Task Force-estab. REF AHE

A403 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L At Home Downtown prog.-creates REF AHO

A405 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Sch dist budget reduction appeal-concern REF AED

A406 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L CATV rates for sr., disab. cit-discount REF ATU

A407 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Police pursuits-concerns guidelines REF ALP

A408 Bodine,F/Biondi,P Traffic congestion avoidance prog.-req REF ATR

A409 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Emerg. bldg. inspectors-concerns REF AHO

A410 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Divorce, collaborative-estab. REF AJU

A411 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Retire The Debt Acct.-creates REF AAP

A412 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Flu vaccine-proh. excessive price incr. REF AHE

A413 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Sr. cit/disab-sewerage, mun util svc fee REF AHO

A414 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L St. Auditor-concerns cert. audits REF AAP

A415 Bodine,F/Bramnick,J Laser-penal. for pointing at veh. REF ALP

A416 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Mun. consolidation-concerns REF AHO

A417 Bodine,F/Bramnick,J Class IV lasers-seller maintain records REF ALP

A418 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Ambulatory care fac.-repeals assessment REF AHE

A419 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Med. malpractice liab.-concerns REF AFI

A420 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Missing persons, Alzheimers, juv-concern REF ALP

A421 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Fuel oil sales-proh. price gouging REF ACO

A422 Bodine,F Gas, Heating Oil Reserves Task Force REF ACO

A423 Mayer,D/Van Drew,J Hunting lic., free-active duty memb. REF AMV

A424 Mayer,D/Greenwald,L+2 Dept. of Vet. Affairs-estab. new REF AMV

A425 Mayer,D MV insur. id, fraudulent-crime REF ALP

A426 Mayer,D Criminal mischief-upgrades REF AJU

A427 Mayer,D/Gordon,R+5 MV fines-concerns REF AAP

A428 Mayer,D+1 Yo-Yo Waterballs-bans sale REF ACO

A429 Mayer,D Intoxicated driv.-impose $50 surcharge REF ALP

A430 Mayer,D/Van Drew,J Sch. supplies, donated-corp bus tax cred REF AED

A431 Mayer,D/Voss,J+12 Domestic viol.-concerns REF AJU

A432 Mayer,D/Voss,J+20 Domestic Viol Workforce Devel Initiative REF ALA

A433 Mayer,D Well testing costs-owner St tax deduct REF AEN

A434 Mayer,D/Voss,J+23 Security, Finan. Empowerment Act-creates REF ALA

A435 Mayer,D/Gordon,R Fraternal Order of Police-lic. plates REF ATR

A436 Mayer,D Domestic viol.-concerns REF AJU

A437 Mayer,D Haz. discharge sites, cert.-concerns REF AAN

A438 Mayer,D/Gordon,R+2 Fraternal Order of Police-special lic. REF ALP

A439 Mayer,D/Conaway,H Med. transp. svcs.-health insur. cover REF AFI

A440 Mayer,D Sex off.-proh. erectile dysfunction drug REF ALP

A441 Mayer,D/Blee,F Domestic viol offenders-elec. monitoring REF AJU

A442 Vas,J Bd. of ed. memb.-reveal crim. conviction REF ASG

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A443 Vas,J/Stack,B+2 Alco. bev. lic.-concerns REF ALP

A444 Vas,J/Cryan,J Personal prop.-concerns cert. taxes REF AHO

A445 Vas,J/Diegnan,P+3 Hosp. Infection Reporting Act REF AHE

A446 Vas,J/Blee,F Pupil health-concerns REF AED

A447 Vas,J+4 Fraternal benf. societies-concerns REF AFI

A448 Vas,J/Diegnan,P+2 Higher Ed. Study Comm.-estab. REF AHI

A449 Vas,J+1 Sexual assault-concerns REF AJU

A450 Vas,J TPAF-incr. elig. comp. level REF ASG

A451 Vas,J Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Day-Nov. 3 REF AHE

A452 Vas,J Psychology, unlic. practice-concerns REF AHE

A453 Vas,J Zoning ordiance-adopt aesthetic standard REF AHO

A454 Vas,J Textbook purchases-income tax credit REF ABU

A455 Vas,J Sex off.-concerns REF ALP

A456 Vas,J Sex off.-concerns REF ALP

A457 Green,J Crime against child under 16-sentencing REF AJU

A458 Green,J Smoking, minors-proh. in St. funded fac. REF AHE

A459 Green,J/Bateman,C+14 Pyramid promo. schemes-crim. penal. REF AJU

A460 Green,J/Egan,J Campus security plans-higher ed. instit. REF AHS

A461 Green,J/Chivukula,U Child passenger restraint sys.-concerns REF ATR

A462 Green,J/Watson Coleman,B+4 Landlord-rental premises evictions REF AHO

A463 Green,J+7 Bail req.-concerns REF AJU

A464 Green,J/Manzo,L+11 Gang related loitering-enact ordinance REF ALP

A465 Green,J/Gregg,G+11 Animal-include in term "deadly weapon" REF AJU

A466 Green,J+15 Adult cardiac surgery svcs.-concerns REF AHE

A467 Green,J/Merkt,R+1 Condo. master deeds-concerns REF AHO

A468 Green,J/Stender,L+7 Co. sheriffs, emp-estab. prof. standards REF AHO

A469 Green,J/Burzichelli,J+13 Assault by animal-estab. crime REF AJU

A470 Green,J/Burzichelli,J+12 Affordable Housing-estab. Jt. Committee REF AHO

A471 Green,J+1 UEZA, joint-auth. desig. REF ACE

A472 Green,J/Cryan,J+14 Health care fac. emp.-concerns REF AHE

A473 Green,J/Vas,J Truth in Renting booklet-concerns REF AHO

A474 Bateman,C+1 Common Interest & Homeowners' Assn. Act REF AHO

A475 Bateman,C/Gregg,G+1 Community Dispute Resolution Comm.-estab REF AHO

A476 Bateman,C+1 Common interest communities-prop. mgr. REF AHO

A477 Bateman,C Homeowner's assn.-concerns;$99K REF AHO

A478 Bateman,C Homeowners' assn.-concerns reg. REF AHO

A479 Bateman,C/Biondi,P Homeowners' assn.-concerns REF AHO

A480 Bateman,C Homeowners' assoc. bd.-concerns control REF AHO

A481 Bateman,C Condo. laws-amends REF AHO

A482 Bateman,C Homeowners' assn.-concerns governance REF AHO

A483 Bateman,C/Cohen,N+1 Divorce-adds irreconcilable differences REF AJU

A484 Bateman,C Sewerage sys.-concerns connections REF AHO

A485 Bateman,C/Biondi,P Juv. delinquency cases-mun. jurisdiction REF AJU

A486 Bateman,C/Biondi,P+6 Fire Engine and Equip. Museum;$2M REF ALP

A487 Bateman,C/Biondi,P Unauth. absence-concerns REF AED

A488 Bateman,C/Merkt,R+3 St-chartered cred union-exemp sales tax REF AFI

A489 Bateman,C/Biondi,P Devel. disab-juv. background check REF AHU

A490 Bateman,C+1 Underage driv.-BAC testing REF ALP

A491 Bateman,C Co prosecutor-10 yr legal experience req REF AJU

A492 Bateman,C Damaged resid.-prov. refundable tax cred REF AHO

A493 Bateman,C/Biondi,P DWI-expand statute, incl. blood testing REF ALP

A494 Bateman,C/Munoz,E+3 Med. malpractice-concerns witnesses REF AFI

A495 Bateman,C Affordable housing-concerns cert fees REF AHO

A496 Bateman,C/Manzo,L+1 Abandoned/unclaimed mv-concerns REF ATR

A497 Bateman,C/Malone,J+2 Co. coll.-concerns bd. of trustees REF AHI

A498 Bateman,C/DeCroce,A+2 MV fines, cert.-decreases REF ATR

A499 Bateman,C/Panter,M+1 Artificial reefs;approp. up to $250K REF AEN

A511 Bateman,C Radon bus. lic.-limits annual fees REF AEN

A512 Bateman,C/Biondi,P Felony murder-concerns REF AJU

A513 Bateman,C/Biondi,P St.-owned prop.-concerns REF ASG

A514 Bateman,C UI surcharges-concerns REF ALA

A515 Bateman,C/Biondi,P Sch. vol., unpaid-crim. hist. check REF AED

A516 Bateman,C Crime victims' rights-concerns REF AJU

A517 Bateman,C Natl. Guard-reimb. life insur. premiums REF AMV

A518 Bateman,C/Greenwald,L+1 Exec. Comm. on Ethical Standards-memb. REF ASG

A519 Bateman,C/Gregg,G+1 Auto insur.-concerns REF AFI

A520 Panter,M Voc high sch prog-sending dist pay cost REF AED

A521 Panter,M Executive Branch-proh. relatives as emp. REF ASG

A522 Panter,M Open Pub. Meetings Act-incr viol. fines REF ASG

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A523 Panter,M Leg., Gov.-file finan. statement REF ASG

A524 Panter,M Leg. memb.-concerns holding dual office REF ASG

A525 Panter,M+2 Black bear hunting-proh. REF AEN

A526 Panter,M St., co., mun., sch. contracts-concerns REF ASG

A527 Panter,M+1 Leg., PERS cred.-desig. one position REF ASG

A528 Panter,M Camp. contrib, cert bus entities-concern REF ASG

A529 Panter,M Pub. contracts-proh awards, cert pub off REF ASG

A530 Panter,M Pub. sch. emp.-proh. cert. suppl. comp. REF AED

A531 Panter,M/Vas,J+12 Suicide prev.-concerns instruction REF AED

A532 Panter,M/Voss,J+1 Wildlife Rehab. Lic. Study Comm.-estab. REF AAN

A533 Panter,M Pupils dist. of residence-concerns REF AED

A534 Panter,M Nurse, regis.-pronouncement of death REF AHE

A535 Panter,M Dogs and cats-proh. trapping REF AAN

A536 Panter,M Pub. Corruption Civil Recovery Act REF AJU

A537 Panter,M/Voss,J+4 Condemnation of cert resid prop-concerns REF AHO

A538 Hackett,M Child passenger restraints-concerns REF ATR

A539 Hackett,M PAAD/Sr Gold prescrip prog-concerns elig REF AHE

A540 Hackett,M DYFS-ensure caseworker safety REF AHU

A541 Hackett,M Firearm theft-report within 72 hrs. REF ALP

A542 Hackett,M Tattooing/Body Piercing Practice Act REF ARP

A543 Hackett,M Telephone dialing req.-concerns REF ATU

A544 Hackett,M PERS-concerns purchase of svc. credit REF ASG

A545 Hackett,M Alternative ed. prog.-concerns REF AED

A546 Hackett,M Svc. station fac.-concerns REF ATR

A547 Hackett,M Towing/storage svc. contracts-concerns REF ATR

A548 Hackett,M NJT Corp. prop.-pymts. in lieu of taxes REF ATR

A549 Hackett,M Radon testing-sale, lease of resid. prop REF AEN

A550 Hackett,M/Burzichelli,J+2 DYFS emp.-estab. in-house counseling REF AHU

A551 Hackett,M DYFS caseworkers-prov. w/police asst. REF AHU

A552 Hackett,M Mun., co. streets-clarify jurisdiction REF ATR

A553 Hackett,M Pub emp benf-concerns union premium pymt REF ASG

A554 Hackett,M/McKeon,J Sch. dist.-estab. emerg./crises plan REF AED

A555 Hackett,M Higher ed. tuition bills-concerns REF AHI

A556 Hackett,M Hosp. closures, nonprofit-AG oversight REF AHE

A557 Hackett,M Obscene materials-proh. pub. sch. fac. REF AED

A558 Hackett,M Obscene materials-proh. pub. sch. fac. REF AED

A559 Hackett,M Substance abuse treatment fac.;$100M REF AHE

A560 Kean,S/Corodemus,S P.O.W.-auth. lic. plates REF ATR

A561 Kean,S EMT/firefighters, vol.-mileage reimb. REF ALP

A562 Kean,S/Dancer,R+1 Sr. Gold prog-incr. elig. REF AHE

A563 Kean,S Disab. vet. allowance-annual adjustment REF AMV

A564 Kean,S Tobacco control funding-concerns REF AHE

A565 Kean,S/Holzapfel,J Juv. boot camps-concerns sites REF ALP

A566 Kean,S Distinguished Flying Cross-lic. plate REF ATR

A567 Kean,S/Corodemus,S+1 Black Creek/Wreck Pond dredging;$5M REF AAN

A568 Kean,S/Blee,F+2 Nursing ed prog.-income tax deduction REF AED

A569 Kean,S/Wisniewski,J+6 UEZ-concerns REF ACE

A570 Kean,S/Baroni,B Pol. contrib-proh loans by cert. persons REF ASG

A571 Kean,S Mil., receiving combat pay-tax exemp. REF AMV

A572 Kean,S/Baroni,B+2 Kidnapping, child under 16-incr. penal. REF AJU

A573 Kean,S Polling places-limits use of schs. REF ASG

A574 Kean,S/McHose,A St. Ads and Promotions Comm.-estab. REF ASG

A575 Kean,S+7 Striped bass-changes limits REF AAN

A576 Kean,S Handicapped parking spaces-concerns REF ATR

A577 Kean,S Smoke free establishment-tax rate REF AHE

A578 Kean,S/Corodemus,S+1 Camp. contrib.-concerns REF ASG

A579 Kean,S/Corodemus,S+1 Camp. contrib.-proh., person convicted REF ASG

A580 Kean,S/Corodemus,S+1 Camp. contrib., person convicted-concern REF ASG

A581 Kean,S/Corodemus,S+1 Camp. fd.-proh. use, candidate convicted REF ASG

A582 Kean,S Eminent domain-concerns REF AHO

A583 Kean,S Retail sale in UEZ-concerns sales tax REF ACE

A584 Kean,S Sex off.-concerns cert. jobs REF ALP

A585 Kean,S Firefighters-estab hiring preference REF ALP

A586 Kean,S Handicapped placard-concerns temporary REF ATR

A587 Malone,J Sr. Cit. Prot. Act-enacts REF AHE

A588 Malone,J Juv. cases-evidence of prior convictions REF AJU

A589 Malone,J+1 Vet. org.-allocate fds.;$250K REF AMV

A590 Malone,J Sch. bus refurbishment-permits REF AED

A591 Malone,J/Wolfe,D Co. voc. sch. staff-cert. REF AED

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A592 Malone,J John Bull-desig. St. steam locomotive REF ASG

A593 Malone,J Co. voter regis. lists-concerns use REF ASG

A594 Malone,J/Blee,F+1 Ed. foundations-prov. grants to estab. REF AED

A595 Malone,J Disab Amer. Vet. memb.-special lic plate REF ATR

A596 Malone,J Stolen veh. replacement-sales tax exemp. REF AFI

A597 Malone,J+2 Emerg. Svcs. Vol. Award Prog.-loc. vol. REF AHS

A598 Malone,J Dog shelters-concerns rabies inoculation REF AAN

A599 Malone,J/Wolfe,D+4 Ed. tech. training ctrs.;$2.8M REF AED

A601 Malone,J/Wolfe,D Geriatric assessment ctr.;$1.4M REF AHE

A602 Malone,J/Wolfe,D Pub. sch. dist.-long-range fac. plans REF AED

A603 Malone,J/Blee,F Sch. bd. emp.-mil. svc. cred. REF ASG

A604 Malone,J Fire off. and inspectors-concerns REF AHO

A605 Malone,J/Blee,F+1 Medicare/PAAD-incr. cert. pharmacy fees REF AHE

A606 Malone,J/Cruz-Perez,N Women vet. mem., Arneytown;$25K REF AMV

A607 Malone,J Emp. discrim.-makes cert. changes REF AJU

A608 Malone,J Teaching asst.-effective teaching skills REF AHI

A609 Malone,J Medicaid reimb-incr assisted living prov REF AHE

A610 Malone,J St. contracts-revise criteria REF ASG

A611 Malone,J Finan single personal disclosure-estab. REF ASG

A612 Malone,J Foster home children-St pay req ed. cost REF AED

A613 Malone,J Co. Corrections Off. Act REF ALP

A614 Malone,J Abbott dist.-concerns designation REF AED

A615 Malone,J Substance awareness coordinator-concerns REF AED

A616 Malone,J+12 Investment clubs-concerns REF AAP

A617 Malone,J/Wisniewski,J+1 Teenage Driv. Safety Study Comm.-estab.- REF ATR

A618 Malone,J Homestead prop. tax reimb.-revise elig. REF AAP

A619 Malone,J+3 Fatal accidents-breath, blood test req. REF ALP

A620 Malone,J Guardianship law-amends REF AJU

A621 Malone,J/Wolfe,D Sch. bd. emp.-NJEA convention REF AED

A622 Malone,J/Blee,F Defibrillators-place in pub. sch complex REF AED

A623 Malone,J/Dancer,R Homeless students-limit transp. costs REF AED

A624 Malone,J S corp. bus. tax credits-concerns REF ACE

A625 Malone,J/Beck,J Abbott dist. desig.-concerns REF AED

A626 Rumpf,B/Connors,C+2 Sr. Helping Sr., Demo. Prog.-DHS;$360K REF AHE

A627 Rumpf,B/Connors,C VetGroup, Inc.-income tax contrib. REF AMV

A628 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Distinguished svc. medal-auth lic. plate REF ATR

A629 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Disab vet. prop. tax exemption-St reimb. REF AMV

A630 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Animal rescue units-civil liab. immunity REF AJU

A631 Rumpf,B/Connors,C SPRS accidental death benf.-computation REF ASG

A632 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Transp. Trust Fd. proj-concerns revenues REF ATR

A633 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Mil. svc., cert-free hunting/fishing lic REF AMV

A634 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Naval combat svc.-auth. lic. plate REF ATR

A635 Rumpf,B/Connors,C+2 Sr. cit. stabilization aid-incr. to $500 REF AED

A636 Rumpf,B/Connors,C+3 Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs-estab REF AAN

A637 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Security off., State-concerns REF AHS

A638 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Beach access-concerns REF AMV

A639 Rumpf,B/Connors,C+1 Sex offenders-concerns REF ALP

A640 Rumpf,B/Bramnick,J+1 Escapees apprehension costs-concerns REF ALP

A641 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Poppies, sale of-remove time restriction REF AMV

A642 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Driv. w/out lic.-concerns REF ALP

A643 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Surviving spouse, cert. vet-annual comp REF AMV

A644 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Sexual assault, minor-mandatory terms REF ALP

A645 Rumpf,B/Connors,C+1 Engine coolant/antifreeze-concerns REF AEN

A646 Rumpf,B Sex offenders-concerns REF ALP

A647 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+1 Distinguished Flying Cross-lic. plate REF ATR

A648 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+1 Bronze Star-special lic. plate REF ATR

A649 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Lyme disease-req. health insur. to cover REF AFI

A650 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Arson Investigation Fd.-create new penal REF AJU

A651 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Pub. Sch. Ed. Fd. Comm.-estab. REF AED

A652 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+9 Vet. prop. tax exemp.-extends to co-op. REF AMV

A653 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Pub. emp. theft-garnish pension contrib. REF ASG

A654 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Workers comp.-excl. cert. illegal aliens REF ALA

A655 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Med. alarm equip.-exemp. sales & use tax REF ATU

A656 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Sch. Tax Policy Funding Comm.-creates REF AED

A657 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+1 Home Care Expansion Prog.;$8M REF AHE

A658 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Charitable org., cert.-concerns donation REF ACO

A659 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+3 Dredging of cert. waterways-concerns REF AEN

A660 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+3 Dredging acct., special-estab. REF AEN

A661 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+3 Dredging, navigational waterways-concern REF AEN

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A662 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Aliens receiving St. money-verify status REF AHE

A663 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+1 Compulsory liab., no fault insur.-elim. REF AFI

A664 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Elective pub. off, seeking-disclose info REF ASG

A665 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Nuclear Power Fac. Decomm. Council REF ATU

A666 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Cruelty to animals-concerns REF AAN

A667 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+5 Patient infections-hosp. report info. REF AHE

A668 Connors,C+1 Vet., cert. conflicts-prov. cert. benf. REF AMV

A669 Connors,C/Rumpf,B St Rev Forecasting Integrity Comm-estab REF AAP

A670 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Mun. auth. over cert. emp.-concerns REF AHO

A671 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Internet Predator Investigation Fd-estab REF AJU

A672 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Greenhead flies-control population;$250K REF AHO

A673 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Long Beach Island connector bridge;$150M REF ATR

A674 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Homestead prop. tax reimb.-concerns REF AHO

A675 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Liquor store lic.-concerns hearing REF ALP

A676 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Notaries pub.-US cit. req. REF AJU

A677 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Beach access prog.-DEP estab. REF AEN

A678 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Hotel and motel occupancy taxes-repeals REF ATG

A679 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Amber Alert sys.-concerns funding REF ALP

A680 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+2 St.-Admin. Retir. Sys. Study Comm-estab. REF ASG

A681 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+2 Finan. exploitation of elderly-offense REF AHE

A682 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Charitable contrib thru income tax-allow REF ABU

A683 Baroni,B Pol. contrib.-proh. cert. REF ASG

A684 Baroni,B Homestead prop. tax. reimb.-elig. REF AAP

A685 Baroni,B Rte. 92 Freeway extension-repeal auth. REF ATR

A686 Baroni,B Safe corridor-expands definition REF ATR

A687 Baroni,B Traffic control on NJ Turnpike-concerns REF ATR

A688 Baroni,B+1 Commercial trucks-Tpk. Auth reduce tolls REF ATR

A689 Baroni,B Teacher cert-estab notice req/deadline REF AED

A690 Baroni,B Medicare prescrip. drug prog.-concerns REF AHE

A691 Baroni,B+1 Camp. contrib., cert.-concerns REF ASG

A692 Baroni,B Mun. prof. svc contracts awards-proh Leg REF ASG

A693 Baroni,B+1 Leg. relatives-proh. cert. emp. REF ASG

A694 Baroni,B+1 Elected off.-proh. more than one off. REF ASG

A695 Baroni,B+1 Elected off.-file disclosure statements REF ASG

A696 Baroni,B+2 PERS-concerns leg. memb. REF ASG

A697 Baroni,B/Thompson,S+1 ELEC-concerns cert. fees and penal. REF ASG

A698 Baroni,B+1 Gov. & staff-clarify ethical standards REF ASG

A699 Baroni,B/Kean,S+1 Camp. Contrib. Reporting Act-concerns REF ASG

A701 Baroni,B+3 Investment of assets-clarifies REF ASG

A702 Baroni,B Declaration of Independence-mark graves REF AEN

A703 Baroni,B Amer. Revolution Museum-constr.;$50K REF AEN

A704 Baroni,B Leg., Exec. Branch-reg receipt of things REF ASG

A705 Baroni,B Sr. cit. stabilization aid-incr. to $500 REF AED

A706 Baroni,B/Kean,S+8 Borough Enterprise Zone Prog.-creates REF ACE

A707 Baroni,B Govt. spending-St. constit. convention REF ASG

A708 Baroni,B/Greenstein,L+2 Defibrillators-req. in pub. sch. bldgs. REF AED

A709 Baroni,B/Gregg,G+9 Sch. dist. budget caps-concerns REF AED

A710 Baroni,B Higher ed. fac.-issue constr. bonds REF AHI

A711 Baroni,B/Bodine,F+2 Ambulatory care fac.-concerns tax REF AHE

A712 Baroni,B Payments in lieu of taxes-concerns REF AHO

A713 Baroni,B/Blee,F Street gangs-concerns REF AJU

A714 Baroni,B Hist. sites;$90K REF AEN

A715 Baroni,B/Kean,S Aggravated sexual assault-mand life REF AJU

A716 Baroni,B Armed Forces cert-auth marriage by proxy REF AJU

A717 Russo,D/Kean,S+2 Tobacco, smokeless-proh use in pub. sch. REF AHE

A718 Russo,D Cred. card-proh. solicitation of student REF AHI

A719 Russo,D/O'Toole,K+2 General Accounting Office-estab. REF ASG

A720 Russo,D Gift cert.-concerns redemption REF ACO

A721 Russo,D Special Med. Malpractice Part-estab. REF AJU

A722 Russo,D Judgeships, Superior Ct.-creates twelve REF AJU

A723 Russo,D Superior Court-estab. Bus. Part REF AJU

A724 Russo,D/Cohen,N Federal income tax advantages-extends REF AAP

A725 Russo,D/Steele,A Voter id procedures-conforms REF ASG

A726 Russo,D/Gusciora,R Bus. taxes, estimated-concerns REF AAP

A727 Russo,D Bus. Court-creates REF AJU

A728 Blee,F/Malone,J Child off, w/internet-aggravating factor REF AJU

A729 Blee,F/Greenwald,L Holocaust Ed. Comm-monitor internet info REF AED

A730 Blee,F Higher Ed. Internship Prog.-estab.;$5M REF AHI

A731 Blee,F Viol. Free Sch. Zones-estab. REF AED

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A732 Blee,F Pinelands devel credits-desig cert areas REF AAN

A733 Blee,F Special ed. lic. plate-creates REF ATR

A734 Blee,F+1 Lic. person-concerns resid. disclosure REF ARP

A735 Blee,F/Wolfe,D+7 Sch. personnel, cert.-liab. immunity REF AED

A736 Blee,F/Cruz-Perez,N Prescription drug benf.-concerns REF AHE

A737 Blee,F+24 Disabled-estab. co. off. REF AHE

A738 Blee,F/Quigley,J+1 Interscholastic athletic prog-concerns REF AED

A739 Blee,F Desig. driv. lic. plates, special-estab. REF ATR

A740 Blee,F/Barnes,P+1 PFRS-incr. post-retir. health care benf. REF ASG

A741 Blee,F/Cohen,N+4 Leukemia, Lymphoma Society-vol. contrib. REF AHE

A742 Blee,F/Vas,J Safe Haven Awareness Promo. Task Force REF AHE

A743 Blee,F/Van Drew,J+3 Alco. Ed, Rehab. & Enforce. Fd.-incr. fd REF ALP

A744 Blee,F/Johnson,G Harassment prev., pub. sch.-concerns REF AED

A745 Blee,F/Burzichelli,J Task Force on NJ's Pub. Health Workforce REF AHE

A746 Blee,F Mentally ill offenders-estab prog REF AHU

A747 Blee,F/McHose,A+1 Approp., nature of grants-in-aid-concern REF ABU

A748 Blee,F/Malone,J Donated leave prog.-St. emp. participate REF ASG

A749 Blee,F/O'Toole,K Line item disclosure, all St. rev.-req. REF AAP

A750 Blee,F Sex off.-concerns evacuations REF ALP

A751 Blee,F Telemarketing sales calls, cert-concerns REF ATU

A752 Gordon,R/Manzo,L Health Care Access Study Comm.-estab. REF AHE

A753 Gordon,R/Voss,J+4 Handicapped, prov. emp.-bus. tax cred. REF AHE

A754 Gordon,R+3 Nurse staffing standards-estab. REF AHE

A755 Gordon,R/Pou,N+1 Hearing Aid Asst, Aged Prog-incr subsidy REF AHE

A756 Gordon,R/Manzo,L Influenza vaccine-concerns availability REF AHE

A757 Gordon,R/Manzo,L Mufflers, after-market-concerns REF AEN

A758 Gordon,R/Johnson,G+1 TPAF, cert-extend St-pd health care benf REF ASG

A759 Gordon,R/McKeon,J+1 Tenant rebates-concerns REF AHO

A761 Gordon,R+1 Students-concerns self-admin medications REF AED

A762 Gordon,R/Voss,J Sch. fac. constr. proj.-concerns REF AED

A763 Gordon,R/Greenstein,L+1 Computer crimes-concerns REF ATU

A764 Gordon,R/McKeon,J+4 Hunting, computer-assisted-proh. REF AAN

A765 Gordon,R/Voss,J Meadowlands Econ. Devel. Trust-creates REF ACE

A766 Caraballo,W/Wisniewski,J Sex offenders-regis. in foreign country REF ALP

A767 Caraballo,W/Stanley,C St-operated sch. dist.-reestab. loc. bd. REF AED

A768 Caraballo,W/O'Toole,K+3 Commercial incentive zones-mun. estab. REF ACE

A769 Caraballo,W No-fault auto. insur. law-repeals REF AFI

A770 Caraballo,W Debt, cert.-young person not liable REF AFI

A771 Caraballo,W Trucks, fatal crashes-criminal sanctions REF AJU

A772 Caraballo,W Trucks, cert-semi-annual inspections req REF ATR

A773 Caraballo,W+1 Death penal. in NJ-abolish REF AJU

A774 Caraballo,W Sports & Entertainment Dist. Financ. Act REF AAP

A775 Caraballo,W+6 Group homes, tax-exempt-St. aid to mun. REF AHO

A776 Caraballo,W+2 Computer embezzlement-actions for damage REF ATU

A777 Caraballo,W+3 ID theft-expungement of cert. records REF AJU

A778 Caraballo,W Cable TV franchise fees-incr. REF ATU

A779 Caraballo,W/Johnson,G+11 Expungement, cert. records-concerns REF AJU

A780 Caraballo,W/Vas,J+2 Consumer Fraud Act-concerns REF ACO

A781 Caraballo,W/Pou,N+4 Sr. Cit. Housing, Health Screening Prog REF AHE

A782 Caraballo,W Income tax cred.-enroll in NJ Coll. REF AHI

A783 Caraballo,W Domestic viol restraining order-concerns REF AJU

A784 Caraballo,W Stalking-concerns REF AJU

A785 Caraballo,W/Munoz,E+2 Overcrowding-auth. addl. fines REF AHO

A786 Caraballo,W Pub. util.-concerns overpymts. REF ATU

A787 Caraballo,W Prop-casualty-concerns use of cred info REF AFI

A788 Caraballo,W Violent predators-estab civil commitment REF AJU

A789 Caraballo,W Juv. repeat sex offender-req. sentencing REF AJU

A790 Caraballo,W Bd. of ed. policies-concerns adoption REF AED

A791 Caraballo,W/Oliver,S+3 Auto insur policies, special-expand elig REF AFI

A792 Caraballo,W Nat. gas pipeline safety viol-incr penal REF ATU

A793 Caraballo,W/McKeon,J+1 Community Health Law Proj.-estab. rev. REF AHO

A794 Caraballo,W/Stanley,C Charter sch., Abbott dist.-St. fd. REF AED

A795 Caraballo,W+5 Death penal.-repeals REF AJU

A796 Caraballo,W+1 Drug offense in sch zone-elim cert penal REF ALP

A797 Caraballo,W/Gregg,G+16 Rental-purch. agreements-reg. REF ACO

A798 Caraballo,W/Biondi,P+3 Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act REF AHO

A799 Caraballo,W/Conaway,H Cred. card accts.-concerns REF AFI

A801 Caraballo,W Cell phones-concerns sale REF ACO

A802 Caraballo,W/Oliver,S Fiscal notes, criminal penal.-concerns REF AJU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A803 Caraballo,W/Voss,J Pub. util.-access to abandoned prop. REF ATU

A804 Caraballo,W/Vas,J CATV svc.-concerns reg. REF ATU

A805 Caraballo,W Energy asst. prog.-incr. amt. available REF ATU

A806 Chivukula,U/Greenstein,L Religious societies-clarify incorp. law REF ASG

A807 Chivukula,U Internatl. labor matching org.-concerns REF ALP

A808 Chivukula,U Internatl. matchmaking org.-concerns REF ALP

A809 Chivukula,U Farmland preserv. prop.-concerns REF AAN

A810 Chivukula,U+1 Priv. well testing-concerns REF AEN

A811 Chivukula,U+1 Lemon law, new mv-extends period REF ACO

A812 Payne,W Handguns-proh. sale, possession REF ALP

A813 Payne,W+1 Adoptees-allows access to birth cert. REF AHU

A814 Payne,W Family life ed.-instruction on parenting REF AED

A815 Payne,W+1 Early retir. benf.-co., mun. emp. REF ASG

A816 Payne,W False reports, cert.-upgrades crime REF AJU

A817 Payne,W/Watson Coleman,B+1 African-Amer. Affairs Advis Comm.-estab. REF ASG

A818 Payne,W Sex offender, ADTC-aftercare treatment REF ALP

A819 Payne,W/Chivukula,U+1 Tobacco-proh possession/purch, under 18 REF ALP

A820 Payne,W/Gusciora,R+2 Correctional fac., priv. owned-concerns REF ALP

A821 Payne,W Tobacco manuf.-proh. PERS investment REF ASG

A822 Payne,W Central mun. drug court-co. estab. REF AJU

A823 Payne,W/Gusciora,R St.-admin. retir. sys.-reduce contrib. REF ASG

A824 Payne,W Sch. aid-enrollment overcount REF AED

A825 Payne,W/Gusciora,R Adoption expenses-income tax cred. REF AHU

A826 Payne,W+4 Crime witness, failure to report-crime REF AJU

A827 Payne,W/Johnson,G+3 St. Police mv stops-quarterly studies REF ALP

A828 Payne,W/Johnson,G St. Police misconduct-civilian review bd REF ALP

A829 Payne,W/Watson Coleman,B+2 St. Police misconduct-concerns REF ALP

A830 Payne,W St. operated sch. dist.-restoration REF AED

A831 Payne,W Child support-health insur. coverage REF AHU

A832 Payne,W/Hackett,M Co prosecutors' off costs-St. assumption REF AJU

A833 Payne,W/Cohen,N+5 Wynona Lipman Ethnic Studies Ctr.;$95K REF AHI

A834 Payne,W/Hackett,M Abbott dist.-incl. cert co voc. sch dist REF AED

A835 Payne,W/Barnes,P Commercial MV-auth. loc. off. to inspect REF ATR

A836 Payne,W/Munoz,E+9 North Jersey Research Initiative;$1M REF AHE

A837 Payne,W Complimentary Svcs. Excise Tax REF ABU

A838 Payne,W/Stanley,C Core curriculum standards aid-concerns REF AED

A839 Payne,W/Van Drew,J+49 Child prot. svcs cases-clarify procedure REF AHU

A840 Payne,W/Gusciora,R+6 Medicaid-concern pymt. for prescriptions REF AHE

A841 Payne,W/Stanley,C+3 Prosecutorial Cost Relief Pilot Prog. REF AJU

A842 Payne,W/Roberts,J UMDNJ's Univ. Hosp. renovations;$13M REF AAP

A843 Payne,W African-Amer. studies-req. teaching cert REF AED

A844 Payne,W African-Amer studies-req. training REF AED

A845 Payne,W Centralized Statewide purch sys-concerns REF AED

A846 Payne,W Amistad Comm.-concerns work REF AED

A847 Payne,W Juv. Justice Comm.-asst. w/obtaining doc REF ALP

A848 Payne,W/Munoz,E+11 Billy's Law-concerns special ed students REF AED

A849 Payne,W Newark redevel. proj.;$4M REF AAP

A850 Payne,W Voting right-individuals on probation REF ASG

A851 Stanley,C Preferred Provider Prot. Act REF AFI

A852 Stanley,C Managed care entity-choice of provider REF AFI

A853 Stanley,C+1 St. contract-bidder prov. health benf. REF ASG

A854 Stanley,C+1 Small emp health plan-choice of provider REF AFI

A855 Stanley,C+2 Health insur.-permits choice of provider REF AFI

A856 Stanley,C/Payne,W Hwy. entry/exit ramps-concerns location REF AED

A857 Stanley,C Prop tax revaluation-mun phase in change REF AHO

A858 Stanley,C/Diegnan,P+3 Tuition Aid Grant prog.-expands REF AHI

A859 Stanley,C/Conners,J+2 Dana Christmas Scholarship Prog.-estab. REF AHI

A860 Stanley,C Minimum wage-incr. REF ALA

A861 Stanley,C Prostitution-mand. prison term, near sch REF AJU

A862 Stanley,C Irvington exit/entry ramp-no toll booths REF ATR

A863 Stanley,C Pub. Confidence-Police Integrity-hotline REF ALP

A864 Stanley,C Work First NJ prog.-revise contrib. REF AHU

A865 Stanley,C Speed limit law-expand study of impact REF ATR

A866 Stanley,C Polling place hrs., sch elections-extend REF ASG

A867 Stanley,C+5 Pub. sch. emp.-criminal hist. check REF AED

A868 Stanley,C/Greenstein,L+3 Pupil absences-sch. dist. notify DYFS REF AHU

A869 Stanley,C/Payne,W+15 Litter, toll-free no.-report motorists REF ATR

A870 Stanley,C/Payne,W Court Fac. Act of 2004-creates REF AJU

A871 Stanley,C/Stack,B Barbering/hairstyling-create limited lic REF ARP

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A872 Stanley,C Co. prosecutors-concerns powers REF AJU

A873 Stanley,C Advanced placement incentive grant prog. REF AED

A874 Stanley,C Tuition aid-unclaimed lottery money REF AHI

A875 Stanley,C Helping Outstand Pupils Scholarship Prog REF AED

A876 Stanley,C/Burzichelli,J+3 Alzheimer's disease-fac. prov. training REF AHE

A877 Stanley,C/Cohen,N+3 Alzheimer's disease-fac. list svcs. REF AHE

A878 Stanley,C Teaching Fellows Prog.;$155K REF AED

A879 Stanley,C Early childhood ed.-concerns REF AED

A880 Stanley,C/Van Drew,J+11 Long-Term Care Quality, Finan Task Force REF AHE

A881 Stanley,C Sch. dist.-energy saving improvements REF AED

A882 Stanley,C Thorough & Efficient Pub. Sch. Ed. Comm. REF AED

A883 Stanley,C/Stender,L+3 Pub. schs.-estab. cert food restrictions REF AED

A884 Stanley,C/Vas,J Kindergarten-Oct. 1, uniform elig. date REF AED

A885 Stanley,C Pub. sch. class-size reduct. prog;$42M REF AED

A886 Stanley,C Student-Athlete Head Injuries Task Force REF AED

A887 Stanley,C/Cruz-Perez,N Sch. fac. proj.-concerns St. support REF AED

A894 Gusciora,R+10 Minor consent to HIV treatment-permits REF AHE

A895 Gusciora,R/Panter,M+15 Develop. impact fees-auth mun assessment REF AHO

A896 Gusciora,R/Van Drew,J+23 Historic Prop. Reinvestment Act REF AEN

A897 Gusciora,R/Steele,A+2 Sheriffs-enforce truck weight limits REF ATR

A898 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B+1 Police/Firefighter Home-buyer Asst. Act REF AHO

A899 Gusciora,R/Greenwald,L Group Home Oversight Task Force-estab. REF AHU

A901 Gusciora,R Family life ed.-offer instruction REF AED

A902 Gusciora,R/Stender,L Veh. for the Future Study Comm.-creates REF AEN

A903 Gusciora,R+2 Horseshoe crabs-proh taking REF AAN

A904 Gusciora,R/Wisniewski,J+2 Fuel cell-powered veh.-concerns REF AEN

A905 Gusciora,R+2 Fuel cell-powered equip.-concerns REF AEN

A906 Gusciora,R Police & fire promo. exam-residency cred REF AHO

A907 Gusciora,R Biodiesel fuel-exemp. motor fuels tax REF AAP

A908 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B Delaware Riv Bridge Comm-suppl compact REF ATR

A909 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B+6 Animals-concerns use in product testing REF AAN

A910 Gusciora,R/Fisher,D+2 Env. responsible co.-DEP estab. list REF AEN

A911 Gusciora,R/Diegnan,P+1 Death, cert. mv off-clarify jurisdiction REF AJU

A912 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B+14 Time-growth ordinances-auth mun adoption REF AHO

A913 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B+1 Loc. Pub. Contract Law-concerns REF AHO

A914 Gusciora,R Sch. dist. contracts-annual report REF AED

A915 Gusciora,R Spill Act-prot. from contrib. suits REF AEN

A916 Gusciora,R/Bateman,C Death penal.-create study comm. REF AJU

A917 Gusciora,R Computers for sch. prog.-estab. in DOC REF ALP

A918 Gusciora,R/Greenstein,L Declaration of Independence-grave prog. REF AEN

A919 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B PAAD-incr. income elig. limits REF AHE

A920 Gusciora,R Fish and Game Council-expand memb. REF AAN

A921 Gusciora,R/Wisniewski,J Heavy veh.-raises regis. fee REF ATR

A922 Gusciora,R Recycled materials-concerns REF AEN

A923 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B Naturally Occurring Retir Community prog REF AHE

A924 Gusciora,R/Greenstein,L+37 Credit card solicitations, cert.-proh. REF ACO

A925 Gusciora,R+1 Collective labor negotiations-concerns REF ALA

A926 Gusciora,R/Greenstein,L Prosecutors off., co-St. reimburse costs REF AJU

A927 Gusciora,R Mun. border, major devel.-concerns rev. REF AHO

A928 Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B Animal used for attack-req. removal REF ALP

A929 Gusciora,R Crim. records-automatic expungement REF AJU

A930 Gusciora,R/McKeon,J+17 Law Against Discrim.-amends REF AJU

A931 Gusciora,R+11 MV Owners' Right to Repair Act REF ACO

A932 Gusciora,R/Van Drew,J FamilyCare enrollee emp. info.-concerns REF AHE

A933 Gusciora,R Compassionate Use Med. Marijuana Act REF AHE

A934 Munoz,E/Gordon,R+4 Primary practitioner-loan redemption REF AHE

A935 Munoz,E/O'Toole,K+2 Emerg. veh.-estab. operating guidelines REF AHS

A936 Munoz,E/Bramnick,J Project Shalom;$110K REF AHO

A937 Munoz,E/Bramnick,J+1 Vets' Oral Hist. prog.;$90K REF AMV

A938 Munoz,E+1 September 11th-estab. lic. plate REF ATR

A939 Munoz,E/Bramnick,J Co. govt. effectiveness-create comm;$95K REF AHO

A940 Munoz,E Parking, off-street-mun. enact ordinance REF AHO

A941 Munoz,E/Payne,W+3 Traumatic brain injuries-concerns resid. REF AHE

A942 Munoz,E/Cryan,J+4 Diabetes research/ed.-estab. lic. plate REF ATR

A943 Munoz,E/Bramnick,J Bill of Rights-estab. lic. plate REF ATR

A944 Munoz,E+2 RR right-of-ways, Union Co.-concerns REF AAN

A945 Munoz,E/Bateman,C+1 Med. Care Availability, Patient Prot Act REF AFI

A946 Munoz,E+1 Bone mass measurement-insur. cover REF AFI

A947 Munoz,E+1 Leg.-proh emp. of cert. relatives REF ASG

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A948 Munoz,E/Gregg,G+12 Matthew's Law Limiting Use of Restraints REF AHE

A949 Munoz,E+1 Prison commissary profits-VCCB REF ALP

A950 Munoz,E Parking tickets-concerns REF ATR

A951 Munoz,E Prop. devel.-sign posting req. REF AHO

A952 Munoz,E/Bramnick,J PAAD-changes co-pymt. REF AHE

A953 Munoz,E Loc. Finance Bd. appt.-change qual. REF AHO

A954 Munoz,E/Bramnick,J Pol Communications Reporting Act of 2004 REF ASG

A955 Munoz,E+1 Smoke-Free Air Act REF AHE

A956 Munoz,E+6 Devel. Disab. Div. fac.-concerns REF AHU

A957 Munoz,E/Gusciora,R+2 Elected off.-concerns forfeiture of benf REF ASG

A958 Munoz,E Pub off/emp convicted cert crime-concern REF AJU

A959 Munoz,E Ice/snow on mv-removal req, creates fine REF ALP

A960 Munoz,E/Voss,J+35 Jessica Lunsford Act REF AJU

A961 Munoz,E/Voss,J Epinephrine, cert. students-concerns REF AED

A962 Munoz,E/Bramnick,J Short-line freight rail svcs-contracts REF ATR

A963 Munoz,E/Bramnick,J Motor fuels sale-concerns REF ACO

A964 Stender,L+2 Fire chiefs, paid-mun. appoint REF ALP

A965 Stender,L+5 MV and traffic regulations-concerns REF ATR

A966 Stender,L/Burzichelli,J+11 Vol fire/rescue squad memb-mortgage prog REF AHO

A967 Stender,L+6 Design-build contracts-concerns REF ASG

A968 Stender,L/Wisniewski,J+5 Pub finan.-estab. issuance procedures REF AAP

A969 Stender,L/Wisniewski,J Domestic Security Task Force-incr. memb. REF AHS

A970 Stender,L/Cohen,N+28 PFRS memb., cert.-death, disab. benf. REF ASG

A971 Stender,L Gambling, pathological-insur. benf cover REF AFI

A972 Stender,L/Green,J Sch. fac. proj.-address health hazard REF AED

A973 Stender,L/Pou,N Mold haz., indoor env.-concerns REF AEN

A974 Stender,L/Gusciora,R+1 Realty transfer fee-concerns REF AAN

A975 Stender,L/Cohen,N Entertainment fac., St-owned-policies REF ARP

A976 Stender,L+3 Equivalency or waiver-Ed. Comm. approve REF AED

A977 Stender,L/Scalera,F Video lottery-estab. at racetracks REF ATG

A978 Stender,L Bingo, raffles-revise statutes REF ATG

A979 Stender,L Off-track & Account Wagering Act-revise REF ATG

A980 Stender,L/Diegnan,P+2 Shade Tree, Forestry Asst. Act-concerns REF AED

A981 Stender,L/Van Drew,J Sch. bus safety-concerns standards REF AED

A982 Stender,L St. parks-vol contrib, income tax return REF AAN

A983 Stender,L+1 Zoning ordinances-concerns contents REF AHO

A984 Stender,L Sch. breakfast/lunch-proh. cert. foods REF AED

A985 Stender,L Reverse 9-1-1 sys.-mun. estab. REF ALP

A986 Stender,L/Cohen,N Child restraint sys.-inspector immunity REF ALP

A987 Stender,L/Chivukula,U New crimes-concerns proposals REF AJU

A988 Stender,L/Green,J+1 Constituent dist-repymt of liquid assets REF AED

A989 Stender,L/Gusciora,R+1 Magazine subscriptions-concerns REF ACO

A990 Stender,L/Greenstein,L Emp. physical fitness benf-bus tax cred. REF ACE

A991 Stender,L/Wisniewski,J+1 CATV rates-concerns advertising REF ATU

A992 Stender,L/Cohen,N+6 Dispensing medicine-concerns REF AHE

A993 Stender,L/Scalera,F Lottery terminals-Meadowlands Racetrack REF ATG

A994 Stender,L/Chivukula,U Textbook rental prog.-concerns REF AHI

A995 Prieto,V/Cohen,N Internet casino gambling-AC casino offer REF ATG

A996 Prieto,V/Cohen,N MV, cert.-exempt from inspections REF AEN

A997 Prieto,V/Quigley,J HMDC devel. plans-notify concerned mun. REF AHO

A998 Prieto,V/Munoz,E+16 Resident's hours in hosp.-estab. limits REF AHE

A999 Prieto,V/Manzo,L+2 Autism disorders-concerns coverage REF AFI

A1001 Prieto,V+2 Needle electromyography-physicians REF AHE

A1002 Prieto,V/Holzapfel,J+2 Funeral establishments-ad. disclosures REF ARP

A1003 Prieto,V/Cohen,N+2 Chiropractors physicians-reimb same rate REF AFI

A1004 Prieto,V/Caraballo,W RR lines-NJT devel. emerg. plan REF ATR

A1005 Prieto,V/Cohen,N+6 Lemon Law-revise refund formula REF ACO

A1006 Prieto,V/Quigley,J Teaching staff memb.-estab. min. salary REF AED

A1007 Prieto,V/Quigley,J Small bus.-NJ sales tax amnesty prog. REF ACE

A1008 Prieto,V/Cohen,N Orthotist, prosthetist-HMO participation REF AFI

A1009 Prieto,V/Cohen,N Auto insur.-modifies provisions REF AFI

A1010 Prieto,V/Stack,B Mun. Land Use Law-revises filing req. REF AHO

A1011 Prieto,V/Stack,B+4 Orthotic appliances-health benf coverage REF AFI

A1012 Prieto,V/Stack,B+1 Tow truck operator-extend responsibility REF ATR

A1013 Prieto,V Jouneyman electricians-concerns qual. REF ARP

A1014 Prieto,V/Biondi,P Cemetery Act-revises various provisions REF ARP

A1015 Prieto,V/Cohen,N Mold inspectors, remediators-regis. REF ARP

A1016 Prieto,V/Cohen,N Heating, ventilating contractors-lic. REF ARP

A1017 Prieto,V Sewer infrastructure improv-prov grant REF AEN

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1018 Prieto,V/Biondi,P Mun. zoning req.-compliance req. REF AHO

A1019 Prieto,V/Scalera,F Constr. permits-concerns REF AHO

A1020 Prieto,V/Quigley,J Sheriff's emp. pension fds.-concerns REF ASG

A1021 Prieto,V/Scalera,F Meadowlands Conserv. Trust-tax contrib. REF AEN

A1022 Prieto,V Homestead prop. tax reimb.-concerns elig REF AHO

A1023 Van Drew,J Rt. 55 extension-devel., design REF ATR

A1024 Van Drew,J/Fisher,D+4 Sch. buses-concerns REF AED

A1025 Van Drew,J/Cruz-Perez,N+6 Pharmacy Qual. Assurance, Error Prev Act REF ACO

A1026 Van Drew,J Abbott dist.-incr. no. REF AED

A1027 Van Drew,J/Gusciora,R+1 Auto insur policies-concern cancellation REF AFI

A1028 Van Drew,J No-fault auto insur. law-repeals REF AFI

A1029 Van Drew,J Hotel occupancy fee-reduce rate REF AHO

A1030 Van Drew,J+11 Pub emp-proh unilateral term changes REF ALA

A1031 Van Drew,J Travel/Tourism Suppl. Rev. Fd.-estab. REF ATG

A1032 Van Drew,J/Scalera,F Fair Market Drug Pricing Act-estab. REF AHE

A1033 Van Drew,J+1 NJ, USA-desig. St. song REF ASG

A1034 Van Drew,J Hotel/motel occupancy fee-reduces REF AAP

A1035 Van Drew,J/Scalera,F+6 St. police veh., used-concerns REF ALP

A1036 Van Drew,J/Fisher,D Vet. Memorial Hwy.-desig. Rt. 55 REF ATR

A1037 Van Drew,J Private bridges, cert.-concerns REF ATR

A1038 Van Drew,J/Cohen,N+9 Skinner's Law-leaving mv accident REF ALP

A1039 Van Drew,J/Mayer,D+23 Sch. bus-concerns penal. for passing REF ATR

A1040 Van Drew,J Swimming pools, cert-safety measures req REF ATG

A1041 Van Drew,J Maurice River Twp, correction fac;$1.2M REF ALP

A1042 Van Drew,J PFRS/SPRS-reinst accidental death benf REF ASG

A1043 Van Drew,J Correctional fac.-concerns St. aid REF ALP

A1044 Van Drew,J/Johnson,G Plant closings, cert-prenotification req REF ALA

A1045 Van Drew,J/Cohen,N+10 Realty transfer fee-elim cert components REF AAP

A1046 Van Drew,J/Greenwald,L Prof sporting events-wagering at casinos REF ATG

A1047 Van Drew,J/Greenstein,L Sch. dist budget caps-revise calculation REF AED

A1048 Van Drew,J+1 Co. bridge comm.-expands cert. powers REF ATR

A1049 Van Drew,J Farmland preserv.-concerns REF AAN

A1050 Van Drew,J+1 Tourism Restructuring Act REF ATG

A1051 Van Drew,J Animal cruelty investigations-concerns REF ALP

A1052 Van Drew,J Sheriff's off.-supplement staff REF ALP

A1053 Van Drew,J Vessels, cert.-proh. taking fish REF AAN

A1054 Van Drew,J Sports and entertainment dist.-creation REF ATG

A1055 Van Drew,J/Oliver,S St. Workforce Investment Sys.-concerns REF ALA

A1056 Van Drew,J Pharmacy Bd.-add two. memb. REF ARP

A1057 Van Drew,J Vets' Hospital Task Force-estab. REF AMV

A1058 Van Drew,J Toll plazas, cert.-southbound collection REF ATR

A1059 Van Drew,J Coastal Southeastern Evac. Task Force REF ALP

A1060 Thompson,S/Van Drew,J+2 Recreational activity cert-liab immunity REF AJU

A1061 Thompson,S+1 Income tax pymt. sys-cred. or debit card REF AAP

A1062 Thompson,S+1 Red heart symbol on lic plates-DMV offer REF ATR

A1063 Thompson,S/Corodemus,S+3 Sch aid-calculation, equalized valuation REF AED

A1064 Thompson,S Prop. tax appeals-concerns filing REF AHO

A1065 Thompson,S Aux. police off-Length of Svc Award prog REF ALP

A1066 Thompson,S Passenger vehicle-concerns REF AHO

A1067 Thompson,S Grandparenting Resource Ctr. Prog.;$3M REF AHE

A1068 Thompson,S+2 Judges-mandate cert. training REF AHE

A1069 Thompson,S/Barnes,P+1 Grandparents Court Liaison Prog.-creates REF AHE

A1070 Thompson,S/Steele,A+1 Family prog.-higher ed instit. develop REF AHI

A1071 Thompson,S+3 Extended family caregivers-housing REF AHO

A1072 Thompson,S+3 Kinship care-concerns REF AHE

A1073 Thompson,S/Gregg,G Homestead rebates-combines applications REF AAP

A1074 Thompson,S+1 Thermal imaging camera-purch loc. police REF ALP

A1075 Thompson,S/Vandervalk,C+3 FamilyCare Health Coverage Prog-expands REF AHU

A1076 Thompson,S+1 Children's hosp., cert.;$16M REF AHE

A1077 Thompson,S/Vandervalk,C+1 Hosp. accounting mgmt. sys.;$2M REF AHE

A1078 Thompson,S+1 Disab. vet.-free admission to St. parks REF AMV

A1079 Thompson,S Plastic, returnable containers-tax exemp REF AEN

A1080 Thompson,S Worker's comp-excludes gratuities REF ALA

A1081 Thompson,S/Chatzidakis,L+2 Prescription tampering-upgrades crime REF AJU

A1082 Thompson,S Sports & Entertainment Dist. Finan. Act REF ACE

A1083 Thompson,S+4 Med. malpractice-statute of limitations REF AFI

A1084 Thompson,S Carrier Appeals Prog.-creates REF AFI

A1085 Thompson,S Toll monitoring sys reports-concerns REF ATR

A1086 Thompson,S Parks, forests-dedicate $20M REF AAN

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1087 Thompson,S Internet svc. prov.-disab. child porn REF AJU

A1088 Thompson,S Med. malpractice procedures-concerns REF AFI

A1089 Thompson,S Affordable housing-concerns REF AHO

A1090 Thompson,S Co. pol. party comm.-limit on contrib. REF ASG

A1091 Thompson,S Kidnapping of minor-upgrade crime REF AJU

A1092 Thompson,S Alco. w/out water machines-proh. sale REF ALP

A1093 Thompson,S Sch. dist. budgets-concerns REF AED

A1094 Thompson,S Sch. transp.-concerns courtesy busing REF AED

A1095 Thompson,S Natl. Guard active duty-concerns memb. REF AMV

A1096 Thompson,S/O'Toole,K Elected officials-concerns cert. comp. REF ASG

A1097 Thompson,S Marinas, cert.-concerns sr cit discounts REF AAN

A1098 Rooney,J New Bridge Landing Hist. Site;$350K REF AAN

A1099 Rooney,J Language, St.-English REF ASG

A1101 Rooney,J/Vandervalk,C Sch. choice pilot prog.-estab. REF AED

A1102 Rooney,J Referenda, loc. nonbinding-broaden scope REF AHO

A1103 Rooney,J DMV suspension notices-certified mail REF ATR

A1104 Rooney,J Uniform Interstate Family Support Act REF AHU

A1105 Rooney,J St. toll rds.-free passage, fed. holiday REF ATR

A1106 Rooney,J/Biondi,P Haz. substances, unusually-concerns REF AEN

A1107 Rooney,J+9 Pub. Surface Water Supply Prot. Act REF AEN

A1108 Rooney,J+2 Surtax for nonresid.-impose REF AAP

A1109 Rooney,J Pub. util.-notify mun. REF ATU

A1110 Rooney,J+2 Govt.-owned prop.-adverse possession REF ATR

A1111 Rooney,J+1 Land conveyances-right of first refusal REF AAN

A1112 Rooney,J Pub. util.-prev. cross-subsidization REF ATU

A1113 Rooney,J Co. and Mun. Waste Reduction Act REF AEN

A1114 Rooney,J Newspapers, free-may publish legal ads. REF AHO

A1115 Rooney,J Energy efficient machinery-req St. purch REF ATU

A1116 Rooney,J Prescription drug labels-concerns REF AHE

A1117 Rooney,J Env. Investment Charges-proh. imposition REF AEN

A1118 Rooney,J/Wolfe,D+1 Drinking water-reevaluate for arsenic REF AEN

A1119 Rooney,J/Gregg,G+10 Gasoline containing MTBE-proh. sale REF AEN

A1120 Rooney,J Rail Transit Vital Site Preserv. Fd;$30M REF ATR

A1121 Rooney,J DYFS emp.-alco., drug testing REF AHU

A1122 Rooney,J Solid Waste Mgt. Act-revises REF AEN

A1123 Rooney,J Solid waste disposal-regulatory reform REF AEN

A1124 Rooney,J Recycling law, regs.-reflects changes REF AEN

A1125 Rooney,J Solid waste disposal-mun. responsible REF AEN

A1126 Rooney,J Mun. solid waste contracts-concerns REF AEN

A1127 Rooney,J Watershed prop.-roll-back taxes REF AAN

A1128 Rooney,J Haz contaminant cleanup-estab regis prog REF AEN

A1129 Rooney,J Candidates-disclose crim. records REF ASG

A1130 Rooney,J Haz. substance, exposure-monitor health REF AEN

A1131 Rooney,J Dry Cleaning Bus. Asst. Act REF AEN

A1132 Rooney,J Mil. retiree id-DMV accept as legal name REF ALP

A1133 Rooney,J Deed form-concerns info. REF AHO

A1134 Rooney,J Family Support Act-concerns reimb. costs REF AHU

A1135 Rooney,J Assessment dist.-calculation of ratio REF AHO

A1136 Rooney,J Diesel trucks, heavy duty-emission viol. REF AEN

A1137 Dancer,R Meetings of pub. bodies-concerns REF AHO

A1138 Dancer,R Land sales, cert.-exclude from income REF AAP

A1139 Dancer,R/Doherty,M Land appraisal, cert.-concerns REF AAN

A1140 Dancer,R+9 Vet. Home Health Care Demo. Prog.;$1M REF AMV

A1141 Dancer,R/Malone,J Mil. leave benf.-penal. for denial REF AMV

A1142 Dancer,R/Malone,J Homestead Prop. Tax Reimb.-restore fding REF AAP

A1143 Dancer,R/Malone,J Hearing aids-health insur. coverage req. REF AFI

A1144 Dancer,R/Chivukula,U Speed limits-concerns mun. streets REF ATR

A1145 Dancer,R Cytotechnologists-ed., supervision req. REF AHE

A1146 Dancer,R Distinguished Svc. Medal-extend elig. REF ASG

A1147 Dancer,R/Fisher,D Downer Soil-desig. NJ St. Soil REF AAN

A1148 Dancer,R+1 Continuing care retir. community-concern REF AHE

A1149 Dancer,R Leg. duties-elim. dual govt. pay REF ASG

A1150 Dancer,R Wireless phone while driv.-penalty REF ATR

A1151 Dancer,R Mayors, former-solemnize marriages REF AJU

A1152 Dancer,R Shopping ctr. leases-concerns REF ACO

A1153 Dancer,R Corrections off., co.-upgrades qualif. REF ALP

A1154 Dancer,R Equine rehab.-creates prog. in DOC REF ALP

A1155 Dancer,R/Blee,F Defibrillators, sr. cit. ctrs-grant prog REF AHE

A1156 Dancer,R PAAD-extends elig., cert. disab. persons REF AHE

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1157 Dancer,R PAAD & Sr. Gold-concerns income elig. REF AHE

A1158 Dancer,R Sr. cit. safe driv. health ctrs.-estab. REF ATR

A1159 Dancer,R Community Living Independently Prog. REF AHE

A1160 Dancer,R/Malone,J Ocular Inflammatory Disease;$1M REF AHE

A1161 Dancer,R/Blee,F Disab. vet. prop tax exemp-elig criteria REF AMV

A1162 Mayer,D/Diegnan,P+4 Mil. medals, insignias-proh. unauth. use REF ALP

A1163 Corodemus,S Sexual off.-elim. statute of limitations REF AJU

A1164 Corodemus,S Sexual off.-elim. statute of limitations REF AJU

A1165 Corodemus,S/Cohen,N+8 Freedom to Fish Act REF AAN

A1166 Corodemus,S+2 Intermun. Devel. Review Act-estab. REF AHO

A1167 Corodemus,S Inmate name change-proh. fee waiver REF ALP

A1168 Corodemus,S Home improve. materials-sales tax exemp. REF AHO

A1169 Corodemus,S Health insur.-disclose fees REF AFI

A1170 Corodemus,S+1 Flood haz. area-low interest loan prog. REF AHO

A1171 Corodemus,S Foot care svcs., routine-defines REF AFI

A1172 Corodemus,S Internet access, pub sch/library-limits REF AED

A1173 Corodemus,S/Stanley,C+4 Hazing-upgrade crim. penal. REF ALP

A1174 Corodemus,S+5 Radon testing, pub. sch.-post results REF AED

A1175 Corodemus,S/DeCroce,A+1 Specialty Nurse Ed. Pilot Prog.;$5M REF AHE

A1176 Corodemus,S/Bodine,F Watershed ed. grants;$1M REF AEN

A1177 Corodemus,S Statewide Water Supply Plan-revisions REF AEN

A1178 Corodemus,S Gov. Integrity Div.-estab. REF ASG

A1179 Corodemus,S/Beck,J+1 St. contracts-post cert. info. REF ASG

A1180 Corodemus,S/Kean,S Inspector General agents-restore auth. REF ALP

A1181 Corodemus,S Harassment prev. prog.;$70K REF AED

A1182 Corodemus,S Local capital budgets-concerns REF AHO

A1183 Corodemus,S EMT training certifications-concerns REF ALP

A1184 Corodemus,S Swimming Pool Install Contractor Reg Act REF ARP

A1185 Corodemus,S/Kean,S Fair & Clean Elections Pilot Proj.-amend REF ASG

A1186 Corodemus,S Mortgage loans transfer-concerns REF AFI

A1187 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+5 Firearm sale-concerns REF ALP

A1188 Diegnan,P/Egan,J+2 Loc. contracting unit-permit flexibility REF AHO

A1189 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+2 MV adjustment prog.-concerns REF ACO

A1190 Diegnan,P/Fisher,D+2 Organ donation info.-high ed. instit. REF AHI

A1191 Diegnan,P/Vas,J+1 Magnetic resonance imaging-insur. cover REF AFI

A1192 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P Sch. buses, newly-manuf.-equip w/sensors REF AED

A1193 Diegnan,P/Hackett,M+5 Parental housing-income tax deduct. REF AHE

A1194 Diegnan,P/Chivukula,U Motor fuels tax-incr. 3 cents per gallon REF ATR

A1195 Diegnan,P/Van Drew,J+1 Sick leave-extends definition REF ALA

A1196 Diegnan,P/Conners,J+4 PERS-concerns reenrollment REF ASG

A1197 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+5 Child, care of DYFS-may not be home-sch. REF AED

A1198 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P Host community benf.-concerns REF AEN

A1199 Diegnan,P/Malone,J+1 Teaching staff, prof. devel.-St. support REF AED

A1201 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+3 Elections, nonpartisan mun.-concerns REF ASG

A1202 Diegnan,P/Conners,J+3 Mortgages of record-concern cancellation REF AFI

A1203 Diegnan,P/Wisniewski,J Constr. lien discharge-prov. procedure REF AFI

A1204 Diegnan,P/Conners,J+2 Veterans' Day-pub. sch. not in session REF AED

A1205 Diegnan,P/Egan,J+3 Mortgage payoff balances-concerns REF AFI

A1206 Diegnan,P/Wisniewski,J+2 MV inspection stickers-concerns REF ATR

A1207 Diegnan,P/Greenstein,L+3 Higher ed. pub. instit-part-time faculty REF AHI

A1208 Diegnan,P/Chivukula,U+2 Health benf. forms, cert.-concerns REF AFI

A1209 Diegnan,P/Vas,J+4 Price gouging-proh. during st. of emerg. REF ACO

A1210 Diegnan,P/Fisher,D+1 Tomato-desig. as St. Vegetable REF AAN

A1211 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P Mun. court-concerns fees REF AJU

A1212 Diegnan,P/Vas,J+3 Teachers-salary guide and schedule REF AED

A1213 Diegnan,P/Egan,J+1 Prop. tax appeals, cert.-concerns REF AHO

A1214 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+2 Defibrillators, assisted living fac.-req REF AHE

A1215 Diegnan,P/Greenstein,L+6 PAAD income elig.-exclude IRA withdrawal REF AHE

A1216 Diegnan,P/Mayer,D Coll Nursing Student Loan Redemption Act REF AHI

A1217 Diegnan,P/Conners,J+8 Sexual offenses, prior-admit evidence REF AJU

A1218 Diegnan,P Loc. bds. of ed-req. to join SHBP REF ASG

A1219 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+5 Mun. court admin.-concerns REF AJU

A1220 Diegnan,P Eminent domain power-req. REF AHO

A1221 Diegnan,P/Egan,J+6 Hearing aid, unreimb. expense-tax cred. REF AHE

A1222 Diegnan,P Baseball Spectator Safety Act of 2005 REF AJU

A1223 DeCroce,A/Pennacchio,J+1 Troy Meadows Nat. Area-St. acquire REF AAN

A1224 DeCroce,A/Pennacchio,J Corp. bus. taxpayers-modify allocation REF ACE

A1225 DeCroce,A/O'Toole,K Media literacy-offer instruction REF AED

A1226 DeCroce,A/Pennacchio,J Tpk. Auth. towing contracts-concerns REF ATR

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1227 DeCroce,A/Blee,F+23 Corp. bus. tax-concerns net deductions REF AAP

A1228 DeCroce,A/Pennacchio,J Watershed lands-concerns prop. tax REF AHO

A1229 DeCroce,A/Thompson,S Insur. fd commissioners-auth appt. REF AHO

A1230 DeCroce,A+7 Highlands Region-affordable housing REF AEN

A1231 DeCroce,A/Pennacchio,J Mun./co. ordinance viol-standardize fine REF AHO

A1232 DeCroce,A St. Police, addl. recruit classes;$3.1M REF ALP

A1233 Voss,J/Stanley,C+1 Sch. fac. demo. proj.-concerns selection REF AED

A1234 Voss,J/Mayer,D Sch. as polling places-limits use REF ASG

A1235 Voss,J Cable tv-impose surcharge REF ATU

A1236 Voss,J/Fisher,D Vo-Tech Ed Teachers Loan Redemption Prog REF AED

A1237 Voss,J/Gordon,R Monk parakeet-concerns REF AAN

A1238 Voss,J Co. coll. emp.-concerns REF AHI

A1239 Voss,J/Greenstein,L Women's Health Off.;$750K REF AHE

A1240 Voss,J Marriage lic.-incr. fees REF AHU

A1241 McHose,A Sewage disposal sys, subsurface-concerns REF AEN

A1242 McHose,A/Conners,J+8 Natl. Guard-concerns tuition benf. REF AHI

A1243 McHose,A Punitive damages-concerns REF AJU

A1244 McHose,A Wildcat Rock Shelter brook-concerns name REF AAN

A1245 McHose,A/O'Toole,K Pre-packaged goods-concerns REF ACO

A1246 McHose,A/Wisniewski,J Mattresses-concern flammability standard REF ACO

A1247 McHose,A/Malone,J Bond issuance-reg. debt. svc. pymt. REF AAP

A1248 McHose,A/Gregg,G+6 Highlands Region-concerns cert. constr REF AEN

A1249 McHose,A Ovarian cancer screening-prov. coverage REF AFI

A1250 McHose,A Hist. prop destruction-criminal mischief REF AJU

A1251 McHose,A/Gregg,G Pupil transp., cert.-concerns REF AED

A1252 McHose,A/Van Drew,J+5 Fishing, hunting-clarify auth. to reg. REF AAN

A1253 McHose,A Dam, Lake Restoration Bond Act of 2005 REF AEN

A1254 McHose,A Income tax cred.-allows one-time REF AAP

A1255 McHose,A Sr. cit. earned income cap.-elim. REF AHE

A1256 McHose,A Cash Mgmt. Fd.-req. cert. investments REF AFI

A1257 McHose,A/Vandervalk,C Sch. psychologists-concerns REF AFI

A1258 Manzo,L/Munoz,E+2 Emerg. svcs, med asst recipients-concern REF AHE

A1259 Manzo,L Sch. dist admin. svcs-consolidation req. REF AED

A1260 Manzo,L Med. Care Access & Patients First Act REF AFI

A1261 Manzo,L Earned income tax cred.-concerns REF AAP

A1262 Manzo,L Vacant prop.-concerns taxation REF AHO

A1263 Manzo,L+1 Diesel-powered veh.-reduce emissions REF AEN

A1264 Manzo,L/Van Drew,J+6 Loc. bd. of health-concerns auth. REF AHE

A1265 Manzo,L Kinship care-concerns REF AHU

A1266 Manzo,L Bayonne MV agency-reopen REF ATR

A1267 Manzo,L Lifeline Cred./Tenants Asst.-COL incr. REF ATU

A1268 Manzo,L Propane tanks-concerns mgmt. REF AEN

A1269 Manzo,L/Blee,F PAAD/Sr. Gold prog.-automatic enrollment REF AHE

A1270 Manzo,L PAAD elig.-exclude cert. winnings REF AHE

A1271 Manzo,L Env. standards, cert.-concerns changes REF AEN

A1272 Manzo,L Contaminated home-prov low interest loan REF AEN

A1273 Manzo,L Resid. rental fees-concerns REF AHO

A1274 Manzo,L Transfer stations-concerns REF AEN

A1275 Manzo,L Property tax abatement-concerns REF AHO

A1276 Manzo,L Camp contrib-limit urban renewal entity REF ASG

A1277 Manzo,L Camp contrib-proh urban renewal entities REF ASG

A1278 Manzo,L/Chivukula,U Health insur. registry-estab. REF AHE

A1279 Manzo,L Terrorist activity-train inspectors REF AHS

A1280 Manzo,L Vacant prop. tax abatement-concerns REF ACE

A1281 Manzo,L Corrections facilities-concerns St reimb REF ALP

A1282 Manzo,L Emp. health benf.-calculate bus tax alt REF ACE

A1283 Manzo,L Manuf retention investment tax cred-prov REF ACE

A1284 Manzo,L NJ SMART Homestead Rebate-estab. REF AAP

A1285 Manzo,L Regional Network Health Benf Plan Prog REF AFI

A1286 Manzo,L Health, dental claims-concerns pymt. REF AFI

A1287 Manzo,L Landlord-proh. cert. tenant fees REF AHO

A1288 Manzo,L/Vas,J Resid. tenant homestead rebates-incr. REF AHO

A1289 Manzo,L/Vas,J+1 Tenants' prop. tax rebate-concerns REF AHO

A1290 Manzo,L/Voss,J Resid. condemnation-req. just comp. REF AHO

A1291 Manzo,L St., loc. govt-electronic purch of goods REF ASG

A1292 Manzo,L Condemnation for redevel purpose-concern REF AHO

A1293 Manzo,L Pub. park reservoirs;$12M REF AAN

A1294 Manzo,L Prop. tax abatements-concerns REF AHO

A1295 Manzo,L RR prop., abandoned-concerns REF AHO

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1296 Biondi,P Regulatory Improvement Advisory Council REF ARP

A1297 Biondi,P/Voss,J+1 Daily money managers-concerns REF ARP

A1298 Biondi,P/DeCroce,A+1 Mun. zoning hearing-concerns notices REF AHO

A1299 Biondi,P Lands for recreation-concerns appraisals REF AAN

A1301 Biondi,P/DeCroce,A+2 Lands for recreation-concern application REF AAN

A1302 Biondi,P/DeCroce,A+2 Defibrillator grant prog.;$1.7M REF AHE

A1303 Biondi,P/Bateman,C+1 Workers' comp.-concerns REF ALA

A1304 Biondi,P Video camera grant prog.-creates REF ALP

A1305 Biondi,P/Bateman,C St. Govt. Mun. Reimb. Act REF AHO

A1306 Biondi,P Bleacher Safety Act REF AHO

A1307 Biondi,P Body armor-concerns REF ALP

A1308 Biondi,P+1 Co planning bd review site plan-concerns REF AHO

A1309 Biondi,P/Bateman,C Sch. bus driv.-elim. fingerprint req. REF AED

A1310 Biondi,P/Handlin,A Prof svc contracts, mun-concerns awards REF AHO

A1311 Biondi,P Drunk driv. off.-incr. lic. suspension REF ALP

A1312 Biondi,P/Bateman,C+6 Incest-estab. offense REF AJU

A1313 Biondi,P/Bateman,C Photo id cards, digital-children obtain REF ALP

A1314 Biondi,P/Bateman,C Ambulance svcs.-Medicaid reimb. REF AHE

A1315 Biondi,P/Green,J+1 Shower valve, replace-issuance of permit REF AHO

A1316 Biondi,P Cemeteries, cert.-concerns regulation REF ARP

A1317 Biondi,P/Bateman,C Prof. counselors-concerns lic. REF ARP

A1318 Biondi,P/Malone,J+4 E-Z Pass user discounts-concerns REF ATR

A1319 Biondi,P/Wisniewski,J+1 Vet's tax deduction-extends REF AMV

A1320 Biondi,P/Bateman,C Pub. sch. dist. budget cap-concerns REF AED

A1321 Biondi,P Unlawful transp. of passengers-concerns REF ATR

A1322 Biondi,P Snowmobiling while intoxicated-penal. REF ALP

A1323 Biondi,P/Prieto,V+3 Constr. code enforcement-concerns REF AHO

A1324 Biondi,P/Bateman,C Vaccines containing mercury-elim. use REF AHE

A1325 Biondi,P/Bateman,C Postpartum depression-concerns REF AHE

A1326 Biondi,P/DeCroce,A Motor fuel sale-concerns price REF ATR

A1327 Biondi,P Internet messages, cert-concerns posting REF ATU

A1328 Biondi,P/Malone,J Motor fuel tax exemp.-prov. REF AED

A1329 Biondi,P/Malone,J Sch. bd. contractors-purchase gas REF AED

A1330 Watson Coleman,B+2 Stalking victim, cert.-upgrades crime REF AJU

A1331 Watson Coleman,B+1 Neighborhood Preserv. Fd.-incr. amt. REF AHO

A1332 Watson Coleman,B+15 Open space monies-expenditure levels REF AAN

A1333 Watson Coleman,B Prop. owned by co.-concern cert. leases REF AHO

A1334 Watson Coleman,B/Van Drew,J Urban enterprise zones-amusement tax REF ACE

A1335 Watson Coleman,B+3 Virtual Med. Monitoring Svc. Pilot Prog. REF AHE

A1336 Watson Coleman,B Work First NJ recipients-higher ed asst. REF AHU

A1337 Watson Coleman,B+5 Voter receipts-req. issuance REF ASG

A1338 Watson Coleman,B/Greenstein,L+2 Prescription Drug Cost Reduction Comm. REF AAP

A1339 Watson Coleman,B+7 Loc. Open Space Acquisition-prov contrib REF AAN

A1340 Watson Coleman,B/Conaway,H+1 Amer. Indian Tribes-recognizes REF ASG

A1341 Watson Coleman,B Presch. recruitment prog-sch dist estab. REF AED

A1342 Watson Coleman,B Thomas Edison St. Coll.-leased prop. REF AHI

A1343 Watson Coleman,B Affordable housing-concerns REF AHO

A1344 Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R AFDC emerg. asst.-fd. low-income rental REF AHO

A1345 Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R Emerg. shelters, temp.-concerns REF AHO

A1346 Watson Coleman,B COAH-incr. no. of memb. REF AHO

A1347 Watson Coleman,B Corporate fraud-concerns restitution REF AJU

A1348 Watson Coleman,B/Kean,S Earned income tax cred.-adjustment REF AAP

A1349 Watson Coleman,B Qualified bus.-change definition REF ACE

A1350 Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R Overpasses-installation of prot. fencing REF ATR

A1351 Watson Coleman,B Garden St Preserv Trust Act-revise fding REF AAP

A1352 Watson Coleman,B Prev. Svcs. Prog. for Children, Families REF AHU

A1353 Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R Rental, resid. prop.-concerns REF AHO

A1354 Watson Coleman,B Rental prop.-concerns bldg. security REF AHO

A1355 Watson Coleman,B Income tax-concerns special contrib. REF AAP

A1356 Watson Coleman,B Students, cert.-concerns ed. costs REF AED

A1357 Watson Coleman,B Trenton Capital City Aid prog.-estab. REF AAP

A1358 Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R Devel. applications and defaults-concern REF AHO

A1359 Watson Coleman,B/O'Toole,K+3 Natl. Guard-reimb. group life insur. REF AMV

A1360 Watson Coleman,B Medicaid Managed Care Qual. Improvement REF AHE

A1361 Watson Coleman,B/Quigley,J+2 Telephone calling cards-disclose terms REF ACO

A1362 Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R Rt. 31 Purple Heart Memor. Hwy.-desig. REF ATR

A1363 Watson Coleman,B/Roberts,J Ed. Reform Task Force-estab. REF AED

A1364 Watson Coleman,B Identity theft-concerns REF ACO

A1365 Watson Coleman,B Alpha Kappa Alpha lic. plate-auth. REF ATR

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1366 Quigley,J+1 Hearing aids-health insur. reimb. REF AFI

A1367 Quigley,J/Van Drew,J+1 Health care plan costs-income tax deduct REF AFI

A1368 Quigley,J Work First NJ prog.-prescription drugs REF AHU

A1369 Quigley,J/Diegnan,P+1 DNA test results-estab. parentage REF AJU

A1370 Quigley,J/Holzapfel,J+5 Law enforcement badges, honorary-reg. REF ALP

A1371 Quigley,J Charitable org.-purchase health benf. REF AFI

A1372 Quigley,J/Blee,F Rental autos-extend cert. insur coverage REF AFI

A1373 Quigley,J/Cohen,N+6 Biometric Identifier Privacy Act REF AHS

A1374 Quigley,J/Burzichelli,J+1 Drugs/vaccine stockpiling-civil immunity REF AHS

A1375 Quigley,J/Burzichelli,J Court proceedings-concerns REF AHS

A1376 Quigley,J+1 Disaster needs/resource database-estab. REF ALP

A1377 Quigley,J/Johnson,G+1 Leg.-prov. for memb. replacement REF AHS

A1378 Quigley,J/Munoz,E+4 Parking tickets-concerns REF ATR

A1379 Quigley,J+2 Photo id cards-req. for health prof. REF AHE

A1380 Quigley,J/Scalera,F+2 Emerg. Mgmt. Act of 2004-creates REF AHS

A1381 Quigley,J/Hackett,M Civil svc. make-up exam-concerns REF ASG

A1382 Quigley,J Women w/bleeding disorder-pub. awareness REF AHE

A1383 Quigley,J/Scalera,F+3 Fire emerg. procedures-concerns REF AHS

A1384 Quigley,J/Fisher,D Newborn screening prog-expands disorders REF AHE

A1385 Quigley,J/Holzapfel,J Security guards, cert.-req. lic. REF ARP

A1386 Quigley,J/Johnson,G Emerg. response, pub. bldg.-concerns REF AHS

A1387 Quigley,J/Cohen,N Med. examiner sys.-creates REF AHS

A1388 Quigley,J Ambulance-equip. w/global sys. tech. REF AHS

A1389 Quigley,J/Vas,J+1 Ambulances, used-concerns sale REF AHS

A1390 Quigley,J/Pou,N+1 Vital records dissemination-guidelines REF AHS

A1391 Quigley,J/Johnson,G+5 Adult HS prog.-concerns St. aid REF AED

A1392 Quigley,J Autopsy-concerns secure fac. REF AHS

A1393 Quigley,J/Cruz-Perez,N Charter sch. fac.-estab. St. aid prog. REF AED

A1394 Quigley,J/Barnes,P+3 Law enforcement off., retir.-concerns REF ALP

A1395 Quigley,J/Barnes,P St. Police-reimb. of expenditures REF ASG

A1396 Quigley,J/Manzo,L Auto. insur.-concerns REF AFI

A1397 Quigley,J/Manzo,L+2 Disab, physical-concerns health care REF AHE

A1398 Doherty,M/Merkt,R+8 Same sex marriages-declare void REF AJU

A1399 Doherty,M/Chivukula,U+8 Tax exemp., short term-concerns REF AHO

A1401 Doherty,M/Gregg,G St. Police svcs-exemp cert mun from pymt REF ALP

A1402 Doherty,M Emerg. shelter svcs.-concerns REF AHO

A1403 Doherty,M+1 Court appearances-concerns REF AJU

A1404 Doherty,M/Vas,J Vol FF, first aid squad-prov. tax deduc REF ALP

A1405 Doherty,M/Gregg,G+20 Heating oil tanks, home-cleanup leaks REF AEN

A1406 Doherty,M Courthouse fac.-concerns REF AJU

A1407 Doherty,M Sch. fac., overcrowding-grant prog. REF AED

A1408 Doherty,M Kindergarten-concerns enrollment REF AED

A1409 Doherty,M Emp., cert. situations-grant immunity REF ALA

A1410 Doherty,M Proof of lawful presence in US-req. REF ASG

A1411 Doherty,M/Karrow,M Juv. in detention ctr-concerns co reimb. REF ALP

A1412 Doherty,M/Karrow,M Vol fire companies-exemp charitable fees REF ALP

A1413 Doherty,M/Karrow,M Budget cap adjustments-concerns REF AED

A1414 Doherty,M Audiovisual ed. ctrs.-revise operations REF AED

A1415 Doherty,M Handicapped parking-concerns REF ATR

A1416 Doherty,M Vet. prop. tax benf.-extends REF AMV

A1417 Scalera,F+20 Firefighters w/cancer-workers' comp. REF ALA

A1418 Scalera,F/Greenwald,L NJBEST contrib.-allows tax deductions REF AHI

A1419 Scalera,F/Hackett,M PERS-concerns purch. of svc. cred. REF ASG

A1420 Scalera,F/Van Drew,J+1 Urban enterprise zones-concerns REF ACE

A1421 Scalera,F/Vas,J+4 Higher ed. instit.-fire safety info. REF AHI

A1422 Scalera,F/Van Drew,J+3 Pub. sch. dist emerg aid vol-pd time off REF AED

A1423 Scalera,F/Van Drew,J Wage disputes, cert.-concerns REF ALA

A1424 Scalera,F/Stack,B+3 Fire & EMS Crisis Intervention Svc-estab REF AHS

A1425 Scalera,F/Stack,B+12 Loc. budget limitations-exceptions REF AHO

A1426 Scalera,F/Greenstein,L+2 Internet pharmacies/prescriptions-reg. REF ARP

A1427 Scalera,F/Greenstein,L TDI benf.-concerns calculation REF ALA

A1428 Scalera,F/Prieto,V Loc. govt. penal. enforcement-concerns REF AJU

A1429 Scalera,F/Pou,N Pool barriers-concerns installation REF AHO

A1430 Vainieri Huttle,V Become A Nurse-estab. lic. plates REF ATR

A1431 Vainieri Huttle,V Health care-concerns physical access REF AHE

A1432 Vainieri Huttle,V/Johnson,G+3 Dog lic. fee-mun. set amt. REF AHO

A1433 Conners,J+12 Health fac.-$50 personal needs allowance REF AHE

A1434 Conners,J/Wisniewski,J+3 Vet., low income-extend prop. tax benf. REF AMV

A1435 Conners,J/Roberts,J+2 Computer equip, donated-corp. bus. tax REF AED

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1436 Conners,J/Conaway,H+1 Child in foster care-concerns sch. dist. REF AED

A1437 Conners,J+6 Korean conflict vet.-estab. lic. plates REF ATR

A1438 Conners,J/Van Drew,J+19 Vet. benf., cert.-broadens elig. REF AMV

A1439 Conners,J+2 Sch. prop tax freeze prog, sr. cit-estab REF AHE

A1440 Conners,J+4 Vet. prop. tax-permits retro. pymts. REF AMV

A1441 Conners,J/Conaway,H+1 Vet. prop. tax deduction-proration auth. REF AMV

A1442 Conners,J/Conaway,H+1 MV documents-concerns REF ATR

A1443 Conners,J/Conaway,H+1 Insur. fds., jt.-req. exams REF AFI

A1444 Conners,J/Conaway,H Auto insur.-proh. cert. practices REF AFI

A1445 Conners,J/Chivukula,U Length of svc. award-change cert. req. REF ALP

A1446 Conners,J/Conaway,H Vet. honorable discharge papers-concerns REF AMV

A1447 Conners,J Cellular telephone svc. user-finan. liab REF ATU

A1448 Conners,J/Van Drew,J Distinguished Svc. Medal-expand elig. REF AMV

A1449 Conners,J/Diegnan,P+1 Debit card transactions-concerns REF AFI

A1450 Conners,J Vet. Svc. Fd.-dedicate cert. sales tax REF AMV

A1451 Conners,J/Conaway,H Burl. Co Bridge police-grant cert powers REF ALP

A1452 Conners,J/Van Drew,J Armed Svcs. Unemp. Benefits Act REF AMV

A1453 Conners,J/Conaway,H Beverly City, Burlington-32nd UEZ REF ACE

A1454 Conners,J/Mayer,D+1 Special auto insur policies-concern elig REF AFI

A1455 Conners,J/Johnson,G+15 Vet. benf.-broadens elig. REF AMV

A1456 Conners,J/Conaway,H Vet. civil svc. preference-expand elig. REF AMV

A1457 Conners,J/Scalera,F+1 PFRS-concerns accidental death benf. REF ASG

A1458 Conners,J/Conaway,H+8 NJ Svcmembers' Civil Relief Act-creates REF AMV

A1459 Conners,J/Conaway,H+2 Homestead prop. tax reimb.-elig. req. REF AHE

A1460 Conners,J/Conaway,H Sch. food svc. prov.-exempts sales tax REF AED

A1461 Conners,J/Conaway,H Rutgers, prog. for homeless vets;$50K REF AMV

A1462 Conners,J/Conaway,H Nerve agent VX-proh transp. on pub. hwys REF ATR

A1463 Conners,J WWII Vet. Memor. Fd.-voluntary contrib. REF AMV

A1464 O'Toole,K+4 Inmates, AIDS status-disclose to off. REF ALP

A1465 O'Toole,K+1 Medicine & law-upgrades unauth. practice REF AJU

A1466 O'Toole,K Affirmative action-econ. disadvantaged REF AJU

A1467 O'Toole,K Prescription exp. date-req. on label REF AHE

A1468 O'Toole,K/Bodine,F+1 Internet pharmacies/prescriptions-reg. REF AHE

A1469 O'Toole,K Assist living resid-background checks REF AHE

A1470 O'Toole,K Home health aides-document patient abuse REF AHE

A1471 O'Toole,K Sports fac, prof-voter approval, St. fds REF ACE

A1472 O'Toole,K Sex crimes, cert.-mand. imprisonment REF AJU

A1473 O'Toole,K Child murderer-req. life imprisonment REF AJU

A1474 O'Toole,K/Russo,D+10 Contrib. by entities doing St. bus-proh REF ASG

A1475 O'Toole,K Drinking water-reevaluate for arsenic REF AEN

A1476 O'Toole,K/Russo,D+23 Camp. contrib.-concerns REF ASG

A1477 O'Toole,K/Russo,D+2 Tabitha's Law-estab. REF AED

A1478 O'Toole,K/Russo,D Cogeneration fac.-concerns REF ATU

A1479 O'Toole,K Parole of inmates-concerns REF ALP

A1480 O'Toole,K DYFS reports-concerns tampering REF AJU

A1481 O'Toole,K/Russo,D Ethics in govt.-concerns REF ASG

A1482 O'Toole,K Defibrillators-req. use in high schools REF AED

A1483 O'Toole,K/Conners,J Mil. svc.-concerns lease cancellation REF AMV

A1484 O'Toole,K/Baroni,B Camp. contrib.-concerns REF ASG

A1485 O'Toole,K/Baroni,B+1 Pol. contrib by contractors-impose limit REF ASG

A1486 O'Toole,K/Russo,D Camp. contrib.-concerns REF ASG

A1487 O'Toole,K/Baroni,B Bus. entities, cert.-limit pol. contrib. REF ASG

A1488 O'Toole,K/Baroni,B+1 Camp. contrib.-concerns REF ASG

A1489 O'Toole,K/Baroni,B+1 Camp contrib.-concerns REF ASG

A1490 O'Toole,K St. constit. convention-prop. tax relief REF ASG

A1491 O'Toole,K/Russo,D Govt. affairs agents-proh. use REF ASG

A1492 O'Toole,K Chief Finan Off position-create position REF ACE

A1493 O'Toole,K+1 Theft of Id Crimes & Investigation Unit REF ALP

A1494 O'Toole,K/Russo,D St. auth.-estab. cert. ethical standards REF ASG

A1495 O'Toole,K/Russo,D St. off./emp.-concerns finan. disclosure REF ASG

A1496 O'Toole,K UMDNJ finan., bus. practices-standards REF AHI

A1497 O'Toole,K UMDNJ bd. of trustees-abolishes REF AHI

A1498 Oliver,S Med. malpractice liab. insur.-concerns REF AFI

A1499 Oliver,S Reading ability, cert pupils-procedure REF AED

A1501 Oliver,S/McKeon,J Solid waste collection-req tenant rebate REF AHO

A1502 Oliver,S Work and Family Comm.-creates;$1M REF ALA

A1503 Oliver,S Dual real prop. tax rate sys.-estab. REF AHO

A1504 Oliver,S Loc. Bond Auth.-creates REF AHO

A1505 Oliver,S Sickle cell anemia-test infants;$375K REF AHU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1506 Oliver,S Pol. dist. maps-file w/ sch bd/fire dist REF AHO

A1507 Oliver,S Cloning of human being-crime REF AJU

A1508 Oliver,S PERS, TPAF-transfer cert. svc. cred. REF ASG

A1509 Oliver,S Individual health benf. plans-revises REF AFI

A1510 Oliver,S/Manzo,L+2 Pregnant women w/HIV-prenatal care info. REF AHE

A1511 Oliver,S+1 Wrongful death act-amends REF AJU

A1512 Oliver,S Workplace Viol. Safety Act REF ALA

A1513 Oliver,S Workplace viol.-develop prevent prog. REF ALA

A1514 Oliver,S UEZA-incl. econ. distressed areas REF ACE

A1515 Oliver,S PAAD-incr. cert. income elig. REF AHE

A1516 Oliver,S Apprenticeship training prog.;$3M REF AED

A1517 Oliver,S Matrix marketing plans-unlawful REF ACE

A1518 Oliver,S+6 Family leave insur.-prov. REF ALA

A1519 Oliver,S/Manzo,L+2 Devel. disab. children-income tax cred. REF AED

A1520 Oliver,S+1 Prison Off Pension incr-surviving spouse REF ASG

A1521 Oliver,S Sch. admin.-caps unused sick leave pymt. REF ASG

A1522 Oliver,S Transp. Proj. Capital Fd.-estab. REF ATR

A1523 Oliver,S+3 Caller id.-proh. blocking REF ATU

A1524 Oliver,S+1 E-ZPass Bill of Rights-creates REF ATR

A1525 Oliver,S/O'Toole,K Mental Health Court Pilot Prog.-estab. REF AJU

A1526 Oliver,S Child Abuse/Neglect Task Force-concerns REF AHU

A1527 Oliver,S Domestic viol.-aggravated assault REF AJU

A1528 Oliver,S Child assessment/treatment prog.-estab REF AHU

A1529 Oliver,S Paid time off from work-min. standards REF ALA

A1530 Oliver,S/Manzo,L Disab. person, unattended in mv-penal REF AJU

A1531 Oliver,S Job discrim., proh.-cert. reasons REF ALA

A1532 Oliver,S Toxicology tests on newborns-report REF AHE

A1533 Oliver,S UI benf.-extends REF ALA

A1534 Oliver,S+2 Hosp., denying cert. admissions-proh. REF AFI

A1535 Oliver,S Scalp hair prostheses-health insur cover REF AFI

A1536 Oliver,S Unemp. benf.-concerns disqual. REF ALA

A1537 Oliver,S/Munoz,E Homestead Rebate Pymt Prot. Act REF AHO

A1538 Oliver,S Worker's comp.-estab. cause of action REF ALA

A1539 Steele,A/Diegnan,P+3 Nov-viol. leaders-concerns instruction REF AED

A1540 Steele,A Passaic solid waste fac, canceled;$13.3M REF AEN

A1541 Steele,A/Merkt,R Voter regis form-declare political party REF ASG

A1542 Steele,A Expungement, cert. records-concerns REF AJU

A1543 Steele,A/Pou,N Paterson motor veh. agency-reopen REF ATR

A1544 Steele,A/Wisniewski,J+1 Police, fire svc. benf.-req. to be same REF ASG

A1546 Steele,A/Cohen,N+4 Co. prosecutors' salaries-incr. REF AJU

A1547 Steele,A PFRS-extend mand. retir. age REF ASG

A1548 Steele,A/Scalera,F+1 Sheriff's off.-clarifies police powers REF ALP

A1549 Steele,A Pol subdivision-concern leave of absence REF ASG

A1550 Steele,A/O'Toole,K Co corrections off/sheriff's off-concern REF ALP

A1551 Steele,A/Scalera,F+2 Intergovt. transfer prog.-concerns REF ASG

A1552 Steele,A Hwy. work pymts. to contractors-concerns REF ASG

A1553 Wolfe,D Pre-sch teachers, cert-must be certified REF AED

A1554 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Sexual Offender Victim Counseling Fd. REF AJU

A1555 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J+3 Tech. training prog.-teacher cert. REF AED

A1556 Wolfe,D/Malone,J Teaching staff, cert.-NJ certification REF AED

A1557 Wolfe,D Flood-prone areas-acquire for recreation REF AAN

A1558 Wolfe,D/Malone,J+1 Childhood ed., early-concerns REF AED

A1559 Wolfe,D/Munoz,E Custody/visitation rights-concerns REF AHU

A1560 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J+1 Homestead prop tax prog-incr income elig REF AAP

A1561 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J+1 Homestead Sch. Prop. Tax Reimb. Act REF AHO

A1562 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Sept. 11 disaster relief-tax deduction REF AAP

A1563 Wolfe,D/Malone,J+4 St. sch. aid, 2002-03-estab. level REF AED

A1564 Wolfe,D Birth cert.-allows adopted person access REF AHU

A1565 Wolfe,D/Kean,S+2 Boating safety courses-concerns REF ALP

A1566 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J+2 Telemarketing pol. calls-concerns REF ATU

A1567 Wolfe,D/Blee,F+1 Sch. bd. election-Nov. general election REF AED

A1568 Wolfe,D/Blee,F Leg.-proh holding more than one off. REF ASG

A1569 Wolfe,D/Blee,F+2 Leg-concerns voting/taking cert actions REF ASG

A1570 Wolfe,D/Malone,J Pupils, teachers-wear protective devices REF AED

A1571 Wolfe,D/Malone,J+1 Co. Sch. Dist. Feasibiltiy Study Comm. REF AED

A1572 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Video games, cert.-concerns sale REF ALP

A1573 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J+1 Sch. budgets-concerns REF AED

A1574 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J PFRS-concerns death benf. REF ASG

A1575 Wolfe,D/Malone,J Voc sch, priv-notice req before closing REF AED

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1576 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Homestead prop. tax reimb.-elig. req. REF AHO

A1577 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Domestic viol. org. emp-background check REF ALP

A1578 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Autism Ed. Council-estab. REF AED

A1579 Holzapfel,J+1 Prison phone rev.-desig. to VCCB claims REF ALP

A1580 Holzapfel,J/Roberts,J+4 Jury duty-exemp. police REF AJU

A1581 Holzapfel,J/Blee,F Bail-commit crime on release, incr penal REF AJU

A1582 Holzapfel,J Law enforce. off., cert.-carry firearm REF ALP

A1583 Holzapfel,J/Connors,C Family restroom-req. in St. parks/forest REF AAN

A1584 Holzapfel,J Drug dealing offense-grade by units REF AJU

A1585 Holzapfel,J St. Med. Examiner Office-concerns REF ALP

A1586 Holzapfel,J/Barnes,P Driv. lic. suspended-notify police REF ALP

A1587 Holzapfel,J Cred card scanners-estab. new offense REF AJU

A1588 Holzapfel,J Law enforcement off.-prov training reimb REF ALP

A1589 Holzapfel,J/Wolfe,D Retir. income excl., cert.-incr. REF AAP

A1590 Holzapfel,J Traffic fine overpymts.-concerns REF ALP

A1591 Holzapfel,J/Barnes,P Fireworks viol., cert.-upgrade penal. REF ALP

A1592 Holzapfel,J Toll monitoring sys.-concerns REF AJU

A1593 Holzapfel,J/Connors,C Jughandles-proh. addl. on rd. or hwy. REF ATR

A1594 Holzapfel,J Campaign ads-concerns REF ASG

A1595 Holzapfel,J/Connors,C+1 Victim's Svc. Office-creates REF AJU

A1596 Holzapfel,J/Barnes,P+1 Door to door sales emp.-crim. hist check REF ACE

A1597 Holzapfel,J Fair share housing-mun. determination REF AHO

A1598 Holzapfel,J/Wolfe,D+1 Toxoplasmosis-newborn screening prog. REF AHE

A1599 Holzapfel,J/Wolfe,D Vol. health care prof.-prov. immunity REF AJU

A1601 Holzapfel,J Life support svcs. billing practices-reg REF AHE

A1602 Holzapfel,J/Wolfe,D Animal cruelty offenses-concerns REF AJU

A1603 Holzapfel,J/Wolfe,D Soliciting images of children-offense REF AJU

A1604 Conaway,H/Van Drew,J+3 PAAD-concerns income elig. REF AHE

A1605 Conaway,H/Watson Coleman,B+2 Work First NJ prog.-req. transp. svcs. REF AHE

A1606 Conaway,H+1 TPAF-incr. cost of living adjustment REF ASG

A1607 Conaway,H/Van Drew,J+3 Children w/special needs-parental leave REF ALA

A1608 Conaway,H Drunk driv, repeat offender-modify level REF ALP

A1609 Conaway,H/Conners,J Firearm, reckless discharge-crime REF ALP

A1610 Conaway,H/Stender,L+4 Infertility prevention, cert-insur cover REF AFI

A1611 Conaway,H Post-conviction proceeding-guidelines REF AJU

A1612 Conaway,H+1 Death penal.-concerns REF AJU

A1613 Conaway,H Obesity in adults-health insur. cover REF AFI

A1614 Conaway,H+1 Medications, cert-concerns coverage REF AFI

A1615 Conaway,H Tobacco use cessation svc.-insur. cover REF AFI

A1616 Conaway,H/Chivukula,U Managed care plans-concern participation REF AFI

A1617 Conaway,H/Van Drew,J Managed care plans-concerns REF AFI

A1618 Conaway,H Auto insur.-concerns REF AFI

A1619 Conaway,H/Conners,J+3 Homestead prop. tax reimb-concerns elig. REF AHE

A1620 Conaway,H/Conners,J PAAD elig.-excludes cert. premiums REF AHE

A1621 Conaway,H Voter intimidation-investigate REF ASG

A1622 Conaway,H+1 Deputy superintendent of elections-estab REF ASG

A1623 Conaway,H/Conners,J+2 Drug-related crime, cert.-civil action REF AJU

A1624 Conaway,H Prescription Monitoring Prog.-estab. REF AHE

A1625 Conaway,H/Conners,J Sr. cit. enrolled in PAAD-defer prop tax REF AHO

A1626 Conaway,H Physicians jt negotiations w/insur-defer REF AFI

A1627 Conaway,H/Conners,J St. prop-concerns sale REF ASG

A1628 Conaway,H Prostate cancer screening-req SHBP cover REF AFI

A1629 Conaway,H Hosp. charity care pymts.-concerns REF AHE

A1630 Conaway,H/Conners,J+2 Homestead prop. tax reimb.-application REF AHO

A1631 Conaway,H Health care svcs.-authorization req. REF AFI

A1632 Conaway,H Policyholders liab.-concerns REF AFI

A1633 Conaway,H Judgeships-creates 14 addl. REF AJU

A1634 Conaway,H Med. malpractice-concerns expert witness REF AHE

A1635 Conaway,H Prop. condition disclosure statement-req REF ACO

A1636 Conaway,H Petting zoos-req. permit of operation REF AEN

A1637 Conaway,H/Conners,J Pub. util. shutoffs-concerns notice REF AHO

A1638 Conaway,H/Conners,J Enhancement of Medicare Part D. Benf. Fd REF AHE

A1639 Conaway,H/Conners,J PAAD, Sr. Gold prog.-elig. REF AHE

A1640 Conaway,H Long-Term Care Partnership Act-estab. REF AHE

A1641 Barnes,P/Vas,J Election Advisory Comm.-estab. REF ASG

A1642 Barnes,P/Manzo,L+1 Good driv. w/same insur.-10% disc. REF AFI

A1643 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+3 Sch. transp.-concern pupils on haz. rts. REF AED

A1644 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+1 Drunk driving-incr. surcharges REF ALP

A1645 Barnes,P/Holzapfel,J+1 Defibrillator training-police/fire off. REF ALP

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1646 Barnes,P Firearms replaced by police-destruction REF ALP

A1647 Barnes,P/Van Drew,J Backpack safety-concerns REF AED

A1648 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+6 Psychological test, cert.-concerns REF ALP

A1649 Barnes,P/Johnson,G+13 CDS offense-concerns penal. REF AJU

A1650 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+3 Gang viol. prev.-offer instruction REF AED

A1651 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+12 FF, police, cert.-hiring preference REF ALP

A1652 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+2 Student w/gun in sch.-short-term custody REF ALP

A1653 Barnes,P/Holzapfel,J Waterfront Comm Act-expands jurisdiction REF ATR

A1654 Barnes,P/Blee,F Prop. disposition-concerns REF ALP

A1655 Barnes,P/Johnson,G Private investigators-revise law REF ALP

A1656 Barnes,P/Johnson,G Asst. prosecutors-concern outside emp. REF ALP

A1657 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+3 Drug court prog.-expand;$1.793M REF AJU

A1658 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+8 Vet. benefits elig.-extend REF AMV

A1659 Barnes,P/Hackett,M+1 PERS Prosecutors Part-concerns memb. REF ASG

A1660 Barnes,P Intoxicated Driv. Resource Ctr.-incr req REF ALP

A1661 Barnes,P/Vas,J+2 DWI offense-concerns downgrading offense REF ALP

A1662 Barnes,P Driv. while revoked-incr. prison term REF ALP

A1663 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+5 Electronic Waste Prod Responsibility Act REF AEN

A1664 Barnes,P/Stanley,C Ex-offender emp.-bus/income tax cred REF ALP

A1665 Barnes,P Depository instit.-concerns REF AFI

A1666 Barnes,P/Johnson,G Fitness-for-duty eval.-civil immunity REF ALP

A1667 Barnes,P/Johnson,G+11 Pub. safety directors-clarify powers REF ALP

A1668 Barnes,P/Connors,C+1 SPRS-changes Bd. of Trustees memb. REF ASG

A1669 Barnes,P/Johnson,G Bounty Hunter Lic. Act REF ALP

A1670 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P+1 Therapy svcs., cert.-req. certification REF ALP

A1671 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P Fred's Law-concerns mv accident REF ALP

A1672 Barnes,P Vol. emerg. svcs. org.-concerns loans REF ALP

A1673 Barnes,P/Diegnan,P Police Training Comm.-concerns memb. REF ALP

A1674 Barnes,P Crim. records, expungement-concerns REF ALP

A1675 Barnes,P Organized retail theft-criminalizes REF ALP

A1676 Barnes,P Toxic Catastrophe Prev. Act-amends REF AHS

A1677 Barnes,P Wireless phone use in mv-primary offense REF ALP

A1678 Beck,J/Blee,F Sch. equip.-concerns sharing REF AED

A1679 Beck,J/Wolfe,D Elective off-proh simultaneous holding REF ASG

A1680 Beck,J/Blee,F Sch. bus driv.-wear/display photo id REF AED

A1681 Beck,J Dual health benf. coverage-concerns REF ASG

A1682 Beck,J Leg. leadership comm.-abolishes REF ASG

A1683 Beck,J Land use application-mun. adopt req. REF AHO

A1684 Beck,J Small Bus. Tax and Reg. Study Comm. REF ACE

A1685 Egan,J/Chivukula,U+10 Lead toxicity-mand. testing for children REF AHE

A1686 Egan,J Library constr.;$50M bond REF AED

A1687 Egan,J Communicable disease claim-concerns REF ALA

A1688 Egan,J+1 Proj. labor agreements-concerns REF ALA

A1689 Egan,J/Diegnan,P Mil. families, need of asst.-tax contrib REF AMV

A1690 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J+3 Toxic Catastrophe Prev. Act-amends REF AEN

A1691 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Elected off.-proh. dual health coverage REF ASG

A1692 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J+1 Farm income averaging cred.-permits REF AAN

A1693 Fisher,D/Payne,W+9 Retail food estab.-prov. cert. info. REF AHE

A1694 Fisher,D/Voss,J+3 Acupuncturists-revise statutes REF ARP

A1695 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J+1 Pub. Dam Rehab. Proj. Bond Act REF AEN

A1696 Fisher,D/Van Drew,J+15 Bus. tax cred.-lowers job elig. req. REF ACE

A1697 Fisher,D/Cruz-Perez,N+25 St. Earned Income Cred. prog.-elig. REF AAP

A1698 Fisher,D/Cruz-Perez,N+26 Tax preparation svcs.-concerns REF ACO

A1699 Fisher,D/Stanley,C+9 No Child Left Behind Act-concerns REF AED

A1701 Fisher,D+6 Council on Child Poverty-estab. REF AHU

A1702 Fisher,D+11 Parents-concerns safety pamphlet REF AHU

A1703 Fisher,D Sch. buses, cert.-extends life REF AED

A1704 Fisher,D+5 Humane treatment of animals-sch instruct REF AED

A1705 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J+4 Wages and benf-responsible bus practices REF ALA

A1706 Fisher,D/Baroni,B Crim. street gangs-concerns REF ALP

A1707 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Disabled-estab. co. off. REF AHO

A1708 Fisher,D Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians-recog. REF ASG

A1709 Fisher,D+1 Harboring, concealing sex offender-penal REF ALP

A1710 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Energy, utility svc. sales-concerns REF AAP

A1711 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Cemeteries-concerns mgmt. and operation REF ARP

A1712 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Correctional fac.-concerns REF ALP

A1713 Fisher,D Guide dogs-underwriting guidelines REF AFI

A1714 Fisher,D Hist. preserv. proj. grants;$1,263,166 REF AEN

A1715 Fisher,D Contractors-concerns background checks REF ALP

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1716 Fisher,D Sex offender monitoring prog.-permanent REF ALP

A1717 Fisher,D St. off., emp. training-concerns reimb. REF ASG

A1718 Johnson,G Bd. of ed-unseal subcontracting bids REF AED

A1719 Johnson,G/Scalera,F Meadowlands Complex-concerns devel. proj REF AHO

A1720 Johnson,G/Manzo,L+4 Firearm heir-crim. background check req. REF ALP

A1721 Johnson,G/Manzo,L+6 Prisoner transport companies-crim. check REF ALP

A1722 Johnson,G/Gusciora,R+3 Commuter tickets, counterfeit-concerns REF AJU

A1723 Johnson,G/Watson Coleman,B+24 Community Food Pantry Fd-vol. contrib. REF AHE

A1724 Johnson,G Crimes w/bail restrictions-concerns REF AJU

A1725 Johnson,G/Van Drew,J Real estate, resid.-disclose cert. info. REF AHO

A1726 Johnson,G/Steele,A PERS-create Weights, Measures Off. Part REF ASG

A1727 Johnson,G Criminal mischief-upgrade REF AJU

A1728 Johnson,G/Pou,N Law enforcement training-concerns REF ALP

A1729 Johnson,G/Van Drew,J+10 Vet., 100% disab.-prop. tax exemp. elig. REF AMV

A1730 Johnson,G+1 Passaic Valley Sewerage Comm.-concerns REF AHO

A1731 Johnson,G Sexual harassment cases-clarify AG duty REF AJU

A1732 Johnson,G/Gusciora,R+1 Death penal.-abolish in NJ REF AJU

A1733 Johnson,G/Cryan,J+3 Handicapped access, pub. bldg.-concerns REF AHO

A1734 Johnson,G/Chivukula,U+11 Mil. memb.-exemp., realty transfer fees REF AAP

A1735 Johnson,G Bail bonds & enforcement agents-concerns REF ARP

A1736 Johnson,G Leg., Gov.-concern receipt of money REF ASG

A1737 Johnson,G/Gordon,R+1 Victims of crime-revises statutes REF ALP

A1738 Johnson,G Toll collection reports-concerns REF ATR

A1739 Johnson,G/Gordon,R+2 Rail Special Transp. District Act REF ATR

A1740 Johnson,G Pol. contrib. by pub. agencies-proh. REF ASG

A1741 Johnson,G/Barnes,P Body Armor Replacement Fd.-concerns REF ALP

A1742 Johnson,G/Barnes,P NJT police off.-prov. cert. benf. REF ASG

A1743 Johnson,G Person working at sch.-crim. hist. check REF AED

A1744 Johnson,G Human rights ed., pub. sch.-concerns REF AED

A1745 Johnson,G Animal cruelty statutes viol.-concerns REF AJU

A1746 Johnson,G Faxable ballots-concerns REF ASG

A1747 Johnson,G/Voss,J Sch. dist. budget cap-energy costs REF AED

A1748 Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V+2 The Dunphy Family's Law-estab. REF AHE

A1749 Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V Motorized cart, malls-corp. bus tax cred REF AAP

A1750 Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V+1 Loc. auth. loans-concerns REF AHO

A1751 Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V PFRS memb., cert.-purch. svc. cred. REF ASG

A1752 Greenwald,L+1 Coll., full time student-income tax cred REF AHI

A1753 Greenwald,L/Mayer,D+4 Sr. prop. tax deduct.-incr. income limit REF AHE

A1754 Greenwald,L/Roberts,J+3 PFRS, 1st yr. svc-accidental death benf. REF ASG

A1755 Greenwald,L/Mayer,D Uncontested primary nomination-no vote REF ASG

A1756 Greenwald,L/Mayer,D Emerg. ballots-optional in each co. REF ASG

A1757 Greenwald,L/Bodine,F Sample ballot-send to reg voter's resid. REF ASG

A1758 Greenwald,L Cord blood bank-estab. Statewide;$5M REF AHE

A1759 Greenwald,L/Johnson,G+11 Off. killed on duty-pay funeral expenses REF ALP

A1760 Greenwald,L/Blee,F+1 PAAD elig.-excl. vet. entitlements REF AHE

A1761 Greenwald,L/Mayer,D Consumer contracts, cert-concern content REF AHO

A1762 Greenwald,L/Mayer,D Intoxicated driv., under 21-incr. penal. REF ALP

A1763 Greenwald,L/Blee,F Sch. bd. travel expense-concerns REF AED

A1764 Greenwald,L Co. tax admin.-auth. appt. REF AHO

A1765 Greenwald,L+2 Welfare agencies, co.-adjust off. hrs. REF AHU

A1766 Greenwald,L Custom fabrication-prevailing wage act REF ALA

A1767 Greenwald,L Cosmetologist-operate mobile fac. REF ARP

A1768 Greenwald,L Toll-free passage-concerns REF ATR

A1769 Greenwald,L/Roberts,J Higher ed. instit.-concerns St. aid REF AHI

A1770 Greenwald,L/Manzo,L+2 St. col., univ. contracts-concerns REF AHI

A1771 Greenwald,L/Watson Coleman,B Health svc. corp.-concerns surplus rev. REF AFI

A1772 Greenwald,L Co. surrogate-concerns REF AJU

A1773 Greenwald,L/Cryan,J+2 Special ed. costs, cert.;$18.3M REF AED

A1774 Greenwald,L/Bramnick,J+15 Corp. bus. tax-net operating loss deduct REF AAP

A1775 Greenwald,L/Diegnan,P+1 Ambulatory care fac-concerns assessments REF AAP

A1776 Greenwald,L/Fisher,D Shaken baby syndrome-concerns info. REF AHE

A1777 Greenwald,L Income tax deadlines-concerns REF AAP

A1778 Greenwald,L Homestead prop tax rebate-clarify claims REF AAP

A1779 Greenwald,L Co. welfare bd.-revise civil svc. status REF AHO

A1780 Greenwald,L Resident taxpayer status-concerns REF AAP

A1781 Greenwald,L Meningococcal meningitis-prov. info. REF AHE

A1782 Greenwald,L/Chivukula,U Physician's off., cert.-concerns REF AHE

A1783 Stack,B/McKeon,J+1 Tenant lock-out-disorderly offense REF AHO

A1784 Stack,B/McKeon,J+1 Drug free zone-playgrounds, pub. parks REF ALP

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1785 Stack,B/Sires,A Religious corp-concerns academic degrees REF AHI

A1786 Stack,B/Prieto,V+3 Law enforcement off.-uniform id cards REF ALP

A1787 Karrow,M Farmland preserv.-concerns REF AAN

A1788 Karrow,M Sch. bds., mun. wage threshold-parity REF ALA

A1789 Karrow,M First Aid Council-concerns memb. REF AHS

A1790 Karrow,M+2 Distinguished Svc. Medal-expands elig. REF AMV

A1791 Karrow,M Trucks, cert.-estab. speed limit REF ATR

A1792 Karrow,M Farmland, owned by Co/Mun-leasing REF AAN

A1793 Pou,N+2 Off of Women's Research & Policy-creates REF AHU

A1794 Pou,N Disab., sr. cit.-crime of victimization REF AHE

A1795 Pou,N+2 Domestic viol. conviction-no expungement REF ALP

A1796 Pou,N/Cohen,N Maternity law, 48 hr.-notify insured REF AHE

A1797 Pou,N Indigent-person-concerns fines REF AJU

A1798 Pou,N/Diegnan,P Police/ff civil svc. lists-concerns REF ASG

A1799 Pou,N Lottery Comm.-lottery ticket revenue REF ATG

A1801 Pou,N/Cruz-Perez,N Compulsory sch. attendance-concerns REF AED

A1802 Pou,N/Johnson,G+1 Restraining orders-concerns REF AJU

A1803 Pou,N/Quigley,J Vital records emp.-background check req. REF AHS

A1804 Pou,N Parole completion-concerns voter regis. REF ASG

A1805 Pou,N/Chivukula,U+1 William's Law; pertains to pool safety REF ACO

A1806 Greenstein,L+2 Scooter riders, cert.-wear helmets REF ALP

A1807 Greenstein,L/Van Drew,J+12 Pharmacy Benf. Mgmt. Co. Act REF AHE

A1808 Greenstein,L/Vas,J+6 Min. wage, failure to pay-crim. penal. REF ALA

A1809 Greenstein,L/Manzo,L+1 Special ed. costs-incl. transp. REF AED

A1810 Greenstein,L/Manzo,L+3 Individual finan. info.-protects privacy REF ACO

A1811 Greenstein,L/Van Drew,J+6 Sr, disab cit-fiscal victimization crime REF AJU

A1812 Greenstein,L/Scalera,F+6 Med. benf, post-retirement-concerns REF ASG

A1813 Greenstein,L St. contractors-prov. emp. info. REF ALA

A1814 Greenstein,L+6 Telephone/electronic mail-concerns REF ACO

A1815 Greenstein,L/Mayer,D Domestic viol.-incr. civil penal REF AJU

A1816 Greenstein,L Pub emp leave of absence-purch svc cred. REF ASG

A1817 Greenstein,L/Diegnan,P+2 Crime Victim's Bill of Rights-clarifies REF AJU

A1818 Greenstein,L Victim-juv. off. mediation prog.-creates REF AJU

A1819 Greenstein,L+1 Sch. dist. transp. contracts-concerns REF AED

A1820 Greenstein,L+1 Pupil transp. svc. contracts-concerns REF AED

A1821 Greenstein,L/Conaway,H+1 Pub. emp., cert-concern leave of absence REF ASG

A1822 Greenstein,L/Barnes,P+2 Sch. bds.-adoption of salary policy REF AED

A1823 Greenstein,L/Stanley,C Sr. cit. stabilization aid-concerns REF AED

A1824 Greenstein,L Pol. contrib, co/mun committees-concerns REF ASG

A1825 Greenstein,L/Chivukula,U+1 Radio transmissions, cert.-concerns REF ATU

A1826 Greenstein,L Special ed. costs-concerns St. aid REF AED

A1827 Greenstein,L/Gusciora,R+2 Cats and dogs, sterilization-concerns REF AAN

A1828 Greenstein,L+1 Sch. bus safety-concerns REF AED

A1829 Greenstein,L Farmland, preserved-concerns REF AAN

A1830 Greenstein,L Sch. dist. budget caps-concerns REF AED

A1831 Greenstein,L Higher Ed. Master Plan Comm.-estab. REF AHI

A1832 Greenstein,L/Gusciora,R+1 Investment discretion-concerns REF ASG

A1833 Greenstein,L/Fisher,D Hist. sites-protect and preserve REF AHO

A1834 Greenstein,L/Diegnan,P+2 VCCB assessments-incr. REF AJU

A1835 Greenstein,L+2 Crime victims attorneys-incr. fees REF AJU

A1836 Greenstein,L/Barnes,P+2 Settlements, judgments-concerns liens REF AJU

A1837 Greenstein,L/Van Drew,J Unemp. benf.-concerns REF ALA

A1838 Greenstein,L/Gusciora,R Sexual assault of minor-mand. life term REF AJU

A1839 Greenstein,L/McKeon,J False info., env. laws-crim. penal. REF AEN

A1840 Greenstein,L/McKeon,J Env. crimes-elim. statute of limitations REF AEN

A1841 Greenstein,L/McKeon,J Env. laws-incr. civil penal. REF AEN

A1842 Greenstein,L Mun.-concerns devel. approval REF AHO

A1843 Greenstein,L Mun. power to zone-clarifies REF AHO

A1844 Greenstein,L Motor fuels sale-concerns REF ATR

A1845 Caraballo,W/Johnson,G+1 Victim counselor's privilege-extend REF AJU

A1846 Roberts,J/Cohen,N+17 Lead screening-HMOs report, req. REF AHE

A1847 Roberts,J/Cruz-Perez,N Water allocation-concerns REF AEN

A1848 Roberts,J/Greenstein,L+1 Death penal.-mentally retarded persons REF AJU

A1849 Roberts,J/DeCroce,A Util. Fac Relocation & Installation Act REF ATR

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1850 Roberts,J/Cruz-Perez,N+4 Co. fire marshalls-enroll in PFRS REF ASG

A1851 Roberts,J/Diegnan,P+1 Auto. insur. rate reductions-concerns REF AFI

A1852 Roberts,J/Blee,F+1 Bloodborne Disease Harm Reduction Act REF AHE

A1853 Roberts,J/Scalera,F+5 Fire investigations, cert.-concerns REF ALP

A1854 Roberts,J/Cryan,J+1 Taxpayer prop. tax relief subacct-estab. REF AAP

A1855 Roberts,J Food safety training-concerns REF AHE

A1856 Roberts,J Motor Veh. Damage Disclosure Act REF ACO

A1857 Roberts,J Auto Sale & Finan. Full Disclosure Act REF ACO

A1858 Roberts,J/Greenstein,L+6 St. constit convention-prop. tax reform REF ASG

A1859 Roberts,J Law enforcement, cert.-concerns appt. REF ALP

A1860 McKeon,J SHBP-sch bd, incentive to waive coverage REF ASG

A1861 McKeon,J/Gusciora,R+1 Env. prosecutor, special-estab. REF AEN

A1862 McKeon,J+14 Early childhood prog. aid-concerns REF AED

A1863 McKeon,J+15 Demonstrably effective prog aid-concerns REF AED

A1864 McKeon,J Stroke case registry in St.-estab. REF AHE

A1865 McKeon,J/Hackett,M Cellular phone svc.-concerns contracts REF ACO

A1866 McKeon,J/Gusciora,R Wetlands, freshwater-concerns reg. REF AEN

A1867 McKeon,J Sch. dist., small-share superintendents REF AED

A1868 McKeon,J/Cohen,N Med. malpractice liab. insur.-concerns REF AFI

A1869 McKeon,J Electronic fd transfer-disclose info REF AFI

A1870 McKeon,J/Manzo,L Outdoor ad.-auth. mun. to impose fee REF AHO

A1871 McKeon,J/Manzo,L Eluding police off.-concerns REF ALP

A1872 McKeon,J Home svc. enterprises-crim. hist. check REF ALP

A1873 McKeon,J/Manzo,L+6 Land, conserv/recreation-concerns REF AAN

A1874 McKeon,J/Manzo,L+2 Water resources & water qual.-concerns REF AEN

A1875 McKeon,J/Hackett,M+1 Pregnant women-temp handicapped placards REF ATR

A1876 McKeon,J/Cohen,N+1 Money Transmitters Act-revises REF AFI

A1877 McKeon,J/Diegnan,P Alco. bev. lic., surplus-concerns REF ALP

A1878 McKeon,J Smart growth area permits-expediting REF AEN

A1879 McKeon,J Auto auctions, local-concerns REF AHO

A1880 McKeon,J/Panter,M Homeowner's insur-underwriting practices REF AFI

A1881 McKeon,J/Hackett,M MV offenses in sch. zone-concerns REF ALP

A1882 McKeon,J/Panter,M+1 Solar energy sys.-exempt prop. tax REF AEN

A1883 McKeon,J Violence, presence of child-estab. crime REF AJU

A1884 McKeon,J/Hackett,M+2 Loc. Pub. Contracts Law-redefines role REF AHO

A1885 McKeon,J Recreational veh.-concerns REF ATR

A1886 McKeon,J/Gusciora,R Recycling Enhancement Act REF AEN

A1887 McKeon,J Life sciences research fac.-auth. finan. REF AAP

A1888 McKeon,J Loc. pub. contracts-concerns REF AHO

A1889 McKeon,J Assignment for benf of creditors-concern REF AFI

A1890 McKeon,J/Panter,M Flavored tobacco products-proh. sale REF AHE

A1891 McKeon,J Stem Cell Research Bond Act;$230M REF AHE

A1892 McKeon,J/Watson Coleman,B Highlands Conserv. Trust-creates REF AAN

A1893 McKeon,J/Greenstein,L Contaminated sites-concerns REF AEN

A1894 McKeon,J/Greenstein,L Contaminated sites-concerns remediation REF AEN

A1895 McKeon,J/Greenstein,L Industrial estab.-concerns REF AEN

A1896 McKeon,J/Manzo,L Underground storage tanks-concerns REF AEN

A1897 McKeon,J Underground storage tank closures-finan. REF AEN

A1898 Burzichelli,J Home Ownership Asst. Act of 2002 REF AHO

A1899 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D Foster parent, DYFS caseworker-drug test REF AHU

A1901 Burzichelli,J/McKeon,J+6 Kinship care-concerns REF AAP

A1902 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D Contractors-concerns background checks REF ALA

A1903 Burzichelli,J Managed care plans-concern participation REF AFI

A1904 Burzichelli,J/Van Drew,J+16 Rx Prog.-estab. REF AHE

A1905 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D+1 Del. Riv. & Bay Auth.-concern police off REF AHS

A1906 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D UEZ, Salem City-create REF ACE

A1907 Burzichelli,J Petroleum refinery equip-prop tax assess REF AHO

A1908 Burzichelli,J Pupil transp., cert.-concerns REF AED

A1909 Burzichelli,J/Quigley,J+3 Domestic security position-crim. check REF AHS

A1910 Burzichelli,J+1 Income tax-unregis. ind., unincorp. bus. REF ALA

A1911 Burzichelli,J Counter-Terrorism Off.-estab. REF AHS

A1912 Burzichelli,J/Roberts,J Natural resources-concerns damage pymt. REF AEN

A1913 Burzichelli,J/Green,J Mayor, borough-concerns powers REF AHO

A1914 Burzichelli,J/Scalera,F Luminescent materials-req. cert pathways REF AHO

A1915 Burzichelli,J/Sires,A+1 Vol. assn.-pub. sch. dist. participation REF AED

A1916 Burzichelli,J+1 Higher ed. fac.-concerns availability REF AED

A1917 Burzichelli,J High sch. sports-concerns broadcast REF AED

A1918 Burzichelli,J Executors, cert.-concerns REF AJU

A1919 Burzichelli,J/Greenwald,L+3 Pub. contracts-concerns REF ACE

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1920 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D+4 Pub. fd. investment in Delaware-concerns REF AAP

A1921 Burzichelli,J+2 Pub off/emp convicted of crimes-concerns REF ASG

A1922 Burzichelli,J Firemen-clarify tenure protections REF AHO

A1923 Burzichelli,J/Van Drew,J Liquor law liab. insur. claims-concerns REF AFI

A1924 Burzichelli,J Industrial solid waste landfills-concern REF AEN

A1925 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D+21 Pub. fd. investment in Delaware-concerns REF AAP

A1926 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D Redevel.-estab. local tax to finance REF ACE

A1927 Burzichelli,J/Cruz-Perez,N MV-concerns trunk safety equipment REF ACO

A1928 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D High sch interscholastic sports-concerns REF AED

A1929 Burzichelli,J Animals, cert.-create emerg. plan REF AHS

A1930 Burzichelli,J MV sales-concerns REF ATR

A1931 Burzichelli,J/Fisher,D+1 Wastewater treatment sys. proj.;$30M REF AEN

A1932 Burzichelli,J Commercial mv driv.-compensated hourly REF ATR

A1933 Wisniewski,J/Voss,J Sch. used as polling place-security req. REF AED

A1934 Wisniewski,J+1 Firefighters-mandates basic training REF ALP

A1935 Wisniewski,J/Van Drew,J Integrated computer sys.-DEP maintain REF AEN

A1936 Wisniewski,J Childhood immunizations-concern coverage REF AHE

A1937 Wisniewski,J/Johnson,G+1 Kindergarten, full-day-support REF AED

A1938 Wisniewski,J Uninsur. motorist coverage-req hit & run REF AFI

A1939 Wisniewski,J+3 Vet surviving spouse-concerns prop taxes REF AMV

A1940 Wisniewski,J/Cohen,N+3 Pub. util. emp. id, misuse-upgrade penal REF ALP

A1941 Wisniewski,J/Johnson,G+6 St. constr. contracts-concerns REF ASG

A1942 Wisniewski,J/Johnson,G+8 E-Z Pass transponders-charge to nonresid REF ATR

A1943 Wisniewski,J/Burzichelli,J+5 Pub contracts, cert.-St. Auditor review REF ASG

A1944 Wisniewski,J Sch. as polling place-ensure security REF AED

A1945 Wisniewski,J/Hackett,M Fire resistance furnishings-higher ed. REF AHO

A1946 Wisniewski,J/Vas,J+7 Defibrillator grant prog.-estab. REF AHO

A1947 Wisniewski,J/Scalera,F+3 Firefighter training, St.-accredited REF ALP

A1948 Wisniewski,J/Scalera,F PFRS, off duty-accidental disab. retir. REF ASG

A1949 Wisniewski,J/Conaway,H+1 Well baby visits-health insur. cover REF AFI

A1950 Wisniewski,J/Scalera,F+2 PFRS membership-concerns REF ASG

A1951 Wisniewski,J+1 Vol ambulance/fire co.-impact stmt. req. REF ALP

A1952 Wisniewski,J/Scalera,F Arson investigation units-concerns REF AHO

A1953 Wisniewski,J/Cohen,N Vessels, cert.-req. liab. insur. REF ATR

A1954 Wisniewski,J/Malone,J+10 Mileage reimb.-set at IRS rate REF ASG

A1955 Wisniewski,J/Biondi,P Transp. Trust Fd. Renewal and Reform Act REF ATR

A1956 Wisniewski,J Transp. safety-concerns REF ATR

A1957 Wisniewski,J/Stender,L+1 Traffic safety req-incl in bid proposals REF AHO

A1958 Wisniewski,J CDS, cert.-concerns REF AHE

A1959 Wisniewski,J/Stack,B+2 St. Treasurer-concerns cert. contracts REF ASG

A1960 Wisniewski,J/Chivukula,U Witnesses, out-of-st.-concerns REF AJU

A1961 Wisniewski,J/Scalera,F Firefighter cert.-concerns REF ALP

A1962 Wisniewski,J/Gregg,G Drawbridge operation-concerns REF ATR

A1963 Wisniewski,J/Burzichelli,J Sale and lease of St. assets-study comm. REF ASG

A1964 Wisniewski,J/Cohen,N+1 St aid, cert pub sch dist-prov addl REF AED

A1965 Wisniewski,J/Stender,L+1 NJT Devel. Corp.-subsidiary corp. REF ATR

A1966 Wisniewski,J Distracted driv.-concerns REF ATR

A1967 Wisniewski,J Pub. contracting-concerns REF AHO

A1968 Wisniewski,J Tort liab. of pub. entities, emp-concern REF AJU

A1969 Wisniewski,J Motors fuels-concerns sales REF ATR

A1970 Wisniewski,J/McKeon,J Remediation of condemned prop.-concerns REF AEN

A1971 Sires,A Sch. food in vending machines-estab. req REF AED

A1972 Cryan,J+1 Water Supply Infrastructure Act REF AEN

A1973 Cryan,J/Stanley,C+6 Gang ed. seminars-concerns REF AED

A1974 Cryan,J Co. sch. income tax surcharge-assess REF AED

A1975 Cryan,J Hair pieces, cancer patients-insur cover REF AFI

A1976 Cryan,J Vol. firefighters-physician's cert. req. REF AHO

A1977 Cryan,J Juv. sex offenses-req. disclosure REF ALP

A1978 Cryan,J/Manzo,L+6 Viol.-Free Initiative Prog.-estab. REF ASG

A1979 Cryan,J+2 Inmate furlough-drug/alco. test req. REF ALP

A1980 Cryan,J/Vas,J+5 Water Supply Advis. Council-adds memb. REF AEN

A1981 Cryan,J/Greenwald,L Lawn watering restrict.-estab. REF AEN

A1982 Cryan,J Sch. dist. budgets-concerns approval REF AED

A1983 Cryan,J/Johnson,G+8 Mil. death benf.-prov. to survivors REF AMV

A1984 Cryan,J/Panter,M Co.-based ed. system-estab. REF AED

A1985 Cryan,J Alco. lic.-concerns REF ALP

A1986 Cryan,J Pub Sch Emp Collective Bargaining Reform REF AED

A1987 Cryan,J+11 Groundwater remediation-concerns REF AEN

A1988 Cryan,J Union Twp., Union Co.-auth. UEZ REF ACE

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A1989 Cryan,J/McHose,A+4 Crim offenses, sch prop-report to police REF AED

A1990 Cryan,J/Malone,J+1 Legal notices-concerns electronic pub. REF AHO

A1991 Cryan,J Pub. sch. dist.-elim. cap banking REF AED

A1992 Cryan,J/Diegnan,P+4 Graduation req-concern review assessment REF AED

A1993 Cryan,J/Vas,J Energy, util. svc.-exempts sale REF AAP

A1994 Cryan,J/Johnson,G Sheriff's fees, arrest warrants-incr. REF AJU

A1995 Cryan,J/Blee,F Cosmetic dentistry-elim. tax REF AAP

A1996 Cryan,J/Blee,F+5 Contracted prov. of svcs.-receive COLA REF ABU

A1997 Cryan,J Punitive damages-concerns REF AJU

A1998 Cryan,J Auxiliary police-mun. use for non-emerg. REF ALP

A1999 Cryan,J/Cohen,N Prescription drug plans-repeals cert req REF AHE

A2001 Cryan,J Candidates' views-published for free REF ASG

A2002 Cryan,J Cabinet memb.-proh. free housing REF ASG

A2003 Cryan,J/Cohen,N Internet access svc.-proh sales, use tax REF AAP

A2004 Cryan,J/Chivukula,U Pub. document-decrease copy fees REF ASG

A2005 Cryan,J/Vas,J Sch. dist. budgets-concerns REF AED

A2006 Cryan,J/Van Drew,J St. coll. pres.-proh. outside emp. REF AHI

A2007 Cryan,J Parkinson's Disease Pub. Awareness Act REF AHE

A2008 Voss,J Attendance in sch. dist.-concerns elig. REF AED

A2009 Voss,J+2 Child Advocate Office-concerns REF AHU

A2010 Voss,J Compulsive gambling prev.-incr. funding REF ATG

A2011 Steele,A Sheriffs-enforce truck weight limits REF ATR

A2012 Bramnick,J Campaign advertising ethics comm-estab. REF ASG

A2013 Bateman,C Auto. Insur Risk Exchange bd-revise memb REF AFI

A2014 Vandervalk,C Students w/diabetes-concerns care REF AED

A2015 Van Drew,J Propane Consumer's Bill of Rights-estab. REF ATU

A2016 Kean,S Health care prof.-concerns REF AHE

A2017 Kean,S Prop. owners-concerns redevel. REF AHO

A2018 Kean,S Condemned prop.-concerns REF AHO

A2019 Kean,S Condemned prop.-concerns prerequisites REF AHO

A2020 Kean,S Pub sch students, cert.-concerns tuition REF AED

A2021 Beck,J Devel. approval-finan ethical disclosure REF AHO

A2022 Beck,J Sch. dist budget caps-revise calculation REF AED

A2023 Green,J Child-protection window guards-concerns REF AHO

A2024 DeCroce,A Airports-concerns acquisition REF ACE

A2025 Albano,N Michael's Law-concerns REF ALP

ACR51 Vandervalk,C+1 St. fd. for ed.-per pupil basis REF AED

ACR52 Gregg,G/Chivukula,U+5 Mun., sch. dist. spending cap-concerns REF AAP

ACR53 Gregg,G/Manzo,L+4 St. spending, annual-concerns REF AAP

ACR54 Gregg,G/Manzo,L+3 Annual spending limits-co, mun, sch dist REF AAP

ACR55 Cruz-Perez,N Riverboat gambling-amends NJ Constit. REF ATG

ACR56 Cruz-Perez,N/Conners,J Homeless vets-housing choice vouchers REF AMV

ACR57 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L+1 Vet. prop. tax deduction-incr. to $500 REF AMV

ACR58 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L+1 Sr., disab. prop. tax deduct.-incr. REF AHE

ACR59 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Sr. cit.-reduce loc. sch. prop. taxes REF AHE

ACR60 Mayer,D+4 Individuals w/Disab. Ed. Act-fully fd. REF AHU

ACR61 Vas,J/Greenwald,L+2 Fed. income tax rev.-correct inequity REF AAP

ACR62 Vas,J Vet. prop. tax deduct-COL adjustment req REF AMV

ACR63 Bateman,C Co. prosecutor-term limitations REF AJU

ACR64 Kean,S Corp Bus Tax rev-dedicate 1%, dredging REF AEN

ACR65 Kean,S+1 Special ed.-St. pay cert. costs REF AED

ACR66 Malone,J+2 Vet. prop. tax deduction-extend elig. REF AMV

ACR67 Malone,J St. property tax-concerns REF AAP

ACR68 Rumpf,B/Connors,C+5 Prop taxes-core curriculum, proh funding REF AED

ACR69 Rumpf,B/Connors,C+2 Sch. dist. taxes-freeze for sr., disab. REF AED

ACR70 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Sr. cit. prop. tax deduct.-addl. $250 REF AHE

ACR71 Rumpf,B/Connors,C+1 Prop. improvements, cert.-tax exemp. REF AHU

ACR72 Rumpf,B/Connors,C+23 Prop. assessment reduct-amends constit. REF AHO

ACR73 Rumpf,B/Connors,C St budget-concern St Rev Forcasting Comm REF AAP

ACR74 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Leg. Code of Ethics-supplements REF ASG

ACR75 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Elective pub. off.-proh., crim. offense REF ASG

ACR76 Connors,C/Rumpf,B St. Auditor-prov. for election REF ASG

ACR77 Baroni,B+1 Prof. svcs. contract-concerns awarding REF ASG

ACR78 Baroni,B Prop tax reform-propose statutory change REF ASG

ACR79 Baroni,B Elected off., indicted-concerns REF ASG

ACR80 Blee,F Sch. nurses, certified-student ratios REF AED

ACR81 Chivukula,U Clean energy buses-Rutgers convert REF AEN

ACR82 Munoz,E St. constit. convention-concerns amend. REF ASG

ACR83 Munoz,E Natl. Guard & Reserves-prov. finan. asst REF AMV

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

ACR84 Munoz,E/Bramnick,J Armed Forces, deployed-prop. tax exempt REF AMV

ACR85 Thompson,S/Kean,S+25 PAAD-expand drug prog. REF AHE

ACR86 Corodemus,S/Biondi,P+19 Resid. prop. tax-propose deductions REF AAP

ACR87 DeCroce,A/Bodine,F Vol fire fighter/first aid-prop tax cred REF AHO

ACR88 McHose,A/Gregg,G Court decisions-auth. Leg. to invalidate REF AJU

ACR89 Biondi,P/Bateman,C Vol. FF/first aid squad-prop. tax deduct REF AHO

ACR90 Biondi,P+19 St. tax incr.-constit. amendment REF AAP

ACR91 Biondi,P/Cohen,N+1 Leg. Code of Ethics-adopt permanent REF ASG

ACR92 Biondi,P Sr., disab. prop tax deduct-income limit REF AHO

ACR93 Quigley,J War on terror prisoners-adhere cert prov REF AHS

ACR94 Doherty,M+2 Supreme Ct. Justice-concerns term REF AJU

ACR95 Vainieri Huttle,V Water consumption user fee rev-dedicate REF AEN

ACR96 Conners,J/Conaway,H Disab. vet.-receive civil svc preference REF AMV

ACR97 Conners,J Vet. prop. tax deduction-extend elig. REF AMV

ACR98 O'Toole,K St. constit. convention-prop. tax relief REF ASG

ACR99 O'Toole,K/Blee,F St. govt. capital assets fds.-concerns REF AAP

ACR100 O'Toole,K/Malone,J Sch. Constr. Corp.-concerns REF AED

ACR101 Wolfe,D/McHose,A+5 Free pub. sch.-Leg. prov. REF AED

ACR102 Holzapfel,J Homestead real prop.-limit assessment REF AHO

ACR103 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J+2 Community Svc. Block Grant Prog.-fd. REF AAN

ACR104 Fisher,D/Voss,J+8 No Child Left Behind Act 2001-concerns REF AED

ACR105 Greenwald,L+1 Vets., surviving spouse-homestead rebate REF AMV

ACR106 Karrow,M/Merkt,R+17 Sch. funding-amends NJ Constit. REF AED

ACR107 Roberts,J St. constit. convention-prop. tax reform REF ASG

ACR108 McKeon,J/Cruz-Perez,N+38 Prop. tax reform-special session of Leg. REF AAP

ACR109 Wisniewski,J+2 Slot machines, racetracks-auth wagering REF ATG

AJR51 Gregg,G/McHose,A Fed. mandates, unfunded-rights of St. REF ASG

AJR52 Pennacchio,J+2 American history-Ed. Bd adopt curriculum REF AED

AJR53 Green,J/Cruz-Perez,N Housing Code Enforcement Centennial Yr. REF AHO

AJR54 Bateman,C St. Song/Anthem/March-desig. REF ASG

AJR55 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Notary Pub. Study Comm.-creates REF AJU

AJR56 Baroni,B Leg. elections study comm.-pub. finan. REF ASG

AJR57 Baroni,B Instant runoff voting-study comm. REF ASG

AJR58 Russo,D+2 Low income tax cred housing-guidlines REF AHO

AJR59 Blee,F Atlantic City Marathon-desig. annually REF ASG

AJR60 Blee,F Leukemia Lymphoma Awareness Mo.-Sept. REF AHE

AJR61 Chivukula,U Turkey-respect rights, religious freedom REF ASG

AJR62 Van Drew,J/Prieto,V+14 SS-Congress reject proposal to privatize REF AAP

AJR63 Diegnan,P/Munoz,E+3 Smart Freight RR Study Comm.-creates REF ATR

AJR64 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+9 Natl. Drunk Driv. Database Study Comm. REF ALP

AJR65 Voss,J+2 Asperger's Syndrome Awareness Wk.-April REF AHE

AJR66 Voss,J/Gordon,R+1 Armenian Genocide-90th anniversary REF ASG

AJR67 Quigley,J/Scalera,F Emerg. med. svcs. sys. in NJ-prov. study REF AHE

AJR68 Doherty,M Ancient Fife and Drum Corps of NJ REF ASG

AJR69 O'Toole,K Mun. Alignment Reorg, Consolidation Comm REF AHO

AJR70 Conaway,H/Conners,J Rosa Park-commemorative stamp REF ASG

AJR71 Fisher,D/Burzichelli,J Rt. 49 bridge-Vet of Salem Co Mem Bridge REF ATR

AJR72 McKeon,J/Chivukula,U+13 Dual office-holding study comm.-estab. REF ASG

AJR73 Wisniewski,J Next Generation St. Transp. Policy Comm. REF ATR

AR51 Bramnick,J/Johnson,G NJ residents-treat one another civilly REF AJU

AR52 Bramnick,J/Munoz,E Assembly Rules-amends REF ASG

AR53 Cruz-Perez,N/Pou,N Community Reinvestment Act-concerns REF AFI

AR54 Chivukula,U Handwashing Awareness Mo.-Sept, 2004 REF AHE

AR55 Chivukula,U Lyme and Tick-borne Disease Prev. Act REF AHE

AR56 Cohen,N Horizon Blue Cross-investigate REF AFI

AR57 Pennacchio,J/Merkt,R+1 Memorial Day-restore to May 30 REF AMV

AR58 Pennacchio,J Fidel Castro's human rights viol-condemn REF ASG

AR59 Pennacchio,J Combat global terrorism policies-support REF AHS

AR60 Pennacchio,J Fed. tax cuts, temp.-make permanent REF AAP

AR61 Pennacchio,J+2 Internet access taxes-permanent ban REF ATU

AR62 Pennacchio,J Pres. Bush's judicial nominees-support REF AJU

AR63 Mayer,D MTBE manuf.-Cong. oppose liab. prot. REF AEN

AR64 Green,J/Cryan,J+13 Natl. data bank info.-health fac. access REF AHE

AR65 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Sr. cit. digital lic-simplify procedures REF ATR

AR67 Munoz,E/Bramnick,J Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Wk.-Oct. 10-16 REF AHE

AR68 Van Drew,J/Fisher,D Vet. regional med. ctr.-estab. REF AMV

AR69 DeCroce,A/Pennacchio,J US Army's canine corp.-issue stamp REF AAN

AR70 DeCroce,A Aircraft, cert-memor. Cong. to phase-out REF ATR

AR71 McHose,A Asm. Govt Efficiency, Audit Comm-concern REF ASG

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

AR72 Biondi,P Assembly Rules-amends REF ASG

AR73 Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R+8 Amer. Indian names-oppose cert. use REF AED

AR74 Watson Coleman,B/Cryan,J+1 Corp mismgmt.-invest seizure exec assets REF ACE

AR75 Watson Coleman,B/Gusciora,R+1 USA PATRIOT Act-disapproves sections REF ASG

AR76 Quigley,J/Prieto,V Homeland Security Dept.-conduct study REF AHS

AR77 Doherty,M Belfast, Ireland-condemns viol. REF ASG

AR78 Doherty,M/Gregg,G+2 FY 2004 spending-10% reduction REF AAP

AR79 Doherty,M/O'Toole,K+30 Toll bridges-reinst. discounted tokens REF ATR

AR80 Doherty,M Delaware Riv Jt. Toll Bridge Comm-veto REF ATR

AR81 Wolfe,D/Holzapfel,J Adult video games-proh. sale to minors REF ALP

AR82 Wolfe,D/Malone,J Natl. Guard, Reserves-incr. ed. benf. REF AED

AR83 Holzapfel,J+2 Paramedic svcs.-investigate cert billing REF AHE

AR84 Johnson,G FAA-implement ocean routing of aircraft REF ATR

AR85 Johnson,G/Payne,W Auto industry-memor. Cong to protect REF ACE

AR86 Stack,B Online prescribing-strengthen reg. REF AHE

AR87 Kean,S Malachy McAllister & family-grant asylum REF AHS

Resolution Passed:

AR1 Roberts,J/Watson Coleman,B General Assembly-organizes (75-0-0)

Notes to the 01/09/2006 Digest:

Bills Received from Senate/Concurrence w/Senate Amendments/Given Second Reading:

A3973 AaSca (2R) Chivukula,U/Roberts,J+4 Regulatory Flex Act-expands scope

Bills Received from Senate/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

S495 Sca (1R) Turner,S/Rice,R+5 Child Abuse/Neglect Task Force-concerns

S2889 ScaSa (2R) Karcher,E/Scutari,N Pub. contracting-concerns

Assembly Organization:

Democratic Leadership:

Joseph J. Roberts, Jr. (5) Speaker

Bonnie Watson Coleman (15) Majority Leader

Wilfredo Caraballo (29) Speaker Pro-Tempore

Joan M. Quigley (32) Majority Conference Leader

Albio Sires (33) Speaker Emeritus

Republican Leadership:

Alex DeCroce (26) Assembly Republican Leader

Peter J. Biondi (16) Assembly Republican Conference Leader

Francis J. Blee (2) Republican Whip

Eric Munoz (21) Deputy Conference Leader

Steve Corodemus (11) Policy Committee Chair

Francis L. Bodine (8) Deputy Leader

Kevin J. O'Toole (40) Deputy Leader

David W. Wolfe (10) Assistant Leader

Alison Littell McHose (24) Assistant Leader

Jon M. Bramnick (21) Assistant Whip

Sean T. Kean (11) Assistant Whip

Republican Leadership: (cont'd)

Joseph R. Malone III (30) Budget Officer

Joseph Pennacchio (26) Appropriations Officer

Richard A. Merkt (25) Parliamentarian

Clerk of the General Assembly:

Dana M. Burley

The following are the 2006/2007 Assembly Standing Reference Committees:

Agriculture and Natural Resources (AAN)

Appropriations (AAP)

Budget (ABU)

Commerce and Economic Development (ACE)

Consumer Affairs (ACO)

Education (AED)

Environment and Solid Waste (AEN)

Financial Institutions and Insurance (AFI)

Health and Senior Services (AHE)

Higher Education (AHI)

Housing and Local Government (AHO)

Homeland Security and State Preparedness (AHS)

Human Services (AHU)

Judiciary (AJU)

Labor (ALA)

Law and Public Safety (ALP)

Military and Veterans' Affairs (AMV)

Regulatory Oversight (ARO)

Regulated Professions and Independent Authorities (ARP)

State Government (ASG)

Tourism and Gaming (ATG)

Transportation and Public Works (ATR)

Telecommunications and Utilities (ATU)

The Assembly adjourned at 5:40 P.M. to meet again at a date and time to be announced.

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (1/9/06):