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Vol. XVIII No. 7 212th Legislature First Annual Session


The Senate did not meet. The Senate will meet on Monday, February 27, 2006 (SESSION).


Bills Introduced:

A2529 Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Sr. Labor Task Force-creates REF ALA

A2530 Kean,S Disab. Amer. Vet Dept, NJ-memb lic plate REF ATR

A2531 Kean,S/Bramnick,J Workers' comp. judges-concerns REF ALA

A2532 Kean,S/Corodemus,S Sick leave banks-sch. emp. REF AED

A2533 Baroni,B Tuition rates-concerns REF AHI

A2534 Baroni,B Mastectomies-concerns cert. coverage REF AFI

A2535 Baroni,B Innovation zone prog.-estab in EDA REF ACE

A2536 Baroni,B Bus. revitalization-allows tax cred. REF AAP

A2537 Greenstein,L/Conaway,H Prescription Drug Retail Price Registry REF AHE

A2538 Mayer,D/Cruz-Perez,N+1 Battleship comm., foundation-abolishes REF AMV

A2539 Mayer,D/Moriarty,P+7 Consumer Telephone Records Prot. Act REF ACO

A2540 Baroni,B Campaign ads-concerns REF ASG

A2541 Chivukula,U Telecommunications svcs.-concerns reg. REF ATU

A2542 Thompson,S/Conners,J+1 Higher ed. tuition asst.-concerns REF AHI

A2543 O'Toole,K Motor fuel-concerns sale REF ATR

A2544 Gordon,R/Voss,J+5 Rt. 17 improvements;$14.8M REF ATR

A2545 Merkt,R/Steele,A Nonprofit org.-participate St. contracts REF ASG

A2546 Merkt,R Pregnant women/marriage lic-HIV test req REF AHE

A2547 Merkt,R Drug products-concerns REF AHE

A2548 Merkt,R Adoptive parents-elim. cert. fees REF AHU

A2549 Blee,F/Merkt,R Div. of Probation-creates in DOC REF AJU

A2550 Pennacchio,J Homestead rebate-sr cit surviving spouse REF AHO

A2551 Green,J Pub. contracts, loc.-price adjustments REF AHO

A2552 Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V Tax appeals-concerns REF ASG

A2553 Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V Guide, svc dogs-concerns NJT's treatment REF ATR

A2554 Vainieri Huttle,V Child product safety-concerns REF ACO

A2555 Vainieri Huttle,V/Johnson,G Rape care advocates-concerns REF AJU

A2556 Holzapfel,J/Caraballo,W Assaults against cert. teachers-concerns REF ALP

A2557 Manzo,L Adoptees-permits access to birth cert. REF AHU

A2558 Van Drew,J/Albano,N Real Prop Revaluation Review Comm-create REF AHO

A2559 Van Drew,J/Albano,N Electronic messages, cert.-estab. penal. REF ATU

A2560 Van Drew,J/Albano,N Emp. rest & meal breaks-concerns REF ALA

A2561 Van Drew,J PERS-concerns purch. of svc. cred. REF ASG

A2562 Van Drew,J TPAF, PERS-purch. temp. svc. cred. REF ASG

A2563 Van Drew,J Marriages-concerns solemnization REF AJU

A2564 Van Drew,J Unemp. benf.-concerns cert. disqual. REF ALA

A2565 Van Drew,J/Panter,M Incarcerated indiv.-proh temp disab benf REF ALA

A2566 Van Drew,J CATV, cert. costs-disclose to subscriber REF ATU

A2567 Albano,N/Van Drew,J Customer billing practices-concerns REF ATU

A2568 Van Drew,J/Albano,N Ad., unsolicited-concerns transmission REF ATU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A2569 Van Drew,J/Albano,N Rt. 47 congestion-study to alleviate REF ATR

A2570 Van Drew,J/Albano,N Teachers-concern Natl. Bd. cert. REF AED

A2571 Van Drew,J Workers' comp. survivor benf.-concerns REF ALA

A2572 Albano,N/Van Drew,J Work First NJ recipient-complete cert ed REF AHU

A2573 Albano,N/Van Drew,J Electronic image documents-concerns REF AHO

A2574 Albano,N/Van Drew,J Child porno crimes-no early release act REF AJU

A2575 Conners,J Cigarette Fire Safety Act REF ALP

A2576 Conaway,H/Conners,J Voter regis. drives-concerns REF ASG

A2577 Cohen,N After-sch. pilot prog-estab.;$5M REF AED

A2578 Cohen,N Prescription Drug Cost Containment Act REF AHE

A2579 Cohen,N Defibrillators-req. at higher ed. instit REF AHI

A2580 Cohen,N Breast cancer screening;$10M REF AHE

A2581 Merkt,R Postsecondary ed-concerns tuition assist REF AHI

A2582 Cohen,N Emerg. svc. veh. theft-2nd degree crime REF AJU

A2583 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Sexually oriented bus.-concerns REF AHO

A2584 Connors,C/Rumpf,B+2 Co/mun emp-concerns mil leave of absence REF AMV

A2585 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Prop. assessment appeals-concerns REF AHO

A2586 Merkt,R Med. Savings Acct. Option Act for SHBP REF ASG

A2587 Russo,D/Merkt,R Camp contrib, cert elections-clarifies REF ASG

A2588 Dancer,R Passenger auto-concerns spare tire REF ACO

A2589 Dancer,R/McKeon,J Tree experts-prov. for licensure REF ARP

A2590 Dancer,R/Malone,J Pinelands Comm.- critical habitat study REF AAN

A2591 Vandervalk,C Umbilical cord donation-hosp. prov. info REF AHE

A2592 Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V Equity in Ed. Prog.-estab. in DOE REF AED

A2593 Wolfe,D/Merkt,R Leg.-file finan statement of affairs REF ASG

A2594 Cohen,N RR franchise tax-incr. REF AAP

A2595 Cohen,N Ambulatory care fac.-patient services REF AFI

A2596 Bodine,F Very Light Jets-NJDOT study REF ATR

A2597 Chatzidakis,L/Gusciora,R Corp. bus. taxes-concerns REF AEN

A2598 Manzo,L+1 Cell phone possession, cert. fac.-crime REF ALP

A2599 Manzo,L+1 Vehicle forfeiture-weapon possession REF ALP

A2601 Manzo,L+1 Firearms ammunition purch.-concerns REF ALP

A2602 Manzo,L+1 Ammunition-reg. sale REF ALP

A2603 Wisniewski,J/Stender,L Intermodal container safety prog-creates REF ATR

A2604 Rooney,J Pub. util.-concerns reg. REF AEN

A2605 Stanley,C Sch. fac. proj.-concerns REF AED

A2606 Wisniewski,J/Diegnan,P Adverse possession-concerns REF AJU

A2607 Vas,J MV-concerns operation REF ATR

A2608 Karrow,M/Merkt,R+17 MV regis, unexpired portion-auth. refund REF ATR

A2609 Conners,J Physicians-course in child abuse/neglect REF AHU

A2610 Conners,J GSP-desig. as POW-MIA memorial hwy. REF ATR

A2611 Conners,J Homeland Security Medals-issue REF AHS

A2612 Conners,J Assault on DHS emp.-concerns REF AHU

A2613 Conners,J PERS, PFRS, TPAF-purch of mil. svc. cred REF ASG

A2614 Johnson,G/Conners,J+1 Natl Guard memb-prov. unpaid leave REF ASG

A2615 Panter,M/Gusciora,R Trapping dogs and cats-proh. REF AAN

A2616 Stender,L Sch buses-concerns fire suppression sys REF ATR

A2617 Doherty,M/Wisniewski,J+25 Song, St.: "I'm from NJ" REF ASG

A2618 Stender,L/Wisniewski,J MV equip.-concerns stop lamp REF ATR

A2619 Stender,L/McKeon,J Sch. Chemical Cleanout Pilot Prog.-estab REF AEN

A2620 Stender,L/Caraballo,W Absentee ballot application-concerns REF ASG

A2621 Stender,L Alco. w/out liquid machines-proh. sale REF ALP

A2622 Johnson,G/Manzo,L Prostate cancer testing-coverage REF ASG

A2623 Caraballo,W/Chivukula,U Internet, defamatory materials-concerns REF ATU

A2624 Caraballo,W/Cryan,J Sch dist policy manuals-post on internet REF AED

A2625 Caraballo,W/Cryan,J Sch. dist.-pub. cert. notice on internet REF AED

A2626 Corodemus,S/Handlin,A+3 Govt. emp.-proh. cert political activity REF ASG

A2627 Whelan,J/Van Drew,J Atlantic City Convention Ctr. proj. REF ATG

A2628 Albano,N/Van Drew,J+6 Drunk Driv. Prev./Ed. Grant Fd-estab. REF ALP

A2629 Van Drew,J/Albano,N PFRS memb.-prov. enhanced survivor benf REF ASG

A2630 Van Drew,J/Albano,N PFRS benf., cert.-concerns incr. REF ASG

A2631 Albano,N/Van Drew,J+6 Drunk driving-incr. surcharges REF ALP

A2632 Gusciora,R Wrongful death actions-amends REF AJU

A2633 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F St/loc govt emp awards prog-concerns REF ASG

A2634 Chatzidakis,L/Gregg,G Sch. dist. budgets-concerns REF AED

A2635 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Pub. safety off. pensions-incr. COLA REF ASG

A2636 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Pub. safety off. pensions-incr. COLA REF ASG

A2637 Greenstein,L Nonprofit org-proh disclosing cert info REF AHU

A2638 Greenstein,L Supported Emp Svcs;$4M REF ALA

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A2639 Burzichelli,J Chiropractors lic.-concerns REF ARP

A2640 Burzichelli,J Voc & Special Svc sch dist-consolidate REF AED

A2641 Greenstein,L Vendor Info. Prog.;$400K REF ASG

A2642 McKeon,J Disab. vet.-concerns prop. tax exemp. REF AMV

A2643 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+1 MV accidents-prop. damage threshold REF ALP

A2644 Merkt,R/Carroll,M Realty transfer fees-concerns REF AAP

A2645 Caraballo,W Animals, cert.-permit in rental premises REF AHO

A2646 Wisniewski,J/Prieto,V Diesel trucks-idling at marine terminals REF ATR

A2647 Corodemus,S/Vandervalk,C NJ Safe Haven Infant Prot. Act-concerns REF AED

A2648 Vandervalk,C Open space-proh. resid. devel. REF AAN

A2649 Van Drew,J/Albano,N+20 Animal Anti-Cruelty Act REF AAN

A2650 Johnson,G/Barnes,P+2 Sexual viol. training-concerns REF ALP

A2651 Cryan,J St.-sponsored health care-enrollment REF AHU

A2652 Cryan,J Freedom of speech-concerns REF AJU

A2653 Cryan,J Child support pymts-accountability REF AHU

A2654 Cryan,J Ticket sales, cert.-concerns REF ACO

A2655 Diegnan,P/Barnes,P+5 Prescriptions-legibly printed or typed REF AHE

A2656 Johnson,G/Diegnan,P+2 Prescription Drug Retail Price Registry REF AHE

A2657 Diegnan,P/Greenwald,L+2 Juror compensation-concerns REF AJU

A2658 Gordon,R/Cryan,J+10 Sch. dist. budget-concerns REF AED

A2659 Diegnan,P/Greenwald,L+2 Loc. pub off candidates-finan disclosure REF ASG

A2660 Diegnan,P/Greenwald,L+1 Punitive damages against mun-elim awards REF AJU

A2661 Diegnan,P/Greenwald,L+2 Transcript fees-prov. max rate REF AJU

A2662 DeCroce,A/Malone,J Transp. Heritage Ctr.-estab REF ATR

A2663 Moriarty,P Vet. Haven prog.-income tax deduct. REF AMV

A2664 Fisher,D Food products-concerns packaging REF AAN

ACR158 Merkt,R/Karrow,M Bills-pass Senate by two-thirds vote REF ASG

ACR159 Merkt,R Atty. General off.-make elective REF ASG

ACR160 Merkt,R Parents-support fundamental rights REF AED

ACR161 Carroll,M/Gregg,G Condemnation power, priv. prop.-limits REF ACE

ACR162 Merkt,R St. Comptroller-assume cert. duties REF ASG

ACR163 Corodemus,S Disaster prot. fds-prop./casualty insur. REF AFI

ACR164 Munoz,E Armed Forces memb.-prov. free postage REF AMV

ACR165 Carroll,M/Merkt,R St. income tax-elim. REF AAP

ACR166 Johnson,G/Payne,W Jt. St. Police Oversight Comm.-creates REF ALP

ACR167 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Streamlining Shared Svcs. Task Force REF ASG

ACR168 Connors,C/Rumpf,B Condemnation power-restrict use REF ACE

ACR169 Gregg,G Bills, tax-3/5 majority vote in Leg. REF ASG

AJR94 Munoz,E/Conaway,H Eating Disorders Awareness Day-Feb. REF AHE

AJR95 Van Drew,J/Albano,N Salute To Hospitalized Vet. Wk.-Feb. 14 REF AMV

AJR96 Van Drew,J/Albano,N Sunset Lake Hydrofest-Gov's cup Series REF ATG

AJR97 Johnson,G/Diegnan,P+2 American Heros Day-desig. September 11 REF AHS

AJR98 Kean,S/Corodemus,S+29 Ronald Reagan Day-desig. Feb. 6th REF ASG

AJR99 Stender,L/Conaway,H Lymphedema Awareness Day-March 6 REF AHE

AJR100 Corodemus,S Sch. Bus Driv. Appreciation Day-May 27 REF AED

AJR101 Cryan,J/Stender,L Vol. Blood Donor Awareness Mo.-Sept. REF AHE

AR124 Van Drew,J/Albano,N Propane Gas Price & Distrib. Task Force REF ATU

AR125 Munoz,E Leg. comm. bill consideration task force REF ASG

AR126 Johnson,G/Conners,J+1 Mil. Death Benf. Improvement Act-enact REF AMV

AR127 Stender,L/Green,J N. Plainfield-assign new zip code REF ASG

AR128 Stender,L/Green,J No Plainfield post off-restore bus hours REF ASG

AR129 Stender,L FEMA-remove Dept. of Homeland Security REF AHS

AR130 Caraballo,W/Conners,J+1 Vet.-Gov. take cert. actions in regard REF AMV

AR131 Stender,L/Watson Coleman,B+12 Rutgers Univ.-retain Douglass College REF AHI

AR132 Stender,L/Cryan,J Raritan Valley Line-one stop riding REF ATR

AR133 Cryan,J Tpk. Auth.-adjust cert. tolls REF ATR

AR134 Cryan,J Sales tax collection-out-of-st. sellers REF AAP

AR135 Quigley,J Women's Hist. Month-desig. March 2005 REF AHU

AR136 Lampitt,P/Voss,J Internat Women's Day-desig March 8, 2006 REF AHU

AR137 Stender,L/Watson Coleman,B Discrim, Women-ratify UN Convention REF AHU

AR140 Cohen,N/Payne,W Shipping operations-oppose sale REF AHS

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading:

A164 Vandervalk,C Pregnant police/parole off-light duty REP

A374 Chatzidakis,L/Bodine,F Alt electrical energy-concern production REP

A409 Aca (1R) Bodine,F/Chatzidakis,L Emerg. bldg. inspectors-concerns REP/ACA

Bills Reported from Committee/Given 2nd Reading: (cont'd)

A497 Bateman,C/Malone,J+2 Co. coll.-concerns bd. of trustees REP

A534 Panter,M/Conaway,H Nurse, regis.-pronouncement of death REP

A646 Rumpf,B/Connors,C+1 Sex offenders-concerns REP

A798 Caraballo,W/Biondi,P+2 Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act REP

A906 Aca (1R) Gusciora,R/Manzo,L Police & fire promo. exam-residency cred REP/ACA

A913 Aca (1R) Gusciora,R/Watson Coleman,B+1 Loc. Pub. Contract Law-concerns REP/ACA

A932 Gusciora,R/Van Drew,J FamilyCare enrollee emp. info.-concerns REP

A1027 Van Drew,J/Gusciora,R+1 Auto insur policies-concern cancellation REP

A1038 Van Drew,J/Cohen,N+10 Skinner's Law-leaving mv accident REP

A1056 Van Drew,J Pharmacy Bd.-add two. memb. REP

A1190 Diegnan,P/Fisher,D+2 Organ donation info.-high ed. instit. REP

A1295 Aca (1R) Manzo,L RR prop., abandoned-concerns REP/ACA

A1298 Biondi,P/DeCroce,A+1 Mun. zoning hearing-concerns notices REP

A1325 Biondi,P/Bateman,C+2 Postpartum depression-concerns REP

A1443 Conners,J/Conaway,H+1 Insur. fds., jt.-req. exams REP

A1550 Aca (1R) Steele,A/O'Toole,K Co corrections off/sheriff's off-concern REP/ACA

A1796 Aca (1R) Pou,N/Cohen,N Maternity law, 48 hr.-notify insured REP/ACA

A1957 Aca (1R) Wisniewski,J/Stender,L+1 Traffic safety req-incl in bid proposals REP/ACA

A2015 Aca (1R) Van Drew,J Propane Consumer's Bill of Rights-estab. REP/ACA

A2134 Aca (1R) Cohen,N Dental decisions-concerns lic. person REP/ACA

A2158 Mayer,D Police off., retired-concerns firearms REP

A2249 Payne,W Sex offender-allow release of info. REP

A2379 Caraballo,W/Munoz,E+1 Access to Med. Research Act REP

A2464 Stender,L/Van Drew,J+1 Interstate Compact for Horse Racing Lic. REP

A2556 Acs (ACS) Holzapfel,J/Caraballo,W Assaults against cert. teachers-concerns REP/ACS

ACR128 Aca (1R) Stender,L/Conaway,H+1 Medicare Part D-pass fed. leg. reimb. st REP/ACA

AJR85 Conaway,H/Cryan,J+16 Brain Injury Awareness Mo.-desig. March REP

Bills Reported Referred/AAP:

A1046 Van Drew,J/Greenwald,L Prof sporting events-wagering at casinos REP REF AAP

A1674 Barnes,P/Bramnick,J Crim. records, expungement-concerns REP REF AAP

A2237 Aca (1R) Conaway,H/Conners,J+1 St. Medicare Part D Asst. & Info. Act REP/ACA REF AAP

Bills Reported Referred/AHE:

A1003 Prieto,V/Cohen,N+2 Chiropractors physicians-reimb same rate REP REF AHE

Bills Transferred:

A2017 Kean,S Prop. owners-concerns redevel. FROM AHO TO ACE

A2031 Dancer,R Community redevel.-concerns FROM AHO TO ACE

A2514 Cohen,N Loc. govt. off.-concerns bond coverage FROM AHO TO AFI

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A324 Pennacchio,J+2 After-sch. prog.-estab. grant prog;$1.5M FROM AED

A325 Pennacchio,J Screen for Life, Morris Co.;$75K FROM AHE

A326 Pennacchio,J Rutgers-Camden Coll-Nursing Dept;$1.055M FROM AHI

A2479 Chatzidakis,L Corp. bus. taxes-concerns FROM AEN

AJR67 Quigley,J/Scalera,F Emerg. med. svcs. sys. in NJ-prov. study FROM AHE

Co-Sponsors Added:

A219 AcaAa (2R) (Chivukula,U; Conners,J) Animal cruelty laws-concerns

A353 Aca (1R) (Manzo,L) Recycled paper-revise St. purch. mandate

A432 (Vainieri Huttle,V) Domestic Viol Workforce Devel Initiative

A434 (Albano,N; Hackett,M) Security, Finan. Empowerment Act-creates

A459 (Bramnick,J) Pyramid promo. schemes-crim. penal.

A646 (Bramnick,J) Sex offenders-concerns

A755 (Prieto,V) Hearing Aid Asst, Aged Prog-incr subsidy

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont'd)

A763 (Prieto,V) Computer crimes-concerns

A867 (Diegnan,P) Pub. sch. emp.-criminal hist. check

A961 (Diegnan,P) Epinephrine, cert. students-concerns

A1011 (Diegnan,P; Chivukula,U) Orthotic appliances-health benf coverage

A1038 (Johnson,G) Skinner's Law-leaving mv accident

A1044 (Diegnan,P) Plant closings, cert-prenotification req

A1204 (Greenstein,L) Veterans' Day-pub. sch. not in session

A1207 (Manzo,L) Higher ed. pub. instit-part-time faculty

A1257 (Vas,J) Sch. psychologists-concerns

A1325 (Manzo,L; Gordon,R) Postpartum depression-concerns

A1707 (Gordon,R) Disabled-estab. co. off.

A1711 (Vas,J) Cemeteries-concerns mgmt. and operation

A1719 (Schaer,G) Meadowlands Complex-concerns devel. proj

A1858 (Chivukula,U; Burzichelli,J; Hackett,M; Diegnan,P; Van Drew,J; Vas,J; Mayer,D) St. constit convention-prop. tax


A2067 (Wolfe,D) Casinos, smoking ban exception-elim.

A2237 Aca (1R) (Gordon,R) St. Medicare Part D Asst. & Info. Act

A2379 (Gordon,R) Access to Med. Research Act

A2512 (Barnes,P; Prieto,V) Mental health coverage req.-revises

A2544 (Schaer,G) Rt. 17 improvements;$14.8M

A2617 (McKeon,J; Fisher,D; Van Drew,J; McHose,A; Caraballo,W; Karrow,M; Gusciora,R) Song, St.: "I'm from NJ"

A2658 (Prieto,V) Sch. dist. budget-concerns

ACR115 (Karrow,M) Vet, non-wartime-annual prop tax deduct

ACR128 Aca (1R) (Gordon,R) Medicare Part D-pass fed. leg. reimb. st

AJR85 (Munoz,E; Voss,J; Corodemus,S; Hackett,M; Karrow,M) Brain Injury Awareness Mo.-desig. March

AJR92 (Blee,F) Coastal NJ Evacuation Task Force-estab.

AR131 (Mayer,D; Prieto,V; Barnes,P; Karrow,M; Thompson,S; GiblinT) Rutgers Univ.-retain Douglass College

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A1036 (Moriarty,P) Vet. Memorial Hwy.-desig. Rt. 55

A1910 (Voss,J) Income tax-unregis. ind., unincorp. bus.

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A233 (Lampitt,P) Tobacco vending machine-proh.

A248 (Moriarty,P) MV, used-seller disclose cert. info.

A534 (Conaway,H) Nurse, regis.-pronouncement of death

A646 (Connors,C) Sex offenders-concerns

A906 Aca (1R) (Manzo,L) Police & fire promo. exam-residency cred

A1109 (Manzo,L) Pub. util.-notify mun.

A1284 (McKeon,J) NJ SMART Homestead Rebate-estab.

A1674 (Bramnick,J) Crim. records, expungement-concerns

A1869 (Manzo,L) Electronic fd transfer-disclose info

A1910 (Voss,J) Income tax-unregis. ind., unincorp. bus.

A2062 (Cohen,N) Hepatitis B vaccination cost-insur cover

A2196 (Johnson,G) Traffic safety fed. grants-nonprofits

A2379 (Munoz,E) Access to Med. Research Act

A2439 (Van Drew,J) Subcontracting, sch., higher ed-concerns

A2462 (Gregg,G) Deer-concerns feeding

A2499 (Bateman,C) N. Princeton Devel Ctr-sell surplus land

AJR88 (McKeon,J) NY/NJ/Phil. Airspace Redesign-oppose

AJR93 (Hackett,M) Harriet Tubman Day-desig. March 10th

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A1858 (Moriarty,P) St. constit convention-prop. tax reform

A2617 (Greenstein,L) Song, St.: "I'm from NJ"

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2067 (Cryan,J) Casinos, smoking ban exception-elim.

Fifth Prime Sponsors Added:

A2067 (Gordon,R) Casinos, smoking ban exception-elim.

The Minority Leader has made the following appointment:

*Effective February 16, 2006

Council on Local Mandates:

Richard Levesque, of Middletown.

Note to the 01/30/2006 Digest:

Seventh Prime Sponsor Added *NOT* Third Prime Sponsor:

A132/1817 Acs (ACS) (DeCroce,A) Crime victims' rights-concerns

Note to the 02/06/2006 Digest:

Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

AR110 Hackett,M/Voss,J Problem Gambling Awareness Wk.-desig. *NOT* REF ATG

Note to the 02/09/2006 Digest:

Co-Sponsor Added:

A1297 (Gordon,R; Chivukula,U) *NOT* (Stack,B) Daily money managers-concerns

The Assembly adjourned at 6:55 P.M. to meet again on Monday, February 27, 2006 (QUORUM, Committee Groups "C" and "D" scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (02/09/06):