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Vol. XVIII No. 15 212th Legislature First Annual Session

The Members of both Houses of the 212th Legislature met in Joint Session to receive the Annual Budget Message from the Honorable Jon S. Corzine, Governor of the State of New Jersey.


Bills Introduced:

S1715 Turner,S Delaware Riv Bridge Comm-suppl compact REF STR

S1716 Turner,S Co. Superintendent of Sch.-St. pay costs REF SED

S1717 Turner,S Guide, svc dogs-concerns NJT's treatment REF STR

S1718 Turner,S Sch. Asthma Protocol Task Force;$15K REF SED

S1719 Turner,S Adoption expenses-income tax cred. REF SHH

S1720 Turner,S CeaseFire pilot prog.;$4M REF SLP

S1721 Asselta,N Fed civil svc emp benf-excl cert amounts REF SLP

S1722 Ciesla,A Water allocation permits-concerns REF SEN

S1723 Madden,F Gov. declared emerg.-power to St. bodies REF SLP

S1724 Madden,F Emerg. Mgmt. Act REF SLP

S1725 Sweeney,S Higher ed. part-time staff-concerns REF SED

S1726 Sweeney,S/Madden,F Constr. contracts-concerns prompt pymt. REF SLA

S1727 Bark,M/Palaia,J+1 Temp. disab. benf.-concerns pymt. REF SLA

S1728 Bark,M/Kean,T Intestate estate, cert. children-concern REF SJU

S1729 Bark,M Prop. assessment notification-concerns REF SCU

S1730 Allen,D Bd. of ed. memb.-background check REF SED

S1731 Karcher,E/Madden,F+1 Farmland preserv. prop.-concerns REF SEN

S1732 Smith,B/Buono,B Elder Fall Prev. Pilot Prog.-$22M REF SHH

S1733 Allen,D/Bark,M Loc. Mandates Council-concerns REF SCU

S1734 Allen,D/Bark,M St/loc govt emp awards prog-concerns REF SSG

S1735 Bark,M/Allen,D Taxpayer Rate Reduction;$8M REF SCU

S1736 Bark,M/Allen,D Regional Efficiency Aid Prog.;$11M REF SCU

S1737 Singer,R Funeral, disruption-concerns REF SJU

S1738 Cardinale,G/Girgenti,J Rehab.-estab. as parole condition REF SLP

S1740 Girgenti,J/Bucco,A Assaults against cert. teachers-concerns REF SED

S1741 Littell,R/Cardinale,G St. Bd. of Ed.-concerns contract REF SED

S1742 Littell,R/Buono,B+1 Compulsive gambling ed.-sch. curriculum REF SED

S1743 Singer,R Tomato-desig. as St. Vegetable REF SEG

S1744 Martin,R Abandoned/unclaimed mv-concerns REF STR

S1745 Adler,J/Buono,B St. Auditor-concerns duties REF SSG

S1746 Doria,J Retir. exclusions, cert.-incr. REF SHH

S1747 Doria,J/Turner,S Sch. admin.-caps unused sick leave pymt. REF SED

S1748 Connors,L Gang ed. seminars-concerns REF SED

S1749 Connors,L Gang viol. prev.-offer instruction REF SED

S1750 Kyrillos,J Teacher cert applications-req & deadline REF SED

S1751 Asselta,N UEZ proj.-concerns funding REF SEG

S1752 Asselta,N Pharmacy Qual. Assurance, Error Prev Act REF SCM

S1753 Asselta,N Animal cruelty, cert.-civil action REF SEG

S1754 Asselta,N Sheriff's off.-supplement staff REF SLP

S1755 Ciesla,A Pub. contracting laws-concerns REF SSG

S1756 Connors,L Street gang activity-concerns crimes REF SLP

S1757 Buono,B/Vitale,J Access to Med. Research Act REF SHH

S1758 Vitale,J/Weinberg,L Safe Patient Handling Act REF SHH

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

S1759 Vitale,J/Doria,J Sr. homeowners-exempt, mun. permit fees REF SCU

S1760 Madden,F/Vitale,J Organ donation-concerns REF STR

S1761 Vitale,J/Coniglio,J Viol. Prev. in Health Care Fac. Act REF SHH

S1762 Vitale,J/Bryant,W Personal care svcs.-concerns reimb. REF SHH

S1763 Rice,R Motor Veh. Comm.-concerns REF STR

S1764 Rice,R Dental Sch.-expansion, renovation;$30M REF SED

S1765 Bark,M/Littell,R Vets-exemp., fees for mil. lic. plates REF STR

S1766 Cardinale,G Invol. outpatient committment-concerns REF SHH

S1767 Cardinale,G/Weinberg,L Bergen Co., New Hope, Inc.;$100K REF SHH

S1768 Weinberg,L/Coniglio,J Monk parakeet-concerns REF SEN

S1769 Weinberg,L/Doria,J+1 Haz. substance reporting req.-concerns REF SEN

S1770 Turner,S Sch. Dist. Governance Study Comm.-estab. REF SED

S1771 Karcher,E Review Lic Req, Community-Based Care Ctr REF SHH

S1772 Karcher,E Deeds, morgage w/SS no-proh via Internet REF SCM

S1773 Turner,S Death, cert. mv off-clarify jurisdiction REF SLP

SCR96 Bark,M/Allen,D Streamlining Shared Svcs. Task Force REF SCU

SCR97 Cardinale,G Pledge of Allegiance-regards recitation REF SED

SCR98 Cardinale,G Real prop.-reduce assessment REF SCU

SJR39 Turner,S Mercer Co. Vet. Mem. Hwy.-desig. Rt. 129 REF STR

SJR40 Cardinale,G Sch. prayer, voluntary-amend. constit. REF SED

SJR41 Scutari,N Eyeglass Recycling Mo.-desig. May REF SHH

SR43 Turner,S Farmland Tax Assessment Task Force-estab REF SEG

SR44 Turner,S Tpk. Auth-reduce toll 50%, trucks 12-6am REF STR

SR45 Turner,S Section 8 housing vouchers-incr fds. REF SCU

SR46 Connors,L Community Emerg. Response Teams-recog. REF SLP

Co-Sponsors Added:

S1727 (Palaia,J) Temp. disab. benf.-concerns pymt.

S1731 (Smith,B) Farmland preserv. prop.-concerns

S1742 (Palaia,J) Compulsive gambling ed.-sch. curriculum

S1769 (Smith,B) Haz. substance reporting req.-concerns

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

S756 (Madden,F) St. constit convention-prop. tax reform

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S708 (Adler,J) Sch. bd. election-Nov. general election

S737 (Kean,T) Camp. contrib.-proh. cert. bus. entities

S756 (Madden,F) St. constit convention-prop. tax reform

S1188 (Adler,J) Elections, cert.-concerns date

S1192 (Karcher,E) Corruption of pub. resources-estab crime

S1220 (Turner,S) Special ed. svcs.-concerns cert. info.

The Senate adjourned at 3:36 P.M. to meet again at a date and time to be announced.


Bills Introduced:

A2870 Conners,J/Cruz-Perez,N+1 Funeral disruption-concerns offense REF AMV

A2871 Epps,C+1 PAAD recipients-allow choice of pharmacy REF AHE

A2872 Epps,C+1 Nursing Student Support Prog.-estab. REF AHE

A2873 Lampitt,P/Greenwald,L Pub. sch., mun. emp.-unused sick leave REF AHO

A2874 Epps,C+1 St.-admin retir sys-transfer of svc cred REF ASG

A2875 Epps,C+2 Health care qual. improvement fd.-estab. REF AHE

A2876 McHose,A/O'Toole,K Annual approp. act-amends REF AAP

A2877 Barnes,P Drug free sch. zones-concerns REF ALP

A2878 Barnes,P Blue Heart Law Enforcement Asst. Prog. REF ALP

A2879 Gusciora,R+1 Mun. prosecutors-devel. mand guidelines REF AJU

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

A2880 Beck,J Loc. Unit Audit Teams-create prog. REF ASG

A2881 Beck,J Govt. Auditing & Oversight Acct.-estab. REF ASG

A2882 Beck,J Govt. Auditing & Oversight Acct.-approp. REF ASG

A2883 Beck,J Mun. fees, unpaid-convert into tax lien REF AHO

A2884 Beck,J Treasurer, sch moneys-concerns position REF AED

A2885 Beck,J Cost benchmarks-concerns REF AHO

A2886 Beck,J Fiscal notes-concerns REF AHO

A2887 Beck,J Sick leave, accumulated-concerns REF AHO

A2888 Johnson,G/Barnes,P Fed. law enforcement off.-concerns REF ALP

A2889 Bateman,C/Handlin,A Bus., relocating to St.-prov. website REF ACE

A2890 Rumpf,B/Bramnick,J Debit card info., cert.-proh. printing REF ACO

A2891 Burzichelli,J Responsible Emp. Act REF ALA

A2892 Greenwald,L Alco. bev. lic., cert.-concerns REF ALP

A2893 Watson Coleman,B Affordable housing-concern heating costs REF AHO

A2894 Rumpf,B/Connors,C Raffle lic.-concerns REF ATG

A2895 Carroll,M/Merkt,R Govt. emp.-proh. cert political activity REF ASG

A2896 Carroll,M/Merkt,R Pub. off. and emp.-concerns comp. REF ASG

A2897 Blee,F Clean Elections Pilot Proj of 2007-estab REF ASG

A2898 Cohen,N/McHose,A Funeral, disruption-concerns REF AMV

A2899 Cohen,N Leg.-concerns access to cert. info REF AJU

A2901 Cohen,N Juv, employ in drug distribution-upgrade REF AJU

A2902 Cohen,N Food producers-concerns limited liab. REF AJU

A2903 Cohen,N NJ Parentage Act-amends, suppl. REF AJU

A2904 Cohen,N Firearm theft, cert.-upgrades REF AJU

A2905 Cohen,N Guardians-concerns immunity REF AJU

A2906 Cohen,N Counterfeiting-concerns REF AJU

A2907 Cohen,N Banks-prov. suspicious transaction REF AFI

A2908 Albano,N/Van Drew,J+17 Domestic Viol. and Abuse Comm.-estab. REF AJU

A2909 Albano,N/Van Drew,J Sex offenders, repeat-incr mand min term REF AJU

A2910 Van Drew,J Tpk. Auth.-representation of regions REF ATR

A2911 Van Drew,J+1 Tourism invest proj.-corp bus tax credit REF ATG

A2912 Van Drew,J Unemp. comp. benf.-concerns REF ALA

A2913 Van Drew,J TPAF vet. retir.-paid health benf. REF ASG

A2914 Van Drew,J+1 Working dogs-concerns cert. access REF ALP

A2915 Doherty,M/Karrow,M+7 Highlands Water Prot/Planning Act-revise REF AEN

A2916 Dancer,R Pub. off. candidates-finan. disclosure REF ASG

A2917 Blee,F/Albano,N St. sch aid, cert sch dist-concerns addl REF AED

A2918 Blee,F/Albano,N St. sch. aid, cert. dist.-concerns REF AED

A2919 Baroni,B Adoption registry, vol.-estab. REF AHU

A2920 Holzapfel,J/Barnes,P Obstruction of admin. of law-concerns REF AJU

A2921 Greenstein,L Health care benf. termination-concerns REF AFI

A2922 Greenstein,L Inactive comm, committees, councils-elim REF ASG

A2923 Kean,S/Cryan,J Veh. prot. product warranties-concerns REF ACO

A2924 Kean,S Child support overpymts-estab. procedure REF AJU

A2925 Conaway,H Renal dialysis svcs., outpatient-concern REF AHE

A2926 Karrow,M/DeCroce,A Highlands Region devel.-refund cert fees REF AEN

A2927 Cohen,N MV secret compartments-proh. REF AJU

A2928 Cohen,N Name change application-concerns resid REF AJU

A2929 Giblin,T/Payne,W+7 Div. of Elections-transfers REF ASG

A2930 Van Drew,J Health prof.-concerns cert relationships REF AHE

A2931 Van Drew,J Hwy. constr proj, cert-req. pub. hearing REF ATR

A2932 Van Drew,J Hist. preserv tax cred pilot prog-create REF AEN

A2933 Van Drew,J/Albano,N Tolls-suspend during coastal evacuation REF ATR

A2934 Van Drew,J St. emp. paid health benf.-concerns REF ASG

A2935 Chivukula,U/Watson Coleman,B Primary care practitioners-loan redemp REF AED

A2936 Scalera,F/Schaer,G+1 Tanning fac.-concerns use by minors REF AHE

A2937 Vandervalk,C Safe Haven Infant Prot. Act-revises REF AHU

A2938 Greenwald,L/Cruz-Perez,N+3 Picture phones-concerns privacy invasion REF AJU

A2939 Van Drew,J/Stender,L+30 American-made flags-concerns St. purch REF ALA

A2949 Conaway,H Clinical demo. proj.-concerns REF AHE

ACR186 Carroll,M Judges salaries-amends constitution REF AJU

ACR187 Carroll,M/Merkt,R+5 Supreme Ct. decisions-overturning REF ASG

ACR188 Carroll,M/Gregg,G+1 Leg.-proh holding more than one office REF ASG

ACR189 Carroll,M Pub. ed.-prov. Leg. w/ final auth. REF AED

ACR190 Giblin,T/Johnson,G+16 Gang Prev. Deterrence Act-Cong. enact REF ALP

AJR106 Baroni,B Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day REF AHU

AJR107 Johnson,G/Vainieri Huttle,V Korean Amer. Day-desig. Jan.13th each yr REF ASG

AR160 Beck,J Prop. tax relief & reform-leg encouraged REF ASG

AR161 Watson Coleman,B African-Amer. pol. trailblazers-honors REF ASG

Bills Introduced: (cont'd)

AR162 Carroll,M/Merkt,R Illegal immigrants-estab. holding fac. REF ASG

AR163 Van Drew,J+1 Beach replenishment fds.-fed. govt. prov REF AEN

AR164 Doherty,M/Gregg,G+4 FY 2004 spending-10% reduction REF AAP

AR165 Van Drew,J/Albano,N+4 Abbott sch. dist. reform-Asm. support REF AED

Bills Received from Senate/Referred to Committee:

S341 Bark,M/Bucco,A Energy Star products-req. St. to purch. REF ASG

S468 Sweeney,S+1 Income tax-unincorp. constr. contractors REF ALA

S530 Buono,B/Rice,R Prop. tax exemp.-facade improvements REF AHO

S695 Sa (1R) Weinberg,L/Bucco,A Dog lic. fee, mun.-incr. max. fee REF AHO

S721 Inverso,P/Girgenti,J MV accidents-owner prov. info. REF ALP

S780 Sca (1R) Madden,F Yo-Yo Waterballs-proh. sale REF ACO

S795 James,S/Asselta,N Performing art ctrs-remove support limit REF ASG

S942 ScaSa (2R) Singer,R/Rice,R Long-term care fac.-concerns REF AHE

S997 Sca (1R) Buono,B+1 Accident reports-concerns REF ATR

S1208 Sca (1R) Turner,S Auto body repair fac.-liab. insur. REF AFI

SJR14 Turner,S/Karcher,E Early Intervention Wk.-third wk. of May REF AHU

SJR29 Sca (1R) Kyrillos,J/Vitale,J Deep-Vein Thrombosis Awareness Mo-March REF AHE

Bills Received from Senate/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

S134 Sca (1R) Bucco,A/Girgenti,J+6 Mattresses-concern flammability standard

S535 Buono,B/Madden,F+1 Nurse, regis.-pronouncement of death

S1071 ScaSa (2R) Adler,J Loc. govt. off.-concerns bond coverage

Bills Transferred:

A151 Vandervalk,C/Cohen,N+1 Health wellness insur. benf.-revises FROM AFI TO AHE

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

A1565 Wolfe,D/Kean,S+2 Boating safety courses-concerns FROM ALP

Co-Sponsors Added:

A371 (Beck,J) Regional Efficiency Aid Prog.-concerns

A409 AcaAa (2R) (Conners,J) Emerg. bldg. inspection prog.-estab.

A464 (Prieto,V) Gang related loitering-enact ordinance

A896 (Prieto,V) Historic Prop. Reinvestment Act

A906 Aca (1R) (Epps,C) Police & fire promo. exam-residency cred

A914 Aca (1R) (Giblin,T) Sch. dist. contracts-annual report

A927 (Giblin,T) Mun. border, major devel.-concerns rev.

A929 (Epps,C) Crim. records-automatic expungement

A1066 (Prieto,V) Passenger vehicle-concerns

A1432 (Prieto,V) Dog lic. fee-mun. set amt.

A1487 (Rooney,J) Bus. entities, cert.-limit pol. contrib.

A1489 (Rooney,J) Camp contrib.-concerns

A1632 (Kean,S) Policyholders liab.-concerns

A1705 (Barnes,P; Gordon,R) Wages and benf-responsible bus practices

A1839 (Gusciora,R) False info., env. laws-crim. penal.

A1841 (Gusciora,R) Env. laws-incr. civil penal.

A1851 (Prieto,V) Auto. insur. rate reductions-concerns

A1858 (Prieto,V) St. constit convention-prop. tax reform

A1954 (Mayer,D) Mileage reimb.-set at IRS rate

A2064 (Epps,C) Photo radar devices-auth. use

A2175 (Epps,C) Sch. dist.-concerns crim. hist. check

A2182 (Epps,C) Mun. court fines-concerns

A2189 (Epps,C) Crim. conduct, sch. prop.-concerns

A2216 (Epps,C) Attorneys' fees-concerns awarding

A2322 Aca (1R) (Beck,J) Victims of crime-revise statutes

A2441 (Mayer,D) St. emp., essential-prov. comp. time

Co-Sponsors Added: (cont'd)

A2537/2656 Acs (ACS) (Conners,J) Prescription Drug Retail Price Registry

A2617 (Vainieri Huttle,V; Panter,M; Giblin,T; Vas,J; Beck,J; Albano,N) Song, St.: "I'm from NJ"

A2633 (Beck,J) St/loc govt emp awards prog-concerns

A2777 (Beck,J) Taxpayer Rate Reduction;$8M

A2868 (Quigley,J) Human trafficking-concerns

A2869 (Quigley,J) DUI arrestees-hold in protective custody

ACR97 (Mayer,D) Vet. prop. tax deduction-extend elig.

ACR167 (Beck,J) Streamlining Shared Svcs. Task Force

AJR92 (Corodemus,S) Coastal NJ Evacuation Task Force-estab.

AJR104 (Corodemus,S) Rett Syndrome Awareness Day-desig.

AR155 (Oliver,S) Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester-recog.

Co-Sponsors Withdrawn:

A2864 (Greenwald,L) Chiefs of police-concerns

Second Prime Sponsors Added:

A2218 (Whelan,J) Sch. buses-extends useful life

Second Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A2035 (Van Drew,J) Water diverted for agric.-concerns

Third Prime Sponsors Added:

A430 (Prieto,V) Sch. supplies, donated-corp bus tax cred

A1798 (Prieto,V) Police/ff civil svc. lists-concerns

A1990 (Moriarty,P) Legal notices-concerns electronic pub.

A2208 (Albano,N) Vocational sch. dist.-concerns funding

A2583 (Barnes,P) Sexually oriented bus.-concerns

A2830 (Van Drew,J) Hunting w/bow and arrow-concerns

A2870 (Greenstein,L) Funeral disruption-concerns offense

ACR138 (McHose,A) Eminent domain-limit exercise

Fourth Prime Sponsors Added:

A838 (Albano,N) Core curriculum standards aid-concerns

A1456 (Greenstein,L) Vet. civil svc. preference-expand elig.

Fourth Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:

A2838 (Van Drew,J) MV repairs-regulates use, cert. parts

The Assembly adjourned at 4:56 P.M. to meet again at a date and time to be announced.

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (03/20/2006):